so far one of the best scenes in this season

Teen Wolf Review-A Novel Approach

I love that this episode began just as the previous one ended. I must admit that I was very impressed with this episode. It was easily the best of the season so far, and definitely one of the best episodes in general, in my opinion. There was just so much in it that worked, the characters and the plot gelled together so smoothly, and there were too many great scenes for me to even pick a favourite. What works so well in this episode is that the characters and plot move as one, they aren’t at odds with each other. If done differently, this episode wouldn’t work because it requires the complete harmony of these two aspects, and I’m hardly the only person to believe that Teen Wolf sometimes gets it wrong-that either the characters or plot suffer in order to focus on the other. But the writing in this episode was so seamlessly done.

Panic Attack

Dylan did such an amazing job at the beginning of this episode in regards to his portrayal of Stiles’ panic attack and general feelings of being completely terrified at the ordeal he suffered because of Donovan (because Theo put him up to it). He completely embodied the terror that Stiles felt in that scene, and it really increased the dramatic tension of the moment considerably. We weren’t just watching a terrified Stiles attempt to evade a monster, we became terrified ourselves about what would happen to him.

But Dylan’s portrayal of Stiles’ terror is nothing compared to his panic attacks once he kills Donovan. Because for all of his quips throughout the seasons about killing the bad guy (or someone he thinks is the bad guy), this is different, because he kills someone. This isn’t Void!Stiles, it’s actually himself, and even though it was in self defence, Stiles is clearly reeling from his actions. He cannot seem to even contemplate what he’s done. The biggest change in Stiles that highlights just how much he’s panicking, just how out of his mind he is, is how forgetful and almost unresponsive he becomes. He almost leaves Donovan’s body, forgetting that his phone is in Donovan’s pocket, until Malia calls. This is so unlike Stiles. In his right mind, Stiles would check that nothing could trace back to him. He’d be careful. But he’s in such a state of panic that he can’t think. We see this also when he’s in his car and he can’t decide whether to stay or leave. Moreover, when he goes to check on Donovan’s body, it’s evident from his facial expressions that for a minute he was contemplating whether he was going mad, and it is only the evidence of the blood that convinces him what happened was real.

Later, his conversation with Scott about self defence is particularly telling. This discussion isn’t the same as previous discussions in whether it’s ok to kill in certain circumstances, because not only is Stiles deadly serious, he’s also very emotional. Because this is about what just happened to him. He’s trying to find some way to relieve the guilt of what happened. Because if he can justify this act as self defence, then maybe he can rest a little easier, knowing it was justified and morally sound. But Scott’s adamant refusal to accept this answer is especially troubling to Stiles, because it plainly increases the guilt he feels. To move on, Stiles needs to accept his own actions. He’s in a state of shock for the rest of the episode, and Scott and Lydia both notice that something is wrong. I hope that he tells them in the next episode, because he could really do with some help.

‘Someone’s Taking The Bodies’

What Stiles discovers, is that someone is taking the bodies. After all, he saw Donovan’s body disappear in a matter of minutes. Scott comes to the same conclusion later, when he discovers that someone broke into the vet in order to steal Tracy’s body. Whilst Stiles continues to panic over what happened to him (and with good reason, with what he went through of course he’s traumatised) we see Parrish carry a body over to the Nemeton, just as we saw him do last week. But this time, it seems to be clear that Parrish doesn’t know what he’s doing. He appears to be in somewhat of a trance, and the dreams he spoke of to Lydia are evidently his memories surfacing. Whatever he is, he can’t control it right now, doesn’t even know what he’s doing. Who knows what he’ll turn out to be. Given the focus on this aspect of Parrish throughout the last couple of episodes, it appears that we won’t have to wait long to find out more about his powers, and I’m excited to discover them. At the moment however, I’m most interested in what side Parrish will fall to. Hopefully he isn’t unknowingly working for the Dread Doctors.

Relationship Talk

As much as the plot, the characters and relationships explored made this episode what it is. Whilst many viewers have often commented on the excellent teamwork of Stiles and Lydia, this episode saw Scott address this head on in his conversation with Kira. As they are not able to move forward due to mountain ash, Lydia and Stiles must see Dr Valack without them. But whilst they are concerned, Scott acknowledges that even without any powers (for Lydia’s ass kicking banshee powers haven’t solidified yet), the two of them manage to survive, and how good they are together (which Kira agrees with). They both know that Stiles still has feelings for Lydia, but Scott says that it’s different now, and my interpretation is that Scott is perhaps hinting at love, rather than the obsessive crush that Stiles used to have. But Scott emphasises that even though a little obsessive, it wasn’t all bad, because Stiles was really the only one who seemed to notice the real Lydia, the Lydia that she herself hid from the world. ‘He paid attention. He listened to her. He remembered.’ Scott says of Stiles’ crush on Lydia. In the end, he was the only one who had any real inkling of her incredible intelligence because even in his obsessive crush he really cared about her, and that level of caring has only deepened as they’ve become closer as friends. I really want to see their relationship develop further, but at the moment it’s enough for me to see it validated by the other characters.

But Stydia isn’t the only relationship highlighted in this episode. It’s great to see so much of Scott and Kira together, and we also get a beautiful scene in which Scott carries her out of Eichen House, away from the Dread Doctors, even though her electricity hurts him. When she brings up the ‘I love you’ he said to her at the club, he tells her that he meant it, and it’s such a gorgeous moment because it confirms how they feel about each other, and it’s so great to see their relationship take that step. I expect that we will see their relationship deepen, but also see the cracks emerge when we find out what is going on with Kira.

Plan of Attack

We’ve seen how cruel Theo can be in earlier episodes, but we’ve also seen some kindness in him, especially in regards to Malia. Perhaps he will change sides eventually, but at this stage I’m very interested in what his motivations are for working with the Dread Doctors. What does he get out of it? Already I am loving the games that the Dread Doctors and Theo are playing with the pack, manipulating the pack into creating the situations that will best work to the advantage of the Dread Doctors themselves. The Dread Doctors have cleverly turned everyone’s desire to help others into a weakness, easily predicting their moves, and subtly forcing their hand. Honestly, it was a stroke of genius to place the book about the Dread Doctors somewhere they would see, and with a little push in the right direction, courtesy of Theo, the pack plays right into their hands.

Because at the heart of everything they do, everything they have done in the past, is out of a deep desire and instinct to protect everyone they possibly can. So of course they follow the lead, and it leads them exactly where the Dread Doctors want them, so that they can use Kira’s powers as a kitsune against them, and get to Dr Valack. It’s a costly mistake, that they don’t understand the full extent of their own powers because it means that the villains can use it to their own advantage, as they have done here. Unfortunately, Dr Valack’s warnings come too late, for the Dread Doctors have already arrived.

In addition to how much I enjoyed the complete manipulation of the pack by the Dread Doctors, I also loved Dr Valack’s conversation with Lydia and Stiles. He’s a fascinating character on one hand, and on the other, he’s also very creepy and mysterious, so I would enjoy getting to learn more about his character, especially in regards to the things that he has seen. He confirms that he wrote the book in order that people who read it can be triggered by their previous memories of the Dread Doctors, who are masters at removing any memories of themselves. When he mentions this, Lydia sees visions of the Dread Doctors, just as she did during her surgery, which would suggest that she has seen them before, and I can’t wait for the show to explore this. I want to see flashbacks from various characters who have seen them before, and how that fits into current events. What I really love about this is how we keep seeing the effects of what happened with the Nemeton. So much of the supernatural events in Beacon Hills keeps coming back to the sacrifice that Scott, Stiles and Allison made at the Nemeton back in season 3, and it’s great to see this continuity.

As Stiles tells Lydia at the end of the episode as they hide from the Dread Doctors, everything that happens after this is all their fault. Inadvertently, they have now set off a chain of events which will cause a lot of damage because they played right into the hands of the Dread Doctors. Obviously the Dread Doctors desperately needed what they came to Eichen House for (Dr Valack’s third eye), if they put in the time to manipulate the pack and waited patiently for them to act as they predictably would. It’s necessary to their future plans, and anything that comes of it will be directly linked to their actions. It’s a hard pill to swallow, but this guilt is going to power them forward as they take on the Dread Doctors. They will be even more determined.

I’m honestly much more keen for the show to develop the mythology of the Dread Doctors after this episode, as I previously was bored by them, but I’m beginning to enjoy their arc. After all, I do enjoy  villains who are master manipulators!

hjgokee asked:

Joan Watson!

Why I like them

  • She’s more assertive than most Watsons and takes a more active role in Holmes’s cases, eventually becoming a detective in her own right. She also does a pretty decent job of calling out Sherlock on a lot of his BS.

Why I don’t

  • She’s adopted Sherlock’s tendency towards self-isolation, which the show has so far vaguely acknowledged as problematic but not done much to correct.

Favorite episode (scene if movie)

  • The quality of the show is so consistent that it’s hard to think of individual episodes that stand out, but I do love her interactions with Moriarty in “The Diabolical Kind”.

Favorite season/movie

  • Probably season one, because her transition from sober client to detective is one of the things the show handled best about her. Also the development of her professional relationship with Sherlock into a genuine friendship.

Favorite line

  • “Couching it as a scientific observation totally negates the misogyny.”

Favorite outfit

  • That coat she wore in “Hemlock” was pretty nice.


  • I don’t particularly ship her with anyone at this point, but I do think she needs a strong relationship with someone outside the world of detective/police work.


  • Sherlock, obviously

Head Canon

  • Don’t have any for the show itself, but in that crossover AU where CBS!Sherlock and BBC!Sherlock are cousins, she and John Watson are not related in any way.

Unpopular opinion

  • I actually don’t care for most of her outfits.

A wish

  • More consistent appearances by her friends. It seems like every time they want her to talk to somebody from her “old life”, they introduce a new character.

An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen

  • Becoming romantically involved with Mycroft again would be a pretty terrible idea.

5 words to best describe them

  • Resilient, compassionate, driven, insightful, integrity

My nickname for them

  • don’t have one
Hannibal best bits so far season 3 warning spoilers

.The scene in which we see who lives and dies in fact the flashbacks in most part have been great rather then distracting  

.Jack kicks Hannibal’s ass in the museum pretty stunning scene also i can’t be the only one who thinks Jack is the best moral character the show has so i did cheer  

.Will sits next to Hannibal in front a painting, so we were teased for awhile about them meeting up again during this season but when they did it was down played moment then like the show suddenly explosive

.Hannibal about to eat Will. ok so we knew he’d be saved and he was kind of…but it was still very scary watch and like all the show so stylish 

. Dr. Bedelia Du Maurier

. Dr. Cordell Doemlin

.Verger having will and Hannibal that whole episode just made me so tense and hoping for Chiyoh to come and save them but the outcome is way better

. Will says he’s done with Hannibal the oddest love hate relationship we will witness in T.V and suddenly we see Hannibal care about been reajected by him i think

.Hannibal giving himself up! 

(that was my last ep i watched can’t wait to see tonight’s)

Things i could do without: the pig scene in bed (like really gross even for this show).  Abigail Hobbs flash back trying to trick us as viewers kind of boring and over done. 

what you think? am i right wrong? missed a great moment out?