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Day 17: Graceful

“Say hup, it helps!”

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I know it’s a completely uncertain possibility but what would happen if Joker found out Harley’s cheating on him?

This is actually a really fascinating topic to think about, in short i agree with you no I don’t think they ever would really cheat on each other but it’s really interesting to speculate. That would be like the ultimate betrayal and Joker above all else really likes values loyalty and is very possessive. This topic came up a bit ago where I sorta ranted because I got so excited over the subject lol if you’d like to check those out here here here here  to start out, let me know if those answer your question and if you want more don’t hesitate to ask

im so excited to finally be incredibly comfortable in a two piece!!! i had become extremely unhealthy but today i found out i had lost 10 pounds and i’m so happy with myself physically and mentally!! this is hella corny but i love myself so much right now and im just geniuely excited

Okay so basically I want to say something about this but I’ve been instructed not to say anything on fb for a month so you all get to hear it instead.

My most favorite cousin, who is also my oldest cousin, has had a rough as shit life (but she can blame no one but herself) so after a series of shitty boyfriends, including one that forced a miscarriage on her, and also after getting a lap band she found herself a new boyfriend. They’ve been together forEVER I think longer than pat and I have been and they moved in together a few years back. Well she hates where she lives and has been talking about moving for years

Well yesterday she texted me to say her and her hubby got a HOUSSSEEE!!!!!! And it’s 20 mins away in a town I drive through every single week I’m SO EXCITED FOR HER I COULD CRY I LEGIT SCREAMED WHEN SHE TOLD ME!!!!! I’m so happy for her oh my gaaaaaawwwwwd

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wait where are the board game pictures from?? have they already announced it!! i’m so excited ahh

me too!!

they haven’t actually officially announced it, though Dan did refer to it as ‘the thing’ in his recent liveshow and said that the video with Hazel and Tom would be uploaded soon 

as for the pictures i found them here (on Amazon), and i heard a rumour that they are set to release it on the 19th October but i’m not 100% sure that that’s true

hope this helps!!

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hey so it's that nervous freshman trumpet from earlier... Our competition went super well! We actually were the grand champions a second year in a row in that competition which I found completely unbelievable! Sadly it was our last competition of the season and I'm gonna miss this.... I can't wait a whole school year to go back to marching ;-;

yeah, unfortunately all good things must come to an end. but, think about this. when you are doing concert stuff you’ll get so excited about marching band, that you’ll be even happier when it starts up again next year!

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My cousin recently found out she’s pregnant with identical triplets, like whhaaat I’m so excited omg😍😍😍 3 babies ahhhh

Awww wow! Congrats to her 💖👶🏼


so I might or might not have found Dan and Phil’s old apartment for rent

yes mom I’m a stalker sorry I’m not making you proud

bonus: the floorplan no one ever understood


Tv show aesthetic: Invader Zim

“You have to observe what these… Earthenoids consider to be… normal. Then, based on your observations, we make our disguises… and our home.“

“I came to America when I was six years old. Mom said she brought us here so that we’d have opportunities in life. She said that back in the Bahamas, it’s only the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots.’ She wanted us to have more choices. But I don’t think she fully understood how things work here. She was a news reporter back in the Bahamas. But the only job she could get here was taking care of oldpeople. My dad could only work construction. We moved to four different states just so they could find work. They always told me, ‘Just study hard in school and everything will work out fine.’ So that was my plan. I got all A’s up until the 11th grade– except for one B in math. My goal was to get top twenty in my class, then go to college, then get a degree, and then get a job. I realized the truth my senior year. My guidance counselor told me I couldn’t get a loan. I couldn’t get financial aid. Even if I could find a way to pay for school, I probably couldn’t get a job. I felt so mad at everyone. There were some kids who completely slacked off in school, but even they were going to college. I started having panic attacks. My dad told me not to worry. He called me a ‘doubting Peter.’ He invited all his friends over to a fish fry to help raise money. And he did get $3,000. But that wasn’t enough. So I searched really hard on the Internet and found the scholarship. My mom was so excited when I got it. They’re paying for me to go to Queens College. Now my mom’s really scared again because DACA got revoked. She’s crying all the time at work. I try to tell her that no matter what happens, we’re not going to die. We just might have to start over.”


Bravo, casting directors of Good Omens

Reblog if you read The Property of Hate

I’m genuinely curious as to how far our little Tellyhead comic fandom goes!

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*slams table* sEASON 4 HEADCANONS also ily <3

happy season 4 guys!!!

  • coran still calls allura “keith” sometimes even though keith’s back
  • lance, to his friends: “ew ur gross” lance, to someone he met literally two minutes ago: “-and keith was like ‘clang clang!’ and then pidge-”
    • he loves his friends
  • pidge: “*hacker voice* i’m in” matt: “…i don’t think you’re supposed to say ‘hacker voi-’”
  • if allura gets really excited she’ll start shedding little blue sparkles
  • hunk was that kid who would mash the attack button playing video games and essentially applies the same logic to his bayard now
  • during his time with the blade the others text keith updates and keith is. confused
    • hunk: “we miss you!!!! also pidge found her brother!!!! and lance can milk a cow???”
    • allura: “milk is… disgusting”
    • pidge: “apparently allura’s you now lol”
    • lance: “are you watching our shows? they’re so cool!!!” lance, days later: “wait nvm coran had a brain worm that was trying to kill us”
    • keith: “what”
  • lance: “any final requests?” galra guy: “yeah undo the cuffs and let me go” lance, turning to shiro: “…should we let him-” shiro: “no we’re not letting him go”

These are the moments of newfound hope, extreme joy, intense passion, wishful thinking, and in some cases, unthinkable letdown.    - T. S.

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