so fill your heart with whats important

What I’ve learned in 2016

1. Friendship is a matter of convenience.
It can be true and beautiful and fun and full of love until she moves to another city for college and finds 10 more people she can ‘connect’ with.

2. You don’t have to pursue a boring degree for a boring job. Yes, your passion is for things that make it harder to fetch money but you have one life. Do you really want to spend it doing something you don’t absolutely love?
If you’re passionate about something, no matter what, you will excel, you will thrive. That’s the key to real success. Not some statistics stating the most lucrative jobs and industries.

3. You will exercise. You will drink more water. You will eat healthier. Not because you’re not beautiful the way you are but because your body deserves to be treated better. It literally has carries you around, has your back and actually has your heart from that first moment to your very last.

4. If they are a bitch to others what makes you think they won’t be one to you when the time comes? How people treat others is always a tell tale of how they will treat you. Pay attention. It’s better than feeling like a fool 6 years later.

5. Cook your own meals sometimes.
You know just the amount of oil, salt and ingredients you want. You may not be a masterchef but you know what your stomach wants.

6. Surround yourself with happiness, inspiration and positivity and a very major part of that is social media. Who you follow is so important. Social media is supposed to be a happy and safe place for you. Choose the right people and the right works to fill your feeds because eventually those fill your mind and heart.

7. Nature is all healing.
It’s the one thing in the beautiful presence of which even the most talkative person like you feels the need to shut up. Nature requires no words. It’s completeness is something to learn from.

8. Your parents live a life apart from being your parents. They have moments you’re not a part of, moments you don’t even know. They have not only had a life before you but also a life with you being there that you don’t know about. That’s okay and that’s not something to be mad about.

9. People will leave you. Always.
Some in days, some in months. There are those who take decades and then there are those who never leave in physical form but withdraw all meaning and that’s when you must leave.
But just because people leave their stay doesn’t become any less wonderful or important.

10. Sometimes the only person you need at 3 am is yourself. Give yourself mode credit. You can always help yourself. It may just take a little longer and be a little harder but you don’t need another person to help you. You are enough. You are strong. You will never disappoint.

11. Music of all type is necessary. Songs that make you cry and the ones that make you think and then those that make you only want to dance.

12. Draw.
Everyone is an artist. And your drawings may look like those of a middle school kid but isn’t your joy just like hers?

13. Read more books. Yes, you’re older now and busier too but ‘busy ’ is an excuse and you know it.
Find time for something that saved you. Find time for something that you love.

14. Lipstick is life.
People may stare at you and they may get intimidated by certain shades but that’s okay, one smile and they will be at peace.

15. Click more selfies and click them without any shame.
If you’re happy, if you look at yourself and feel like capturing that one moment where you feel good about yourself - go fucking ahead.
Capture all your happiness, beauty and goofy-ness.
But remember, they are for you and not your social media.

16. There’s literally no way you can help someone without helping yourself.
And they may give you nothing in return and they may be ungrateful but who cares?
They aren’t half the person you are and you can shrug it off and move on but remember unlike you, Karma never forgets.
Also, karma is only a bitch if you are.

The darkest moment is the very moment before sunrise. It’s a fact.
So 2016 may have been your darkest time but that only means the sunlight of happiness and inspiration and love awaits you in 2017.

—  creatingnikki 

Hi, babies! I hope it is nice where you are as it is where I am today!
It’s one of the nicest days we’ve seen so far, which is something that is taking some getting used to since moving up north, which is quite a change since I grew up in the south!

This little bottle is, as it says, for happiness. Pure happiness, in and out. Everyone needs a little bit of sunshine in their day, right?! Right! Let’s get on with this guy then!

  • sea salt - for protection
  • basil - for confidence and courage
  • marjoram - for happiness
  • rosemary - for matters of the heart 
  • oregano - for joy
  • mint - for peace
  • orange peel - for emotional peace

This jar was made with the intent of happiness inside and out, because I’m a believer that happiness with yourself is so so important, because you are worthy of love and happiness, always!

As you fill it up, declare what each herb is going to do for you, and FEEL that happiness in your voice as you declare it (believe it!) cork that up, and seal it (I used yellow, lemon scented wax because what is happier than yellow and lemons to me? Not much! Also I have a tutorial of how I seal bottles with wax here!)

Carry it around when you need some sunshine in your day!

I would love to see your recreations! Please tag me if you do!

I hope this was helpful, let me know if you make it, send me photos of yours!
You can also check out my other jars here!

Have a beautiful day, babies! Take care of yourself!

blue monday

Title: Blue Monday
Pairing: Josh Dun/Reader
Rating: Very Mature
Warnings: Dirty talk, spanking, choking, super kinky raunchy jealous Josh. There’s blindfolding, toys, handcuffs, aaaand name calling, because I don’t know how to be normal.
A/N: SURPRISE. I’m so terribly sorry I haven’t written any Josh stuff in a while, I’ve been working like a dog to get this one finished. Like I said, it’s pretty kinky and fun, so I really hope you guys like it. Also, blue haired Josh is tops, so that’s what I was imagining the whole time. Thanks to @bringbacktomdelonge​ for helping me stay focused.

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I’m always the advocate for dreaming big. Knowing what fills your heart with joy, passion, determination, and realizing that dreams are not just for when you sleep…it’s oh so exciting! That being said, I feel the need to mention…dreaming big is dependent solely on the dreamer. If your big dream doesn’t quite seem to compare to those around you, then try to not compare, and instead, realize that if it’s important to you, then it’s a big dream nonetheless. The idea of dreaming big doesn’t necessarily pertain to what seems to be just the unreachable, the idea is to just dream, free of limits. Dreaming of attending a college after working for so many years, of learning to play an instrument or a sport, of starting a family with the partner you never thought you deserved, of simply being enough…while in a grand scheme, they may seem small, but so do stars from a distance, right? ☆♡

how I revise for exams...

everyone revises for exams differently, and there’s no ‘one size fits all’, but an important part of revision for everyone is breaking your subjects down into manageable chunks. 

This year, I have really taken my methods seriously, so this has become a key way I revise for my exams. 

as you can see, there’s a blank table, but this can become so much more than that. 

Fill in your subject title at the top - you make take 4-5 subjects, so you can have 4-5 of these planners. 

eg. pharmacology 1

Break said subject into the individual topics you studied this semester

eg. cardiovascular system, nervous system, pain, opioids

Break individual topics into individual sections

eg. Cardiovascular system:

  • hypertension
    • A –> E of hypertension treatment
      • major side effects, minor side effects
      • contraindications
    • causes of hypertension
    • primary vs. secondary hypertension
    • outcomes of untreated hypertension
  • heart failure
    • stages
      • outcomes
    • identification of heart failure
    • treatment
    • drugs - indications, classes
      • side effects [major and minor]
  • coagulation
    • coagulation cascade
    • virchow’s triad 
    • coagulation risk factors
    • coagulation medication
      • new anticoagulants
      • warfarin
      • heparin
      • streptokinase
      • clopidogrel 
      • aspirin
    • indications for sole aspirin treatment
    • warfarin treatment planning

Now you’ve thoroughly broken down your subjects, it’s important to identify what needs more revising and what needs less revision. - before highlighting you may want to make an unhighlighted photocopy of your plan, so you can re-highlight it again in a few days - week time.

  • I tend to use 3 highlighters - one for each face on the chart - highlighting each individual broken down area of each topic - giving me an idea where to focus when I allocate time to said subject.

Once you have identified areas of the individual topics that may need extra attention, identify how well you understand the topic as a whole - here you can use the three faces as an overall measure. 

I tend to do this with a highlighted line in the box of the face for each topic - I also find it useful to put a date on when I make this identification, so when I move from 😟 -> 😕 ->😄 I know how long it took! 

 This has been a method that has worked quite effectively over the last exam period, and we’re all in the same boat - trying to find what works for us. When you annotate the life out of this revision planner and it moves from being a blank table to something full of life and writing and colour, it becomes your greatest tool and one of your best friends! 

happy studying

I’ll Never Break Your Heart

[Summary]: After a tragic break up, you put up walls around your heart so it could never be broken again. But you weren’t expecting a certain Avenger to capture it with a cheesy 90′s boy band song.

[Pairing]: Scott x reader (mentions of Steve and Tony)

[Warning]: mention of cheating? um, I think that’s about it… Oh, and WAY too much Scott fluff that nobody knew they needed..

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A/N: This is for @buckysmetallicstump‘s “Disney Quotes Challenge”. Quote is in BOLD. And it’s also a result from listening to the Backstreet Boys a bit too much… No shame, though! Used these two songs for this fic [x] [x] (the second song will be used again at another point)

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There were times that you thought being an Avenger made you unbreakable. But when you found out your boyfriend of three years was cheating on you, well… that did it for you. You completely broke down, isolated yourself from the team for several months and put up walls around your heart, scared that if you let someone else love you, it would happen all over again.

But what you didn’t expect to have happen was a man named Scott Lang enter your life.

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Date Night

“I’m not rescheduling again John.” You say angrily, heading upstairs to take off your shoes. You had gotten ready for a date; one of your nicer dresses, your dancing shoes, everything, just to be stood up. Again.

“Y/N, come on. It’s only 11:30, we could still go out. The kids are still at Polly’s aren’t they?” He says, trailing behind you as you get into your pajamas.

“Yeah, they are, maybe you should go stay with them for the night.” You say angrily, throwing clothes at him.

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I just wanna take a minute to say that it is absolutely amazing how supportive YouTubers are of one another as friends and creators.

They sit up front during each other’s panels. They tweet their support. They donate to each other’s causes. And behind closed doors off of YouTube, I’m sure they’re there to be a listening ear when they need advice and encouragement with their channels or just someone to talk to.

Rewatching Jack’s panel and seeing the entire front couple of rows filled with many different friends of his supporting him made my heart so happy. I was able to attend the Markiplier and Friends panel and I was so happy that Jack walked in and that I was able to capture the moment he made his way to his seat, because reflecting on that photo, I realized that he was there as a proud friend to show support to his people.

It is so important to have the support of your friends and it’s even more important for someone like Jack, Mark, Wade etc to have their fellow YouTuber friends there because they know what the life of a YouTuber is all about and how it’s not always easy.

I don’t really know what the point of this post is, but my heart is just really happy to see the friendship and support throughout the YouTuber community.

Can we please stop making everything political? Ugh

The disappointment isn’t because a “straight white cis man” died, people are frustrated because a smart, generous, intriguing character that had a lot going on in his life and was in one of the few healthy romantic relationships on TV was killed off. Not to mention the great co-parenting dynamic he had with Jane and Rafael. How often do you get to see that? A happy, healthy, loyal, supportive, communicative couple who are extremely open and honest with each other, always make decisions together, work their problems out quickly and calmly without letting it become a time bomb, and, that, no matter what, are still completely in love with one another?

I think the only other time I had the privilege of seeing this kind of relationship happening was on F.R.I.E.N.D.S. I’ve personally only seen this kind of couple twice and one of them was thrown away with all of its potential like it was nothing. This is hurtful, no matter if it were warned or not, because they didn’t write Michael to be a character the public would like to see dying. They wrote him to be a character that would raise people’s interest to see him as an individual, professional, husband, stepfather, son-in-law.

Yes, if he were a person of color, or if it had been one of Jane’s relatives, it would’ve been worse because of representation and the importance of the Villanueva family. However, even if Michael weren’t her biological family, he was her family, the one she chose to be her family. I won’t try to compare or hierarchize Jane’s relationships, but Mateo, the Villanuevas, Rogelio and Michael are the most important people to her. It will still be heartbreaking to see her grieve the one and only person she wished to spend the rest of her life with and lose part of her innocence and hope because of it. And I am not even sure if they will respectfully cover her grief because currently the show has skipped three years, but on that little clip you could see she simply wasn’t the same anymore.

And if people want to quit the show because of that, they have the right to. Stop telling them not to do this, because they’re allowed to react and decide. It is not because a “straight white cis man” died, it is because a good character with a lot of potential was wasted and taken away from us in the most disgusting aspects. If it had been characters like Anezka, Scott, Magda or Rose, people may would’ve felt sad and that their potential was wasted, but they are still minor characters and some of them have killed/abused people, so it wouldn’t have been as hurtful as seeing someone who was just doing the best for himself and his family to be simply killed off. I’ve seen the same happen to great people of color and/or women before and I felt the same way, maybe worse and I also dropped those shows. And I’m pretty sure most of the fandom feels the same way, because most of us are women of color who got interested in it because of its creativity, representation and positivity. Probably people who’d been let down by other tv shows and were happy to finally see an apparently intriguing and light-hearted comedy. However, it ended up repeating one of the cheapest and most unnecessary tv tropes (along with annoying repetitions and total negligence of women and queer women like Petra and Luisa and underdevelopment of important issues such as post-partum depression, PTSD, alcoholism and psychological treatment, not to mention more). Michael’s death may not even be the only reason to drop the show, just the decisive one since they will never be able to repair this.

And please, stop comparing this to villadero fans criticizing jafael shippers for saying they’d stop watching if the couple didn’t get back together. A ship not happening and a character DYING are two different things. People kept watching the show despite their hopes on season 1 and season 2 because Michael was still there, he was still used as a detective and friend and people were willing to still support it because as much as they loved villadero, they loved him as an individual first. These are two completely separate things.

Anyway, I’m currently willing to give one chance to the next episode because I love the cast with all my heart and want to support them, but I’m not enthusiastic and am likely to drop it right afterwards. So I’m looking for new stuff to watch instead of it, hopefully with as good/better representation than Jane The Virgin. I still haven’t made a decision, but if you’re looking for names to try out, there are The Fosters, Superstore and Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

I’m not caught up with The Fosters, but besides one annoying relationship, the episodes I’ve seen were amazing and explored countless important issues in one season: homophobia, racism, sexism, work ethic, domestic violence, immigration, addiction and many more. It has an interracial lesbian couple starring the show, alongside a gay and two Hispanic teenagers. Two of its recurring roles are some of the few transgender people on television.

Superstore has a great cast with a Honduran American woman, a paraplegic  African American man, a gay Filipino man and a Japanese American woman. It mentions some important problems, although it does have some problematic lines. Due to the tone of them, I am not entirely sure if they are satirical or not (the show itself is extremely satirical, by the way), so you may watch it and make your own opinion.

I have only watched two Brooklyn Nine-Nine episodes, but it’s filled with Hispanic, African American (including a gay African American man) men and women in positions of power and is a light-hearted sitcom according to what I’ve read.

Anyway, just be sensitive to the people’s feelings even if you don’t share them. And if anyone would like to add something and/or exchange recommendations, feel free to do so. :)

An Unlikely Trio

You (Kylo Ren’s new apprentice) have been captured by Resistance fighters (well, Finn and Rey). They handle you with caution, although you are not as dark as they had imagined. They plan to hand you over to the General, but little do they know that Kylo has already started pursuing them, determined to get back his student (who he may or may not have fallen in love with).

Pairing: Kylo Ren x Reader

Word Count: 1815

Warnings: violence, etc.

A/n: I have no idea what this is, but I loved writing it. Hope you all enjoy! 
P.S. I know that this is long but I’m just so obsessed with the idea of Kylo being like Anakin in the sense that he’d do anything for his gal. + I was itching to write something super light-hearted.

“Come on.” Rey muttered, pulling on your restraints.

“I don’t know why we’re even bothering keeping her alive.” Finn growled, giving you the side eye.

“She’s important. The general will want to keep her as a bargaining chip. Or maybe to set a trap for Kylo Ren.” Rey replied, trying to keep a clear mind. Luke had only just begun training her, but she had already started to take his lessons seriously.

“Wow, I’m truly flattered to hear that you think I’m so significant.” You teased.

“Shut up you First Order scum.” Finn spat, digging the barrel of his blaster into your back.

“Hey, there’s no reason we can’t be civil about this. Stop pointing your weapon at me.” You waved your hand swiftly, and an entranced Finn obeyed.

“Stop using your mind tricks on me!” He shouted.

“Only if you promise you’ll stop being so rough. I am a lady after all.”


The three walked in silence for a while through the thick jungle of Onderon. Their ship had crashed some ways off from the Resistance outpost due to your attempts to escape the two. Now they were walking back through the deep jungle, hoping to not encounter any local wildlife.

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Somebody Else - Tom Holland Imagine

So sorry for the long wait gang. I became a bit obsessed with a Mexican boyband and I spent waaaaay too long looking for good shit in Spanish – and that shit was tough as fuck, my god. 

Anyways, this is inspired by “Somebody Else” by The 1975. This is shit, I’m sorry. I’m tired. This week sucked. 

Leave feedback, comments, ask questions, make requests. Thankssss.x

“Hey Haz, Tom is in the kitchen.” You sighed and moved out of the doorway to head over to your desk by the window. He hugged you and then went over to look for Tom.

You loved Haz but you were stressed about this new script. You had to read it over a few more times before you decided whether or not you wanted to take this on. Although the project was starting off small, you were worried about the fact that you would be filming on location for a year and a half.

Considering you and Tom had been going really strong for the last few months, you didn’t want to ruin your relationship by moving into the midwest while he continued to travel. 

You heard Tom’s sock-clad feet walk into the room. “You doing alright here missy?”

“Yeah,” you sighed, “It’s going alright…”

“Doesn’t sound like you’ve come to a decision yet.” He played with your hair a bit and continued to pet it.

“I’m just worried about us.”

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anonymous asked:

Babe, can you, if it isn't too much to ask, can you do some headcannons for a sleep talking credence please <3

never too much to ask, babe :-)

  • ironically, he is louder when he is asleep
  • and says more sleeping than when he is awake
  • it’s like he collects things to say throughout the day but doesn’t say them and then
  • he falls asleep and he says them
  • you all realize this when he falls asleep on the couch one evening after dinner and he makes an off-hand comment about how good lunch was
  • you all kind of look at him, but he is definitely asleep
  • he then comments that he thinks pickett is really cute and would like to know what it felt to have a creature–or anyone–bond with him like that
  • this hurts your hearts because he is so full of love and doesn’t realize how important he has become to your group
  • but then he goes on to compliment queenie’s pink dress (she had, in fact, worn a pink dress that day)
  • so you all realize these are things he had wanted to say but couldn’t
  • you wonder what else he will say, so no one speaks, letting credence’s voice fill the room randomly as he makes his comments
  • he thanks newt for putting his hand on his shoulder comfortingly
  • he thanks them for their hospitality
  • he thanks them for their kindness and generosity
  • he thanks god for giving him friends that he loves
  • he says that he loves them, saying each of their names
  • as time goes on, all the comments change, but he always mentions at least once that he loves every single one of your group
  • ultimately, his sleep-talking is a developed thing that he uses to express himself before he gains the confidence to start speaking them out loud
  • and it really showcases exactly how kind and thoughtful and observant he is
  • and just overall what a good person he is
Wrong Number Part 3

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Part One      Part Two

Note: I hope you guys like this, i took it in a different direction. 😘

Warning: Mentions of illness.

Sunlight beamed through the crack in the curtain, illuminating the dust particles floating through the air.
You groaned and rolled over, pulling the covers of your head.
Your phone rund loudly and you groaned again, sitting up and grabbing it.
“What?” You growled into the phone, holding  it to your head and running your free hand through your hair.
“Goodmorning sunshine!” You heard Julian laugh through the line.
You sat back in the bed, your head resting on the pillow and your hair pooling around your head.
“Jujuuuuu!” You groaned into the phone, closing your eyes.
He laughed again.
“Where are you, (y/n)?” He asked cheerily.
You looked at the clock next to your bed. 7.36am.
“Julian its seven fucking thirty.” You said, playing with your hair.
“I know. Where are you?” He asked again. laughter in his voice.
You sighed and rolled over, eyeing the hotel room.
“Vegas.” You said as you yawned, lifting a hand to your mouth.
“Come to Charming.” Julian said through the phone.
You rolled your eyes.
“Why Juju? You miss me too much?” You purred into the phone as you stood up, and headed to the kitchen, grabbing a mug and making a coffee.
“You know i do boo!” He called and you laughed.
“No, really. Come home, I uh, I have news.”
You paused, spoon full of coffee floating mid air in your hand.
“What news, Juju?” You asked, curiosity thick in your voice.
“Come here and find out.”
He hung up the phone and you pulled it from your air, frowning at the screen.
You dumped the spoonful of coffee in your cup and added boiling water, stirring as you sent a text to Julian.
Fuck you, ju. You hit send and leant against the bench, raising the strong coffee to your lips in both hands.
You heard your phone go off and you looked down at the screen, rolling your eyes at the message from Julian.
See you soon boo.
You sighed and placed your coffee on the counter, heading for the shower.

Six weeks had passed since you’d left Charming and thoughts of Happy still played on your mind.You had stayed in the small town another week after you met Happy, staying with him every night, fucking like rabbits. But it was a morning when you woke up and he wasn’t next to you that you realised you were falling for him. You had packed your bags and left, leaving only a lipstick stain on his mirror to remember you by. You didn’t do feelings, you didn’t do love. You didn’t want anyone holding you down and the thought of falling in love with Happy scared you. You really liked him, he was sweet, he was caring, loyal. He was hot as hell and he made you moan like no one else ever had. But you had always been independant. You were a tornado, ripping through every town you visited, wrecking havoc and moving to the next town, leaving burning ashes in your trail.
You didn’t know how to love, and Happy deserved to be.. well, happy. You couldn’t give him that, you couldn’t give him a stable life. You knew you could be loyal, but you weren’t what he needed. He needed someone to ground him, and how could you, when your wings carried you every where you went. But it didn’t matter how many strangers you slept with, how much tequila you drank. Everyone you slept with left you feeling empty, because they weren’t his hands on you, weren’t his lips. It wasn’t his voice or his eyes and you knew you were fucked. He was on your mind constantly, and you found yourself missing him when you lay awake at night. You were in love with him, hopelessly in love with the Tacoma Killer. And you’d left him, not knowing what else to do.

Two days later you walked into the bar on Main St, Charming.
Julian sat at the bar with his back to you, and you snuck up behind him, covering his eyes with your hands.
“Guess who, mother fucker.” You said in a low, gruff voice.
He laughed and you moved your hands, letting him see you.
He turned and hugged you, a grin on his face.
“Lookin good, (y/n)” He smiled at you.
“I know.” You winked and sat down on the stool next to him and ordered your tequila.
“So whats the news too important to share on the phone?” You asked, raising an eyebrow and thanking the bartender as he passed you your drink.
His face fell, and you furrowed your brows, a frown forming on your face.
“Juju, what is it?” You asked, your voice quiet and serious now.
He sighed and looked at his hands, a sad look crossing his face.
You put your hand on his knee, squeezing gently.
He looked up at you, his eyes filled with pain.
“Im sick,(y/n)” His voice was sad and quiet. “Glioblastoma multiforme, i have a brain tumor.”
Your heart stopped and you froze, staring at your friend.
“What?” You breathed, tears stinging your eyes.
“Its stage 5. I.. I don’t have much time.” His voice cracked as he looked at you and you stood wrapping your arms around him.
“Juju.” You said, your voice full of pain as you hugged your best friend, your only friend, really.
He hugged you back, squeezing your body to his tightly.
You ran your hands through his hair, tears falling down your face.

The door slammed shut behind you and you threw your bag to the floor, sobs taking over your body and you fell to your knees.
Your best friend was dying.
You didn’t have many friends, the way you lived, moving from town to town every few weeks never really gave you the chance to build those bonds. It had never bothered you, but your loneliness washed over you as you sat on the floor, tears streaming down your face.
Julian was your only constant, the only person in your life who had stayed a part of it. You had grown up with him, partied with him, he knew you better than anyone else. He was your rock and whenever times got tough, and you had moved on from the last town, Julian was the person you called, the person you came to.
And now, you would lose him. He had told you that the doctors had said there weren’t any treatment options, he was too far gone and he should live his last days as full as he can.
You had seen the pain in his eyes, the fear. He was never scared of anything but now he stared down the barrel of a gun, waiting for the trigger to be pulled at any moment.
You vowed to stay in Charming, you would stay with him for as long as he needed, as long as he had.


The air was warm as the sun began to set, and you walked into the lot, a gentle breeze running through your hair.
You felt nervous and scared, what if he didn’t want to see you? You weren’t used to feeling nervous and you could of hated him for doing this to you. Only you didn’t hate him, you loved him.
The lot was empty, except for the line of bikes and you walked to the clubhouse door, taking a deep breath as you pulled it open.
The familiar smell hit you instantly, along with the song of old rock ballads and laughter.
You walked in slowly, taking in the scent and the sounds, eyeing the room.
Tig saw you first and he grinned, standing up and running to you.
He threw his arms around you and you smiled, breathing in the scent of leather that had drowned you for the last six weeks.
“Hey beautiful! Long time no see, doll.” He grinned at you, his eyes running over your body.
“Hey Tiggy.” You smile at him. You had become close with him over your short stay in Charming. You got on like a house on fire, making dirty jokes and laughing together.
His arm swung over your shoulder and you walked with him to the bar, the rest of the club welcoming you with smiles.
Happy wasn’t there, and you didn’t know whether to be relieved or dissapointed.
Chucky passed you a tequila before you could ask and you smiled at him, truly thankful.
The club had welcomed you and it was everything you needed right now.
You sat and talked to the boys, laughing with them for a while.
Juice turned to young spoke lowly.
“He misses you.” He looked at you, his knowing eyes burning into yours and you nodded, a sad smile on your face.
Juice squeezed your knee and stood, heading to the bathroom.
The doors opened and in he walked, dangerous and sexy, toothpick in his mouth.
A blond man with short spiky hair was behind him but your eyes stayed focused on Happy.
He walked towards the bar, not noticing you yet.
His eyes looked over his brothers and soon fell on you, making him freeze midstep.
His face hardened and you gulped, your earlier nerves coming back.
You stood and walked towards him, the room falling quiet as the brothers watched the two of you.
His dark eyes swallowed you and you stood shakily before him, his jaw clenching.
“Can we talk?” Your voice was quiet and weak, and you cursed yourself silently.
He nodded and grabbed your wrist, pulling you outside.

The door shut behind you and Happy sat on the picnic table, elbows on his knees as he twirled his toothpick across his lips.
You sighed and walked closer, sitting down next to him.
You stared down at your lap, playing with your hands nervously.
This wasn’t like you. You weren’t sure what was happening to you. You were always confident, always pulling every ones attention to you and you bathed in it, loving every second.
But here you sat, staring into your lap, unable to look at him.
“Im sorry.” You finally said, breaking the silence.
He turned to you, his dark eyes burning through your soul.
“Why? Why did you leave?” His voice was low and raspy, just like you remembered.
“I.. I dunno, Hap. Im not good at..This.” You gestured between the two of you. “I don’t do this. I don’t know what Im doing. I had to go.”
Happy stared at you, his toothpick twirling between his lips.
“I didn’t know what to do.” Your voice was quiet and you saw his face softened.
“Why are you back?” His voice was quiet and his eyes ran over you, taking in every inch.
Tears stung your eyes and you blinked to hold them back.
Your mouth tried to form words but nothing came out and your body shook as you began to cry.
Happy looked at you, alarmed and wrapped an arm around you. You leant into his chest, drowning yourself in him as you cried.
His fingers ran through your hair, comforting you.
You looked up at him and he saw the pain in your eyes, the loneliness from all your years on the road catching up to you.
“Hes dying, Hap.” You whispered, as more tears streamed down your face.
You had bought Julian to the clubhouse last time you were here and Happy knew who you meant.
He knew he was your best friend and he knew how much Julian cared for you. Julian had made him promise to protect you, and the pain that you were feeling ripped through him.
“Come here,” Happy said, pulling you into his lap.
You wrapped your arms around him, burying your face in his neck.
“Its okay, baby girl. Its okay.” He cooed at you as you sobbed, his fingers tracing around your back.
You pulled your head back and looked into his eyes.
“Im sorry i left, Happy. I.. I l-love you. I didn’t k-know what to d-do.” You whispered.
He stared deep into your eyes, like he was searching through your soul.
“I know. I love you, too.” He whispered, his eyes softening.


You had always hated the smell of hospitals, and know you hated it even more.
You hand clutched around a bouquet of flowers as you walked down the corridor. Sadness surrounded you but you forced a smile onto your face as you opened the door and walks into the room.
“(y/n)” Julian smiled at you, his voice was quiet and weak.
“Hey Juju.” You smiled back at him, moving slowly and sliding into the chai next to his bed.
You lay the flowers on the table and reached for his hands, your eyes studying his face.
His skin was pale, his eyes empty and he looked tired. You fought back tears as you looked at your friend. Four months had passed since you’d arrived back in Charming and his health had been deteriorating rapidly. You spent all your time with him, Happy would drive you to see him and he’d even sit with you both, knowing how much he meant to you.
Things with Happy were good, you were even dating. You didn’t know how to be a girlfriend but that didn’t really matter, cause Happy didn’t know how to be a boyfriend. But you loved each other, and you made each other happy so you spent most of your time together getting drunk, smoking weed, watching cartoons, and fucking. It worked for you.
You had never stayed in one town this long, but you kept your promise, visiting Julian daily and doing whatever he needed you to do.
“Promise me something?” Julian asked, rubbing his thumb across your hand.
“Anything.” You smiled at him, squeezing his hand.
“Promise me you won’t let them play Nickelback at my funeral.”
You laughed, throwing your head back, trying to stop the tears from flowing.
Julian grinned at you and you met his eye.
“Promise me you’ll stay here.” His voice went serious and you couldn’t stop the tears.
They slid down your cheeks as you nodded.
“Promise me you’ll stay in Charming, with Happy. You deserve to be loved, boo. Promise me you’ll stop running.”
“I promise.” You said, a sad smile on your face as tears flowed down your cheeks.
“And (y/n)?” Julian asked. “I wasn’t kidding about Nickelback, I will haunt you if you play them at my funeral.” He grinned,  his playful spark in his eyes and you laughed.


A year after Julian passed you sat on the floor of Happys dorm, in only your panties and his Samcro tshirt, his crow tattooed proudly across your thigh.
Happy walked into the room, smiling down at you.
“Whatcha doing, mami?” He asked you, his voice thick with love.
He knelt on the floor next to you, his head resting on your shoulders as you flicked through old photos.
His hands reached around you and he laid his hand on your bulging belly, stroking it gently.
You kissed his cheek, looking back at the photos of when you were wild and carefree.
“Your beautiful.” He whispered in your ear and you smiled, leaning into him.
“I love you, Happy.” You said.
“I love you too, (y/n). And i love you, Julian, my son.” Happy said, his hand strong your belly gently.
You smiled widely, surrounded by love for your little family.

Dance Lessons (Part One)

Summary: In which you you try to teach Bucky how to dance but his hip movement is about as mechanical as his metal arm.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 2,325

A/N: There is most likely going to be a Part 2. Also, the reader is Hispanic and the song at the very end is Promise by Romeo Santos and Usher.

“Dance Lessons” Masterlist

Originally posted by papertownsy

“Y/N.” You use your blanket to cover your face. “Y/N wake up.”

You groan and try to burrow yourself further into your bed. Maybe whoever it is will catch a hint and leave you alone. “Go away.”

“But it’s important.”

With remnants of sleep lingering over you like a dark cloud on a rainy day, you push aside your covers. When you finally gather enough energy to sit up, you find a super soldier with a metal arm standing at the foot of your bed.

“Bucky, what’re you doing here?” When you look at the clock on your bedside and see that it’s close to two in the morning, you become more alert. “Is something wrong?”

“Yeah,” he replies while carding his hand through his unkempt hair.

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I Can’t Do This Anymore

Poe Dameron/Reader

Reader is a bounty hunter who grew up on Yavin 4 with Poe Dameron.  Now the two of them are lovers.  Poe constantly pesters the reader to join the resistance, but she sees no point and only knows life in the ways of a bounty hunter.  This eventually sparks an argument that makes them both question their relationship…

Author: Charlee

Anon Asked:  Could you please write an angsty Poe Dameron/reader where Poe and reader have their first fight/argument as a couple? The fight is really intense and heated and they question a lot about their relationship but it ends in some really great fluff?? Xo

Word Count: 1285

A/N: really sorry if this sucks, As i was writing this a million things were happening and its been a shitty night guys… enjoy…

Exhaustion fell over you as you returned to your little underground home beneath the sands of Jakku.  Another hunt completed, another bounty collected.  As you walked closer to your home, you notice a ship parked near by.  An X-Wing painted black and orange.  “Poe…” you whisper, a soft smile coming to your face as you step down into your home.

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Sunshine II Taehyung Smut

Originally posted by bwibelle

DogBoy!Taehyung because I was dreaming about this for long time…

This is a shit sorry

Taehyung x Reader

/ smut/ a bit of fluff / drama / 

Thanks for Reading! ❤️

masterlist ◀️ ◀️ here

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The beginning of forever(Lee SooHyuk scenario)

Genre: romance, fluff

Word count: 1004

Warning:  none

Summary: When both of you are nervous on the big day…

“I need to breathe. I just need to breathe.”, you said to yourself as you walked around the room, trying to avoid stepping on anything that was on it : shoes, make-up, hair pins and unidentified stuff.
Like every girl, you dreamed about your wedding day ever since you were little. You dreamed about walking down the aisle in a white dress, holding a bouquet of your favorite flowers, walking towards the man of your dreams who was nervously waiting you. You dreamed about kissing him in a rain of roses and running away in a vintage car, dancing together till the dawn and feeding each other cake.
But no one told you about the preparations, about how nervous you’d be, about how many hours it’d take just to get ready. You heard a knock on the door and you knew that the madness was about to begin.

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Break Up With Your Boyfriend and Get a Cactus.

There are many reasons why plants, cacti in particular, are better than Boys. Keep reading to learn how and why you should dump your boyfriend.

1. Cactus don’t forget to call you.

First of all, cacti have a hard time dialing numbers on a phone, because most smart phone screens require the touch of warm flesh to activate their sensors. Sounds kind of gross, and it is, but poor cactus don’t have fingers at all. Their spines are too thin and cold to work a smartphone screen. However, they are very self-aware. As a result, cactus don’t make promises they can’t keep, such calling you at a specific time. 

2. Cacti don’t stay out all night or forget to come home.

Cacti don’t really get drivers’ licenses, and most of them don’t have bus passes either. They pretty much sit in your room and absorb sunlight. Therefore, your cactus will always be waiting for you when you get home and will never stay out too late partying. Cactus don’t drink a lot, so it’s not like they’re going to to out to a bar and get drunk.

3. Cacti are monogamous. 

Cacti can only handle one girl or boy or person at a time, especially since most people aren’t down to cuddle with a spiky plant.

4. Cacti always keep their Netflix accounts up to date.

Cacti plants always pay their Netflix bill because they love National Geographic documentaries. And when a cactus asks you to Netflix and chill, they actually mean it. They seriously just want to watch documentaries about sharks or whatever.

5. Cactus mean what they say.

This is the most important one. Cacti are very, very serious people. They take what they say very seriously. If a cactus uses the “l” word on you, you know it’s for real. Don’t take their affections lightly, because breaking someone’s heart is not cool. Breaking someone’s spiny flesh or water-filled interior is even worse.

6. Cacti use correct pronouns.

Cacti are very LGBTQ friendly, and they are so understanding and accepting of preferences. A cactus will always use your correct pronoun. 

7. Cactus are sooooo low maintenance.

Cacti don’t require much water, and since you can’t really spoon them, it isn’t hard to make them happy in they’re sitting in a sunny window. Also, cacti don’t get upset when you cry or eat too much pasta. As mentioned before, they’re totally understanding and will never judge you. Most importantly, they will never break up with you because seeing you cry causes them to have commitment issues.

8. Last but not least, cactus always look like their dating profile photos. Enough said.

So now you know! It’s much easier to have a cactus than a boyfriend. Not all significant others are worse than cacti, but you need to be discerning in choosing a partner. If you aren’t sure if the person you’re dating is right for you, dump them and get a cactus instead.

Imagine - Singing a sad song and Fili overhearing.

“I know I’m a mess and I wanna be someone, someone that I’d like better.” You sang softly, gazing up at the night sky, the billions of stars twinkling brightly overhead. It truly was a beautiful sight to see. However, that didn’t change the fact that you were drowning within your own mind. You continued to sing after taking a deep breath, trying to keep the tears at bay. “I can never forget so don’t remind me of it forever.” 

You weren’t sure when you started to feel so low about yourself. If you had to pinpoint one day though, you’d probably choose the day that you realised you were different. Not different in a way that was visible to the naked eye but different as in you looked at things differently. It made you stand out and nobody could understand you. You had yet to meet one person that understood you like you wished that they would. 

When Gandalf had requested you help with the journey to Erebor, you had been thrilled, although slightly wary. What if you didn’t get along with the dwarves? What if they all realised you were different and they treated you like everybody else did, like you were someone that had to be avoided? You weren’t sure you could handle that.

Surprisingly, they didn’t. They were cheerful and delightful and hopeful. Apart from Thorin, they all seemed to take to you quickly, which made you feel slightly more at ease, despite knowing Thorin didn’t trust you. You understood why though; it was a quest that would change their lives forever, a quest that was so important to him because it meant he could reclaim his home. 

You were honoured to even be a part of the quest, the chance to help them take it back filling you with hope. 

“What if I just pulled myself together?” You continued to sing. “Would it matter at all? What if I just tried not to remember, would it matter at all?” 

“Are you okay?” Hearing his voice made you jump, turning around to look at him and placing a hand over your heart as you glared at him.

“Warn a girl next time you decide to creep up on them, would you?! You almost gave me a heart attack!” You accused. 

Fili held his hands up sheepishly. “Sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you. I just wanted to see what you were doing and heard you singing. What was that song, by the way? Do you really feel that way?” 

You sighed and turned back the way you were facing, staring at the view straight ahead. Now that he had heard you, you weren’t really in the mood to continue singing and you definitely weren’t in the mood for conversation.

Fili didn’t take any notice of this as he came to sit beside you, looking at you with what could only be described as pity. You tried not to let that get to you but you really hated it when people looked at you like that. It made you feel worse, somehow. 

“Why do you feel like that?” He asked softly, his brows furrowing as you glanced at him.

“Why does anyone feel anything?” You responded, avoiding his question. He didn’t need to know, you didn’t want him to. 

“What do you mean?” 


“No, don’t do that. You always do that.” He shook his head.

“Do what?” 

“Act like there’s nothing on your mind when there clearly is. You’ve been doing it ever since we met you.” 

“It’s nothing, seriously,” You smiled slightly. “I’m just a mess of a person and that’s all you need to know.” 

“Why do you feel like that though? Something must have happened.” 

“It’s not always that simple, you know?” You spoke in irritation. That was exactly why you preferred not to say anything, because they simply didn’t get it. 

“How can I help?” He asked, looking so concerned that it brought a tear to your eye. “You deserve to be happy but it’s clear you’re not. What can I do? Tell me.” 

You shrugged. “I don’t know anymore. I just feel… lost.” 

That was about the only way that you could think to explain it. Looking at things differently wasn’t always the problem, it was the fact you were plagued by a darkness that made you think and feel differently. 

When people didn’t understand something, they judged or they avoided it entirely. 

You couldn’t blame them but it did make you sad. 

“Look,” Fili started, wringing his hands together as though he was nervous about something. “I don’t know why you feel this way but you’re not a mess. Not to me. Not to any of us really.” 

“I doubt that.” 

“It’s true. I mean.. it’s just…” He seemed frustrated with himself but you couldn’t understand why. 

“Fili,” You started, turning your body so you could look him straight on. “Whatever you’re trying to say, just don’t. I know what I am and I know what I’m not, so don’t try and make me feel better ab-” 

He cut you off before you had the chance to finish you sentence. 

His lips were on yours. 

He was kissing you. 

Your heart started racing inside your chest, automatically responding to the feel of his lips against your own. Kissing him back, you moved so you were closer to him, tangling your fingers in his hair. When you felt his hands on your waist, it only spurred you on. 

This had been the one thing you weren’t expecting. You had never even thought of Fili like that before, besides thinking he was seriously good looking. You just couldn’t seem to help yourself; feeling his lips on yours was like igniting the fire inside you that you never knew was there. 

It was a passionate kiss that ended far too quickly for your liking but you knew it was for the best. You weren’t sure what spurred his actions and while you weren’t complaining, you would have to talk about it.

“You’re worth a lot more than you think.” He whispered, his hand touching your cheek gently. 

Despite everything, you smiled.

You knew that things would never be the same between you two and you were excited to see where it led. For now, the conversation about why that had just happened was going to be put on hold. Maybe Fili could be the first person to understand you. If he could, then you’d talk. If not, you could just forget it happened. 

Well, you’d try to. 

Somehow, you didn’t think it would be that easy.

AN: Sorry that I haven’t written an imagine in a while but I hope this makes up for it. Trying to write more imagines again so let me know what you think!