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The Party part 12/?

L: Oh yeah? I WILL enjoy the rest of the party!!!

L: ugh, stupid Keith, I run all over for like an hour looking for him and this is how he thanks me, Unbelievable 

L: that thing on his face look painful though, how the hell did he manage to get a burn like that? I hope he knows where the burn cream is….

L: Although, even if he did know where it was, it would be hard to bandage an injury like that on your own.

L: (don’t chase after him don’t chase after him don’t chase….)

L: dammit

L: The hell? How’d he manage to get that far, he must of bolted.

Mokdong Fansign 161016 (w/ Yoongi)

Holly or Kumamon? Holly
The fan then asked what happened to the “So Far Away” music video that was announced through NAVER and other articles. Was it ever filmed, will it be released, is there even a video? No.

The golden question has finally been answered. There will be no So Far Away MV according to Min Yoongiㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

Before I forget uploading them again. Here are some goldies (+ requests) in fantasy designs. I’m sorry for the low quality (scanner is dead yay)

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Can we just talk about how the final scene of Home Again feels like Scully is also grieving for William? Like Maggie made this connection with Mulder before dying like she very well knew William was his son and didn’t turn to Scully… Scully had more or less managed to compartmentalise her life so far and put the memory of William away like his picture in a drawer but this makes her realise the guilt will never leave her. She had to behave this way to survive it but she now realises that if she were in Maggie’s place tomorrow, William is her Charlie. Scully would ask to see William on her death bed and she is struggling to cope with the fact that he may never be able to forgive her for abandoning him. She is afraid of her mother’s last judgment on her about William and she is terrified of her own.

yoi groupchat headcanons

Yuuri: pretty active overall. He posts a moderate amount of memes (but they’re always sort of outdated) and a LOT of emojis. He likes the hearts and the blushing faces. sometimes his messages need to be translated by phichit because he assumes that everyone will know what he means

Victor: super active in the groupchat, very supportive and embarrasses yuuri with how forward he is in the public chat (”what time are you coming home tonight? will we have enough time to cuddle after dinner??”) Misspells words all the time, but it’s not really his fault since he doesn’t speak english very well

Phichit: responds to everything, immediately. Posts a lot of underground memes and uses those emojis of celebrities that you have to buy. You know when you see a friend from really far away and so you take a picture of them and send it into the groupchat with no context? Phichit is the master of that game

Yurio: doesn’t actually post very often. If he does, it’s usually because he’s calling Viktor out on something, saying something yuuri did is stupid, or because phichit pulled an @yurio.

Chris: the one person who messages people at weird hours and responds in about .427 seconds. Also uses an absurd amount of emojis, though his tend to be a little more risque. He and phichit together in the group chat is a force to be reckoned with. He never DMs, all of his convos are out in the open

JJ: surprisingly, he hardly talks at all. If he does, it’s usually to advertise a new song or a livestream or announce a concert. Phichit doesn’t reply to those. Chris has been known to. JJ doesn’t respond to anyone unless they’re speaking directly to him.

Otabek: most of his texts are single words or punctuation i.e. “?”, “!”, “good luck”. Doesn’t know how to DM. Mixes his groupchats up all the time but never bothers to explain.

You know those friendships or relationships that you’re afraid to move on from because the fear of being alone or no longer having that person in your life takes over your entire being so you remain in it, even though deep down you know you should free yourself from it. Well let me tell you, fear only has one intention and that is to keep us away from happiness, peace and love;  it wants to keep us as far away from them as possible, so it paints a picture to kind of traumatize us into believing the worst, into believing that we’ll never have other amazing relationships or friendships, but here’s what you end up not realizing. When your spirit knows deep down that it is time to walk away from someone, it is because The Universe which is connected to us, is simply trying to let you know that there is someone else out there in your path that you’re suppose to meet, kind of like your souls [yours and the new person you’re suppose to meet] are tugging at each other but because you won’t let go of the old, it makes it difficult to introduce you to the new, and these introductions always happen when you least expect it, one of the fun surprises of life. So if a friendship or a relationship is coming to an end [yes it will hurt, we’re human but that’s okay time heals our heart] allow it to have closure, not only so that you can grow from that friendship or relationship but also so that when you do meet this new person, whomever they may be, you’ve made peace with your past so that you can wholeheartedly enjoy the present and make new, wonderful and exciting memories. 

If you want to be surrounded by happy, healthy, positive and loving relationships or friendships, release the fear of loneliness from your being. You’re pretty great you know, you reading this, so stop allowing fear to rule your thoughts. <3 

Sasusaku month 2015

Day 3 - Carnival 


I finally did a group of more spring inspired outfits! Even though in the spring/summer I still basically wear the same amount of layers and I’d never be comfortable in real life wearing some of these more simple or short sleeved ones, it’s okay to just take pictures in them ehehe~ Sorry for the camera quality, I tried to edit and remedy the grainyness as much as possible lol.  It’s actually really hard for me to make more simplified outfits, but I tried! Read the captions for more detail~ Literally every single item is thrifted except for a few tights and shoes which are all from ebay. ✧⁺⸜(●′▾‵●)⸝⁺✧

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I dont know about jessie removing her insta. She seems very keen on holding her self private. She is barley in any pictures and when she is she is always as far out as possble

As far as I can see, her insta is still deleted. Who knows if she created another. Perhaps she created a family/friends only account & wants be left alone.

I totally agree about her being private. It’s understandable that she’d be that way, but idk that I’d go so far as to say she shies away from every picture. She seems like she just wants to be a normal college student. As easy & low hanging as the comparison is, Mal essentially said she went to college to be normal for awhile. It wouldn’t surprise me if Jess wants the same.

I was eating french fries outside and looking at the sunset and taking pictures of it with my phone and then I saw the smallest plane trail in the sky and I started thinking about the fact there are people on that plane so far away and that they were probably taking pictures of the sunset too from above and all of them have a personal life and story and the stewardess were probably passing with the food cart like “do you want a glass of orange juice or apple juice” and some kid probably kicking the seat in front of him and no one on that plane knew that some lone boy was looking at them from a gazebo in Denmark and I wondered where that plane was heading for like 20 minutes and long story short I became very wistful thinking about how many people there are on this planet yet we are so small just compared to the sun which isn’t even that big compared to other stars and silly things like this and my french fries are cold now ughhHHHHH

big bang: made @ honda center


just got back from my very first kpop concert ^^ holy shit it seems like a dream

i wish i could post pictures but i was sitting so far away they’re all awful


they performed a ton of songs over the span of 2.5 hours (i think?). they did everything from made (loser, bae bae, if you, sober, let’s not fall in love, zutter, bang bang bang, we like to party (during encore)) at least once (bae bae, bang bang bang were done twice). they did some throwback songs like tonight, haru haru, blue, fantastic baby, bad boy, (there was one more i think but i can’t remember). they also performed solo songs (all members did). can’t think of seungri’s off the top of my head, but daesung did wings, top did (pretty damn sure) doom dada, taeyang eyes, nose, lips although my friend was screaming for ringa linga, gd crooked, and gd/taeyang good boy. one of the encore songs was rise

overall thoughts

  • it was so much fun. the idols were so so so hyped - like at some points they were more excited than the audience was
  • the encore was superrrrr long. they did their “last song” and then was all “wait nvm let’s do like four more”
  • they did this really cute “imma sing and then the fans can sing” and the audience all sang and it sounded so great and the idols looked so happy
  • their english is so cute omfg
  • they were all just so happy to be there it was exuding from the stage 
  • they are such artists with such good stage presence it was unbelievable how much of a crowd response they got
  • THE OCEAN OF YELLOW LIGHTS WAS GORGEOUS (merch table ran out of literally everything so we couldn’t contribute but we escaped with a taeyang pen)
  • you see videos of kpop concerts and they seem ok but you go to one and it is so loud and extravagant and lights and noises and streamers and fucking FIREWORKS and neon 


  • daesung did a sexy dance for us all it was great
  • he also was like “do you want to see my eyes” and once we screamed loud enough he pushed up his fringe and everyone dIED 
  • cussing was glorious
  • seungri was trying to play the band’s instruments like asdfjkl;
  • eNGLISH 
  • daesung’s mom was apparently there
  • someone threw his jacket into the crowd
  • the members kept trolling each other and it was great
  • like during the part where they say jjeoreo EVERYONE JUST SCREAMED JJEOREO AND IT WAS EPIC
  • some parts were just huge karaoke jam sessions feat. bigbang
  • thanks for saying the west coast is the best coast because yES seungri we know how to party

individual thoughts


  • gd’s maturity as an artist is amazing. like i was watching him just tear up the stage like nobody’s business. when he was up there you could tell that it was his music because he fucking OWNED IT
  • also amazing stage presence. he was so intense and since i hardcore bias him i was crying and asdkfjl;
  • he feels the music, and you can feel it in the way he performs. i felt like i was watching a prodigy
  • his english is so cute christ
  • also he looked reallllly good
  • he was so on point rapping it wasnt like he swallowed the record but more like he cooked it up into something new and candid and different i feel like all of his performances are different
  • SUCH A NATURal he didn’t even have to scream for us to lose our voices over him
  • facepalmed during the concert and he was so adorable and idek like hOW
  • cussed like a natural it made me proud
  • i sang crooked and bad boy with him (i as in like the crowd) and i felt so special 


  • everyone screamed their lungs out for top and NOW I KNOW WHY he’s gorgeous af even when he’s sweaty and lying facedown on the stage (true story)
  • he was calm but into it and you could also tell as an artist he demands respect
  • did i say swoon because swoon
  • wasn’t as lively as the other members but you could tell he enjoyed every ounce of the concert
  • also translated into korean for fans and it was cute how he relaxed like 10x more
  • he wore his glasses for a good part of the first half and i do say he looks good in glasses
  • wore that ridiculous bang bang bang cowboy hat at the end 
  • taught us the saranghae sign otl even though i knew it already it was cute af i and i felt so educated


  • oh boy he felt the music like he felt the stage under his feet and the blood in his chest like he was surging and coursing with energy
  • a+ stage presence it was stunning and overwhelming and you can tell he lives onstage
  • dancing like UGH
  • his voice. damn that boy has a pair of lungs and he can do runs and falsetto like nobody’s business. he did some impromptu ad libs at the ends of songs and they were so beautiful
  • was a huge fan of having the audience participate in his songs and it was so cute 
  • such a natural on stage no matter what he did
  • he gave a shoutout to all of the staff and the band and etc and it was so sweet
  • was super casual about choosing one of our final songs and it was great
  • got super sweaty in the first thirty minutes otl
  • told us to repeat after him when singing and no one pronounced the korean correctly but he looked so alive and happy so that was good
  • after each encore song he was like “you guys want more” and i was like “wHEEZE yez plz” 


  • i fucking lived for daesung
  • he’s such a puppy it was so cute
  • played the drums and sang flawlessly
  • beautiful voice i love when he sings
  • super awkward but not really on stage more like a toddler that had coffee before bed
  • did i mention he did a sexy dance because that shit was sexy
  • apologized to his mom promptly afterwards
  • had us sing a little and it was gold
  • he had us sing the chorus of wings and it was so great he was all “SING GUYS” and shoved the microphone in our direction
  • boy can have fun on stage MAN he turned the audience up no problem
  • what a nerdddddd 


  • you might think seungri is underrated (which he is) but he didn’t act underrated because that boy stole the stage
  • he got the audience at its loudest quite often
  • what a cutie like his lines were delievered so nicely
  • gave the most compliments to us
  • such a puppy he kept ducking into the camera and trying to play electric guitar
  • gave a really long speech and then randomly declared his love to gd and i was like sAME
  • you can tell he really loves his fans and its such a fulfilling great thing
  • owned the stage during his solo perf
  • i wished cameraman gave him more screen time tho

ending thoughts

  • they sounded so GREAT 
  • did i tell you how much i LOVED the call and response they did? it was all quiet and the fans sang their hearts out and it just filled the stadium
  • they asked us to do some variation of scream our asses off 70% of the time and i’m sure i screamed like 90% of the time 
  • they kept teasing us by taking off their jackets and sakfsdafkalsdfthe 
  • encore was really long and some people left (because they thought the last song was really the last song) and then they played 5 other encore songs
  • shoutout to the live band they were amazing
  • the dancers were also super great and they even got some screentime of their own
  • filler videos were weird af but i appreciated the hell out of them
  • during the dance songs people were standing up and dancing and screaming like it was some thousand people dance party it was great
  • someone got to keep one of bb’s shirts like holy christ
  • there were so many random fireworks
  •  i pinky promised taeyang i’d come back to watch them so i guess i gotta go then 
  • insanely fun but more importantly, big bang owned the concert, they reminded us that THEY own the songs and owned them they did. 
  • increased my respect for them by miles (and it was really high already)
  • discovered a lot of new music! 
  • shoutout to @orangegelpen for coming with me
  • @milkandkyungsoo i wish you could be with us T . T 

seriously, if big bang is in town,


they are worth every cent. 

I had some time off before the next performance!!

Today I feel refreshed, because I cut off all the hair that’s been weighing me down, and I went on a walk for the first time in a while!


I found this Haikyuu poster Σ(σ`・ω・´)σ

I was alone and shy, though, so I just took a picture from far away haha

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