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EgoBang Prompt: Arin and Dan used to be a couple in high school. They broke up sometime before graduation and never saw each other again. Many years later, at a high school reunion, they spot each other from across the room. (I'm so sorry I just love stuff like this *wheeze*)

This quickly spiraled into something much longer than intended. Oopsies. Also, a lot more angsty than expected. Thank you for sending in the prompt! A note: Arin and Dan graduated the same year and are both in their late twenties here.

Dan had a lot of regrets in his life. He regrets not pursuing his music like he really wanted growing up, listening to his parents’ advice instead and getting a job at a firm. He regrets drifting apart from them, only connecting with them during the holidays anymore. He regrets all the stupid shit he did while doing pot, mostly losing his job with said big firm, which stuck him in a dead-end, low-paying office job he hated. But his biggest regret, the one that has caused him the most pain throughout his lifetime, was standing just across the gymnasium, holding a cup of fruit punch.

Dan’s mouth was dry, and he quickly downed his own punch as he attempted to get past the sick feeling in his stomach. He didn’t want to talk to Arin. Hell, he didn’t even want to look at him. He tossed his cup into the nearest trash can and quickly searched for an exit. Since the refreshments table was right near the doors, it figured he had to be blocking the main exit. His only other choices were the fire exit or the bathroom window. Neither were the greatest of options, but he figured the bathroom window would be the quieter, and less douche-y, option.

Having made up his mind, Dan started making his way through the crowd of his former classmates. He gave a few nods to the ones he had already spoken to and some he hadn’t. He was so close, feet away from the restroom, when he heard a voice call out his name.

“Danny!” Ross called and Dan stopped, instinctively glancing towards Arin. His head had perked up, eyes searching the room. Dan quickly ducked behind a large inflatable palm tree, actually grateful at the moment for the stupid tropical theme. He leaned against the wall, letting out a sigh of relief.

“Dude, what’re you doing?” Dan turned his head to see Ross standing off to the side, staring at him with an eyebrow raised and his arms crossed. Dan shrugged.

“Enjoying the festivities?” He offered, gesturing vaguely in front of him. Ross scoffed.

“Sure. Did Jenny Fillmore get hands-y with you again? Is that why you’re trying to hide by the men’s room?” He asked, peering around the palm tree. “Cause she’s pretty distracted right now. No worries.”

“No, I-” He shook his head. “I just… I saw someone I didn’t want to talk to, is all.”

Ross blinked. “Wait, who? I mean, I know Jenny’s a handful, but I thought you got along with everyone in our year. That was literally your thing.”

Dan bit his lip, fingers automatically reaching up to toy with the ends of his hair. “I guess. Look, it’s no big deal. I don’t feel well, anyways. I’ll just go home and-”

“What?” Ross took a step forward, shaking his head. “No, you can’t leave. You just got here.” He narrowed his eyes, looking Dan up and down. “You were fine a minute ago. Who was it? Did they just get here?” Ross started to peer around the palm tree again and Dan grabbed at him.

“No, Ross, just-”

Oh,” Ross said and Dan slumped back. Dammit. He glanced back at Dan, smirking slightly now. Fucking dammit. “It’s Hanson, isn’t it?”

“No,” Dan snapped, face heating up. Ross’ smirk only widened.

“Oh really? So you won’t mind if I called him over here, then?” Ross made a move to step towards the crowd and Dan’s hand shot out, grabbing onto his arm.

“Don’t you fucking dare,” Dan growled.

“Yeesh, calm down.” Ross peeled his hand off his arm, fixing his jacket. “I wasn’t actually going to do it. I’m not that much of a dick.”

Dan frowned, slumping back against the wall and closing his eyes. “Yeah, sorry. I just-” He sighed and rubbed his face. “It’s been ten years since we last spoke. And the last time we spoke…” He trailed off, nausea back to clawing at his insides. He swallowed hard, shaking his head. “I just wanna go home, man.”

“You can’t avoid him forever, Dan,” Ross said, voice soft. Dan opened his eyes to find Ross’ smirk gone, replaced with a look of pity. Dan looked away, fingers tugging at a curl by his ear.

“I can’t talk to him, Ross. He won’t want me too, anyway,” Dan said, giving a half-hearted shrug. “It’s not worth it.”

“You were in love with the guy. Sounds pretty worth it to me.”

“Yeah well, things change.” Dan stood up and gave Ross a hard look. “Excuse me. I need to use the bathroom.”

“Dan,” Ross started but he shoved past him, pushing the door to the men’s room open and letting it slam behind him with a satisfying boom.

The only other man in there, some long-haired dude with a crop top on he’d never seen before, gave him a frightened look before hurrying out the door. Dan glanced after him, unsure if he had just frightened someone into running away.

Shrugging it off, he walked over to the sink. He leaned against the white marble, leather jacket crackling as he leaned forward. His eyes looked tired. Frankly, that’s all he felt these days. Tired of his job. Tired of the same dates with the same kinds of people. Tired of the dismal mess his life has become. He’s so fucking tired.

He rubbed his face again, his forehead pressed against the glass. He really could just leave. Slip out the bathroom window and make up with Ross later. He would forgive him. He knew he would. Their friendship had survived worse. But, he knew/ if he left now, he’d regret it. And as tired as he was of his life, he was more tired of having regrets.

With strength he didn’t think he had, Dan stood up straight and stepped back up to the door. He closed his hand around the door handle, fingers digging painfully into the metal as he took a deep breath. He could do this. He had to. He went to pull the handle, when the door was suddenly pushed open from the other side, smacking him in the face.

He stumbled back, hand flying up to grab at his nose. He screwed his eyes shut, the pain flaring through his whole face as he felt blood start dripping on his hands. Shit, he really hoped it wasn’t broken.

“Oh fuck!” A voice said, obviously startled. “Oh shit, dude, are you okay?” He managed to force his eyes open slightly, squinting at the slightly blurry form in front of him. When he finally managed to grasp who it was, however, his eyes shot open fully, a curse ready on his lips.

Arin didn’t seem to catch on as fast. He stepped forward, making an aborted moment to reach for Dan’s face, before turning to the paper towel dispenser. “I’m so, so sorry. Is your nose alright? It’s bleeding pretty badly.” He snatched up a paper towel and held it out towards Dan, eyes scanning over his face for any other wounds. Dan swallowed hard, carefully taking the paper towel from Arin’s hand so as not to touch him, before switching it with his hand.

“I- Yeah, I’m alright,” Dan said, grimacing when a bit of blood fell on his bottom lip. “Could I get another?”

“Oh! Yeah, I got it.” He quickly swiped his hand back in front of the paper towel dispenser, grabbing at the towel impatiently. “Here. Really, I’m so sorry. I didn’t realize someone was right there.” He shifted his weight, wringing his hands nervously as Dan awkwardly attempted to wipe his other hand off.

“It’s fine. No worries.” Dan was honestly impressed that he managed to keep his voice even, even as he felt the sudden need to throw up. He swallowed again, refusing to up end his lunch over this.

“So,” Arin said, watching Dan toss the bloodied paper towel in the trash. “I don’t remember you. Were you in the senior class? Or are you someone’s date?” He smiled warmly at Dan, which only made him feel worse. He glanced down, pressing the other paper towel tighter against his nose. More pain shot like a wave through his face and he grimaced.

“Yeah, I was in your year.” He said slowly. If he could drop dead now, it would be awesome. Anything to avoid talking to the boy who broke his heart so many years ago. Who didn’t even remember/ him? Boy, was that an indicator.

“Oh, you must have looked way different,” Arin said, chuckling as he gestured at him. “I don’t remember anyone as hot as you in my year.”

Dan yelped as his grip inadvertently tightened around his nose. His eyes watered from the pain, and he forced his hand to relax. Arin was flirting with him. Why the fuck was the universe so cruel.

He cleared his throat, waving away the obvious concern on Arin’s face. “I’m alright. Just touch the wrong part.”

“Should you go to the hospital?” Arin asked, stepping closer. “It looks pretty bad.”

Dan immediately took a step back, shaking his head. “No, it’s fine, Arin. I’m fine. It just feels bruised is all.”

Arin frowned, the worry in his eyes not abating. “Well, I still think you should get checked out. You could just not be able to tell.”

“Why don’t you let me decide that?” Dan snapped, instantly regretting it when Arin’s face dropped.

“I- you’re right, I’m sorry.” He swallowed, eyes flickering towards a stall before glancing back at Dan. “I’ll just-” He gestured back at the door instead, taking a step back. Dan quickly held up a hand, unable to stop himself.

“Arin, wait.” He licked his lips, trying to ignore the copper on his tongue as he spoke again. “You- You really don’t remember me?”

“Should I?” Arin asked, looking Dan up and down again. Dan felt his face start to heat up again. “What’s your name, again?”

Dan stared at him a moment, hand dropping to his side. He could barely form the words. Barely wanted to. “Dan. Dan Avidan.”

The moment Arin realized, Dan wanted to fall to his knees in relief. His eyes went wide, mouth dropping open just a little as his gaze swept over him yet again. This time, however, his gaze lingered on his face, tracing over his features with such careful precision it was if Arin was comparing them side by side. The giggly, carefree teenager versus the haggard, depressed young adult. He must look so different now, he realized. Not just his appearance, but his personality seemed to have done a complete 180. No wonder Arin hadn’t recognized him.

“Dan,” Arin said, voice full of this disbelieving wonder Dan wasn’t sure what to make of. He made a step back towards him, but Dan stepped back again. Arin’s frown came back quickly.

“Long time, no see,” Dan said, giving Arin a hesitant smile. Arin just stared at him again, as if he’d appeared out of nowhere. Dan cleared his throat, unable to hold Arin’s gaze for long. “So, you remember me now, I see?”

“You’re not someone I could forget,” Arin said, and Dan closed his eyes. This was exactly what he wanted, and that’s what made it so painful. He took a deep breath, forcing himself to open his eyes again and meet Arin’s.

“It sure seemed that way before.” He said like he knew he needed to. The wound of that night had left had never really properly healed. Even ten years couldn’t erase the look on Arin’s face as he told him they needed to break up. That they needed to focus on their own lives and not try to make this work.

“It’s not worth it.” Arin had said, eyes cold. “We need to live our lives. We can’t pretend this’ll still work while we’re off at college.”

“I don’t care!” Dan had yelled, voice breaking as the tears started to fall. “I love you, you idiot! It doesn’t matter to me if we were on opposite sides of the world! I want you.

Dan could still feel the way his heart shattered in his chest when Arin had walked away from him. He half expected him to just turn around now. Abandon him like he had all those years ago. But Arin didn’t budge, his body seeming to sag with the weight of what he’d done to them. He swallowed, staring at Dan as if the words wouldn’t come to him. He swallowed again, fists clenching at his sides.

“I never forgot you,” Arin said, his voice rough. He shook his head. “I never could. You know how many times I wanted to call you? How desperately I wanted to ask you to take me back? My heart broke the day I left you.”

Dan dropped his hand from his nose, tossing the soaked paper towel in the trash. He turned back to Arin, fingers itching to hold onto him in some way. He shoved them in his pants pockets instead. “Then why did you?” His voice sounded small, even to him. He wasn’t bothering to hide his feelings anymore. The hurt and the pain was just falling out of him now. He was pretty sure he was going to start crying soon if this kept up.

“I thought,” Arin gestured absently at him. “You wouldn’t want to deal with it all. The pain of long distance. I thought it was better for us not to have to.” He took another step forward, but this time, Dan didn’t move. “I was wrong, Daniel.” Arin breathed, eyes wide and pleading. “I was so, so wrong. You can’t imagine how sorry I am I did this to us.”

“You’re not the only one who let it go, Arin,” Dan said with a sigh. “I ignored your calls. Pushed you away. I didn’t even give you the time of day after.”

“And I don’t blame you,” Arin said. “You didn’t deserve to have my stupid ass begging for your hand. It was pathetic.”

“A little bit, yeah,” Dan said, smiling slightly. Arin smiled back and Dan felt his stomach relax a little. “I- I missed you, you know.”

“I missed you too,” Arin said, pausing before gesturing at Dan’s face. “Well, I didn’t miss you earlier.”

Dan blinked, taking a moment for him to catch on. He snorted a laugh, grimacing when the pain hit again. “Shit, ow. Yeah, you hit me pretty good.”

“You sure you don’t want to go to the hospital?” Arin asked, and Dan sighed.

“Yeah, I’m sure. I’ve had worse.” He leaned back against the wall. “If you were attempting to knock me out, you suck at door fu, though.”

Arin’s smile widened. He held a hand over his heart. “You wound me, Avidan.”

“You started it, Hanson,” Dan shot back, giggling.

“Touché.” Arin bit his lip, glancing away for a moment. “Would you… I know you’re probably with someone and I don’t really want to try to immediately jump back into things with you cause that’d be really stupid and-”

“Arin,” Dan interrupted, catching Arin’s eye again. “I’d love to get to know you again. If you’d let me.”

Arin relaxed instantly, nodding. “Yeah. Yeah, I’d love that.”

Dan smiled, something nicer filling his chest this time. “Me too.”

There’s a really good discussion going on the D&D reddit right now about the influx of newbies to the game and the barriers to DMing. I find myself nodding along to a lot of comments, because I’ve definitely had some struggles as I’ve been learning to DM over the last year. Part of that has been because our D&D game came along at the same time as work got ridiculously stressful for me, and brain power has been limited at best. So I’ve made a lot of mistakes, and not put as much time into the planning as I maybe would have if I’d been at full brain power. But a lot of the things discussed in the post and comments are things that have worried me. Especially the part about expectations, especially for DMs and players coming to the game from Critical Role or other podcasts and streams. Critter players may not expect their DMs to be Matt Mercer, but there’s still a (conscious or subconscious) expectation of a certain quality, due to that being a person’s only or major experience with the game, that’s daunting to think about. 

I’m glad I’m DMing for my actual close friends, in person, because that makes things a lot easier. I’m glad I have @garafthel there with her many years of gaming experience, and I’m glad we’re all here in person, so we can get together and talk through things when necessary. And I don’t feel quite so ridiculous when I get awkward or mess shit up, because the people with me are people I’ve known for years. But it’s still a bit overwhelming in some ways. Not so much that I’m not having fun, or that I want to quit, but I can definitely see why some people would look at this and go “fuck no, I never want to DM, that’s too much work/responsibility.” 

It’s not an easy problem to solve. How do you, as a new DM, give your players the experience they’re looking for while not totally stressing yourself out? It’s a good question, with a lot of possible answers. I’m still working on my own.

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My dearest, Words cannot express how torn I am that we are so far apart. Then again, I do not have the words to explain the feelings I get when I think about you. I miss you like the sun misses the moon during the day. The few minutes they spend in the same sky together is all you and I got together. I do not want to wait any longer to see you, but I must. I love you more than the stars in the sky. We will meet again soon, my dear. Much love from far away.

I love all these so much. I mean, I only got 2, but that’s a lot more than I was expecting, so thank you!

I had a thought last night about the latest episode:

The prophecy is that ‘one will be touched by the light of God, one will fall into a devil’s trap.’

What if it’s the opposite of what we expect?

Roberto nearly died. However, when his soul was being judged, his faith and love saved him, and he was given the opportunity to see his inner demon. This seems to have brought him a lot of peace. Since it brought him peace, it could be seen as a blessing. Like something from God.

Hiraga, meanwhile, seems completely amazed by Father Julia. He clearly thinks extremely well of him. So far, he hasn’t really questioned anything Father Julia has done. But what if that’s the trap? Being so blinded by someone’s facade of holiness that you don’t notice the evil around them?

Now, the painting of Roberto does initially make it seem like Roberto will be the one who falls into a demon’s trap. But the thing is - the painting doesn’t necessarily indicate that. The serpent wrapped loosely around his neck foreshadowed the serpent that bit Roberto. But the snake’s bite helped set in motion the events that lead to Roberto being allowed to see his inner demon. It lead to him receiving what he probably considers to be a blessing.

I have another theory about why Roberto claimed that John isn’t really a prophet, but I think that’s another post.

Either way, I think it will turn out that Julia is evil (he disappears overnight on a night when everyone else is terrified to leave because they believe Christians will be hunted by evil spirits) and is being helped by some of the other people at the church. Hiraga, because he’s been blind to this, will be put in life-threatening danger.

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Are there any characters who ended up being very different from what you had planned them to be in your books?

Um all of them.

My characters always evolve differently than I expected in my books.

In my mind they’re one way, but in development I learn things about them and realize some things about their motivations and switch things up.

By the end of their stories, they’re always surprising me, no matter how extensively I planned them out.

So yes.

One, for example, was a lot more kind in my original conception of her.

Not so much in her final incarnation.

Roman was much more entitled and dickish. He ended up more ignorant but foolishly kindhearted rather than just entitled.

Ten was originally much colder. More villainous.

As I developed him, I gained more sympathy for him and heaped more punishment on him.

It rounded him out by the end.

Two was originally just this snarky asshole who betrayed his own kind in the end.

He ended up softening up in his backstory too, and actually, I developed his relationship with six in a way that gave me a multitude of ideas for what he really wants as opposed to what he always believed he wanted.

So yes.

Short answer.

Characters change like real people as I’m writing them.

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Can you provide sources for keeping your pets inside? My local news had a vet on that directly said it'd be safe to have your pets outside with you.

I’m going off what the vets in the office I work at are telling our clients (primarily that dogs you take out with you are likely to notice humans making a commotion and look up as well (and will also be interested at the sudden darkness!) and can hurt themselves that way, and that cats tend to get whacky during any weird sky based event (remember that partial eclipse we had a while back? We had a /lot/ of bizarre cat accidents come in shortly there after from them just… kind of going a little coo coo banana pants).

I’m on mobile so embedding links isn’t really my friend right now but you can literally google ‘what can I expect from my pet during a solar eclipse’ and the general consensus is that they’re likely to be highly confused (and potentially interested! Which would be cool if it couldn’t damage their eyes if they decided to look up and stare a bit, and unfortunately they don’t speak enough human languages to explain it to them) and animals who are confused and potentially frightened tend to act out in unpredictable ways. It’s just safer to be aware and not pull them into potential harm. We have little warning signage and informational packets we’ve been giving out at the vet hospital I work at all week, and I’m expecting some whack-o ‘my cat totally flipped out’ cases because cats are highly anxious animals and sudden changes can stress them out and make them act in bizarre ways (the same way that sudden storms can, honestly. It’s not that the sun is making them crazy, it’s that something they don’t understand can scare or confuse them, especially if there’s no cloud coverage at the time).

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One thing that has always annoy me about spiderman , specially in homecoming, is that Peter is cut like a Roman statue and NO ONE seems to notice? Like maybe school showers work differently in the US, but surely someone would have notice

well…. a good book I love said something to the effect that when you’re married long enough you stop seeing the person and more see what you expect to see. I think that’s true of a lot of things, if you don’t expect to see muscles on Peter Parker boy nerd, you’re not gonna look at his belly when his shirt rides up. I will say you have a point given that his high school has gym uniforms, and Peter is in gym so he’s clearly taking his shift off in front of 20+ other boys, and surely one of them might pick up that Peter went from skinny or maybe a little fluffy to RIPPED AF! but maybe when Peter got bitten he didn’t have gym class so he got into Gym already JACKED and if you’ve ever been a high school boy you know the “don’t seem gay!” rules, commending on how someone looks in the locker room (unless you’re mocking a fat person) is pretty gay, and no one wants to seem gay in high school gym (most of all those of us were were gay) so maybe the few who notice would keep it to themselves, and maybe they’d think that Peter is just one of those skinny people who seem jacked because they have no fat on their body to cover muscles. Also Peter is likely to know how he looks and the questions his 8 pack would raise so makes sure to change in a corner and quickly so no one gets a good look

That being said Aunt May not noticing when he was standing their in his underpants seems rather strange, like she never asked when he started working out? though she’d believe any lie he told. 

A Most Important Scene From Voltron Season 3

So… there’s something about this entire scene that’s had me pondering it all morning. Now, despite my writing tendencies or even which characters I would like to see together, most people who know me understand that while I write and post certain things, how I actually view the canon is separate. Like, I don’t watch Voltron for shipping and what characters do and don’t end up together is not why I’m into it. I’m very realistic about potential ships and do my best not to let shipping goggles cloud my judgement. After all, I may like to create, but I also analyze. And anyone worth their socks in literary/media analysis knows that it’s about looking at what you’re given and not what you want to see (what we want to see gets into headcanon/prediction territory, which can be backed by analysis, but they aren’t the same thing). In other words, me fangirling about a ship and me looking critically at a piece of media are two very separate things. 

Therefore, this scene has left me in rather a… curious sort of hesitance? Because I find it hard to believe that I’m coming to the conclusions that I am? 

First and foremost, I’m glad that Lance and Keith are working together better and trusting one another enough to go to the other about their problems. I don’t care who you ship with who, it’s good character development for them when we look back at where they started and does nothing but help the team. Keith admitted his faults to Lance when he pushed the team too hard and Lance went to Keith when he was insecure. These are not small steps for these boys and I’m glad they’re finally becoming better friends. And that’s honestly all I thought I was going to take away from this season, if I even got that far. 

Until I saw this part of this scene specifically (I’ma use this screenshot a lot, lol) -

 - First of all, I want to look at how these frames with Keith are laid out. Keith is in the center of the frame the whole time, his posture is open, his expression is friendly, his smile is sincere. He is lacking in weapons or anything typically considered threatening. But what is probably most important is that we’re not just seeing Keith from Lance’s point of view, we’re seeing him through Lance’s eyes.  

There is a difference. For example, in these scenes - 

- we’re seeing Allura from Lance’s POV, but not through his own eyes. This is a very common type of shot when two people are having a conversation or even when multiple people are in the room. It’s like getting a third person description of what’s happening with weight on a certain character’s perspective. Sometimes it’s not even that far and it’s just convenient to look over this character’s shoulder. Versus when we get a more first person perspective when we see a character through another character’s eyes.  

We also get shots like this in this same scene - 

- This shot comes in concurrence with the one previously and can still be considered as coming from Lance’s perspective. So what’s the difference between this shot and the one of Keith? This shot is up close–it’s focused on Allura’s expression and what she’s saying. She’s also not completely centered, but balanced in the frame for the viewer, not Lance’s perspective. Lance is listening to her, not admiring her in any way, shape, or form. In fact, despite Lance’s general attempts at constantly flirting with Allura, he is not looking at her at all in this scene as a potential romantic interest. This entire scene is focused on what they’re saying and what that means. Not any kind of attraction between them. 

Which is what struck me as so odd about the way we see Keith through Lance’s eyes in episode 6. When a character is being admired by another character, getting a shot through their eyes of their subject from the waist up, or thighs up, or knees up, etc, is a very common way of displaying that admiration in a visual sense. It’s already clear from this scene that Lance views Keith as the new leader - 

- So even if Lance takes issue with some of the things Keith does, he–at the very least–begrudgingly accepts Keith’s position and is doing everything in his power to support him (as most of season 3 is evidence of). Which is why these frames - 

- took me so far aback. Honestly, I was much more expecting this kind of scene to be displayed from Lance’s eyes when his and Allura’s development took place. I even went back during their critical conversation to look for it. But there isn’t anything similar. Lance clearly respects Allura, but he didn’t “waver” in looking at her so as to imply a different kind of admiration. 

Another character that gets this treatment a lot? Shiro. Shiro is their leader. Shiro is their security. Shiro is oftentimes framed in this manner when the other paladins are listening to him. But usually it’s a group shot, and even if there are scenes with him and one other (maybe with Keith? I’m not going back to watch the whole series), his body language and expression are not so soft. There could probably be some shots of Shiro looking less severe when he speaks to Keith, but I never remember being this struck by a scene with Shiro that didn’t feel like anything more that admiration because he’s their leader and/or idol and/or older brother figure (this goes for Pidge as much as Keith). Just as I’ve never seen anything to blatantly support Klance before. Like, I’m not playing favorites here.  

The point I’m trying to make is that, in seeing Keith through Lance’s eyes in this scene, we’re gleaning a LOT about how Lance views Keith. Not only is he listening to Keith, but we’re seeing Keith as more than just a face with words. It would have been easy to frame this scene like this -  

- I mean, even this is still… But the point is, there were a lot of ways to frame this that didn’t have Lance giving Keith that “admiring” look that is oftentimes used in movies and animation. At this point, Keith is the center of Lance’s entire focus. The rest of the room is bare, Keith is what stands out most. But it’s not just his words or what he’s saying, it’s his entire person. It’s his body, his words, his posture, where he’s standing in the room. 

And then we get to his expression. This is so important. They could have given Keith more attitude, they could have had him lean back on one leg and cross his arms. They could have done LITERALLY ANYTHING ELSE to suggest that Lance was merely admiring Keith as a leader and friend, but they didn’t. They kept his posture open. They kept him still and centered in the frame. And they gave him the softest mother fucking smile that Keith has probably displayed in the entire goddamn show. And I don’t mean to say that he hasn’t given those small, soft smiles, because he has, but this one has teeth and is still soft. EVERYTHING about this frame is soft. 

And this is HOW LANCE is seeing Keith. We have the distance from where Lance is standing in the doorway to Keith to support this, as well as how he looks following, which implies that we were seeing Keith through him - 

- He’s looking over his shoulder, continuing the line of sight we the viewers were just privy to. And he reflects the same softness he has just seen in Keith. 

For fucks sake, all we need is an edit of that frame of Keith with a soft white background and some sparkles and we’re all fucking set! This frame - 

- was coded to be romantic. This is Lance not only admiring Keith, but seeing him in a “different” light. I mean, look at Keith’s hair for crying- UGH! Just add some wind and a few flower petals and- just- HOLY FUCK, LANCE! OGLE HIM SOME MORE WHY DON’T YOU! I don’t know if Keith is really this beautiful or not BUT YOU’RE DOING A GOOD JOB OF MAKING IT SEEM LIKE HE’S THE MOST BEAUTIFUL CREATURE YOU’VE EVER SEEN, LANCE!

Seriously, this is probably one of the most sincerely romantic frames we’ve gotten in the entire series. It’s also quite bittersweet. And, like, even if Lance isn’t aware that he’s looking at Keith like this, we are! We’re literally watching Lance form feelings for Keith through his own goddamn eyes. Ugh, gag me. 

I am disgusted. 

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You need to stop carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders.

now in a minute by thealmightyavocado

      ↳a 13 going on 30 au

harry styles/louis tomlinson. chaptered. 1/?

13 feels like yesterday for many people, but for Louis it actually was.

More than anything in the world, Louis Tomlinson dreams of growing up. Simply skipping over all of the awkward, embarrassing years of teenage existence and getting on with life. Real life.

So when thirteen-year-old Louis wakes up in the body of his thirty-year-old self, he expected everything in his adult life to be picture perfect. And maybe it is. He has it all…or so it seems.

Except his favorite person and lifelong best mate, Harry Styles, is totally missing from the equation and Louis doesn’t understand why. He has a lot of catching up to do and as adult life turns out to be more than what he bargained for, Louis can’t help wondering why a life that seemed so perfect, feels so empty.

Or the 13 going on 30 au that should have been done years ago.

Voltron Season 3 Thoughts

Okay, here’s my quick thoughts on Voltron Season 3:

- It felt like half a season, so I’m assuming it was and what we’re getting in October will be the rest of it, even if it’s called season 4. 

- I don’t think the whole “who flies what lion” issue is resolved and that it will come back to bite us in the ass in October. 

- I don’t trust Shiro and this makes me very uncomfortable. 

- The middle episodes were a little confusing? And choppy? 

- Allura’s bayard is awesome. 

- I’m sad we didn’t get to see more focus on the “new” team developing like we got in season 1. Poor Allura didn’t get the attention she deserved. 

- Sven and Slav, lol. 

-  “Look, I’m glad we’re all making fun of Lance.” Keith, my guy. Thank you. 

- Lance going to Keith about his insecurities. There were quite a few Keith and Lance moments actually, which I loved. But I can’t help but feel that even though Keith gave Lance a winning smile and tried to reassure him, this issue will crop up in October. Something is going to happen there and I get the feeling Lance is going to pay the price. And since Keith is becoming more dependent on Lance as his right hand, it will be… I’m not looking forward to this. 

- Lance and Allura moments in the beginning. 

- Alternate realities?! Holy fuck! So Slav’s entire character was foreshadowing?! Did not see that coming. 

- Um, I cried during the final episode with the paladin history, omg. That whole story was really heartbreaking. Especially with Haggar at the end being, like, husband? Wah? So how does Lotor fit into this? What are the family dynamics then? Very interesting. 

- Baby Zarkon was a huge fucking dork and I loved it. 

- Lotor is great and I love him. A+ boy, good boy, precious son. And his generals were just as badass as I expected. A++, great ladies, love it.  

- Lance being supportive but also hyper-critical of Keith at the same time. Their dynamic never ceases to amuse me. 

- No Matt–that must be from Season October. 

- Okay, seriously, you redesigned Shiro, but his hair is still so stupid? Like, c’mon now. 

- Lance being a leader and a serious character, and Hunk also being a serious character. They’ve both matured, but I’m sad we didn’t, like, see it? Like this whole season was a lot of “telling” instead of “showing,” and then “showing” without enough context. We didn’t get to see much development of anyone (except Keith and Lance’s relationship) so that’s kinda sad.

- Shiro chasing after Voltron was super sad and heartbreaking.  

- There’s something up with that cat and his lady.

- I love Baby Zarkon. Save him, poor awkward son. 

- Good all around. It wasn’t season 1, but it was enjoyable nonetheless. Solid.

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BTS choreographer song Sung Deuk shared on his Instagram HERE a photo of BTS practice room after they were practicing for this coming come back. 

I asked then my friend, an amazing dancer, and choreographer if we could have an idea about what kind of dance we can expect from the boys this time. Kitty said after looking at the photo:

“Judging from the sweeps, I’ll say it’s probably a fairly ground heavy dance. Either extreme Hip Hop, think breakdance, or a more contemporary dance. Can any of them do splits? If so, I see that being a thing. One of the things that leave marks on the floor for me is when I plant a foot and go into splits. Wait! Jumps, there’s gonna be a lot of jumps and lots of formation changes, that’s for sure”.

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My friend texted me later after that and said they could even use chairs or a wheelchair. She even texted another dancer who used it before: 

Disclaimer: She told me that she can’t be 100% sure because their style is nowhere close to hers and she hasn’t danced on that kind of floor. By the way, I haven’t told my friend any information about BTS, so she didn’t know that some of them can do splits, that Jimin did contemporary and Jungkook used to breakdance nor that their dances have lots of formation changes and jumping.  

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