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Peter finding out you're leaving for UNI.. (Headcanon)

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Hi! I love your writing, would u consider doing a peter Parker college!au??? The reader and peter have always been friends and she’s going away to school or something? Thank u (:

Side Note: So I really wanted to write my first headcanon and I think this idea would be really cute! However, since it is my first bare with me, it might be super cringey we don’t know.

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- okay so you and Peter had been bffs since elementary school when he accidently stabbed you with a pencil

- “OWWWW!”


- peter panicking thinking you needed to go to the hospital

- it was just a scratch lmao

- however, the mark is still on your hand to this day

- therefore, you became inseparable best friends

- only bc peter said he’d never stab you again, which you thanked him for, actually believing him

- you were a dumbass to trust that boy smh

- middle school came and sure enough peter somehow stabbed you again… with sISSORS



- peter panicking once again before putting a Spider-Man Band-Aid on your finger

- ;))))))

- he couldn’t help but smile at how proud he was taking care of you

- aw aw aw CUTIES

- high school arrived and you were prepared for another random injury from peter

- “I promise I won’t stab you this year”

- “You say that every time Peter”


- you laughing at how confident he was

- he didn’t even last three days until he stabbed you with an actual ruler




- peter blushing embarrassedly as he moved all the sharp objects away

- he was a five year old child trapped in a fifteen year olds body

- you guys eventually graduate high school

- peter holding you close to him as if you’d disappear

- “Peter I promise I won’t vanish into thin air”

- “I don’t want to lose you" he’d mumble quietly, but you’d hear him

- you’d blush and look at your feet

- peter would grin, bc well he made YOU blush

- you both having many movie nights since you no longer had school

- lots of popcorn wars

- and tickle fights

- you always LOST

- declaring peter was a cheater, before throwing handfuls of popcorn at him

- eventually becoming busy with work, while peter had his stark internship 

- about a month later you found out you had gotten into Harvard

- you were filled with pure joy and excitement bc it was your dream school

- peter had his stark internship so you knew he’d be alright with you leaving

- right?

- psh, totally..

- he wouldn’t flip out or anything..

- you were WRONG



- “Peter you knew this was going to happen eventually!”

-“Y/N” he would whine, flailing his arms around crazily

- you’d just watch him in amusement as he acted like the five year old child you knew so well

- “We can always visit each other you know” trying to convince him, which never worked

- “bUT Y/N…. Harvard is SOOOO far away” peter would whine, falling onto his bed, face first into his pillows

- an actual child

- you’d sit down next to him, patting his shoulder

- how would you tell him you were leaving in three days?

- so you avoided the topic, packing your room up when Spider-Man himself decided to visit


- “Y/N!” he would shriek, falling through your window into your room

- “Heeeeeey Peteeee..” you’d smile innocently, as he’d whip his mask off

- yes, you knew he was Spider-Man, you found that out bc peter can’t keep secrets

- “wHY IS YOURROOMEMPTYY/NWHATISHAPPENING” peter would rush out all at once, making your eyes widen


- peter taking a deep breath, before waiting for you to explain


- “I’m leaving for Harvard tomorrow, I was going to tell you..” you’d speak calmly, waiting for another outburst

- peter staring at you blankly, before falling backwards onto the floor, letting out shrieks


- “YOU’RE LEAVING MEEEEE” he’d cry out, flopping on the floor, making you laugh

- he was the most dramatic person you knew

- which is something you’d always loved about him

- shhhhhh he doesn’t need to know

- “Like I said Pete, we can always visit each other!” you’d try to cheer him up

- peter whining as he laid on the floor

- you tried picking him up, but he was heavy

- “When did you become pure muscle Parker?” you’d groan out, dragging him across your floor

- peter dramatically gasping

- “Y/N, are you checking me out?” he’d grin, making you roll your eyes, trying to hide the blush forming on your cheeks

- “You wish Parker”

- he secretly did

- they’re sO IN LOVE AWH

- you soon leaving for Harvard

- peter being a PAIN the entire time you were packing

- “Y/N, don’t go”

- “Peter I have to”

- “NO you don’t”

- “YES I do”

- peter webbing your supplies to the door

- you would cross your arms, an amused smile on your face

- “Fingers slipped, whOOPS” he’d grin, making you sigh and shake your head

- you eventually move into Harvard, peter constantly texting you to see if you were okay

- which you found extremely adorable

- once all moved in, you felt at home, you even had a window in your dorm room

- you observe the campus, until a figure appears from above, scaring the absolute shit out of you

- “HEY Y/N!”



- you’d let him in, he’d remove his mask, you both blushing like two idiots

- eventually kissing, and cute cuddles !!!!!

- having your first college movie night

- having another popcorn war

- loosing like usual

- you both being literal dorks

- overall just super adorable

You + Peter = Dorkiest couple ever

Umbrella | Taron Egerton

Title: Umbrella
Author: Clara
Character: Taron Egerton
Warnings: none
Prompt: anon: “Could I request reader gets caught in the rain and Taron hands her his umbrella? Thanks!”

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Are You Okay? - Harry Styles Imagine

You were grinning ear to ear, there was no doubt about that. Harry had finally gotten back from his trip to Jamaica and you couldn’t wait to actually see him face-to-face, not just through a phone screen. FaceTime could only give those swoon worthy dimples so much justice. You had been texting him since he woke this morning, planning to see him for breakfast this morning, and found yourself practically jumping in the drivers seat of your car as you drove to the small cafe you had agreed on. 

“Uh, I have someone waiting for me,” you address the waitress, the brunette’s mouth gapes open upon looking up and seeing you standing there. She nods and then points off towards the back, and you can’t miss that mop of hair in the booth - even with his back to you. 

“He’s back there,” the hostess manages to say. In which you thank her and stop yourself from running over to where Harry was sitting. 

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Raging boner part 1

Now I didn’t hit puberty until I was 15 years old. Very late bloomer. Well, I had a sister that was 2 years younger than me. She hit puberty at like 9 years old. Omg, she was very developed for her age, at 12, she had a D cup size. & one Memorial day weekend our parents went away & left us home alone. I was still pubescent at 15 & she was 12 & next week was her 13th birthday & she was in 7th grade I was a Freshman in High School. Now it was Friday night, & we were bored & it was a very hot day/night so we decided to hit our pool. Now I’ve always saw my sister before in her bikinis & never thought anything of it, but that night, she put on a bikini I never saw her wear before, it was a skimpy white two piece & her tits were just too big for the top they were halfway sticking out & I couldn’t stop staring at ‘em. I wasn’t really interested in girls yet, but at that moment everything changed, I not only saw girls in a whole new light, but my own sister gave me an the most intense erection I never felt before. I said I’ll brb, so I ran back upstairs to my room & I pull my shorts down & boom, just like that, my cock was like twice its size, I freaked the F out. I just hit puberty to the thought of my sister’s tits. So I waited & thought my erection would go away, but OMG, kept thinking on & on about her in her bikini I exploded all over my room, it just bursted out like a fire hydrant. I had to clean up & fast & all of a sudden she walks right into my room as I’m naked with a total erection still & I remember I grabbed my shirt & covered my cock & told her to get the fuck out. She’s like make me & she stood there with a smirk on her face, because we always wrestled & she was stronger than me & would always pin me, but she saw I was naked & we even used to see each other naked it was no biggie, but that moment was different, because I’m hiding my hard on & she could smell the salty aroma in the air. She then started to come towards me & she starts grabbing the shirt i’m covering up with & says what are you hiding, I said stop, stop, get the fuck out now! & of course that didn’t stop her, she kept tugging on my shirt, so I let go & jumped on my bed face first & then she jumped on top of me. Oh fuck, I couldn’t turn over & when she’s on top she’s trying to turn me over, like she was trying to pin me, like before. So she gets up & grabs my leg by the ankle & pulls me off the bed, so now I’m fucked, I flip over & bam, just like that, she saw my raging hard on & things just all of a sudden changed, like she knew exactly why I was hiding my manhood & I didn’t think she knew why, but she knew, my sister wasn’t a virgin, she lost her virginity to my Cousin I later found out in life. She was molested twice, by a family member & a friend of the family. So when she saw my big hard throbbing cock, she turned around & walked out of my room. I was like, phew, that was sooooo embarrassing, I went back to cleaning up all my cum. Now, I finish finally cleaning it up, & wait about a half hour & decide to go grab something out of the fridge, well, I’m making a quick sandwich & my sister walks by me still in her bikini & goes let’s watch a movie downstairs, we always would lay on our bean bags, this is back in the 1980’s & watch movies together. So I said cool, be right down. So about 2 minutes later, I go down there & we start looking at all the movies we had to agree on a flick, so we finally agree on a movie, & as she pops it into the VCR, I saw her ass, & fuck, I’m getting another boner, so I flip over onto my stomach & she plops down right next to me on her bean bag. Now the movie is on, it’s rated R & had adult themes, & 5 minutes into the movie a sex scene comes on & we look right at each other, lock eyes, & she starts kissing me, I? mean heavy & very passionate & I never kissed a girl like that before. I was scared to death & excited as you could imagine. If people are interested, I’ll finish the rest of my true story

To be continued…….

Queen Bee Girlfriend 2

Part two to my Queen Bee story. Her name is Anemone by the way. You can read the first part here.

   She kisses you awake. Her soft lips on your cheek and jaw. “You’ve slept long enough, love.” She strokes the hair away from your face and neck. She kisses more, dragging her lips down your throat.

   You moan softly. “Kissing me like that won’t get me out of bed.” You roll over and smile up at her.

   He wings flutter and she kisses your lips. She pulls back with a frown. “Your breath is horrible.”

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{Special} College!AU Jinyoung
  • major: ethics 
  • minor: public policy & administration 
  • clubs: he participates in a lot of demonstrations that are anti-war/anti-tyrannical government. he’s done a couple of marches and hunger strikes. he’s very into politics and goes to as many protests as possible 
  • sports: rowing team 
  • jinyoung is the sensible group friend. like all of college got7 is a goddamn mess but jinyoung is the designated driver, nurse on call, and therapist all bottled into one when it comes to taking care of his friends 
  • and it’s like he’s not sweet and sugary about it like he will not hesitate to slap bambam awake if he knocks out drunk in the wrong dorm 
  • but also jinyoung is very practical in his schoolwork and life too. like he got into ethics because his self morals are strong and he likes getting down to the real reason some people act the way they do or think the way they do
  • like he’s always got questions about wealth, power, religion, etc. in his head whenever he analyzes anything
  • and so that can make him come off as kind of pretentious because he has the insatiable urge to nitpick everything 
  • but no one can argue that he’s not a hardworker. he’s the top of his major and his gpa is perfect but he’s not like a natural genius, he’s someone that studies for hours and hours and puts effort into presentations and essays
  • and some people are just jealous of that, that’s why they call him ‘pretentious’ or ‘stuck up’ because they don’t look past the fact that yeah - he’s proud of his grades - but do you know what he did to get them?
  • jackson and yugyeom like to tease jinyoung about loosening up a bit, but jb always shoos them off because jinyoung is sincerely hoping to change something with his career
  • and that’s why he’s into public policy and administration, like he knows he needs a seat somewhere in the top to inflict real change and sometimes jb is like “jinyoung, i can’t wait till you’re the prime minister.’ and jinyoungs like ‘jaebum you know that’s not realistic’
  • BUT LIKE IT IS JINYOUNG YOU’RE SO HARD WORKING AND INTELLIGENT YOU COULD DO IT ,<– is what jb is thinking but instead he just shrugs because gotta keep it cool n chic
  • but yeah jinyoung is just a model student, but he’s outspoken and always busy with some protest organization or researching for his senior thesis that (of course) he’s started early 
  • and whenever someone mentions dating? clubbing? drinking? jinyoung just continues eating his lunch or underlying notes in his book because like Who Has Time for That
  • like youngjae has tried to ‘brighten up’ jinyoung’s college life by taking him to cooking club and jinyoung ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, let’s just say it was a failure 
  • one; jinyoung can’t cook, two; he made someone cry when he said their cake batter tasted like the inside of a bleach bottle aND HE WAsNT TRYING to BE MEAN He JUSt DIDN’t know how to word it,,,right,,,,
  • and youngjae was like ‘bro hyung bro think b4 u speak….’ and jinyoung was like “of course i think before i speak youngjae that’s silly i want to be a public figure i need to think all the time-” and youngjae was like ZZZZZ HYUNG I MEANT IN REAL LIFE CONVERSATIONS THINK BEFORE YOU SAY SOMETHING TASTES LIKE BLEACH i s2g….
  • because jinyoung reads like crazy, he ended up getting a part-time job at the campus book store and like school, he works his hardest at his job
  • but seriously sometimes he can’t keep his sarcastic side down especially when some kid came in and was like “im looking for the communist…….man……..mani……manfiesta? by some dude named karl marcus?” 
  • jinyoung god damn near lost his shit he was like mAnFi E S T A m …. MARCUS….lISTEN here you LIL  …..SHi t. THAT MAN -
  • and ok jinyoung was straight up about to Educate this boy before the other employee had to run over and be like “ill take this customer!!!! jinyoung go in the back and check the stock!!!”
  • for the rest of the week jinyoung couldn’t get over it he just kept whispering ‘communist….man…..fiesta……..’ to himself even jb was getting creeped out
  • but the bookstore is actually how you meet jinyoung
  • and not because you talk to him or meet him at the register it’s because you come in, after your godforsaken saturday class, just to read a passage from your utmost favorite novel
  • and you don’t buy it, you don’t have to you have a copy at home, but you just…….love reminding yourself of those specific lines and just standing in that shop for ten, fifteen minutes reading them over gives you enough energy to keep going
  • and one day, out of pure curiosity you write a note on a piece of paper you ripped from your binder and it simply says ‘do you like this book too?’ and you stick it between the pages of your favorite novel and leave
  • and only like when you’re in your dorm late that night do you realize that’s the CORNIEST THING EVER but like it’s too late and to be honest the week goes by and you forget
  • but you’re reminded when you go back in on saturday and pull your favorite book from the shelf and out falls the slip of paper and you’re like ‘oh it’s what i wrote!’ but when you open it,,,,,,,,,it doesn’t say ‘do you like this book too?’ instead it says; ‘yes. very much.’ 
  • and you’re like WAIT.
  • some,,,someone,,,,,,,,answered me???????
  • and you damn near drop the book but you’re like dkfhej ok OK do i answer back???? what do i do???? and you’re gripping the book so hard you might bend it but you’re like thinking to yourself,,,,like there’s no harm in responding right???
  • so you rip out some more paper and write ‘what line do you like best?’ and stick it back into the book
  • only to run out of the store with your hands on your face becAUSE WhaT Are you D O I NG this isn’t some romance movie 
  • but,,,,,you can’t help but feel excited for your next saturday
  • and you don’t see but jinyoung watches you run out of the store and immediately drops his clipboard to go back to the section where he’s seen you stand every saturday for the last semester and he flips through the pages of your favorite book and out falls the slip
  • and outloud he reads; “what line do you like best?” and he grins to himself and flips over the paper to write; “i like too many. my favorite chapter is chapter 6.”
  • and he’s smiling when he gets back to the register and his co worker is like,,,,yo,,,,jinyoung,,,,,did you get a 100 on your test or something//??? and jinyoung is like what are you talking abut and the co worker is like it’s just,,,,,you’re all smiley today
  • and jinyoung is like “i am? i didn’t notice, stop looking at my face and concentrate on work” and the co worker is like YIKES ok sir but jinyoung is also like,,,,,,,,,touching his lips like ,,,,,,,what’s with me
  • and this note passing between you two goes on for like two fricken months
  • and it goes from talking about the book to asking questions about your thoughts and your goals and like
  • you don’t know who this stranger is, this person who doesn’t ask your name or what you look like or who your friends are - they’re just asking you ‘what do you want to do in life?’ ‘what do you want your impact to be?’
  • and you don’t stay 10-15 minutes anymore you stay for longer,,,thinking your answer through,,,,doing your best to convey your thoughts 
  • but one day when the questions is; ‘what do you see your future as’ you write ‘that’s impossible to answer, too much can happen and change’
  • and you place the book back onto to see someone come into the aisle and take it 
  • and you see that it’s this tall boy and you’re like oH,,,,is,,,is it him but he doesn’t even look your way he takes the book out with your note in it and turns to go pay for it and you’re like
  • and you like run over and catch him at the register where jinyoung is 
  • and you’re like “um!!!! i actually really need to buy that book-” and the guys like “this? but i need it for class.” and you’re like “so do i!!! i was just putting it back because i didn’t have enough money, but then i was like oH whatever ill put it on my card so if you could give me the book-”
  • before you can finish though the cashier takes the book from the guy and hands it to you and the guys like wtf? but jinyoung is like “would you rather i give you the pdf link? you can read it on your laptop and it’s cheaper-” and the guys like oh sweet sure 
  • and you’re holding the book looking at jinyoung who tells the guy how to get the book on his laptop and that’s when it hits you
  • if anyone could have been having a conversation with you through notes in a book,,,,then it has to be someone that works there who wouldn’t have any reason to buy the book
  • and so when jinyoung comes back he’s like “do you want me to ring you up for that?”
  • but you just smile and shake your head and you’re like “im going to put it back.”
  • and you turn to leave but jinyoung is like “wait, let me first check something.” and as expected when you hand the book back he takes the note out, reads your answer and again chuckles
  • turning to look up at you , you notice the pretty curve of his lips and the deep set brown of his eyes and he says
  • “too much can happen and change? i like that.”
  • and you kind of feel your face grow hot and you’re like,,,,,,,, “so it is you….” and jinyoung is like “yes, it’s me.”
  • and you don’t know what but maybe you were expecting something to happen when it was finally revealed but jinyoung is just so casual about it and you’re like 
  • “can we keep doing it?”
  • and he looks startled for a second, but then he adjusts the glasses he wears only to work and he’s like “of course, but here - this is my number it’ll be easier this way.”
  • and you’re like looking down at the paper he scribbled his number on and it’s on the paper you wrote your answer on and you take it and tell him you’ll contact him soon
  • and jinyoung is like “oh, give me the book by the way.”
  • and you do and he rings it up and takes out his own credit card to swipe and then hands the book back to you and is like
  • “keep it. it’s a memory.”
  • and honestly you’re too scared to text jinyoung and you’re too scared to go back to the bookstore because what if he asks you about not texting him until one day you see an envelope tapped to the front of your door and when you open it it’s a handwritten letter from jinyoung
  • and it goes; “you’re right, giving you my number was too easy. let’s hand write letters. i have a question; “if the future is impossible - what do you wish you were doing now?” 
  • and at the bottom it says that he’s in the north dorm room 007 
  • and you write out this whole thing about how you wish you were doing better in school, how you wish you were on better terms with more people, all these worries and when you head to the north dorm, with trembling hands you write ‘for jinyoung’ and slide it under
  • and only two days later you find the envelope on your door as well and when you open it you have to cover your mouth because it says;
  • “ah…..if it’s ok, i will tell the truth: i wish i was holding you.”
  • but let’s be honest jinyoung has seen you for months coming into the bookstore, smiling to yourself over your favorite novel, looking picturesque agains the sunlight coming through the window
  • and your glow, like it’d be hard for him /not/ to fall for you
  • and even though got7 thinks jinyoung has no game, like c’mon the boy reads, he listens, he observes, he knows how to capture someones heart
  • aND BoY oh B OY  did he capture yours
  • and you think the whole night on how to respond to him but instead you pick up the courage and on an evening when you know the bookstore closes early you go down to dorm 007, knock
  • and when jinyoung opens the door, plain white t-shirt and messy hair you’re like i made. a . good. decision
  • and he’s like “oh-”
  • and you’re like “im here to make your wish come true.”
  • and im not gonna go into detail, but you know what jinyoung meant by hold you and like he’s overworked. always being relied upon, always studying, always trying to strive for the best. he needs to lay down and relax
  • and you know you help with that ,,,,,,,,,, let him lay down and,,,,,,help him relax
  • and wow who knew model ethics major jinyoung has a lil secret tattoo on his hipbone ,,,,,,,,,it’s a rose and you kiss it and jinyoung goes from poker face to,,,,,,,,,,,,open mouthed maybe biting his knuckles to quiet himself down face
  • ok im getting way too into this moving on
  • afterwords jinyoung realizes that ok. first off everyone was right putting studying aside for a bit and,,,,getting intimate really does cure stress pretty well
  • also when you sit up and reach over to thumb through the book on philosophy after your done jinyoung is like: this is my dream person
  • but see you assume that this is a hookup, like you don’t stay the night because you know jinyoung is busy and you just tell him that you’ll be waiting for his letter with a giggle
  • and you don’t expect one, but a couple days later there’s a letter on your door and it goes;
  • “thanks for making my wish come true, come over tonight and ill grant you a wish of your own.”
  • best believe park jinyoung Goes Down to Town this blessed night and for the children im not telling you what that means and entails
  • and this exchanging letters, hooking up, staying up till the morning talking about books and about the moral lessons of life
  • like it becomes a thing
  • and whenever jackson or yugyeom is like “jinyoung, just get laid” jinyoung just calmly flips the page of his notes and is like “done that, any other advice?”
  • aND everyone wants to know who it is jinyoung’s with and you’re just like im Not Gonna Say Anything because like,,,,,,,you don’t even know if you and jinyoung are a ‘thing’
  • like you’re both too busy to go on dates and neither of you has ever asked the other one out 
  • like yes you tell each other your secrets and your opinions ,,,, but you’re like is that dating??? we don’t hold hands, we don’t take photos together, does jinyoung even want that??
  • and so it’s all a sweet secret until. you’re over at jinyoung’s dorm getting dressed and you’re done and about to say goodbye when there’s a knock on the door and it’s jinyoung’s friend bambam who’ve youve seen once or twice
  • and you want to slip by him but he tilts his head toward jinyoung and he’s like “is he tutoring you?” and LIKE you and jinyoung have told no one about what’s been going on so you’re like “um yeah~!! he’s my ethics tutor!!” and bambam smiles and he’s like “good, so it’s cool if i ask you out right?”
  • and you can feel the temperature in the room grow cold and you’re like “w-what?” and bambam’s like “i see you all the time around campus, you’re cute and it’s lucky jinyoung knows you. i was just wondering, are you free any time soon?”
  • and you don’t know what to say because this is a decisive moment, should you say no because of whats going on with you and jinyoung? should you say yes just because youve never been good at letting someone down???
  • and like your head legit might start spinning but it’s when bambam leans his hand over, seemingly to pinch your cheek to see if you’re going to respond that jinyoung gets up and grabs him by the wrist
  • and bambam looks over and you’re like 
  • and bambam is like ??!?!?!?!?!?!??!!?!?!??!!?!?!
  • and you’re like g;fdfhivew jINYOuNG and jinyoung is like “don’t touch them”
  • and like bambam is like “hyung,,,,oh my god hyung you’re not tutoring them are you.” and jinyoung rolls his eyes like
  • “no bambam. im not tutoring them.”
  • and bambam goes as red as a damn cherry and he’s like o h  OH  WELL I SEE HOW IT IS OK ILL BE GOING BYE
  • and he zooms the hell out of there and you’re looking at jinyoung with wide eyes and he’s like sighing like “it was going to come out some day..”
  • and you’re like “….what was gonna come out…..” and jinyoung ruffles your hair and he’s like
  • “that we’re dating, of course.”
  • and you can’t help the blossoming feeling of happiness that spreads through your stomach because like,,,,,while yes you liked the physical intimacy of being with jinyoung,,,,,,you also fell in love with his mind and how he speaks and how much he knows
  • and he never cuts you off of your opinion and he lets you reason things outloud and it’s so comfortable yet you learn so much from him
  • and you can’t help but be proud to be able to say someone like him is your boyfriend, like he is very much the type that you want to take back home to mom
  • and like jinyoung notices how giddy you are and he laughs and is like ‘come here’
  • and you go over and he takes your hand and kisses your fingertips and is like 
  • “im sorry we didn’t make it clear between us, but would you like to date?”
  • and you’re like “,,,,yes of course!!!!” and he keeps kissing your fingertips till he’s kissing up your arm and then pulls you down on him
  • only five minutes later to be like cRAP i NEED to prepare my speech for tomorrows protest
  • and you’re like should i go??? and he’s like “you can sleep in my bed if you want or help me go over my speech?”
  • and like im telling you right now: jinyoung only lets people that he holds  up to really high standards critique his work so when he lets you read over his speech he’s showing you that he really trusts you and values what you have to say
  • like he never in his damn life would let yugyeom edit his speech. he’d first sell his right toe
  • like bambam finds out first, and you and jinyoung are both like /: he might tell others but to your surprised he doesnt????? and jinyoung finally is just like 
  • like he grabs your hand and is like “im dating them” as he’s sitting at a table full of all his friends
  • and jackson’s the first to drop his chopsticks followed by a very long yell from yugyeom and a slow clap from mark
  • it’s very eventful
  • jb for a second thinks he’s hallucinating but you’re like hi im real. i love jinyoung
  • and everyone’s like hE Y WELCOME TO THE FAMILY 
  • remember how i said jinyoung is the sensible friend? well now you and jinyoung are the sensible couple. the sensible parents. you now hold the life of 6 young men in your hands because without you and jinyoung. they’d probably die
  • and jinyoung actually worries that you might cave under the work, but soon enough you’re like “i should pack lunches for everyone!!” or you’re like bringing extra water bottles when you hang out with them and you always have a napkin to give bambam and an extra pen to give to jb
  • and long story short all of got7 is heart eyes for you because you’re so caring and jinyoung is like coughs they were never this soft and thankful when it was just me
  • but jinyoung of course you know his plate is full of work, school, rowing team (no wonder his upper body is so strong, you noticed when he was holding your waist while you were ontop and you were like wait his arms. they’re toned. they’re toned AS HELL), and of course all the social activism he’s doing so you’re fine that you guys can’t go on a lot of dates
  • because even though you’re dating, every now and then jinyoung fold up a piece of paper and leaves it in an envelope on your dorm door and it’s nothing too long or too serious
  • just reminders that he thinks he’s the luckiest man on earth to have found you
  • you treasure the book jinyoung bought you, the copy of your favorite novel where you first exchanged notes and for the longest time you try to figure out what his favorite book is so you can buy him it back as a gift on your anniversary 
  • but jinyoung reads so many books……that it has you at a loss so in the end you get him a set of fancy bookmarks and blush because you admit you couldn’t figure out his favorite book
  • and jinyoung thinks it’s adorable he chuckles and put his hand on the back of your neck so he can pull you in for a kiss
  • you best believe jinyoung wants to meet your parents but you’re living on campus so all you get to do is skype with them and when you bring jinyoung onto the screen your mom is just like WOW! is that a MODEL! WOW! HANDSOME! and jinyoung charms her even more with sweet talk and casually dropping the fact that he has a 4.0 gpa and like
  • wow, i said this before but: this ! one ! you ! bring ! home ! to ! mom !
  • jinyoung never disappoints, he’s a gentleman through and through always offering to carry your things, always thumbing the corner of your mouth if you have a crumb stuck, pulls out chairs for you, pays on all your dates
  • and even when you’re like jinYOung let me take care of you- he’s like no no i have to take care of you
  • but im just gonna put it out here: that’s not always the case in the bedroom 
  • me: digs a hole and stays in it im soRRY
  • but yes the only glimpses of un-gentleman like jinyoung you see are if you stay the night and in the morning you see his toothbrush fall out of his mouth because you’re just wearing his shirt
  • or when he snaps at yugyeom or bambam and hisses for them to piss off and let him study (this only happens if they’re being eXTRemely loud. or if bambam is trying to fake ask you out to get a reaction out of jinyoung. which he always does and it’s so funny like jinyoung you know he’s playing why are you so jealous???)
  • jinyoung probably: i can’t risk losing my most precious person
  • you: oh my god i love you
  • yugyeom: oh my god that’s so romantic im gonna thROW UP
  • except lbr yugyeom would love it and be like hYUNG let me take a pic of you and them for my insta so i can tag it ‘true love is beautiful. jinyoung would know since he was always ugly bef- plEASE DONT HIT Me WITH THE TEXTBOOK”
  • jinyoung always has his hand on your lower back to steady you, it’s like a reflex of his and it’s warm and makes you feel safe
  • you always take his glasses off for him and clean them even when he insists he can do it himself and you’re like no!!! let me!!!
  • jinyoungs heart just shattering when you lean up to put them back on for him and he can’t resist the urge to lean in and kiss you
  • you see photos of jinyoung in the news from when he went to one of his protests and it makes you so proud and you tag along to some with him and his passion fires you up to be passionate too 
  • when jb told you jinyoung used to dream of being the prime minister when he was younger, you can’t help but think that that would be amazing. jinyoung’s so bright and well spoken, you tell jinyoung that he was basically born the be a public figure and jinyoung just melts because stop jb don’t tell them that they’re gonna compliment me and im gonna D I E 
  • lmfao you: hey, what’s that rose tattoo on your hip even mean jinyoung?
  • jackson, spitting out his coffee: TATTOO? HIP TATTOO? WHAT NOW?
  • jinyoung: good god, look what you’ve done
  • you: oops 

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and please look forward to more college!seventeen + special college!aus

Thor: Ragnarok (!!!)

Originally posted by thehumming6ird

I SAW IT. And it was glorious.

(No spoilers in this post btw, just a few general thoughts, but if you want to hear absolutely nothing about the movie, then obviously don’t read further)

As promised, it’s tons of fun. All the stuff you’ve already heard - huge spectacle, awesome soundtrack, lots of laughs, etc. I don’t have that much to add to the reviews already out there, except that I think it completely lives up to the hype. I’ll be seeing it again as soon as possible!

Chris Hemsworth really shines in this incarnation of Thor. I’ve always liked him in the role, obviously, but been a bit ‘meh’ on his dramatic acting as Thor. I figured out today that that was because Thor never should’ve been dramatic. The character veers toward ridiculous when taken seriously. But this Thor, who’s hilarious and never takes himself too seriously? This is the Thor we need and deserve.

Loki is delicious. I needed more, but that’s inevitable. There is a good amount of him in the film, considering the story and all the other characters he has to share screen time with. I have just the slightest bit of…apprehension at some of the characterization of Loki in this movie, which I’m looking forward to hearing others’ opinions on once more of us have seen it, but overall it was just so fucking great to see him again - and on the flip side, there are other things in here that make me really curious and excited for where they’ll take his character next. He has some really fantastic moments, which I can’t wait to relive again and again giffed all over tumblr (seriously, I’m so excited for the extra boost that the return of Loki will bring to the fandom). And this cannot be stated strongly enough: he looks better than EVER before. So. Goddamn. Hot. The all-black suit made me want to set myself on fire. And don’t even get me started on this hair!!!

I heart Taika. This whole movie has his stamp all over it. Whoever at Marvel made the decision to hand this franchise over to him, bravo. 

deh comforting you hcs

hi im a whiny ass bitch and my heart hurts so here are some quick and sloppy hcs abt the deh peeps (minus the parents whoops) helping u when u just internally hurt all over so ya enjoy

evan hansen

  • tbh hes prob hurting too but he realizes you havent texted him all day and hes like “?? buddy are you okay” and youre just like “fake it ‘til you make it!” so you give him the ol’ spiel like ‘ya just feel like taking a day to myself’ all that jazz
  • he doesn’t buy it, hes done the same thing. so hes like “ok if u say so” but runs to the supermarket and buys brownies and cookies and funfetti mix and fondue dip and rushes to ur house
  • hes def like the kinda guy whos like “ive always wanted someone to do this for me so might as well start by doing it for someone else” you know? :( poor baby i love him 
  • anyway so you answer the door with sloppy hair and in a onesie and just Not In The Mood but you see him and are like ?????????? whats the kind lil babe doin on my doorstep??
  • you bake funfetti cupcakes together and eat So Much junk food but you eat the fondue with baby carrots to be healthy
  • you both just snuggle platonically in a warm blanket and watch sad movies as an excuse to cry together and its nice and bonding and yall feel closer as friends after it

zoe murphy

  • oh shes so supportive
  • shes mainly there as a shoulder to cry on and to just listen to you. she’ll take you out to eat at ur fav restaurant to make sure you dont hole yourself up and you get out a bit and she’ll go to the mall and just walk around aimlessly 
  • you def go to dairy queen because zoe is a child and gets all excited when they flip the blizzard an- oh my god how do they do that??? how does it break physics??? its, like, liquid it should fall!!!! it never gets old, im tellin ya, every time it mystifies her and her reaction is adorable and just puts a smile on your face
  • go to old record stores and listen to all your favorite music and blast it in the car (you get control of the aux) and just do domestic relaxing things like go to ikea or go grocery shopping etc
  • uhhh thats all i rly got for zoe sorry omg

connor murphy

  • he def just distracts you. he says its because he doesnt wanna hear you complain but its rly because hes bad at shit like that???? he wants to help???? just he doesnt know how???? he was just always the person ppl were trying to help (and failing) so he knows sometimes it’s rly fucking annoying so he just chill abt it
  • he just takes you on long car rides and you listen to nice music. not music thats like punk or pop or whatever. calming and emotion extracting music like will connollys music. ur free to just,,, cry in his car and he doesnt blink twice abt it hes fine with it
  • yall find this empty and serene road and stop to smell the roses a lil bit. maybe taking a small nature walk. yall smoke if ur into that but if ur not then he doesnt, as much as he may want to, bc he knows you wouldnt like it
  • yall can just be numb together

alana beck

  • oh alana is such a sweet angel she would have a full day planned thE NEXT DAY
  • first, build a bear. theres a sale so you each get two. you get your fav pokemon and you both build one another as a build a bear. its a grand time and ur both just happy and youre so happy to be happy
  • next, to an aquarium. yall take your damn time gazing at the mesmerizing fish while holding your bears and you share earbuds and listen to music while laying under the aquarium roof thing, you know?? 
  • and you go to this open field that framed with trees park and make each other flower crowns out of tiny daisies and blow all of those dandelions and make lil wishes and its good, wholesome, and pure

jared kleinman

  • how obvious is it that i want a jared kleinman
  • anyways so he totally helps you out of your lump. he sees you tweet smthn half sad and hes over in ten minutes just to check up. yall dance to the mamma mia soundtrack in the kitchen while making grilled cheese at 3am
  • youre kinda bummed out the whole time esp bc its like late but jared just makes u smile and giggle and you start to forget
  • yall go to an arcade and just play everything and do some lazer tag and yall stick together and kill everyone when youre on the same team but specifically target each other when youre on opposite teams
  • omg and watching movies and just making the dumbest commentary. bc ur not at the theater yall are both free to be obnoxious so u put on hsm2 and fucking belt everything and do alllll the choreography and make stupid yet hilarious comments abt everything as if youve never seen and are some cynical movie reviewers 
  • and jared totally seems like the kind of guy who got a wii at age 8 and never felt like getting another console so yall play mario kart and kirby and wii sports bowling for like 24 straight hours until u nerds both pass out on the couch mid game
  • he just makes you laugh until you forget and thats why jared is The Best and i love him
The Patriarch

This is the first of the giveaway prizes! The was the ficlet request of @lazynessoverload, who wanted a Halloween monster meeting!

Anyway, hope you enjoy!

You had worked for WEEKS on this costume. It was your greatest Halloween costume achievement to date, and you hopped around like a little kid as you glued the last bits into place and stepped back to look it over. Fan-flipping-tastic. You’re not sure how you’d managed to do it, but the horned animal skull you’d made looked extremely convincing. You bounce around a bit more before finally getting a hold of yourself and try to calm down. It was still the day before Halloween, and you still had a bit of stuff to do to be ready. You glance at the clock and grab your keys; time to run out for a few last minute things for your Trick or Treat booth. You look at your costume one more time on your way out, and you smile. This was going to be so much fun.

A few hours later, you come home with a few bags of candy to give out, and a few bags of candy for yourself. You’d even picked up a movie and some popcorn for this evening; an old favorite you’d been meaning to get a copy of for years. You giggle as you get things set up for your nice little Halloween party for one.

A little while later, you’re curled up on the couch under your favorite Halloween blanket with an enormous bowl of popcorn and the remote. Just as you press play, you hear a weird noise outside your back door. Pausing, you crane your neck to see past your costume on its mannequin out the back glass sliding door. You’re not sure, but you feel like you can see something moving around out there. You slowly stand and walk cautiously to peek outside. You flip on the light, and see nothing. A gust of wind blows past, and some leaves rustle past. You sigh and shrug. You leave the light on and go back to your movie. The rest of the night goes without incident, and you go to bed excited about the following day.

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writing action: good news/bad news

With examples from Fury Road, natch.

There are a lot of things that go into creating a compelling action scene. One of the most basic principles is something that doesn’t really have an agreed-upon name, but I’m going to borrow a term from one of my writing teachers and call it Good News/Bad News. It’s a shorthand term for the reversals of fortune that make an action sequence exciting, the alternating moments of “FUCK YEAH!!” and “OH SHIT!!” that take us on an emotional rollercoaster during a fight or a chase or a battle.

I could use any of the action sequences in Fury Road to demonstrate how this works, but the fight between Max and Furiosa is a nice clean and simple (for this movie) example.

Let’s say we’re rooting for Furiosa in this fight. It starts with Bad News: strange dude rolls up threatening them with a shotgun.

Furiosa decides to attack, tackles him and gets the gun away from him in one move. Good news!

But the gun doesn’t fire. Bad news!

But she can still use it as a club. Good news!

But Max gets his shit together, grabs her throat and flips them, trying to pin her. Bad news!

But Angharad pulls Max away using the chain. Good news!

But he takes the gun with him. Bad news!

But Dag’s on point with the bolt-cutters. Good news!

And so on and so on; you get the idea by this point.

Most action sequences rely on this dynamic to some extent. The rhythm might be more “good news-bad news-bad news-BAD NEWS!!!” if our protagonists are in a jam, but the reversals of fortune are what keep things interesting.

Tweaking the ratio of good news to bad news creates different effects. Too much good news can make your hero seem invulnerable or like the fight is too easy for them, but a streak of good news after a long run of bad news can create a powerful breath of relief and euphoria at things finally working out for our protagonist. (Think of the War Rig’s engine revving up again at a particularly bleak moment in the final chase.)

Create a really long string of mostly bad news and you have a horror movie. But a scene or sequence that’s nothing but bad news can have diminished returns, or make it feel like your protagonist is passive or doesn’t have any agency. 

(I could write a whole other post about how to create a sense of agency for a character who’s in a situation where they can’t physically fight back. For now I’ll just say that someone struggling to turn the situation to their advantage in whatever way they can, even if they end up losing, feels a lot different for the audience than someone just suffering an endless string of blows from their opponent.)

One of the things that makes the action in Fury Road so fantastic is the truly blistering pace of reversals of fortune the movie achieves. In the fight between Max and Furiosa, almost every move is a reversal of who’s on top–metaphorically and often literally. The fight is only two minutes long from start to finish, but it feels like a major set piece because almost every move in the fight is a new beat in the emotional story the action is telling us.

The unrelenting speed with which all the action sequences in Fury Road flip between good news and bad news is part of what makes them feel so exciting, and also so genuinely dangerous, because we’re made to feel like we’re one move away from disaster at all times.

There's always a way ~ A Markiplier and Jacksepticeye Ego Fanfic

Requested by the stunning @sheridandwyer here’s some noice action with our favourite emo edgelord, with some…ahem…unorthodox methods of persuasion in play 😄 Just for some brief context, this is going to have the viewpoint that Anti and Jack share a body, but Dark will have his own in order to make things simpler and this can be perceived as either platonic or romantic Danti👌Here we go!

Dark was frustrated. It had been weeks, months even, since he’d been able to see Anti. He’d had to endure existing amongst his pathetic excuse for an original, who was incessently calm despite his threats and promises of making him suffer soon. Which he would end up doing…ideally. There was one issue, if Jack suffered then so did Anti.

Courtesy of Jack’s pathetic little fanbase and their influence, Anti was stuck inhabiting Jack’s headspace and it consequently took him a lot of energy to break free and have a glimmer of control. It was a horrid way to live, and it made Dark seeth and bubble with endless rage. So he decided that enough was enough, today was the day he’d make Jack release Anti into his mind. Anti deserved control more than anyone that Dark knew, and he was more than willing to assist.

Today was perfect, he and Jack were the only people in the house. It was with the knowledge that it would remain that way for a while, that Dark sauntered into the living area where Jack was flipping through the TV channels. Jack paid him no mind even when Dark joined him on the couch, but he sighed through his nose when he shut off the TV with a light finger snap. Jack went to stand…but Dark’s smoky tendrils, his aura, forced him to stay put.

‘Did ya want somethin’? Cuz I have things to do-’

Jack’s relaxed state diminished as he gasped suddenly, touching his throat as his voice was cut off. Dark smiled and sighed gently as Jack turned to him with wide eyes and an anticipatory expression.

‘Ahh much better. I’ll get straight to the point, so as not to waste any of your precious time.’

Dark sneered as Jack gritted his teeth, Dark leant towards him with eyes solid black and a voice so sharp that it could probably cut through someone’s soul.

‘I want Anti.’

Jack grunted and clenched his fists with a grimace, he wasn’t exactly surprised. It was all Dark ever focused on, and it was exhausting Jack even more than usual as he kept maintaining his mental block against the glitched demon. Even now…he felt him stirring.

‘I am tired of being the only one like me in this place, your pathetic human mind couldn’t possibly comprehend what it’s like for me. Just…release him to me, for a time. You will not regret it.’

Dark’s toned voice resonated between Jack’s ears, but this wasn’t the first time Dark had asked. He flicked his wrist and Jack shuddered at the return of his voice, he turned to Dark, his own voice plagued with exasperation.

‘No. My answer is always going to be the same. You know there’s nothing you can do to change my mind, I am not giving Anti to you.’

Jack tried to project determination, but he cursed himself as his voice wavered at times. Dark snarled, Jack gulped gently at his demeanour as his physical shell cracked and shook around him; his rage evident. Dark composed himself, a smile in place once again.

‘So resolute…it seems I shall have to change my approach.’

The irishman furrowed his brows and went to open his mouth, but all of a sudden Dark had grasped his wrists and crawled on top of him. A strong tendril wrenched his hands above his head and Jack shook with fear as Dark leant over him. His eyes gleamed with joy at his position of control, he settled atop Jack’s thighs with smug satisfaction. Jack was terrified…was this it? Had he finally pushed it too far?

‘H-hey now Dark uh, let’s n-not rush into anything okay?’

Dark almost shook with satisfaction at the pitiful fear he instilled in Jack, he rolled his eyes with a sneer as he rested his hands on the trapped man’s tummy.

‘Don’t worry your pretty little head too much…as much as it pains me, I can’t hurt you.’

Jack nibbled on his lip nervously, a shudder passing through him when Dark’s hands rested on him. He felt fractionally more at ease, but it only begged the question of what Dark WAS going to do. Said man smiled genially as he let his eyes trail over Jack’s form.

‘However, I do have other…techniques at my disposal.’

Dark tilted his head gently, he knew full well that what he was going to try was…unorthodox. He wasn’t even certain if it would work, as well as the fact that it was almost insanely childish. But he didn’t have any other options. Jack shivered as Dark’s fingertips started to trail gently over his tummy, he found himself repressing a light grin. No way, this couldn’t be happening…right?

Dark smirked heavily. Bingo.

‘Oh Jack…a little sensitive are we?’

Jack felt his blood run cold as the realisation hit him…he was screwed. The corners of his lips twitched and curled as a smile broke free, Dark started scratching over the belly before him; he had hope now.


Dark raised an eyebrow as he grinned widely.

'Oh dear, it seems you are. Not only that…but there’s no way for you to stop me!’

Dark suddenly squeezed and probed at his tummy thus making Jack yelp and descend into rapid giggling, he tried to squirm away but it was no use.

'Nahahahaha stahahahahappihit!’

Dark only snickered as he moved to pinch and rub his ribcage, Jack’s laughter deepened as he squeezed his eyes shut.

'You don’t need to put yourself through this, you know what I want.’

Jack shook his head rapidly as Dark fingers rested under his arms, he looked up at Dark who was staring at him expectantly; but Jack was still determined.

'Ihihi’m nahat givihing hihim to yohou.’

Dark snarled at his annoying defiance, he glared as he rekindled his smirk.

'Very well, I can be patient. We do have all day after all.’

Jack gulped heavily as Dark fluttered his fingers in his hollows, his thin t-shirt offering no protection from the torturously light sensations.


Jack exclaimed through his snorts and cackles as Dark traced endless little shapes and patterns, he relished in the reactions he drew from Jack; he was actually starting to enjoy this.

'If I were you…I wouldn’t be so rude.’

Jack screeched as Dark scribbled under his arms harshly, he could feel tears pricking at the corners of his eyes but he was still desperate to hold on.


He thrashed and wailed amidst his laughter as Dark smirked down at him teasingly, his words were making the ordeal ten times worse.

'It must be maddening, having to endure me exploiting ALL of your ticklish spots. What I ask is very simple…comply and it can all be over.’


Jack cursed himself as Dark’s words flooded his mind, they were something cool and focused in the sea of rapid thoughts coursing through him. Would it be so bad…to let him out? Jack shook his head and gritted his teeth as Dark’s movements slowed.


Dark inquired patiently, Jack grimaced as he spoke his next words. Knowing where they’d get him, but he couldn’t give up. Not yet anyway. Jack mustered up a determined grin, making Dark snarl.

'Bihite me yohou emo ahasshole!’

Dark shut his eyes as he inhaled slowly, it was taking everything. EVERYTHING he had not to rip Jack’s throat out and clench his trachea in his cold fist…but he refrained, for Anti. He opened his eyes and growled low from his throat.

'I am going to make you regret that.’

There was no build up, no teasing anticipation. Dark just reached under Jack’s shirt and latched both hands onto his right side, he thought to himself how truly careless Jack was to let slip such…vital information. The latter screamed. The sensation was so powerful it almost was painful, but not quite.


Jack bucked violently as Dark relentlessly scratched and dug into the sensitive flesh, Dark was ecstatic as he spoke clearly through his victim’s hysteria.

'So ticklish, and so helpless. You’re all alone Jack, just give up and save yourself.

Jack was flushed and panting as tears streamed down his cheeks, his lungs were burning and his body was tiring from his struggles and strains. Dark’s words invading him once again.


Jack despaired, he knew he couldn’t hold out any longer. Especially when Dark leant into him, he whispered delicately…and Jack was lost.

'Give him to me.’

Dark eyes shone with triumph as Jack wailed loudly, his face stretched into an almost insane grin as he yelled out.


Dark immediatly stopped as Jack’s body spasmed beneath him, he grinned as a thin wound appeared on his neck and his skin dimmed to a beautiful pale green colour. There was a loud gasp from beneath him as eyelids fluttered open, black orbs wide and staring.


Dark asked slowly, the eyes blinked before dimming into one green iris and one turquoise. The pupils dilated immediatly as his lips stretched into a mad grin.


Dark yelped before descending into a stream of chuckles as Anti leapt up and tackled him in a tight hug. He reciprocated as Anti’s crackly giggle filled his ears…god had he missed that sound.

'You got me out!’

Anti withdrew and knelt on the couch, Dark let himself stay lying down as he donned a gentle, smug grin.

'I suppose I did, it was a minor feat really…’

He smirked and chuckled when Anti shoved his shoulder, the exciteable man stuck his tongue out before grinning widely again.

'Oh poor Darkipoo…you must be ever so exhausted.’

Anti spoke sarcastically, making Dark laugh loudly again. Dark narrowed his eyes as he flicked them to the TV remote, he grabbed it and threw it to Anti who reached out and caught it with stunning reflexes. They both grinned.


Dark smiled genuinly.


Anti giggled and clapped his hands before flopping and draping himself over Dark, the latter sighed as Anti flipped through the channels of the (now functioning) TV. Dark didn’t know how long they’d have, but he relaxed knowing that he’d always have a certain way…to bring Anti back to him.

done done and DONE! really enjoyed writing this so yall tell me what ya think and have a lovely day/night 😘 mmk luv yous xx

Figure Skater HC’s

Hi!! How do you think the RFA members would react if mc that figure skated as their sport?

Aww, this was actually really cute and fun to write :3 Enjoy, Anon~! ~Admin Lily

  • Well, when MC told Jaehee of her passion, she immediately became interested
  • She wasn’t surprised though
  • MC had a graceful step to her walk, so she could picture her participating in a sport like that
  • However, she was impressed when MC explained that she’d been skating ever since she was seven or eight years old
  • And what was even more impressive to her was that MC had won more than twenty competitions when she was younger
  • MC would smile longingly as she thought back, “I dreamed of becoming the best figure skater in the world, but that didn’t happen. I haven’t been on ice in a while.”
  • Jaehee would cheer her up: “Everyone has a chance! Including you! You shouldn’t give up.” such a princess I love her
  • MC gave her such a bright smile
  • Jaehee instantly lit up when she decided to ask MC to go skating
  • “I’d be able to see what you’re capable of!”
  • “Or, we could just have fun together,” MC giggled
  • Yeah, that’s sweet and all, but Jaehee was really interested to see her talent
  • MC seemed almost nervous when she grabbed her skates
  • Jaehee’s so clumsy on the ice it’s adorable
  • MC laughs and holds her hand the whole time
  • Finally, Jaehee takes a break and tells MC to show her some moves
  • MC hesitates but with some of Jaehee’s motivation, she finally started to skate with ease, doing a twirl here and there and even jumping, doing a spin, and sticking the landing
  • Jaehee whistles and applauds, making MC blush and people turn their heads
  • Afterwards, Jaehee nonstop tells her to start competing again
  • “You’re so talented! Go back to doing what you love!”
  • It takes a while, but MC finally agrees to do one competition, just to make Jaehee happy and have the chance to relive her childhood
  • Jaehee sounds like a 40-year-old soccer mom oml its great
  • She’s just so proud when MC skates, and, with Jaehee’s support and love, MC wins easily
  • MC’s just happy to relive her childhood with Jaehee
  • She plans on never forgetting the fun she had with Jaehee ever
  • Yoosung thinks MC’s the most amazing person ever like
  • Everything she does, she does with ease and it’s just so elegant she’s just perfect to him
  • He’s literally grinning when MC mentions being a figure skater
  • “Just a sport I do on the side.”
  • “Awesome!!! Can we go skating some time so you could teach me?”
  • “Uh…” MC’s notorious nervous chuckle “okay. I’m not that good, but I’ll teach you what I know.”
  • At the rink, Yoosung puts on his skates faster than MC does and sits eagerly
  • It’s so cute he’s just so excited I love that boy
  • MC tells him to take things slowly but he didn’t listen
  • He panics, loses his balance and falls on his butt
  • MC just laughs and he just blushes
  • He loves her laugh
  • MC would hold out her hand and slowly guide him around the rink
  • Its one of those cliché movie moments where the couple are holding hands while one struggles to skate but it’s still cute
  • He asks her what she can do
  • “Figure skating has the twirls and stuff, right? Do a flip or something!”
    “I can’t do a flip, Yoosung,” MC would giggle but she would let him go and go do a little trick
  • She does a large figure eight before kicking off and doing a couple spins with one foot pointed at her knee and her hands up above her head like a ballerina
  • She sticks the landing perfectly, ending the short performance with a pretty pose
  • Yoosung literally loses his balance when MC gives him a playful wink and falls again critical hit!
  • She laughs and helps him up, noticing his sparkling eyes as he said, awestruck, “that was so awesome!”
  • MC just blushes and smiles, “thanks…”
  • “I don’t think I can ever do something like that.”
    “You can do anything if you wanted to, Yoosung,” MC reassured with a sweet smile
  • For the next few hours, MC taught Yoosung to skate without falling and even taught him how to skate backwards. but only for a few seconds
  • He constantly reassured her that this won’t be the last time they go ice skating together
  • Early on before MC and Zen started dating, MC had told him about her figure skating team and competitions
  • And, ever since then he’s been interested
  • He’ll ask where her competitions are held and if there are any videos or pictures
  • He’s always wanted to see a competition in person, but he’s never had the chance to actually go due to his work
  • but, once he and MC started dating, he had made a vow that he would go to every competition, no matter what and he planned on keeping it
  • And MC thought it was adorable how excited he was to finally see her skate for the first time
  • “It’s not that big a deal, Zen, calm down,” MC would laugh, flattered
  • “I just can’t wait to see your performance! I bet you look stunning on ice! Wait, who’s our partner?”
  • “It doesn’t matter, you’ll see him tomorrow. Before you get any ideas, he’s gay. Goodnight, handsome.”
  • Zen gets the best seat in the house, in a disguise of course to make sure the paparazzi doesn’t show up
  • He waits eagerly for MC and her partner, ready to cheer them on
  • And, his jaw couldn’t help but drop when the lights shined down on MC  and her beautiful and sparkling blue outfit
  • To top it all off, she wore a light pink rose that Zen had given her earlier in her hair
  • Throughout the performance, Zen was smiling brightly, his heart leaping with every leap MC took
  • She looked so gorgeous and graceful
  • He didn’t appreciate her partner possibly glancing at places he shouldn’t have though
  • Stop it Zen she’ll be fine :)
  • After the performance he literally stands up and applauds, cheering
  • He began drawing attention to himself that he probably shouldn’t have
  • Because the night ended with a swarm of fans and cameras because
  • of it
  • However, Zen couldn’t help but give MC a kiss in front of everyone, “you were wonderful, beautiful.”
  • It made everyone go crazy it was great
  • And MC couldn’t be happier with his arm around her
  • Power couple
  • Of course, Jumin’s MC is the best of the best at pretty much anything, including skating
  • If she can warm up Jumin’s cold dead heart, she can do anything
  • I’m kidding guys I promise I’m sorry
  • And, it’s not like Jumin didn’t know of her talents when he had learned her name
  • But, when MC explained the passion she felt when she was skating, Jumin couldn’t help but wonder
  • He offered to sponsor her in her next championship and see a performance of hers in person
  • “You skate well, right?”
  • MC accepts his offer, overjoyed and gives him a kiss, “I won’t let yiou down, I promise! Thank you, Jumin!”
  • He gets the best seat money can buy and he literally yawns at everyone’s performances
  • Until, MC appears
  • Jumin can’t help but widen his eyes and blush
  • MC wears a red and black dress that glimmers and sparkles
  • It’s impossible not to stare at her she’s stunning
  • MC notices him in the audience and gives him a wink, making him feel the urge to loosen his tie
  • It’s getting kinda hot in here
  • It’s an ice rink, Jumin
  • Suddenly, MC’s song comes on, and immediately Jumin just stares in awe at her gracefulness and spontaneity
  • She’s just amazing
  • The crowd cheers loudly every time she sticks a landing, and Jumin can’t help but smile brightly at her
  • She seemed to enjoy every minute of it and that made him so happy
  • He was also happy because it was a brilliant investment idea
  • What did you expect?
  • MC blows him a kiss at the end of her performance and he awkwardly catches it
  • After that, Jumin goes to every competition, learning each name of each move
  • It’s also tradition for him to bring her a bouquet of red roses for good luck
  • Once he looked MC up the first time he met her, he noticed that on her profile, she mentioned skating
  • He thought nothing of it, but someone had asked MC what she does for fun to which she replied, “Oh, I love to skate.”
  • “Oh, yeah, I remember that. You’re team is pretty good, right?”
  • “Yeah, I think we are! Hey, Mr. Defender? Maybe you and I should go skating sometime, huh? ;3″
  • O//////O
  • “I guess that would be alright…?”
  • “Really?” MC would ask, surprised, “Alright, it’s a date!”
  • Of course, Seven is nervous because 707 usually doesn’t have time for skating and dating
  • But, MC looks so cute with her pretty white skates on and beanie, “where are your skates? Let’s go?”
  • This boy has no balance at all he sits at a desk all day he wasn’t ready for this
  • MC laughed, but she had him put an arm over her shoulder as she said, “just try to slide and glide! Take it one step at a time! Copy me.”
  • He’s blushing it’s so cute but eventually he learns
  • MC pulls away unexpectedly, making him panic, “you let me go??!?!?”
  • MC chuckled evilly as she smirked, “I wanted to watch you struggle.”
  • “You are truly evil, Agent 60-AH!” Seven tried so hard
  • But, before he could break his face, MC grabbed his arm and helped him regain his balance
  • He looked at her as he let out a relieved sigh, “my hero~”
  • MC winked, and they skated for another two hours
  • They had so much fun, Seven enjoyed every moment of it.
  • “Would you like me to show you how to skate backwards next time?” MC offered, “I wouldn’t mind teaching you.”
  • “I wouldn’t mind learning! Where can I get one of those dresses you skaters wear? I want a red one. No! A mint one!”
  • MC let out a sigh as she teased, acting disappointed, “I’m sorry, Mr. Defender, but they don’t come in your size.”
  • “Oh, how disappointing!”
  • Lol future Christmas present from MC: a skating outfit
Write my love and draw my heart

Based on this post



Will Solace has always been well liked by everyone who knows him and he has a way of getting along with pretty much everyone, he’s kind, caring, and athletic, so it went without saying that he was very popular.

Nico di Angelo is the dark and lonely artist type that most people stay clear of because they are a little scared by his dark clothes and quiet personality but most of all his drawings that are always done in red and black ink on stark white paper making the images more dramatic and horrifying.

No one would have ever expected these two to ever have anything in common or to even get along, so imagine the surprise when these two pair up for a class project and get closer than anyone could have guessed.

Senior year had been going pretty well so far, Will was captain of the basketball team, his grades were going well, he had plenty of friends and he thought that he could handle anything that came his way, that was at least until his AP English teacher assigned a project that required partner work and he got paired up with Nico di Angelo, his secret crush. The project was a writing assignment that could include any accompaniment such as artwork, dioramas, video trailers, or dramatic reproductions (read: short plays). Will had some confidence in his writing abilities but he knew that with Nico working with him then they were sure to get an amazing grade if Nico’s artwork was involved.

Will had admired Nico and his artwork for years now, it had all started in freshmen year when Will had been taking a breather after first trying out for the basketball team and had decided to catch his breath over on the bleachers. He had been about to head to the locker room to shower and change before heading home when he thought he heard the sound of music playing faintly somewhere nearby. He stood and looked around and as he got closer to the edge of the bleachers the sound became clearer and when he found the source his heart skipped a beat. Sitting beside and a little behind the bleachers in a small alcove was a boy about his age dressed from head to toe in black with headphones around his neck, the music playing loud enough that Will could hear it from where he stood, the boy seemed too absorbed in what he was working on to notice Will. Will was curious about what he seemed to intent on so he moved closer to get a better look, as he got closer he saw that it was a sketchbook that the boy was holding, and he had his supplies sitting next to him Will noted as he saw a pencil, eraser, and black pen that went with the red one that he was currently using on whatever it was he was working on.

Will loved art and was really interesting what it might be that this boy was drawing with only these two colors so he decided to announce his presence. “Um hey there… what are you working on?” Will felt bad when he saw the boy jump when he heard Will speak to him “Oh sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you like that, I heard your music and saw you drawing something so I was curious.” The boy looked up at him and Will couldn’t believe that he had never noticed this boy before, his eyes looked a little sunken in and had faint dark circles under them like he had lost sleep recently but those same eyes drew Will in even more, they were on the larger side and were so dark he couldn’t tell were iris ended and pupil began, they were like twin pools of shadows that he felt like he could get lost in…

Will snapped himself out of his oddly poetic thoughts when he realized that he was staring and likely making the other uncomfortable as a result. “Sorry I guess I should probably introduce myself or stop bothering you and mind my own business…” he trailed off when he received no response from the other “Sorry I’ll just go and leave you alone now.” He could feel his face burn from his embarrassment as he turned away to head over to the showers like he had planned on doing before.

“It’s okay; you can look at it if you want…” Will stopped dead in his tracks when he heard the other boy speak to him, what really caught his attention was the faint accent that he couldn’t place. Will turned back to see that the boy had set down his pen and was just holding the sketchbook in his lap, he seemed kind of shy though so Will tried his best not to act too excited about getting permission or that the boy had spoken to him so he calmly walked over to where the other sat and took the sketchbook when the boy passed it to him. He looked at the page that it had been open to; he assumed that it was the one that he had just been working on. Will was totally mesmerized by what he saw, the bold outlines, the shark angles, the bright red ink mixed with the black ink and white paper gave the image the illusion of leaving the page. Will was blown away by the level of skill he was seeing and though he wasn’t quite sure what it was that he was looking at exactly he still knew that this was incredible talent.

“Wow you are amazing; I’ve never seen anything so cool. What is this?” he smiled as he looked at the artist sitting in front of him. Apparently this talented artist wasn’t used to receiving such praise because his face turned as red as the ink on the page “A demon…” he said it hesitantly as though he was sure that Will would criticize him for his choice of subject, but Will just looked closer at the drawing and now that he knew what he was supposed to be looking at he was even more blown away by it “Whoa seriously?!” Will smiled even brighter at the boy sitting in front of him, now looking at Will as if he was some kind of strange creature “what?” clearly he was confused by Wills response.

“This is amazing! I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like this before. It would look so cool in a horror movie or in a video game or something! Do you always draw things like this?” now the other boy was completely speechless and could only nod in answer to Wills question. “Really can I see?” Will was excited to see more of these drawings and the amazing work like this. When the other nodded again Will flipped to another page and saw a drawing of a skull with what seemed to be a single red rose and black thorns encircling the two, again Will couldn’t believe the awesome artistic skill shown on a single page. Will sat down next to the other boy and showed him the page that he was looking at “This is so cool, does it have some sort of meaning behind it?”

But then he remembered being told that an artist’s sketchbook could be the same as a diary or journal and therefore should be treated as such “Oh sorry, I guess that’s probably personal. But really you have so much talent! Oh and by the way my name is Will, nice to meet you.” He held out the sketchbook to hand back to its owner. “Nico.” Well now he had a name to go with the face. But before Will could say anything more the coach blew his whistle and signaled that tryouts were over and that it was time to head home for the day “Well I guess it’s time to go, I’ll see you around Nico.” Will said as he stood up and headed over to head to the showers. He hoped that he’d get the chance to talk with Nico again sometime.

Over the next few years following their first encounter Will and Nico had sat together and talked from time to time, Nico liked to sit in that same spot and draw whenever he found the time, he claimed that it was secluded enough that people other than Will that is, wouldn’t bother him there. It also meant that when Will finished with practice he’d have a bit of time to talk to Nico and see more of his artwork. You might be able to call it a friendship but they didn’t talk much other during these times or spend time together any other time. Will blamed it on the fact that he was always busy with something or always taking to someone and couldn’t get close to Nico, but his heart soared when in his final year he walked into his AP English class and saw that Nico was in his class. He hoped ever since for a chance to spend more time with Nico and get to know him better.

When their teacher announced this writing assignment Will saw it as a gift from above. “And the best story and accompaniment will be displayed in the upcoming school wide showcase so I want all of you to put your best effort into this with that in mind.” Well that was unexpected but Will wasn’t worried, as long as he could convince Nico to draw some illustrations to go with the story that they come up with then they were sure to do well.

The bell rang and the class let out for lunch. Will quickly packed up his things and headed out to meet Nico by his locker, it was close to the gym which Will had learned one day after leaving practice and finding Nico standing at his locker grabbing a pencil case before heading back to where he had left his sketchbook at his usual spot.

Will was glad to see that Nico was still by his locker when he finally made his way over to him “Hey Nico!” Will called cheerfully, causing a few curious passersby turn and look at the two of them, as far as anyone else knew these two were as different as night and day so seeing them talking to one another was an odd sight. Nico turned when he heard Will call out to him “Oh hey Will, is this about the English assignment?” even after four years Will still loved hearing that slight accent when Nico spoke, it had taken some time but Will had eventually learned that it was Italian, though what with Nico’s last name it was no surprize. “Huh? Oh yeah!” Will chided himself for getting distracted again but he always got distracted when talking to Nico.

“So I was thinking that we could come up with the story together and you could add some drawings to go along with it, I’m sure that whatever we come up with your drawings would be incredible!” but Nico didn’t seem as sure about it as Will did. “You’re the only one who would think that Will.” Nico said as he grabbed his bag from his locker, it was only lunch but Nico looked like he was getting ready to leave school for the day. “But it’s the truth, your art is so amazing I’m sure it could really help bring our story to life better than anything else could.” Will tried his best to sound convincing.

Nico still didn’t seem willing to go along with it though “I don’t know Will, but could we talk about this some other time? I have somewhere to go this afternoon so I won’t be here after lunch, good luck in your game later.” Will was a bit surprized by that last part but then again Nico’s favorite spot was in the gym so it should come as no surprize that he knew that Will had a game today after school… “Huh? Oh right thanks.” But before Nico could walk away an idea came to Will and he pulled out a pen and reached out for Nico’s hand stopping him as he was about to leave and Will wrote his cell number on Nico’s arm “There, this way you can text me later after you’ve had some time to think things over, no rush though. Just brainstorm some ideas for our story if you want.” he gave Nico a bright cheerful smile before turning and heading to his own locker.

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Movie Night

Perryshmirtz ficlet


What Heinz had been told about the movie was, and this was the extent of it, “It’s great, it’s got a vampire that takes a bite out of a garlic clove like an apple, you’ll love it.” One thing about Charlene and him—although they didn’t have very similar taste in anything else, they usually liked the same movies. Heinz was about thirty at the time, which doesn’t have much bearing on the night in question except to demonstrate that he was old enough to have seen plenty of movies and young enough that he still believed him and Charlene could hit their stride one of these days, and on that day everything would become instantly easy and fun again. And considering just two nights before she had accused him of being a “kind of a negative nancy, to be honest, Heinz,” he was eager to prove that he could have just as much of a good time as the next guy.

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Dinner And A Show (All Might x Reader)

One bad movie was enough, but two? Now that could lead to some fun.

Stars had filled up the night sky as you followed Toshinori into his home, your fingers intertwined with his. The laughter between you two couldn’t be contained no matter how hard you tried, and with each look you gave one another only brought on more. Luckily he didn’t live in an apartment anymore, or the both of you would’ve gotten a noise complaint from almost every tenants for disturbing their peace.

There were no papers to grade, no tapes to watch, and no tests to prepare making it the first free night for you two is a while. He took you out to dinner first, where you both shared a plate. As you ate you listened to him ramble on about anything that came to his mind, taking a particular interest when it came to his movie collection. You couldn’t help but look at him in awe, a smile growing on your face once you stopped eating. It was cute to see him so proud and excited about it, and you couldn’t help but chuckle when he apologized for talking so much.

With movies still on the mind, you two decided to go see one. None of them sounded particularly interesting, so he decided to flip a coin to decide whether seeing the spy movie or the zombie outbreak movie. Landing on heads, he bought two tickets to “Inferno of Risk,” and the next two hours were spent huddled together trying to hide your laughter from those around you.

“I just can’t believe it was so… so bad,” you said while closing the door behind you. You followed him into the kitchen, continuing to speak and failing to hold back any laughs. “I can’t believe we actually paid money to see it.”

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Fic: As Dreamers Do

[gen | 3.4k | ao3 link]

Sam wants to go to Disneyland. Dad and Dean have other plans.

A/N: This is my entry for the @asksamstuff contest, based on this post. As always, thanks to @themegalosaurus for putting up with me and helping me get this in posting shape.

It’s about the time Dean plugs Guns N’ Roses into the tape deck again that Sam decides he’s pretty much done with California. They’ve been on the road for hours through the desert, nothing around them except scrubby brushland and distant mountains. Everything is brown and dry and dead. The sun through the window feels hot enough to melt skin. Every once in a while Dad grumbles about “goddamn hippie drivers,” and Dean keeps craning his neck to look out the window at girls driving sports cars.

In the backseat, Sam picks at a hole in the knee of his jeans. He’s grown another inch in the past few months and the pants—thrift-store bought—are too short in the ankle again. His shirt, a hand-me-down from Dean, is baggy on him, but still sticks to his back and underarms with sweat, heavy and uncomfortable. There’s a sliver of shadow slanting across the seat and Sam tries to find shelter in it, but even with the windows rolled down the July heat is sweltering, and the leather seats are hot to the touch. Sam can feel his heartbeat in his sweaty palms.

The opening chords of “Paradise City” blast through the speakers too loud for comfort, and Sam announces, “I have to pee.”

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Burlesque- James Madison X Reader

request from @sweaterkitty-fluff :*slides in* I need me a JMads fic, could you maybe write one where he and the reader have a nice quiet movie night but then, like, a surprise sex scene appears and James gets a boner and is embarrassed by it? Maybe slide in a small bit of smut? Just like, reader getting him off so that they can keep watching the movie?

request from anon : I know u just wrote one, but I’d like a James Madison x reader. Could u do smut?

warnings: smut, blowjobs, 

please tell me if there is anything else i should include in the warnings!

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