so fckn much


day of atonement

“it’s the jewish day of atonement. essentially, you don’t eat anything to atone for your sins for the past year. and judging on my last year, i have a lot to atone for.”

Bellamy Blake was chained to a rock and beaten bloody by his sister, Octavia.

A season later, Bellamy is chained (again) and pulling on said chains, his wrists hurting and bleeding to get to (save) his sister, Octavia.

I’m —

Bellamy Blake has the biggest eff heart don’t fight me on this.

I love you but you hurt me so fckn much. Idk what to do. You were the only “thing” that hold me here. It hurts to much. It’s like I mean nothing to you. I’m not good enough. - not pretty I’m ugly and useless. There is no hope.. no hope that you love me anymore. -bye.

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