so excited to see him sing

I just can’t stop picturing her up there, pulling God himself and the angels close and telling them to stop what they are doing. She’s vibrating with excitement, bounding up and down on the clouds with unmatchable energy.

“Do you see him? That one down there? Yes, his cheekbones are amazing. Aren’t his eyes so beautiful? That’s my baby. That’s my boy. My son. MY Louis. Everyone shush now, he’s going to sing, and he’s about to put some of you to shame. Just listen.”


as much as i would love a netflix series i actually think a musical is SUCH a good format because it’s really hard to successfully translate first person narratives to film/television but?????? with a musical?????? we can hear exactly what percy is feeling because the format allows him to tell us (ie sing it to us)

like just from listening to “good kid” we get so much characterization for percy???? we get to see his insecurities and worries and hopes and fears and WOW i am really! fucking! excited!

so they’re having a little birthday party at jonas’ place and even sees his guitar and he starts playing when they all sing him happy birthday and after jonas is like “oh, you play?” and he’s really excited because he doesn’t know anyone who does and even replies “yeah, i’ve got two guitars at home but i haven’t played in a while” and jonas says “we should totally jam sometime” which makes even smile really big and he quickly replies “we totally should” 

Christmas with Hansol
  • christmas music would be playing as soon as he’s up istg
  • “christmas is nothing without music!”
  • he would be quite excited for christmas, especially because it is the season of giving and seeing you in a cute christmas jumper
  • imagine him singing along to some Michael Bublé in his pj’s
  • sO into it !!! won’t calm down until you say something to him
  • and his full attention is on you
  • as he still is lipsyncing the words while looking at you
  • he would be that person who would almost push the christmas tree over because he would be dancing around so much and just not notice it
  • so, about the season of giving
  • he would have put a lot of thought to your present(s)
  • they’d be badly wrapped and he would be lowkey embarrassed about it
  • “i was busy and i looked up a youtube tutorial but i swear, it was like rocket science”
  • you’d just laugh at his cuteness :(
  • he would be so excited to give you presents and he would also explain the meaning behind them
  • which would probably almost bring you to tears because he is so considerate
  • eating a lot of sweets  until the point you feel like you’re going to explode
  • he would rub your tummy to be honest
  • when you lie between his legs and watch old christmas cartoons
  • after that you two would sing christmas songs together because why not
  • he would be so extra when singing, you wouldn’t be able to control your laughter
  • “you’re the next mariah carey hansol”
  • “oh and even better!”
  • he would also rap to a few songs - just to make you laugh some more
  • in the end, you’d end up falling asleep on the sofa under a warm blanket together :( cute

Admin Memesol

Going to a muggle concert with Draco would include...

Dating Version

- Him being extremely nervous and worried.

- He wasn’t against muggles now, especially after the war, but he was still unsure about them. He didn’t have much understanding of them, other than what his parents told him.

- Surprising him with merchandise for him to wear. Saying he needed to at least look the part of a fan.

- Smiling silently watching how excited you were.

- Him secretly knowing all the lyrics because you sing them all the time and he cares about your interests.

- At first overwhelmed by the number of people there, but grabbing his hand to reassure him that you’re always there.

- Him laughing at all your dances during all the songs.

- If you couldn’t see, he would piggy back you so you would get the best view.

- Answering his questions like, “Why is her dress glowing.” “It’s called glowsticks.” “Muggles are strange.”

-Holding his hand and leaning on him during all the slow, romantic songs.

- Kissing him during the romantic songs too!!

- The night ending with adrenaline and some passionate sex.

- Singing all the songs non-stop for an entire week afterwards. Even catching him sing them too.

- Thanking him for accompanying you, saying it really meant a lot to you.

EXO Reaction when you don’t celebrate your birthday

Again, happy birthday to the anon that requested this :D Ara~
/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise


*Very nervous* “She said she doesn’t celebrate it but… I hope she doesn’t mind I made dinner for her… I really want her to see it’s a special day.. she is special to me”


“Where are we going? Well you said you had no plans so you are going to the galaxy with me~” *Actually it’s the beach but let him be*


“I promise I won’t sing happy birthday if you don’t want… but at least spend the day with me, yes? I have a surprise!” *Really excited*


*He’s actually a little worried* “Baobei but why… it’s the day you were born, it’s important… Can I change your mind? Can I celebrate it with you? I want you to be happy”


*You think he only invited you on a date but in reality everything he does he does it for you to remember that day, your first birthday with him*


“Let’s start a new tradition jagi! I’ll celebrate with you and the boys, doesn’t necessary have to be in your birthday, you decide!” *Won’t push*


“If you don’t want we won’t do something special, but at least let’s spend this day together” 


“You still don’t want to go out and celebrate? It’s a nice day outside” *Looks at you from the coach and pouts until you say yes*


*Had so many plans for your birthday* “But jaaagi… today… birthday… love… at least let me take you our for dinner? We can have your favorite…chicken!”


*Won’t push but also wants to make each year special* “I hope it’s not much jagi… but I hope you like it. I thought of you when I saw it”


*Still prepares you a surprise and makes sure everything you wish comes true, at least for that day xD* “My girl deserves the whole world and I’m giving it to her!”


*You actually didn’t know he knew it was your birthday, so it takes you by surprise and you will never forget that boy who started making your birthdays special*

[Masterlist] [Guideline]

Make You Feel My Love

Requested: you and shawn go to one of Adele’s concert and when she’s singing Make You Feel My Love shawn starts singing it to you and it’s all cute and emotional



The excitement you feel right now is beyond any you’ve felt in a long time. There is something unexplainably beautiful and powerful about concerts. And for you, this concert is one you’ve been dreaming of attending for a long time. Shawn knew that Adele was one of your favorite artists, besides him, of course, and that you really wanted to see her live. He got you tickets for Christmas, and here you two are. She starts singing Make You Feel My Love, and Shawn wraps his arms around you, pulling you closer so that instead of standing side by side, you’re standing in front of him. He rocks you back and forth, and you sway with him, enjoying the song, and this moment of being at a concert with him.

About halfway through the song, he leans down and starts singing in your ear. “I know you haven’t made your mind up yet, but I will never do you wrong. I’ve known it from the moment that we met, no doubt in my mind where you belong.” You can’t help but smile and lean a little closer to him. As much as you love Adele, hearing your boyfriend sing those word’s makes your heart beat fast and makes you fall in love with him a little more with every beautiful word he sings.

He sings through to the end of the song. “I could make you happy, make your dreams come true. Nothing that I wouldn’t do. Go to the ends of the earth for you, to make you feel my love, to make you feel my love.” As Adele finishes singing, you can’t help but spin around, to come face to face with your smiling boyfriend. You tippy toe, and he leans down, meeting you halfway, as you kiss while the crowd around you is busy cheering for Adele, you barely notice anything but the man in front of you and the way he makes you feel.

Got7 reaction to seeing you play the piano for the first time

Thank you so much for the request I hope you like it <3

JB: *He’d try to convince you into having private concerts with each other where you play and he sings, you sing and he plays or you both play together*

Yugyeom: *He’d be a bouncing bean when he heard you play he’d be so excited that he found out something new about you and finding out one of your hidden talents*

Youngjae: *He’d beg you to write a song with him and help him compose it on the piano, with his singing ability and your piano skills he feels you can make an amazing song together*

Jinyoung: *Being the classic guy he is he’d love that you play the piano and would love to sit down and relax while listening to you play him a sweet and calm song*

Bambam: *He’d act so offended and would wonder why you didn’t tell him sooner*

Jackson: *He’ll make you play him a few songs to make up for the amount of time that he spent not knowing this talent of yours*

Mark: *He’d go heavy on the aegyo once he saw how good you were and would be sure to ask you to play him a song ion the future*


Mobile Masterlist

Singing MC RFA


  • didn’t know you could sing until he heard you in the shower one day, quietly singing one of your favourites
  • at first he thought the tv was on in the background but then he realized
  • loves the sound of your voice
  • gets really excited, “Now we can sing duets, MC!”
  • is really proud of you and your voice, wants to act in musicals together
  • just the way his eyes sparkle when he sees you singing, you were always a deity to him but now that you can sing it’s like ^0^ 
  • wants to sing with you pretty much always, adores you because you have so much in common
  • he often sang you lullabies but now you sing to each other whenever one of you can’t get to sleep, or sit outside and sing together voices intertwined in perfect harmony


  • this precious sinamon roll can’t handle it
  • you were making breakfast together when suddenly you wanted to sing so you sang a little snippet of a song that was stuck in your head
  • he was so taken aback he almost put his hand on a hot frying pan omg no my precious baby
  • he asked you to sing for him, and even though you were a little embarrassed, you sang something really old-school and kind of cheesy
  • he was almost in tears by the time you were done
  • “Your voice…it’s so beautiful, MC! I want to hear you sing every day!”
  • shows you off to all his friends in every club, because he’s so proud of his talented S.O.
  • whenever he hears your voice, he stops everything he’s doing and stares at you, enthralled
  • often takes a break from LOLOL just to hear you singing, brags about you to all his guild members


  • you were watching one of Zen’s musicals together when her favourite song came on, and you started to sing
  • she was somewhat startled because she didn’t remember two voices singing the song???
  • she pauses the DVD and your voice continues on
  • jaehee is stunned
  • “MC your voice is easily as good as Zen’s! How come you never told me you could sing?”
  • she really likes it when you sing the songs from Zen’s musicals, so you learn them all and sing them to her constantly
  • whenever she’s having a rough day, hearing your voice makes her smile and oh gosh she’s such an angel
  • tries to get you to share your talents with the world, because any art comparable to Zen’s must be enjoyed by fans


  • you were getting ready one morning and humming to a tune in your head
  • jumin heard and wanted you to sing for him
  • you sang as he watched you
  • “It is quite fitting for such a beautiful voice to belong to such a beautiful being.”
  • after he heard you sing he wants you to dress up and sing for him every night, he loves watching you sing and hearing your voice
  • “MC you glow when you sing.”
  • wants to make you the next model in a commercial for C&R forget modelling he’ll start a singing business and make you the icon
  • loves to see you learning songs, smiles when your voice stumbles over unfamiliar notes
  • “It’s all right MC, I’m sure you’ll sing it perfectly if you practice.”


  • you were watching your favourite tv show together when the theme song came on and it was so good you just had to sing along
  • “Whoa MC you’re so good at this! How come I never knew… I hacked into all your social media but there’s not one mention of singing! Oh, did I say that out loud?”
  • wants to get crazy with you and have awesome rap battles seven rapping and singing aren’t the same thing
  • starts blasting music you both listen to and belting out the lyrics with you 
  • surprisingly his voice isn’t even that bad, but he’s much better at rapping
  • you often do songs where there are singing and rapping bits and pretend you’re performing them together
  • “Hey, Vanderwood, come film this!”
  • he has fun just joking around with you, but he really admires your voice
  • “I should make a Tripter bot for you, MC! Then everyone will know how good you are!”
  • but sometimes when he can’t fall asleep, you’ll sing for him, something soft and sweet until he drifts off in your arms
What Would Dating Paul Lahote Be Like?

Request 3.

  • Being the type of couple that was always competitive over the littlest things.
  • The rest of the pack being thankful for you because you calmed Paul’s temper down a lot since he met you.
  • Never being afraid of him because Paul knows his limits and will never lose it in front of you. If he feels like he is he would run off somewhere so you can’t see him.
  • Non stop cuddles because he is like your personal radiator.
  • Whenever he picks you up on a date in an old beat up truck, both of you blast the music and sing loudly not caring about how bad you sound.
  • Going cliff diving together every time it’s sunny and beautiful outside. You being the most adventures imprint that is always down to do something daring or exciting. 
  • Paul always having his arm around you or holding your hand everywhere you go.
  • The pack being “sick” over how cute you two can be. This result in Paul being embarrassed and starting to blush. So the teasing is non stop from his fellow brothers.
  • Not caring about showing public display of affection with each other.
  • Paul being extremely over protective and just wanting to save you from anything that can possible hurt you.
  • Always causing mischief together because the two of you are known as the the dangerous duo in the pack family.
  • Paul holding you as you feel asleep and watching you lovingly.
  • Whenever you helped Emily cook the two of you would have so much fun gossiping which sometime leads to playfully throwing flour at one another.
  • Worrying about him endlessly when there is a vampire in the area despite him assuring you how awesome his wolf abilities are.
  • You being able to finally find your people with the other pack members and imprints.
Internet Famous: Part 3

Fandom: Star Wars (Modern AU)

Pairing: Poe Dameron x Reader

Summary:  Poe and Reader are friends who came together and started a youtube channel for fun. 1 million subscribers later, they’re now internet famous. Their friendship has thrived, however, all of their fans can obviously see that Poe and Reader aren’t just friends.

Part 1 | Part 2

You were scrolling through your instagram when you saw that some of your friends had recently gone to Disneyland. Then an idea popped into your head. You immediately hopped off your bed and dashed to Poe’s room. You opened the door to see that he was playing his guitar and singing. You crawled onto his bed next to him and began aggressively tapping his shoulder.

“Ow. Ow! What?!” You stopped and he started rubbing his shoulder, “Geez, you’re so aggressive when you’re excited.”

You rolled your eyes, “Shut up. Anyway, let’s do the Disney song challenge for our next video.” 

“What brought this on?”

“I was on instagram and saw that some of my old friends had gone to Disneyland.” You shrugged, “I don’t know. I just need some Disney in my life.”

“Then why don’t we go to Disneyland?” Poe immediately suggested.

“Wait, really?” Your eyes lit up. 

Poe beamed at you, “Yeah. Why not? Ever since we moved to LA we’ve yet to go. So let’s go.”

“Aaaahh! Okay! When should be go?”

“We’re free this upcoming week. We could go then.”

“A whole week? Really?”

“Sure. Happiest Place on Earth with my best friend? Sounds pretty fun to me.”

“Oh my gosh. YAY!” You launched yourself onto Poe and gave him a huge hug. You then kissed him on the cheek, “I’m so excited! I gotta get packing!” You ran out of the room as quickly as you entered.

Poe laughed to himself. During that whole time, you didn’t know that his vlogging camera, that sat on his desk, was on and recording. Poe sighed and walked to the camera, picked it up, and spoke into it, “I’d never post this little sequence online, but I’m still gonna say it. God, I love Y/N.” Poe looked down and smiled, “I’d do anything to make her happy. That look on her face when I said we’d go…” Poe shook his head, “I’d love to see that face every day.” Poe ran his hand through his hair, “I’ve loved her for so long and…I can’t even imagine how my life would be without her in it. I know she sees us as just best friends…but God, what I’d do to make her see me as more.” Poe then stopped recording and set the camera down. He was in quite the predicament.

You and Poe were all packed and ready to go. Poe took care of the tickets and the hotel room. You took care of the rough to do list. Disneyland was about an hour away from you. You and Poe belted out Disney songs on the way there. You vlogged everything, of course. As the time ticked away, you felt yourself becoming happier and happier. 

When you drove up to the Disneyland Hotel, your mouth dropped open. You looked to Poe, whom was smiling at you, “We’re staying at the Disneyland Hotel?!”


“Aaaaahhh!!!” You started hitting Poe excitedly and he tried blocking you.

“You really need to not be so violent.”

“Then you need to stop being the best person ever! Because this is great! You’re great! Aaaahhh!!”

Poe started laughing, “Anything for my girl.”

You started to blush. His girl? Did Poe really see you as his girl?

 You two found your room, which only had one bed. You two thought nothing of it. You’ve slept in one bed before, but after Poe called you his girl, you started feeling anxious about it. You anxiety faded as soon as you looked out the window to see the view of the pool. It was amazing! It was huge and had a water slide! 

“I still can’t believe you did this!” 

Poe threw his arm around your shoulder, “Like I said, anything for you.” 

i literally cannot wait for niall’s album i’m so excited to see what he comes up what he wants to say and sing about i’m so so sosoososososooooo excited to hear a full album of just him 

I really hope more comes from Musiq seeing that video of jaebum singing his song😭🙏😭 I hope he checks out Jaebums sound cloud and Got7s music and acknowledges not only jaebums vocal talent but the music he writes as well Jaebum would be on top of the WORLD HE WOULD BE SO HAPPY IM SCREAMING LORDT COME THROUGH!!!! and maybe Jaebum will get to meet or work with him too😭 our king deserves it!!! I love AHGASE bless that girl for putting in the effort to really try to get him to notice him and it worked!!! I hope jaebum finds out that musiq heard him sing and I’m so excited to see what comes of this😭🙌🙌🙌 First youngjae now Jaebum 🗣OUR BOYS OUT HERE😭😭

Stockholm Syndrome

Inspired by the song Seven Nation Army by the White Stripes.

Characters: Demon!Dean x Hunter!reader

Warnings:No plot, just SMUT. Swearing.

Tagging: @spnfanficpond @aprofoundbondwithdean @spnashley

A/N: Happy smut appreciation day/ smut apocalypse ! So exciting seeing everybody’s ideas and creativity. I was really inspired to write a demon!dean fic because he’s all I can think about lately. So I hope you all enjoy. Thank you for reading xx

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You weren’t going to lie- you had a thing for gorgeous bad guys and Dean Winchester was looking particularly delicious with his hands tied to the chair, his thighs apart, looking at you a smolder that could singe the clothes off your body.

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sondheim2011  asked:

I'm seeing Jake Gyllenhaal in Sunday in the Park with George for my birthday and the production just released a music video of him singing one of my favorite songs and I'm very very excited and then I thought of you haahaha

I am SO jealous. My friend works in that theater and has hung out with Jake a bunch and I’m literally dead of jealousy

okay but imagine calum’s little girl going to her first concert. and she got to pick out whatever seat she wanted so she’s sitting a few rows back, and she stands up on her chair so she can see her daddy better. and she has those little protective earmuffs so she doesn’t hurt her tiny ears, and her hair is done in two braids and she’s wearing calum’s soccer jersey from when he was a little kid. she made a sign all by herself that says “calum hood is my dad” and it’s barely even readable but when calum comes out on stage and he sees her, his face lights up and he’s like “that’s my daughter by the way, she’s way cuter than me! i love you baby!” and she’s jumping up and down and laughing and she’s so excited!! and she sings along with calum and she waves at uncle mikey. calum hits him when he swears but little girl hood just laughs and at the end she tells calum that it was the best night ever and he keeps her sign in his bedroom for years:’)


So glad someone requested this because I LOVE HIM!

Hey guys! So not long ago, I got a request in my ask to do a review on Troye Sivan! I’m really excited because I think he’s such an incredible artist and LGBTQ+ activist.

First song I ever heard from him was  “WILD.” The intro starts with what sounds like some kids singing, kind of reminded me of a Nickelodeon show theme song?? Idk, but as the song progressed, I ended up thinking “wow.”  It seems like your general pop song, but if you really listen, you can see how the lyrics are far from average. I mean, the whole concept of having a theme throughout the album, in this case Blue Neighborhood, is something a true artist would do.  I was really happy to see that Troye writes his songs himself, which made me fall in love even more.  Overall, WILD is a really uplifting song about love, and it’s on my soulmate playlist that I have yet to share!

The next song I really loved was “FOOLS.”  I was first captivated by the chord progression in the piano intro.  I can’t even explain the chills I had when I heard the lyrics.  I love the melody of the pre chorus, especially when he sings “I see quiet nights poured over ice and Tanqueray.” The chorus is very basic lyric and melody wise, but the simplicity combined with the background music makes it a banging track!

Here are some other songs I love by Troye:

“COOL” - The title explains the vibes of the song.  The lyrics tell a really cool story and kind of reminded me of the show Revenge, aka one of my fav shows ever! Also, peep the bass line in the chorus, it’s groovy.  This was my favorite of his for a long time.  

“SUBURBIA” - Wowie it’s a real tear jerker.  It always reminds me of all the places I used to live and the childhood memories I’ve had.  I really resonate with this song because of all the sentiment behind it.  I also really relate with how some moments pass you, but during it you realize how important that event or time would become to you, until you look back on it.

“TOO GOOD” - It’s not acoustic, but I guess the first half is until there’s a light beat added.  I really like the violin component throughout the second half of the song.  

I hadn’t listened to him in a while, until this was requested so thanks for that! If I realized anything, it’s that the entire Blue Neighborhood theme  music really reminds me of soulmates.  That’s probably why I really like him.  His writing style is also similar to mine.  I would definitely consider him an influence for me.

I’ve linked a playlist of the songs I talked about, and other ones I have saved.  If you liked this review and you have a band or artist you want me to write about, CLICK HERE and leave me a request!

Rock On,


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rizlow1  asked:

Nichelle, you're going to VegasCon!!! So excited for you! Jensen is SINGING!!! There's nothing like seeing him sing in person... <3 Can't wait to hear about your experiences there! :)

I CAN’T WAIT.  I’ve seen him sing twice now in person, and it never disappoints.  <3

anonymous asked:

so random but the fact that jongdae who rarely uses sns accounts and tends to stay away specially posted on the exoL website today to thank the exoLs shows how excited he was to win the #1...he loves singing so much and i so aglad he won... he deserved to collab with his fave respected Dynamic Duo and be appreciated and noticed for his work. A Solo album for jongdae needs to be a thing

he loves making music so much and he is so dedicated about it, seeing how happy he was when he won yesterday makes me want to work hard when he will release a solo to give him lots of wins~ he is so precious and deserves all the love

Boyfriend Series - GOT7: Jackson

- You will be treated like a fucking queen/king by him

- You can expect that

- Spoils the crap out of you

- Massages your back, hands, or feet if any of them were in pain

- Random gifts scattered across the house for you to find

- Texts to see if you were okay or wanted anything

- Calls whenever he’s out of the country just so he can hear your voice

- Hugs you and doesn’t let you go 

- Says he loves you all the time

- Like you’ll fall asleep to him telling you that

- And probably wake up to it too

- Giddy and excited reactions whenever you got excited to see them 

- Loves to see you dance and sing/rap along with his parts

- Pretends to find something wrong with it and teach the correct way just to spend extra time with you before he has to go

- Always rests his head on your lap

- Keeps a hand on or an arm around you at all times

- Gets excited when he sees you asleep with your hair a-mess and your mouth half a gape

- He thinks that’s when you’re the most beautiful because it’s your natural state

- Loves seeing you in general and having you around him

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- Admin Sunshine