so fckn much

I love you but you hurt me so fckn much. Idk what to do. You were the only “thing” that hold me here. It hurts to much. It’s like I mean nothing to you. I’m not good enough. - not pretty I’m ugly and useless. There is no hope.. no hope that you love me anymore. -bye.

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2, 26, 29 ✌🏻

♥♥♥ ily chase

2. describe in detail the moment where you fell in love with your bias(es)?

odg ok well,,,, i biased tae for like a month (maybe not even tbh) when i first got into bts ok yeth but like i loved kpop vine community so i was on there all the time AND AND i remember,,, jus going into my recommended vines and there were all ??? these cute ass vines of hobi and i was like WHO IS THIS MAN,,, STEALING MY HEART lowkey i still have the vine that made me stan saved on my computer like u saw it chase u kno,,,, how ridiculous it was HES SO CUTE IM LOVE but anywayth yes it was kpop vine that made me stan literal sunshine hoseok hobi my hope my angel j hope he’s been my ub ever since idk how long its been like a year?? a year and a half ?? maaybe ??? idk but i love him

26. a song of your choice that you wish for any of them to cover?

hmmmmMMMMMMMMMMMmMmmmmmmmmmMMMMMMM…………… dis is a hard one…… in terms of kpop maybe i’d like 2 see them cover an exo song?? jus bc bts and exo have v distinct music they sound v v v different they have super different styles and vibes so like,,, it would b cool 2 see dem try smth like det…… yeah maybe an EXO SONG IDK IM SO FLAKY IDK WHAT TO ANSWER FOR DIS ONE i jus said exo bc im listening to thunder rn odg


29.  the proudest moment of them so far

aghlkfjgdkjglfdkg i am consistently and constantly proud of them always and forever but every single day the wings teasers dropped, i was especially proud of them and all of their hard work and to be #basic i was so amazingly proud to watch them win artist of the year at mama 2016 and i cried a lot and it just,,,, really reminded me tht they’re the group i fell in love wit first and i jus think they’re v important and special and wow im crying lmfaooo sappy tj

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oh, quit that. blushing is for virgins™ and christians.

                                     ‘ it’s not really something you can control –––––––––– and , anyway , i am so a –––– oh , FORGET IT . ’ palms pressed to cheeks , she hopes with a certain vigor that the red tinge to her cheeks might fade quicker . ‘ okay , this is so … not the point . can we just FOCUS , please –––––– !!


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Imagine an angsty AU where it's the Zombie Apocalypse & most people in London are dead/zombies. But Joe and Caspar are survivors and they're trying to survive. But on a supply run Caspar gets bitten and asks Joe to kill him, but Joe can't do it. They've both have had huge crushes on each other for the LONGEST time but have been in denial until now. Joe realizes that he loves Caspar when he has to kill his best friend before Caspar turns into a zombie. Do you have any other angsty headcannons? ;3

this just bREAKS MY HEART. ahh its just so good??? like im so in love with apocalyptic aus and this is so amazingly painful im dying. honestly, i would love to write a fic about this but who knows if that’ll ever happen, i definitely have some headcanons though 

  • when the whole zombie outbreak occurs, joe is out doing meetings and stuff and caspar is home and sees it all happening on the news. he calls joe immediately and tells him to get home. nOW. 
  • theyre trapped in their flat for a couple of days and so they pack bags because theyre sure they’ll have to leave suddenly at some point, and they dont speak much, or sleep much, and they hide in the kitchen, on the floor with their backs pressed against the oven and their hands pressed over their ears, whenever the screaming outside gets too loud
  • its not very long before theyre forced to leave their flat, its during the night and theyre both awake, just sitting in joes bedroom, when they hear the front door burst open upstairs. they leave through joes bedroom window and run down the ruined streets of london without turning back 
  • they dont stay anywhere for very long. sleeping in a different abandoned building every night. they dont even say anything about it, but the very first night they lay down right next to each other. because its cold and theyre scared. and then every night after that, neither of them can sleep unless theyre pressed against the others side
  • one of them gets hurt. bad. and it scares the shit out of the other, who watches it happen. theyre both shaken, and the one who isnt injured patches up the other’s injury with his trembling hands and tear-blurred vision. the other watches him, mind hazy with the pain, and he attempts to crack a joke. to try and make the other feel better. to try and make them both feel a little more human. its a terrible joke, but suddenly theyre both smiling, despite the fact that their eyes are red with tears and their hearts are hammering in their chests, and its at that moment that they fall in love with each other. 
  • but, like you said, joe doesnt realize that hes in love with caspar until he has to kill him (fucking ouch). caspar has probably already realized, and come to terms with the fact that hes in love with joe at this point
  • caspar doesnt say anything about getting bitten bc he doesnt want to scare joe, but he also just doesnt want to admit it himself. it doesnt last very long, and when he tells joe, joe is devastated. he doesnt know what to do. so he tells caspar its all going to be ok. but its not. and they both know what needs to happen
  • cue the angsty love confession, a kiss and a lot of tears
  • cue also: my death 
  • and caspars 

I posted this photo without the caption but here it is with the caption saying she wanted Camille to look “more like herself”. My friend said that she went to this photo and commented, telling the user that this is white washing and her comment was deleted and she was blocked. So just a heads up not to waste your time trying to tell this person what they’re doing is wrong. Instead, I just want to show you guys that this is a problem that I feel like we’re going to see a lot of in the fandom since we have so many actors who are PoC. I’ve seen some of the other characters done like the bottom photo, where they’re noticeably whiter. Just because a character is a vampire doesn’t mean their skin has to be pale. I mean, think back to other vampire shows (like TVD for example). Did the characters having dark skin make them any less believable as vampires? No! And I’ve noticed this happening with all the characters/actors who are PoC and it’s NOT ACCEPTABLE. “Well they’re vampires” or “this is how the books described them” are not valid reasons for whitewashing. If you try to say it’s an “artistic choice” to make your graphics look better, perhaps you should reevaluate why your graphics have to have white people in order to be good. 

If you see any whitewashed art, DO NOT reblog it, DO NOT like it. If you want, you can tell the artist that it’s whitewashing and it’s a form of racism. But DO NOT keep letting fans think that this is an okay thing to do.