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The Course of True Love - Ch 2

So I wrote a chapter about the Rumbelle argument in 6X04 and it turned super-angsty, and I had a lot of people swearing at me and demanding a fix-it chapter.  This isn’t it.  

Expect angst, snark and sass.

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Chapter 1

Rumple watched her go, his jaw hurting from the force with which he had kept it clenched shut.  She had been crying, even before she left the shop.  He hated to see her cry.  The gods knew he’d been the cause of her tears often enough.  No more.  He had made his decision earlier that day, when he had first heard of her plan to live apart from him, to keep her distance, to stay on that rotting heap of boards and canvas Hook called a ship.  She had rejected the power of the Dark One, had told him that she didn’t want that power near the baby.  It had hurt more than he liked to admit, but it appeared that she hadn’t believed what he had told her in the Underworld.  Not fully, certainly.  Not enough to accept it.  The power was a part of him now, as much a part of him as his blood, his breath, his soul.  In rejecting the Dark One, she had rejected him.  He supposed he couldn’t blame her.

He turned back to the safe, unlocking it with a flick of his wrist and reaching inside to retrieve what he had hidden there.  Holding the red velvet bag carefully in the palm of one hand, he teased open the woven drawstring, fingers sinking into the soft crimson folds and opening it up to reach inside.  He drew out his heart, weighing it in his hand as he looked it over.  He was unsure whether he would ever get used to seeing it like this: the deep black with the tiny bright gleam at its core had gone, replaced by warm, pulsing red.  It was as though his past sins had been washed clean away, although he knew that could never be true.  No, he would carry those to the end of his days.  The heart felt twice as heavy as its physical presence suggested, and he sighed, bracing himself as he pushed it back into his chest.

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