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⛅ exhausted on a beach at sunrise ⛅ i couldn’t stop thinking about Yuri and Otabek on that beach in Barcelona at night. It must have been seriously tiring for Yuri to choreographed his entire new routine in one night! But I’m sure Otabek would have stayed with him until it was done! (-^   v ^-) hehe!


RaHyuk teaching us why we shouldn’t go outside 


Request: N/A but, @marveldcmistress , you said you wanted to be tagged in this!

A/N: First Lance fic!  I will definitely be open to writing for him again if any of you guys want to request a fic for him!  Hope you enjoy!

Lance Tucker x reader

Word count: 2030 (damn I’m wordy)

Summary: Lance never thought he’d be so excited about being a father… maybe now he’s a bit too excited… But, seeing Lance go all mushy for his baby is the most heartwarming thing you will ever see.

Warnings: pregnancy, pregnancy symptoms (morning sickness, cravings, etc..), super fluffy adorableness.

(Y/L/N)= your last name

(Y/B/N)= your baby’s name

(E/C)= eye color

(H/C)= hair color

 (GIF not mine)

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