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Hi, I am new to your blog; found you on YouTube. Wondering why your pronoun is 'they' or 'them' when you are one person? Not trying to be rude; trying to understand a different perspective than my own. I just read about "agender"; seems you could still be female/male and dress however you want. Is it more about sexuality than clothing or favorite color/hobby? Also wondering if autism has influenced your feeling 'neutral' in your identity as a person?

I don’t think I have much if any presence on youtube, I’m curious where you found me, or if you’re mistaking me for someone else. That being said, the rest of the ask is something I can answer, so here it is.

In English, there are four third-person singular pronouns (and an indefinite pronoun that for the sake of grammatical agreement is also third person. Grammar is even messier, but I’ll just explain the four). It’s more complicated than a simple model can represent perfectly when it’s taught to young school children, but for most cases the simpler model suffices, which is why most people don’t notice the discrepancy. 

There are He, She, They, and It. The first three are pronouns which can refer to people, and the fourth is almost never applied to persons.

The word it is used for young children/infants when the small human is being referenced more as an inconvenient object than as a fellow human. Some very few people electively choose to be called by this pronoun, but because it can’t be presumed to be okay, and is often used hurtfully on trans people, I won’t make reference to this one in the rest of my answer.

He and She are exclusively singular as far as I am aware. You probably have a decent sense of these already. Primarily refer to humans, sometimes things like boats and the moon can take them too, as can non-human animals.

They is the pronoun that seems to cause the most confusion. When being taught english, this pronoun is oversimplified, so people only know it as a third-person plural pronoun. In actual use, it also has had use as a singular third-person pronoun for someone of unknown gender. For an ironic example my older brother came across and shared with me, here’s a twitter post someone made of a screenshot of a troll. So following the use of they as a singular and neutral pronoun which can be used to refer to anyone, even cis people, it makes sense it would be so commonly used by nonbinary people who have no other singular pronoun existing in English to use. Some people make their own instead, but I like they, since it’s fairly invisible when it’s being used. (I don’t use any constructed pronouns for myself, but I did create my own neutral word for aunt/uncle and have my nephew call me that. It’s ‘entle’ for those interested.)

I’m agender, and agender is the word for not having a gender. That being said, I’m going to call it a gender for the sake of brevity. So for any gender, there are reasons for why one might dress however one wants or needs. Some agender people in my experience are some combination of apathetic or non-confrontational or some related way of being that lends itself to dressing in ways that don’t go against people’s expectations of them. I’m not one of them, so I can’t actually say for sure what goes into that, but there are definitely agender people who don’t bother making it known. There are also closeted trans people of all sorts, so how a person dresses doesn’t really say much about their gender. 

Gender does not determine sexuality, nor does sexuality determine gender. They are independent within a person, just like how presentation does not determine or is determined by either. I’m not sure from your wording, but when you said “female/male” it seems like you’re trying to make reference to a person’s sex? If so, I’m going to clarify too, that there is no context in public where those words should refer to sex. To the bureaucratic systems within hospitals, sure, but beyond that, those words mean gender. Of sex, gender, and presentation, only one of those is possible to know just from looking at someone. Even then, cultural differences make that imperfect. Given that culture exists in a wide range of scales, there will always be some disparity between different people’s perceptions of a person’s presentation. The other two are unknowable though. 

So to address what you said, I wear what I want, and I’m agender while doing it.

Is my being autistic related to my being neutral? Probably in some way. Autistic people more likely to be trans, more likely to be nonbinary, more likely to be gnc, according to what I’ve read. But more importantly, everything I am and everything I do is related to me being autistic. 


Saturday Night Live pretty much destroyed me, and I couldn’t help but writing this after that night. I wrote this in like zero time so I am sorry if it kinda sucks but I had to write down my thoughts immediately lol enjoy pals - M xx.

You could tell that he was upset just by the way he entered the dressing room.

It was easy for you to decide why Harry was so upset, just by the way you were watching him so carefully on the live stage. Your mind filled with worry just how his hands ran through his hair so aggressively and how his eyebrows crinkled, creating creases on his forehead. You could tell by the way he walked away from the microphone that the notes he hit weren’t the ones he had in mind, and the thought of him being so disappointed in himself hurt your heart.

Of course, Harry tried shrugging it off, he didn’t want you to worry. The assured smile he flashed to you as you waited for him didn’t fool you; even when he reached to give you a kiss on the lips you knew that these were just attempts to avoid talking about his first solo performance.

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You know, it’s an absolute pleasure to write ‘A Fresh Bouquet’ at the moment, because some of the reviews I’m getting are ridiculously lovely.

I absolutely adore all the comments (and some of them are so insightful and thorough) and it’s a delight to read them.

Also, totally forgot to mention but @jay345sal28, you can consider yourself the source of the motivation I had to get Ch16 out; I loved that aesthetic thing (what are they even called?)

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okay but like an au where they're married and hired by the same news network as a news anchor and weatherman (respectively) and phil one day says 'well dan, it's very rainy so expect more than a few inches tonight, and i'm not just talking about the weather baby ' or some cheesy weather related pickup line and the station tells them to knock it off but instead they end up having a pick-up line war to see who can make the most pick-up line puns without getting in trouble with the network

LMAOOOO id laugh so hard if they ended up getting fired at the end tbh


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