so far proving to be a huge mistake

I thought it was really interesting to hear why Felicity broke up with him. It wasn’t necessarily the lie. It wasn’t even Oliver sending William away. It was about something Oliver was getting better at, but still hasn’t learned in his core: inclusion.

Time and time again, Oliver has made decisions for the people around him, or made decisions without consulting the people around him. Time and time again, he’s seen that on his own, he makes a lot of bad ones. And when he really includes people in on the process, things go better for everyone.

Felicity started to believe that Oliver was really learning to let people in. Because that’s what partners do, right? To see this crop up again, with something so huge, it was the last straw. It was another blow in a long line of blows. And she finally hit her limit.

I don’t know how this will be resolved, but ultimately, Oliver will have to internalize this lesson, deep inside his soul. He has to prove that he is capable of being a true partner, including people in the big decisions, letting go of control. It’ll be scary, but it’ll be worth it. And Felicity will have to learn how to forgive him, take a chance, that even if he still makes mistakes, it’s far better to be with the man she loves than without.

And this will be the impetus for some serious character growth for Oliver. I can’t wait.

anonymous asked:

in sm's desperate attempt to make jagi look normal, they just confirmed how ji's jagiya to ks is so special. they gave us a contrast which is xiuchn. sm's been feeding us xiuchn for months now, but they hide kd like it's a dirty secret. kd's jagi was done in secret privately for them only, but xiuchn's was in public with an mc that ask them. kd's jagi made jm angry but xiuchn made everyone laugh. best of all xiuchn's jagi was called "cute!" by fans but kd's jagi was questioned so much (1)

sm made a huge mistake. instead of proving jagi is normal between friends, they provided us the perfect example why kd’s jagiya moment is far from friendly. if sm wanted to make it seem normal, they should have used an otp with similarities to kd who are similar in hiding it with similar reaction from members but sm didn’t. they used all the opposites. instead of making kd’s jagiya look normal, sm only made it seem more special. sm, i know you’re reading this. sorry boys, we’re not stupid. (2)