so fineeee

my favorite review of the history boys on IMDb

What the *beep*. I watched this movie for two hours, and they mention kissing, sucking off, *beep* sacking and in the end I get N A D A . What the *beep*. This is *beep* Why the *beep* did they make it like this and *beep* with our minds. You can’t make a film with 8 hot british boys being all touchy-feely, and ‘coming of age’ with implied blowing for grades and show N O T H I N G. Why the *beep* is this even rated R, I mean honestly, the actors were 18 anyway and they could’ve showed A N Y T H I N G. 5/8 of the boys were HOT HOT HOT, so effing fineeee. Atleast 2 of them were *willing* to do stuff with guys, with the rest 'indifferent’ or even curious. Teenage boys are HORNY, they don’t just stop at HUGS, they want to *beep*. Especially not repressed teenage boys who go to British Grammar School. They didn’t even *beep* kiss, or a n y t h i n g. All we get is a *beep* hug. I don’t watch these kinds of films for *beep* hugs. I want passion, I want FIREWORKS! I want them to get on their little knees and start SUCKING! This is a form of *beep* psychological torture, you keep thinking any minute now, but IT NEVER *beep* COMES AND ONE OF THEM DIES.

*beep* THAT *beep*