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Lapis redesign because I dislike her canon one. Specifically because of the fact she doesn’t really have any shapes that really DEFINE her, like Garnet = Squares, Amethyst = Circles, Peridot = Triangles ect, I associated her with a water drop shape cause…. y’know w a t e r.

Also got rid of the horrid neon blue colors and gave her speckles of yellow, like the ACTUAL LAPIS LAZULI GEM HAS. Why didn’t she have any sort of yellow incorporated into her design in the first place.

Today I was at some malls lounging around for 7 hours because I couldn’t get home, and during that time I decided to visit our local gamestores and ask them questions, mostly pertaining to the 3rd of March, when I came across this


So in other words, Danganronpa is a disease and it will it slowly but surely eat out the rest of my life

at least whoever sees me playing consoles somewhere would immediately know I’m a huge trash for danganronpa

here’s to hoping V3 will tremendously exceed my expectations so I have enough resolve to remove the silicon vita case and just use the case with the V3 cast

what if Carry On had daemons

Hear me out though. Baz would have a peregrine falcon: historically considered noble and aristocratic, a skilled hunter, mates for life. Also their shit is acidic which I find highly appropriate.

Simon has an otter: adorable, clingy, protects his family. (They also have favorite stones. This is very important.)

Penny has a tasmanian devil: cute as hell, will fuck you up, intelligent. Eat their own children when hungry.

Agatha has a veery, which is a type of thrush: unassuming-looking, often mistaken for a robin, sweet-voiced. You wouldn’t find one in England- they’re native to America (ahem meta ahem). Also they’re the only type of songbird that imitates its own voice which I find significant.

elder-ballchange  asked:

How about 17) for McPriceley then? :)

17. Sharing an umbrella

Connor’s heart jumps into his throat when he feels his heel slip away from him on the wet ground; a split second later he yelps when he falls. When the initial shock fades he takes a breath, grimaces when he feels the wet mud covering the seat of his uniform pants, and looks up at Elder Price. “I hate this.”

“What? Rain?” Elder Price asks with all the mildness of someone who is still safe and dry under the umbrella, then rearranges the numerous bags hanging from his hands and arms and holds out a hand for Connor to take. “Are you okay?”

“My pride isn’t.” Connor wipes his hand off on the thigh of his pants, there is no saving them from a wash now anyway, before accepting it, using it to haul himself to his feet. And it turns out that even now, when Connor is soaking wet and covered in mud, his heart flutters from the feeling of Elder Price’s warm hand in his. He is reluctant to let go but forces himself to, especially when Elder Price gives him a somewhat puzzled look. He feels the impending danger of a blush, so he turns his attention to the uncomfortable feeling of the mud covering the back of his pants. He wipes at them despite knowing how futile it is. “Nor are my clothes.”

“Oh.” Kevin rearranges all the bags again, picks up the ones he had let fall to the ground, and holds the umbrella out to invite Connor back under it again- not that there is much point to it anymore. The rainy season in Uganda offers some of the most violent rainfalls that any of the missionaries have ever experienced. Connor’s hair is already slicked over his forehead and water is getting in his eyes. “Well.”

“You’re not very encouraging,” Connor remarks, miffed, then catches the faintest hint of a smile on his face. “Do you think this is funny, Elder?”

Elder Price schools his expression. His poker face is rather bad. “Of course not.”

Connor snorts and before he can force his mind back into the mold that he reserves for being a district leader, he casually wipes his muddy palm over the front of Elder Price’s pristine white uniform shirt.


“Oops.” Connor smiles at him cheerfully and bends down to pick up the plastic bags that he had dropped when he slipped. “Well, better get the groceries back to the mission building, eh?”

Elder Price stares down at the mud smeared over his chest, then raises his eyebrows defiantly, looking about as mature as a five-year old. “Fine. I was smiling, because you look like a drowned rat.”

Connor’s mouth falls open. “Now hold on–”

He’s not sure exactly what he is planning to do, perhaps wipe his hands over Elder Price’s shirt once more, perhaps elbow him in the ribs (is he being inappropriate right now?); either way, the end result is that his feet slip in the mud again and he automatically reaches out for Elder Price to steady himself, causing the other boy to lose balance as well. The umbrella goes flying from Elder Price’s unsteady grip, bags fall to the ground, and they grab each other to keep from crashing to the ground.

They share a moment of panicked eye contact before they gain control of their feet again. Then, Connor begins to laugh.  

“Happy now?” Elder Price asks, straightening and letting go of his grip on Connor’s upper arms, the earlier petulance gone from his voice. He sounds surprisingly at ease with getting increasingly soaked. “I guess I deserved that, huh?”

His shirt is plastering itself to his chest, water is pouring from the tip of his nose, his shoulders are raised somewhat in discomfort, and Connor feels something stir in his chest again. He ducks his head and schools his expression, but is unable to do anything about the blush.

“Yeah. I mean, no.” He reaches for the umbrella that lies upside down on the ground, shaking it off. “I really didn’t mean for that to happen.”

“Right,” Elder Price says, but makes a face like he is joking. It falters when Connor avoids meeting his eyes, and he sounds puzzled when he continues. “Uh. Like you said, better head back to the others, right?”

“Yes,” Connor says, grabbing the rest of the bags. Elder Price is not interested, he reminds himself firmly. “Let’s hurry.”

to the busty ones

quick tip if you’re looking to get into exercise or just haven’t found one yet, Berlei Sports Bras, the same which Serena Williams endorses, are actually legit - super comfy, no bounce, and so supportive. Plus they come in different patterns which means you feel super awesome and cute in them. 100% would recommend.

i came up with a pretty good (and sad) idea for my skyrim oc’s backstory finally ;-;7 i know so little about the lore at the moment but i’m really happy with what i have so far!!

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WTF is wrong with these rabid orgs?? like, stop fucking forcing and begging IR fans to draw your tangerine disaster ship, don't they have any IH artists that they can beg for art to?? you must be a sad fandom with a "canon" ship to go around forcing and begging your rival fandom to draw your crappy ship.

well if their fandom was active enough i’m sure they wouldn’t feel the need to spam everyone with nasty asks. the ichiruki fandom has been consistently active from DWSW to IRBB (and a lot more in between!) so i guess that’s why they’re pissed. they’re jealous more people still care about ichiruki than their ship :’/ i’d feel bad for them if they weren’t such assholes tbh