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“But as Lukas’ eye caught on Python’s battered green shoulder guard – Forsyth’s shoulder guard – he couldn’t help but frown.”

Python’s ‘bad ending’ in Shadows of Valentia really moved and inspired me. I decided to write a fanfic about it, and to draw this accompanying picture. I love these characters so much.

A Dream That Died - AO3

Characters: Python, Forsyth, Lukas, Clive

Hang on To That Feeling


A/N: This is a planned post. I’m going to put a trigger warning on this just in case. This one is a bit different, so feedback would be lovely. 

Word count: 3,278

”Hey Brian, I don’t have much time. What is it?” I asked, struggling holding the phone to my ear using only my left shoulder. 

My fingers moved across the keyboard on the computer without my eyes gazing down once as I continued to type. 

Multitasking had never been my thing and talking on the phone while typing in corrections for the next meeting at work, wasn’t really working out for me. 

“It’s Shawn” he stuttered and then the air in my lungs what punched out entirely. 

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our last night

so I really like this one, hope you do too!!

Word Count: 1,605

Rating: PG-13

It wasn’t hard to say that you were really going to miss Monaco. Even though you’d only spent a few days here, and you weren’t exactly a car fiend, the F1 races had been incredible. From the boats to the scenery, the races to the parties, the entire experience had been breathtaking. Joe had been on cloud nine the whole trip, with the mixture of the cars and the constant sunshine, plus the fact that he was finally over his illness. It had truly been the perfect weekend getaway for the two of you, and your first trip away together as a couple. But as with all great things, it had to come to an end eventually.

Sighing, you zipped your suitcase back up, wheeling it towards the door. It was around 6 in the evening, and although sunset wasn’t for a little while, the city seemed to become more peaceful around you, relaxing after it’s days of squealing tires and yelling fans into the cool light of the falling sun. You liked it better this way, with its high cliffs and calm waters. It was a nice way to say goodbye.

You didn’t even flinch when Joe’s arms wrapped around your waist. You’d heard him come in, but you couldn’t quite take your eyes away from the view out your window. His lips were warm when he pressed them to your shoulder, holding you tightly. His thumbs found the small cut outs in the sides of your sundress, and he let them glide over the skin there, feeling the warmth that it had gained from the past few days in the sun.

“You’re going to miss it, aren’t you?” He murmured.

“Of course. It’s beautiful here.”

“Are you up for one more surprise?”

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The Girl on the Plane

masterlist || coming soon || tell me something?

Requested: can you write about shawn meets a girl on a airplane, but doesn’t meet but see a girl… And he doesn’t find any guts to talk to her so he writes a song.


He saw her the second the entered the plane. She was seated one row up and across the aisle from him in first class, and he was captivated from first glance. The flight from LA to Toronto was over five hours, but he couldn’t look away from her for long during the entirety of the flight. He couldn’t even explain or understand the way that she captured and held his attention even though she didn’t even notice. He sees pretty girls every single day, and most of the time they’re shamelessly throwing themselves at him. He was always flattered, but never felt this way toward any of them.

It wasn’t even anything specific that he liked about her, but it was all these little things. It was the way that her glasses sat so cutely on her nose and how her eyes didn’t leave her book for an entire hour during the flight. It was the way she was so polite to the flight attendant and so cautious to not bother anyone around her. 

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The Girl Made of Starlight

Originally posted by singingangel-p86

The Girl Made of Starlight

Beast!Adam x Reader

Prompt: What do you think of an imagine where the reader is Adam’s favorite character in a book, who he asks to see in the mirror at least once a day, slowly falling in love with her?

Note: Aaaaaaaah! <3 C U T E

Edit: I think I’m going to make this into a series? Someone please give me feedback? Thanks!

“It’s getting late, my little prince.” The kind queen chided her son as he sat upright in the bed. “I’m afraid it’s time for you to sleep now.”

“One more story! Please!” The young boy begged eagerly. After thinking for a long moment, the queen met the prince’s gaze. His eyes were sweet and blue, full on innocence. She sighed.

“All right, one more. And then, you must sleep. You have a big day ahead, you know.” Her smile was soft as she searched the small shelf in Adam’s room. What was there here that she hadn’t read to him yet? And then she found it.

It was an old book. One she hadn’t laid eyes on since she was at least a teenager. It had been a favorite of hers. The Girl Made of Starlight.

“Here’s one.” The queen sat down in the chair beside Adam’s bed. “I haven’t seen this book in a very long time.”

“Where was it?”

“Hiding, I suppose. Waiting for the right moment to make itself known. But nevertheless, the sooner we finish, the sooner you’ll be asleep.” She took a breath and opened the front cover. “Once, in the Kingdom of the Sun, there was a girl. To everyone around her, she appeared ordinary, boring and quaint. And as she grew up surrounded people who thought of her as nothing but standard, she began to believe that ordinary was all she ever was, all she could ever be. But that was not the case.”

“What was she?” Adam practically bounced with enthusiasm.

“Eager tonight, are we?” the queen smiled. “(Y/N) was truly more than just the daughter of the miller. She was a child of the stars.”


After reading a large portion of the book, the queen decided that it was getting far too late for her little prince to be awake given the events waiting for him the following day. So, despite his many, many protests, the queen placed a bookmark in her treasured favorite and put it on the shelf for another night.

But the queen never got to finish her story.

She soon fell to illness and became too sick to read. Soon after, she was gone. And as the kingdom grieved, the king became twisted. Her death was the end of him. And so was it the end of the Adam that was hopeful, the Adam that was kind.

Years later, when Adam had reached adulthood, came the curse that twisted him into an enormous, fearsome beast. The story of the star girl was long-forgotten. Adam spent years in isolation, wallowing in his misery. His selfishness had done this, his vanity. He had taken so much pride in his looks, in the beauty of the things he owned, and now that it was gone, he felt as though he had nothing.

As time passed, Adam ventured from his West Wing more and more. He didn’t want to gaze upon the cursed rose any more than he had to. It was only a reminder of his mistakes, of the grim deadline that hung over his head. The library became a refuge, a place where he could escape. The book the Enchantress had given him sat idle on his shelf, and instead, he found a home in literature. As he searched the shelf, something fell and hit the floor with a soft thud. He looked down, and there it was: The Girl Made of Starlight.

Adam slowly bent down and picked up the book with his massive paws. He brushed off the cover, and his blue eyes widened. Thoughts of his mother came rushing back to the surface. He was tempted to put the book back, to forget he had ever found it, but instead, he carried it over to the couch and began to read it.

Inside the pages of the book waited the story of (Y/N), the miller’s daughter, who was just about to discover she was not as normal as she had been raised to believe.

~Losing her mother had changed (Y/N). Every day, the glimmering star that hung around her neck only served as a reminder of the magnificent woman that had left her daughter behind. Her mother’s words were ingrained in her mind. With her last dying breaths, she had put the necklace around (Y/N)’s neck.

“Remember that there is light in everybody.” Her lips pulled into a frail smile as her husband and daughter sat beside her in tears. “And there is light in you. You don’t know it yet, but you will. No matter where you go, no matter how far you travel, I will always be with you.”

Iridessa squeezed (Y/N)’s hand as the life in her began to fade.

“You are a child of the stars. A beautiful girl with more power than you know.” She pressed a finger to the center of her chest and whispered a final goodbye as the life left her eyes. “I believe in you.”~

Adam took a deep breath and adjusted himself on the soft couch that sat beside the hearth. He had a feeling he would be there for a while.


Over the course of the week Adam had read the book at least twice a day, only taking brief breaks for meals and sleep. He was a man obsessed. He didn’t know why, but of all of the books in the library, this one had captured his attention better than anything he had ever read.

After finishing it for the tenth time, a strange idea occurred to him as he brushed past the enchanted rose that had doomed him to this fate, the wretched timer, an eternal reminder that his day was coming. Then, he would be stuck like this forever. Beside the rose sat the Enchantress’ mirror. The moment his eyes settled on it, he reached out for it.

He took a deep breath. This was stupid. This was a dumb idea. It would never work.

But what if?

“Show me…show me the girl made of starlight.”  

The surface of the mirror rippled, and then there she was, just as the book had described. Her hair had flooded with white, and her silver eyes shone like stars. Her cloak of the sky was wrapped around her shoulders, and the necklace her mother had given her hung around her neck.

She was running. From what, he didn’t know, but at the sight of her, after watching her and realizing she was real…or at least, she was real somewhere, he almost dropped the mirror. He took a long, labored breath. She was real. She was actually real. And she needed help.


Days passed. Adam tried not to watch her too often, but it was hard not to. She was real. She existed, and he couldn’t shake the feeling that there was someone or something after her. She always seemed to be rushed. She had quick meals in little taverns, and took cautious sleeps at haphazard inns. She carried very little and showed her face to very few, most often keeping hidden in her large cloak of the sky.

With her, she kept very few things. Aside from her cloak and necklace, all she had with her was a map, a worn leather book of stories, and a pouch of coins. There was something about the book with her. Adam knew it was important to her, but he didn’t know why.

Perhaps it was why someone was chasing her.

Again, I kind of want to do a series on this, so feedback would be awesome. I love you guys <3 

Flaws and scars (Loki x reader)

Warnings: none, this is just fluff ;)

Summary: You wake up in Loki’s arms

Note: just something quick i wrote. I’ve been out of ideas lately so yeah, there’s that. English is not my first language, so sorry for the mistakes, and i would love feedback! 

Originally posted by littlemisssyreid

Slowly you woke up by the light from behind the curtains. You breathed in the air. Loki’s arms were wrapped around you, holding you tightly. He breathed into your hair, still asleep. Easily, you turned to face him, trying not to wake him up.

“What are you doing love?” He asked, startling you.

“I wanted to face you.” You said. He opened his eyes, smiling. He let go of you, so that you were able to move.

“You can put your arms around me again.” You whispered when you had moved. He chuckled and pulled you close. You were inches from each other, and Loki completed them by putting his soft, cold lips on yours. You laid a hand on his bare chest, and felt his heart beat fast. The other was on his bicep, and his cold skin had a warm undertone.

You pulled back from the kiss, needing air, and you smiled wider than you thought you could, which made him smile.

“What Darling?” He asked. You leaned in and placed your head on his chest, still smiling.

“I love you Loki. All your flaws and scars are mine.” He placed his hands on your back, and without he realized, tears welled up in his eyes.

“I love you too (Y/N). You are all for me.”


Still Falling for You - Ellie Goulding 





Hold On (trigger warning)

A/N: I’m in Prague with a friend this week and I put this on schedule so lets hope it works.
Requested to use the line “because I love you, that’s why.” Be aware this has a trigger warning, so think twice before reading. Also, I would love to hear feedback on this because I am honestly so fucking nervous.

Word count: 2,638

Hearing someone you love cry, is probably the worst feeling ever. The worst kind of pain I’ve ever experienced. I felt her pain. Deep in my chest. In every fibre of my body. With every dense heart beat. I felt it. Hearing her desperate sore cries from the other side of the door, it killed me inside. Left me numb and frozen.

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Self Care Day Print Outs!

Howdy there, Rad Rhino-diles and Cool Croco-ceroses!

Sometimes I say to myself “I’m taking a Self Care Day!” Maybe you call it a mental health day. Whatever - the point is, I often take one, but then I pretty much don’t do anything that will actually recharge me for the next day and all the days after!

So, here’s a thing I came up with! It’s a prototype, but I invite you to test it, reinvent it, come up with your own ideas and send me feedback. At the very least, I’ll be making another, SLIGHTLY AGGRESSIVER version and posting it here soon. Might do one in colour too.

So, if you’re gonna take a self care day, here’s a little sheet you can fill in, just to be sure you’re taking real good care of yourself. It’s got ways to mark off the important self care goals, and places to write down how you’re gonna take care of you!

The goals you can put might be life stuff like “wash dishes” but you could also put “read that book” or “watch that movie”. Maybe “make an appointment to see the doctor about my depression”.

And where it gives you the space to do something other than shower - maybe you can give yourself a dry shower (when I’m really sick, I use those wet baby wipes to scrub off the bad smell!) or you could just wash your face and change your clothes. (Or have a really nice bath!) I know sometimes it can be exhausting taking care of you, so it’s good to have some options!

Even if you’re taking a whole Self Care Week, or everything’s just gone to shit, I’m hoping keeping track of yourself might help.

If you use it, let me know how it works for you! I know it works for me, but I’m the only Me in the world, so I would love your feedback!

- The Slightly Aggressive Affirmer

Check it out, under the cut!

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want • Shawn Mendes

A/N: There aren’t enough emojis in the world to describe how I’m feeling rn.

Hey guys; today I’m posting a smut piece (as if it’s some 19th century painting - this piece is from the Victorian era and it’s crafted by hand) no, it’s not, well it was crafted by hand (and a lot of hormonal pent up feelings) but this is just smut. Just some filth, and I also feel as if I have to put a warning before? So:

⚠️ Warning: contains smut ⚠️

Enjoy! And feedback would be lovely! I might write a part 2 if y'all want it?

18+ I guess?

Requests: open? (Smut pieces will take longer and I also can’t see the future - sadly - so I dunno how long it’ll take)

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MASTERLIST: Come and check out some of my other mildly average writing!

It’s pathetic really, the way he’s watching her.

He knows that he shouldn’t be, but damn, he’s sure that even the Lord could forgive him for sneaking a peak at the beauty before him.

Moving her hips languidly to the beat flooding through the speakers she dances, the globe of her ass rolling along with her wide hips and her hands flutter down, clasping her hips as she whines, turning full circle.

He’s surprised that no one else is watching, but then he glances around the patio and sees that she’s caught the attention of a few others – men and women alike.

He can’t help but feel jealous, even if he is the one dating her – even if he was the one who had his hands on those hips hours before, guiding them to meet his aching cock.

Their eyes flicker over her sculpted body and they flush, turning red as if they’ve walked in on a private moment, but his girlfriend doesn’t care. She’s having fun and so is Shawn, sitting on the couch and dreaming of all of the ways he’s gonna take her – and let her take him – later on.

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part two

“You’re an artist, you think everything is beautiful.” She pointed out, grabbing a slip as her coffee was placed in front of her.

“Though you make a valid point, I just think love in particular is beautiful. It’s mysterious and makes us feel alive, it’s one of the best things about life.” Harry’s words flowed so effortlessly, like he had no problem speaking his mind at all. It was quite interesting yet so frustrating on so many levels.

read on 1dff (soon) | read on tumblr | story page

Worth It

Paring: Tom Hiddleston x reader

Warnings: Being sick, otherwise it’s just fluff ;)

Summary: You’re sick when your husband, Tom, takes care of you. 

Note: English is not my native language so sorry for any mistakes! I would LOVE feedback! And the picture is not mine

Originally posted by tomhiddleston-gifs

You were lying sick in your bed, wanting to read or at least watch something on the to, but you were too exhausted to even reach for the remote, and you had the worst headache, so you decided to go for a nap.

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Words Written on Your Wrist | Soulmates! Spencer Reid x Reader | Part 1

Fandom: Criminal Minds

Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader

Requested: Nope, I just figured I’d jump on the soulmate band wagon

Requests: OPEN

Part 1/?

Summary: Everyone’s wrist has three words on it, the first three words you’ll hear your soulmate say. You think the idea of soulmates is just a bunch of junk, but you’re in for a rude awakening when you meet your soulmate at your new job at the BAU. Because you worry you will lose your new dream job, you keep the fact that he’s your soulmate hidden, pretending as if those three words didn’t exist.

Words: 2639

Warnings: Swearing?

A/N: I was about 5000 words into this and then decided it was going nowhere, scrapped like 2,000 words, then worked with that to make it a series. This has a really slow start I am so sorry. I don’t know if this is very good or if anyone will be interested in me continuing this so I would greatly appreciate feedback! My requests are open so I’d also love it if you would send me in requests! I have reblogged two prompt lists so if you search ‘prompts’ and you’ll find them, just tell me which list it is and then the numbers! Thank you for reading!

I also realize it is late June, not Christmas time, but Christmas facts were the only ones I could come up with so a little bit of grace would be appreciated haha

You hated soulmates. You hated the idea. You weren’t someone’s other half. You were your own self and that’s all you wanted to be. You even went as far as to try to tattoo over the mark on right wrist, but the ink always faded away within hours, so instead you always took to wearing a bracelet over it. Out of sight, out of mind.  The soulmate phenomenon, as it became known as, was one that caused every person to have the first three words they hear their soulmate say, in their handwriting, on their right wrist. As you stared down at yours in the shower, you wished could scrub it away with your loofa.

‘Did you know,’ scrawled in perfectly horrible handwriting across the thin flesh of your inner wrist. ‘Great,’ you thought to yourself, ‘not only does my soulmate have terrible script, they sound like a know-it-all.’ And man, did you hate know-it-alls.

             You got out of the shower and pulled on a robe before flipping through your closet to pick out an outfit for your big day. Your first day at the BAU. You had worked your entire life for this, and you couldn’t be more ecstatic. The best minds in the FBI, you thought to yourself with a smile, and you’re one of them. After picking out a long sleeve blouse and nice pants you sat down to clear your head over your absolute favorite beverage, coffee. Reading through the newspaper you idly wondered what kind of people you were going to be working with. You of course knew Hotch and Rossi, since they were the ones to interview you for the position, and they had mentioned the names of the rest, but you didn’t know their faces well.

Downing the rest of your coffee quickly you glanced at the time and decided then would be a good time to head in, early was on time, on time was late, and late was inexcusable, in your mind. You grabbed your keys and bracelet, putting the band around your wrist to hide the words, even though you were wearing long sleeves. The drive to Quantico was easy, there was a light dusting of snow on the ground and you doubted there would be much more considering the Virginia climate, but you didn’t mind. You checked to make sure your go back was in the back seat just in case before going up to the bullpen. Upon entering the BAU area, box under your arm, you were met with an assault on your senses. Everyone was hustling and bustling, and you were amused to see two people, who you assumed to be on the team you were joining, in a loud conversation. Well, conversation wasn’t the word, it was more of a soliloquy by a tall and long haired bean pole while a man who could be a Greek god was looking very annoyed. You couldn’t very much hear the conversation as you entered the large room but as you walked closer on your way to Hotch’s office you were able to make out the words.

“Did you know that if you were to add up the costs of all of the items listed in The 12 Days of Christmas it would be around $1.3 million? And that December 25 was actually….” And that all you heard, because you could feel your heart stop in that moment. It had to be a mistake, there are plenty of know-it-alls in the world, it doesn’t have to be him. Just calm down, you tell yourself, continuing to the office in front of you as if nothing had happened. Your plan was to just ignore it and hope for the best. You’ll be damned if you were going to let something you didn’t even want to ruin your dream job.

You greeted Hotch, setting your box down in a chair and shaking his hand. “I’ll introduce you to the team and show you to your desk. We don’t have a case today, it’s just paperwork, so we have a bit of time.” He said with a small smile, and somehow you figured that that was the most you were ever going to see of a smile. Walking down to the bullpen together you took in the entire team, two beautiful blonde women, one of which was dressed very eccentrically and you knew you were going to like her, a dark-haired woman who looked like a badass snow-white, Rossi, who you had already met, Mr. Greek God, and your soulma-, you mean the long-haired bean pole. “Everyone, I’d like you to meet SSA Y/F/N Y/L/N, she will be joining our team.” You smiled and waved and everyone, setting your box of things down on your desk before Hotch continued, “Y/L/N, this is JJ, Penelope Garcia, Emily Prentiss, Derek Morgan, and Spencer Reid, and you of course have already met me and Rossi,” Hotch said, introducing everyone.

You opened your mouth to greet them but before you could say anything the eccentrically dressed blonde woman came rushing up to you, a huge grin adorning her face, “Oh my gosh it’s so good to meet you, is there anything I can do for you, can I help you get settled in? Would you like some coffee? Do you like coffee?” She asked quickly, motioning a lot with her hands.

You laughed, your suspicion now confirmed, you were going to get along great with her. “I love coffee, actually, and I wouldn’t want to trouble you, it won’t take long for me to get settled in and start working.” You kept your eyes on her and only on her, even though out of the corner of your eye you saw two heads snap to look at you. One of which was that of who you now know to be your soulmate and the other was the other blonde woman, who you assumed knew what three words resided on the man’s wrist. You cursed internally, how could your favorite beverage betray you like this?

“Are you sure?” Garcia asked again, her puppy dog eyes looking at you.

 “Garcia,” Hotch’s voice cut into the conversation, stern but amused, “Why don’t you show Y/L/N around since you’re so eager to help.”

“I can do that! Come on Y/N!” She grabbed linked arms with you, leading you around to show you the office to show you were the break room and the coffee pot were as well as what resided on each floor of the building in case you needed anything from other departments. Her optimistic and bubbly attitude lifted your spirits almost to the point of forgetting about the fact that the bane of your existence resided just feet away from your desk.

             “So what did you do before joining the BAU?” Asked Morgan when you and Garcia returned to the bullpen.

             “I was a Forensic Psychology Professor,” you explain as you sit down and start getting situated at your desk, “I taught at Brown University.”

             “A professor at your age? That’s impressive.” Prentiss nodded, eyebrows raised.

             “I peeked early,” You joked with a laugh, a bit unnerved that the two people who were staring at you earlier were avoiding conversation. You felt a bit bad not letting the man know that you knew he was your soulmate, but you did want it to jeopardize your job. You just got here, the last thing you need is people either thinking you got the job because you were some one on the team’s soulmate or that you couldn’t think objectively working so close beside him.

             Spencer starred at you, his mind going a mile a minute. Has she already heard him say something and didn’t recognize it? Had she already heard him say something and it wasn’t what was on his wrist and he was a glitch? If she hadn’t heard him say anything yet, what should he say? He thought over anything and everything he could say to, wanting the first three words out if his mouth to be eloquent and as lovely as she was.

             “What made you want to join the BAU?” JJ, the woman you knew you were Reid’s soulmate, asked.

             “I wanted to make a difference, save lives.” You shrugged, feeling like you were getting interrogated, “My uh… My childhood best friend was a victim of a serial killer and I want to catch the type of people that did that to her.” The room fell silent after your confession, though most everyone nodded out of acknowledgement and respect. You turned back to your desk to continue setting out photographs and putting away things but a voice caught your attention, the same one that was rambling off facts when you walked in.

             “I’m sorry for your loss.” He said quietly, making eye-contact with you. You knew as a profiler he was looking for micro expressions, anything to let him know that the first three words of that sentence were on your wrist. But they weren’t, so you weren’t technically concealing anything when you simply smiled warmly and thanked him before returning to your desk. You also weren’t lying when Garcia asked you if you found your soulmate yet at lunch.

             Most of the team was all sitting at the tables in the break room, idly chatting and getting to know one another when Penelope grinned, leaning in as if she was an elementary schooler asking who you had a crush on.

             “So, have you found your soulmate yet?” She asked as she wagged her eyebrows.

             “I’m still single,” You say easily, smiling as you took another bite of your soup you brought from home.

             “Now that isn’t an answer.” Emily grinned, pointing her fork at you. Damn it, you should have known trying to pass a question off with a non-answer with a group full of profilers wouldn’t work.

             “Well, I don’t know, you know?” You try to lie, trying to dig yourself out of a hole, “I know what’s on my wrist, I don’t know what’s on other people’s. Like what if I’m not my soulmate’s soulmate? I don’t want to get ahead of myself if I don’t know what’s on his or her wrist.” Well, that wasn’t a lie, you reason with yourself. “Plus, mine is a pretty common statement, so it could be anyone, I’ve had a few false alarms in the past when I’ve overheard conversations, so I also don’t want to get ahead of myself that way.”

             “What does your wrist say?” Jenifer asked suddenly.

             She doesn’t beat around the bush.

             “I’d prefer to keep that to myself. Not even my best friend knows what’s on my wrist.” Laughing uneasily, you push your spoon around in your bowl.

             “That makes sense, it’s a really personal thing.” Garcia nods in agreement and you swore you could kiss her for how easily she dropped the subject.

             “Mines what my Savannah first said to me,” Morgan grinned proudly as he held out his wrist, “She’s a doctor at the hospital nearby.”

             “What about you JJ? I see a wedding band.” You smile, nodding to her left hand, glad to have the attention off you.

             “’You must be’” She repeated holding up her wrist, “It turns out that it’s in person. I actually spoke to Will on the phone before in person, but what’s on our wrists is what we said to each other when we first talked in person. It’s funny, because I introduced myself with my name, so he knew the second he called me that he would be speaking to his soulmate and I had no idea.” She laughed, reminiscing.

             “I wish we all had it that easy,” Emily scoffed as she pulled back the sleeve on her shirt. “Mines ‘You look beautiful.’ Do you know how many times I’ve heard that at a bar?”

             “Exactly! Its similar with mine!” You exclaim with a smile, glad someone else could back you up on the small fib you told. But as the room fell back into silence you noted that the only other people who had yet to say what was on their wrist were Penelope and Spencer, and by the way Penelope was quickly chewing her food so she could talk you guessed she was going next.

             “I haven’t found my soulmate either!” She said quickly after finished chewing, “Nor has our resident Brainiac, but he’s like you, he won’t tell us what his tattoo says either.”

             You knew you had to say something, if you didn’t say something you knew it would cause suspicion, so you turned to him, raising an eyebrow, “What’s your reasoning for not telling anyone, Mr. Resident Brainiac?” You ask easily, watching as JJ gave him a sympathetic look out of the corner of your eye, knowing that both of them were probably thinking he was a glitch at the moment.

             “M-“ He starts but clears his throat nervously, “Mostly the same reasons as you.”

             “Great minds think alike,” you laugh as you begin to close your Tupperware, “But fools seldom differ,”

“But fools seldom differ.” Wait what. You frown. Was your hearing going or did you two just state the second half of that saying at the same time? Quickly recovering, the frown is replaced by another smile as you watch a pink tint rise to Reid’s cheeks. You had to admit, this man was very attractive.

Everyone laughed and Morgan clapped you on your shoulder, the others packing up their stuff as well. When you got back to the bullpen Hotch and Rossi were there, huddled around a file.

“Do we have a case?” Prentiss asks as the team gets closer.

“it seems so, it looks to be a rough one so we will brief on the plane.” Hotch said as he closed the file, then turning his attention to you, “Y/L/N, I trust you have a go bag packed?”

“Yes, I do, sir.” You quickly say, nervous for your first case, especially since Hotch was describing it as a rough one.

“Wheels up in 20.”

              As you sat down on the plane the team quickly began discussing the case, the unsub was kidnapping women, holding them for at least a week, stabbing them, and then displaying their bodies in public places.

             Spencer read a bit of file out loud, sometimes going on fact tangents relating to something on the page, and you had to admit, it was darn adorable. You’d glance over at him every chance you could without arising suspicion, and you began taking him in in his entirety. You did always have a thing for long haired guys, his cheek bones and jaw line were to die for, and his hands, oh his hands, you decided you loved watching him turn pages in the file. You internally scolded yourself, of course you’d find him attractive, he was your soulmate after all, a match made in heaven. But that gnawing thought in the back of your head that you could lose everything you had worked towards thus far because of some butterflies in your stomach and ink on your wrist dragged you down like an anchor from the cloud you seemed to be floating on.

             “There’s no signs of torture besides the stabbing,” You comment with a frown, “Which wouldn’t indicate a sadist, but the stabbing implies a sexual component. He could be impotent.”

             “I agree,” Reid says a bit too quickly, looking up at you.

             “The displaying and posing of the bodies could be a taunt,” JJ offered, drawing attention away from Spencer.

             “When we land I want Prentiss and Morgan to go to the first and second crime scene, Rossi and Y/L/N to the third, JJ and I can go to the Fourth. Reid why don’t you start on the geographical profile.” Hotch designated as the jet landed.

To be Continued.

Part 2


Teamiplier Color Palette

I really enjoined making this. I think I’m going to make more(?)

Let me know if you like (or hate) this. 

What type of AUs would you like to see more of?

Hey all! Mod Karissa here, and I know that we have requests for individual projects and what not, but I was wondering: What types of AUs would you like to see more of? This would be more for reblogging/original list purposes, but I’m curious!

Would you like to see more fluffy aus? Domestic? Angsty?
What about fantasy? Or polyrelationships? Or platonic?
Movie based? Mythology? (Not fandom based though)

Reply to this post or answer it in your tags! I’ll keep them in mind when I reblog and think up some! And as always, have a fantastic week everyone!!
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This is disgustingly fluffy

Content, that’s how Harry felt as he returned home to find his girlfriend curled up on the couch with their cat, Sox. He stood there for a moment admiring the precious sight before him, his girl was in nothing put an old lace knickers and Harry’s “lover” t-shirt with an old pair of Harry Potter socks she bought at Primark covering her feet. Her hair was thrown up into a messy bun and it was clear her hair was filled with knots.

A half of cuppa which Y/N had no intentions of drinking rested on their coffee table along with one of Y/N’s many novels. A low grunt escaped Harry’s lips in order to gain Y/N’s attention. Y/N’s body went into a state of fright as felt her heart race as her head suddenly snapped in the direction of the sound

“Oh, Hi H” Y/N breathed a sigh of relief. A soft smile covered Harry’s face, one which Y/N soon returned.

“Hi there petal” Harry mumbled as he walked over to Y/N and plopped down on her. “Harry you loaf get off of me” he squealed as she smacked his bum. “Never.” he replied a smirk playing on his lips.

A loud fussy screech left Sox’s mouth. “Harry get off you’re squishing Sox” Y/N demanded. “Ugh fine b’cause I like Sox and not yeh” 

“Hey, that’s mean” Y/N pouted.

“Sorry petal, yeh know I love yeh” Harry muttered as he pressed a chaste kiss to Y/N’s lips. “Mmm pet yeh taste like berries” He mumbled against her lips as he leaned in once again and pressed another kiss to her lips, his lips soon wandered to her cheek, then to her nose, and before he knew it, he was smothering her face with kisses, peppering them all over her face.

“Harry, stop” she shrieked, “It tickles” she continued as she tried her best to push Harry away but she failed miserably because he was much stronger than she was. “I know it does pet” he replied as a trailed kisses down her neck before blowing raspberries into her collar bone. “Harry please” she shrieked as her body erupted into a fit of laughter.

“Alrigh’ alrigh’ m’done” he said as he pressed one final kiss to the tip of her nose. Harry let out a loud huff as he situated himself between Y/N’s legs, they were resting on either side of him as his head rested comfortable on her tummy and he traced his fingers ever so lightly on her thighs.

“How was your day H?” she asked while running her fingers through his hair and lightly scratching his scalps.

“Twas’ okay baby and yeh?”

“Mmm it was unevenful, I tried to give Sox a bath, naughty thing he is, just like his daddy” she mumbled the last part.

“Hey now pet, yeh love when I’m naughty” he whined a pout evident on his little pink lips. A soft chuckle escaped Y/N’s lips as she leaned down to peck his lips.

“I love you a lot H, did ya know that?’ 

“Think yeh may have mentioned it once or twice t’ me”

“Well love me back now would you?” she complained with a playful scowl playing on her features.

“Aww petal” he cooed as turned to face her, one of his hands griped her hips while the other rested on her cheek as her softly caressed her cheek. “Course I love yeh” he muttered

“Yeh know what we haven’t done inna while?” Harry questioned. Y/N’s brows furrowed and she shook her head no. “Well pet, we haven’t had a good makeout session in awhile, I mean like a good high school makeout session, with lots of tongue, spit and groping.“ Y/N eagerly nodded as Harry licked his lips.

Harry leaned in and pressed his lips onto Y/N’s lips. His lips felt slightly chapped against hers due to the cold weather outside, not that she cared. Harry’s lips come together with Y/N’s and part, making soft, wet, filthy noises which filled the room. Harry’s tongue slowly slides into Y/N’s mouth and she caresses his tongue with hers. Harry slowly pulls away from the kiss, catching Y/N’s bottom lip between his teeth and he gently tugs on it.

As Harry releases Y/N’s lip, he rests his forehead against her own and nuzzles their noses together. 

“I love yeh so much pet”

“I love you too H”

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Here’s my masterlist

Painkillers and heat pillows

Paring: Loki Laufeyson x reader

Warnings: Periods. Period pain. and then fluff ehehe

Summary: Having you period is awful. But it’s better when the God of mischief is your boyfriend. 

Note: I have my period and I’m dying. English is not my native language, so sorry for any mistakes. And I didn’t proof read it because my head hurts like hell, so please forgive me. I would love feedback! 

Originally posted by clairestmple

“Where is she?” Loki asked Thor. Concern and fear was in Loki’s voice. Thor looked up from the book he was reading.

“Her room I think. Are you okay brother?” he asked, but Loki was already gone. ‘She’s a lucky woman’ Thor thought smiling for himself, beginning to miss Jane.

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Voltron Paladin Armor Tutorial Part 2: Construction Part 1

This is the 2nd part in a complete EVA foam Voltron Paladin Armor Tutorial.  See links below for the rest of the tutorial. Feel free to message me with any questions you have. 

This is my first cosplay tutorial so I would love any feedback. If you use this tutorial, I would love to see the armor you make!

Part 1: Materials and Pattern Making

Part 3: Construction Part 2

Part 4: Patterns: Helmet

Part 5: Patterns: Chest 

Part 6: Patterns: Legs

Part 7: Patterns: Arms

Part 8: Patterns: Belt