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Dear Journal,

It’s Teddy again. Today we had to go back to Hogwarts. My dads dropped James Sirius and I at the train station. The next time i will see them it’ll be at the christmas break. I hugged them tight and Got in the train. Sirius almost cried. He doesn’t like it when I leave. I waved to them through the window. They looked sad to see me leave but happy to know that i would be back to school, safe and sound.

When we arrived at the castle, the Great hall was decorated in a halloween theme. It looked good and spooky. Candies and caramel apples were sitting on the tables of each house’s. I left a kiss on James Sirius’ forehead and headed to the Hufflepuff table with Victoire. She was so excited to come back, her eyes were shinning. We sat down next to our friends and talked about our small break home. Suddently Dumbledore spoke up and the whole room went quiet.

« Dear Students of Hogwarts, We have some great news for all of you. As you might’ve heard from your parents and grand-parents, Our school has participated to the triwizard tournament a few times in the past. Sadly we suffered a big loss during the last tournament due to Voldemort. We wanted to honour those who suffered with another tournament, much much safer. A way to celebrate our win against Voldemort. Tommorow, students from all around the world will arrive to Hogwarts. I wish you all welcome them like they were already our friends. Now, Any student that is in it’s last year can enter the tournament. May the best school win! » he said, smiling.

It was silent. Everyone thought of Cedric Diggory. The Hufflepuff hero as we like to calm him. There’s a painting of him in our commonroom. He’s not always there but sometimes he appears. We always look up to him and sometimes get the chance to talk to his painting. I talked to him once. He was very nice. I always thought that, if he had survived and if he had had my age, we would’ve been friends. He never got the chance to grow old and it’s sad. The only time I talked to his painting was on a cold winter night. I was in sixth year and I was in the common room alone, silently crying. I didn’t knew who I was. Was I gay? Was I not? I was confused. And then I heared a voice. It was Cedric’s painting. He asked if I was okay. We talked all night. He gave me a bit of his courage really.

« Teddy! » James Sirius said, making realise I was still siting in the Great hall.

« Sorry I was.. I was just… Thinking about Cedric. » I said.

« You want to honour him do you? You want to make him proud? » James asked.

I nodded. He was someone I always looked up too.

« I think it would be a great way to honour him. » He smiled.

« You think so? »

« I do. Dumbledore said it would be safer and less competitve, a way to celebrate.. I think It would be great. » he said.

I hugged him and smiled. Cedric deserved to be honoured. He was the hufflepuff hero afterall.


i’m super excited for my art show coming up in 2 weeks, but none of the 4-5 pieces i’ll be submitting are done (and the deadline is this week aghhh), so with that and trying to battle the ap homework gods it’s been pretty stressful

this is why i’m taking a break from managing this studyblr until my art show had passed! if anyone wants to see pictures of the event when it comes, please let me know :) see you all in 2 weeks!

anonymous asked:

BUT THERE IS A LOT OF PEOPLE WHO LOVE YOU AND YOUR ART!!! please don’t stop posting. whenever I get notified that you posted a drawing or something i get so excited

But I rarely hear from those people. I only hear the negatively. The interactions and feedback I get in this site actively makes me dislike creating art and taking breaks is something I think helps.

Being a swiftie is the best thing that has literally ever happened to me.

I first started loving Taylor back when Tim McGraw was her single and have been on Taylor’s side ever since. I’m proud to say and honestly say that when things got rough I never left. I have never believed once in what the media would ever have to say about Taylor because I had knew her better then what the media tried to paint her as. I cannot stand when people wanna say bad things about her when I see anybody post bad stuff about her I always go straight to the defense and try to educate people on the truth instead of letting them believe in a lie that the media decided to post. I never regret doing any of this. I even stayed when Taylor took a break. When so many “fans” left I stayed. I. Did post a lot about how much I missed Tay and her music but I was excited to for when she came back on her terms and couldn’t wait to hear new music. I absolutely never believe anything anyone says unless it comes directly from Taylor herself, Taylor Nation, or her label. No I have never been invited to any cool events but that’s ok because weather I do one day or don’t I’m still going to be loving Taylor and supporting her just as much as I ever did. Taylor has got me through so much in the past 11 years all due to her music. Thank you Taylor for being the best part of my 11 years with you. It’s because of your music that I have been able to make friendships all over the world! I love you and thank you so incredibly much! @taylorswift @taylornation

Someone: what does the REP on your sweater mean?

Friends: no

Mom: don’t…

Jesus: here we go…



she’s a handsome woman // panic! at the disco

  • Bernard and Bianca Go to Australia: The Rescuers 2
  • Jafar Comes Back as a Genie: Aladdin 2
  • Belle Makes Christmas: Beauty and the Beast 2
  • Pocahontas Goes to England: Pocahontas 2
  • Simba Has a Daughter: The Lion King 2
  • Max Goes to College: A Goofy Movie 2
  • Ariel Also Has a Daughter: The Little Mermaid 2
  • Scamp Gets Lost: Lady and the Tramp 2
  • The Mice Tell Some Stories: Cinderella 2
  • Quasimodo Gets a Girlfriend: The Hunchback of Notre Dame 2
  • Patch Goes on a TV Show: 101 Dalmatians 2
  • Kida Has to Fix a Staff or Something: Atlantis 2
  • Mulan Helps the Emperor: Mulan 2
  • Tarzan Has an Identity Crisis: Tarzan 2
  • Stitch Has a Glitch: Lilo & Stitch 2
  • Kronk Has a Disapproving Father: The Emperor’s New Groove 2
  • Kenai Also Gets a Girlfriend: Brother Bear 2
  • Copper Joins a Band: The Fox and the Hound 2
  • Elsa Freezes Some More Stuff Maybe: Frozen 2

also after the philly show tonight i just want to say a big fuck you to everyone who says “”harry isn’t doing enough” or “that isn’t activism” or claim that we’re praising him too much when it comes to harry holding up the pride flags at his shows, or the trans flags now as well (or any other flag he may choose to wave. i saw a few bi flags there tonight as well). never in my life have i been to a concert where i felt just so universally accepted by everyone there for being queer, both by harry and his band and also by all the fans. when the mini pride flags were being handed out for the project, everyone was so excited to take a flag and thought it was amazing. i saw huge genuine smiles break out on peoples faces. we were sitting on the streets with mini pride flags out all day and no one questioned it. everyone felt free to be open without a worry. do yall know how meaningful that is to me?? people on the street even smiled at it. i saw at least 6 pride flags, big ones, on the line and in the front of general admission. one girl had a pride flag with “treat people with kindness” on it and held it up for harry to see. i walked around with a mini pride flag hanging out of my pant pocket all day, walking up and down the town and i had no concern about it?? i wasn’t scared of what was going to happen, i felt empowered and like i could truly just exist unapologetically as a queer person that day. the event staff took pride flags as well and had them in their pockets. harry was so clearly moved by the fan project to hold up the mini pride flags during sign of the times - i saw him turn to adam beforehand and just whisper ‘wow’ when he noticed. my point is, harry has created the environment in which all of that can happen!! harry created this space where fans can truly just be themselves without a worry and that is so liberating to have?? it matters that he holds the pride flag up so proudly. it matters that he made it a point to bring a pride flag out after it had been wrongfully confiscated. people are getting arrested for daring to bring a pride flag to concerts in other countries right now. so don’t yall dare act like what harry has been doing isn’t important or isn’t a form of it’s own activism and it’s incredible. do you know how moved i was that just… no one cared about people being queer in that room?? everyone walked out of that concert with their flags held high instead of shoving them into their bags and hiding them bc they were afraid to be themselves outside of that room. i saw people empowered to just truly be themselves, maybe for the first time in their lives. i waved the flag out my window as we drove out and people who weren’t able to get a mini pride flag for the project were saddened when there weren’t anymore. yall gotta stop acting like this isn’t some of the most fucking important shit harry has done. creating that strong of a safe space for his fans is an incredible thing he’s done so when yall say “he’s not doing enough” where exactly is he not doing enough??? pull your head out of you ass.

congrats ethan!!

so, it seems as though our favorite blue boy, @crankgameplays , has just hit half a million subscribers, and i am beyond proud of him.

(of course i was too excited and clumsy to catch the counter going from 499,999 to 500,000, but i got this instead!)

despite what everyone says, ethan puts out original, funny content, and is not only a hilarious personality, but a truly good person as well. i am looking forward to the new content following the break, and i can’t wait to continue watching ethan develop as a creator and as a person. so congrats @crankgameplays !! here’s to 500,000 subscribers, and many many more.

to celebrate, i compiled some of my favorite gifs of the loudest of blue boys.

[10.20.17] social studies notes ✧ semester break is near and i’m so excited! i can’t wait to sleep without feeling guilty lol :-)

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everybody listen to Once on This Island RIGHT NOW!!!!

consider this: eddie dressing up as richie for halloween

  • he claims it’s because it was the “scariest” thing he could think of
  • it’s actually almost just an excuse to be able to wear some of the clothes he’s stolen from the times richie stayed over at his house
  • he totally rocks the oversized hawaiin print shirt
  • (and richie can’t be even be mad at him for upstaging his own self like this bc he thinks eddie in his clothes is the cutest thing ever)
  • eddie doing the whole “cute cute cute!” thing to richie and pinching his cheeks, basically just being a revengeful little shit? 10/10
  • going off the headcanon eddie keeps an extra pair of glasses for richie on hand, he’d have those too for The Look
  • spends the whole night saying stuff like “i’m richie and here’s another badly timed dick joke hurrduurrr”
  • richie on the side being like “damn he’s good.”
  • (“gee eddie, you’re so good at this, you almost know me a little too well. starting to think you’re obsessed.” - “shut UP richie.” - “told you guys i could get him to break character! stan you owe me 5 bucks.”)
  • by the end of the night the rest of the losers decide one richie is ENOUGH and make eddie promise to never do it again.