so for now i have to post my old stuff


Hey guys! Sorry I kinda vanished for the last two month or something, I was pretty busy with, like, life in general, also with really cool comic stuff. But I’m back now, and want to try to be more active again!

I drew two Taako design ideas, pre- and post y’know-the-thing-that-happened-in-wonderland. it’s based on a neat idea my sister had, design-wise. not sure if I’ll switch over to this tho, I like my old Taako a lot, too!

also, it’s taz lady week and that rules, but I’m too tired to finish the drawing I started for today - so, I guess I’ll have to do two pieces tomorrow. welp


Rework of my Tianshan Day 4 Comic [Part 1]

This has been sitting in my drafts for a good few weeks now… ^^; I’m still not satisfied with how the next panel looks like– So instead of trying to fix it up like a normal person, I’ve been working on other stuff~ *whistles*

I have completed some of the other panels, but the story can’t continue until the 4th panel is done~ Hey, I just work in mysterious ways! 😂

Ah, I’m just gonna post it as it is now, and I’ll upload the rest at a later date! ;)

Lellinger Aesthetic | Top of the World - The Carpenters

I’m on the top of the world looking down on creation
  And the only explanation I can find
Is the love that I’ve found, ever since you’ve been around
  Your love’s put me at the top of the world

yeah ok have my 2am edit thingy bc i’m honestly too lazy to make a video as i planned

So I made an Omegaverse post which started on my NSFW blog then it grew into an actual AU in which the Junkers had kids and had to give them away. They eventually met the kids 26 years later, in which Junkrat is 51 and Roadhog is 74 as depicted above.

Anyway have some old and weathered Junkers.


theme 03! aka new year new theme lmao

So this is basically the theme ive been using for a while now and a couple people have asked me about it so i figured id release it now! since i was going to eventually i guess lol. Pretty similar to my old one, but this one is a lot simpler and a bit nicer!


- 300px or 400px posts
- optional search bar
- optional infinite scroll
- 3 links (sidepic is home link)  
- optional title
- back to top image
- good amount of color customization
- ?? ? idk other stuff lol

static preview / live preview (with code) 


@datbluehedgehog ’s post reminded me of these gems I found a while back. They’re all from Brocks old COD videos, (cause im trash asf) but im sure if you looked, you could find stuff like this on the other boys older videos

fizonafan  asked:

So my first drawing tablet just arrived in the mail and I was SO pumped to get like I was literally squealing on the walk home but then I started to draw and now I feel really bad because I am doing really bad drawings and I wondered if this is just a normal thing for people going from real to digital art? Cause now I'm just looking back at my old stuff and I think it looks horrible :(

posting this publicly to spread the info that it’s TOTALLY normal

there is something i’d say is…a transitional learning curve? here was my 6 month transition from my first tablet, drawing immediately after getting it, and then the 6 month progress:

it just hit me that next year i’ll have been using a tablet for a decade, so it’s become another appendage to me. but i can still remember using it for the first time, and how frustrating it was.

so give yourself time! no medium is easy to slide into right away!

I just cleaned my dash and NONE of my long-time mutual friends unfollowed me during my YOI posting spree this winter. You??? Are the best friends??? 

Anyway, hi, everyone else. The tumblr app doesn’t run well on my phone anymore (phone is old and dies quickly), so I’m not here much. But since I’m here right now, would anyone like a followback?


oH bOY i hAVen’T dONe pixeL arT in suCh a lONg tIMe mMMM 
welp tbh i don’t like how these came out prob b/c i literally had no idea how to animate most of the special effects so most of em turned out kinda weird…

hahh this was supposed to b some undertale au crossover art for the comic all 4 of us have been working on (still need to design stuff b4 we start drawing the comic ;p) but ahhh i kinda failed orz ahaha like it’s not even in a group pose

Anyway, owner credits:
Epic Chara: @yugogeer12
Burst Chara: @amachi-blaze @keru-the-green
Glass around chara is referencing this part of Burstale’s Comic:
Goner Frisk is a lil shet i created
my old username was TheSlug64–now it’s Huroki

I did have time to draw anything for Eren’s birthday so I went through my old stuff and found this! \(^ . ^\)
It’s for my bullet au but I wasn’t too happy with the anatomy so I never posted it, but I guess it works out cause it gives my something to post now.

None of you know Stewart’s story but basically he’s a very brave boy (cat) who was homeless and starving and had an infection in both his eyes when we found him. He started showing up in my parents’ backyard and was really timid and afraid at first but eventually started eating the food we put out. He got really attached and basically ended up sleeping in our garage every night and then was pushy and made his way into my old bedroom. We have two standard poodles who hate him so we have to keep them separated but he’s in good health now. We put up ads on Craigslist and stuff but his old owners never contacted us. I still have no idea where he came from or how long he was living on the streets for. What I do know is that he’s the sweetest little baby and even though he has a perpetually angry face he has the tiniest meow and loves head kisses.

gif tutorial: colouring (*°ω°*ฅ)*

umm i was asked how i colour gifs sooo i’m now showing you how i make stuff from something like this

to this

to follow this tutorial, you will have to have general knowledge of how to make a gif on photoshop. if you don’t already, you can read an old tutorial that i made; since i don’t exactly gif like that now, you can ask for a new tutorial if you wonder what my current gif-making steps are.

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chloeolivialuce  asked:

Hi! I was wondering if you'd do a request where the rfa plus v and saeran have a mc obsessed by cats, especially her own. Like she's the sort of person to spend hours looking at cat photos and such. I've grew up with a family cat that I've had for almost ten years and I now have a one year old cat who I spoil so my whole family is a cat family. Thanks, sorry if this is confusing! Good luck on your blog!!

Aw kitty cat 🐱

(Sorry I’m struggling on a couple characters for the tickling kink so i’ll post it tomorrow)

Yoosung : while he wants to be a veterinarian, he’s not completely crazy about animals or cats, but he does think they are cute. He’ll use the opportunity of his s/o’s experience to ask them a lot of questions on cats so he can learn stuff that’s not in his books. He won’t really follow his s/o’s adoration on cats or spoil their pet very much but he’ll try to get along with it.

Zen : oh boy, out of all the animals out there it had to be a cat. He’d be conflicted because hhhhh cats but also, they make his s/o happy and that makes him happy so hah what do you do in this situation ? Well, Zen would decide to make an effort every once in a while by stuffing himself with medication for his allergies and staying with his s/o while they pet their cat but most of the time, he just stays far away from them, sulking because he wants to be spoiled too.

Jaehee : she has war flashbacks of all the pain Elizabeth caused her and oh man, she’s having a hard time not glaring at her s/o’s cat. She wouldn’t want to be in the same room, alone, with that cat but otherwise, she’ll just ignore its presence. But if it starts leaving hair all over the place, she’ll start being a lil bitter at the kitty cat so I hope her s/o’s cat is a sweetheart who doesn’t make a mess and who’s quiet too because otherwise, she won’t really want to keep it, sorries

Jumin : he already knew his s/o was his one and only but now, it’s confirmed : s/o is Jumin’s soulmate, it’s written in the cats blessings. He would love his s/o’s cat as much as Elizabeth and would spoil everyone in this little family, nothing’s too good for them. He’d love how they act with their cat, he’d find it adorable but he gets jealous though so watch out yes he gets jealous of a cat, moving on

707 : another match made in heaven. He’ll be so happy to finally have a cat he can pet whenever he wants without having to hack into Jumin’s security. He’ll spoil his s/o’s cat but not in the same way as Jumin, rather, he’ll turn that cat into a famous internet meme by constantly posting pictures of it in weird outfits and buy it a bunch of toys and plushies (like daifuku the shiba inu 😗).

V : aww anything that’s fluffy and cuddly is V’s friend! I think he’d like how elegant and calm (some) cats are and he’d love it if he could take photos of his s/o and their cat together, or just the cat alone (or just the s/o alone too). He wouldn’t mind at all how obsessed his s/o is with their cat, he wouldn’t get jealous either looking at you jumin, he’d find it adorable and would unconsciously smile at them with hearts in his eyes when they cuddle with their cat. Also, I feel like animals love him and just flock around him for no reason so heh, his s/o’s cat will probably love him right away.

Saeran : a bit cautious at first because he’s never had a pet and it looks both small and fragile but also, those sharp claws and intense eyes would make him a bit scared. But then, he sees the squishy little toe beans and he needs to boop them. And he does. And that’s how he started loving cats. He actually finds it comforting to hold one and hide his face in its fluffy tummy. If his s/o spent too much time with their cat and ignored him, he wouldn’t handle it very well so look out for that.

New Username/URL

I am now TigerToony!

I’ve been wanting to change my name on here for while now and I’ve finally done it!! I’m in the process of changing my username on other sites as well! Please tell me if I missed any broken links on my blogs/sites! Thank you!

If any of you have me credited on anything for art and other things, please edit it so its up to date! I have my old url here set up to redirect my new url either way, but it would still be nice if posts credited me directly! Especially stuff outside of tumblr where the redirect won’t be much help, aha! I will really appreciate it, thanks so much!

Also, I hope you folks don’t mind the change! I just really wanted to change my username, because HONESTLY, I wanted something that reflected me better as I am NOW. My old one had its roots from when I was silly 12 year old. It was embarrassing and not the most marketable. I also don’t go by “Mia” anymore. The new url feel very much ME and is more on-brand, y’know?

hey so with that post now that shows the old draft that said that artemis was schizophrenic i wanna tell y'all about the headcanon i have had for years that as much as foaly teases him during atlantis complex, they end up spending more time together talking about delusions and stuff and foaly just generally teaching arty some coping skills, being the Elder Psychotic after all

Zico - No Make Up

Originally posted by ukwno

“Just give me ten more minutes,” you folded your hands together looking at him with pleading eyes. He gave in with a long sigh and nodded his head, motioning you to continue. You returned to your table, where you had you makeup sprawled. Zico walked into you room and took his jacket off, throwing in onto your bed. Then sat down at the edge of your bed, watching silently as you put on your make up. It was so quiet, that you even thought he had fallen asleep, but when you turned around to check on him, your eyes met. He just stared at you with a gentle expression. You were flustered by his sudden intense gaze, so you quickly turned your head away again, slightly shifting in your seat. You then took the red lipstick from the table and applied it to your lips.

“You know, you’re pretty even without make up,” he said of the blue. You looked at your boyfriend with raised brows, letting out little chuckle.

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