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Ok, so I just read a fic about soulmates and in it everyone has a tattoo with his platonic soulmate and one over the heart with his romantic soulmate and I just thought what if every ami is a platonic one to each other. They all feel like outsiders bc of that many tattoos but all knew there were that many people that love them in a platonic way and I think that would be so sweet

Dear Anon. Now. This might sound crazy but I’ve literally been thinking about this AU since like late 2016 or something, I just LOVE the concept of platonic soulmates and Les Amis as one great big, beautiful soulmate pile and I actually kind of have a whole concept for a fic in my mind for ages, I kid you not, but you know. Time and stuff.

See, this has been in my notebook for a while now:

So I know my writing is not the most perfect one and this is kind of an (aesthetic) mess but I just wanted to share with you my terrible drawings but you know, visuals.

Basically my thoughts in a nutshell:

  • A Soulmate AU where your soulmates mark appears somewhere on your body once an emotional bond is formed which can be platonic or romantic which then would be distinguished by the soul mark being right over the heart
  • So usually people have like two, three soul marks, three is already a lot
  •  Cue to Les Amis who all have like 8 and more
  • Enjolras, Ferre and Courfeyrac all have each others soul marks on their palms
  • Enjolras’s soul mark is a poppy, Courfeyrac’s is a sun and Ferre’s is the Earth
  • (Couf and Ferre were confused for ages because they’re already each other’s platonic soulmates but they also kind of have feelings for each other?? Butterflies-in-the-stomach kind of feelings?? So when one day Ferre’s soulmark appears right over Courf’s heart he panics because he thinks the other one disappeared but it didn’t, it’s still there, same happens to Ferre and they’re both kind of freaking out because things like this don’t happen but in the end they figure it out, they’re both romantic and platonic soulmates and live happily ever after)

So about the other marks that Enjolras has:

  • Joly’s mark is a little umbrella flying in the wind while Bossuet’s is a balloon, like one of those happy, colourful ones that kids have on their birthday parties
  • A quill on the outside of Enjolras’s right wrist belongs to Jehan
  • Bahorel’s soul mark are two fists right in the middle of Enjolras’s spine
  • Feuilly’s soul mark are cupped hands and it’s on Enjolras’s left pectoral, the closest he ever had to his heart
  • When Joly and Bossuet bring Grantaire to one of the meetings, his mark doesn’t appear anywhere on Enjolras’s skin and it’s confusing because Grantaire is confusing and he stays, and he fits into the whole group and Enjolras’s doesn’t know what to make of that feeling he fits somehow but different to the others
  • Lots of obliviousness happens, pining and soft, slow getting to know each other and one morning Enjolras wakes up with Grantaire’s vine curled over his heart and chest and knows
  • Grantaire’s vine over Enjolras’s heart has little blossoms everywhere
  • A petal of Enjolras’s poppy appeared over Grantaire’s heart the very first time they met and started to slowly grow into the whole flower


  • Cosette’s soulmark is a lark while Marius’ is a sparrow
  • Montparnasse’s mark is a knife, while Claquesous, Babet and Guelemer have an épée, bayonet and spiked mace respectively

Thinking about Amazon’s coming pre-LotR series has got me thinking again about the Silmarillion being adapted and all the whys I really don’t want it to happen. We don’t know what exactly Amazon’s planning to do, what stories, and I know this isn’t going to be the Silm, thank goodness, but even thinking about this door being opened just drove home the points again. 

Like, you know whatever gutting of the canon they’re going to do is going to bleed into the fandom. But that aside, one of the biggest things for me is the casting. Know that I’m talking about Elves here more than anything. Martin Freeman is my Bilbo, I see Sean Astin’s face when I think of Sam, John’s with Gimli’s, you get the picture. But Elves are so incredibly hard to cast. That’s not to dispute all casting choices (some are excellent, as my praise of Lee Pace goes to show), but it’s like I can already feel the preemptive disappointment at having to say goodbye to the huge amount of originality when it comes to designing these characters, in art and fic. I’m sorry, but I don’t want to see one specific human face for Maedhros, for Feanor, for the Valar, for Aredhel, (especially) for Glorfindel, or Celebrimbor or Annatar or Cirdan now plastered to every fanart. Like now, more often that not, to give an example, it’s always Liv Tyler as Arwen, Cate Blanchett as Galadriel…there’s a reason you rarely see anything of them compared to others from me, because most of the edits/fanart coming across my dash are of those women as them and just…no.

This isn’t a censoring post. Please don’t take it as that. As a creator myself, I don’t do that, I don’t believe in that, and I don’t condone it. But it just saddens me that the level of originality decreases so dramatically when someone is officially cast. As much as I absolutely love and approve of Lee Pace as Thranduil, you don’t see nearly as many original concepts compared to before the Hobbit. Same with Legolas. 

Can you imagine that happening to someone like Maedhros? It’s so fun seeing the various fanart of him, the different ways the scars are placed, just how tall he is, does he have long or short hair after Angband, the type of look in his eyes…Or how about Melkor or the rest of the Valar? Can you imagine these gods being officially cast? How about Mairon? How about Luthien or Glorfindel, both so beautiful and both whose hair would cost a movie budget of their own? Maglor and his voice? So many of these characters are the recipients of the most broadly creative interpretations, their designs and concepts driven by a thought-provoking narrative where you can tell the artist is thinking so much about their story. And to see that decrease just because we would “officially” have a face to the name….

Don’t get me wrong, there would definitely be some perks to seeing the Silm on screen. The scenery, the Two Trees, the epic battles, the music…though if Ancalagon in all his glory isn’t depicted as so great that he could flick Smaug away while taking a nap, I’ll burn down the house.

I’m talking as if the Silm is in its pre-production stage, but I’m just still glad that it’s not, just because of casting alone. 

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Im laughing so hard seaformers tarn needs to fuckin chill.. Tarn: its not a human fetish, nickel. Its a power play. You know, a display of dominance. Nickel: fuck you tarn you know damn well thats one massive lie you tell so youre not up at night realizing you bring shame to primus himself



Have a scenario because I love your dialogue. )

“Tarn!” Both the liaison and Tarn look over to see a small white and blue jellyfish mer swim towards the sea stump the liaison had been cornered at. “There you are!”

Nickel, the liaison realises as the little seaformer gets closer and closer. This must be their medic. The one from Prion Reefs. The one with an actual reason to hate humans considering what the BBC had done to her home.

Their stomach churns in anxiety while doing everything in their power to make them small as possible. There’s nowhere to run. There’s nowhere to hide. They’re at the mercy of Tarn and Nickel and their odds don’t look that great.

What sort of nefarious things will she ask Tarn to do to them? What terrible things will happen to them in place of all the humans who’ve done her wrong in the-

“What did I say about flaunting your disgusting human fetish in public?”

What the fuck what.

“It’s beneath you! It’s beneath us!” Nickel beings to gesticulate with both her arms and her stingers, impressing the confused and horrified liaison with how synchronised the angry and rude gestures were. “I’ve told you, time and again, to get over your stupid crush over the human but noooo. Of course you don’t listen to me, to common sense. Here you are, all but presenting your shaft for them to consider sticking in their fleshy body.”

Silence descends on the battlefield as Nickel continues to berate Tarn of all seaformers for having an inappropriate attraction towards a human.

Tarn. The Terror of the Depths. He Who Shall Tear the Flesh Asunder. That Tarn.

Ultra Magnus stops his bitter duel with Kaon, the pair staring at the direction of the shouting in wonder and horror.

Helex’s arms slacken in shock, his attempt to vore Ratchet momentarily forgotten. Ratchet uses this chance to get out of Helex’s grip and swim to Drift’s side for safety.

Megatron is suffering and not just from the poisonous wounds he received from Vos while Velocity tries (and fails) to only focus on tending Megatron’s wounds.

Nothing is said while Nickel continues, in equal measure, berate and sold and fuss over Tarn over his ’weird human phase’ for all to hear. Besides an occasional wheezing giggle that could be coming from either Rodimus or Vos, of course.

What isn’t helping matters is Tarn attempting to justify himself to the unimpressed medic.

“-Its not a human fetish, Nickel. It’s certainly not a crush!” Tarn must be grateful for his mask of possible bone with how his fins are pinned back in a display of embarrassment and submission to the little jellyfish. He gestures to the liaison and is that a sulky tone to his words? It is. It fucking is. “Its a power play. A display of dominance. An assertion of my authority.”

“You know damn well that’s one massive lie you tell so you’re not up at night realising the amount of shame you bring upon Primus himself.” Nickel’s stingers extend and wrap around Tarn’s wrist now and somehow she summons enough strength to tug Tarn along as she swims towards the only entrance/exit of the cove. “We’re going home this instant. If I have to give you all a primer on why seaformers and humans relations are bad, by Primus’ Breath I will.”

“Nickel! Ow! You stung me!”

“And that was a mild dose of my poison too, you slag-for-brains. Helex! Kaon! Tesarus! Vos! We’re going home this instant..”

“Aaaaaaw,” goes Helex, both pair of his arms thrown up in the air in frustration.  “But we’re still fighting, Nickel!”

N O W.”

The Lost Light pod can only watch as the tiniest member of the Justiceers leads the murderous inquisition away, the merpredators’ heads hanging low and fins pinned back like scolded pups.

The liaison, meanwhile, is burying their face in their hands as every thing comes to place. The kidnapping attempts. The weird speeches about keeping them as a pet. The really intense stares if they’re hiding behind Megatron.

Tarn has a crush on them.

They wonder, for what feels like the millionth time, why they hadn’t become a seaformers lawyer like their family suggested. Surely it’ll be less stupider than this.


  • Some Pleb: Why do you like Lance so much?
  • What I'm Thinking: Lance, despite his constant smiling, joking, laughing, and other efforts to conceal his emotional vulnerability, is perhaps one of the most emotionally complex characters of the 21st century, on what is considered to be a children’s show nonetheless. His character is a delicate combination of false bravado and extreme confidence intermixed with extreme insecurity and self-hatred which allows for a polarizing dynamic not often seen in characters of color. I find it to be an absolute tragedy that DreamWorks Studios™ refuses to give his character the same attention they provide their light-skinned characters. Additionally, Lance is consistently portrayed as the “Latin Loverboy” stereotype. A stereotype which finds its roots in racism, sexism, and heteronormativity. This is an absolute misportrayal of his character as he has shown time and time again that he rejects traditional gender roles and racial archetypes. Not only is he incredibly smart, having been admitted to one of the most selective space exploration schools in the country, but he is also an extremely talented and accomplished young marksman. He not only excels in school, having worked his way from being a mere cargo pilot to a fighter pilot, but he is doing so in his second language, English, as his parent language is Spanish. Yet, Lance’s mistreatment seems to be no mere coincidence as other dark-skinned characters, such as Hunk and Allura, are shown the same minimal character development or are reduced to other harmful stereotypes. To be frank, DreamWorks™ is being irresponsible. They are neglecting their duty to the shows diverse viewership to deliver on well-rounded and accurate representation. One can only hope that in season 5 they will listen to the audience and deliver the character development Lance McClain deserves, unfortunately with the recent release of his pilot's vlog the average viewer is left with little hope and thus-
  • What I Say: He pritty

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Just a quick reminder in case you forgot for whatever reason, you’re an amazing person, your art is stunning, your shitposts are iconic, we love what you do so DON’T STOP ♥︎


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the fact that you consciously choose to be a good person and check off that hypothetical list says a lot about you bud :>

maybe u.u Part of me just feels like an automaton whose just making sure to respond to things with the appropriate reaction. “This person said this. So to be a “nice person” I need to respond with this response. It is the correct way to respond in order for them to be pleased.”

It makes me feel more like a machine than a real person. It’s not that I DON’T feel those things I try and express. I care about people quite deeply, and I care about others’ feelings. But in the way I respond and talk and interact with them it all feels like I’m just making sure to hit all the right points so that I can form an appropriate response.

I feel like I don’t know how to properly express the things I feel so I just use that checklist so I can come across as nice. But that makes me feel fake and like I’m just following a script.


@ that couple of people that have been writing for my favorite bnha crack ship: I dunno what I did to deserve it but thank you and bless you

positive justice league things(aka zacks stuff)

  • the whole beginning sequence with the world in mourning and loss of hope, the white dudes terrorizing the shop of the muslim woman and her son and the way it was framed slowly transitioning to gotham and just how fucking Zack Snyder is was
  • batman being the most Bat to ever Bat
  • the amazon war sequence and the amazons holding up the gate in That Seen and wrecking my whole existence and the War Cries
  • gods and men and lanterns and amazons and atlantians
  • lois being the Big Guns
  • arthur curry drinking that bottle of whiskey as waves crash around him in That Scene
  • bruce’s guilt over clark’s death
  • mera. just. mera.
  • diana: “on my lead”
  • cyborg basically being MVP
  • diana and arthur working together to fight steppenwolf
  • the chemistry between all the actors i mean
  • clark being shirtless after resurrection
  • also arthur being shirtless thank you father zack

I settle for a ghost I never knew… I settle for a ghost.

this is a WIP… I don’t know when I’ll finish it

short & sweet ♡