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The Dark History Of Eating Green On St. Patrick's Day
Cupcakes, cookies and beer dyed green may mean party time in America. But in Ireland, there's a bitter history to eating green that harks back to the nation's darkest chapter.

Green food may mean party time in America, where St. Patrick’s Day has long been an excuse to break out the food dye. But in Ireland, where the Irish celebrate their patron saint on March 17, there’s a bitter history to eating green that harks back to the nation’s darkest chapter, says historian Christine Kinealy.

The reason, Kinealy explains, is the Irish potato famine of the 1840s, which forced so many Irish to flee mass starvation in their homeland in search of better times in America and elsewhere. Those who stayed behind turned to desperate measures.

“People were so deprived of food that they resorted to eating grass,” Kinealy tells The Salt. “In Irish folk memory, they talk about people’s mouths being green as they died.”

“The Korean War broke out, and I fled down from North Korea during the January Fourth Retreat. At the time I was only fifteen, but I remember everything. I had lived in Kaesong, and soldiers used to come from the south and spend the day there, leaving in the evening. I asked them to help me and crossed the river by boat. There were so many people fleeing from our neighborhood then. My mother thought we might return to our home so she put our household goods in pots and buried them under a wall. Since I was young and I got in her way, she told me, ‘Hurry up and follow the soldiers out of here, I’ll leave tomorrow’, so I followed the soldiers and escaped first. I thought that she would definitely come the next day, but everything turned into chaos overnight. In just one day. The next morning, as the soldiers tried to return to Kaesong, the enemy troops had already come down and were stationed there. The two sides turned their guns on each other and kept shooting, and our troops couldn’t get back into the city. They retreated. My mother couldn’t escape. I couldn’t go anywhere alone and probably spent about a month crying every day as I stared across the river at my home. It’s close from there— Even now, if you go up Gwanak Mountain, Kaesong can be seen on a clear day, the opposite side is visible… But now, it’s a place that I cannot return to. I got married and had children and lived my whole life like that, and now I’m 80. I wonder, if my mother had lived to 80, at what age would she have passed away….”

“6.25전쟁 터지고나서 1.4후퇴 때 이북에서 피난 내려왔어. 그때가 열 다섯 살인데, 다 기억이 나. 나 살던 개성에도 남쪽에서 군인들이 와서 하루종일 있다가 저녁에 가고 그랬거든. 그 군인들한테 부탁해서 배타고 강을 건너 나오는 거야. 그 때 동네에 피난 나가는 사람들이 많았거든. 엄마는 다시 집에 돌아올지 모른다고 살림들을 항아리에 집어 넣어 담 밑에 파묻으셨는데 어린 나는 걸리적거리니 ‘너는 얼른 군인들 따라서 나가라, 나는 내일 나간다’ 그래서 난 군인들 따라 먼저 나왔지. 그러니 당연히 내일 되면 올 줄 알았는데, 밤새 뒤집혔어, 하루만에. 다음 날 아침에 군인들이 개성으로 들어가려고 하니까 적군들이 이미 내려와 주둔해있던 거야. 서로 총을 마주 쏘다가 아군은 결국 못 들어가고 후퇴했지. 그렇게 엄마는 못 나왔어. 나는 혼자 어디 가지도 못하고, 맨날 강 건너에 집만 쳐다보고 울고 있었던게 아마 한달 쯤 될꺼야. 거기가 가까워. 지금도 관악산에 올라가면 맑은 날엔 개성이 다 보여. 그렇게 마주 건너보이던데를… 이제는 다신 돌아갈 수 없는 곳이고. 시집와서 아이들 낳고 그렇게 한평생을 살았더니 내 나이가 80이 됐네. 우리 엄마는 80이나 살으셨을려나, 몇 살이나 살고 돌아가셨는지…”

you know what’s fucking hilarious to me. frisk doesn’t have a run cycle. their sprite moves at the same speed at every single part of the game except for that one room in the true lab. so when they’re fleeing undyne, they’re moving at the exact same pace as usual. you know what that means?

either frisk is just constantly running, or they were literally just walking away from undyne’s battle


For threefeettotheleft who asked for Speedster!Iris Snowest AU: Iris wasn’t supposed to be in Barry’s lab that day, but she can’t regret it when it gives her strange new powers and friends, among them Caitlin who’s she grown to trust and also, fallen a little in love with.

Sometimes life is hard but the hardship is measured in the mind, so we should not flee the challenges we face.

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Hi! How are you? can i ask what do you think about all these headline whith Lauren denying Camren? Do you think that reply it was her own decision to shut down Cs to keep her privacy and protect their relationsip or she had to do, like a part of a plan to kill camren? im confused. i really wanna know your opinion. Ah, and thanks for sharing your thoughts with us!

The thing is, now that Camila is solo, the PR teams can go several different directions. They always wanted to “kill” camren, more to the media than the fandom. The problem is, without Camren interaction, a big chunk of the fandom that only showed up for Camren, is fleeing. SO what do they do now? They put Camren back in the headlines. They can use them for PR and still keep Camila’s “straight” image. That’s exactly what they are doing right now. They, or some tabloid, can even “leak” a pic or video, and just counter it with, "it was a phase" or “an experiment”, or “just two young lonely girls having fun on the road"  or, "she was young and confused”. There are several ways they can play it and still keep Mila’s “straight” image.

I do think Lauren has tried to protect Camila, but the sad truth is, Management has total control of their official social media accounts. They can do and say whatever they want through them. Management already achieved their goal. They got Lauren and Camila both out, so to speak, without it being linked to Camren, now they can use it any way they want. The girls have no control over how Management chooses to control and use their image. (for now) The girls are just along for the ride, and we get to sit back and ride along with them.

I do know, when you get this much media attention on a topic, something almost always comes out about it soon after. We basically just have to wait and see what happens next.

Yeah, of course! Look:

Here I’m doing of Ezio, and I’m with a Templar friend (Is so friendly for photos.)

And here I’m doing of Jacob and yhere is some of the Rooks people.<3

And here I’m with a Connor cosplayer. It was a beautiful expeerience.

And here I decided to be an Evie Frye, although black and white…

And here I’m Arno, and in my back is Napoleon. Was a good friend:’)

That’s all for today!
I just returned from throwing eggs, ringing bells and drink as a villian trick or treating in houses, and there was a lot of rain, so I had to flee!

I hope you wnjoy what remains of Halloween!
  Here’s a little sketch that i did when I was going out super rushed.

The only way I’ll be okay with what happened wrt waitress/charlie is that she knew that Charlie would immediately lose interest and flee, so she just went “Fuck it!” and decided to end it once and for all. I wouldn;t mind if she harrasses charlie for awhile, as he has done for 15 years, or convinces him she’s pregnant when she’s not, as revenge. If they just make it “lol despreate woman wants baby” and that’s it,then they can get fucked lol

Gentleman of the Evening - 1

Rating: Teen (for now)
Word Count:
Summary: Link runs a highly rated escort service in a city where such luxuries are popular. He hires a tall man who catches his eye, setting an unexpected chain of events into motion. Escort AU.
Note: Thanks to @missingparentheses for beta-reading the first few chapters of this! :D Unlike past fics, this one will definitely NOT be updated daily. I got impatient and wanted to post it before it was finished…so here’s some of what I have so far. :)

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apollojusticegavin FUCK. THE FANDOM’S GOING TO KILL ME C’:

Based on this lovely thaaang~ ->



Ja baby~

Imagine the Weasley’s all walk along a corridor, side by side, in age order, in the Battle of Hogwarts bringing havoc to all who cross their path. They look so badass that people flee from the imposing line they make. The braver ones stay, and try and find a weak point in this decimating force; only to find that there isn’t one. There isn’t one because they’re family, and family and the love that binds them is the strongest force there is.

فَفِرُّوٓاْ إِلَى ٱللَّهِ‌
“So flee to Allaah.”(51:50)

Ibn ‘Abbaas said :“Flee to Allaah by repenting from your sins.”

• [Tafseer Al-Qurtbee]

some danger days headcanons

-Once the four found a camera and took pictures of everything in sight, they later got a discarded book to put the photos in

-In battery city you have to take pills for sexual thoughts and those are only given for children to be made, so many killjoys who flee battery city and it’s pills behind discover the world of sexual attraction for the first time. More often then not the person newbies fall for is Party.

-Most signs out in the desert use pictures instead of words. It’s hard to settle somewhere and teach a kid to read while running from dracs, but pictures are universal.

-Party is the first to fuss over someone else’s injuries and the last to fuss over his own.

-Kids in the zones play a game called drac attack that’s like sharks and minnows but with dracs as sharks and killjoys as minnows. Surprisingly city kids play a similar game called killer killjoys where the roles are reversed.

-no one knows what is past zone 6 but tons of stories have popped up. Things like monsters, old cities, and the ocean are common threads but the most famous is that the fab four once lived out past zone 6 before BL/Ind even existed.

-Many children are jealous of the girl because she gets to ride with the four

Since this so much fun I want to do some more, so send an ask my way if you want a specific character or place for me to give my headcanons on!

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okay so Accidental Pirate Obi Wan is wonderful and we all need it in our lives as is, BUT what about Jedi Pirate Obi Wan in a verse where Palpys took over early and the Jedi were forced into hiding and Anakin grew up as a Sith Apprentice and he's all 'wtf why am I being sent to catch this Jedi Pirate loser, jeeeze, I'm gonna miss my soaps' and Obi Wan is all *swashbuckles in, winks at Sith, swooshes hair, sails back out* and Anakin is just O_O *blushing*

Ohhhhh, Anakin is in trouble. At least in the other flavor of this AU, Vader has some frame of reference as to what he’s going to be dealing with, having spent a zillion years around Obi-Wan previously (even if he’s not prepared for the full effect of Pirate Kenobi in all his glory.) This time around he has no idea what he’s getting himself into. He’s just going to stand here gawking and then start trying to flee so he can collect himself. 

“Lord Vader, why are you retreat –” 
“Silence. I must…recalculate. Our, uh, coordinates,” Vader says, hastily walking backwards onto his ship while fidgeting with his cape. 
“Recalculate? But sir, we’ve already landed at our destination, and our target is standing right there –”

//You promised me your heart
just so I couldn’t flee
Thought I wouldn’t see it coming?
Made a plaything of me//

There was a period in Vivi’s life when she was dating recklessly. This happened after her failed relationship with @soundlessroom​ ‘s Detlef, who used/abused her trust — Vivi begun desperately looking for someone who would prove Detlef was just one unlucky case. Her current, milder trust issues probably have their roots in Detlef, too.

This is actually an illustration I made for another song I’m writing — it was originally meant to be one of the ship challenge songs, but the lyrics grew out of their frames and became something else entirely. Now, they fit that one period of Vivi’s life pretty darn well. Lyrics put under readmore — unfortunately I haven’t been able to record the song yet due to computer problems.

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Okay hear me out on this.

Thace isn’t Keith’s dad. He’s his older brother.

We know from some of the stuff Coran says that the Alteans have a pretty long life cycle, so it follows that the Galrans do as well. So Thace could potentially be a lot older than Keith and still be his brother. But why does this matter?

Because it means that Keith’s Galra half could be his mother. And his mother could have had her first son, a full-blooded Galra, not long before she realized the evils of the Galra empire. So she flees as far as she can, and ends up on Earth, where she meets a human man who is kind in every way the Galra aren’t. When she has her second son, it breaks her heart to have to leave him, but she has to. She and Thace can’t live on Earth because it will endanger Keith and his father and the whole planet, so she leaves again and goes back to the only place she knows: the Galra. But this time, she is determined to fight back.

Thace grows up with his mother’s influence, and despises his own people. But when he’s drafted into the Galran army it’s either enlistment or death. So he goes and keeps his head down, feeling like a coward for not doing something to stop the atrocities he sees.

Then Voltron returns, and Thace feels something like hope. And when he realizes that the red paladin of Voltron is his brother, who Thace got to see only once before he left Earth, he sees his chance to finally do something good. So he does, knowing he’ll probably die for this but not caring because he’s finally saved someone other than himself.

He wishes his brother the best of luck against the Galra Empire as guards rush in and discover his betrayal.

Inspired by this post.