so feet are actually really fun to draw as long as i don't have to attach them to the rest of the body

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AH! <3. oh my gosh. I love each art that you produce, like ALL OF THEM, but currently going to scream at you for the recent one of the au!ABoT. Do you have more details about the year long imprisonment for Reigen? When did he first learn about Mob? How did he get scruffed up in the face? How did he know about the blood activation of the tags? If you don't have time to answer, no worries, I get it. Thanks again for everything!!!

ALRIGHT ALRIGHT, now that I’ve posted the rest of my draws from this AU, I’m gonna blab about a shitton of things. Strap urself in, ur gettin more than u bargained for.

The linchpin of this au is based on two points:

- Mogami is someone who likes to ‘play with their food’. (read: testing the knife slicing reigen’s fingers in chap 8)

- “It’s easier to possess someone while they’re in shock.”

   This is why Reigen knows about Mob in this AU. Mogami lets Reigen’s consciousness through just enough to show him that he’s being used to keep a kid in the basement. Mogami would show Reigen smth like, having a conversation about Mob’s barrier, using Reigen’s mouth to talk to him through the shut basement door. //Mob himself is completely oblivious to Reigen, only ever sensing Mogami’s aura, and not much else.

   The more emotionally shocked/unstable the host, the easier it is to possess them, and the stronger the hold is. And for Reigen, nothing is worse than knowing that his body has been used to dispose of Tetsuo, and to keep Mob isolated and falsely afraid of himself in this hell house. Plus he’s basically powerless to stop it, only ever fully in control of himself when he’s chained to the bed, Mogami’s corpse only a few feet away.

   Does Mogami need to do this in order to possess Reigen? no. Does he simply entertain himself doing it? motherfucker. Aside from cutting Reigen’s hair and shaving his beard to keep up the barest of appearances for the store clerks, Mogami’s care of Reigen’s body is about the same as his care for Mob’s body.

   Long year for salt man and Mob alike. Reeeeeal long year.

Some other thoughts no one brought up, but I’ve considered it often so here it is anyways:

- How come it takes so long to get through the post if the wood is old?

- Why does Mogami let Reigen saw all the way through it?

   All of the other posts on the bed have notches on them. Mogami would let Reigen get to a certain point in the wood, then move him to a different one. Again, Mogami likes playing with his food. He’s entertained by Reigen’s despair in having to start over, that he may never succeed. 

   Reigen’s on the 4th notch in this comic, which means Mogami can’t rotate them anymore. So Reigen gets through. But-! This is still allowed by Mogami, who still intends to use this to fuck with him. Like “alright let’s watch this play out a bit, then i’ll just swoop in and possess it and attach the chain somewhere else, that’ll really be fun.”

   Here, Reigen literally does not know about the blood activation of his tags. He’s just so desperate to get Mob and Get Out that he writes the tag with the only thing he has immediately available.

   In the latest comic, Reigen’s in bad shape. Like, hovering around death’s door kind of shape (which is why he can see Tetsuo and catch him up on the situation, mind ya). It’s not explicitly shown, but before the placebo effect takes place for Mob, Reigen’s chest gets the shred treatment a la chap 9 spirit tags. Reigen just bears through it because he knows that he has to convince Mob that he’s okay for the barrier to actually do no harm. And he succeeds. The ‘scruffiness’ you’re seeing in his face later is because he’s pushing his body to every limit possible.

   Originally, I was gonna have Reigen reach the station and turn himself in for murder, but sorry salt man I changed my mind. You can’t turn yourself in for murdering Tetsuo if you are Tetsuo, who can competently explain the situation to everyone in the force. Like the only reason the police will be okay in this AU is because they Trust Tetsuo, and because Isa’s a force to be reckoned with (even an emotionally devastated Isa).

The irony about all of this… Mogami killing Tetsuo in such an awful way, torturing Reigen with the knowledge that he’s holding a child hostage, the decision to play mind games with him instead of just chaining him to something he can’t grind through… Is exactly what leads to them all getting free, getting some semblance of closure.