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i want to say something about my art, because some people just talk to me like “wtf your drawings don’t have face” and sometimes i feel like people don’t look at art with opening mind. you have to be sure that your eyes are looking at something new and different every single moment, and you have to be free to think in all the possibilits. i love the human face. we have so many different eyes, and mouths, and so beautiful expressions, but i feel like we lost our sense of feelings when we just look at someone thinking of their beautiful faces. especially when we are in a relationship, and that’s why i like to draw so many couples in love. when their just forget about the face and body and look at your heart, and your mind. you all are beautiful, but when we realize that our soul is more beautiful, our lives turn into magic. i can’t explain how do you have to feel when you look at my drawings, but i wish you see your friends, your family, your boyfriend or girlfriend, with your heart and not just with your eyes. we have history, we have feelings, we don’t have just a face. think about it.
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This started as an excuse to draw Hunk in a pretty dress and it kinda got out of hand….

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Day 18: Magnus + Eyes

Minutes after he’d ended the call, he could still hear Maryse’s voice in his head, and her scoff that he was once again at Magnus’. He had assumed that the three months would have been enough time for her to get over the fact that he’d chosen Magnus, but his mother was nothing if not persistent in telling him the many reasons why he shouldn’t waste his time with Magnus Bane.

“Still asking you why you’re with Magnus,” Izzy asked when he sighed.

Alec nodded. “Now, she’s asking me what I see in him.” Alec made a face. “Like seriously. What kind of question is that?”

“You should have just told her he has a big dick,” Jace said, with a casual shrug of his shoulders.

“Jace!” Alec exclaimed, not like it did anything for Jace who just stared calmly right back at him.

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LETS PLAY - Spot the Difference.

1x02 - Sherlock charming Molly to get her to let him look at the bodies by complimenting her hair.

3x01 - Sherlock thanking Molly for her help and wishing her happiness after helping her that day.

I was just struck by the parallels of the shots, even the clothes, and his smiles meant to charm her vs. his genuine smile of affection for her. I just really love the development here.

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Nowi 1D?

i love her!! nowi is the best and i love her hair

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Teal’c entrusting his son to Jack | 7x04 Orpheus

What’s so beautiful about “you were beautiful” is the fact that the person knows very well that the relationship they had is buried in the past and despite that despite moving on despite the pain and whatever comes with a break up, that person still acknowledges how beautiful the relationship was, how beautiful their ex lover was, how lucky they were to have them even for just a moment and it’s very bittersweet because. To be grateful for a love once shared after letting go, to dare look back at memories that cause both warmth and heartache, it’s something very hard and levelheaded to do and day6 expressed that beautifully 


So these are Dan’s facial expressions when Phil talks about chocking and then opens a button… the fuck.

Also I’ll start thinking about what my life has come to right now.