so flee

Look I am fully aware that Theon just did a shitty shitty thing there

But those shots were not just for scenic effect

Seeing others cut up, or in the process of being tortured, clearly brought back memories of the deep trauma Ramsay inflicted upon him

Theon may be weak and cowardly, and to an extent he has always been that way

But he is also a deeply deeply traumatised man, and it’s very very clear that to him Euron is not just a terrifying uncle - Euron is another Ramsay, another person to torture torture torture him.

So he flees. Is it cowardly? Yes. Can I blame him? No. I can’t.

you know what’s fucking hilarious to me. frisk doesn’t have a run cycle. their sprite moves at the same speed at every single part of the game except for that one room in the true lab. so when they’re fleeing undyne, they’re moving at the exact same pace as usual. you know what that means?

either frisk is just constantly running, or they were literally just walking away from undyne’s battle

this is not what you think it is

canonverse (set sometime during the time skip), ereri, ~1800 words. trigger warnings: bondage–but not the way you think, ballgag–but not the way you think, ropes–again not what you’re thinking. minor violence.

The ropes dug into Eren’s flesh, raced across his naked chest trapping his arms at his side and over his bare thighs. He gave a little moan around the gag in his mouth and Levi thought, finally.

“You’re awake,” Levi ascertained. “Good.”

Eren made a noise that Levi assumed was “Captain?”

Levi at least was fully clothed, but because of his height, only came to Eren’s chest, which was very awkward because his tanned chest was very smooth, but also covered in Eren’s drool. Levi wiggled his wrists again, trying to get some blood flowing. Everything was too tight.

Eren looked around the room in horror and struggled to get free. Which was pointless really, their captors had wrapped Eren and Levi together several times over and bound them tight to keep Humanity’s Strongest from simply breaking the ropes and then threw in a chain on over the mess, because why not?

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Murder on the Orient Express clip that aired with Kenneth Branagh’s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Oct 26 2017

today at work i wasn’t looking where i was going and almost wheeled a bin into a guy sitting on a chair. while apologizing i almost ran into a wall then somehow managed to dodge a line of pot plants. 10 minutes later, the guy found me and gave me a coffee coupon with his name and number scribbled on it then fled. so yeh if u like someone, just pretend to almost kill them with a bin on wheels.

And I still have the mug.

fortheluvofmerlin replied to your photo “Sometimes the sunlight hits my hair juuuust right and I am so fucking…”

-wants to hear story like we’re BFFs despite having only found out about this blog two weeks ago- -sits on seat’s edge- -big eyes- Yeeeeeesss?

So, as some of you know, husband and I long distance dated over the ocean for almost a decade before we were able to be together for keepsies. It was an…interesting, period of time. I certainly got to see more of the world than I ever thought I would, and I also learned I was capable of far more than I ever gave myself credit for. Like travelling 4000+ miles on a plane every six months despite a severe fear of flying, which I still possess to this day. But I also learned something else as well, which is that love is like tea. It can be dark and sweet, light and floral, invigorating, soothing, warm, cold, sometimes even bitter. But when you’re down and out, there’s no better feeling than the knowledge that for at least the next ten minutes, you can cradle warmth between your hands, take a sip of respite, and the rest of the world can go fuck itself. 

Other British people know what I’m talking about, trust me, love is like tea.

But Love is also a choice. Oh hormones and attraction play a part in it sure, but those won’t see you forty years down the line once the excitement of infatuation dwindles. Heck it might not even see you four. But love, to us at least, is a conscious decision to say “this is the person(s) I love, sometimes it will be hard, sometimes we will annoy each other, but for now, every day, one day at a time, I choose to be with you until such a time that I do not or cannot.”

Not terribly romantic I admit, and doesn’t quite roll off the tongue the same way as “till death do us part”. But when you’re staring down the barrel of a 14-hour flight and your valium hasn’t kicked in and the only thing playing on the tv embedded into the chair in front of you is static, it’s oddly comforting to know you still think it’s worth it. 

Anyway, I was flying over here to spend three months with him, living in his apartment. We reasoned that we should try and spend more time together than an odd week here and there if we were going to make a big decision soon about whether or not to carry on seeing each other, or whether or not we should part ways amicably and save ourselves the hassle of immigration (and they say romance is dead). So I quit my jobs, upped sticks and moved in with someone I’d only ever met ten times before, but was pretty certain I was deeply in love with but needed to be certain I could live with. It was fun, and we soon found a domestic rhythm to our lives that we hadn’t even realized we’d been desperately missing until we had it.

And then the time came for me to go home and the night before I tried to smile over the dinner table like I wasn’t being suffocated by the weight of a tangible grief and impending loneliness pressing in around me, and the rising sensation in the tips of my fingers that if only I could reach out and push back hard enough, I could slow down time and have one more minute with him.

Later that night I went to bed with my laptop and watched movies while he sat up, scribbling at his computer desk. I didn’t pay it much heed, this was fairly normal for our routine. As much as we like each other’s company, we are fairly independent of each other. We had to be, given the nature of our relationship. And secretly I was glad to have some time alone to cry and collect myself before he came to bed.

The next morning I woke up, and for a brief moment was so happy to find him beside me, before I remembered I was due to get on a flight in six hours, and it could be another year before I saw him again. 

But I got up, tried to hold myself together and because I wanted to email my friend who was picking me up at the airport, reached for my laptop. Which was when I found, this:

[A flashcard covered in hearts and a little sun which reads:
Morning My Dear Let Us Play a Game (Which May Seem Queerer) Find Me In The Spot Where Your Face Is Clearer, Walking Down Our Only Hall Will Get You Nearer, Helo oh Help I seem To Be Stuck in the…]

“Mirror doesn’t rhyme with nearer!” I shouted as he ran into the kitchen, happily picking up my little card because I secretly loved the little poems he would leave around the apartment for me, scribbled on scraps of paper, in the fog of bathroom mirrors and wedged between books.

“It does if you’re American.” was all I got in return, before the kitchen door shut and I went off in pursuit of the rest of my poem. So I grabbed my phone so I could take pictures and post them on LJ later because I thought it would be cute and worth keeping, toddled off to the bathroom, opened the medicine cabinet and:


[A flashcard covered in balloons which reads:
Hidden Under the Letter Horde, Here You Have Fought Many With Bow and Sword, Word, Work and Play This Place Adores, Goodness I will be Found Under the…]

For a brief horrible moment I thought he actually meant the never ending mail pile on his side of the office, which had become a common point of contention for us, but then the rhyme clicked in place and I realized he was referring to my Lord of the Rings archer character and I ambled off to the computer desk in the main room.

Snapped a pic for posterity and lifted it up to find:

[A flashcard covered in little flames which reads: It Is So Dark And Hot In This Cove, Here I Can Only Wish For A Sight of A Cookie Grove, Find Me Quick so I Can Flee Like An Animal Drove, It Is So Dark and Hot In This Evil…]

“Honey…oven doesn’t rhyme with drove!”


“…yea okay get out my way”

[A flashcard which reads: Crap! I have Moved, What A Disgrace, Now I seem To Be In A Vast Knowledge Base, Words Upon Words Which None Can Be Erased, Come Quick I Am Hiding In The Top Shelf of The…]

At this point I was starting to become aware that this was not my typical poem hunt, and not just because there was so many of them, but because he was adamantly staying out of my way, barricaded in the kitchen. Nevertheless I turned to the book case,

said “FUCK” because all those shelves were double stacked, and began digging. And there, hidden in a copy of Terry Pratchett’s Feet of Clay on the page that reads “Words In The Heart, Cannot Be Taken” was…

[A flashcard with no decorations that reads: Yay! You Have Found Me, I Shall Cry WHOOPEE! I Knew You Would Do It All You Needed Was Tea, And Now I Must Say I  Love You More Than I Could Ever Foresee, Fiona my love, will you marry…]

And that’s when I turned round and he proposed with a mug of tea.

We were apart for another year after that. But it’s now been eleven years since we started dating, and with the clarity of hindsight, I’d do it all again.
The Dark History Of Eating Green On St. Patrick's Day
Cupcakes, cookies and beer dyed green may mean party time in America. But in Ireland, there's a bitter history to eating green that harks back to the nation's darkest chapter.

Green food may mean party time in America, where St. Patrick’s Day has long been an excuse to break out the food dye. But in Ireland, where the Irish celebrate their patron saint on March 17, there’s a bitter history to eating green that harks back to the nation’s darkest chapter, says historian Christine Kinealy.

The reason, Kinealy explains, is the Irish potato famine of the 1840s, which forced so many Irish to flee mass starvation in their homeland in search of better times in America and elsewhere. Those who stayed behind turned to desperate measures.

“People were so deprived of food that they resorted to eating grass,” Kinealy tells The Salt. “In Irish folk memory, they talk about people’s mouths being green as they died.”

Stop saying Israel “appropriated” the Magen David as an argument for banning Jewish symbols at your events. First of all, that’s not what appropriation means. Jewish people can’t “appropriate” their own symbols. That would be like me saying the Muslim populace of Pakistan “appropriated” the Crescent and Star of Islam because I come from an anti-partition Indian family. Second of all, I don’t give a flying fuck what some country I’ve never lived in has on its flag, that’s my religious symbol and you don’t get to fucking define what it means for me. ISIS uses Arabic on its flag and I don’t go around telling my friends from Egypt and Saudi that they can’t speak their native language because it’s been “appropriated” by terrorists.

I swear to G-d I think some of y'all just want to make things as bad as possible for Jews so that we all flee to Israel, thus making us Zionists it’s ok for you to hate and eliminate. Never mind that that would be a disaster for everybody in the region, especially Palestinians. Stop and think long and hard about what your actual goals are here and what you want to achieve before wading into the deep-end of the anti-Semitism pool.

Splish splash

Our party (kitsune rogue, teifling ranger, aasimar bard(me), drow rogue, drow barbarian, elf cleric, elf wizard) had just killed a resurrected cleric in a dungeon we had been traversing for 3 sessions.

There was a fountain in the corner that everyone who could detected magic from.
Our kitsune rogue (who had previously gone into a giant pool and gotten poisoned by the other rogue trying to kill the monsters in the pool): I want to go splish splash in this fountain too!

Everyone: NO!

Me NPCing our cleric who had to leave early: I cast command on the rogue. She fails her will save. I COMMAND you to flee from the fountain!

Kitsune rogue: Awwww mannnnn

Unfortunately due to the spell making her flee so far she also fell down the stairs and took damage. Whoops.

Tbh at this point, I’m just blocking all non-Jews who claim that Gal Gadot is racially middle eastern and a woman of color because frankly? It just feels like another way to ignore the impact that the holocaust has had on Jews around the world.

Gadot has spoken about her grandfather being a survivor of Auschwitz. Ethnically, she’s
Polish, Austrian, German, and Czech.

Labeling her middle eastern and therefore a woman of color specifically because she was born in the Middle East already has very troubling implications–and is the same reason that you have white South Africans claiming they don’t have white privilege, less than 30 years after the end of apartheid–but it goes deeper than that, too.

When we talk about Israel, about Palestine, we can’t pretend that Jews suddenly decided to abandon their homes and everything they knew, move en masse to a strange land. That’s… just not what happened. Jews fled for fear there was no other option for our continued existence. Jewish survivors were still being attacked when returning home after the camps were liberated.

In what way does pretending otherwise help Palestinians? In what way does pretending otherwise help Jews, either?

To pretend that Israel is just a contextless establishment–which includes pretending that race and privilege can be so easily discussed as ‘was born in this part of the world’–not only ignores the plight of Palestinians, but also serves to further an antisemitic agenda by minimizing the impact that the holocaust has had on us and is still having on us to this day.

What level of access to white privileged is had by Jews who would otherwise be considered white is something that Jews don’t even agree on. Gentiles, especially white gentiles, weighing in and speaking like they know better aren’t allies lol.


For threefeettotheleft who asked for Speedster!Iris Snowest AU: Iris wasn’t supposed to be in Barry’s lab that day, but she can’t regret it when it gives her strange new powers and friends, among them Caitlin who’s she grown to trust and also, fallen a little in love with.