so fashionable it's insane

i know im on kind of a nepeta kick but i present to you: french-korean nepeta

im too lazy to rewrite this stuff so im gonna copypaste from skype fuck the police 

meulin and nepeta as second gen french-korean and theyre actually quadrilingual (asl, french, korean, english) and their mother the sweet chubby korean lady who bakes cookies for church bake sales and doesnt speak english super well but the church pastor who has traveled the world on missions is able to talk to her and they fall in love and then get married and both girls studied taekwando as kind of a korean heritage thing and nepeta beats up some assholes in school who are picking on her short indian stepbrother karkat and meulin starting a relationship with a mute nb kid named kurloz and i just. leijons with cool multicultural asskicking backrounds? want

nep feeling more in touch with her korean side so shes into their fashion and stuff and she has so many fucking phone charms its insane but meulin loving french art history and actually having an entire sideblog for it and she loves gorgeous frilly overdone things and wears her hair up in poufs and shit out or pure love for that stuff and once their mom can get the money together she takes them to visit south korea and france and its the best trip theyve ever had

credit goes to maussanbros for the original concept of korean nep and all the great things he told me along with it

credit to asymmetricjester for listening to me rant about it on skype