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My Secret Session Story 🖤

Okay so on Oct. 7 I got a DM from Taylor Nation on Twitter. As you can imagine I was freaking out and shaking and about to cry. Taylor Nation has never noticed me at all. The message just said I was invited to a super confidential Taylor Swift event. I had a strong feeling it was going to be a secret session but I couldn’t be 100% sure.

The next day they called me asking if I could be in Rhode Island on Oct 18. And then I knew for sure it was a secret session. I was going to be going to Taylor Swift’s House. Like how? Why me? It’s all still so surreal.

Now I had to keep this huge secret for 10 days. (Hardest thing ever!) Flash forward to Tuesday around 6 and my mom and I are on a flight out of Pittsburgh to Providence, RI and I still couldn’t believe what was happening.

So the next day, Wednesday Oct. 18, around 4PM I find myself in a van being driven to Taylor Alison Swift’s house in Rhode Island. It was all so surreal. I made friends immediately. This was such a cool thing we were getting to experience together. @slaying-swift Bella, Nikki, Brittany, and Kayla (and so many more awesome people!)

I walk into to Taylor’s house and I’m all omg I’m in her garage. I’m in her house. Now I’m meeting her dad. And he was giving me and everyone else guitar picks. I couldn’t believe it. She fed us chic - fil - a chicken nuggets, pizza, fruit, veggies, and Rep cookies and m&ms! After I was there for awhile I saw Lindsey @mysweetgingerbread ! (We’ve known each other for like 3 years through tumblr but never met). I was so excited to see someone I knew. It was crazy. I also got to meet Taylor’s mom, Andrea and her brother, Austin and manager, Tree @tree-paine and talk to them for a while.

A few hours after mingling we finally were moved to the living room there was about 100 of us total. Taylor Swift the angel herself walked in! She was all “hey guys!” I couldn’t believe she was sitting in front of me. Looking at me. That she herself invited me to hang out at her house. Like how? She had liked a few of my posts on Tumblr but I never thought she knew who I was let alone pick me for this secret session! :)

So we all listened to Reputation (best album ever). It’s so amazing. All I can say is it tells a great story. (WHAT HAPPENS IN THE SECRET SESSIONS STAYS IN THE SECRET SESSIONS) And it’s so raw and real and everything about it amazes me. It’s better then Red and 1989. It’s so poppy and has so many bops. I can’t wait to listen again and for everyone to hear it!

So after listening to Reputation we just hung out with Taylor some more. My mom was in the kitchen talking to Scott and Taylor was heading upstairs for a makeup touch up and she hugged my mom and my mom said “hey I’m Nina’s Mom” and Taylor said “oh Nina. She’s the art teacher!” I didn’t even believe my mom when she told me.

So it was finally time for pictures. I had no idea what I wanted to do. I was nervous but not because we had already been hanging out with her for about 5 hours. It was seriously like we were best friends.

As I walked up to Taylor she smiled and was all “HEY NINA!” And gave me the best hug ever. I said to her that I was surprised she knew my name. And she goes “I already told your mom!” But I told Tay I didn’t believe my mom. Haha then we talked about how I am an art teacher and she told me I am so inspiring. Taylor called me inspiring? How about you are the one who is inspiring Taylor!!!! I told her I love her artwork and how much I loved the new album and can’t even pick a favorite song. There was so much more I wanted to say but I kinda blacked out / was so excited I forgot it all. Lol

Then we got our pictures. I took one with Taylor and my mom. Then when it was my turn she was like “wanna hold a Grammy? Let me get you a good one. Album of the year!” So I held the Grammy in our picture as she hugged me so tight and bent down (because I’m super short!)

She also took a pic with my mom and the Grammy.

It was sadly time to go but she gave me two more hugs and thanked me for coming. And I thanked her over and over again. I still can’t believe this happened.

So now it’s all over but in a moment my life was changed. I can’t wait for everyone to hear Reputation!!! Also remember never give up on meeting Taylor or the person you love. I was a smaller blog who Taylor hardly ever noticed and I was chosen, out of millions of fans Taylor noticed me. She picked me to hang out at her house. She knew who I was and made me feel so special and loved.


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I heard au’s were being submitted so I mean I have one for where Keith finds a hippo humanoid alien race on a planet and it’s the first time he’s really excited and showing it like full blown geeking out you can hear the squee’s from outer space

Omg! I can picture this.

My boy breaking his serious composure and going crazy.

He’s running around and smiling so hard, barely being able to hide his excitement.

This would be a beautiful thing to see! We need art or a fic of this, pronto!

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Rosy I've been wondering something. t100 has a LOT of mixed race characters and interracial couples which is really great rep for a lot of people but the fandom generally accepts that t100 is very racist. While there are racist tropes like Clarke's white saviour complex, how do you think t100 handles racial issues compared to how fandom paints it.

OMG. When I first started watching The 100 on netflix, way before I ever joined any online fandoms, I was SO excited to see people that looked like me. Communities that looked like the communities I lived in my whole life. Seeing people who weren’t JUST white with strategic minorities, Black, Latino of a certain skin tone, and one Asian, pale, probably good with computers.

Like, I LOVED seeing multi ethnic people. And a biracial family! Siblings who weren’t the same color? Mixed race relationships? It was amazing to see a show where mixed people were the norm, rather than not there or invisible. 

It wasn’t until I joined fandom, and even longer until people started getting past the drama of the shipwars and looking for new things to fight about that I discovered that they thought this representation of multicultural communities was in and of itself racist.

I suppose maybe a lot of people are not familiar with the scifi convention of a future society that is “beyond” racism so that the story can address the roots of racism by exploring things like tribalism and xenophobia and genocide. It’s not a perfect way to address real world issues, but it’s one of the reasons why science fiction has been able to do this kind of social commentary, since the beginning of science fiction, both in literature and on tv. Star Trek did this too. It’s part of the genre and part of the tropes and conventions. 

I suppose maybe a lot of people are so used to seeing the world in terms of Black and White, that they fail to recognize the shades of gray. Which is particularly important in a show like The 100, which is explicitly ABOUT the shades of gray and not the black and white, good or evil, us vs them that we keep wanting to make it. I mean all the characters are struggling with this, so maybe that’s why the audience is, too.

The 100 depicts a world where the characters and societies consist of multiple races and ethnicities. These are distinctions we use in OUR world, but in the world of The 100, they have faded, to be replaced by other distinctions. Sky People, Grounder, Mountain Men, Azgeda, frekdreina. So while it’s imagining a world where your race doesn’t matter, and shows interracial relationship and mixed race characters as the majority, it’s also addressing specifically the roots behind the racism that this world seems to have conquered. The xenophobia and tribalism has NOT been conquered, because it is a human issue. But it’s still nice to see people that look like me and communities that look like mine on tv, because it is NOT common at all. And it’s good to see representation for many races besides the typical black and white, that often aren’t given any representation.

Me: And this is Ace he’s from One piece and omg I love him-

Friend: I meant human celebrities.

Me: Oh. Okay hold on…So this is-

Friend: Ones you find attractive and you would sleep with.

Me: but I don’t even know them? I just think they pretty but I wouldn’t like…sleep with any of them.

Friend:Not even one?

Me: na-uh? why would you?

Friend:….so what were you saying about Ace?



Demons - 707′s (song) doujinshi (1/3)

(left to right)

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Well, it’s true that I’m excited about V’s route… yes! I really want to play it… yes!.
BUT! god (and god seven) knows that the only one in my heart is Saeyoung! my beautiful tomato head! *__*

Anyways, this is my first doujinshi!! (song doujinshi?) so full of spoilers! haha So if you haven’t played the 707’s route… better do not read it hahaha

One day I was listening to “Demons” by Imagine Dragons and I thought
“OMG! This is Seven’s story!! And what about the missions as secret agent? I want to see more!” So, the doujinshi was born hehe This is the 1sth part of 3 (I’m doing all the song) It’s the first time that I seriously dedicate myself to making a comic, so I’m happy! ^^  I’m open to comments too!!
I’m already working on the second part, so if you like it, I would be SO happy if you let me know! That would give me a lot of encouragement!

Thanks for watching!!

By the way! I’ll also upload this in the Delirus account. Please visit us there too!!

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“No matter how far apart you are, or how long you haven’t seen him…that doesn’t change the fact that you are his daughter.” 

Loved seeing the scene where Sarada smiles! 


“i’m happy you’re home”

“me too”

why stop at language

not only do i want more cultural differences in fic, i also want those classic asian home remedies being shoved down victor’s throat like u know in episode 2 when victor does The Sneeze?? where’s hiroko tutting pitifully and rushing forward with a bowl of hot honey radish soup?? where’s toshiya grabbing the pot of tiger balm from their medicine cabinet?? when victor stumbles into the onsen after a long night of drinking at minako’s where’s mari giving him a very unimpressed glance before going to the kitchen and putting together some hot tea with pickled plums and telling him, “just drink it, baka” ???!?!?!?

imagine yuuri and victor moving to st. petersburg and bringing these asian home remedies with them. imagine yuri p crashing their brunches and being greeted with green onion and ginger porridge lest he “catch a cold from the harsh winter” (+1 side of victor teasing his moscow-born-and-raised background, “AS IF i haven’t been able to handle your shitty питер weather,” yurio says, having indeed not been able to handle the st. petersburg weather all these months, if we are going to assume that lilia begrudgingly applying dry mustard packets on his body a few nights a week has been any indication of that. which we are. going to assume.)

and these things too, yuuri will find himself exposed to—russian treatments that everyone at the rink swears by, like applying lines of wet iodine on his back to soothe sore muscles and increase blood circulation

like all im sayin is that victor and yuuri learning about each other and developing their love doesnt have to stop at okaeri and tadaima and vitenka and solnyshko, u know??


  • SAD!!!! CAS!!!!!!!!! WINGS. E M O T I O N
  • “he deserved better” preach it my gal
  • i don’t know why i got so excited that jack gets hungry man i hope he keeps his innocence omg
  • “i like nougat :3” so far he’s just a candy monster i can not believe how much i like this actual manbaby. please bring back gabe so they can meet
  • that angel hit dean right in the cas and that was CRUEL
  • “ok chuck” DEAN IM GONNA CRY
  • “hello dean”
  • “goodbye cas”



omg okay i found a drawing from like? 2014…. i was 15 years old

i remember being really excited scrolling the art of @loish when i first found her online (id had a book when i was young with her art in it and stumbled upon her deviantart by accident) and i spent the entire next class period drawing this

i was so inspired by the way she painted skin and to look back and see where my style choices began is really cool

ok but imagine that after recovering the book and talking with Fu, Ladybug tells Chat about it (Adries is obviously internal screaming because ‘holy shit Ladybug has father’s book’) and she shows him some photos of the book she managed to took and then the Peacock miraculous appears and Chat is like ‘wait i have seen this before…’ And he remembers seeing it inside his father’s safe.

And Adrien minds kind of shortcut because he concludes that his father must have been/be a holder and now he wants to talk to him because ‘omg my father had/has a miraculous! we can talk about it! i can ask him and not hide anything since he already knows and had a book!’

So Adrien returns to his house and is beaming and excited because he can finally talk to someone about him being Chat Noir and finally have bonding time with his father. And wothout listening to Plagg because Adrien is way too happy, he runs into his father office and tells him:

 ‘Father, I know who you are! I know you have a Miraculous! I have it too! I’m Chat Noir! We can fight together! We can do superhero things together! We can be a team and fight with Ladybug against Hawkmoth!′

‘We can be a family again!’

And Gabriel just pales.