so far one of the best scenes in this season

Omelia-based review on 13x17

In yesterday’s episode I finally found my passion about Omelia again!! In my opinion the episode is one of the best in this season so far. The episode gave me a lot of feelings and my heart was busy 💔💕💖

I want to start with my favourite scene of the episode, which is not so much about Omelia but also not so much not about Omelia: the talk of Lady chief trifecta about Maggie’s mom. It was a quite refreshing scene and it made me laugh.

This conversation turned fast into somewhat serious (of course Maggie, it was serious from the beginning): Meredith telling Maggie that she needs a reason, an explanation for her mom’s behavior. 
Amelia does not share Meredith’s view. To see that the talk to Maggie was not necessary, you could see that pretty clear from her face.

Amelia and Maggie’s mom have some parallels here: They both refuse to explain their actions and behavior to their closest because they are too afraid of the consequences what leads to a lack of understanding in Maggie and Owen. 

I think, Amelia started to reconsider her beliefs about not talking to Owen in this scene.

Speaking of parallels, here comes the next: Elsie and Lewis, passionate former surgeons and married for over 60 years.

They are an adorable couple and it is too sad that Elsie doesn’t make it in the end.

Even though they are not on good terms atm, Owen finds honest and loving words about his wife:

She is the head of the neuro department, she is the boss and she is as stubborn as hell too. I know Dr. Shepherd very well and you can trust her.”

Of course people can say something about people what they don’t believe but would Owen say, he can trust Amelia when he doesn’t mean it? Owen knows what he wants.

And finally, here it is: the talk I have been waiting for half a season. 

“You don’t get to call what is normal. You don’t know. You want a dream, Owen. And when you have a child you might not get to have what you asked for. You get what you are given and it might be wonderful and it might be painful and it might be both.”

“I know you are scared. Amelia, I think you would be an amazing mom.”

“I was already an amazing mom, Owen. For better and for worse. Are you here for that? Are you here for that?”

The comment about Cristina hurt. 
But they started talking and if I hadn’t already been crying during their talk I would have started to during the song of Sleeping at Last. They always make intense scenes even more intense.

I do think they are on the right way to being together again.

Omelia will be the next Lesie, I believe in this.

I have been very sceptical about the pregnancy rumours and I still am. But what the hell is she drinking?? I hope it did taste better than it looked like. 
Also: Meredith’s kids are still alive. At least some of them. 

All I want in the series finale of TVD is to see my babies Stefan and Elena get the best ending possible. This show has done them so wrong. They were the couple in this show that best represented what being in love truly meant and what the made the show have that magic. When they took them away, the magic of the show went away but I need to know that they have a good ending. 

They both deserved so much more than what they got. Stefan deserved to be happy with the one girl who made him smile, that was his light. Elena deserved to be with the man who made her always strive to be the absolute best version of herself. Am I naive to think after all these tragic seasons they’d just put Stelena back together? No, i’m not getting my hopes that far up. However, its going to be at the back of my mind. Stefan is finally human, and with Elena back especially after their last scene together i definitely have some hope. 

I also have hope they send Damon to the fiery pits of hell with a stake in every place on his body but hey i’ll take what I can get. I’m happy TVD is finally ending, but its a bittersweet feeling. I lived for this show a long time ago and with the way its gone i’m happy its ending, but sad at the same time because it could’ve been so amazing. 

Anyways, the point is TVD don’t fuck up my babies reunion. They’ve been through too much already, just give me their magic one last time. 


Some summary required.


Will wakes up for the most beautiful day of all his life. So far. Because he’ll have others. Even better.


He starts his day discovering he ate an ear. Who among us doesn’t wake up one day to something like that?

Will needs help.

Who you gonna call?


And that’s the best solution Will has. It’s really sad.

In the next scene you can watch two men acting. Mads and Hannibal. They’re both good but Hannibal is gold.

Hannibal suggests to call Jack. Will is arrested and taken away in a police car. Winston has something to say.

Hannibal left so many evidences against Will scattered for the police to find that Will is quickly accused of all Hannibal’s killings.

Like it’s normal that a serial killer who has never left a proof before suddently lays a trail of body parts for the police to find.

Will understands there’s no hope for him unless he tries to defend himself.

He is transferred. In a van. According to tradition, since he is a dangerous serial killer they give him one man as a security guard.

Will threws the guard and the driver from the vehicle and drives…where?


Will takes Hannibal to the first episode, in the kitchen where he killed Hobbs and Abigail disappeared. He has an epiphany: he understands that Hannibal did all this to him so he threatens to kill him.

Jack arrives and after a quick look at the two of them, he decides to shoot Will knocking him out. We had little doubt about that.

This season ends with Will seriously hurt.

Will: I hope this won’t become a regular thing…

Us: No, no… Don’t worry. Keep…going.

At least they are treating him for his encephalitis.

Little daily talk about Supergirl...

Me: I’m getting pissed about not seeing Lena more often. She’s such an interesting character, Katie is great, they could really write a good story with her. 

Friend: Yeah, besides her centric episode is so far one of the best

Me: Yeah it is. Well, I’m gonna hold on to Sanvers and Lena’s scenes (when she’s there of course) until the end of this fucking season, then I’ll decide what to do with season 3

Flash news confirmed: Katie McGrath will be a regular in season 3

Me: Fuck you CW

anonymous asked:

What do you think of each season finale to have come out of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic?

They’re alright. I don’t think there’s been a finale yet that’s been outright bad. Some are stronger than others, but I think they’ve been decent overall.

I think Twilight’s Kingdom has been the best one out of them so far. That fight scene was excellent, Discord’s internal conflict was pulled off competently, Tirek was a great villain, and a lot of characters got to shine.

On the other hand, I’m not quite as fond of A Canterlot Wedding as most fans are. It’s not bad by any means, but I think it suffers a little too much on Poor Communication Kills for all parties involved, which is generally one of my least favourite cliches when used in non-comedic situations (since it makes everyone look like idiots). This in turn has the side-effect of making Chrysalis come off as someone who just got lucky rather than being genuinely intelligent, as opposed to villains like Tirek or Sombra, who I got a more legitimate sense of cleverness from.


#one of the best things about this scene is knowing what we know NOW#almost two seasons later#with him being the one person that probably knows the most about her#the one person she continues to open up to#the one persons he trusts so much she shares even the most painful memory with#i just….relationship development done right

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There is so much about the phone call between Twelve and Clara that stabs me straight through the heart but also makes me respect them so much and how far they have come and how by getting there they know that time is the one obstacle they can never stop. 

There are no more insincere insults from Twelve directed at Clara that were in my opinion nothing but a shield. There is no boyfriend. There’s no lying to each other because they think they know best what the other one needs to happy. With the exception of one scene in the very beginning of the season there doesn’t even seem to be a job battling for first place on Clara’s priority list. 

It’s just the Doctor and Clara Oswald in the Tardis, just as they always wanted and just as it was always meant to be.

But they are smart. They are really smart. They are too smart. Even their giant egos can’t always shield from truly knowing they only get so much. 

NOT WITH ME! Die with whoever comes after me. You do not leave ME.

I’m not ready yet. I don’t want to think about that, not yet.

Clara knows there will be a someone after her. She knows she can only bargain for not yet. When she said she wasn’t ready yet it squeezed right around my heart. Because she knows too well how this works and that isn’t something she can really hide from. It’s always going to be a matter of when. 

I think the scariest thing, and probably the thing that will play into how the season ends, is that they know all this but they don’t know who will be left without the other. He’ll change his face again and maybe this time will stop being the man she loves or she’ll have to leave. So they will stubbornly, recklessly, lovingly, do anything to always save the other. 

It’s scary and its beautiful which is how I’ve found their feelings towards each other to be. It was this giant force that was bottled up last season and now it’s steadily being let out and we’re really seeing how big it is. 

That awkward moment where the show airs what is being called the best episode of the Season so far, if not the SERIES, and your “fave” only appears in the post-credit scene and has one line showing just how irrelevant they really are to the story and how unnecessary their character is. 

I don’t care what the fandom thinks anymore. Everyone is bitter about Mickey, and I am too, but I’m not going to let that jade my opinion of each episode. This episode was fantastic and it set a lot of direction for the future of the season, and I’m liking it so far. There were so many fantastic scenes in this episode.

The best scene of this episode was between Fiona and Debbie near ¾ point of the episode where Fiona tells her that she will not allow Debbie to live under her roof if she has the baby. There was so much raw emotion between Emmy and Emma and I think this was one of the best acted scenes in the show that we’ve seen in quite a bit. 

Another great aspect of this episode was the Lip and Ian stuff. I had no idea where the writers were taking Ian this season, nor was I hopeful, but after tonight’s episode, I’m so excited to see where where Ian goes from here. The whole thing about Lip being in college and feeling he earned his place while Ian said that his janitorial job was the end of the road for him was extremely powerful, and the second best scene of this episode was when Lip was talking about how Ian’s disorder won’t make him end up like Monica and that it really isn’t the end of the road for him, but only if Ian would just take the initiative.

The stuff with Carl is getting stale, getting bored of it. I was intrigued for the first two episodes, but there is only so much I can handle. I really hope that they ditch this storyline halfway through the season when (spoiler) Carl gets rid of his dreads. I know that his plot-line is meant to be comedic in a sense, but it’s not funny, just really dumb.

I’m very excited to see Ian get involved with the firefighters. I know the spoiler about him and Caleb and I’m not too thrilled about it, but I’m going to remain hesitantly optimistic because I like the direction that he’s heading in so far.

Overall, I have to say that this season has been doing an incredible job so far at patching up the horrible last season, kudos to all involved. There were some incredible performances in tonight’s episode and I”m extremely happy that I didn’t drop the show after last season.

My 3 favourite scenes of 5x10

So one last time!

1. Melissa saving her son
I love Melissa so much and she is such a badass nurse and mother and she lost someone already today and she wouldn’t let her son die too.
We should all adore her!

2. Stiles punching Theo
Come on, guys, I think there is no one who didn’t like this scene, right? It felt so good that Stiles finally could do this. And Theo deserved this so much and I hope that Stiles will have some more scenes like this with Theo in the upcoming season :)

3. Mason stopping Liam from killing Scott
I love Mason so much and the shock in his eyes killed me. He adores Scott and he loves his best friend. Werewolves were cool so far and then he sees Liam do something like this … but yes, he was totally his anchor in this scene. No one can tell me otherwise.
And I loved how Scott immediately assured Mason that it was just the supermoon, that it wasn’t Liam’s fault *sigh*