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Neil Gaiman on his favourite American Gods Scenes...

There are moments in American Gods that are almost word-for-word your book, and then there’s something like Episode 4, which takes off on its own. You’ve touched on this a little, but how do you compare watching a scene that is lifted directly from your work, versus watching something that is wholly different?

For me, as the author—and I’m probably the only person who can have this particular conversation about this particular thing—it can go both ways. My favorite episode is Episode 4, and there is scarcely a line of my dialogue in there. My favorite scene apart from that is in Episode 5, when we get Gillian Anderson as David Bowie, chewing out the Technical Boy. It’s straight out of Bryan’s head. Those are, so far, my favorite moments, because I got to be surprised and delighted. 

-Neil Gaiman interviewed by Vanity Fair

one word moodboards prompts

i wanted to do smth a little different instead of the normal blogrates etc because i’m sick and miserable and also looking after my “””sick””” brother who’s currently playing mario kart and screaming. so i thought i’d make moodboards for you guys. with a twist! 


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anything! you could send me a name of a character, it could be a pretty word, a season, a place, an emotion, a colour, a creature. be creative! any word. but only ONE word.

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I dunno if you're still doing this but hearthstone in b2 would be -nice-

he is rocking that outfit im so impressed