so flee

Like your great grandfather, like your grandfather-
flying is in your blood. The stars call to you. You’re a pilot.

For @hollyhark’s Kylux Daughter verse

As always, inspired by Holly’s Daughter verse (or more correctly, actively butchering her ideas lol). So I learned that their little girl loves flying and I was overwhelmed with feelings (;へ:)

So, some hug time

today at work i wasn’t looking where i was going and almost wheeled a bin into a guy sitting on a chair. while apologizing i almost ran into a wall then somehow managed to dodge a line of pot plants. 10 minutes later, the guy found me and gave me a coffee coupon with his name and number scribbled on it then fled. so yeh if u like someone, just pretend to almost kill them with a bin on wheels.
The Dark History Of Eating Green On St. Patrick's Day
Cupcakes, cookies and beer dyed green may mean party time in America. But in Ireland, there's a bitter history to eating green that harks back to the nation's darkest chapter.

Green food may mean party time in America, where St. Patrick’s Day has long been an excuse to break out the food dye. But in Ireland, where the Irish celebrate their patron saint on March 17, there’s a bitter history to eating green that harks back to the nation’s darkest chapter, says historian Christine Kinealy.

The reason, Kinealy explains, is the Irish potato famine of the 1840s, which forced so many Irish to flee mass starvation in their homeland in search of better times in America and elsewhere. Those who stayed behind turned to desperate measures.

“People were so deprived of food that they resorted to eating grass,” Kinealy tells The Salt. “In Irish folk memory, they talk about people’s mouths being green as they died.”

of gods & monsters

mostly written half a year ago, poems about eros & apollo. inspired by sunblind, written by the amazing @ibuzoo / @rmeisel <3, companion piece to observations on sunblinded boys (psyche & icarus)


2:31 a.m, Apollo said: why did you make me notice him? why did you make me fall?
2:31 a.m, Eros said: it’s payback
2:33 a.m, Apollo said: I see how it is. I should have known- this has your dirty little fingerprints all over. Daphne, Hyacinthus, now him. haven’t you learned you will never belong in the world of gods like me? get the fuck out of my life, you fucking piece of shit. I didn’t do anything to you this time. so why did you do it? why?
2:34 a.m, Eros said: you told her I am a monster
2:35 a.m, Apollo said: I told her the truth 

3:02 a.m, Apollo said: fuck you
3:03 a.m, Apollo said: fuck you so much 

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06-19-2017 (happy early birthday @thefudge​!)

down to the river: a bonaki fanfic 

Summary: He tumbles down the steps. She’s pushed him. Bonnie knows she pushed him. But she hasn’t moved, her arms and legs are still. There’s only a sick throb at the base of her skull, like a fist smarting after a delivered blow.

He’s panting in the dust, blood-flecked teeth smiling. “I’m Kai, what’s your name?”

[AU in which Bonnie and Kai find each other and a way out of Mystic Falls]

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For threefeettotheleft who asked for Speedster!Iris Snowest AU: Iris wasn’t supposed to be in Barry’s lab that day, but she can’t regret it when it gives her strange new powers and friends, among them Caitlin who’s she grown to trust and also, fallen a little in love with.

The First and Last of Us

☇  childhood best friends au

genre: angst, fluff, implied smut

pairing: yoongi // you

word count: 7.1k

warnings: light, lightttt implied sexual themes but like barely anything. it’s like 0.001% of the story

Description: You have the privilege of having Min Yoongi be many of your firsts. But what you’ve learned to realize, is that your first will not always be your last.

Life is full of beautiful moments. From the way the first dawn rises, when the early morning sun just barely peeks a hello from behind the rolling mist covered mountains, to the sound of a baby’s first cry, cheeks a furious red and fresh into a new foreign, but perfectly imperfect world. But perhaps it is the first times that are the most special, one’s first steps, first words, first friend. And you had the privilege of having Min Yoongi be many of your firsts.

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Soulmates AU (11)

part one, part two, part three, part four, part five, part six, part seven, part eight, part nine, part ten

And on this night, and in this light (ao3) - screamtobeheard

Summary: “I think I’ll skip sleep, you’re a very comfortable pillow,” Dan tells him.
“I’m glad,” Phil says. He looks so soft and cuddly right now and on moments like these Dan swears he feels the tattoo throbbing on his hip. Or a different part of his body, he isn’t keeping track anymore.You get a tattoo once you fall in love, Dan’s been hiding his from Phil for a while now

Annoying Songs stuck in my head (ao3) - personalfreakshow

Summary:  Soulmate AU where you get a song stuck in your head, if your soulmate is singing it (and at random times as well, duh). Only, the thing is, you already know that you are soulmates, and you are living together. And it is just simply annoying.

Arrows That Pierces The Heart (ao3) - star4545

Summary:  Artist Dan is one of a few people that in a world full of soulmates is incapable of love, but his quirky neighbor Phil shows him that maybe there is love for him.

Beautiful (ao3) - SkiesOfSilver

Summary: Based on this prompt; you write something on your skin and it will show up on your soul mate’s skin as well.Imagine having a super artistic soulmate who draws flowers and designs and really beautiful patterns all over their arms and person 2 just sits there and watches the little lines appear on their arms and they can’t stop smiling and it’s their favourite part of the day.

Cancer isn’t a Stop for Everything (ao3) - Star4545

Summary:  Dan has leukemia, and doesn’t know how much time he has left. Phil rushes to spend as much time as he can with him.

Color Me Blue (ao3) - carefully_crafted_cliches

Summary: Everyone sees the world in black and white until they touch their soulmate for the first time.A soulmate au with a bit of 2009!phan.

English Bluebells (ao3) -  GlobZrt

Summary: The flower extended high in the air, when it droops, lowering its head. Its silk like petals curl up, forming like a bell. There were rows of them, their blue lavender color reminding him of the sliver of daylight before dusk

Found You (ao3) - mkouche

Summary:  Every person can see what their soulmate has written on their bodies.
Who’s doodling on Dan? Who’s printing on Phil?

[from blue to hazel brown] (ao3) - bisexual_dean_winchester

Summary: Dan likes old things. He likes antique shops and used bookstores. He likes mystery novels, and has everything except his life figured out.Phil likes comic books, and fluffy armchairs. He likes his job, and his life in general. Well, he tries to convince himself that he does anyways.Soulmate AU where the eyes of your soulmate are tattooed onto your arm from birth, they open when your soulmate is born, and grow as the person they belong to does.

My Giant Weeb (ao3) - Amys_Musings

Summary:  Prompt : soulmate marks. But one of their marks is in Japanese. “i thought I’d have to move to japan to find you but turns out you’re just a giant weeb”

Nemo Nisi Mors (ao3) - TinksMind_Thea

Summary: Phil has a super artistic soulmate.
Phil is also super forgetful.So when Phil writes down all his appointments on his hand, Dan ends up with constant reminders that, honestly, he can’t even read. So he decides to do little doodles everyday for his soulmate. A beautiful connection forms but will they ever find each other?
Or is this too beautiful to risk shattering?

One Second Closer (ao3) - goldenrose95

Summary:  Soulmate AU where you’re born with a timer on your wrist that counts down to the moment you meet your soulmate. Except there’s one other case when the numbers reach zero, and Phil doesn’t find out until he’s too late. Almost.

Pain Killers (ao3) - AllusionToReality

Summary:  Your soul mate is the only one who can hurt you. In a painless society, only the lucky ones experience the most tragedy, the most emotion. Some say they are the only ones to truly live.

quixotic (ao3) - lastphanhope

Summary:  Phil was always told his soulmate would be a beautiful girl with shiny hair and a good sense of humour. It’s not, his soulmate is Dan Howell, who’s got too many walls that Phil’s determined to break down, falling in love with him just happens in the process.

Singing Songs That Nobody Wrote (ao3) - Star4545

Summary:  If you have a soulmate, their favorite lyric gets tattooed on your body. Phil is a singer, and his favorite lyrics are his own. Dan loves the lyrics

Soulfinders (ao3) - JulienneJc

Summary:  In an Alternate Universe when we where born, we have a clock implanted on our wrist, counting down to the day we meet our soulmate

Wake Me Up Inside (ao3) - fluffycloudsofphan

Summary: For as long as Dan could remember, people have told him that you will dream of your soulmate everynight until you find them. Everyone has always explained there dreams to be pleasant and joy-filled.So why does he keep dreaming of his soulmate dying?

When the Clock Strikes Twelve (ao3) - Willow_Angel

Summary:  Phan AU. Dan is embarrassed by the time on his tattoo until he meets a handsome stranger at a party for the prince.

We Once Fell in Love (But Now We’re Just Falling) (ao3) - twentytwentytwo

Summary:  In a world where once you turn eighteen, you don’t age until you find your soulmate, Dan Howell is lucky enough to find Phil immediately. But then Phil dies from an illness and Dan doesn’t think he’ll ever be happy again. That is, until Phil get reincarnated a year later. However, Dan wasn’t ready to have Phil back in fear of losing him, so he flees from Manchester to London. Now Dan is twenty-four and Phil has found him for the third time. Will Dan let himself fall in love again, or will he be running from Phil for all of eternity?

You Only Have a First Meeting Once (ao3) - Willow_Angel

Summary:  AU. In which Phil has a strange time for his tattoo, and a handsome boy at the prince’s party has the same.

BTS reacts to their s/o being insecure about their relationship

Hello sweety ^^

Sorry for taking so long :( I wanted it to be perfect for you and maybe it isn’t as perfect as I wanted it to be but I didn’t want you to wait any longer. I hope this is something you had in mind. I have to confess myself this was really a challenge for me to write, so thank you haha. Enjoy reading and thank you  for loving my blog! I will try to keep my work good okay? ;) 

Stay healthy!


You were watching Seokjin on the little screen that hung on the wall in the dressing room. You had joined Seokjin to one of his shows since he asked you to come with him. Most of the times you declined, not wanting to disturb but actually you did not want to see him around all the pretty female idols who seemed so perfect. Yeah yeah you knew they weren’t but hey you can’t deny they were pretty as the freaking sun. You couldn’t help but feel small and less attractive as thoughts began to swirl in your mind. ‘’Why was he with you? What did he see in you? Why would he still be with you if he had so many beautiful women standing in line for him?’’ You just couldn’t understand plus you began to feel selfish by staying with him. So lost in your thoughts, you had not heard the guys coming in. 

‘‘y/n.. what’s wrong?’‘ his soft voice lighted up the dark aura you had surrounded yourself with as you looked at him sitting beside you. Showing him a little smile, you gripped onto his arm, slung it over your shoulder and nuzzled closer to his frame. His familiar and calm scent, his warm temperature cradled your mind and scared away the demons. Slinging one arm around his torso, you pulled him closer to you wanting to feel as close to him as you could. 

The others just stared at you, confused what was going on. Seokjin just waved  them away, leaning his chin on your crown and hugged you tightly already knowing what was going on. He felt stupid, he wanted to punch himself in the face for making you feel like this. ‘’Y/n..” Seokjin whispered, curling your hair with his finger. You just hummed, smiling how his voice sounded so soothing. ‘’I’m sorry. I love you. You’re like that little star in the sky surrounded by all the big ones.’’ You frowned. what was he saying? before you could pull away and ask him why, he continued. ‘’You are hard to find y/n. You are an unique person. Once people lay their eyes on you, they can’t look away. Something just lures them to you, forgetting the rest around them. It isn’t how bright you shine or how big you are. Be yourself and the right people and the ones worth your time will find you and I guess I was the lucky one.’’ 

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Yoongi noticed how you had been distancing yourself. He noticed how your bright smile wasn’t as bright anymore and when he looked into your eyes he didn’t see the sparkle, he did not see the joy and if you asked him what he saw instead? well he couldn’t see anything. It was like you had closed off your emotions, locked in a safe, hidden away in the dark and at the end of the week he snapped, asking you, no demanding you to spit it out.

‘‘I can’t take it anymore! Tell me what’s going on. Please don’t leave me hanging in the dark.’‘ His words burnt your skin as they reached you, causing you to drop the glass in your hands. You knew what he was talking about and you also knew you’ve been in the wrong but you didn’t want to burden him with your stupid insecurities because he had enough on his plate already and adding yours wouldn’t do any good but you had it all wrong. The guilt came crashing down on your heart as you heard his voice. They were pleading for an answer, pleading you to make an end to his aching heart. The doubts and insecurities that have been consuming your heart for the last couple of days slipped past your lips no matter how much you tried to swallow them back. The guilt was so heavy that your other emotions had no other choice but to leave to make room for the other and so you told him everything. You were afraid, so afraid that he one day would be gone. That Yoongi realized you weren’t good enough or that you were a burden to him. Tears rolled their way down over your cheeks, wiping it away harshly because to you it felt like they were burning your skin with your stupid uncertainty. 

When you felt his hands around your wrists, you looked up at him and the sight added more guilt on your heart and soul. ‘’Don’t hurt yourself y/n.’’ He whispered, wiping your tears away and rubbing your cheeks in soothing circles. ‘’Shhh it’s okay. I’m still here.’’ he whispered in your hair after he nestled you in his chest, arms tightening his hold on you as if he was afraid you would vanish soon. ‘’I want to say I am sorry but I can’t y/n.. because you know, you’re not a burden to me. You know that I love you so much that it even hurts sometimes. Heck sometimes I even think that YOU are to good for ME. And remember what you have told me about if you love something you should let it go and than called it bullshit because heck no why would you let someone go if you love them? Shouldn’t you cherish that person and shower it with extra love? You said that y/n. I am Min Yoongi. Not Suga, not Bangtan. Min Yoongi and this dumbass is hopelessly in love with you. So please if you ever think you’re not good enough, please talk to me. Don’t leave me in that cold place y/n. ‘’

‘‘I won’t Yoongi, I am so sorry. I didn’t know what came over me. I love you too, so much.’‘ You whispered back.

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Feeling ashamed about what you told Hoseok, you hid yourself in the bedroom, locked the door and sat down, your back against it. You could feel his presence and knew he was standing on the other side waiting for you to come out but he could stand there for a long time because you weren’t leaving this room until the embarrasment was gone. The way his eyes flashed when you told him how you felt told you enough and so you flee. Of course it was dumb to feel that way, Hoseok had only shown you love, always made sure you knew he loved you and that you were one of kind and somehow fear showed his side. 

‘‘Why are you even hiding?’‘ you heard him ask. ‘‘Just because’‘ you mumbled back. You heard him sigh before he slid down the door aswell. ‘‘I don’t know why you’re feeling this way…’‘ he paused. ‘‘ since you didn’t even explain it to me as you just ran off’‘ he continued but couldn’t help but chuckle at the sight of you sprinting from the couch, nearly tripping on your way to the room. ‘‘but I guess it’s the fact that you feel to lowly for me which I don’t understand. I know you don’t care about status you always have treated people the same and that’s the first thing I liked about you. You’re kind but can discipline people too if they have done wrong even if it’s the president you wouldn’t care. I don’t think I have to say that I love you y/n because you already know I do. I tell you everyday. I tell you that before I leave, I tell you that when I come home and I tell you that before we go to sleep and I think I have shown you enough how much I love you too. I love you y/n. Me, Jung Hoseok loves y/w/n. I love her very very much and I love all of her flaws, all of her insecurities too because that’s what makes you, you. And if you don’t believe me I can show you my phone which is filled with photos and videos of you.’‘ He finished with a loud laugh and it seemed he had thrown his head back when you heard a soft thump. 

His words had lighted up the darker side of your heart, his words filled with loved chased away the beasts as it bit their skin. Standing up, you turned unlocked the door and swung it open and true to your thoughts Hoseok had been sitting against the door as he tumbled backwards. Smiling up at you, he crawled his way up and kissed you on the lips. ‘’Now I think it’s time I show you how much I love you.’’

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He just stared at you when you had sat him down and voiced how you felt. He was searching for words but he could only hear his thoughts. Where did they come from? Was it his fault? Had he done something to make you feel that way? Were you trying to break up with him? Were you actually telling him that you couldn’t do this anymore? Was it because you both went public and you couldn’t handle it anymore, that you made a mistake? The sound of his name snapped him out of it and focused his gaze once again on you. 

You were looking at him, knowing the wheels in his head were working on full force as he zoned out. You did not regret telling him this, you wanted him to know, you needed him to help you get out of this rut. You were always one to think positively however the words you read on social media didn’t really help. Yeah you knew that this was going to happen sooner or later when you started dating Namjoon, he had warned you about it too plus you were always one to brush off opinions of others, not really caring what people thought of you but when you read things as: ‘y/n will damage his image or she is only dating him to become famous too.’ Well it hurt because they were dragging Namjoon in it too, THEY were the ones damaging his image, making up stories just to sell and it was stupid that you thought he was better off without you. 

‘‘Y/n that’s not true and you know that. If you believe them and leave me than that will break my heart. I’m not better off without you. I am going to be lost if you do.’‘ Pulling you from the couch he sat you down on his lap, your legs wrapping around his waist as his hands rubbed your arms. ‘‘You know not to believe them, and I know you’re fighting with yourself right now. One voice is telling you not to believe them and just to let their comments slip past you but there is the other one who is telling you that they are right, that you shouldn’t be with me, that you don’t ‘fit’ in but who cares about an image sweetheart? You especially don’t care about that. You just do what you do. If it’s dancing in the rain on the middle of the street or jumping in the cart in the supermarket to zoom past the aisles, you don’t care what people think, you are having fun, you are being yourself no matter what and that’s one reason why I fell for you. Even the boys admire that about you. And also know that I don’t think of you like that. To say it simple. You’re the water and sunlight to my roots. I love you.’‘

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he couldn’t help but cry when you told him. He had guessed something was wrong with the way you got extra affectionate or asked him where he was going everytime he went out. You weren’t like that, you liked having some freedom in a relationship but the way you behaved this week had got him thinking and after the fight you just had about the issue of you wanting to know where he was every minute you had screamed it out. You told him that he didn’t want to be with you anymore, you told him small you felt beside him figurally and when you told him you were certain, he didn’t love you anymore the way he did at first felt like a stab in his heart. He immediately shut his mouth, the words that formed in his mouth faded away as tears sprung in his eyes. He was in disbelief. Did you really think he didn’t love you anymore? 

‘‘y/n… no, no, no, no.’‘ He took quick steps towards you, grabbed you wrist and with a strong tuck he had you wrapped in his arms. He felt you struggling at first, trying to get out of his grip but he held you so strong there was no way you were getting out of his protective arms. He didn’t know why you were saying those things, where you got it from. ‘‘How… How can you say things like that y/n?’‘ he cried, his face buried in your neck. ‘‘You don’t know how much I love you.. I couldn’t even describe how much I love you.’‘ You were crying aswell, dampening his shirt with your tears while your hand were clutching his shirt. You wanted to kick, scratch, punch yourself, you just wanted to hurt yourself for hurting him like this. ‘‘Gosh do you know how painful that is? I love you so much that even when I step out this door just to get some food I will already miss you. I love you so much that even if you break my heart I will still love you. I love you so much because my heart and my soul are intertwined with yours. My heart fell for yours and my soul fell in love with your soul. When I see you or hear you my heart sets itself free from all the worries and pain it felt throughout the day. It yearns for you y/n how desperate it may sound. I never have felt like this before.’‘ Jimin confessed on and on, hoping his words reached your soul. The tears had stopped and he was now giving little butterfly kisses on your skin, still salty from tears.  You had also stopped crying, your hands no longer holding onto his shirt as they were now laying flatly on his chest. Feeling his heartbeat on your palm, you were sure your own matched his.

‘‘I did not mean what I said earlier. Kind of. It’s just being away from home and all the sudden attention… I guess im just a bit scared and shocked. I know I am not like that and I want to apologize for all the clinginess. Thank you Jimin, Thank you. I love you too’’

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You had walked out on him. He could not believe you just walked out of the door when you confessed your insecurities. He knew you weren’t the type to tell someone your worries, you didn’t like it and just waited until that feeling passes and now when you finally did you walked away after uttering the last word. He saw how your eyes widened and how you bit your lip, instantly regretting what you did and before he could say something you were gone. 

Snatching his jacket from the coatrack, he ran after you, putting his coat on while running. You couldn’t be far, it had only been 5 minutes when you slammed the door in his face. After what felt like an hour to him he had found you. You were sitting on the bench infront of the little pond in the park. You always have loved the sound of water. 

‘‘Hey’‘ you heard him saying as you felt him sitting down beside you. You greeted him back without looking at him, as you smiled at the ducks who were swimming in circles, clearly enjoying the water. Of course you felt bad for running away because that is what you did. You ran away from your problems instead of facing them head on. You were always good in that. You hated conflict and you always tried to avoid them. 

‘‘I just want you to know that you don’t have to deal with your insecurities alone y/n. You’re not alone anymore.’’ Taehyung spoke up softly not wanting to interrupt the peaceful sounds of nature and not wanting to scare the animals away. You snapped your head to him, your mouth open in surprise. It was as if he read your mind. Biting his lips, he turned his body so that he was facing you. ‘’I mean I can kind of understand where you’re coming from. I ’ve been insecure too you know’’ he fumbled with his fingers kind of scared himself too about his doubts in this relationship. “I was trying to figure it out why you wantes to be with me. I wouldn’t be that guy that could cuddle you to sleep every night. I can’t always come when you need me. All I can do is call you or skype you but it isn’t the same as being their in person. You sometimes have to sleep alone for a long period of time. Those were thoughts that haunted through my head. I was thinking you would be better off with someone who could do all those things I can’t. I can’t always take you on a quiet date and most of the times they have to be inside of the house and yeah yeah I know you don’t mind but still… I want the best for you y/n and I can’t always give you that but you told me not to worry about it, that you will love me no matter what. You told me that waiting for me is worth it, that all those things make our relationship to how it is. It’s perfectly unperfect is what you tell me. You don’t want perfect, you want real and raw. And guess what… I want it too. I don’t want to only see the happy, go lucky y/n. I also want to see the frustrated you, the angry you, the sad you. So please don’t hide your feelings. I love the real and raw you.”

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He was scared, to him your words sounded like you couldn’t be with him anymore. That you couldn’t handle his lifestyle anymore and so the waterworks came. Tears you saw rarely, fell and could feel the bed lighly shaking as he sobbed. You scooted over to him, pushed him down gently to lay him down on the bed as you did aswell. With one hand on the back of his head you buried his face against your chest and stroked his hair as you shushed him, telling him it was okay and to let it all out.

You were confused. You only told him what troubled you to let him know how you felt and warn him about moodswings. Well you already had those so he was kind of used to it but you felt how they switched much more sooner than normal. When you couldn’t feel his shoulders shaking anymore and heard the peacefulness of the room except from the breathing from you and Jungkook, you knew he stopped crying.

“I got scared I am sorry” he told you after he calmed down. “the first thing that popped into my mind when you told me was that you wanted to break up. ” he chuckled embarrassed. Grabbing your hand which was still stroking his hair, he lifted it up and brought it down between the two of you after he pulled away from your embrace and engulfed it between his hand. “But when you held me like that and comforted me I realized that was not what you meant, you want me to help you to overcome those. We’re still young y/n but sometimes I think that you already lived a lot of lives because you’re so wise and mature. You actually come to me and tell me what’s wrong, to work things out and I.. I could only think of you leaving me and began to cry. I was the one who needed to reassure you. To comfort you. Y/n.. there is one thing I know for sure.. and that is that I love you from the bottom of my heart. I love you with my whole heart and even more. You don’t have to be insecure but you can’t help it sometime, know that you can come to me and tell me whenever you feel like that. Just like you did today. I know I can’t take it away instantly even if I want it so badly. I can show you how much I love you, admire you, look up to you, cherish you. Because everyday my love for you grows. It seems impossible with the immense love I feel for you already but I really do. I love you y/n.”

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