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It’s Not Gonna Suck Itself

Summary: The reader sends a naughty text about Jensen to the wrong person.

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 1,290

“What the…no way, dude!” Jared bursts out laughing, practically falling off of his tan leather recliner.

“What?” Jensen asks with furrowed brows, wondering if it’s worth getting up from the couch in his trailer.

“Wow. I can’t believe she sent me this.” Jared grins widely, glancing back down at the text from you.

“Sent what? Who?”

Jensen grows impatient, his best friend still hasn’t answered him and it’s annoying as hell. He sighs dramatically then moves towards Jared, waiting for an answer.

“Y/N…she sent me something…interesting.” Jared smirks, his smile falters a bit when Jensen snatches the phone from his hand.

“It can’t be that funny. Jeez.” Jensen rolls his eyes, but they soon widen in shock once he sees your text and the picture that accompanies it.

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Jamaica (Part 1)

Originally posted by sign-of-the-styles

You guys are amazing. The fact that anyone likes my writing makes my heart so happy. Was gonna wait to post this, but this is my way of saying Happy Halloween! Send me requests, message me, I’d love to get to know all of you. Many, many parts of this will be coming. You go to Jamaica, meet Harry, and he gets inspired. Hope you love it. xx - L

Warnings: mentions of smut

Word Count: 2,106

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its-the-tenerife-sea  asked:

Hello! I have an idea for the ficlet (feel better btw!). Okay: HS AU with popular!Dean and popular!Cas, they're those two annoying guys who make funny (but also obnoxious) comments in every single class, and make stupid, flirtatious remarks to each other like "Cas looks pretty hot today guys" or "I'm totally dating Dean, everyone" etc. Only thing is, they're secretly in love, but neither will admit it. I've had this idea for a while and I'd LOVE for a talented author to execute it.

Aaaahhh it’s been too long since I’ve done a High School AU and I’ve missed it. Thanks for this one and thanks so much for asking me to fufill the prompt! I hope I do it justice :)


“Please take your seats quickly. I want to discuss your quiz scores so we can go over any questions you may have before the final test.” Ms. Mills said with a stack of papers clutched against her chest.

Dean stretched his arms above his head as he flopped into his usual seat on the third row, next to the wall so he could lean up against it in times of extreme laziness. He sprawled out accordingly, dropping his backpack to the floor and draping his letterman jacket over his seat until the air conditioning kicked in during the middle of class like it usually did.

“Hey, hot stuff.” Dean said with a nod as Castiel sat down in the seat next to him.

“Good morning, Dean.” Castiel said, barely looking up as he aligned his binder and world history book neatly on the small desk in front of him.

“How was that student council thingy yesterday?” Dean asked, popping a piece of gum into his mouth.

“Absolutely dreary without your shining personality to brighten all of our days,” Castiel murmured, completely straight-faced.

Dean winked as Ms. Mills began talking again.

“Some of you need to look at your notes from the beginning of the year again,” she said as she began passing back the quizzes. “And some of you need to remember that - if you want full credit on the final test - the answer to ‘What are the seven wonders of the ancient world’ is not ‘Castiel Novak’s Ass’ written seven times.”

She frowned when she got to Dean’s desk, dropping the paper on his desk as the rest of the class laughed.

Dean clicked his tongue and made a finger gun at Castiel with another wink.

“Really, Dean? Don’t be childish.” Castiel said, just loud enough for everyone to hear. “We all know that’s not true. I haven’t done any squats in at least a month.”

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It's the sheep!

Homebrew Pathfinder game. The party has stopped at a small farming village on the way to the capital city. A fence broke by the farms so all the sheep are roaming the roads.

They recently found out from a (senile) old man that girls have been going missing. They start trying to confirm the story. Our Rogue is in the tavern and sits down between two farmers drinking.

Rogue: So, uh… Anything.. interesting going on in town lately?

DM (Me) as farmer 1: Ah.. Not particularly. Most exciting thing that’s happened this last month is the sheep outbreak.

Paladin (OCC); Sheep outbreak?! Oh my god! That’s why there’s so many of them! The girls are being turned into sheep!

Petname Babygirl II pt.3

yoongi x reader

genre: filth..fluff? I don’t know except for the smut, dom!yoongi

this chapter contains a bit of everything, I guess

word count: 10.6k

Your business trip involved boring meetings, some time for yourself and you being naked and tied up underneath your boss.

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Bon Soir [Lafayette x Reader] Part One

Description: You, an American patriot from a loyalist family, catch the eye of the Marquis De Lafayette one night at a tavern. After your first night with the enigmatic frenchman, you realize how turbulent life can really get in a time as turbulent as this. 

Warnings For This Chapter: Smut, alcohol, mild swearing, and mild Lams, where I could slip it in ;) 

Notes: So, there will be five parts to this story. It will, if we’re being honest here, be updated probably once or twice a week until it is finished. This story is a mix of Hamilton’s characters and actual historical stuff, and there will also be lots of appearances from the rev set in this fic, so brrrah, brrrah!! Enjoy. 

||Part Two||

It’s a beautiful night in the colony of New York, the moon full and the usual chill in the air slightly warmed. Besides it being a lovely night, it was also quite rowdy- but during these turbulent times, you couldn’t expect less from the Northern colonies.  

You pull your cloak tighter around your shoulders… it’s really not a night to be out for a lady, but you couldn’t care less. Your family still clings to the proverbial olive branch, one of the less popular voices of loyalist reconciliation. You’re a patriot, through and through, and any chance you have to escape your frankly shameful homestead under an anonymous family name at night to “cavort” with those who share your views on freedom, you take.

Slipping down a dark alley with the hood of your cloak pulled up, you find your way into the even rowdier Fraunces Tavern. Looking around, you smile. Men clinking their sloshing drinks together, shouts and jeers at the king tossed around liberally- this was the beginning of a revolution, and you’d be damned if you missed it.

“You lookin’ for a good time, honey?” some guy with a heavy Boston accent asks you from the table next to the door, and you turn to him.

“I’m looking for a drink, and whatever good time I can derive from that.” The guy still stares at you, waiting for a follow up, so you decide to win even more favour by voicing your views. “Fuck the king?”

The entire table bursts out in cheers and pounds their fists and mugs down repeatedly as you smirk and saunter past them. You get to the bar, and ask for a Sam Adams, before turning around and surveying. To answer the drunk man’s question, you aren’t actively seeking that sort of good time, really… but, nights like these were full of exceptions.

“Here you are, miss,” the friendly bartender nods to you, then pauses, “I’ve seen you in here a couple times now, and I don’t recall your name.” He looks genuinely confused. “Who’s your husband?”  

“I’ll let you know once I find one,” you wink, and cross the tavern to occupy a booth. Just as you’re lifting up your skirts to sit, the door crashes open, and in come four very loud young men.

“What time is it?!” one yells, and the other three yell back, “Showtime!” while cackling and slapping each other on the back.

You roll your eyes again, imagining all the fights they were sure to start tonight. The bartender seems to know them, and pours four ales for them as well. Snatching up his drink, the short one with the ponytail and goatee marches right up to the table in the middle, getting up on it and chugging half his mug.

“To the revolution!” he finally bursts out with, and almost trips off the table. The large one with the beanie catches him, shaking his head with a grin, and the second shortest one with curly hair and freckles joins the talker with a close arm around his shoulder.

“Now this is the place to be, amiright boys?!” freckles shouts, taking a long drink.

“Oui oui, mon ami,” another voice chuckles, and your interest is immediately peaked. A frenchman in the colonies? The excitement of these taverns is incomparable, and it is exciting to say the least to hear someone from so far away- you know a little of the language, or what you had learned as a girl.

You watch in quiet admiration as a tall, athletically built man with dark hair tied up in a bun and a close trimmed beard steps out, carrying two mugs of ale. He hands one to beanie man, and plops his own down on the table. “We must tell the king casse toi with our war effort!”

“We will, Laf,” beanie assures, “But first? Horses.”

“What?” freckles and goatee both say at the same time.

“Corsets,” beanie laughs, rubbing the back of his neck, “I meant corsets.”

“Hercules, you are an idiot,” Laf deadpans.

“I’m the most mature one here,” Hercules shoots back.

“Easy, when tes amis are Alexander Hamilton and John Laurens.”

Hercules lets out a booming laugh, and is soon joined by Laf’s own charming snicker. Alex and John are too enamoured with their own private conversation to notice much.

Your eyes train on Laf. If he was french, he must have a longer name than that… you’re determined to know it. He was undeniably a charmer- he was handsome, dashing as a prince, and very stylish. With the words he had uttered earlier, you found it safe to assume he’s as passionate about American independence as you are.

You make an excuse to walk by.

Heyyy there,” goatee (Alexander)? calls, swivelling his head to look at you.


Hercules lets out a low whistle as you turn to face them. “I don’t mean to be too forward, but madamn.”

"What the ever loving merde is that supposed to mean, Hercules?” Laf’s face scrunches up, and Herc just shrugs.

“Works on most of ‘em.”

“I’m Alexander Hamilton, bastard, orphan, son of a whore,” Alex jumps up, grasping your hands, and you can see the gears in his slightly drunk mind turning. “So I’d love to flirt for like, a really long time because you’re pretty and everything, but there’s a revolution to plot-”

“-And drink to!” John adds.

“-And drink to, as my beautiful lover Jackie just piped in and waaait, I’m probably not supposed to say shit like that in a tavern full of guys who will probably have me castrated for it, but hey, we die like men, right?”

“Yo, um, sorry 'bout him,” John blushes with a slight slur, coming over to guide Alex back to his seat. “He gets- *hic*- chatty when he’s tipsy.” You just laugh, letting them know it’s no big deal. John doesn’t seem very interested in you romantically or sexually, only greets with a good natured- albeit tipsy as well- smile. Hercules gets up to introduce himself.

“Hercules Mulligan. I’m Irish.” He drops his voice down to a whisper. “That’s kind of my thing.” Laf gets up to hip bump Hercules out of the way, take your hand, and press a kiss to it. You blush deeply.

“Bon soir, belle mademoiselle. I am Paul Yves Roch-”

Heeere we go,” Alex slurs.

“-Gilbert de Motier de Marquis de Lafayette,” Laf finishes with a glare to his friends, then turns back to you with a gaze that could only be described as… lust ridden?

“Plaisir,” you reply in french, and his eyes widen, his entire body straightening like an arrow in excitement.

“You speak my mother tongue, cherie?!”

“Only a little,” you confess with a timid giggle, “I’m not French, monsieur Lafayette, only acquired some words from my studies.”

“Gorgeous and intelligent,” he flirts, “A lady after my heart.”

“Handsome and bold,” you volley back, “A man after mine.”

“OHHHH SHIT!” John shouts, and Alex begins to laugh.


“Not you two,” Laf growls, and John and Alex tumble over each other watching you both. Hercules just rolls his eyes, and downs his drink.

“Care to drink with us?” Lafayette offers, outstretching his hand, and you happily accept. Hercules gets up to grab you another beer, and slides it over to you. John begins to chug his second, and you smirk, taking it as a challenge. Downing yours to the last drop, you’ve finally earned the respect of Hercules Mulligan as he bangs on the table and shakes his head.

“You are getting better and better as the night goes on,” Laf whispers, and you laugh.

“Is that the alcohol talking?”

“On the contrary, cherie, I am still on my first… though I may be thinking with something other than my mind,” he alludes, and you feel a shiver run through you.

He is very attractive.

“What brings you to the colonies?” you ask Lafayette conversationally, and he takes a sip of his ale.


“You’re here for congressional duties?” you feign ignorance, though you know how to identify a congressman- powdered wigs, brightly coloured jackets, and stuffy mannerisms. Nothing Laf possessed.

“Ah no, mademoiselle. War is imminent- that is the talk here and overseas. I will fight as one of you for your glorious country!”

“Ayyy, to our fighting frenchman!” Alex lifts his mug, and John raises his as well.

“Very brave,” you murmur, “I wish I could serve in the continental army.”

“You can still do your part at home,” Laf assures, taking your hands excitedly, “You can make gunpowder, you can sew uniforms, you can…” he suddenly hesitates, lowering his eyes, “Pray for and write letters to your husband.”

“Why does everyone in this tavern assume I have a husband?” you tease, and he looks back up.

“Forgive me. No one has, eh… courted you yet?”

“Courted me? Oh, quite a few. I have yet to accept,” you giggle, “I suppose I’m just as hard to please as the next young lady.”

“I, too, have very specific tastes,” he nods, and bites his lip, “Mais, it would be very nice to have a woman to boost my morale on the battlefield.”

“Wait… hey, what’s your name?” John laughs, “We didn’t even ask!”

“Oh,” you blush, eye contact with Lafayette broken, “Um…” You sigh. It shouldn’t be any trouble to give them your real name. “(y/n) (y/l/n).”

Everyone repeats your name, raises a glass, and drinks. Lafayette smirks at you a moment longer, then drinks as well.

As the night wears on, you start to become even closer with the group. Stories are passed around, drinking games are played, and talk that would’ve sounded like treason in many other colonies flowed freely from your mouth with the boys. As the night begins to dwindle with the candles burning down close by, hands begin to wander, skirts began to lift a few inches, and blood begins to rise.

“Raise one last glass to freedom,” John finally says, somewhat soberly, as everyone stands up, “Something they can never take away.”

“No matter what they tell you,” Herc adds, placing a hand over his heart.

“Raise a glass to the… five of us, here tonight,” Alex nods, looking to you, “Our cause is a great one.”

“King George will never stand a chance,” you finish, and everyone downs their last sip and sits back down. With that, Laf takes your hand, rubbing a thumb over your knuckle. You turn to him, and take note of how he’s staring at your lips. Danger and adrenaline course through your veins, imagining just what he could be picturing right now. Practically in his lap by now, you shift your hips a little, and he sucks in a sharp breath.

“It is getting late, ma cherie,” he murmurs, obviously holding back, and begins to stand.

“It is,” you nod, moving to brush your fingers along the hem of his blue coat, and grasp your fingers firmly in his lapel. His eyes dart to meet yours, dark and warning, and his fingers find yours as he lets out a wistful sigh.

“(y/n)… I am a gentleman, and you have had too much to drink.”

“I assure you,” you grin, turning the tables and ghosting a kiss over his knuckles, “I have not.”

He spends a long time staring at you, debating mentally. You can feel him hardening in his breeches under you, but despite his uncomfortable expression and beading sweat, he doesn’t make even the slightest nudge to meet your grinding movements.

“Are you quite certain?” he finally asks, interest beginning to spark again in his eyes as he realizes that maybe you do want him like this.

“All I want is to feel your lips on my neck,” you confirm with a whisper in his ear, and he slots his large hand around your wrist, standing you up. The three others don’t even question it as Laf leads you out the back door, and the once the heavy wooden door closes, you’re both free. He immediately presses the front of you right up against the brick, pulling your hair aside and grazing his teeth over the back of your neck.

“Then, if there are no reservations on either of our parts, I will give you everything you need,” he growls, and continues his attack on your neck, showering kisses up and down. You flip around so that you can face him, and he pins you back again, opening up the neck of your dress just a little more for better access.

Lafayette’s gaze is hungry. Your excitement is known to him as he reaches under your dress, unbuttons your underclothes and realizes you’re already wet for him.

“So eager,” he groans, “Such an eager little kitten, desperate for her papa, hm?”

“Oh,” you sigh, his words sending pulses down to your core. He pulls your underclothes off, but as his long fingers are about to breach you, he pauses.

“You… have been touched or taken before, yes?”

You bite your lip, look around, and nod shyly. If word of that got out around here, you’d be off the market, as it were…. not that you particularly desired to on the market, but that was a different matter entirely. His face blossoms into a grin, and he lifts your legs up to wrap around him.

“Hold onto me, cherie, do not let go,” he murmurs, and once your arms are secure around his neck as well, he uses one hand to unbutton his breeches. You can already see the outline of his large cock, and once he has everything undone, he pulls it out.

“Monsieur, you’re so big,” you whine, and he gazes at you, licking his lips.

“We can make it fit, ma cherie,” he whispers, “Spread your legs a little wider for me… that is it, kitten… like that.”

You keen under the pet name, and he positions himself at your entrance before finally pushing in, groaning together with you as you tighten around him.

“Oui, oui, yes…” he breathes, “That is good… so good for me…” He sucks his lip between his teeth, and after a few seconds, begins to move, nudging you back against the wall with each deep thrust. He’s very large, so he has no trouble hitting that spot that drives you crazy, but he makes it even better when his fingers find your clit; Laf has a different approach than most men do, though- the select few you’d been with (if they make the effort to find it at all) rub with harsh, rough pushes… Lafayette massages you in slow circles, making you moan for him.

Leaning forward, the intensity between you increases as your foreheads meet, lips drifting close to each other and parting, almost kissing but not for minutes at a time. The teasing was getting to him, and he finally surges forward, breathing in your breath. You give his bottom lip a feisty bite, and he smiles, drawing away.

“You are a true northern belle, mademoiselle (y/n),” he mumbles, panting, “You are not like other ladies.”

“Oh, on the contrary sir,” you reply, “I simply don’t bother with the false customs. I say, fuck tradition, and fuck anybody who wishes to advise me otherwise.”

“There is a revolution on because of Americans who share your general mindset, ma chou,” he grins, and kisses you again.

As you both begin to race toward your climax, his thrusts increase, and you’re soon being pounded into the wall, legs tight around his ass and cries being muffled in his blue coat.

“Please… ah, Laf….”

“(y/n), so perfect, j’aime votre parfum…”

As he whispers your name, you hear voices, and turn to see two men walking by the alley on the road, in hats and coats. They sound southern.

“What if th…th-” you gasp, and Laf strokes your cheek.

“They will not see us, it is too dark. Besides, why would anybody pay attention to a stray kitten, begging in an alley, like you?”

“Ah,” you throb again at his dark laugh, and he shrugs.

“Also, the alleyway behind a tavern is where all the drunkards stumble out to vomit. No respectable man or woman wants to see that.”

“What an arousing image,” you scowl, and lean in for another kiss.

“You are so beautiful,” he mumbles against your lips once you part, and licks a line up your neck to just below your ear; you’re losing yourself to the pleasure. “Do you think you can come for me, ma (y/n)?” Laf rasps in your ear, stroking over your clit fondly, and you nod with a little whine, crying out his name softly as he slams in particularly hard. Circling his hips to guide you through a long orgasm, he lets out a little gasp of his own after you’ve finished. As you shake and pant his name, he sets you down carefully before quickly pulling out and taking himself in hand, jerking frantically a couple times and coming like a shot against the brick wall. Your name falls from his lips a few times like a prayer, and soon, you’re both sated and exchanging lazy tongue kisses, tasting each other’s mouths in the night air.

It’s chillier than it was earlier. You should get home before your one of your sisters or father notices you’re gone.

“When do you leave to join the ranks?” you ask, staring into his eyes. He does up his buttons precisely, patiently and one at a time.

“Very soon, I assume, cherie.”

“How very childish of me, but… what you said, about having someone to look out for you…”


“Will you…” you look down, embarrassed, and take off a ring on your pinky finger. “Remember me over a couple beers with your friends?”

His eyes light up, and he presses a long kiss to your cheek.

“When I wake up and when I fall asleep, (y/n).”

You smile a little. “Thank you for your service.”

He kisses your hand one last time. “If it takes fighting a war and, eh…” he leans in to your ear, brushing your hair back, “getting better acquainted behind a tavern to meet, it will, most certainly, have been worth it, ma chou,” he smiles back.

You dance and sigh your way home, ignorant of every redcoat who gives you a second dirty look. With men like the Marquis de Lafayette and his friends leading the troops, those bastards’ll be back home where they belong in no time.

// THE!! BEST!! GIFT!! EVER!! IS!!
M E M E S!!!!
kind of nsfw, at least implied.

{ Valentine’s day special }


- He’d gotten the whole shebang, like every cheesy gift imaginable. Everything. Who is this man, why is he like this.

- You just slowly slide an envelope over the table– he gets really excited and starts to open it with a huge smile on his face; you have to bite your cheek to contain yourself.

- When he gets it open, it’s literally pouring out valentine’s day cards with memes on them

- ” Wait what is this? Spell lana backwards? … OH”

- He’s laughing while he’s opening them because he didn’t know what he expected but not this?

- “ Looks like someone’s getting cremè bru-laid toni– M C ”

- Keeps them because he thinks they’re funny and just so you. Trust me, he’ll go through with everything that’s written on those cards if you know what i’m dayin wink wonk


- Honestly don’t give it to him out front like hide little sticky notes around the house for him to find

- He’ll be at work two weeks after valentine’s day and he just finds
“ you’ll be making MY kitten purr tonight“ WITH A PICTURE OF ELIZABETH THE 3RD

- Calls you and asks how many of these you made because he finds them at random, he found one in the oven like?? when did you have time for this

- He recognizes V’s ugly writing on a few of them and he’s going to fight that man for helping you with this


- He was so so scared for valentine’s day– what if you didn’t like his gift? He just went with what Jaehee told him to get and rolled with it.

- He’s stuttering and nervous, you slide him a card. incognito. If you had sunglasses, they would have been worn.

- You got him a video game!! And he’s excited, but confused when there’s no disk?? it’s just cardboard with something written on it

- “ the only thing you’ll be playing with is me tonight. ”



- she’d have none of your bullshit honestly

- She saw you making cards and she just cannot believe this she runs whenever you chase her with them in hand

- “ damn girl, you optimus fine ”

- S TO P

- “ let’s get together and have some shrex because i’m not ogre you ”

- N O

- “ id let you in my swamp ”



- oh look at that you both had the same idea

- He makes his hand made memes into paper planes and sends them to you via flight through the living room

- “ let’s bop bop bop ur top off ”

- of course you HAVE to send one back I mean it’s just common courtesy!

- fucking looses it at
“ ravioli ravioli give me the dickioli ”

- this goes on all night until the living room is COVERED in these cards

- poor saeran is surrounded by your sins when he wakes up look what you’ve done you’ve soiled him


- V is the sweetest on valentine’s day okay he gets you roses, gives you massages with nice vanilla candles all around, ( he’s a god with his hands trust me trust me) kisses, chocolates, wine, he’s basically your servant for the day and you over here givin him some memes? smh who are you

- no but seriously, he would think it’s the cutest thing. especially handmade, look at your creativity! what a nerd

- hey he can spice things up too– He’s not stale, he’s a cool kid too MC. But his memes are wholesome with some sexual innuendo but mainly wholesome

- “ You take my breath away ”

- Most sexual has to be
“ Ill turn you on! ”
on top of your laptop, he’s so cute and blushy when you find it


- he’s concerned for your wellbeing because you’re laughing so hard at the stack of valentines in his hand

- “ I think you’re eggstaordinary?? I want to see your hard drive— MC what is this EXPLAIN”

- He’s laughing too because he honestly can’t believe this you worked so hard on these

- He loves you so much his heart hurts because of it— you’re so silly and goofy and it makes him so happy? but these are terrible who taught you how to meme? let the master show you how it’s done ~

BTS REACTION: Them being insecure and you comforting them

@thewitchofthewillowtree Thanks for everything, you’re such a doll 😭.


He was on top of you, kissing you slowly, breaking the kiss only to remove his shirt. You were staring at him, taking in his beautiful face and body. “Everything about you is so sexy,”. Seokjin laughed, “Not my fingers”. Despite the fact that he meant it as a joke, you didn’t appreciate the joke because you knew he was insecure about them. You demanded his hand and after he gave it to you, you stared into his eyes and sucked them one by one. He watched you with lust and surprise on his face. “Like I said, every part is incredibly sexy. Because they’re apart of you, and I love YOU,”. Smiling his kissed your lips softly. “Thank you Jagi, I love you too,”.


You were watching Namjoon during his photo shoot, unable to tear your eyes from the gorgeous man in front if you. The sexy looks and smiles he sent your way made you eager to have him alone. So as soon as you entered your home, you threw him on the couch, straddling him. “You don’t know how sexy you are,”. He chuckled, “I really don’t,”. You could tell by his expression he meant it. “Why don’t you believe you’re good looking?”. Shrugging, he looked away from you. “I was always told by fans that I wasn’t,”. You slowly slid peppered kisses on his jawline “I happen to think you’re perfect,” you said looking into his eyes. He blushed and pulled you close for a deep kiss. “I love you,”.


The two of you were walking a fairly busy street at night, drinking coffee and talking. You were excited about pictures from his most recent concert and raved about how handsome and sexy he was. Chuckling, he made an off hand comment: “I’m not good looking,”. You paused and glared at him. “I am SO sick of you saying things like that! Matter of fact…”. You walked over to the nearest bench, stood on it, and screamed, “MIN YOONGI IS THE SEXIEST MAN ALIVE!! I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT HIM!! HIS EYES, HIS SMILE, HIS LIPS, EVEN HIS NOSE IS CU-”. Wrapping his arms around you waist, he snatched you down for the bench and covered your mouth. “OKAY I GET IT Y/N”. Pulling you along after him, he muttered a thank you as you noticed the blush on his face.


“The maknaes deserve to go on Hit the Stage more than I do,”. As soon as Hoseok said those words, you got upset. He had filmed for a variety show the other day and the episode finally aired while he was at practice. The words upset you because he always underestimated his abilities. When he came home and greeted you, you told him you needed to speak with him. He became nervous and asked why and you showed him the clip. “Why do you do this?? We all know you work harder than ANYBODY on the choreography! Dance is YOUR thing!! Jimin and Jungkook have plenty of other things. Let yourself have a chance to shine, okay?? STOP UNDERESTIMATING YOURSELF, YOU’RE AMAZING!!”. By time you finished you were yelling and he was silent. “Baby, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to yell I just…wish you’d believe in yourself a bit more sometimes,”. Wrapping his arms around your waist, he shook his head. “No, you’re right Jagi. I’ll be more confident, okay?”


He was distant all day and wouldn’t tell you what was wrong. It was late afternoon and you had finally had enough. You strolled into the bedroom and jumped on him where he lay. When he made no attempt to move you, you straddled him. “Ya! Park Jimin! You’re gonna tell me what’s going on RIGHT NOW. I’m your girlfriend, let me support you,” you demanded angrily. He sighed and pulled you into his arms, hiding his face in your neck. “I gained 20 lbs…are you disgusted with me?”. You didn’t respond, only pulled away from him and began to tug at the hem of his shirt. He started to object, wanting to be serious but you simply said, “Take it off,” in a tone he’d never heard you use. After he complied, you kissed him slowly and softly, tasting him throughly. Then you trailed wet kisses along his jawline, neck, and chest. You made sure you take sure to go excruciatingly slow on his stomach, placing kisses so gentle he found it endearing. “Jimin, no matter what you look like, I’ll always love you.But if you must know, you’re perfect to me,”. He began to get teary and he pulled you into his arms, not trusting himself not to cry if he spoke.


“Y/N, am I…wierd?”. You cocked your head at Taehyung when he asked you that question. “Did something happen?” you asked. “Well, the fans still tease me about being super wierd so I was just wondering if I should stop..”. You got irritated by that, “Stop what? Being yourself?”. Before he could respond you grabbed his shoulders and looked him in the eyes. “You just think differently than others. Even if you do act a little crazy sometimes, it’s not a bad thing, Tae. In fact, your crazy, overactive personality is what I love about you. So don’t let anyone stop you from being yourself,”. Smiling, he drew you into his arms, cooing about how cute you were, smoothering you in kisses.


“Take it from the top,” the man said with obvious frustration. Jungkook sighed, leaned into the mic and began singing the song beautifully. That is, until he suddenly cut off for the 6th time in a row. “You know what? I think we need a break. Take 10 everybody,” the man announced, drawing a hand over his face. He turned to you. “Please talk to him. Find out what’s going on,”.

You had come to Jungkook’s recording session for a new solo song to support him. But so far, he seemed highly upset and unsatisfied with everything— specifically himself. You watched as he threw his papers on the floor before sliding down the wall, sitting beside them. You came over to him, placing a hand on his shoulder. “Kook, what’s going on? You sounded amazing, why do you keep getting upset?”. He was visibly upset, a distant look in his eyes. “It’s not good enough. I can’t hit the notes I used to. My voice sounds a lot harsher too..”. Your eyes widen in surprise; you never knew he was insecure about the way his voice sounded, but then again, his voice WAS finally changing. You shook your head and held his head in your hands, forcing him to look at you. “Jungkook, your voice is changing so of course it doesn’t sound the same. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t beautiful. It sounds richer and actually those high notes were even better than Jimin’s,”. He chuckled softly at that. You took the opportunity to make him laugh again, because the sentimental stuff wasn’t really either of your things. You stood up and attempt to sing and dance “Cheer Up” by Twice. He laughed so hard tears formed, begging you to stop. You laughed along with him, sitting down again, going back to being talking. “Besides, if you really sucked, Yoongi definitely would’ve told you by now. But seriously…I believe in you Kook. You’re amazing and this song will be too. So you know, give it your best,”. He blushed, pulled you in his arms and shyly kissed you. “I love you,” he whispered.

Neighbours (Peter Parker x Reader)

Request: I love your writing! You’re so talented. Also can I request a Spider-Man where when they where young and peter had a crush on the reader, but they moved away, now they are back and like cute fluffy stuff? Please and thank you // by @littlesistersalvatore

A/N: I’m going to do a part 2(might even turn this into a series, I don’t really know, but I think this can be a nice start to something), so that’s why the ending is so open. Hope you enjoy nonetheless! I’m imagining Peter being 20-21, more or less, by the way!!

When Peter had been told by his aunt to introduce himself to the new neighbours, he had expected them to be an elderly couple. They had just moved into the house in front of his and his aunt had baked cookies for them, although she couldn’t introduce herself to them because she had to work and as she always said, ‘’cookies are supposed to be eaten when they have just been baked.’’
He didn’t know why he had expected them to be old -probably because everyone in his building was older than forty and the only person who was younger than that was a seven year old who hated him.
Now Peter was standing in front of the door, a plate full of cookies in one of his hands and ready to knock with the other. He knocked softly, not really eager to meet the people whom he would have to see everyday from thereon. Peter imagined the many scenarios that could happen -they could be rude and tell him to leave, they could be mad that Peter was bothering them, or they could simply not open the door to a stranger.
Just as Peter was about to leave, he heard footsteps walking around the apartment and tripping over things.
‘’I’m coming!’’ a voice yelled.
Peter was surprised -the person sounded like a girl, probably his age. He started growing more nervous by that fact -if he was already a mess with old people, he was even more of a mess with girls his age.
He didn’t know what to do -should he quickly turn around and leave the cookies at the doorstep, or should he man up and introduce himself properly?
He didn’t have time to decide(although he would most likely have chosen the first option, and he knew that). The door finally opened and it revealed a young girl, her hair up in a pony tail and an old oversized t-shirt covering most of her body.
‘’Peter?’’ the girl asked, her eyes wide open. ‘’Oh my God, I can’t believe it’s you!’’
Peter didn’t understand at first -why did that girl know him and why did she look so familiar. It was then when he realized -she was the girl he had been madly in love with for most of his life and who had moved away the day after he had finally built up the courage to kiss her.
‘’[Y/N]?’’ he softly asked.
The girl nodded and smiled, taking the cookies and putting them on an unpacked box, taking Peter’s hand as well and pulling him into the apartment.
‘’It’s been so long!’’ she exclaimed. ‘’Four years, right? Oh my God, this is so exciting. What are you doing with your life?’’
Peter didn’t know what to do. All the feelings he had took so long to bury four years ago had awoken and his heart was jumping in his chest.
‘’Uh, nothing exciting, I guess’’ he said.
‘’I can’t believe it’s you’’ she continued. ‘’I’ve missed you so much.’’
He laughed softly and looked at her, trying to decide his next move. She realized and walked to the kitchen, looking back at Peter for a moment.
‘’Do you want something to drink?’’ she asked him. ‘’I think we have lots to talk about.’’

The Temptation of Voices

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A/N: Bucky Voices Soulmate au

Part 1

Part 2

You were so nervous for this coffee date. It was a date. Though it pained you to admit it, through all of the apprehension, you were kind of looking forward to it. The voice that had scared you for years with it’s comfort and reassuring words was waiting just a few hundred feet in front of you.

The fact was you were curious. Meeting him had been terrifying but a great relief at the same time because you’d been dreading it for years. Part of you had expected a giant piano to fall out of the sky and crush him the moment he said hi but funnily enough that didn’t happen. Now that you’d actually had chance to think about it he was probably the best soulmate you could hope for because, although he was reputed to be in constant danger, he was also probably the most dangerous individual you’d ever know. You’d read up on him and he was a fighter down to the bones. Not much was known about the last seventy years but he’d been in the howling commandos and his best friend was famous for punching hitler.

You were torn between the good and the bad and the only thing keeping you moving forward was the fact that you’d told him you’d come.

Stopping outside the looming revolving doors, you took a deep breath and walked in. James was stood a few feet to the left of the doors leaning casually against the wall and holding two drinks. “I got you coffee.” He smiled pushing off and sauntering towards you.

“Coffee before coffee, how gracious.” You tentatively smiled, tilting your head back as he got closer. Wow, he was really tall. James grinned amused and almost relaxed as he caught your thought. His eyes then darted behind you and you saw the amusement fade. You turned to look but all you saw were people going about the business in the huge lobby. You turned back to see him glaring at the distance so you slipped into his thoughts and almost choked on your drink. You downed at as quickly as you could while you processed what you’d just seen.

Captain America was sat at a Starbucks with sunglasses and baseball cap on, somehow managing to make reading a newspaper suspicious. On the same table there was a woman with bright red hair and a man whose shirt looked like its sleeves had been torn off staring resolutely away from you. You caught James’s thought of those fuckers before you were back in your own head, dumping his and your empty cups in the trash and grabbing his hand. You practically frog marched him out of the doors in the hurry to ask him what was going on.

“They’re my teammates and to say they defend the world they’re pretty fucking gossipy.” He emphasized the last bit, glaring into a security camera on the corner of the building. Not even a second later his phone beeped and he glanced at it and scowled. He then picked up a rock, turned back towards the camera and threw it so hard the the device scrunched backwards a good few inches into the brick. It now resembled a mashed potato in a pothole. You just looked at him incredulously. Was that meant to be a faux casual show of strength or did he just genuinely damage property when he received unsavory messages?

“Only when I’m being watched and mocked on a date with a pretty dame.” He flirted kissing the back of your hand. You hadn’t even noticed he was still holding it. You blushed then cringed in slight horror. Since when were you the type to blush at such a cheesy action? To your surprise you weren’t embarrassed by him, just your own reaction. Where had all of your previous confidence gone? “The same place mine probably went the first time I laid eyes on you.” His smooth reply to your errant seemed to bring it right back.

“You know it’s kinda rude to reply to my inner monologue.” He threw his head back and laughed. Holy shit, even his throat was hot, how in the fuck was that a thing. His thumb affectionately rubbed the back of your hand as if in responce.

“You know my friend Bruce says soulmates exist in a state of shared consciousness so your inner monologue is technically mine too.” He waggled his eyebrows and you snorted.

“Are you implying I’m not capable of independent thought James?” He swallowed thickly, gaze turning heated. You caught his thought of I love it when she says my name like that and found yourself thrown completely off-kilter, tripping over your own feet and watching the curb come up to meet you. Just as you closed your eyes in preparation for impact, an arm wrapped solidly around your waist and swung you up. You opened your eyes cautiously in disorientation only to find a pair of familiar baby blues staring at you. You were leaned back with one foot in the air, the only thing keeping you from hitting the ground was his arm.

“You know I usually take a dame dancing before I dip her.” He didn’t move; just watched you as if in challenge.

“I usually get through a first date before I let a guy put his arm around my waist, so I guess we’re both going against the norm.” You reached a hand up to touch his face and he brought you back to your feet. You cupped his face with one hand and he leaned in, but just before your lips brushed you grabbed his hand and spun around pulling him along behind you. He didn’t quite stumble but you found yourself hyper aware of his irregular breathing.

You tried to ease the tension commenting flippantly “You never really told me where you were taking me. There are thousands of coffee shops in New York.”

“Yeah…It’s uh…just over here.” He moved in front of you and you let him pull you along, thankful that he’d left the moment and your reaction alone.

You were so distracted by your own thoughts that you crashed into him when you stopped. His lips quirked as he looked down at you then he motioned to the building in front of him. You turned to look at it and immediately lost it. First it was just uncontrollable giggle but it soon progressed when you saw him looking slightly affronted. Then you laughed so hard you had tears running down your face and were choking on your breaths. When you finally got yourself under control you looked up at him again, his expression had changed to neutral but you could fee his confusion but vague amusement at your reaction. “What’s so funny doll?” You just grinned at him, truly at ease for the first time since you’d met him. Fate was definitely fucking with you and at this point you were just fine with that.

“I own this place.” He gaped at you then looked between you and your shop.

“You’re joking.” He looked oddly delighted. Makes sense I that was drawn to it.

“You’ve never even been here before.” You stated plainly.He raised a brow at you. Now who’s listening to internal monologues?

“I come here every Sunday lunch with Steve.” He said Steve’s name fondly belying his affection for the other man.

Of course he would come on the only day you took off. He’d been so close this whole time. You really were destined to meet him. Looks like it was only a matter of time anyway. “Still want a coffee? I can get us the owner’s discount.” You teased with a shake of your head and a grin.

He nodded and let you lead him inside to your favorite little booth in the corner. You sat him down then stood back doing your best impression of the flirty waitress. “Hello sir, what can I do for you today?” He leaned his head in his hand and smiled crookedly.

“Whatever you think I’ll like doll.” I’m sure no matter what you give me it’ll taste great, just knowing you crafted it will give me a rush. To your chagrin you blushed again.

You turned in an effort to hide it and virtually ran to the counter throwing a careless “Of course sir” over your shoulder. You went straight for your employee Liz, who you knew worked the Sunday lunch rush. “Hey Liz, you see that guy in the back over there.” You started pointing vaguely over your shoulder. “Well apparently he’s a regular and I forgot to ask his order. You wouldn’t happen to remember it would you?” She glanced up then gasped and giggled.

“Oh my God! It’s Lush Locks!” She squealed grabbing your shoulders as she jumped in excitement. She dragged you behind the snack stand then stood at stared at him from behind a carrot cake.

You furrowed your brow and took a slight step back “What?”

“Oh wow, I forgot. You’ve never even seen him.” She was aghast at the very thought. “That man and his friend” she abruptly tilted her head in thought “or lover, come here every Sunday and order the same two drinks using a different name every time. We don’t know what to call them so we made up our own names: Lush Locks and Jaw Line. Everyone flirts with them but they never flirt back. Jenny’s convinced they’re together but I swear on my life I’ve seen Jaw Line check me out. They’re so hot, like some of the girls even unbutton their blouses and roll up their skirts before waiting on their table.” She paused again then cleared her throat as she realized she was talking to her boss. “But I would never do that because that would be extremely unprofessional.” She tried to smile demurely but as soon as her gaze strayed back to James a dreamy look overcame her. At least it was good to know you hadn’t turn into a bumbling idiot because you’d met your soulmate. No it was just because he was insanely hot.

You tried to refocus yourself instead of checking out his thighs with Liz. Damn they were some good thighs, especially in those oh so tight jeans. Your mouth watered slightly and you shook yourself out of it. It suddenly hit you how much your mind had changed since you met him. You shouldn’t been flirting with him. You should be telling him why he couldn’t be with you but you just couldn’t bring yourself to stop this. You’d only known him a day yet you felt like you were already tied to him.

Oh no, you promised yourself you’d never do this, you swore. You started to panic and set off towards your office. You didn’t want anyone to see you fall apart. As soon as you were inside you slammed the door and slid down to the floor behind your desk. You were already falling for him. It was impossible and ridiculous but somehow true. You’d barely known him twenty-four hours but you felt like you’d known him your entire life. In a way you had. He’d always been a presence in the back of your mind, not always speaking but always there. You’d never been alone and you hadn’t even realized it. It was too late.

Suddenly the door banged opened and James was somehow in front of you. He brushed the hair out of your face and cupped your cheek with a gentleness you didn’t think possible for someone who seemed so immense. “Calm down doll, it’s all gonna be okay.” You tried but you just couldn’t control your erratic breathing, it was happening again. He bit his lip as he looked you over. You could feel the concern and sorrow shifting through him. In a split second decision you jumped into his arms and to your utter relief he caught you. I’ll always catch you doll.

He sat down and placed you in his lap wrapping his arms around you from behind. Breathe with me. He pressed you against him tightly so you could feel every rise and fall of his chest and you followed it with your own. Within minutes you had calmed and let yourself lean into him.

“Are you gonna tell me what that was about Y/N?” He whispered into your ear. His arms crossed your chest banding you to him, his fingers massaging your sides with calculated ease.

“Did you not hear?” You asked in a low voice, turning to rest your head on his shoulder.

“No. I only felt a rush of panic and terror, but I have a feeling it’s connected to your freak out last night.” He didn’t look at you but his arms tightened further and he moved to rest his chin on your head.

You shut your eyes and wound your arms into his. He curled his legs into yours and kissed your forehead. You’d never felt as safe in your life. You began to tell him your story. Of your mother and father and the fear that instilled in you from an early age. Of your best friend’s loss that only fueled that fear, and the constant dread you felt before meeting him that had morphed into an awful feeling of panic whenever you thought too much about him. He listened in still silence for what must have been hours. After you’d finally told him everything you felt simultaneously drained and relieved.

You felt his mind and knew you weren’t the only one with things to get off your chest. “For almost seventy years I was alone. I never noticed because I was constantly around people but it was just me. Everyone had someone else’s thoughts running through their heads at all times for better or worse but I was the odd one out. Everyone just assumed my soulmate had died before I was born but I could never accept that. I always held out a hope, well at least until I was captured.” You turned sharply trying to catch his eye but he looked away. “I’ll tell you that story another time doll. The point is at my darkest time you appeared. At first you were just a tiny bubble of wonder and fun but every time I came back you were slightly different, slightly older. You were the one constant that always brought me back to myself, which I needed.” His voice cracked on the words. “I really needed that, doll.In fact I think I fell in love with you the first time you told me to fuck off. You felt so much and it bled into me. You never knew it but you were everything I needed.”

By the time he finished his smile looked a bit watery and you choked up. Tears started to slip down your face and you buried your face in his chest. He whispered sweet nothings into your head and you replied with everything you liked about him, that drew him to you. It was soon dark and you were drowsy. Neither of you had moved in hours and you had started to fall asleep against his chest. You’d known him for years. You trusted him implicitly. Vaguely you heard him make a phone call then you were in his arms and moving. You thought you heard him speak to Liz but you weren’t really paying attention. Soon you were in a car and he was talking in a low voice to another man.

You faded in and out of consciousness for a while after but you distinctly remember being laid gently down on a bed. The warmth of the arms that had carried you tried to move away  but you couldn’t accept that. You grabbed an cool weird feeling hand and pulled it towards you. The warmth laid beside you and you cuddled up, content at least for the night.

Part 4


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BTS: Reaction to their girlfriend being pregnant

Jin: As you were eating a bag of pretzels and watching Jin play Mario Kart you thought to yourself, wondering when the best time would be to tell him. As you spaced out, slowly chewing on a pretzel, you didn’t notice Jin turn the TV off until he sat on top of your feet. You looked up at him in complete silence, and before he could ask what’s wrong, you spoke.

“I’m pregnant.” You said bluntly, shocking the man in front of you. He stared at you with a loss for words. Slowly he smiled and breathlessly laughed.

“Yah, don’t mess with me.” He looked so excited, like a little boy catching his first baseball. You scrunched your nose, grabbing his hands and putting them on your tiny baby bump. How could he not notice before? He just thought you gained a little weight! 

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Yoongi: He was working late in his studio again tonight, so you paid him a visit with 2 small coffees. You walked in and set the drinks down before you hugged him from behind, slowly enough so you didn’t startle him. He didn’t budge, but he smiled. 

“What are you doing here?” He asked quietly. You turned his chair around to face you and sat on his lap, kissing his lips gently. He softly chuckled against your lips and repeated his question before kissing back.

“I have a confession.” You said with a light blush and a soft smile. He just raised an eyebrow and waited for you to continue. “I’m…” You played with his hair, something you knew made him feel relaxed. “..pregnant.” You finished, spoking in a gentle voice because you were slightly nervous to find out how he’d react. He stared at you with wide eyes, pink cheeks, and slightly parted lips. 

 “I think, I can live with that…” 

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Namjoon: Today was the day he came back to you after 3 months because of their tours. Your belly wasn’t poppin, but it was big enough to tell, so you were gonna just play it out until he realized. When the doorbell rang, you quickly opened it and jumped into the arms of a man you missed entirely too much. His hands rubbed up and down your back, and they got slower as time passed.

“(Y/N)…” He pulled back and grabbed your shoulders, looking down at your belly. You looked up at him with innocent eyes, batting your eyelashes and waiting for him to say something. “Did you gain weight?” He asked. Not that he minded, but he was shook since you were a person who was determined to get/stay in shape. 

“Joonie.” You giggled and put your hands on your hips, giving him a look. He furrowed his eyebrows, but slowly his face changed into shock and realization. He started laughing.

“Seriously? I’m gonna be a daddy??”

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Hoseok: You were in the dorm with Bangtan, excluding Hobi. You were all planning together-a way to surprise Hobi. It was his birthday, and also the day he’d learn he’d become a father. There were many cute ideas that came across, but some of them required more time-something you didn’t have enough of.

After the best birthday party of his life he brought you into his room, locking the door as he hotly kissed you and backed you up towards the bed. His hands made their way to the hem of your shirt and he pulled it off. As he looked down, getting ready to praise your body as he always does, he tensed up. He looked at the paint on your tummy that said, “Baby on board!” Taehyung helped you write it out. He looked at your face with big eyes and a huge smile. 

“Nuh-uh…” He couldn’t believe it. When you confirmed it with a nod, he started screaming and jumping around. He ran out of the room and into the main area, dancing around in front of all the others out of excitement. “I’m gonna be a father, I’ gonna be a father” he sang proudly.

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Jimin: Never have you been so scared in your whole life. You were in the middle of a very heated argument with your boyfriend Jimin. You felt like he was gonna leave you all alone, holding his baby. This wasn’t the way you wanted to tell him, but you feared if you didn’t tell him, you’d lose him.

“Jiminie I’m pregnant.” You said through your tears, putting your hands on your slightly bigger stomach. He snapped his head towards you with an angry glare, but slowly a smile grew on his face.

“Baby, is that why you’ve been so moody..?” He slowly walked towards you and put his hands over yours. “Ok, let’s talk this out…” he spoke in a more gentle voice now after he understood why you were acting so weird. He couldn’t be angry with you now.

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Taehyung: You and Taehyung were trying for a baby the past couple of years. You knew how upset he was because he wanted a baby more than anything, but he would act like everything was ok. But just today you found out you were pregnant. After the past few days of experiencing morning sickness you decided to get a pregnancy test. Immediately you drove to BigHit, and walked right into their dance room. 

You sat down behind Taehyung’s sitting body. He was stretching after the long day of practicing dances. You hugged him from behind, and he smiled big. “Hey pretty lady.” He leaned his head back and kissed your lips gently. “What are you doing here?” He questioned and rubbed his thumb over your knuckles. 

“Tae I found out something really cool. Wanna hear?” You ran your free hand through his damp hair, being used to him being all sweaty. You’d have full on make-out sessions after a concert or practice, so you didn’t mind the sweat by now.

“What is it?” He hummed and looked at you through the mirror.

“We’re having a baby.” You said with the biggest smile. Quickly, he turned around to face you, grabbing your hands and squeezing them. You have never seen his eyes get so wide so fast. 

“Really?” He started to get all teary eyed. You just giggled and nodded, wiping his tears. He grabbed onto your cheeks and kissed you lovingly.

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Jungkook: You gently tapped your fingers on your small baby bump. You were a little sad, since Jungkook left the apartment looking sad. He knew you were sick, so he made you stay home instead of going to his concert tonight. But he didn’t know WHY you were sick. When he came home, you had a little surprise for him laid out, and you slept in your shared room.

“Mmm Chinese…” He saw Chinese take out food left on the counter with a fortune cookie on top of the box. Being the rebel he is, he ate the cookie first. He hummed happily as he chewed on it and read his fortune. His expression changed quickly and his heart jumped to his throat. 

The fortune read, “Your girlfriend is pregnant.” He quickly-not thinking of food anymore-ran to your room. He sighed when he saw you sleeping on your side in nothing but underwear. You were facing him so he glanced at your tummy. Sure enough he saw a small unfamiliar bump. He knew your body quite well, and that wasn’t there a week or 2 ago. He sat on the bed next to you and ran his fingers through your hair, softly chuckling. 

“Parents…” He tried to stop his smiling but he couldn’t. He never really thought too much about having kids until now-now he was thinking of scenarios and names for both boys and girls. He didn’t realize how loud he was being during his mini fanboy session until he woke you up. “I’m sor-” before he could apologize you grabbed his collar and pulled him into a sweet kiss.

“It’s ok daddy…”

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AHS Hotel: User & Abuser

Tristan Duffy, James March x Reader

Word Count: 2128


Today is your boyfriend, Tristan’s runway modeling gig. It is held by the infamous Will Drake at the Hotel Cortez in downtown Los Angeles. You didn’t go with Tristan to most of his gigs, but you had the day off of work and not to mention, an overnight stay here is free thanks to Will Drake. 

Another reason was because you didn’t trust Tristan. He gained a terrible habit of doing drugs at his gigs and you wanted to be there to make sure he doesn’t. But who knows, Tristan always finds a way. You even tried to convince him to go to rehab in the past but every time you brought it up, he would get defensive.

You know you deserve better and your friends are always telling you to leave him, but you just can’t let go. The both of you have gone through so much together. Good and bad.

There was even a dark time when Tristan has hit you when the both of you got in a heated argument while being heavily intoxicated. He was too drunk to fully realize it, so you just cried yourself to sleep. Being sober the following morning, Tristan apologized and promised it wouldn’t happen again.

“Tristan, you’re on in 10!” The backstage crew member shouted to Tristan as he was walking past him. He was all over the place trying to stay organized, telling models when they were up next. The plan is for Tristan to make an appearance 4 times throughout the show in 4 different outfits.

“Yup!” Tristan replied while sitting in front of the vanity mirror. There was a hairstylist doing last minute touches on his hair. You were standing next to Tristan, putting your hand on his shoulder. “Babe, can you not? I don’t want you in my personal space right now.” Tristan says, moving his shoulder away from you. He’s been such a diva all day and you just went along with it.

“Okay. Whatever.” You let out a sigh, then went to sit on a chair about 5 feet away from him, pulling out your smartphone to keep yourself occupied.

6 minutes later you go to use the bathroom.

Once you come back, you see Tristan quickly snort a line of white powder on his vanity. Your eyes raging with anger, you push Tristan on the back. “What the hell, Tristan?!” 

Tristan rolls his eyes. 

“Tristan Duffy, let’s go! You’re up after Lawrence and Stacy.” The backstage crew member grabs him by the arm to his place. Tristan doesn’t even say a word to you.

“What the fuck?!” Being so angry and disappointed with your boyfriend, you chose not to rush to sit front row to watch him do his thing on the catwalk. Instead, you go to the bar upstairs. 

Because of the fashion event going on in the lobby, the bar is pretty much empty. You see the bartender who’s tall and slim with a bald head, wearing green eye shadow and thick eye liner. Sitting at the bar, you see a pale man with dark brown hair and a modern day Gomez Addams mustache. He is also dressed to the nines in a dark blue suit.

You sit one chair away from him. The bartender walks over to you and asks, “I’m Liz. What’ll you be having, hun?”

“Just make me the strongest drink you can make.” You respond.

“You got it.” Liz starts on making your drink.

“This one’s on me, dear.” The man tells Liz and then looks at you. He moves to sit on the stool next you and puts his hand out for you to shake. “I’m James. James Patrick March.”

“Y/N.” You put your hand to shake his back, but instead, he grabs your hand to kiss your knuckles. Wow. You can’t remember the last time Tristan ever did that to you. “The way you’re dressed, you look like you should be joining the fashion show downstairs.”

James looks up, opening his mouth, letting teeth show. His eyes wide as he responds with, “Ah, yes.” He pauses, then looks back at you. “That sort of festivity is not to my liking. May I ask why are you not attending such occasion?” He had a really strong tone of voice and sounds straight out of an old movie, similar to Clark Gable. Whereas your boyfriend talks more like Rob Kardashian. This man is definitely classy.

“Well, my boyfriend is in the show. But, he really pissed me off beforehand and I can’t even look at him in the face right now. So. Here I am.” You let out a fake laugh. Liz hands you your drink and you take a sip. “The next one’s on me, James.”

“Oh no. Have anything you like, dear. This is my hotel.” With drink in one hand, he puts both of his arms out, being proud to show off his hotel.

“Wow this is your hotel? Tell me all about it.” You are very opened to hearing anything this nice man has to say about his hotel. For once, a man (especially a good looking man) cares to have a decent conversation with you while being very passionate about it. You didn’t want to compare a stranger to your boyfriend, but whenever you sit down with Tristan at the dinner table, he’s always on his damn phone looking through social media instead of talking to you. You really hated how technology has so much control over people nowadays.

“Splendid!” James says in excitement. “Come. Let’s sit.” James nods his head, then puts the hand that’s holding his drink to point at the table nearby.

The table you chose to sit at has a perfect view of the fashion show. Coincidentally, you see Tristan walk on the white runway. A part of you wishes you could be there to support him, but you’re just so pissed about him resorting to drugs. You thought he wouldn’t do it when you’re around, but Tristan’s a hard person to control.

Two hours pass and during that time, you listened to James fascinate about his hotel and he listened to you rant about your boyfriend. The conversation you were having with him made you forget all about the fashion show. James was being a great listener. He didn’t have much to say about Tristan. Most of the time, he nodded his head and listened while smoking a cigarette. You were so caught up in the conversation that you even told James about the violent drunken fight you had with Tristan before. “A man must never lay a hand on his beloved. Especially if she is beautiful like you, dear.” James looks you directly in the eye, then takes a sip of his drink.

You looked down and smiled. James is such a charming man.

You chugged whatever’s left in your glass and check the time on your phone. “Oh shit. I didn’t even realize we’ve been talking this long.” You look over the lobby, seeing everything getting cleaned up. Rushingly, you put your phone in your bag and stand up. “I should really get going, Tristan’s probably wondering where I’m at.” 

“As they say, time flies when one is having fun.” James grins. 

As he’s still sitting down, you quickly give him a hug. He can smell the aroma of your perfume. “It was nice meeting you, James. Thanks again for the drinks. I had a great time.” You start heading downstairs to the elevator.

James puts out his cigarette and starts slowly walking towards the bar. with his hands behind his back. He’s eyeing you while you’re still in sight. 

Liz notices him right away. “James. She has a boyfriend, remember?”

“Ah yes. From what I have learned, this significant other of hers does not have good intentions. I just know.”

Finally, you reached the floor your suite is in. You unlock the door with your room key and rush in, setting your purse on the floor being worried that Tristan’s been concerned where you’ve been.

You start looking for Tristan. The first thing you see is half of an empty bottle of vodka on the table. Then, you walk in the bedroom and find him snorting another line of whatever drug that is on the nightstand. “Are you serious right now?!” You push Tristan and quickly wipe off whatever’s left on the nightstand with your hand. 

Tristan stands up. “What the hell, babe?!” Instead of being embarrassed about you finding out, he’s pissed that you wasted it.

You stand on your tip toes and push Tristan again. “What the hell is wrong with you?! God dammit, you weren’t even worried about where I’ve been for the past couple of hours?!” 

“Stop fucking pushing me, dude!” Tristan yells, putting his face closer to yours as hes grabbing both of your arms.

“Look at you. You’re pathetic. You should’ve gone to rehab like I said. But no, you’re such a fucking loser!” You let go of his grip and push him again, which fills him with even more anger. You can see his face turn red and his jaw clench. He picks you up and throws on the nearest desk, causing the mirror to break. “Tristan!” You screamed. There’s no way that the people in the halls wouldn’t hear that. While he’s staring at you, he’s huffing and puffing from the strength he used to throw you. Mixing drugs, alcohol and anger is never the best idea.

Your mind is filled with confusion. The man you thought that loves you has really outdone himself this time. He made a promise that he wouldn’t lay a hand on you again. You’re so frightened now and just wished you left him the first time it happened. 

You thought to yourself, who knows what else he’s capable of doing? Not thinking thoroughly in the heat of the moment, you grab one of the broken mirror pieces, run up to Tristan and cut his face with it. “I hate you!” 

“Oh, you do huh?!” Tristan grabs you by the wrist, but right before he has the chance to abuse you again, James appears to stop him, making Tristan let go of your wrist. You ran to the nearest wall and cried. You could’ve sworn that the door was locked behind you. But you didn’t care to question it at this point. You’re just thankful that James is here to save you.

“Who are you?” Tristan still breathing heavily asks.

“It does not matter, dear boy. This is my hotel. And I will not allow you to harm, Miss Y/N.” James does not break eye contact.

You look up to see what’s going on as you’re wiping away your tears with the back of your hand. 

An older woman with red hair, wearing a maid uniform bends down to you, handing you a tissue. As you’re sniffling, you say, “Thank you, uhhhhh.”

“Hazel Evers. But you can call me Miss Evers.” The woman smiles at you as she is getting your hair out of your face.

“Fuck off, man!” Tristan attempts to attack James. James being much stronger than him, pushes Tristan on the bed. You can see the veins popping out of James’ neck from using his strength.

James grabs a gun out of his pocket and shoots Tristan in the head.

Your eyes widen in shock and you get up to rush to Tristan’s body but James stops to hold you. “Oh my god, what did you do?!” You didn’t think a man like James was capable of killing someone. 

“I saved you, dear. I saved you before it was too late.” Something about James’ voice is very calming to you. Still holding you, he grabs a handkerchief from his jacket and wipes away your tears.

Taking you with him, he goes to sit on the couch and lays your head to rest on his lap as you cry. Your head was filling with mixed emotions. Of course, you’re sad that the man you thought you loved is laying there dead. But what if James didn’t show up to save you? Who knows what else Tristan is capable of doing to you. He could’ve easily killed you as well. So much just happened in a short amount of time that all you want to do is lay down and cry.

“Miss Evers!” James turns his head to Miss Evers.

“Yes, Mr. March?!” She answers. Miss Evers seems very loyal to James.

“Would you get Sally to help you rid of this body?”

“Right away, sir! What a glorious stain!” She leaves the room excitedly.

James looks back down on you and caresses your head. “There there, dearest. Never will I hurt you like he did.”


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Part 1 of an ongoing series, enjoy :)
A fanfic for a more Mature audience due to violence and language. Read at your own risk :)

Themes=😖,🌟,💣,🎭 ,. (☠️- Harm towards characters, Strong language and Adult themes.)

Summary: Your group of friends have gotten on well for years, but what happens when a divide is caused by joining the wrong people? School AU
OT5- Baekhyun, Sehun, Jongdae, Minseok and Chanyeol.

Word Count: 3,750

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A/N:So I’m posting this today simply because I want to know the response it gets before I decide to go on and write a whole series, so I may not be uploading anything tomorrow. (Yes, the title is a code apparently I’m obsessed with those. If you think you’ve guessed what the code means don’t spoil it for others.)

Your group of friends weren’t exactly unconventional. To be honest to an outsider looking in you seemed absolutely ordinary. You were all the same age but months apart and you were all in higher education. You felt the grind of studying a lot and it drained each and every one of you; but you had each other to complain to when it became all too much. Some handled the stress better than others for example Baekhyun, he was a straight A student never in his life had he ever achieved any less than the best. “I have beauty and brains.” Baekhyun would tease as he’d shove test paper scores in your face. You and Jongdae on the other hand didn’t handle it quite so well, your grades weren’t bad but they weren’t perfect either. You were somewhere in between good and average and you knew Jongdae longed for the day he got a better score than Baekhyun and could wave his test paper in the boys face. You, Jongdae and Baekhyun had been friends since primary school. You liked to consider yourself pretty close to them; sleepovers weren’t foreign for the three of you and you were comfortable to share secrets with them. Some anyway. You had met Chanyeol, Sehun and Minseok in secondary school and they were pretty easy going guys. Though you knew that if you rubbed Sehun up the wrong way he could be very unpleasant. He was somewhat of an exception since his life was quite different to everyone else. You had also met and befriended two lovely girls in secondary school; Nel and Rozz. Rozz was an aspiring plus size model and honestly one of the prettiest girls you had ever seen. Her hair was always brush neatly so that it hung about her shoulders and she was committed to wearing a berry pink shade of lipstick, she was fairly quiet and kept herself to herself. Nel on the other hand was a bit of a wild one; in a sense that she could become extremely extroverted without warning she floated about often too. She would hang out with what Baekhyun had jokingly labelled as the “critter squad” or simply just “critters”. This “squad” consisted of two boys and a girl; Reiji, K and Tay. You weren’t even sure if anyone knew what K’s real name was. They were an ominous group and made you feel unsettled. You weren’t fond of them at all; none of you were. There was something off about the three of them but you couldn’t quite put your finger on it. Lately though since Nel was giving them the time of day you noticed that Baekhyun was become intrigued by who they were however you warned him to stay away. “Yes mum.” He would say and flash you a sarcastic yet heartfelt smile which in turn made your heart flutter.
You wanted so hard to deny it but you were so into Baekhyun. You didn’t love him it was never that extreme or serious but him being alone with one of the other girls was enough to make you green with jealousy. Sometimes Baekhyun’s flirtatious jokes would have you thinking that his feelings were mutual and then you had to pinch yourself and snap out whatever fairytale world it was that you had created and buried your head deep into. You cursed yourself for feeling warm and fuzzy every time you were around him, because you so desperately didn’t want it to turn into anything more than it was. Also one of your friends had already sensed how you felt about Baekhyun; you didn’t need anyone else catching up to speed. You were sure that how frequently you thought of Baekhyun wasn’t normal but somehow you couldn’t stop. You tried to blame it on the fact that you had known him since you were around the age of 7 and that was the reason why he occupied 80% of your head space. You memorised every single action, movement and tone of voice that Baekhyun used, you knew him better than he knew himself and that in itself was kind of creepy. But feelings aside you admired Baekhyun purely because of his determination and drive in life he was a true role model and with such perfect grades you knew that he would be the most successful and go far in life. This was your final semester in education and if he aced these exams, which you knew he would, then he could have it all.

You were all sat in the common room on multi coloured bean bags and chairs forming a tiny circle. It was time to go home but frequently some of you would hang behind a half hour after just so you could chat or pretty much bitch about your professors. Admittedly you wanted to go home early today, it was the weekend and you needed some well-earned sleep.

“It’s Minseok’s birthday tomorrow; we should do something for him.”  Baekhyun murmured as he tossed a grape up in the air and caught it in his mouth. You studied Baekhyun’s jaw as it moved up and down crushing his food and then focused on his Adams apple as he swallowed the grape down his gullet. You felt a pair of eyes burning into the side of your face. The pair of eyes that had noticed your liking for Baekhyun, so you slowly peeled your eyes away and focused your gaze down at your shoes. You frowned, there was a scuff mark. They were still brand new you’d only bought them two weeks ago.

Chanyeol nodded in Baekhyun’s direction.
“Sounds good to me what did you have in mind?”

Baekhyun popped the last grape into his mouth and sucked it off of the vine, you tried painfully hard to not look at him and once again you felt a pair of eyes burning into the side of your face, so you kept your gaze downwards.
“Hmm just a little get together…at Sehun’s maybe?” He winked slyly at Sehun who rolled his eyes and pouted beside you.

“Why me?!” Sehun protested staring deftly into Baekhyun’s face; waiting for an answer different to the one he always received but of course it was the same as normal.

“Because you’re the one with a free house.” Baekhyun scoffed stretching his body out on the bean bag , this time you couldn’t help it you looked up at him and studied the way his fingers stretched and grabbed for the air around him. He was wearing a ring you hadn’t seen before which peaked your interest.

“But I’m the one that ends up with a messy apartment and idiots passed out on my couch. I don’t want that.” Sehun frowned, creases forming on his forehead.

Baekhyun rolled his eyes at the tall male as he shifted on the bean bag and then stood up stretching which caused his shirt to shift and the base of his stomach to show, You let out an unimpressed breath, why was this boy always unintentionally toying with your brain.
“Come on Sehun stop complaining, it’s for a good cause man!”
Due to family complications Sehun lived alone in a beautiful apartment which you wanted to steal from him and claim as your own; it was the most aesthetically pleasing space that you had ever had the pleasure of breathing and existing in, you always got excited when Sehun invited you over. Almost as excited as you got going to Baekhyun’s house and that was saying something. “Ok so yours at 8PM tomorrow yeah?”Sehun rolled his eyes as he knew that he had been overthrown and defeated by the council which was Baekhyun. “I’ll do the drinks.”

“I’ll bring the playlist.” Chanyeol raised his arm.

“I’ll get a cake.” You said shifting in your space on the bean bag as you felt the same pair of familiar eyes boring into your skin, watching you watch Baekhyun. You scoffed inwardly and looked from Baekhyun to your shoes once again.

“Me and Rozz will do the food then.” Nel piped up from the side making you jump. You had almost forgotten that her and Rozz were sitting with you. You had been too distracted by beautiful Byun Baekhyun. Baekhyun turned his attention to Sehun and walked behind where he was sat.

“And what about you Sehun?”

Sehun shook his head in disbelief.
“I’m providing the house, what the fuck else do you want?”

Baekhyun rolled his eyes at Sehun’s statement. More often than not Sehun didn’t hesitate to give blunt and straight forward statements ad not everyone approved of how point blank he could be.

“Well I’d better go and get those drinks sorted then.” Baekhyun sighed as he pulled out his car keys from his pocket and dragged his bag up from the floor.

“I’ll come too, you can give me a lift to get the cake right?” You looked up at Baekhyun expectantly your eyes focusing on his lips and you were praying to God that he didn’t notice but right now you couldn’t tear your gaze away and you felt stupid for it. You stood up slowly from your bean bag as you waited for his answer; you bit your lip anxiously. It was only a car ride so why you were acting so nervous you didn’t understand maybe it was at the realisation that you’d be alone with Baekhyun in a car that made your skin got hot. You were used to being alone with Baekhyun many of the time but it felt like you were getting one up on the other girls and it felt good.

“Yeah sure, let’s go now.” He motioned towards the door.

“Where’s Jongdae?” Rozz looked over her shoulder at nothing particular. Oh yes, where was Jongdaae? You hadn’t seen him the whole day in fact.

“I’m not actually sure. See you guys tomorrow.” You waved to everyone as you followed Baekhyun out of the building.

The smell of Baekhyun’s car was one of your most favourite smells in the world. Purely because it smelt like Baekhyun and like spiced apple and cinnamon your favourite air freshener and candle scent. You silently hummed along to the radio as Baekhyun drummed his fingers against the steering wheel. It didn’t take long for you to get to the shop it was a five minute drive from the university. You found yourself staring at Baekhyun when he wasn’t looking. His face twisted in confusion as he tried to pick between the brand of alcohol that he should buy. You giggled to yourself, he looked so puzzled and it was cute. You mentally scolded yourself this fascination with Baekhyun had to stop you thought as you picked up a plain vanilla cake. Sehun’s taste was as blunt as his personality and so he preferred things pretty plain and you knew that he would complain about a chocolate cake despite the fact it wasn’t even his birthday. Sometimes you wondered how you had all ended up friends with Sehun his personality was so different to all of yours sometimes you wondered if he just picked you because you were the best bunch that the lousy high school had to offer and so he had to settle for less.
You looked to your right at the shop window as you edged towards the counter still waiting for Baekhyun. You frowned. You could see Nel outside maybe Sehun had dropped her off so she could get food but she was with Reiji. One of the ‘critters’ as Baekhyun had labelled them.

“You ready Y/N?” Baekhyun asked walking up to the counter and placing the drinks down following your gaze outside, he pouted at the sight. Lately Baekhyun had been looking at both Nel and Reiji like that and you didn’t like it.

“Excuse me sir, I said would you like a bag with that?” The acne-covered cashier asked snapping you and Baekhyun out of your momentary daze.

“Oh…Uh…No no. Sorry.” He laughed sheepishly as he tapped his card on the reader and then lifted the crate of alcohol. He looked back towards the window and then frowned. Nel and Reiji were gone. You quickly walked up to the counter paying for the cake and hurriedly rushed after Baekhyun who was walking at ample speed towards his car. He was silent and it was putting you on edge. It wasn’t a comforting silence either but it was an awkward one, one that had the ability to stifle you.

“Hey Baek are you okay?”

“Hmm?” He whipped his head towards you as he lowered the crate of alcohol into the boot. “Oh yeah. Listen I’m going to drop you straight home tonight and I’ll see you tomorrow.”

He sped to your house which also wasn’t a very long distance the hum of the radio making the ride all the more awkward. You tried to ignore the depletion in Baekhyun’s mood. You frequently became upset when Baekhyun became cold around you so when you reached home you got out of the car as quickly as you could. You didn’t want to be in his presence if he wasn’t going to be happy around you.

You showed up a little bit early at Sehun’s house the next day to help him set up. His apartment was spectacular to say the least. The interior was plain and dull just like Sehun; but it was exquisite and sophisticated at the same time. Just like Sehun. It was filled with block monochrome whites, blacks and greys. Sehun wasn’t one for colour and creativity but his simplistic mind was intriguing and you promised one day that you would delve deeper into what went on inside his brain. He greeted you bluntly at the door. A simple “Hi” as he turned his back and let you shut the door behind yourself. What a gentleman.
He wore a simple white t-shirt and black jeans to match the colour of his house and state of mind. His face was blank as he watched you place your cake down on the counter.

“Flavour?” He asked his facial expression still unchanging.

“Just plain vanilla.”

He offered a simple nod in response as he picked up his phone from the side and began to walk towards his room.

“Call me when the others get here.”

You frowned, something felt off.

“Sehun wait! What’s wrong?…”


He was lying to you and you knew it.


“It’s my parents…can we just leave it.”
You let out a heavy breath and bit your lips anxiously; Sehun was famous for becoming moody when he didn’t have his own way and if he didn’t want to talk then he most certainly wouldn’t talk. Normally you would pry but since it was Minseok’s birthday you didn’t want to drag the mood down. There was a quiet knock on the front door. The knock belonged to Jongdae, you stood there staring at Sehun waiting for him to go and open the door but rolled your eyes when you realised he was stood in his spot and staring back at you.

“I’ll get it then shall I?” You smiled sarcastically walking over to the door you opened it slowly revealing Jongdae, Chanyeol, Rozz and Nel on the other side. Jongdae’s face was hidden under a black cap whilst Chanyeol’s hair was parted neatly down the middle showing off his forehead. You looked at Nel and Rozz; they were both wearing dresses and suddenly you felt underdressed as you looked down at your jeans and blouse. Baekhyun was sure to focus on the other girls now. Your thought process made you cringe, but you couldn’t help it. You felt compelled to feel the need like Baekhyun and you weren’t exactly sure why. Maybe it was because you were so comfortable with your friendship.

“So are you going to let us in or are you just going to stand there?” Jongdae turned his palms upwards.

“Ahh sorry.” You stepped aside letting them into the house. The girls had placed the food that they had brought down on the table beside the cake you had purchased; whilst Chanyeol set up his mini speaker set and began playing music. You weren’t a ‘party person’ yourself but you could feel relaxed around your friends.

Sehun crossed his arms over his chest as he eyed Jongdae up and down from where he stood.

“So you didn’t bring anything?”

Jongdae scoffed as he dropped down on one of the black sofas closer to the sliding glass doors that led out to the balcony.

“I brought my integrity and charm.” He flashed Sehun a smile; which was only pissing the taller boy off more. You frowned at Jongdae and shook your head subtly as you tried telling him that what he was doing wasn’t a great idea. He rolled his eyes and turned his attention to Chanyeol telling him what song he should play.
The music filled the apartment and the atmosphere was more so calm than anything else; you made yourself busy by placing some white candles on Minseok’s cake, there weren’t enough but the little you had would have to do. There was a knock on the door as Nel bounced up from her seat.

“I’ll get it!” She swung the door open.

“SURPRISE!” you all shouted; you were clapping your hands loudly your eyes flicking between Minseok and Baekhyun. You knew that your eyes should be on the birthday boy but Baekhyun was catching your eye and you couldn’t help yourself and once again you could feel a pair of eyes burning into your skin watching you watching Baekhyun. You cleared your throat as you blinked and walked over to Minseok wrapping your arms around him; he smelt musky and like Baekhyun’s car.

“Happy Birthday Minnie!” You shouted into his ear causing him to slap you away playfully. His eyes were wide as he stared around the apartment smiling.

“I thought we were coming here to play video games Baek.” He faced palmed himself at how dumb he was for missing the obvious. “Thanks guys I appreciate it. But can we cut the cake because I’m bloody hungry and it looks amazing.”
You laughed at Minseok and nodded as you ran to the kitchen to retrieve a box of matches.

The get together ended up being a success. Maybe a little bit too successful you thought to yourself as you stared uncomfortably at Minseok, Jongdae and Baekhyun who had gotten themselves helplessly drunk along with Nel, they were dancing beside each other and tripping over things. You looked worriedly at Baekhyun he got tipsy on the occasion, yes. But he had never gotten this helplessly drunk and you wondered if there was something bugging him. You were about to make your way over to ask him if he was okay when your heart stopped and time stopped with it. You looked over to see Baekhyun making out with Nel and what made it worse is that they were not attempting to keep it a secret. And you felt the same pair of eyes staring at you again; but possibly more so with worry this time. Your heart accelerated full speed and felt as though it would rip through your chest; breathing was complicated as your eyes were darting from Nel to Baekhyun. You hurriedly made your way over to the sliding door pulling it open you stepped out onto the balcony letting the cool air hit your face. You gasped for breath. Why was Baekhyun kissing Nel what was wrong with him? You were convinced now that your outfit was not enough. You willed for yourself to calm down and so you stood outside for a long while, dangling your arms over the railings.
The view from Sehun’s apartment was beautiful. You could see all of the city lights they looked like millions of stars but on the ground rather than in the sky. You could hear the late night hustle and bustle, engines of cars and the hum of electricity as it whizzed through the power lines across the city.
The music had stopped from inside now and you found yourself letting out a disgruntled deep breath. You felt sick and peeved off. You were one of Baekhyun’s oldest friends. Was he really that blind. Anger and Sadness was swallowing you whole and you became scared because when you were upset you did irrational things. You wanted to get revenge somehow but you knew that you weren’t a hateful person so whatever you were going to do next it would be stupid. You walked back through the house past all of the passed out bodies on the floor and sofa. Baekhyun tucked beside Nel. You could feel your blood boiling over as you looked at how peaceful they looked. You stormed over to Sehun’s room shutting the door slowly behind you and climbed under the sheets beside him wrapping your arms around his waist.

“Woah Y/N what the fuck are you doing?” He elbowed you in the stomach and twisted round so that he was facing you. You bit your lip nervously as you studied his face. He was angry; lines set into his forehead as he frowned at you. He was already in a bad mood why would you go and anger him further. He was shirtless and his body heat under the covers was making you feel uncomfortable.

Sehun was the pair of eyes that was constantly watching you watching Baekhyun. He was the one who had noticed; though he never outwardly told you, you knew that he knew and he was always watching from a distance.

“You’re drunk; get the fuck out of my room.”

“I’m not drunk.” You whimpered, covering your face in embarrassment. “I’ve not even had anything to drink.”
He sighed loudly as his features softened; he pulled the duvet higher so that he could cover his chest as he stared at you.

“I know what this is about. You’re upset because of Baek…But this isn’t what you want or what I want. Go and get some sleep on the sofa.” You pouted at him, you wanted comfort. But he stared back at you with cold eyes. “Get out Y/N…Or go home.” You frowned as you shifted off of the mattress and walked back into the living room. But your breath stopped once again as you stared around the living room.

Baekhyun and Nel were gone.

Bang Bang

Bang bang


The first time Will saw a gun, he knew that was what he would want to hold forever in his hands.

His father, just returning from war, couldn’t be prouder of his son.

“I wanna be like you! Fighting all the bad guys with my gun! Bang bang!” William said, happily, pretending to hold a gun on his little hands and making the movement of a shooting gun. His father laughed and nodded as his mother watched them from the kitchen, worry on her expression.

“That’s my boy… You will kill all the bad boys and make daddy very proud” he said and kissed Will’s head, the boy beaming and grinning with excitement.

“I will make you proud daddy! I will!”


Bang bang

“I don’t like war movies” Celine whined as she leaned against Damien. He shrugged.

“Yeah I know but William loves them for some reason” he said and Mark chuckled.

“He just likes guns, like every American I guess” he shrugged as well and hummed happily, laying on Celine’s lap. The three of them were in the back of the bed as they watched the movie, with William sitting in front of the three of them, eyes fixated in the movie. How accurate their movements were. What was their strategy.

He just loved it all so much.

“He seems… possessed” Mark mumbled and Damien frowned, slapping his friend’s head while Celine bit her bottom lip, worriedly.

“Not possessed but… I don’t like this excessive love” she mumbled and Damien rolled his eyes.

“You two worry too much. He just likes it. It’s not like he is going to the army any time soon. Don’t worry” he said and the two looked at the smartest of the group. “Probably just some extreme love for the movies, it’s alright”

It was alright.

He hoped.


Bang bang


“I am going to the army!”

Mark spit his drink. Celine’s burger fell from her hand. Damien stared at Will is shock.

“What?!” the politician choked out, making Will frown before he grinned widely.

“I was accepted as a cadet in the army! I am leaving in two months!” he said happily. “I don’t know where my first mission will be in but I am so excited! Can you im-”

“You can’t go!”

Celine flinched and Mark looked at Damien slowly. The man looked completely exasperated at his friend’s happiness, his eyes wide and cheeks red in anger.

William was just confused.

“What why?” he asked, frowning. “You were one to always say to follow our dreams. And I just did it! I am going to the army!”

“Being in the army isn’t a dream!” Damien yelled back, and Celine shook her head as Mark held his friend’s hand.

“Calm down there” he said but Damien pulled his hand away and stared at Mark, making him raise his hands and look away. “Alright…”

“Why aren’t you happy for me?” Will asked, his voice breaking a bit, and Damien looked at him, fuming in anger.

“Why?! Because I also wouldn’t be happy if you were jumping off a bridge! This is suicide at its best William!” he said, his voice high pitched and weird. William’s hurt eyes slowly shut down and he furrowed his eyebrows, narrowing his eyes.

“If I wanted to die I would shoot my head, you idiot. This is my dream. This is all I have ever wanted to do. And now I am so close, all I wanted was some support from my friends”

Damien looked at him and then let out a dry and hoarse laugh.

“Support from your friends? Well then you can call me your enemy because I am never going to support this” he said and stood up, grabbing his bag. “Have a nice day, a nice two months and a nice mission. I will visit you at your grave”

Damien walked away without looking back, clearly pissed, and Celine went right after him, calling his name as Will deflated and looked down. Then, Mark held his shoulder.

“Its okay buddy. He will come to terms with it. I think it’s pretty cool”

He smiled, a little


Bang bang


He had never thought that shooting a real human being would be so different from shooting a practice target.

He never thought the light of someone’s eyes could really disappear once they died.

But now he knew it was all true.

His first target was dying in front of him, hand on his chest, his eyes contorting and turning almost desperately.

If he wanted to say something, it died with him.

“Cadet! Take cover!”

He didn’t hear it very well, but he did as commanded.

He laid down behind their structures and closed his eyes, the man’s face returning to his brain as if he had just do it.

He had just done it.

He had just killed a man.

And the worst yet…

It felt amazing.

The power in his hands.

The desperate fear.

He felt like throwing up.

What was happening to him?


Perhaps Damien had been right.

He shouldn’t have come.

He shouldn’t have done this.

But now it was too late.

He opened his eyes again, determined, and grabbed his gun, moving away from their covers and laughing like a maniac as he shot all the enemies he saw in front of him on his way to the other cover.

One, two, three, four, five dead.

He had never felt so alive.


Bang bang

“It was an accident! I swear…”

His eyes widened as Y/N fell all the way down to the other floor. He looked back at the detective, desperate, his hand trembling as he saw the pool of blood next to him. He looked at his gun and threw it away, shaking, trembling, before rushing to the stairs.

And then he saw the cane.

He looked at the door and walked to it, taking the cane that once belonged to his dear friend, holding it tight against his chest as he slowly walked down the stairs.

He was alone.

Completely alone.

“Did I…” he mumbled, shakily, sitting on the bench next to Y/N’s body. “Did I kill them?”

Did he kill Mark?

Did he kill Damien?

Did he kill Celine?

Did he?

He killed the detective.

He killed Y/N.

He held the cane tighter as his eyes teared up, a desperate feeling in his chest.

It was all his fault, wasn’t it?

Even if he hadn’t killed them, he slept with Mark’s wife. He ruined their friendship. He destroyed everything…

It was all his fault.

All his fault.

He was the wrong one.

He was the one messed up.

He sobbed, holding the cane close to himself as he curled up.

His hat fell from his head and removed his jacket angrily, throwing it away with all his patches.

He didn’t deserve them. He had killed his friends.

And then…

Then, Y/N returned.

And he laughed.

Maybe he hadn’t killed anyone after all.


Bang bang

“Crazy psychopath sleeps with wife of an innocent man and kills the entire family, including baby, before setting the house on fire” Wilford read, humming and rolling his eyes. “They didn’t even mention my moustache. Amateurs.”

“Do you really think that is your biggest problem Will?” Dark asked, raising his eyebrow, and Wilford shrugged.

“I don’t see the big deal, to be honest. They will come back one way or another, it just lowered the family’s rate in earth for a bit of time”

He held his gun close to his face, looking at it not to miss any detail now that he was cleaning it.

It was just as beautiful as ever.

He smirked and held it the right away, looking towards the man trapped as the aiming target on the other side of the room.

Bang bang.

Bite Me (Bitch)

Originally posted by jjks

Note: This is another reupload with edits from my old writing blog (uyuagashi-fics).  I held a prompt game that was a lot of fun, and the request that time was “Suga + bite + breaking the rules”.  This one fits so well with all the vampire looks BTS has gifted us with.  As always, I added in a LOT more to the original post and tidied up some portions of the writing.  This is very BTVS-inspired in terms of vampire lore but there’s lore from other shows/movies/books mixed in as well.  Also, I lost so much steam with this, and I’m unhappy, but whatever.  

I am currently stuck on a very important portion of my Radio DJ Suga AU, and I need to focus on other writing to get out of my rut.  

Summary:  Your existence should repulse him, but Yoongi can’t bring himself to hate you when he craves your bite.  ~Vampire AU~




Yoongi is in a bizarre state of discomfort when he sits through eighty minutes of an in-depth lecture on vampires during DEM 325 (Demonic Physiology).  The other recruits in his class are studiously taking notes as their instructor goes through slide after slide of vampire anatomy, but he can’t bring himself to write down a word.  He can feel his ulcers acting up when the instructor pays special attention to mortality zones.

“Some of you are taking the laboratory component this semester with me,” Dr. Kim notes with a kind, yet condescending smile.  “And let me give you a hint: vampires are Big on the final.  The bulk of my field research is focused on vampires, so it’s an area I know well.”  She pauses for effect.  “And if I see outstanding talent, there are always positions open in my team.”  

The class murmurs with excitement.  Getting real field experience was the dream for recruits.

Dr. Kim gives the class an indulgent smile once more.  “So make sure you do the reading.”  

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‘’I remember you.’’ Part 1

A/N: I’m not counting on a lot of reaction for this but hopefully it’ll get some readers and feedback. I haven’t been inspired to write for months now but this just happened so I’m excited to share. It’s a little rusty but hopefully someone will enjoy it. This will be 3-4 parts. Thanks for reading!  Please note that english is not my first language so there might be grammar mistakes

Pairings: Bucky X Reader

Prompt: Being an Avenger can sometimes take it’s toll on a person and when a certain man joins the team, the reader can’t help but withdraw herself from the group due to their past. How will it end though when their powers are need to help him on a mission and they reveal more about the past than they intended.

Warnings: Drinking, subtle signs of a mental disorder

Word count: 1160

Originally posted by dolorioushaze

The room surrounding you was dark, aside from the light that emitted from the single lamp on your work station and the one on your coworkers desk. You held your breath as you carefully worked with the little metal pieces in your hands, a mission you had been working on for months and what would soon be the newest creation for Tony Stark. 

You held your breath, working towards the first test of your project. ‘’Don’t stay up here too late, Y/N.’’ A gentle voice disturbed the silence surrounding you and you looked up to meet your coworker’s concerned smile. You replied with a nod and a small smile of your own before watching her leave for the day, the only sound hanging in the air being the click of her heels. 

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Cake Surprise

Summary: Being pleasantly surprised that Sebastian Stan shows up at the restaurant you work at, you take the extra step forward to make his birthday special.

Word Count: 2,063.

A/N: Before we start things off, I just wanted to say…HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ONE OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE ALIVE, SEBASTIAN STAN. And of course, a very special thank you to my great friend, @galaxayy for coming thru with a cute idea!! Hope you guys enjoy <3 (ps: im a slut for feedback, k thx)

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He knew it was going to happen, he knew there was going to be a time when it all hit him, when it would all came crashing down around him. He didn’t know though that it was going to happen in the middle of a red carpet at the premiere of the movie he had his very first acting gig in.

In the back of Harry’s mind there was a small hope that she would be there, in the crowd somewhere looking stunning in a gown that she would feel silly in. But his hopes were crushed when he took his first step onto the carpet and surveyed the crowed and didn’t find the pair of eyes he was looking for.

“Harry,” he heard Jeff’s voice from beside him. “Harry we need to keep moving.” He felt Jeff place a hand on his back ushering him forward down the carpet. Harry immediately shook off his thoughts and put a smile on his face as if inside his heart wasn’t about to break.

She hated the fact she knew what Harry was doing, she hated that at any given moment she could probably tell you exactly what he was up too. She wanted nothing more than to put him in her past and leave him there, but seeing his face plastered all over the city streets was making that task harder than it should’ve been.

She knew the premiere was tonight, she knew because she had the day marked on her calendar with hearts around it, she knew she should probably return the dress that was hanging in her closet with the tags still on it. She knew a dress like that deserved to be seen and not shoved to the side of some closet.

When Harry walked out of the theatre he wanted nothing more than to go home to his comfy bed and not wake up until mid afternoon the next day. He had no energy to be around happy people, that feeling just multiplied when he saw his manager leave with his girlfriend. He should be leaving with his girl, she should’ve been there standing next to him snuggling closer as the cool breeze blew by with the passing cars. But nonetheless he was standing there waiting for his car alone, he was slightly terrified at the fact he was starting to get used to being alone.

He knew he had to at least make an appearance at the after party, he figured free drinks wouldn’t hurt. When he arrived he was thankful he was able to just slip into the venue without too much fuss, he was hoping he’d be able to slip out the same way. He just made his way to the bar with only a few stops for some hellos and congratulations.

She knew she shouldn’t have come, but she also knew there was a slight chance she wouldn’t see him and she was invited after all. She smoothed her hands over her dress one more time before finally taking in a deep breath and exhaling it through her nose as she entered the venue. She could see a few familiar faces as soon as she entered, she just offered them small smiles as she made her way through the crowd.

When she finally reached the bar she was surprised at how crowded it was, she didn’t think the after party for the film would be this busy. She figured it was going to be a small quiet little party where she could slip in and mingle a bit while sipping on free drinks then head back home to her lonely apartment.

“One peach vodka with cranberry please.” Was all she said to the bartender before reaching in her clutch for her phone.

Harry knew that voice, he knew that drink wasn’t something most people ordered. He knew that the girl who ordered it was probably standing there digging in her purse looking for her phone or her chapstick. He knew when the bartender placed it down in front of her she would fidget with the straw and give it a good stir before finally taking a sip. To say Harry’s heart started beating faster as he looked around the bar for the owner of the voice was an understatement.

His heart actually almost skipped a beat when he finally saw her, it was the back of her since she was now leaning against the bar looking out onto the dance floor but he knew it was her. He could tell by the way she slightly swayed back and fourth to the music, how her hair almost hit her mid back when it was curled that way, how the little mole just above her shoulder blade was visible due to her strapless dress.

When she felt as if someone was staring at her she knew the probability of it being Harry was high, so when she decided to turn her head and was met with his piercing green eyes she wasn’t all that surprised. What surprised her was the smile that took over his face, it was as if he was seeing her for the first time in years. When the fact was it had only been about a three weeks since their last encounter and it didn’t end very well so seeing him smile at her just took her off guard.

She didn’t know why she just smiled back at him, she didn’t know why she even found herself moving over as if to make room for him to stand next to her. She sure as hell didn’t know why she was actually feeling excited about the possibility of talking to him again. But here she was, drink in one hand and her clutch under her arm ready to face the man who broke her heart all with a smile on her face.

“Didn’t expect ya ta be here.” He immediately regretted his words as he saw her face fall a bit. Harry managed to make his way to her and when he was greeted with a smile he thought just maybe this was luck playing on his side. But when he opened his mouth and that sentence came out he knew that maybe luck was just playing with him.

She just looked around the crowded room before shrugging her shoulders as she finally made eye contact with him. He didn’t realize until that moment how much he missed the color of her eyes, how they would get darker the more she drank or how they would seem lighter when she laughed.

“I was invited so I figured I would stop in for a drink,” her ton was very calm and Harry knew she wasn’t one to come to parties alone, so he let his mind toy with the idea that she came in hopes of seeing him. “I didn’t think you’d be here.” At first he wasn’t sure he heard her, but by the way she dropped her eyes to the now half empty drink in her hand it hit him. She only came to this party because she didn’t think he would.

“I’m sorry.” Harry’s voice was low and it almost sounded like a whisper and if he wouldn’t have been standing right next to her she wouldn’t have heard him. “I’m so sorry.” She just shook her head as her eyes closed, she wasn’t about to do this right now.

“Stop Harry.” She snapped and it took Harry by surprise, she finally took a deep breath as she looked at him. “Don’t do this now.” She placed her drink on the bar and just smiled at the bartender as he picked up the now empty glass. Harry followed her movements with his eyes and he knew by the way she was bitting her lip that she was getting upset.

She wasn’t going to cry in the middle of a room full of people who were all here to celebrate the premiere of the movie Harry was in. She sure as hell wasn’t going to cry in front of Harry, she was tired of crying in front of him due to something he said. She was tired of his words making her feel either extreme sadness or happiness, she was just tired of his words having such power over her.

Harry knew she was upset, he could tell by the way she was avoiding eye contact and how she was chewing on her bottom lip. He knew she was upset yet he also knew he needed to talk to her, to tell her how sorry and wrong he was for ever pushing her away in the first place. He needed to tell her everything and he didn’t care if it was in the middle of an after party or if they were alone at a restaurant.

“Please,” he was willing to full on beg if he needed to. “Just let me explain.” His voice was low and the only reason he knew she heard him was the fact she finally made eye contact him. He felt his heart beat faster as she slowly nodded her head. He almost didn’t see her start to head towards the back exit, he was too busy trying to gather up his thoughts inside his head, trying to figure out just the right words to get his feelings across to her.

Harry was snapped out of his thoughts when the night air hit his face, he had never been so happy to be in an alleyway before. He knew by the way she crossed her arms over her chest and let out a long sigh that she was preparing herself for whatever she thought he was going to say. He wanted nothing more than to just wrap his arms around her and hold her, but he knew he couldn’t.

“If you’re not going to say anything I’m going to go back inside Harry.” Her tone was a little more harsh than she expected but she was cold and he was just staring at her. She knew this wasn’t going to be easy, it was going to make her relive a moment in her life she wasn’t even fully over yet. She watched Harry clear his throat and rub his hands together, most likely trying to figure out where to start this conversation.

“I miss you,” that wasn’t what she was expecting and she was sure her face showed it. “I was standing on the red carpet this evening and it hit me. I was alone, I mean yes my mum and sister were there but I was alone.” She felt her heart beat a little faster as he took a small step towards her.

“I didn’t have the one person in the world I needed, and it wasn’t anyone’s fault but my own. I told you I needed space because I was trying to get my career sorted, I told you I didn’t have time for distractions and needed to focus on myself for a bit, I told you I spent the last several years doing things for other people and it was my time to just do whatever I wanted. I told you I didn’t want a relationship.” She felt her heart break a little more as Harry’s words hit her as if she was hearing them for the first time. She knew fighting her tears was just going to be pointless.

“Yes Harry I am well aware of what you told me.” Her voice was shaky and it made Harry’s face drop as he noticed a few tears trickle down her cheeks. She was too busy trying to put herself together a bit that she didn’t notice him take a few more steps closer to her.

Harry knew he had upset her, that wasn’t his intention at all, he was tired of making her cry. He took one last step closer to her so he could slowly reach for one of her hands. He took it as a good sign when she didn’t flinch away from him but instead just let him grab it and start rubbing his thumb over her knuckles.

“I am sorry,” his voice cracked a bit and that’s when she finally made eye contact with him. “I’m sorry for putting my career before you, for making you feel like you didn’t matter, for making you ever think for one moment that you weren’t important to me. You’re the most important thing in my life and I truly am sorry.” By now Harry was close to tears himself as he watched her look away from him as more tears slid down her face.

“Sorry doesn’t make it all better Harry,” she slowly slipped her hand out of his making his face drop even more. “You can’t just stand here and say sorry and expect me to say it’s okay and we kiss and make up. That’s not how this works.” He knew he deserved this, he didn’t just get to throw out an apology and expect them to leave here hand in hand. He knew she was right but it didn’t make it hurt any less.

She couldn’t bring herself to look at him as she spoke. She knew he was on the verge of tears and if she saw them slip down his face she was going to give in. She knew he was sorry, he wasn’t one to throw out meaningless apologies. She also knew that he couldn’t actually expect her to just forgive him on the spot.

“You broke my heart,” her voice was more of a whisper but it made Harry’s head pop up. “I don’t know if I can do this again Harry.” She hated that she could feel his eyes burning a hole in the side of her head. “I’m still healing, I’m not ready to forgive you.” She finally let herself look at him and she instantly regretted it.

He was standing there with droopy eyes and the corners of his mouth were twitching as his bottom lip sightly trembled. She knew that if there was better lighting she would be able to see the tears sliding down his cheeks. He started to reach for her hand again but dropped his arm back to his side, he couldn’t risk being denied by her.

“I love you.” She closed her eyes as the words came out of his mouth, she hated hearing him say such a lovely statement in such a sad and heartbroken voice.

Harry knew by the way she took a deep breath and let it out slowly that she was trying to calm herself down. He was surprised when she looked at him and slowly reached for both of his hands. He didn’t care that his grip on her soft hands was a bit tight, he couldn’t risk letting her slip away again.

“I know Harry,” he didn’t like where this was going. “I love you too, I just can’t do this right now. I need time.” He wanted to scream and shout as he felt her hands slowly slipping out of his grasp. “I’m sorry.” He couldn’t believe she was now the one throwing out an apology, this wasn’t how this was supposed to go.

He couldn’t stop her, he watched his hands drop back to his sides and she crossed her arms over her chest. He watched her lean over and quickly place a kiss to his cheek, he was sure she could feel the wetness due to the tears now freely falling from his eyes. He heard her whisper something in his ear but his brain was too cloudy to make out what she said. He watched her give him the saddest smile he had ever seen before turning on her heel and walking down the alleyway and onto the sidewalk. He stood there till well after she turned to corner not really knowing what to do now. He had just watched the love of his life walk out of his life for the second time, but this time it was voluntary and he was sure that’s why it hurt worse.