so far looks good

Ok quick question

I have a 20 gallon tank that I think will be ready for fish in a few days (I just checked the Nitrate, Nitrite, Ammonia, and pH, and all are looking pretty good so far). I’d absolutely love to get a betta, but I was wondering if they can have tank mates, and if so, what makes a good tank mate.

I’ve read that it often depends on the betta’s personality, but they can be kept with some tetras, and certain bottom feeders, like mystery snails and otos. I know other bettas are always a no-go. And while I’m not quite sure if I want tank mates for a betta yet, if I were to get them, would it be better to add them before or after the betta?

You’re sitting in the theatre. Everything is perfect. It’s accurate, it’s visually stunning, everyone is on point. It’s a perfect adaption. The title flies on screen.
Deep voice: Fullmetal Alchemist
Everyone in the theatre:(slightly different intonation) Fullmetal Alchemist.

So, earlier today I went to Target with my boyfriend and I decided to get 2 pack of Animal Crossing amiibo cards, however…something strange happened

The packaging looked promising

So far so good, but then….

they were fucking YU-GI-OH CARDS

and only FIVE I might add


(luckily I was able to exchange them for a LEGIT pack, in which the Target employee who helped me earlier and the employee who did the exchange were laughing uncontrollably)


3rd year koganegawa & some fellow 3rd year!first years

(worry not… the adidas hair will make a comeback…)


365 days of ryan ross; day 39 (oh my god look at jon)


Introducing force fields, click for higher resolution.