so f my parents' opinions at this point

I’m Sorry..

But I just have to say that, for me, personally, I would much rather have a small group of people speculating about me potentially being in a relationship with a close friend than making extremely sexually explicit comments about me and my boyfriend.

I’m only throwing this out there because I’ve seen a lot of Tayv!n shippers calling the Kaylor fandom “disrespectful” because of the speculations and opinions about Karlie and Taylor’s relationship. Respect is a two way street, and if you have an opinion about the behavior of the other side of the street being disrespectful, you’re entitled to that, but don’t then turn around and make/like/reblog posts about C “practically fingering” T on national TV.

Plus, we all know about T being sexually harassed by that DJ in Colorado, so “ships” aside, it is extremely disrespectful to make posts about “how much she likes d$%^” and how “they totally f$%^&* in that boat” (when her parents and three other people were present, but that’s not the point). The point is, posts like that, whether it involves her boyfriend or not, sexualize her in a way that isn’t alright. 

Respect begets respect. If you want to ship T&C, that’s cool! I have my own opinions about the rs (that have nothing to do with Kaylor, FYI) and I happen to also ship Kaylor, that’s cool too! The point is, slinging mud and hate at other people because they have different views or opinions often leads to the “disrespect” so many people have expressed disdain for. 

Lastly, before I get an inbox full of Tayv!ns saying that the Kaylor Fandom is “problematic” and “spiteful” I’m going to stop you. Collectively, they are the nicest group of people I have come across on Tumblr, but just like with every fandom there are a few that may step over the line on occasion (they’re in your fandom too). The point is, if you’re going to throw out the argument of respect, just make sure you practice what you preach.

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