so excited to wear it!!!!!

 Three Degrees Madness ∙ 041116 

Winter is coming~! And I am freezing to death… Hong Kong would never reach anywhere lower than five degrees usually (last year it reached zero and everyone freaked out) so I’m trying to get used to the weather here…it’s however time for me to bust out (and buy new keke) hoodies + my all time favourite turtle necks so I am super excited!! If I were to wear those back in Hong Kong everyone would judge me… oh the beauty of university life!

Finally handed in my lab report and I am SO GLAD that I can finally go and sleep more…there’s an essay due in four days (and I haven’t started it) BUT that’s besides the point…;;; I’ve been doing some studying and went back to reading one of my all time favs The Night Circus. Book in bed with a cup of tea, winter here I come!

Song(s) of the Day: Hey Mama! - EXO & Stay - Blackpink

ended the year and started the new year doing the usual…ahah.

I also wanted to say THANK YOU always!!♡ for the kind words, funny tags and sweet messages that definitely made my days last year. You guys are awesome!!!!♡

The only difference between Yuuri and I is that I have the flexibility of someone 5 hours into rigor mortis

A huge thank you goes out to Judd Sirott for asking the important questions.

I don’t think any moment in any anime EVER will be more iconic than the zoom in on phichit’s face as he realizes victor and yuri are wearing engagement rings, followed by him getting so excited that he immediately yells out to a crowd of strangers about how “MY FRIEND’S ARE GETTING MARRIED YA’LL”, and the strangers give a round of applause while the table full of people they actually do know are stunned silent, expect for otabek as he gives muted clapping, and yuri goes straight into damage control mode and yells “well we’re not exactly getting married!!” followed by victor saying “the wedding is after the grand prix see you there lmao”


Free for use winter themed Heroes of Olympus gang icons!

I promised myself I would do these last year but I didn’t sooo.. here they are now! You may do minimal editing such as cropping but please credit me if you use them! Do not repost these anywhere. Enjoy & happy holidays!

sherlock going by the store and buying two pairs of the cutest socks he can find, and he brings them home to john like “LOOK john i got us matching socks, cause we’re a couple, look theres tiny little skulls on them” and john is so excited and they wear them that night when theyre snuggling on the couch and sherlock keeps bumping his feet against johns and theyre both grinning at each other

As it’s snowing in New York City I’m dreaming about vacation ✨ going to Puerto Rico in 9 days and I cannot wait to photograph the beach adventures! So excited 💛🌟 wearing @christydawn