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You said its much more interesting to have a character try to fit into their role and fail then a princess character who automatically rebels. Can you tell me more about it and what makes it interesting? I really like your insight when it comes to stories and fairytales.

Ah! Thank you! Well, I really dislike the ‘Rebellious Princess’ narrative for three reasons, and I’ll just go into them below before talking about more interesting approaches

  1. It’s Classist

This is the most obvious issue. Your hero is a rebel princess, born into a life of status and privilege. She is the 1%.

You remember this comic making its rounds on social media? 

Your rebel Princess is Richard.

Every time the Princess laments that she’s trapped by her own wealth and status, she ignores the fact that her problems are minute and petty in the grander narrative. Princesses are inherently privileged, and it’s ignorant to ignore their own wealth in favour of chasing some bohemian ‘freedom’. 

We get it, kiddo. You hate needlework and you don’t want to be Queen. But your kingdom is in the middle ages, people eat dirt and no one is happy. The Princess might yearn for some vague concept of ‘something more’, but that’s myopic and selfish when her people yearn for electricity and proper sanitation. 

I have extreme difficulty enjoying Star vs the Forces of Evil.

2. It pits the hero against other women to make her rebellion look good. 

So you have your Princess who rejects the institution of traditional femininity. All well and good. But in order for her to be rebellious, there must be an institution in the first place for her to reject.

Enter The Institution. Call her St Olga’s Reform School for Wayward Princesses, call her Prudence, or Marina Del Rey. No matter what she looks or acts like, you know you’ve seen her before. She’s prudish, traditionally feminine, tough as nails, and probably sews her own ballgowns on her weekends off. 

She is a perfectly good woman in any other sense, but since she’s everything your princess doesn’t want to be, conflict has to arise from the princess fighting her and her ideals. 

And of course, the princess will win, because traditional femininity is evil. 

Oh, Prudence, you deserved so much more than the Disney Sequel you got.

In a feminist world there’s nothing wrong with fighting old ideas of what women should act like - but in a postmodern feminist world, one must be aware that some women willingly are quite happy to be traditionally feminine, and some don’t have the luxury of choice to pick whatever kind of femininity they embody.

Pitting the ‘feminist’ rebel princess against traditionally feminine women is a microaggression in itself: we have never needed to sell men an empowerment narrative by pitting men against each other, so why start here? Also note that Disney is extremely fond of this, especially in marketing Frozen and its reboot movies by saying it’s better than ‘classic princess’ movies because ‘classic princesses’ needed men:

“That’s a bit different from the animation, I think, it’s not about Cinderella just being rescued by a man.”  

3. It’s a White-Feminist narrative. 

Oh GOD is it a White-Feminist narrative!

I said before that some woman don’t have the luxury to be rebel princesses, and some willingly want to be traditionally femme. This is especially so in POC cultures. 

In Chinese culture, the concept of filial piety is a very important one: to be dutiful and respectful to your parents, and placing your family’s honour and their values above your own. 

Mulan does not have the luxury of ‘rebellion’. Rebellion would dishonour her family, rebellion would shame her parents. Mulan’s entire character arc exists to teach her to balance her parent’s needs with her own, and it ends with her bestowing her war prizes to her father - at the height of her own glory she doesn’t forget where she came from - and it’s the greatest show of honour she could possibly give.

To turn Mulan into a rebel princess would be to undermine everything her culture and the folklore surrounding her represents. A lot of these themes are repeated in Moana - how much of yourself do you give up to make your parents happy? What is the true meaning of tradition? When you exist for other people can you still know who you are? 

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Moana is great. Watch it. 

Making White Feminist statements like ‘my princesses isn’t like a classic princess! she feminist and doesnt need to listen to anyone!’ does a massive disservice to other cultures who have to balance force of will with filial piety. 

So, about those Interesting Narratives…

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Pans Labyrinth (2006) is thematically about ‘rebellion’ - it’s set in the Spanish Civil War and half of its narrative is about fighting a military dictatorship. It’s other half is about Ofelia (a fairy changeling), who is given instructions so that she can return to the magical world. Ofelia proceeds to mess all of them up: she eats from a magical table when she’s told to take no food, she refuses to kill an infant to open a gate to her homeworld. While excited to be a princess, Ofelia struggles to cope with the morally dubious or downright strange demands she’s presented with. Her rebellion isn’t a girl with a weapon in her hand: it’s a girl who legitimately wants to be a princess but isn’t cruel enough to do what it takes to get there.  

I wanted to give others - and they are plenty - but this post has gone on long enough. ;w; Do come back to me if you want to know more, anon! I’m overjoyed to be able to talk about this!

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Oh snappp your neighbor AU is lit. No rush at all but if you could also write one for Shownu it would be awesome.

find wonho (here) , jooheon (here), & kihyun (here)

  • king of owning three sets of the same colored bed sheets and kihyun once asked if shownu every washed them because??? they’re always the same??? and shownu was like “don’t you just buy the same thing in bulk when you go to ikea?” and kihyun was like no,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,oh my god is that what you do
  • and shownu just shrugged because whatever he likes his grey bed sheets
  • doesn’t do decorations but let his mom hang up some photos of his family and stuff when she came over
  • you’d think he’d just ignore them, but he cleans the dust off the frames and adjusts them because,,,,,, shownu cherishes anything his mother does for him. he’s an amazing son and literally everyone in the neighborhood always tells his mom when she comes over that he’s so filial and they wished they had a son so polite and well mannered
  • because lbr shownu is the person who holds the door open for anyone he sees,,,,,,,,even if they’re still half way across the street
  • the only thing that ever makes him flustered is that one time a mom asked him to watch her son while she ran to re-park her car
  • and shownu was like ,,,,,,,,,,,,hi and the kid just started crying and shownu was like nO PLEASE,,,,IM SORRY FOR WHATEVER I DID TO DISPLEASE YOU
  • thankfully minhyuk was coming over and saw the whole mess and came to the rescue and shownu was just like “minhyuk,,,,,kids are terrifying,,,,,”
  • minhyuk looking at shownu whose literally swole and tall: what
  • you’ve lived next door to shownu for quite some time,,,,,but you two don’t really talk much because like well,,,,he’s not a small chit chat kinda person
  • and you’ve always thought he was handsome but like so what you know ??? your idols on tv are handsome too
  • but one evening,,,,you’re getting home super late and you try to grab for your keys in your bag,,,,,,but they’re gone????? and you sigh and take out your phone to text your friend who has a spare
  • but then you see a text from your boss telling you that you won’t be getting the promotion he promised you
  • and your friend with the spare just updated instagram with a photo at a club so you know they’re not gonna be able to help
  • and so you just slide down against the wall near your door and hold your bag to your chest
  • and life sucks,,,,,,,,in this moment,,,,so much so that you can’t control tears coming out and you wanna brush them away but like no one’s there to see??? so whatever
  • until ,,,,, there is someone,,,,, someone who’s too freaKING quiet so you only notice them when they step right in front of you and ask “is everything ok?”
  • and you look up to see shownu and you’re like oh gREAT the handsome, nice neighbor has to see you balling your eyes out on your doormat good job gg what a terrIFIC night this is
  • and you’re like “y,,yeah i got locked out it’s nothing,,,”
  • and shownu suddenly puts his hand out to help you up and you take it hesitantly and he’s like “staying out here would be dangerous. do you want to spend the night at my place? feel free to say n-”
  • but you’re shaking your head and you’re like “that would be very nice of you,,,,,,my spare is,,,,,in the hands of someone who is busy,,,,”
  • and shownu lets go of your hand and you notice how warm it was when he’d held it
  • and you follow him to his apartment where he lets you in
  • and you can’t help but look at the photos as you take off your shoes and you’re like “is this your family?” and he nods and you’re like “your mother is so pretty!!”
  • and shownu kind of is taken back, but just nods again and you’re like oops am i making this awkward
  • and he switches the lights on in his bedroom and he’s like “i know we’re strangers, but it would be impolite of me to let you sleep on the couch. my bedroom is clean, i promise.”
  • and you’re like dhkcblvj he’s worried about me thinking he’s gross,,,,,but he’s doing something really nice??????? he’s,,,,,,cute
  • and you’re like “i can take the cou-” but shownu puts a hand up and is like “please, that would be rude of me.”
  • and you’re like ok he’s such a gentleman????? what the heck
  • and you’re like “ok, well thank you!! ill wash my face then?” and he’s like pointing out the bathroom
  • and when you’re done you walk out to tell shownu thank you again
  • but you see him sitting on the couch, suddenly he’s got glasses on and he’s reading something with the cutest look of concentration on his face and you can’t help but stare at him a bit longer
  • when he suddenly looks up you’re like oH I Totally,,,,just came into this room anYWAY,,, thank you again!!!
  • and you like do an lil bow and shownu is like “it’s nothing!” and you’re like akhfgfs ok,,,ill go to bed now
  • but ofc u can’t sleep because,,,,,,wow this is shownu’s room,,,,,,,,the sheets smell like him,,,,,,,slight cologne but also fresh breeze,,,,,
  • and in the morning your friends texts you that she’ll be over in an hour
  • and you go to tell shownu whose up,,,,,,,,,,shirtless,,,,,making eggs,,,,,,,,and you almost trip and fall over
  • but when he turns for the first time you see him get embarrassed and he’s like “ah - oh one moment,,,” and rushes back to the living room to pull on his shirt again and you’re like trying to look down
  • and you’re both red,,,,,,and shownu is like “,,,, i,,,im sorry that was-” and you’re like “nO,,, no,,,,, it’s nice,,,i mean what no i mean it’s your home feel free um oh,,,,”
  • and shownu is like “would you like something to eat?”
  • and it’s cute you two eat together and shownu is a silent eater but it’s somehow really adorable and you can’t help but think he’d be a really ,,,, good bf
  • and shownu is like “you can stay here till your friend comes.” and you’re like ok!!! thank you 
  • and he’s totally turning on the sport channel but it’s whatever you’re happy to be in his company,,,,because shownu makes you feel safe????
  • and when ur friend tells you to meet her by ur door shownu walks you out and he’s like “maybe, if you think this is a good idea you could give me a spare, in case this happens again.” and you’re like good thinking i should do that!!!! 
  • but before you can thank him again your friend is like “oH I DIDNT KNOW YOU WERE SPENDING THE NIGHT WITH SUCH A HANDSOME MAN I GUESS YOU DONT NEED THE SPARE-”
  • and you’re like PLEASe,,, SHTU TUP ,,,,
  • and shownu is blinking like hmmm what does that mean-
  • and your friend winks at you two and waltzes up to shownu like “so,,, what’s your name? how long have you been dating my friend here?” and you’re like givE ME my KEYS 
  • while shownu is like ???? but also he’s like “oh they’re single?” and your friend is like YES THEYRE sinGLE
  • and you’re like dO NT FLirt on my behalf wait shownu why do you want to know if im single,,,,,,,,,????
  • shownu probably just wanted to know because coughs,,,,,,,,maybe he can take you out sometime,,, coughs

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Cha Hakyeon, for the character analysis. If you are still doing it. Thank you!

Ofcourse I’m still doing it nonnie! And I’d be more than glad to analyse the Vixx leader. Ofcourse this was something I had shared long ago on the vixx amino app and as it is still relevant, I’m sharing it here.

  • at first look, our leader Hakyeon, seems like a person born to be the leader. Though he is strict at times, he maintains a calm and composed character and makes sure he knows the situation well beforehand. He is always seen as the one who leads VIXX into everything and runs the show. But that’s not all there is to it.

  • the first word I can think of for hakyeon, is malleable. He always does what the situation demands. During each era, his stage presence has alwats fit the concept and he changes it from cute to sexy as he desires. Though this might just be a work ethic, we can also see this during Vixx TV and their other reality shows. If he has to sit back, N can handle being the person at the back. If he has to MC, he can also lead and direct the entire show. It shows his versatility because he can change himself as the situation needs. Even with his hyungs, he is a very well behaved and becomes the cute maknae. But with vixx, he is a demanding but forgiving leader and hyung.

  • more than cautious, I’d say our leader is quite insecure. First it was about the lumps on his hand because of a skin condition. He’s also very careful about his appearance and it took him a long time to accept the colour of his skin and his large forehead. It shows, that as a leader, he’s in a lot of pressure and he often let’s it get to him. But, because there is no outlet for all this angst and pressure, he takes it out on himself and always calls himself a man who lacks several qualities. The immediate reaction to apologise for his behaviour or always thank people for their kindness just goes to show how much he doesn’t think he deserves such kindness. Though it’s quite hard to watch this, I do hope our leader would find some love for himself.

  • maybe it’s inspired his insecurity or because he is so filial but he seems more of a giver than a taker. (This is quite opposite to taekwoon who has no qualms about demanding what life owes him tbh). Gratitude and modesty is a very integral part of his personality and he volunteers for a lot of activities with fans and helps his hyungs out in times of need. When VIXX themselves have to take a penalty, he always steps up in their stead.

  • there have been a lot of jokes in the past about N’s feminine nature. But I think a lot of people mistake his grace for feminity. As a dancer, he has been taught grace and poise from a young age and that’s hard to shake off. His mannered gentlemanly approach to life only highlights that. But that’s not necessarily feminine. If anything, he embraces the multiple sides of his personality freely because he knows it’s too hard to fight something he loves. He is quite masculine in his take charge “oppa” behaviour and is quite filial and it just is quite complementary to the way he carries himself so graciously.

  • we can’t deny that our leader is quite controlling. He likes to be in charge and in control that’s why he always comes off as a nagging mother. But it’s only because he expects a lot from himself and the people around him. Like that time he literally dragged hongbin from his house because he wanted to give up being a trainee or when he keeps fussing over Ken’s excessive aegyo during concerts or when he corners leo into speaking in public. It’s only because he hates being out of control.

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But that’s all I have about vixx’s dear leader. I do hope people could appreciate this generous and diligent man because he’s done a brilliant job of leading and equally highlighting the charms of his members.

[TRANS] ‘WINGS’ - J-hope Thanks To

It’s our 2nd full album!!!!!! I’ll write down the names of people whom I love and am grateful to the most in the world!!!!! (caution: a lot)

First, my dear family!! Dad, mom, sis, Mickey the pig
Seems like I’m being pretty filial lately so I’m in a good mood, thank you for giving birth to your son.
Sis, I hope you’ll do well at what you’re doing. Mickey, stop gaining weight~

And to people who make BTS become singers with the 2nd full album
Bang Shihyuk PD-nim, vice-president Choi Yoojung, director Kim Shinkyu, director Yoon Seokjoon, I’ll always be grateful even if time passes.
Bighit’s employees who went through a lot and put blood, sweat and tears into us, into J-hope
Director Lee Hyuk, director Chaeeun
World’s coolest big team, Sunghyunie-hyung, teacher Sungdeuk, Hyunjoo-noona, Sunkyung-noona, Gabriel-hyung
Contents Communication team who deserves applause for your brains, Woojung-noona, Surin-noona, Hyunji-noona, Bunhong-noona
Business Management team who went through the most, Heesun-hyungnim, Hayan-noona, Jinah-noona, Kyungjin-nim, Sungho-nim, Hyeyoung-nim
My dear Fan Marketing, Iseul-noona, Nayeob-noona, Yoori-noona
Rookie Development team who’s responsible for the company’s future, Sunjung-noona, Mijung-noona, Yeonhee-noona, Seungwoo-nim, Hyunryung-nim, Hyewon-nim
The most important in the company!!!!!!!!! My life’s energizer, Management Support team, Hyukki-hyung, Jaehoonie-hyung, Eunjung-noona, Eunsangie-hyung
Media Relations team’s Seolhee-noona who suffers the most
The company’s pillar A&R team, Changwonie-hyung, Jooyoungie-hyung, Bosungie-hyung, Wooyoung-hyungnim, HR team’s Jaedong-hyungnim

Pdogg-hyung, Slow Rabbit, Supreme Boy, Joonsangie who are responsible for this full album’s music
Our managers who always look after us like family, Hobeomie-hyung, Sejinie-hyung, Sungseokie-hyung, Jungilie-hyung, Yoonjae-hyung, Soonhakie-hyung, Minhyukie-hyung, Kwangtaekie-hyung
Thank you so much our family members, it’s a hit, hit!!!!!

Now, the people who turn Jung Hoseok into celebrity J-hope
Hair, makeup, stylist team, Head of Department Naejoo, Jinyoung-nim, Head of Department Jihye, Head of Department Dareum, Hyunah-nim, Head of Department Hajung, Hyesoo-nim, Chaewon-nim, Seoyeon-nim, Yeonhwa-nim
And other staffs as well, I won’t forget my gratitude towards you guys.

And BTS’ reliable allies, Puma!!!!!!!!! BBQ!!!!!!!!! Smart!!!!!!!!!!
I love you a lot~

And my dear friends, our Jinwoo-hyung, Hyunok-noona, Jingoo-hyung
Kwangju Go Dance, forever NEURON!!
Dongwoo-hyung, Byungeunie-hyung, Mishika Kingz-hyung, and many other hyungs and noonas
Kwangju Joy Dance family members, including president Park Daehong, thank you!

There are so many others I’m grateful to

Our dance team, Live Section band hyungnims who always work hard from behind.
Thank our Junsoo-hyung and many other staffs for filming Bon Voyage with fun
DYLAN MAYORAL who made cool choreography for INTRO/Boy Meets Evil, thank u so much!
Thank you for MAMA’s beat, Primary-hyungnim, I’ll greet you later.

Director Lumpens, director GDW who filmed the MV of our life more coolly than anyone else, I love you
Head of Department Kim Rinyong who took cool photos for our 2nd album jacket, thank you too~

It seems to be longer as I write down each and everyone.

Lastly, our ARMY!!!!!!!!!!
You are the main character of this THANKS TO. I love ya, my love~

And our members!!
You know it even if I don’t say right???
Whom I know well than anyone else, whom I cherish more than anyone else, whom I love more than anyone else
Rapmon, Jin-hyung, Suga-hyung, Jiminie, Taehyungie, Jungkookie
I’ll love you till I die
What has already started, let’s fly until we reach that acme!! Hwaiting

Thank you!!!

Jin | Suga | Rap Monster | Jimin | V | Jungkook


a very grateful & filial Hope“So…[right] in front of ARMY. And my family is here, too. My mom and dad, I can’t really see them. I saw…when we first started (the concert), I saw my parents. I think…I’ve become their proud son, so I was really happy.”

BONUS: ARMYs cheering for & comforting Hoseok

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You are soooo amazing at what you do! Can you do a character analysis on VIXX's Leo? Please and thank you so much!!~

AHA! THE BIG JACKPOT POST! honestly like there isn’t much to say (there is a lot to say jk) but i mean it’s very clear what kind of person i think he is in this boyfriend!leo post but i shall highlight some of his best parts down here.

  • Jung Taekwoon is a super shy dude.. so much so that there were rumours of him being on the autistic spectrum when they first debuted but he was a university level soccer player before that (and any idiot who’s opened up a wikiedia page about autism knows that they cant exert themselves physically because they usually have some motor disabilities you nitwits how dare you)
  • what im trying to get at though, he’s not the most talkative person out there (that would be jaehwan or N) and so, if he’s a few words sort of person, he makes sure his words are well worth it
  • for a man so tall and so fierce looking, he’s a softie and i mean it. he rarely ever vocalises it but everytime he’s had to speak about his members in front of the camera, he either tears up or sincerely spills how grateful he is to them for allowing him to follow his dreams like its so genuine you cant think he’d ever put on a show
  • used to be thought of as arrogant and difficult to work with because he hated being in front of the camera. leo is old and has a strong personality. not the kind of person who can be strong armed into doing something he doesnt wanna do. he can’t be persuaded using the goodness of his heart you have to really threaten someone he loves losing something they love, otherwise he wont do shit
  • a family person through and through. if you ask him what he wants to be, he’ll say he wants to be a good father. so very filial its adorable. if you’ve seen him with his nephew minyul then you’ll get what i mean. most idols don’t share their family pics on fancafes but leo’s posts on the fancafe are 70% minyul posts and 20% thank you posts and 10% “hi im alive here’s a selfie” post. so you get what i mean yeah?
  • very competitive. he always plays on the attack front when he plays football and its very telling of his personality. if its something he cares about, he will yell and fight for it and wont back down until he wins. not above cheating and manipulating to get what he wants and if you accuse him of it, he’ll probably just shrug and hold his wins to his heart like “hmm maybe you just didn’t want it as badly as i did”
  • and even though he’s like that, i don’t think he’d ever take something away from the VIXX boys. really truly loves them
  • doesnt like to be cornered and cannot keep a straight face to compliments. he doesn’t have a shit self esteem or anything like he has a good healthy self view on things but if you compliment him in public or highlight something he really works hard for - that’s it you won’t see his face for like the next 1 minute or so he’ll keep hiding it
  • so soft spoken but would probably punch people when drunk im sure he has a loose fuse when it comes to temper when he is drunk. talking about, you should check out this chained up christmas practice because our boy was drunk af
  • a very level and cool head in terms of conflicts and group fights. is very petty and could begin some of these fights unknowingly but when it comes to the big things, he’d very rational and selfless.
  • woudln’t dare to go solo because he loves VIXX but the kind of person who would ensure they all succeed individually and put in work to remain in vixx for all the years to come
  • a very sad all-in kind of lover, and he doesnt voice his regrets much but he remembers everything. its a curse and a blessing. look up his self written song ‘Remember’ from the VIXX LR album or ‘Romance is Over’ from Kratos mini album
  • and everytime he says thank you, he means it god he means it

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i have so much appreciation for this man and im sure my analysis hasn’t even scratched the surface of his enigmatic being but oh well.

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Can you do a reaction to the got7 members if you had a male cousin who was really touchy with you and would constantly hug you, snuggle, smack your butt and he loves to kiss you especially on the lips

Mark: would be uncomfortable by this and would question why your cousin feels so inclined to do so. Mark doesn’t come off as an extremely macho guy (in my opinion) because he’s so soft spoken but for his girl, he’d want to set things straight and have a talking to with your cousin. Something like “look bro, I know you’re family but BECAUSE you’re family, you should understand that she’d want her space and you’re crossing a personal boundary line”

JB: I feel like this would anger him. Cousin or not, he doesn’t want any other male touching you like that. I’m sure he’d also find it objectifying for you to be treated like that. Like Mark, he would confront your cousin but in a more aggressive manner (not necessarily violent) but it’d be like “back off or else”. I also think he’d be the type to accuse you of letting it go on for this long because you never told him “stop it” to begin with.

Jackson: He too, would be angered because someone else is being too touchy with his girl and that’s his job soooooooooo he wouldn’t be too happy. He probably would confront your cousin also, like “look pal, buzz off, stop creepin on your cousin and get your own girl because this ones mine”

Jr.: I feel like he’d be jealous and angered by this but he also strikes me as the type that would be touchy with a cousin he’s close with too. But maybe not to this extent but definitely affectionate bc he seems so filial and romantic.

Youngjae: I think he’d be the type of person to be caught between “this is wrong” and “maybe it’s okay because they’re related?”. I don’t doubt that it’d make him uncomfortable but he also wouldn’t know if this is something he should intervene in or stay out of since its a family matter. He’s not quite the aggressive type but he’s very respectful and so wouldn’t want to overstep his boundaries.

Bambam: I can lowkey see him as the touchy cousin AHAHA. But other than that, I think at the end of the day, he wouldn’t be cool with your cousins behavior. Except I think instead of confronting him, he’d confront you and ask you why you don’t stop him. I don’t think he’d want to get involved in family matters especially since you could be close with that cousin for all he knows but he’d definitely just talk to you about it.

Yugyeom: Although shy looking on the exterior, I think Yugyeom would be upset by this and might be a bit confrontational. But it’d be more along the lines of “what the heck, why does he do that? Why do you let him?” I think he’d be quite possessive if he cared deeply about something, so he’d be bothered by someone else being able to be affectionate with his girl.

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for the ficlet meme: akafuri, 10, F, ❤ or ★. i love your writing and i reread your Designation: Miracle fics like every day!! keep being amazing!!!!

There is a beast in the palace, as everyone knows.

Deep in the woods, where no one dares to go, there is a palace covered in thorns. Do not go into the woods alone, for you might not come out again. Beware of silence, for when the forest is silent you know you are close. The animals do not travel where the beast lives; the birds will not sing. There is a silence in the forest that only brings death.

Furihata Kouki walks in the woods alone.

It is silent. Ever so silent.


Clutched in his right hand is a silver thimble. It is the only silver his family owns anymore. They lost everything in a shipwreck. Now Furihata works as a tailor’s apprentice, trying to support his ailing father. The silver thimble had been a present from his mother, before she died.

“For good luck,” she said, because she died in prosperous times, and could not have known her son would one day have to mend clothes for a living. (His father, ailing, his brother, with no useful skills. He must support them both, meager as that income is). She only knew he liked to embroider (feminine habit though it was) and she wanted him to have something nice. “And to keep the demon’s away. Silver is the only thing that will ward away devils, Kouki. It is a shield in dark times. Keep it near you at all times.”

Furihata clutches the thimble and thinks about shields. Dark times came, and he was not protected then. He was not protected from the shipwreck that sank all his father’s goods, he was not protected from the fire that burned down their house, he was not protected from his master, the drunk who hit him when sales were slow. He was not protected from the rich lord’s son, who took offense at the way Furihata accidentally bumped up against him and demanded compensation.

“Either in gold or flesh,” the young lord sneered.

Furihata had no gold. He did not want to give himself to the young lord’s whims.

So now he is alone in the woods that are ever so silent, with only a thimble as a shield.


He finds the palace covered in thorns. He takes a deep breath and walks inside.

He is shaking all over. Jitters, his father used to tease, in happier times. “Jitters’ seems like such a friendly and wholly inadequate word now. Furihata is terrified out of his mind. He thinks he will go mad with fear. But still he walks forward into the palace, to find the beast that lives there.


“You must be a very stupid creature,” a voice says from the darkness. “To walk straight into my domain with such a tiny amount of silver to protect you.”

Furihata stops in his tracks and quakes. The voice is soft, rich, and utterly inhuman. The voice sounds regal, commanding, but also dangerous. It is a voice of shadows and dark promises.

“You don’t look like a hero,” the voice continues, “those fools who think they can slay a demon and make a name for themselves all at once. They come with silver swords and silver armor, not silver thimbles. They come for battle, without fear in their hearts. I eat them all the same.”

Furihata swallows. His heart beats so fast he thinks it might burst at any moment.

“No, you are certainly not a hero,” the voice assesses.

Furihata shakes his head, agreeing. He is not a hero. This is not the tale of the brave little tailor, who went into the woods with a thimble and slew a beast and married a princess at the end. That sort of tale is not the kind of thing that Furihata could ever belong in.

Slowly, he unfurls his fingers around the silver thimble and carefully puts it on the ground. Then he rolls the thimble away, watching it disappear into the darkness.

“I’m not here to kill you,” Furihata says. “I’m here to die.”


“There are easier forms of suicide,” the voice says, sounding intrigued in the dark.

“I—I heard you make b-bargains sometimes,” Furihata says, his voice finally breaking as his last bit of courage flees him.

“I do,” the voice acknowledges. “Although, I think you will find that those who make bargains with me usually live to regret it.”

“I won’t,” Furihata says.

“Regret it?”

“Live,” Furihata says. “I want—I w-want gold. For my father and my brother to live. In return, you can e-eat me, or whatever.”

There is a long pause, where Furihata is alone, shivering in the dark.

“Are you so filial? Does your life mean nothing?”

“I angered a rich man’s son. I’m not going to live anyway. I thought—if I was going to die, I’d rather it be for a good reason. To help my family, and well—to help you, I guess.”

“Me?” the voice says, in baffled arrogance. Who is Furihata to dare think that he could help such a creature?

“If you’re hungry,” Furihata rushes in with, “I would rather feed wild beasts with my death than die for a rich man’s pleasure. If not you, perhaps I would find wolves.”

“I see. And what is your name?”

“Furihata Kouki,” he replies, feeling bold. “Do we have a bargain?”

“Kouki,” the voice purrs.

And then the beast steps out of the darkness.


He is a surprisingly human looking beast. He has pale skin, and cherry red hair, and one gold eye and one red eye, but other than that he is a very human looking demon. Furihata is a bit disappointed. He expected wings and claws, at the very least.

“I do think we can bargain,” the beast says, stepping forward. “I am Akashi Seijuurou. But you can call me ‘Master,’ if you’d prefer.”

He keeps walking, so that he ends up very close to Furihata. Furihata backs up instinctively and ends up against a wall. The beast keeps moving until he has one arm around Furihata’s waist and he’s pulling him forward. He looks very much like he’s about to devour a feast.

Furihata braces himself to be eaten. “You’ll pay my family? You’ll make sure they’re safe?”

“Yes, Kouki. I can do that,” the beast says.

“OK.” Furihata closes his eyes and readies himself. “Please do it quickly, so it won’t hurt.”

But instead of being eaten, he is kissed instead. His eyes fly open and he pulls back.

“You—you’re supposed to eat me!” Furihata exclaims.

The beast lets Furihata go and smiles smugly. “Your exact words, I believe, were ‘you can eat me, or whatever.’ I choose the ‘whatever.’ I need a servant. This palace gets very dusty.”

Furihata blinks rapidly, trying to figure out what just happened.

“Oh,” he says. “OK then. I can do that.”

“Good. I will show you to your room. You will live here from now on.”

Furihata trails after the beast, wondering if demons sealed bargains with kisses. That had never come up in any of the books he’d read.

A/N: Thank you so much, Anon, both for your prompt and your kind words! I am so happy you enjoy my stories!! The words here were “palace, jitters, thimble or shield” so I, naturally, landed on Fairy Tale AU. Yet another thing I might have to make longer someday.

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V from bts

Kim Taehyung. The playful, loving boyfriend.

(image cr: dlazaru)

I imagine V as a very playful and loving boyfriend. He has this genuine personality that tends to openly love people with all his heart. With that said, I think he’d be VERY affectionate towards his partner. He’d want to be with you as much as he can, so much that he’d stick to you like glue every chance he gets. He would be really really be playful, you’d never have a dull day with him. When you’re sad or depressed, given his “4D, alien personality”, it doesn’t take long for him to be able cheer you up. He’d probably start a random monologue out of nowhere in front of you and do bad impersonations of random actors and if that doesn’t work, he’d unleash a barrage of derp facial expressions  you’d just find yourself laughing in no time. Let’s face it, no one can resist this guy’s charms.

Despite the fact that he’s with you most of the time, him being attentive to you isn’t really evident, but instead, he wants YOUR attention towards him. So you’d have to take care of him more than he’d take care of you. Haha! In exchange though, you would never have doubts about his feelings for you, as he would openly express how he loves you, especially through lots of physical affections. Because he has this very playful personality, he’d probably surprise you with back hugs, or playfully kiss your cheeks or the back of your head at any random moment he is with you. PDA isn’t a problem for him. He’d show the world how much he loves you anytime and anywhere. 

The thing about him is that since he gives so much of his love, he’d easily be susceptible to getting hurt. Hence, I think he’s very sensitive, and would get jealous easily. He would probably ask you about each and every guy you work with, and pester you with countless questions whether or not they’re showing motives towards you. 

If you two get in an argument, I think he’d openly say what he feels, however if the fight gets heated, he’d abruptly put it to a stop one way or another as I think he would be afraid that it’ll end up with you leaving him. He’d probably get depressed and keep fussing over it himself even if the fight ended till you reassure him that everything’s alright. 

V is very filial, so if he falls in love with you, he’s already given his commitment to you and would most likely be in it for the long run. You’d have to take care of him and give him your undivided attention, but in return you’d receive all his loyal, unconditional love. 

BTS/VIXX members as type of boyfriends

 [BTS Jin , V , Jungkook, Suga, Jimin, J-HopeRap Monster[ VIXX Hongbin, Leo, N ]

Why do I like Yixing???

I believe it’s more of what is in Yixing that cannot be liked.

Yixing….there’s just too much to say about him, too many reasons to like him.

How can you not like him when the younger him drank in the judges’ venom and criticisms to his heart’s content because he wanted to better himself. Them saying he can’t dance, he lacks control, he should stop relying on the excuse of being young to get away from the real things in the entertainment industry but look at him now? 7 years later, standing in an even bigger stage, the group’s main dancer, finally living his dreams.

How can you not like him when he was still a young trainee, going to a foreign land alone, with no sense of security, with no parents, with no friends just to chase his dreams. Even when some of his old fans visited him, treated him just the same, rooting for him to debut, he would brush them away saying that they don’t need to treat him so well because he doesn’t know if he can repay them for their support, doubting if he can even debut. Now he’s finally an idol, a member of a boyband that is breaking history.

How can you not like him when he exerts his greatest efforts in everything, training for more than what? 10-12 hours? In order to be recognized, in order to debut. Tell him to rest more, take care of his health more, he would say that he needs to train harder, that the only chance of him debuting is to practice longer than the others. All his instructors would remember him as that trainee who has the most determination, that “As long as it is what he wants, there’s nothing he can’t achieve.” He believes that if you’re doing something that you love, you won’t feel tired.

How can you not like him, when he’s so filial, he’s the perfect dutiful son. A 14 year old claiming that it doesn’t matter how much money he would spend, he wouldn’t care, he just want to heal his grandma’s foot. That the first thing that he would do if he win the competition was to help in curing his grandma. Now, a 23 year old admitting that if he could return to his childhood just to change things, he would go back and tell his grandparents “You don’t have to go out, just stay at home and cook delicious food for me. I will keep you company.”. So that they won’t get hurt, so that his grandma couldn’t have been hurt by that accident and should have been dancing till now. He loves his family so much, spending every minute of his free time from being an idol with them, giving them surprise visits, changing their shoes for them, taking them out for a walk, sending them back home on his own past midnight even if he has a hectic schedule in the morning after that.

How can you not like someone who tells his fans that he loves them and actually mean it? That generic L sign that he made for us, his fans, because as corny as that sign is, it’s his way of communicating with us, with his heroes. It’s something valuable between us fans and him, that he acknowledges his fans being there supporting him. 我在舞台上尽力了 希望你们在舞台下尽力骄傲 谢谢你们 “I’ve done my best onstage, hope that you guys below did your best to feel proud as well. Thank you all.” Like what his self-composed song for the fans says, “I’ve placed you all in my heart, hold you with my palm. You will always be my everything” telling us heroes and his iced teas that if we’re tired, then we can rest for a little bit. He loves his fans enough to stay behind everyone, in every performance to bow countless times. He loves his fans enough to compose a song dedicated to them. He loves his fans enough to tell them that they should spend their money to themselves, to their families and not him, that he prefers letters over expensive brands. He loves his fans enough to read their accounts, even updating his weibo to apologize for the lost fangifts at the airport, because he read their sentiments. He loves his fans enough to not go to the VIP lane because he knows that they waited for him for hours. He loves his fans enough to promise them that he’s going to give them his very own DIY shirts on his birthday. He loves his fans enough by doing something as small as liking their posts of being successful, of their achievements, even weddings because he’s like a proud father, that if he achieved his dreams, then everyone else can!

How can you not like his skills, his talents, how he always do his best at everything? Singing, he would immediately ask someone if he did great. Even if he’s not on the vocal line, he would try to sing earnestly, with his cute pixie voice you can hear his passion since he was a little kid. Dancing, he would perform his best, adding his own flair to the choreo, he’s a gentle and well-controlled dancer that would consistently swoon everyone’s hearts. Giving out his all in his position as the main dancer even on rehearsals. Hosting, he asked the staff and his coordi noona if he did well, and then suddenly running to the hallways, screaming in glee because they said he did exceptionally well. Composing, while everyone’s out shopping and watching movies, he’s just cooped up in his room writing songs.

How can you not like how he’s heart is made of gold? How he immediately donated a huge sum to a child with leukemia because someone mentioned him on weibo, and silly him, deleting the transaction post right after because he doesn’t want his fans to use their money for his cause and name. How he secretly joined his fansite’s donation project during an earthquake just right before it closed, anonymously donating a huge sum, and silly him, didn’t know that the transaction details would show his real name. How during a community service, a kid recklessly played with his phone, then got scolded after, and silly him, still gave his phone back to the boy, so that he won’t get sad, saying he doesn’t care if it breaks.

How can you not like how he’s so selfless, so thoughtful? Always putting everyone else first before him. To the fans, reminding them to be careful always, when crossing the road, when sending EXO off the airport, when the fans are crowding towards the stage. At times typing “keep safe” on the LED screen of his phone and pressing it against the window, at times rolling down the window and telling the fans that it’s not safe back here so they need to go home and have their meals. Never failed to ask them if they have already eaten their dinner, and reminding them to do so, saying that he would check them up on that, and he really did, even liking his fan’s dinner post. To the staff, always telling them that his job is not that tiring and that they have it the hardest. Even going as far as having only a cup of coffee, forgoing dinner in order to not delay the recording, filming 7 episodes at one shoot, even apologizing for something as small as a tap on the microphone. Even telling a photographer that it isn’t right for a lady to move something so heavy, then proceeded to helping everyone else move the piano although he’s already finished with make-up and styling. To the other members, always pulling them to do a demo in dancing with him every time the hosts would requests him to, always pushing them out when the hosts would ask who’s in charge in dancing. Appreciating their efforts for the group, him crying at a corner for a long time seeing another member cheer EXO up with a big smile when an unexpected thing happened to the group and when everything was terribly messed up at one point.

How can you not like how he’s so cheeky, cute, charming, other C words that is relative to being adorable.

How he doesn’t believe that he has this much fans, asking his managers if they really came to see him and looking like a frightened bunny from the amount of people. How he’s so humble. You deserve all the fame and attention being given to you.

How he’s downright truthful, saying he thinks he looks his best when onstage but probably it’s because of the lighting and the make-up. You probably don’t realize how your deep dimple does things.

How his every speech comes out as someone like a government official running for a post. Your mother even wonders when you became so poetic.

How he’s such a perfectionist. Wondering if he doesn’t achieve near perfection, would people still support him? Your fans will always be at your back, please don’t doubt that. You are the imperfectly perfect Yixing that everyone has grown to love and care for.

How he’s so stubborn, something that no one can change, practicing till he breaks, saying that getting injuries is only normal. You shouldn’t be so hard on yourself. You’re…you’re only 23. You said that you don’t care if you miss out on the beautiful sceneries on your journey to reaching that rainbow faraway, but Yixing, there’s nothing wrong with taking a break, you might even realize that the sceneries on the way there are far more beautiful than the actual rainbow. How can you even look at it when you’re already so worn out.

Yixing we love everything that makes up who you are right now. Someone asked me before if I would still stan you if you can’t dance, can’t sing, can’t compose, can’t joke, isn’t chinese, I said no….because you aren’t Yixing if you don’t have these qualities. Every singly quality, good or bad that makes up the Zhang Yixing that we support.

But if someone would ask me what’s your best quality? I would say it would be your perseverance. I love Yixing because of his burning passion for the things that he loves to do. Persevere to give a breathtaking performance for his fans because they deserve it. Persevere and work hard, work hard and work even harder to reach his dreams along with his brothers. Persevere to not let his family’s effort go to waste. But most of all persevere to make himself proud because he is finally standing infront of thousands of crowds, millions of fans, doing what he loves most.

That is Zhang Yixing for you. How can I not like him? 怎能叫我不爱?

Loveliest in the Rain

words: 10.6k
summary: By all accounts, Adrien Agreste has the perfect life. But he often wonders what it would be like to visit the past, and one night, he finally gets the chance. (A Midnight in Paris AU!)

a/n: a big shoutout and lots of love to the lovely @operamatic who gave me the idea for this in the first place! Buckle up for some 1920s ladrien, present day adrinette, and a little bit of 1890s ladynoir 😊

AO3 | Fanfiction

Adrien Agreste should be perfectly content right now. It’s a sunny spring morning at the Giverny Gardens, the breeze is perfect, and he’s standing on a romantic bridge next to his fiancée and childhood friend, Chloe Bourgeois, who looks like a vision in her pale yellow sundress.

Any other man in his place would feel like the luckiest man in the world.  

And yet—there’s something not quite right, like he’s got every piece of the puzzle in place but the last one and he can’t find it anywhere in the box.

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on an evening in late summer

Summary: ebonynightwriter wanted Mako + Mom fic and I caved
Word Count: 2600
A/N: unfridge ALL the dead moms. also, 2.6k words in two days? say it ain’t so


Naoki tears damp clothing off the clotheslines, piling shirts and trousers and coats onto her arm, and hopes her neighbors will forgive her. The courtyard of the tenement building is crisscrossed with clotheslines, bowing in shallow curved lines towards the cobblestones under the weight of laundry. The verandas are cast in dusky purple shadows and the wide square of sky above them is rosy pink; everything is awash in the quiet sound of the city settling into another warm summer night. She’s cleared out half the clotheslines when she decides that’s good for now, the space is big enough; and she spreads her neighbors’ laundry across the railings around the courtyard.

Now for the boys, who disappeared while she was pillaging the laundry, both of them barefoot and browned from long days in the sun. They’d been playing there by the water pump, flicking water at each other and giggling over some secret joke, and then they ran off to… somewhere.

Naoki stands in the middle of the courtyard and cups her hands around her mouth.


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Hey, my dad is going into surgery tomorrow and I was wondering if I could get an got7 react to supporting you while your dad is in surgery? Sorry if thats too sad.

aw of course!!! Hope your dad comes out okay! FIGHTING!!!

Mark: Mark would show up right before the surgery to make sure to give your dad his well wishes, even with a bouquet of flowers for you and your mom. He’d wait with you and your mom until the surgery is over and would excitedly welcome your dad back.

JB: JB would show up after the surgery with a big ol’ “Get Well” balloon and some treats for you and your mom in case you were hungry. He’d chat with your dad, asking him how he’s feeling and giving him strength.

Jackson: If Jackson couldn’t make it on time, he’d order a huge bouquet and some “Get Well” balloons and bears for your dad as soon as he gets out of surgery so he can have a pleasant surprise. Jackson’s very filial so he would want to be there for your family just as much as he would his own.

Jr.: Jinyoung might even take it upon himself to help nurse your dad back to health. Fluffing his pillow, helping him find comfort in the stiff hospital beds, retrieving water for him. Anything to make it a little easier on you and your mom.

Youngjae: Youngjae would be nervous to be there, but he would want to go to support you no matter what. I see Youngjae as the type to be slightly intimidated by close family gatherings but he’d reason that it’s for you and your family so he’d make his best effort to support you.

Bambam: Bambam would turn into your dad’s sudden son-in-law. Asking nurses if he’s okay, what kind of rest he needs, if he needs any medication, if there’s anything you all could do to make him rest easier– he’d take it upon himself to make it less stressful for you.

Yugyeom: Yugyeom would be a little more awkward I think, but he would try to be supportive nonetheless. Rather than you or your dad, I think he would try to comfort your mom and make her feel more comfortable, asking her if she needs anything to drink, if she’s hungry, if she wants to go home and take a bath, or even just go out for a breath of fresh air.


Mafumafu: “We had a family gathering at my kinship’s, and today I also gave shoulder massages. Both their shoulders and lower backs were really stiff, so I thought that they must have tried their best working for our sake.

What is it that I can do (for them)-. I want to repay their kindness.

Also, I discovered this cat again”

madremnants  asked:

How about a fic - Fashion Designer Kurt makes his hubby, Blaine, and their little boy, model for him?

Let me guess, this is a subtle wink to this?

Finding a good model can be pretty darn difficult.

Finding a good child model, even more so. But finding a good pair of adult/child models for the launch of the “Fashion sense doesn’t wait” line at KHA? Nearly impossible.

But impossible is not Hummel.

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