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Fragmentary colossal marble head of a youth
Greek, Hellenistic period, 2nd century B.C.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC

Although this extraordinary head has long been known, its function and importance have only recently been understood.  The youth, with long curling locks and a brooding expression, was originally part of a draped bust set into a marble roundel almost four feet in diameter.  It is probably among the earliest known sculptures of this type (imagines clipeatae) in marble and over life-size in scale.  It would have been one of several that adorned the walls of a particular grand space in the gymnasium of ancient Pergamon.  He may represent a young god or possibly Alexander the Great.  Even in its damaged condition, the head exemplifies the combination of sensitivity and presence characteristic of the finest Hellenistic Pergamene sculpture.


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New study space and I am in love. Hardwood table! So much space! So much natural light! What more could a girl ask for?

🎧: Nightcall: London Grammar

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Ok I may have read the bodyguard au comic you did like 15 times no joke it's just so beautiful and I wanna cry because Lance's expression is so???? And how do you make Keith look so gorgeous omg my heart.. It gives me all the feels.

HOLY GOD My cheeks burned when I saw your message….it’s such a pleasure to have your fondness, I’m so grateful for all the appreciations;;
I’ll undoubtedly keep working on this au and bringing you more these beautiful boys!💪
Btw, Lance comes by and he’s in agreement with you STRONGLY

before we come to terms with what just happened. before people hate. before people love. before the end truly comes to an end. before any of it. i just want to say that black sails was the greatest show i’ve ever had the privilege of watching. nothing will ever compare. nothing will even come close. this story has changed me, has shaped me in a way not all people will be able to understand. but i accept that. i accept that some people will never see and identify with it like i do. i accept that it will never get the admiration and approval it truly deserves. i accept that there will always be people that give it hate because of what it represents. but what i will never accept is that this was simply ‘just another tv show’. this was beyond that. this was something else. it will always be a part of me. something i keep with me throughout my life. these characters will always have a place in my heart. and if youre anything like me i dont need to explain why that is. it just is.


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Happy Birthday to Topp Dogg’s main vocalist and ray of sunshine, Yu Sangdo♡


This blink and you’ll miss it shot kills me.

Sam, who has just been held down by these guys and force fed demon blood against his will proceeds to beat them up and makes them leave the bar. Sam, who has a history throughout the show of being forced into doing shit he doesn’t want to do, and having his choices taken away from him, is rightfully furious about what has happened. We see this anger in the first GIF. But then, that anger slowly trickles away and he turns back to meet the gaze of the girl he met, and what is that anger replaced with? SHAME. Sam Winchester, the boy who doesn’t have a bad bone in his body, feels shame for an act that another group of humans forced him into. They antagonised him. They attacked him. They held him down. They fed him that blood. But Sam is the one who can’t look her in the eye. Sam is the one who probably has unimaginably negative thoughts of himself going through his head, because we all know how little self-worth he has, coupled with an equally low opinion of himself to match. He thinks that all of this was his fault, and that hurts. It’s all there in his expression, so kudos to Jared for this scene, it’s beautiful.

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Happy birthday Zeph!! Here’s your ice family with a cupcake and a selfy shoot (and the tiniest zexal reference) and a misbehaving yurio! Hope you have a good one c:


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Nowi 1D?

i love her!! nowi is the best and i love her hair

(my computer’s not letting me save the file properly? sorry its so low quality i had to find a loop hole;;)