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BTS WINGS Concert - Chicago

i personally took this picture at the concert but wanted to share it with you all. it’s currently my lockscreen hehe <3 feel free to use this as well if you’d like!

The best thing about jikook is they would spend every time-off given basically hovering around each other, talk and joke about things only they know of, having no absolute care about other things that don’t matter, being so genuinely happy that their eyes crinkle when they laugh, conversing only using body language-and mastered it so well-and everything about their relationship is just so, so pure and pristine and i can feel that at the moment, nothing and no one can break them apart. Not after everything they’ve gone through to get to this point of relationship. What a sight to behold.

stray kids performed during the 2018 jyp trainee showcase, and hyunjin made a post on fan’s saying how surreal it was bc he used to watch the idol’s special stages and think it was so far away, but now stray kids got to stand on that stage and it made him think of everything it took for them to get there

and they have gone through so much,, woojin was an sm trainee but then he moved to jyp and had to start all over again and almost quit even, chan spent 7 years of his life training without knowing if he was ever gonna debut and had to watch his friends go, minho hadn’t been a trainee for long before they put him in a debut team and compared his skills to trainees who already had years of training, changbin had to prove himself to his family and at first he didn’t even know if he could do it, hyunjin worked his ass off because he didn’t want to rely on his looks for success while everyone around him told him otherwise, becoming a trainee cut off jisung from the life of a regular kid his age, felix moved away from his home to follow his dreams in a country he didn’t even speak the language of, seungmin wasn’t sure of becoming a trainee at first but he still did it anyway, and jeongin had to suffer through being constantly told he wasn’t good enough at only 15

a year ago nine boys stood backstage of the showcase, hoping against hope that that stage wouldn’t be their last.

this year stray kids stood backstage of the showcase, already in the middle of their first comeback.

Here’s a new WIP pic of a painting I’ve been working on! 😀 What do you guys think? 😊 Her fox friend looks extra comfy on her head hee hee 🐺✨ But oh boy! There’s so much fur to paint on this little guy! 😆 I just have to pace myself and do a section at time! 🌈🎨 What helps me achieve all that furry texture is an old brush that’s slightly frayed! 🖌Works great! 😉👍 But I hope you like my progress so far! 😊❤ 

#Drawdaily #942: They Came to Cuttle Over Lethbridge. I’m going to give it a break, but this feels pretty finished! Part of my OAC-granted series Not So Far Away. Mixed media, 16 x 20".

El-ahrairah did everything he could for his people.

Even going places where no mortal rabbit could tread.

My final sketch of 2017. I was gifted the sequel book to Watership Down for Christmas and it’s been a trip so far with surreal visuals that sometimes even hit on a personal level for me. It’s made me come to appreciate El-ahrairah more as a character, seeing his struggles and how far he would go to help his people. It’s also good to see the old crew is doing well after the events of the first book.


It’s a chance. Instead of being out here. Instead of just making it.

Check out what I’m working on today! 😀 I’m painting none other than Dorian Gray! 😆 He’s for a new Oscar Wilde show at the Haven Gallery! 🤵✨ I adore Oscar Wilde!! ❤ I super love literature so it’s so great that I can channel my love of art, cute bad boys and books into this piece! 😘📚🖼I don’t often paint boys but when I do I can’t help but make them like cute little dolls hee hee 😆😘  I’m painting to channel my bouncy jet lag brain back into painting again. 🎨🙃  Gotta dive right back into the swings of things! 💪😉 What do you think so far? 😄

Strange Happenings: Anne’s Diner

Diners seem to be one of those dreamlike places, where nothing seems quite right and everything appears fake. Like the manager’s smile.


      The number of diners we have in town is alarmingly high, most likely from overestimating the amount of tourist attention we get. However, there is one that stands out from all the rest. It’s surrounded with faded orange caution tape, and the building’s paint has chipped and faded. The shorted-out neon sign that hangs above the door reads “Anne’s Diner”. It sprang up around two years ago. When I say “sprang up” I use the term quite literally. The day before it went into business, it was nothing more than a barren abandoned building. The very next day, we all woke up to find that what was once a condemned hovel was now a cheerfully painted restaurant with glowing signs in the windows and wonderful smells of bacon, eggs and pancakes wafting from inside. We were shocked, to say the least. There had been no construction site, no noises of work during the night, and no announcement of a grand opening. The diner had just appeared, as though it had always been there.

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#DrawDaily #954: Hammerheads and the Lethbridge Viaduct work in progress. Part 5 of my 10 part OAC-granted series Not So Far Away. Mixed media, 18 x 24".

Bangtan Mission: Get BANG'ed (OC x Bang PD ft. all of BTS)

When all their CEO wants for Christmas is something they can’t buy with money, the BTS members do everything they can to make sure he gets the gift he’s always wanted.  


          With all the fame and fortune they have been receiving, the boys can’t help but grow increasingly grateful to the man who gave them the opportunity to achieve their dreams – “Hitman” Bang PD. In their struggle to come up with the perfect Christmas gift to express their love and admiration for the very man who continues to inspire and motivate them, they find that their boss actually and very secretly only wants one thing for Christmas…their beautiful Head Coordi-noona.

           Put seven crazy boys on a secret match-making mission and one very shy CEO together and you have a recipe for a comedic disaster.

           Will they succeed in getting their Coordi-noona “Bang”-ed?

Fluff, Romantic Comedy

Bang PD x OC (Coordi) featuring all of BTS

A/N: I was supposed to post this sometime this weekend but things got a bit crazy. x) My siblings had been plagued with sickness for a few weeks now and as much as I tried to prevent myself from catching it, they’ve finally infected me –__–’ (considering holidays we HAD to spend a lot of family bonding time together lol) I’ll try to update as much as I can this week, but I’ll be in and out, trying to get better so please bear with me :)

This was a little story line I had thought of a week or two ago. I love the boys so much so I wanted to show some love to the man who helped bring them together – Bang PD <3 This is dedicated to you, good sir! Keep being awesome!

Anyways, sorry for my long note. I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday (and will continue to do so) and that you’re all healthy and well! 

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          He had a dream, as did most people, even if they didn’t admit it or say it out loud.

           Dreams were wishes. They were things that may seem so far-fetched and surreal that it’s terrifying to confess that you want to chase after them. Yet, people left and right still manage to achieve the dreams that they had once thought were impossible.

           But it all begins with a few steps on the path, then a few more.

           Then come the crossroads.

           Do you settle where you’re comfortable? Never achieving your exact dream, but happily enacting a shadow of it?

           In his younger years, he dreamed of creating music. But not just music itself; the entire package, a performance, a concept appealing to as many senses and emotions, reaching as many ears and eyes as possible. Not just capturing a moment in time in lyrics and notes, but telling of an entire journey, a holistic adventure.

           He released many songs in his time as a JYP Producer, a lot of them became hits, and he was incredibly overjoyed. As a result, he acquired the nickname that he still boasts to this day – “Hitmang” Bang.

           But he knew it wasn’t enough for him.

           He had come to his crossroad in life. He had climbed up the lower part of the mountain towards his dreams. Should he stay where he had known success and flourished? Should he push to the top, not knowing whether or not he was going to fall and ruin everything that he had worked towards? Whether or not he was going to grasp and attain everything he had ever wanted?

           Yet in the end, he chose to sprint forward. He chose to run. He couldn’t turn back, and he was certain that he would never let himself stay down for too long if he was to fail a few times. He was going to dare to dream, to hope, and he was going to do everything in his power to make it come true.

           So excitedly and nervously, he took out his savings, handed in his resignation letter, and left JYP to start his own company, where he could raise and nurture the future in his own way, where he would have a haven and playground to produce the concepts and music that he wanted.            He hadn’t expected anyone to follow him, because this silly dream was his alone, his burden to bear, his sacrifice to make.

           But looking back on it, thankfully that didn’t turn out to be the case.

           "Bang Shi Hyuk!“

           His heart fluttered as he heard a familiarly sweet voice call his name. He turned around and found, standing at the entrance of the JYP Entertainment building, about five to six of the workers there, carrying boxes in their hands.

           He blinked, confused. What were they doing?

           The female at the center, soft-spoken and bright, stepped forward, grinning.

           "I think you’ll need a Head coordi in your new company, don’t you think?”

           He blushed, realizing her implication. “But I-I can’t pay you much yet, and I haven’t thought much of a full plan… I’ve only gotten a lease to the building and–”

           "Well,“ she cut him off and glanced behind her at the others. "we all believe in you, Bang Shi Hyuk. We believe in the vision of the company you want to start, and we want to help you by using our talents. You can’t get too far on your own, you know? And sooner or later, you’re going to have to hire people of our expertise…so why not just have us help you from the get-go?”                

           She giggled and he felt his cheeks warm at the sight. “We’re a bit disappointed you didn’t think we would follow you!”

           He looked down timidly and smiled gratefully.

           "You at least have a name for your company right? I always see you doodle it into your notebook.“ she grinned.

           Shi Hyuk nodded shyly.

           "What is it?”

           He looked up proudly at the eager eyes waiting for his instruction, ready to take the first step into the unknown. The pioneers of the world he had been envisioning since he was a child.

           "Big Hit.“ He smiled genuinely. "Big Hit Entertainment.”

           And it was difficult for years, but Bang Shi Hyuk was eternally grateful that he didn’t have to bear it alone. They had to publicize, build credit with just their names and talents, and with just a total of ten workers, everyone had to stretch themselves thin, filling in where they were lacking. But they never gave up and they couldn’t give up, not after seeing the countless of people of various ages who auditioned, regardless of whether the company was one of the Big 3 or not. They had hunger and drive for their passions that was amazingly electric and infectious.

           "Busan is the last stop, huh?“ Coordi grinned as Bang PD nervously gripped the steering wheel.

           "Yeah…” he hummed as he kept his eyes on the road, watching the navigator closely.

           "Thanks for coming with me last minute. Slow Rabbit got sick and Pdogg had prior commitments.“

           "Cause I’m only the dancer.” Son Sung Deuk jeered in the back.

           She glared at him. “I mean, we absolutely needed a musical expert with us for this audition. Sorry again Shi Hyuk…”

           Shi Hyuk chuckled shyly, “I-it’s okay. I should’ve been at more of these, especially since you all have been using my name to promote it.”

           "Eh you’re busy with getting the company up and running.“ Coordi waved her hand nonchalantly. "Plus you keep an eye on the trainees that are already there.”

           "I would definitely like to get one more dancer and singer.“ Bang PD hummed. "It’d be better if he was both…”

           "And handsome like everyone else.“ She giggled while Son Sung Deuk rolled his eyes.

           "Of course, you’d say that.”

           "Hey, I deal with appearances– give me a break.“ she light-heartedly bantered.

           "Um I’m Park Jimin…” a short yet handsome young boy stepped on stage timidly.

           The three had seen many boys, girls, women, men, but none had the spark that they were looking for. At this point in the auditions, Bang PD and Sung Deuk were nonchalantly looking down at their papers, disheartened and disinterested. It seemed that Coordi, as always, was the only one who looked friendly and inviting.

           "Hi Jimin.“ Coordi smiled warmly. "What would you like to show us today?”

           "Umm I can dance and sing. Can I show you both?“ he asked politely.

           Bang PD and Sung Deuk looked up curiously, their interest piqued.

           "Of course you can. Why don’t you show us your dancing first?” Coordi glanced at his papers. “Oh ~ you graduated at the top of Busan High School of the Arts for dance?”

           Jimin smiled and nodded.

           By this time, Bang PD and Sung Deuk leaned back in their chairs attentively.

           "Whenever you’re ready Jimin.“ she grinned encouragingly.

           And of course, they were completely blown away by his unpolished talent and innate potential. After his audition pieces were finished, Coordi couldn’t help but nudge and smack Bang PD and Sung Deuk pleadingly and excitedly. Jimin clasped his hands together and shut his eyes, waiting. He was heaving and sweating, and clearly nervous about what they were going to say.

           But Coordi knew that he was it.

           However, the two men were holding onto their pride and trying to remain stoic and nonchalant. Needless to say though, they unanimously accepted him on the spot and Jimin became the last trainee they admitted into their company.

[Years later: Present Time]

           "Yah! Who sat on my headphones??” Yoongi grumbled.

           "No one sat on them… but Namjoon-hyung touched them!“ Taehyung blurted out and scurried away to hide for ratting out his hyung.

           "Kim Taehyung!” Namjoon growled.

           "Ahh man. I have to go buy new ones.“ Yoongi huffed, scratching his head heatedly.

           "Hyung, you have the new ones your fan site gave you.” Jimin reminded.

           "Oh…right.“ Yoongi softened at the realization then disappeared back into his studio.

           Everyone else sighed in relief. Their hyung always got grumpy and frustrated if he couldn’t work on his music when an idea struck him.

           "Good save Jimin.” Jin patted his back warmly.

           "Don’t thank me.“ Jimin giggled, "Thank the fan sites.”

           "Okay anyway, back to our dilemma,“ Namjoon refocused the others. "Now that we have a decent amount of money from our paychecks, we can finally get Bang PD something good for the holidays.”

           The rest of the members nodded.

           "So what do we get him?“ the leader exhaled.

           "Umm… how about an Army apron?” Jin suggested.

           "I’m going to say a no to that.“ Namjoon shot it down.

           "How about a BIG gold frame with our picture on it?” Tae raised his hand excitedly.


           "Matching Timbs!” Jungkook bellowed.

           "No.“ Namjoon rolled his eyes. "It’s not about what you want Jungkook.”

           "Maybe a watch?“ Hoseok suggested.

           "Hmm okay, decent idea, but it still doesn’t feel…I dunno…grateful enough?” Namjoon hummed.

           "Well why don’t we make him something? Like a personalized plate for his office? Or like a Best CEO trophy from us?“ Jimin threw out.

           The others mumbled and nodded. Namjoon scratched his head.

           "But would he NEED that?”

           "Okay, Namjoon. Do you or do you not want to give him a present?“ Jin snapped. "You’re shooting down all of our answers!”

           "Sorry.“ Namjoon frowned. "I just…none of them feel right. I want to make him SUPER happy when he opens it, you know? Like he’s done so much for us. He gave us a shot at our dreams, showed us the way, and essentially raised us to the group we are now. Like we friggin got a DAESANG this year! I really want to give back the amount of happiness he’s given us.”

           The room fell silent and Yoongi walked out of his room. “Well, why don’t you all try to feel out what he needs and wants by taking him out? We can always get him two things, not just one.”

           Everyone glanced at each other and consented that that was good plan.

           "We’ll reconvene at the end of the week then?“ Namjoon clapped his hands and stood up. "I do have a lunch with him tomorrow so I’ll let you guys know what I find.”

           And so the next day, Namjoon found himself paying closer attention to Bang PD than he had ever before. He observed his outfit, his accessories, his food order, and basically anything that could help lead him in the right direction.

           "So how are your songs coming along?“ Bang PD questioned then took a bite of his food.

           "They’re going well. Slowly but surely.”

           "And lyrics to the tracks I sent you to look over?“

           "Almost done.” Namjoon smiled.

           There was silence as they worked on their meals. Namjoon was racking his brain, trying to find a proper yet subtle segue into asking what his boss wanted for Christmas. But suddenly, Bang PD dropped his fork and tensed up.

           "Namjoon! Shi Hyuk!“ a familiar voice called out happily.

           Namjoon perked up and turned to find his group’s head Coordi-noona approaching them.

           "Noona!” he waved.

           "Having a little date, huh?“ she teased.

           "Do you want to join us?” Namjoon offered, glancing at Bang PD, wondering why he hadn’t said anything yet.

           "Will that be okay? I don’t want to interrupt.“ she looked between the two of them.

           Bang PD was fiddling with his napkin and had a hint of pink on his cheeks.

           "Y-yeah. Of course.” he softly agreed.

           She smiled and took a seat, placing her wrapped sub on the table. “Excited for the holidays coming up? All those end of the year shows?”

           "I-um have to go to the bathroom!“ Bang PD yelled out of the blue, causing Namjoon and Coordi to flinch.

           He didn’t even wait for them to respond before scurrying away.

           "Umm…” Namjoon and Coordi glanced at each other.

           "He probably just really needed to go?“ she laughed. "Do I look scary these days, Joonie?”

           Namjoon tilted his head, “What? No. Why, Noona?”

           "Shi Hyuk has been running away like that whenever I see him.“ she giggled.

           "Hmm…” Namjoon hummed, his gears turning.

           When he returned from the bathroom, Bang PD excused himself hurriedly, mumbling about how something came up. The other two didn’t quite catch his incoherent statement, but he was already gone before they could ask him to repeat it. The two stared at each other in surprise then shrugged, continuing their conversation normally. But in the back of Namjoon’s mind, his interest was piqued. He had an inkling, a theory, and he needed to get to the bottom of it.

           For the rest of the week, Namjoon found time to observe the two’s interactions, gathering evidence for his gut feeling. And almost always, he would find that Bang PD slipped away when she entered the room and he would be visibly flustered whenever she greeted him. Namjoon cupped his face in awe. How could he have missed this?

           "Guys.“ he called his team together. "I think Bang PD really likes Coordi-noona.”

           "What?“ the others gasped.

           "Really guys?” Yoongi chuckled smugly. “It was painfully obvious. He scampers away faster than Jungkook does with female idols.”

           "Hyung!“ Jungkook whined.

           "No offense, Kooks.”

           Jungkook pursed his lips while Jimin patted his back comfortingly.

           "So Bang PD probably wants HER for Christmas!“ Tae giggled with glee. "Let’s get them together as our present!”

           "Eh…I don’t know…“ Hoseok glanced around skeptically as did the others.

           But surprisingly, Namjoon hummed. "No wait, I think that’s actually a brilliant idea.”

           "What?“ Yoongi raised an eyebrow.

           "Okay, so hear me out.” Namjoon began talking with his hands carefully. “He’s had this dream of becoming a famous producer and a great CEO, and nurturing an award-winning group, which he has and is continuously achieving. But dreams change and we get new dreams and new goals. When we achieve one, we want more. When one dream ends, a new one begins–”

           "Okay, let’s get to the point.“ Yoongi urged.

           "Oh right.” Namjoon chuckled. “I’m saying that he’s achieved so many things, more or less, with his own talents. EXCEPT for love. And this is where we come in. He helped us so much and now we’re going to help him.”

           "Alright, but how exactly do we get them together if he always runs away?“ Jin asked.

           "Secretly and subtly.” Namjoon replied.

           "Like ninjas!“ Tae giggled. He and Jungkook adopted their stances playfully.

           "Yeah.” Namjoon continued firmly. “We can’t make it obvious or pre-planned. It has to look coincidental and accidental. We have to plan it so he has no other option but to converse with her. Once he talks to her, she’ll get to know him better and BAM!” he snapped his fingers. “They connect and fall in love!”

           "Well, we have to get him out of his studio office in order to communicate with the outside world.“ Yoongi surprisingly added.

           "Sounds like someone we know.” Jin elbowed his roommate teasingly.

           "Well doesn’t she attend meetings with him where they come up with album concepts and visuals?“ Hoseok questioned. "She’s the Head Coordi so she’s in charge of relaying it back to our other coordis and coordinating all our outfits to look in sync visually.”

           "Yeah. He can’t run from her there…“ Jungkook hummed.

           The seven boys looked at each other and grinned.

           "Ready for a little trip?” Namjoon smirked.

           "Ready!“ Taehyung strapped on his face mask and pulled a beanie over his head.

           "We’re not going to rob a bank, Tae.” Yoongi snorted.

           "I’m not a robber! I’m a ninja!“ he corrected.

           "Alright then.” Yoongi shrugged, stepping out of the practice room nonchalantly.

           "Where are you going? We need a plan!“ Namjoon hissed.

           "Yeah, we walk to the room like normal people. Then once we get there, we crouch down, and watch them through the crack of the door window.” Yoongi stated orderly.

           Namjoon exhaled, knowing that would essentially end up being the plan. However, the others still tiptoed behind Yoongi, who shook his head in disbelief as they received odd looks from the other staff members.

           All seven of them squished together, trying to take a peek into the conference room. Bang PD was at the end of the table, speaking. Everyone’s eyes were on him concentrated, but he would only turn his attention to one side of the table, away from where Coordi was seated. The boys exhaled, disapprovingly. This was worse than they thought.

           Inside the conference room, Bang PD was sweating. He disliked these meetings because he always felt foolish and flustered whenever he made eye contact with her. She was always looking at him so expectantly, so brightly that his heart raced uncontrollably, and he lost all train of thought. He developed a counter to it though; he avoided any possible connection of their gazes by focusing on the other half of the table when he spoke, and tried to hide his aversion by turning towards the half she was in whenever he was reading off his notes. Even though they had known each other for years, and she essentially helped raise the company by his side, he still wanted to look and sound impressive. He wanted to make it through this meeting coolly, without any major flubs that would make him look incompetent in front of her. He could already feel himself cringing at the remembrance of every single time he had literally hid or run away from her presence shamefully. This was the only time he could win her favor subtly, but doubly, it was also a time that he feared the most.

           He exhaled once he finished his speech. The others exchanged comments and concerns, but more or less agreed with his plan. With the conclusion of the meeting, everyone stood up and gathered their things, stretching from the lengthy meeting.

           "Um… Bang PD.“

           He tensed up as she approached him.

           "Can I talk to you about something?” she touched his arm gently and his entire body was set on fire. “I had an idea about the costumes for their special stage at the End-of-the-Year shows and –”

           "Uhhh I uh…“ he panicked. "I have to go do something in my office.”

           He clamored for the person closest to him, which luckily, happened to be BTS’s main manager, Sejin.

           "Why don’t you discuss it with Sejin for now and he can relay it to me when he meets with me later?“

           "Umm…” she looked down, appearing slightly disappointed. “Sure, okay. Yeah, you must be busy.”

           Sejin looked at him, puzzled; probably because there was no meeting set up for later. But luckily, he was a quiet, soft-spoken man, and was easily swept into her conversation despite his confusion, which allowed Bang PD to slip away easily.

           The boys witnessed the entire interaction and smacked their foreheads in painful shame at their beloved CEO’s actions.

           "This is going to be a tough one boys.“ Namjoon exhaled. "Are you up for the challenge?”

           Everyone determinedly nodded, besides Yoongi, who didn’t really budge at all. But to the others who knew him well enough, the fact that he wasn’t saying otherwise, meant he was on board.

           "Alright Bangtan Boys, let’s move out!“ Namjoon clapped.

           All of the members dispersed playfully – rolling on the ground stealthily, pressing up against the wall to blend in, ninja running down the hall – with the exception of Yoongi who simply strolled back towards his studio with an amused smile on his face.

           It was time to put their plan into action.

           "Alright. Stand still while I pin your clothes a bit.” Coordi smiled as Tae spread his legs to respectfully meet her height.

           "Noona, noona!“ he cheered.

           "Hm?” she hummed as she fiddled with his collar.

           "Bang PD is so awesome isn’t he?“

           The other members groaned silently at Tae’s sudden comment. Coordi laughed, used to his random musings by now.

           "Yeah he’s an awesome man.”

           "Like he produces good music, comes up with great concepts, and really knows how to pull things together, right Hoseok hyung?“

           Hoseok chuckled and nodded. "Not to mention he’s such a great boss. He puts our health first and let’s us just be ourselves on broadcast.”

           Coordi smiled. “Shouldn’t you guys be telling him all these compliments and not me?”

           "Oh you know he gets all shy and stuff when he hears these kinds of things.“ Jin waved his hand. "But I do have to say he is getting a lot handsomer these days.”

           "Yeah!“ Jungkook snapped his fingers as he pretended to think. "There’s a hot trend these days. A term that ARMYs use… umm…what was it…”

           "‘Bang'ed!“ Tae shouted as he shot a little finger gun then giggled.

           "Bang'ed?” Coordi repeated curiously.

           "Yeah, like when people realize he’s so handsome and amazing that they can’t help falling in love with Bang PD – they call it getting 'Bang-ed’!“ Jungkook urged.

           "Really? I haven’t seen that online…”

           "Oh it’s definitely the hott trend these days amongst the ARMYs, Noona.“ Namjoon jumped in with an innocent smile. "Our fans tagged it a lot when he was looking very spiffy accepting the Best Executive Producer Award.”

           "What do you think of him, Noona?“ Tae blurted out then hurriedly changed his question when he caught the others glaring at him. "I mean, what do you think of it? The word?”

           "Hmm…it is a clever term.“ Coordi chuckled. "You kids are so quick-witted nowadays. I’m sure Bang PD would be happy to hear you all have a cool, lingo term for him.”

           "Oh, would you happen to be walking by his office later, Noona?“ Yoongi walked over nonchalantly.

           "Um yeah, I’ll pass by it. Why?” she tilted her head.

           "Would you mind dropping off a copy of my tracks for me? He wanted to review them and suggest changes, but you know we have practice right after this…“ Yoongi frowned.

           Coordi smiled gently and grabbed the USB from his hand. "Don’t worry. I’ll put it on his desk and make sure he gets it.”

           "Thanks.“ Yoongi grinned innocently then sent a smirk to the others when she wasn’t looking.

           The others gave him a thumbs up and dispersed from the scene. This was enough for now. They would have to see if any of their attempts would bring about positive results.

           There was a timid knock on Bang PD’s door and he blinked curiously. He wasn’t expecting anyone.

           "Come in.” he called and had to bite down a gasp when Coordi entered the room.

           Flustered, he sat up from his chair, causing it to fall down with a loud thud. He grimaced at the sound of the impact, embarrassed. But she light-heartedly chuckled.

           "Sorry to barge in. Yoongi asked me to drop some of his tracks off for suggestions.“ she timidly explained as she stopped in front of his desk, where he was still standing up, wide-eyed like a deer in headlights.

           Curiously, she stared at him, wondering why he wasn’t speaking.

           "Um here then.” she extended her arm to hand him the USB.

           Shyly, he tried to take it from her and ended up brushing against her fingers. He flinched, turned red, and let the USB slip from his fingers and onto the desk.

           "Woops. I let go too early. But I guess that’s essentially where you were going to put it.“ she giggled. "Do you need anything here?”

           "Huh?“ his eyes glanced up at her.

           "I’ll be working down the hall for a few hours. I can come bring you coffee or tea if you need it?” she smiled as she leaned over the desk to stare at him playfully. “You’re always cooped up here, Shi Hyuk. The boys are starting to take after you.”

           He blushed. “I-I’m okay, thanks.”

            “Okay. Well if you need anything, let me know.” she waved nonchalantly and then disappeared through the door.

           Bang PD exhaled, realizing he had been incredibly tense this entire time, standing and staring like a terrified animal. He groaned as he picked up his chair and slumped his head down onto the table in shame. Why couldn’t he function properly whenever she was near?

           "Okay, she stayed less than two minutes. This was NOT a success.“ Jin whispered into the phone while he crouched in the corner of the hallway watching Coordi step out of the office. "We need to go deeper, my friends.”

           "Roger that.“ Taehyung answered. "Mission delayed. Continue the barrage!”

           So for the next few days, the boys did everything they could to create another opportunity for Coordi and Bang PD to speak to each other. Coordi was thoroughly confused as she found several pictures of him inside her purse randomly. The boys would play videos of him while she fitted their clothes, and would constantly share stories of their times with him.

           One day she even found a slip of paper with Bang PD’s phone number in her jacket pocket that said “Call me”. When she did call him, thinking he had something urgent to discuss with her, he curtly stated, “I didn’t put that there” and hung up without another word. Little did she know that he panicked at seeing her name and picture on his phone, and was even more flustered when he heard her voice, causing him to end the call in a messy hurry.

           On another day, the boys were complaining about how worried they were about Bang PD’s health and how no one took care of him. They talked of how they wished someone would check on him and bring their beloved boss food every so often. That their worries were clouding their minds and making it hard to practice properly. Coordi was so touched by their concern that she volunteered to do it to ease their minds.

           "Wh-what’s this?“ Bang PD stammered.

           Namjoon smirked subtly as she placed tea and some delicately cut fruits on his table. He had accompanied Coordi into the room to make the interaction a bit more comfortable with his presence.

           "Um well, you’ve been here for hours so I figured you’d be hungry a bit.” she curled her hair behind her ears timidly. “I know these are your favorite fruits so….”

           Bang PD turned visibly red and Namjoon had to bite his lip to hide his amusement.


           "No problem.” she lingered a bit before heading out of the room.

           Namjoon sighed as he took a seat in front of his boss, disappointed that there wasn’t much progress after the few days of their efforts. They needed to do something more.

           "Nothing brings people together more than skinship.“ Jin urged as he, Tae, Jimin, and Namjoon were waiting to pick up their orders at the cafe counter. "I’m telling you, they’ll be forced to talk that way. For example –”

           Jin lightly bumped into Jimin.

           "Oh! I’m so sorry!“ he dramatically gasped then grinned. "Oh hi Jimin! I haven’t seen you in forever! Are you waiting for food too? What’d you order?”

           The others exhaled at his over-acting.

           "But the problem is he can’t talk to her. He gets so nervous that his fight-or-flight response kicks in.“ Namjoon exhaled.

           "But it’s the moment of impact.” Jin clutched his heart. “The moment when your fingers brush together or they’re in each other’s arms. The goal here, my friends, is not JUST to get them to talk remember? It’s to have them fall in love!”

           "You’re right.“ Tae hummed in realization. "We need to see the bigger picture.”

           Namjoon rubbed his temples. “But there can’t be love without conversation!”

           "But actions speak louder than words, Joon.“ Jin crossed his arms.

           "Well he’s not doing either!” Namjoon retorted.

           "Um…hyungs…“ Jimin spoke worriedly.

           The two turned and gasped as they spotted Tae creeping over to where Coordi was about to cross paths with Bang PD at a different counter.  

           "What is he doing?” Jin hissed.

           Tae giggled as he spilled a little water on the ground then scurried away. She was so intent in balancing her tray of food that she wasn’t paying attention to the tiny puddle on the floor. Right as Bang PD turned away from paying for his lunch, her foot slipped on the water and she was sent flying backwards.

           "Catch her, catch her, catch her.“ Tae chanted under his breath. "Do the dip catch Bang PD.”

           But his vision of the romantic catch never happened.

           Bang PD’s eyes widened as he witnessed her falling and landing on her back harshly while the contents of her tray went flying into the air. The boys winced at the sight of the ruthless impact.

           Namjoon and Jin glared at Tae who retreated guiltily.

           "Are you okay?“ Bang PD panicked, after recognizing that Coordi was the victim.

           She coughed and nodded, still in shock. "Um I’m not sure. Are my limbs still attached? Can I make money by suing?”

           Bang PD chuckled at her comment and leaned down to help her up gently. “They’re all still attached, I’m afraid.”

           "Darn.“ she grinned as she held onto his arm to steady herself.

           Jin gasped in awe and placed a hand on Namjoon’s shoulders. "Are they…”

           "They’re talking!“ Jimin finished excitedly. "And they’re actually laughing and smiling!”

           "And he’s not running away!“ Namjoon clenched his fists eagerly.

           "So did I do a good job?” Tae grinned happily.

           "Ah my food.“ Coordi frowned as she realized they had fallen onto the ground beside her.

           Bang PD perked up and turned to the girl at the counter, flicking out his card. "Can I get the same exact order that she just dropped?”

           "Shi Hyuk! You don’t have to–“ she panicked but he simply smiled.

           "It’s my treat. I’m just glad you’re not hurt.”

           Later that day, Yoongi waltzed into Bang PD’s office to find him smacking his forehead onto his desk repeatedly. He stared at the scene, contemplating.

           "Um should I come back after you’re done with your head banging practice or…?“ he muttered.

           Bang PD shot his head up, now only realizing he wasn’t alone.

           "Oh um Yoongi…” he laughed nervously. “Sorry about that. Just trying to forget something embarrassing I did today.”

           "Yeah, I heard giving yourself a concussion does the trick.“ Yoongi scoffed and took a seat. "You wanted to see me?”

           "Right.“ Bang PD coughed and tidied himself up. "I just wanted to give you suggestions for your new tracks.”

           "I’d like to offer a few suggestions to you myself.“ Yoongi smiled.


           Yoongi glanced towards the door, “I’d just say 'yes’ when they come in.”

           "When who…?“

           The rest of his members suddenly burst through the door, chaotically yelling and bickering. Bang PD stood up, surprised, and spoke loudly over them.


           They became silent.

           "What is going on?“

           The members shoved Namjoon forward.

           "Um..well…we were all thinking…”

           "A very dangerous thing for us to be doing.“ Yoongi commented offhandedly, earning a glare from the leader.  

           "We would like to have a company Holiday party!” Namjoon stated.

           Bang PD hummed and sat back down, drumming his fingers onto his desk. “You know…I’ve been wondering how to bring this up, but what exactly are you all trying to do?”

           "What?“ They glanced at each other.

           "Well, Coordi was telling me just earlier that she’s been hearing nothing but praises about me from you all. And that’s when I started putting two and two together. The random notes she said she finds. MY PICTURES?”

           The members glanced at Taehyung who grinned proudly.

           "What is going on?“ he exhaled.

           "We know you like Coordi-noona…” Jungkook mumbled.

           "And we wanted to get you HER for Christmas!“ Tae cheered.

           "That is ridiculous.” Bang PD laughed. “There’s no way she would like me back. I’m sure you all have seen how I act around her. It’s embarrassing.”

           "I think it’s cute.“ Jimin shrugged.

           Bang PD sunk into his chair. "I’m sorry boys. But I’m not going to make a holiday party, especially now knowing your intentions for it. Please get back to practice.”

           "Hmm interesting.“ Yoongi crossed his legs as he continued to lounge on the couch.

           "What?” Bang PD raised an eyebrow.

           "That you’re not following your own advice.“ Yoongi shrugged.

           "What advice?”

           "Yeah, what advice?“ Jin whispered to his roommate.

           "You always tell us that if you don’t take even the smallest steps forward, you won’t ever get to where you want to.” Yoongi waved his hand nonchalantly. “I think this concept doesn’t just apply to us and music, does it?”

           The room fell silent at his strong argument. After a few minutes, Bang PD spoke once again.

           "I’m sorry. I really admire what you boys are trying to do, but I’d really like it if you stopped. It’s better this way and I don’t want to ruin my professional relationship with her. Please get back to practice. You as well Yoongi. I’ll e-mail you the suggestions that I was going to discuss.“ Bang PD averted his gaze sadly.

           Yoongi nodded and stood up. "Well that’s that. Let’s go.”

           "But…“ Tae pouted.

           "Come on.” Jin tugged him along as all seven of them disappeared, leaving Bang PD alone with his frustrations and concerns.

           He knew that what Yoongi said was positively correct, but as much as he knew he wasn’t getting anywhere in his current state, he didn’t mind it. He liked exactly where he was.

           The next day, however, fate had different plans.

           Bang PD hummed a new tune he had in mind inside the elevator, trying not to forget it while he ascended to his office. But his breath got caught when the elevator re-opened and he found himself face-to-face with none other than the very woman he was trying to avoid.

           "Hi!“ she said breathlessly as she hopped in. "I’m glad I caught this elevator before it left. They take forever.”

           Shi Hyuk chuckled shyly and shifted over to give her space. She settled beside him, despite there being the rest of the elevator to stand. His heart was hammering inside his chest as her sleeve brushed against his arm.

           "How’d you sleep?“ she turned to him, pulling her hair back behind her ear. A subtle action that always drove him crazy.

           "Um, very well. Thanks for asking.” he answered shortly. “You?”

           "Very well too. I’ve been passing out early a lot these days.“ she laughed. "I hope the boys are getting enough rest. They’re always up practicing. I get their notifications at such odd times, when they tweet and stuff.”

           "Oh? You have Twitter?“ Bang PD blinked.

           Coordi cracked up. "Of course! I have to keep up with the young ones, Shi Hyuk.”

           He chuckled.

           "Have you been eating well?“ she frowned. "You look like you’re losing weight these days.”

           He blushed. “Oh, I’ve been trying to stay healthy…”

           "Well healthy is different than not eating. I hope you know that.“

           Bang PD nodded, touched by her concern. He glanced at what floor they were on, taking note that she was going to get off soon. He felt a tug in his heart at the thought of ending this nice, flowing conversation. He quite enjoyed talking to her without the feeling of anyone judging him or figuring out his feelings.

           "Wh-what are you doing for Christmas?” he managed to ask.

           "Nothing. What about you, Shi Hyuk?“

           "Nothing, either.” he blushed.

           She smiled as the elevator came to a halt, “Maybe we should have a company Christmas party so we all have something to look forward to. I know the boys have been talking about one, and if you want my two cents, I think it sounds fun!”

           Bang PD’s eyes widened as she stepped out, turned, and directed a tiny wink towards him.

           "Have a wonderful day Shi Hyuk!“

           He inhaled sharply but the doors closed before he could reply, and he was left alone once again. The memory of her wink and her flirtatious grin directed towards him and him alone made him feel like flying. Butterflies crowded inside his stomach, threatening to pull up to the ceiling of the elevator with the amount of fluttering they were doing. The gesture seemed so small, so insignificant but it had absolutely turned his mood.

           And that was when he realized that he had once again come to a crossroad in his life.

           All along he had been settling where he felt comfortable. He had chased after this company with so much vigor; he never once let fear stop him from running forward. But now, with Coordi, with love, he had found himself so terrified of failing and being rejected that he stopped climbing the mountain.

           He had settled.

           Quickly, he scrambled for his phone and dialed for Namjoon.

           "Yes, PD-nim.” Namjoon answered, surprised by the early call after yesterday’s dispute.

           "Gather all the boys together.“
           "What happened?”

           "We’re going to have a company Holiday party.“

           The boys pushed and shoved to fit snugly on Bang PD’s couch as he paced his office.

           "So…” Jin started, breaking the silence.“The party is on?”

           "Yes.“ he answered.

           "Okay, so why exactly are we gathered here?” Yoongi questioned.

           Bang PD exhaled. “I need help.”

           The members blinked.

           "You guys were right. I’ve really liked Coordi all these years, even back when we were in JYP together. But with each new year, I found myself getting more and more terrified of approaching her. I don’t know how to act or what to say. And I need…I need you guys to show me how to talk to women…“ he mumbled shyly.

           "US? You want US to teach YOU how to talk to women?” Yoongi emphasized.

           "You guys are young and hip! Women love the young lingo, the wit, the dad jokes, the intelligence, the chic-ness, the playfulness. You have all of that…individually.“ he exclaimed. "Will you guys help me?”

           The members looked at each other and grinned.

           "Of course, Bang PD. We’ll help you.“

           And so the transformation began.

           They first took him shopping for his holiday party outfit, and got him a casual black button-up and fitted slacks.

           "Shouldn’t I get a suit top too?” he questioned. “And a vest? A bow tie?”

           "No, you’re not going to the Prom, PD-nim.“ Yoongi answered as he pulled him away.

           Seokjin gave him a list of Dad jokes to practice, helping him properly pause before the divulging the punch line.

           "The point is that you should laugh after your own punch line, because if you don’t think you’re funny, they certainly won’t. AND even if they don’t think your joke is funny, then at least they’ll laugh at you laughing at your own joke.” Jin grinned proudly while Bang PD blinked, trying to keep up with his logic. “Okay?”


           "Okay so first thing is first.” Namjoon sat him down. “Ladies love the wink.”

           "Or the hand kiss.“ Jin demonstrated.

           But Namjoon stepped between them. "Let’s go with the wink.”

           Jin huffed.

           "Show us your best wink, PD-nim.“

           The seven boys crowded around their CEO who was sweating nervously.


           His eyes twitched frantically as he tried to wink. The seven glanced at each other.

           "Okay, that needs a lot of work.“ Namjoon hummed.

           "I’ll hold one eye open.” Yoongi pulled Bang PD’s eyelid up. “And you twitch the other, to get the feeling down.”

           They struggled to force his one eye open, but the efforts were futile as he ended up blinking both eyes regardless.

           "Okay, winking needs more practice, but you can definitely win them over with compliments. Right, guys?“ Namjoon turned to the others, who nodded.

           "Oo!” Tae raised his hand. “We learned one in L.A.!”

           "Right!“ the others clapped.

           "You go up to a woman. Look them up and down, and say, 'I like your style’.” Tae acted the part and flicked his eyebrows up at Jungkook playfully.

           Jungkook giggled at his hyung’s silliness.

           Bang PD tried to copy Tae’s eyebrow wiggle, but ended up looking like he was angrily trying to catch sight of his own forehead.

           "Okay, try it on J-Hope.“ Tae pulled Hoseok in front of Bang PD. "Tell him you like his style.”

           "Umm… I like your style…“ he shyly complimented, looking down.

           "No, no. If you say it like that, then they won’t be sure you mean it.” Tae frowned then turned to Hoseok. “Did you think he meant it?”

           "Yeah, the whole shy thing seemed genuine to me.“ Hoseok shrugged but Tae shook his head.

           "Confidence Bang PD! You have to be confident in your compliment!” Tae giggled. “I’ll teach you something else women find cute.”

           "What is it?“

           Tae stepped behind Jimin and tapped his shoulder. Jimin looked over that shoulder but Tae slipped to his other side. Jimin realized what he was doing and cracked up.

           "See? Cute pranks like these make women laugh.”

           Bang PD blushed. He wasn’t sure if he could pull such a thing off.

           "I always go for the subtleties.“ Yoongi shrugged. "Slip her a drink then walk away. Act like you don’t care but then confuse them by showing an act of kindness randomly.”

           "Calling them 'baby’ will help too.“ Namjoon grinned.

           "No, that’s too soon, Joon!” Jin argued. “PD-nim. Don’t use any pet names.”

           "What? I didn’t think it was weird.“

           "No, definitely not a good tip.”

           "Oh I suppose you’ll suggest that he go COOK her something for a present.“ Namjoon huffed.

           "Yes, actually.” Jin blinked. “I think he should get her a personalized present.”

           "Well since he’s 'Hitman’ Bang, I think he should make her a song.“ Yoongi chimed in.

           "That’s cliche, Yoongi.” Jin shook his head.

           "How about rap her a song?“ Tae added.                  

           "Or dance!” Hoseok joined the fray.

           Everyone began bickering and Bang PD sighed, disheartened. There was no way he could practice all these and get them decent enough to impress Coordi.

           "Umm…“ Jimin finally spoke up, raising his hand.

           Everyone fell silent and turned to him.

           "What about… you know…just being yourself?” he meekly suggested.

           Everyone blinked and stared at him, taking his comment in.


           Then they returned to talking over one another as Jimin exhaled, catching Bang PD taking notes on all of their ideas.

           Then the day of the party arrived.

           Taehyung was happily singing and skipping around the hall decorating. Curiously, Jungkook followed the sound of his voice to see what he was up to. The maknae gasped and bellowed.

           "Hyungs! He’s putting mistletoes everywhere!”

           The others rushed to the hall and found almost the entire ceiling covered.

           "Tae! What are you doing?!“

           "They have to kiss!” Tae giggled.

           "But then so do the rest of the guests! At this point, every step we take, we have to kiss someone.“ Hoseok explained.

           "But…” Tae pouted.

           "We have to remove these.“ Jin shook his head and grabbed a ladder.

           "Noooo!” Tae whined as Jungkook dragged him away. “THEY HAVE TO KISS! THEY HAVE TO!”

           When the time came for the company party, Bang PD had hidden away until almost everyone was inside. He was panicking intensely and sweating bullets. He had rehearsed and rehearsed for days and nights on what to say and how to say things. He had even printed out Coordi’s picture and practiced staring into her eyes. But obviously none of those things could prepare him for reality, for when she would be in front of him, blinking, breathing, fixing her hair. Nothing would prepare him for the way his heart stuttered and his words spluttered whenever she was around.

           But he wanted to take that first step forward.

           In the meanwhile, Coordi sat at the open bar by herself, waiting for her drink. Everyone was mingling with each other and the boys were excitedly staring at the entrance, awaiting Bang PD’s arrival. So when he stepped through the door, they waved frantically towards him.

           He averted their wild greetings though and hurriedly sat beside Coordi, causing her to flinch in surprise.

           "Shi Hyuk!“ she blinked and scanned his black on black outfit.

           He had two buttons unbuttoned, revealing a gold chain around his neck.

           Coordi smiled warmly. "You cleaned up nicely.”

           "Thanks.“ he leaned an arm on the counter nonchalantly. "I like your style too.”

           She blushed and patted down her skirt timidly, “Oh um thanks.”

           "Here’s your drink, ma'am.“ the bartender slid it towards her.

           "Thank you.” she turned to grab it.

           Bang PD tapped her opposite shoulder playfully and she turned in that direction while he spun around, spreading his arms out lounging on the counter. Finding the no one was on that side, she faced him again, giggling.

           "Do you always get playful during the holidays?“

           Bang PD shrugged and continued to glance around the rest of the hall, trying to keep his cool as he had rehearsed.

           "Umm…where’d you get the suit? It looks nice.” she complimented.

           "Oh these?“ he scoffed. "They’ve just been lying around in my closet.”

           "Oh…okay.“ she fiddled with her drink. "Would you like a drink?”

           Bang PD lifted his arm up to call over the bartender arrogantly. “I’ll have the usual.”

           "The usual?“ Coordi’s eyes widened in awe.

           Bang PD winked at her and nodded at the bartender, who was staring at him puzzled. Coordi smiled gently and took a sip of her drink.

           "Thanks for setting up a party for the holidays. A lot of us had something to look forward to for once.”

           "No problem. You know how I do.“ he grinned.

           "Uh yeah. I guess I know how you do…”

           There was an awkward silence before she hopped off the chair.

           "I’m uh going to go say hi to the others.“ she smiled slightly. "Please have a good time Shi Hyuk.”

           Then she floated to the group of other coordis and stylists as his eyes followed her intently. He turned around towards the bar and groaned. Why hadn’t they worked? He had done everything the boys had taught him and told him to practice effortlessly, but why did he feel like it had the opposite effect?

           "Um I’m not sure what your usual was but here…“ the bartended slipped him a drink.

           "Thanks.” Bang PD chugged it down without caring what was in it.

           "You think it went well?“ Tae whispered.

           "Umm…no. She walked away from him and he is now sitting at the bar, drinking alone.” Jin shook his head then turned to Yoongi. “I told you that we shouldn’t have gone for the rich, chic style.”  

           "I only gave him suggestions. I didn’t say he had to DO it.“ Yoongi rolled his eyes. "Namjoon was the one that said it’d be easier since it was the style that said and did the least.”

           Jimin frowned and looked back and forth between Bang PD and Coordi.

           Soon enough, the food was served, and the dancing began. Bang PD continued to drink, trying to enjoy himself, but his thoughts were filled simply with the continuous reel of his earlier fail of an encounter with Coordi. He may have consistently run away and awkward, but she had never been that hesitant with him before. He needed to get air and silence. He needed time to think things through, to figure out what exactly had happened.

           So while the music was on full blast and everyone was busy amongst themselves, he slipped away. Why had he thought taking advice from young adults was a good idea? Why did he think transforming into someone different for one day would win her over? What did he even know about her romantic interests? For all he knew, he could be completely opposite of what she wanted. Now he may have ruined not only the hope of stirring her feelings, but their current relationship. He sighed and carded his hands through his hair as he made his way to the balcony.

           But when he opened the door to get outside, he gasped a little. Coordi was looking right at him already, most likely mirroring his own surprise.

           "Oh I’m sorry…“ he mumbled as he took a step back.

           Coordi smiled. "You came for some air too?”

           Bang PD paused. His fears had been cleared with one sentence from her. Nothing was scarier than believing she would never speak to him again. With renewed courage, he approached her. She was leaning against the railing and glancing up at the stars quietly.

           "Yeah.“ he replied.

           "I had a bit too much to drink.” she chuckled. “The open bar is too tempting.”

           Bang PD giggled. “Same here. I think I drank more than I ate.”

           They stood in comfortable silence as they watched the sky and listened to the sounds of the evening.

           "The stars are so pretty.“ Bang PD mentioned mindlessly.

           "Yeah. I like that the sky is so clear over here. It’s absolutely beautiful.”

           "It’s hard to see much with all the city lights.“ he chuckled. "That’s why I like this venue a lot.”

           "Yeah. We were here for a party when we were working at JYP right?“

           "Yeah.” Bang PD smiled. “I wandered out here when I was trying to run from the other PDs that time. Then I’ve wanted to see this again ever since.”

           Coordi glanced at him curiously and shifted closer so that their shoulders were almost touching.

           "You know… you and the boys have been acting really awkward lately. What’s been happening?“

           Bang PD froze for a bit then exhaled, relaxing.

           It was now or never.

           He turned his torso to face her and smiled nervously.

           "I um…well…” he started. “At first it was all the boys’ doing and I had no idea they were trying to do something. Then when I found out, I ended up asking them for help…”


           "To make you like me…” he finished.

           "Make me like you? Why?“

           "Well, because I like you.” he confessed, scratching the back of his neck. “I’ve liked you for years and well, the longer I’ve liked you and known you, the more I found myself falling for you and the more I became terrified of being hurt, of being rejected. So well, I kept running away and avoiding you…and then I realized that that was stupid because then I’ll really never get anywhere and I’ll always be stuck…here…liking you silently.”

           The two stared at each other intently.

           Bang PD wanted to run away immediately, but he also wondered if hearing the rejection upfront would be the closure he needed to get over his deep-rooted emotions.

           But she simply smiled and asked, “Do you want to go back in and dance?”

           He shyly nodded, feeling a dejected. It was so like her to subtly and kindly turn down his confession. They walked back inside, in silence. The hall felt stuffy and much smaller than it originally had.

           "Stop!“ Tae yelled as they came back to the clearing leading to the dance floor.

           The two of them froze where they were, at the urgency of his voice. Everyone in attendance stopped what they were doing as well to turn towards them. There were murmurs and excited whispers resounding throughout the hall. Bang PD and Coordi glanced at each other, confused. Then they spotted a few people pointing above them and they followed that direction. They tilted their heads up to find that above them, was a mistletoe.

           "We missed one!” Hoseok gasped towards the others.

           "OOO YOU HAVE TO KISS NOW!“ Tae announced excitedly.

           Panic and dread washed over Bang PD. He flailed his hands frantically and stumbled back.

           "Oh no, no, it’s okay!”

            Jimin appeared behind them from the balcony, and Coordi caught sight of him. He gave her a thumbs up and she flashed him a knowing smile.

[A few minutes earlier]

           Jimin stepped onto the balcony shyly. Coordi turned at the sound of the door.

           "Oh hello there, my little dancing machine.“

           Jimin chuckled lightly and fiddled with his fingers.

           "Umm noona can I ask you something?”

           "Yeah of course, Jimin. What is it?“

           "How do you feel about Bang PD?”

           "Hmm…everyone seems to be mentioning him a lot lately. Am I missing something?“

           "Um I just wanted to know if you would ever consider having…more than professional feelings with him?” Jimin rocked back and forth on his heels.

           She stared at Jimin intently.

           "I want to take your feelings into consideration, noona…“

           "You won’t have to worry about that, Jimin.”

           She smiled.

           "To be honest, I was going to confess today because well– what the hell– it’s Christmas and I’ve had this blasted crush on him for years! So I dressed up and everything, which I don’t often do. He even approached me first and scared me out of my wits. I was so unprepared that I became awkward. And just when I was about to do it, I realized that he might not even be a slight bit interested in me…I mean he’s a successful music producer and a CEO. He’s rich and hard working and well I’m…I’m just well…“

           She laughed out of the pure ridiculousness of her fancy.

           "I’m just a coordi.”

           "Noona…“ Jimin frowned and took a step towards her, but then they both heard the door knob turn.

           Her eyes widened as she watched Jimin lunge into the shadows, a second before Bang PD came through the door.

           Coordi giggled as Bang PD continued to blurt out gibberish about how she didn’t need to kiss him and mistletoes didn’t have to be followed, etc. She grabbed onto his shoulders, quieting him down, and planted a kiss on his cheek. Bang PD’s eyes widened in shock and everyone in the room hollered excitedly.

[Many years ago at JYP]

           ”Aww he’s so cute that Bang Shi Hyuk.“ one of Coordi’s co-workers cooed. "He’s always going around humming something and tapping his foot. I heard he got hired on the spot because he was so determined and hard-working. He’s made a lot of songs already that made it into albums. Park Jinyoung says he has A LOT of potential to make great hits. He just needs that break to get him out there.”

           Coordi smiled as she watched Shi Hyuk walk in front of them with a CD player in hand, bobbing his head.

           "Yeah… and I like how he dreams so big and he’s working so hard for it.“

           "I mean yeah, I guess that too?” her co-worker commented.            

            “I like your song, Shi Hyuk.” Coordi complimented shyly as she approached him after a meeting.

           "Th-thank you.“ he bowed and she laughed.

           "Why’re you bowing to me?”

           He panicked a little. “Should I have not?”

           She giggled and bowed deeply. “I should be doing it to you, oh great hit maker!”

           He blushed and waved his hands. “Oh no! It’s just one song. I don’t deserve such a name.”

           She grinned, “If you have more, I’d love to take a listen. I really like the first hit you’ve created and even the ones that weren’t big hits.”

           "R-r-really?“ he stammered.

           "Uh-huh.” she smiled. “Even before I got hired here, I’ve followed you…you know…in a fan kind of way – but not a sasaeng fan!”

           Bang Shi Hyuk chuckled and lifted up his CD player. “Would you like to take a listen?”                     

           "Coordi! Coordi!“ one of her co-workers ran into her office, out of breath.

           "What happened?” she stumbled towards her friend.

           "Shi Hyuk resigned!“


           "Yeah, he said he wants to officially start his own company and–“

           Coordi grabbed a letter from her drawer, having already prepared for such a case, and scrambled towards the CEO’s office.

           "Coordi!” her friend bellowed.

           JYP was flabbergasted when she burst into his office, panting. While trying to calm her breathing, she placed the letter on his desk.

           "What’s this?“

           "I-I” she heaved. “I resign too.”

           "What? Why?“

           "I want to help him.” she stood up straighter. “I want to help him bring his visions to fruition through my clothes and designs. I want to see it happen with my own eyes. I want him to achieve his dream.”

           Bang PD slowly held his cheek, her lips lingering on his skin.


           She chuckled. "I like you too, Bang Shi Hyuk. Just the way you are and how you’ve always been so please… drop these ridiculous chains.”

           "Aww come on, I spent three dollars on those for him.“ Yoongi grumbled as the others rolled their eyes at him.

           "Wh-what?” Bang PD gasped. His head was reeling, and he wasn’t quite sure if he was actually hearing properly. He wasn’t even certain that this was reality.

           Coordi laughed and turned to the boys, “Oh… how did you kids word it?”

           Tae winked and shot a finger gun towards her.

           "Oh right.“

           She giggled as she gently wrapped her arms around Bang PD’s neck.

           "Consider me officially Bang'ed." 

Honeymoon (Jimin x Reader)

Requested by anon: Hellos~ I love your blog and scenarios! Can you write a BTS scenario where you are on your honeymoon with Jimin? Can you please make it supper fluffy lol and perhaps ending it with smut (where its both your first time)?

[[A/N: I got a bit carried away … Sorry 😆]] 


From a young age you had always dreamed of your honeymoon and what it would be like - just like most young girls did at the time.
So far, everything seemed so surreal. You still couldn’t believe that you were married to Jimin, finally being called ‘Mrs Park’ gave you a sense of completeness in your life … Every time you thought about being a newly wed wife - the excitement and fear would swirl into a puzzling and very overwhelming feeling.

Your day started off to the luminosity of the sun’s awakening. You blindly ran your hand on the surface of the queen sized mattress (yes, that bed size actually exists) hoping to find your husband’s body next to you, your fingers slowly clutched the bed sheet as you tried fully regaining your consciousness. Your eyes fluttered open only to see the empty space next to you. 


A soft yawn replaces his name into a slur - there was no way he was going to be able to hear you. 

Panic quickened the pace at which your heart was beating, you got up on your feet gradually raising your voice whilst calling out Jimin’s name.

You were in a hotel for your honeymoon therefore finding it hard to find yourself around the room. The room you were situated was so massive that it could easily be mistaken for an apartment. The queen sized bed wasn’t the only highlight of your room, the bathroom was twice the size of the one you had at home … There was a kind of jacuzzi tub in the middle, a bit further from the tub stood a huge shower cubicle - big enough to fit at least 5 people inside, even the toilets were different to the ones at home, these ones seemed to have some hi-tech installed inside it. The bedroom and the living room were attached to appear as though it was one room, a big TV screen was secured to the wall - the decor was simple ranging from casual to formal with its timeless furnishing and neutral yet warm colours. A small kitchen hid in the corner opposite to the glass windows covered by a delicate texture of almost transparent curtains that flowed all the way to the oak flooring, however those windows were also doors that led to the balcony. You had been here for 2-3 days and you still weren’t used to your settings.

You sped walked into the kitchen feeling a breeze of air tickling your skin. You examined the whole kitchen with your eyes trying to find the source of the breeze, the curtains sailed in the air allowing the wind to direct it’s subtle fabric towards you. The door was half opened and that’s when it struck you … Jimin was on the balcony. 

Why did you not think of checking the balcony?

“Jimin, what are you doing?” 

You started making your way next to him paying no attention to what he was looking at, he gave you a quick glance but then turning his attention back to whatever it was he was doing. 

Jimin sighed in deep admiration of what was in front of him “Isn’t it beautiful?” 

You blinked a few times oblivious to what he was talking about, he could see that you weren’t aware of what he was talking about therefore he put an arm around your shoulder bringing you slightly closer to him 

“Look here” he pointed at the sky. 

You could finally see what he meant - the scenery was strikingly breathtaking.
The sky was a very light yet fluorescent purple accompanied by pinkish orange horizontal lines that were emitted from the sun at its lowest point. Tinted dark grey clouds concealed the light blue colours trying to blend in with the colours of the sun rise.
The sunrise was just an element that added to the beauty of the place.
Your eyes looked at the beach under your balcony, you loved all of its features from its pale white sand with a few palm trees to its clear sea coloured of a pure turquoise, the sea was so clear to the point where if you stood close enough you would be able to see all the movements occurring under water.

You laced your arms around his waist so that there was absolutely no space in between your bodies. Jimin stopped looking at the scenery turning his complete attention towards you. He was observing you attentively, feeling his heartbeat racing when your eyes met his. The corners of his lips rose to an indistinct smile.

“What are you smiling at?” Your eyebrows rose in curiosity 

“Nothing” he said as his cheeks blushed a deep red and his smile widened.

“Tell me” you pouted, he shook his head looking in the opposite direction. You shook his arm slightly feeling him flexing at your touch. 

“Yeobo” you moaned in a childish tone 

“I can’t hear you” he softly chuckled teasing you so that you would call him ‘yeobo’ again, you started gently poking at his sides causing him to start laughing uncontrollably. You loved hearing him laugh it brought such joy to the atmosphere but you stopped poking him because you were scared that he was going to have a laughing fit. He ended up telling you that he was staring at you because you apparently had something on your nose. When you asked him what it was he gently flicked your nose.

“Where should we go today?” He asked scratching the back of his neck 

“Umm … I really want to go visit the beach” you replied watching the waves of the sea travelling on to the white sand. 

So it was decided that you and Jimin would go to the beach together, of course you had no intention of actually swimming in the sea and neither did Jimin judging by the way he hung the camera around his neck.
It only took a matter of seconds before you arrived on the beach, to your surprise no one was out yet meaning you both had the whole beach to yourselves with the company of exotic birds chirping loudly symbolising morning’s calling for nature to awaken.

You walked by Jimin’s side, his hand searching for yours to hold on. Instead of just holding on to your hands he intertwined his fingers in yours slightly feeling proud with his action 

“I’ve always dreamed of this, walking together and being able to hold your hands.” he said in an appreciative tone 

“Except we’re not at the countryside” you remembered him telling you that his ideal date would be countryside dating walking together hand in hand or sitting in a bench drinking together 

“Yes but this is better than the countryside. It doesn’t matter where we are … As long as you’re with me then it’s perfect.” 

His words made your cheeks violently blush “Aw, aren’t you the cutest husband ever?” 

He started giggling a bit “I am quite cute, aren’t I?” 

You nodded agreeing “Ne”

You sat on the sand allowing him time to take pictures of the setting without realising that he was capturing shots of you.
Unexpectedly, you started humming Eyes, Nose, Lips by Taeyang. Jimin nearly dropped the camera when he heard you humming, he literally started nudging you just so he could hear you more clearly.
He started filming you on the camera but you got so shy that you started hiding your face with your hands 

“Aah cute” he cooed. You managed to grab the camera to also take pictures of him the only difference was that he was well aware that you were taking pictures therefore he posed at every single shutter of the camera.

A couple minutes went by, you both got up and started walking when all of a sudden Jimin started randomly dancing - there was no music but you didn’t question it, you were so used to him doing this therefore you would always join him when he randomly danced. A few people had appeared at the far end, some were smiling and enjoying the positive ambiance you both gave but the majority were giving disapproving looks, this wasn’t enough to stop you from dancing.

At least one hour later you returned back to your hotel room with Jimin, you both took a lot of selcas on your way back to the hotel room.
Jimin had hooked in something similar to beats pill this made everything extremely awkward because the first song that played was Yasisi by Ns Yoon G. 

Suddenly out of nowhere a pillow came flying your way (luckily for you) you had managed to dodge the pillow. You cautiously ran to get a pillow of your own and starting having a wild pillow fight with Jimin. The pillow fight involved the both of you standing up - practically jumping on the bed. His eye smile was enough to melt you.

The next song that played was Your Waltz by Afternight Project. This day just seemed to be getting weirder as it progressed. Gradually, you and Jimin stopped jumping on the bed - you both decided to get off before each of you would seriously injure yourselves considering you were just as clumsy as each other. You both gaze into each other’s eyes anticipating what was to come next. Jimin brushed the hair away from your face carefully tucking the remaining strands behind your ear “I love you.” 

You looked down at your feet attempting to hide your smile and mumbling “I love you too”

Jimin gently pushed your chin up looking intensely into your eyes before his face approaches close to yours slowly brushing his plump lips against yours - inviting your lips to interlock with his. 

You hesitantly rested the palm of your hands against his chest not knowing where else to place your hands. He seemed to be having the same problem as his hands were on your shoulders at one point then moving to your neck and after that they found themselves tangled in your hair. You slightly tilted your head to the side to allow him to find a way to deepen the kiss. However, he managed to part your lips by licking your bottom lip slightly therefore having easy access to your mouth. You let his tongue explore your mouth but you could feel a mixture of heated tension and fear building up inside you, you could also feel how flustered Jimin was becoming.

Jimin did his best to reassure you that everything was going to be fine because you started panicking as your mind finally processing where this was going. But how could he reassure you that it was going to be fine if it was his first time as well? He was mainly flustered because of how much he wanted everything to be perfect. 

You had both waited a long time to lose your virginities because … Well, you were never really ready but this time you felt ready and it was evident in the way you touched and kissed one another.

Jimin started kissing your collarbone along with your jawbone under your ear whispering how much he loves you. Stuffing your face at the crook of his neck you started nibbling at the skin on his neck making him breathe out as his pupils dilated - reflecting the excitement you caused him.

With a bit of time, Jimin had found the confidence to take off his top showing his bare tanned skin. The more tanned he was the more defined his abs seemed to be, you ran your hand down his stomach before sucking on the area which you were previously nibbling on. Jimin inhaled sharply making you think that there was a possibility that you were hurting him, therefore abruptly stopping and apologising “Mianhae … I’m really, really sorry.” 

He chuckled nervously “Don’t stop, I love it.” 

You didn’t continue because you felt that if you did then you would make everything awkward therefore you grabbed his wrist positioning him to sit on the bed next to you. He cupped your face in his hands and started kissing you very passionately … He found a way to lay you on the bed so that he could hover on top of you still whilst kissing you. Jimin was anxious but he did his best to try to conceal it.

A weird sentiment of intimacy took over your nervousness, you were really looking forward to what ever was going to happen next. However Jimin doubtfully broke from the kiss “_____~ah if you don’t want to do this then we can stop. Okay? I don’t want you to feel as though you have to do it.” 

You shook your head “No, I want this.” 

You sat up a little so you could unzip the back of your summer dress, letting the straps slowly slide off your shoulders. Jimin got off you to allow you time to take off your dress before his hand made their way to unhook your bra and slide your panties off. You used your elbows to support yourself. At every single touch - you could feel his hands trembling ever so slightly due to how much he was trying to perfect everything.
You pulled down both his shorts and his underwear.

A small gasp of eagerness came from your mouth as you examined your husband’s majestic beauty. It’s not as if you hadn’t seen him naked before - after all, he’s your husband but even though nothing happened you just couldn’t help but appreciate him.
To your surprise he was already fully erect, he put a condom on.
And in perfect timing Give It To Me by Crush ft Jay Park & Simon D started playing.

Jimin cautiously positioned himself at your entrance not going in too deep, you had to admit that your entrance started stinging a little bit and it was as if Jimin could sense it considering you felt very tight around him despite the fact he was wearing a condom. You hissed at every push he took into you “Aigoo, are you okay?” 

You nodded slightly trying to get him to slow his pace a little bit - he wasn’t going fast but you needed time to adjust to his length. He pecked your lips trying to put your mind off the stinging. Eventually the pressure inside you that seemed a bit painful a couple of seconds ago transitioned into pleasure.

It felt amazing. The tension in your body completely relaxed, you felt as though you were reviving - feeling your body temperature slightly rising at the heated atmosphere. He pressed his body a lot closer to yours so that he could be able to stuff his face at the crook of your neck still while taking small thrusts into you - each deepening inside you as the morning progressed.
You could hear him starting to curse softly under his breath as you were beginning to moan his name getting a bit louder. 

You hadn’t expected to last very long because this was obviously your first time so you weren’t disappointed with the fact that both of your energies started draining. His thrusts weakened and he let out one last groan before sliding himself out of you though his body remained pressed against yours, in no rush he wrapped his arms around you - snuggling closer to you.

“I’m sorry if it hurt.” He mumbled 

“It really wasn’t that bad … It was actually almost perfect?” 

He raised his eyebrows “Jinjja? Almost?” 

You let out a little giggle “Ne, maybe next time it’ll last longer.”

A feeble smile appeared on his face as his eyelids started feeling heavy forcing his eyes to shut.

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