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Favors- Cassian Andor

Pairing: Cassian Andor/OC

Request: @elenawrit 

“What about Cassian wearing this empire uniform, and after his mission, he comes back on the base, and when he goes to see the reader, she doesn’t have attention, she just sees the uniform and she punch him in the face. And after, she feels so sorry, and he teases her by saying something like “You must give me a magic kiss to treat me.” what do you think about it ?”

Warnings: Just so much fluff. Like is it too much?? I dunno…I’m out of control. 

He had been gone for five days. In my world, it might as well have been a month. It was impossible to say what was more difficult…Cassian being away on a mission without me, or him being here with me. Although that wasn’t exactly true. Everything was better when he was around. He made me feel something I hadn’t felt since I was a child. Hope. Hope that maybe it was possible for good things to still exist, and hope that we still deserved them after everything we had done. It was having to hide the fact that I was ridiculously in love with him that made it hard. I settled on the fact that it was enough that he knew…yet there were days when some lovesick part of me wanted to tell everyone. Our reasons for not telling, though, were too necessary.

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Eight Nights

Fluffstravaganza commission, for a prompt by @flamingfoxninja, who wanted a canonically Jewish Pines family Hanukkah fic! Thanks for your patience, I had a lot of fun with this and I like how it turned out. Hopefully it was worth the wait.


…Shehecheyanu, v'kiy'manu, v'higianu laz'man hazeh.

Mabel sang the last words of the blessing and held the bottom of the shamash over the first night’s candle to soften it. She then carefully pulled the sleeve of her sweater up before sticking the shamash back in place. She’d mentioned not wanting her recently-knitted sweater—a blue-and-white pattern decorated with candles and a dancing dreidel—to go up in flames, adding that she’d learned that lesson three Hanukkahs ago.

“Very nice, sweetie.” Stan smiled at her from his place on the couch.

“And now for the best part—presents!” Mabel grinned. “Mine are all upstairs, be right back!”

She hurried out the den and bolted for the stairs, nearly running into Soos on the way. Stan had noticed him hanging there while Mabel said the blessing, peeking his head in from the hall.

“Oop! Hi Soos!” Mabel chirped as she passed by, “…Aren’t you going to join us?”

“Is it okay if I do?” he asked. “I don’t wanna, y'know, intrude or anything.”

“Just get in here,” Stan called out in a gruff, annoyed voice. “We’ve already got a former Bunyanite and a guy who accidentally started his own religion sitting here. We can make room for a Catholic.”

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The Kids Are Alright (Part 7)

Originally posted by lovablecouples

Summary: Stiles is a single dad just trying to raise his little girl right. You’re a single mom in a new town doing your best to stay up with a rambunctious toddler. When your kids become friends on the first day of kindergarten, where will it lead you and Stiles?

Author’s Note: Got this done a little sooner than planned and it’s a little short, but here you go! It is loaded down with fluff and cute parenting moments, so I really hope you like it. I’m honestly not so sure how I feel about this part, so PLEASE send me some feedback! Enjoy :)

Warnings: Language; some adult talk (if ya know what I mean *wink*); mega sappy fluff; feels

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Need to catch up? You can read all the previous parts here!


Christmas, One Year Later

“Momma, d’you think Stiles will like my present?” Henry asked, practically bouncing off the walls with excitement as he helped me gather up the gifts by the front door. I chuckled while nodding, ruffling his soft hair.

“I’m sure he’ll love it, kiddo,” I assured him. “Now, is your bag all packed?”


“Alright, why don’t you get your boots and coat on while I grab something to carry these in, hm?” Smiling down at my 6-year-old, I watched him nod definitively before marching to the shoe rack.

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