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So I just now found out, and decided to make a post about it for other people that also don’t know. About a month (apparently longer lmao oops) ago Fiction Press released its official app for for both Apple and Android. My first thought was “YES” followed by “it’s probably just as ugly and bad like the website.” well I was WRONG. And I am here to tell you about it under the cut.

Okay so this here is the first thing that pops up once you log in (scream, finally a fan fiction reader I can actually connect to my account.) I was surprised, it looks sleek. “Sure it’s pretty,but what about navigation?” You say. “WELL,” I reply, with the look of someone utterly satisfied with the subject of this conversation. 

So first you can click on the magnifying glass and this search screen will pop up. Search history appears right below it. This is interesting because later I searched a user and it displayed this way (for the sake of this we’ll pretend I searched my profile)

User: bluedragon03

Story: dragonslayers

I thought that was a nice touch, adding what you were searching. I don’t really recommend using this unless you’re searching a specific title, because much like on desktop, when I searched “dragonslayer” anything with the word in the title, descripton, or character list came up. It did, however, work to search for my profile.

This is the mobile app version of the traditional Category pick, click the read icon to get here. The screen you go to is listing every category by number of works archived, but click on a letter to look for something or scroll through the top listing to switch category. Also click the three parallel lines at the top of the screen to get a different version of the category listing. 

Now lets say we searched a person (me)

This scrolls all the way to the bottom of my profile, and to look at my stories and favorites and things like that you click the link at the top! There are also docs features where you can write on the app if you want! The image manager can be accessed and images uploaded, and according to the twitter mobile publication is in beta, so maybe soon we’ll be able to publish from mobile! How convenient would that be?!

These are what the doc and image managers look like! And guess what! You can download fics!!! I mean, could it be any better??!! (It’s worth mentioning that story covers are turned off by default, so they all show the same picture. You can turn the cover feature on if you want, but before you do the app will warn you that this consumes a lot of band-width, or whatever.) I Haven’t checked out that “friends” thing yet, so I can’t really tell you anything about it. 

Navigation for searching communities and forums are the same as searching the story. 

And that concludes my review!! I hope it was helpful! All my dreams have come true!

Some blushy Pittoos for you fantastic followers (I’m not too sure how many of you also like Pit) just to say thanks for sticking with me till now! I’ve gotten some new followers too, and I really appreciate those who go through my entire blog to give a like to everything… it.. it really means a lot that you like my stuff!

FE8 Week, Day 5: Ruled

“When Joshua returned to Jehanna, he took Natasha as his bride and claimed the throne as its rightful heir. Natasha was the perfect companion, and together, they carried the mighty desert nation to great glory.”


The story of Skye’s birth, as told by her parents


BOOKS READ IN 2016: The Girl from Everywhere by Heidi Heilig

Flecks of foam washed our feet. Words came to mind and then melted away like spun sugar on my tongue. Last night, there had been so much to say, but tomorrow had become today, and everything was different.


I just found out that a new pregnancy center is opening in my city, RIGHT NEXT TO the Planned Parenthood abortion facility.

They’re offering free/low cost services including pregnancy tests, sonograms, STD testing, and most exciting of all, ABORTION PILL REVERSAL!

This means that if I’m sidewalk counseling and I talk to someone who wants help, I can walk with her over to the pregnancy center and make sure she gets the help she needs. It also means that if I talk to someone who just took the abortion pill and regrets it, I can walk her over to the clinic and they can try to save her baby.

This is a sidewalk counselor’s dream come true. I’ve known abortion facilities to close down when a pregnancy center is operating next door, because they can’t beat the competition.

Please pray for this new center as they get ready to open, and pray that the Planned Parenthood would shut down for good.


It was an ordinary day. I came home from school, and I realized I had mail. Then I realized my Thespian magazine, Dramatics, had come, and Lin was on the cover of it. I turned to the section that featured him to realize that our man, Howard Sherman, (I know, right?!) had written the article. And then it was a beautiful day.

Bamon feels

For some reason I have to go back to season one and remember how I fell for bamon. There was an excited little witch, so full of life and curiosity. She had just found out that she was a witch and could do stuff, like float feathers and get weird feelings touching things. She wanted to learn it all. She had a premonition of the arrival of something dark in Mystic Falls, or better someone dark. And there he was the older, danger, sexy guy, that arrogant prick that came out of nowhere and wanted to experience once again a sickening trio with his brother and the doppelganger. He’d always get his way, doing malicious things to achieve his means and no one stood in his way. Well almost no one. Bonnie was the only one that didn’t accept Damon’s ways. She, unlike all the others, did never say, “well that’s Damon that’s how his brain works”. Instead of that she stood her ground and even though she didn’t have, full powers back then and was practically helpless, she stood in front of him and judged his behavior. It was like I don’t care that the others accept your crappy character, I will not take it for granted, I will judge you, I will expect from you to be as decent as I stand here in front of you. And through all his years of living, he stood there amused, surprised, perplexed by this little girl that was naive enough to stand in his way. She didn’t even know how fragile she was and that amused him, even more. But he also respected her because she was true to her morals and wasn’t afraid to stand in front of the big bad wolf, that was himself, and argue with him. That’s why when he hurt her, he needed to make things right again and asked for truce. And approach her, because deep down he needed her to know that he didn’t want to hurt her. The years went by she kept judging him, he kept teasing her. They shared some unique moments. Until they had to spend time alone. Just the two of them, In another freaking dimension. And they were just two people, Damon and Bonnie sitting at the edge of the world. Things that got buried after their initial meetings, resurfaced, they got to meet each other in a more profound way, they never met no one ever before, because let’s face it, when you are stranded with only one person for months in another dimension, you eventually strip down (mentally) and reveal yourself. (And no Kai doesn’t count as a third person he was like a ghost for months). So they developed a much stronger connection between them. They both grew older. And they have something lying beneath so strong and powerful but it’s still hiding behind insults, jokes, banter, infernal chemistry, friendship,protectiveness, loyalty. That thing being true love.

ramblings by yours trully nansoula, xo xo

so I just found out a new scifi superhero series has started and it’s called Cleverman. but guess what. it has.


the protagonist is a young aborigional man. like do you understand what a big fucking deal that is? its an australian scifi series starring a bunch of indigenous australians. not only that, but they are standing up for the rights of beings called ‘subhumans’ who are apparantly being systematically removed from their homes and opressed and abused. which is exactly what was done to aborigionals.

and aside from that it actually just looks really fucking entertaining and good production value? so?

so yeah everyone should totallt watch this show

I want Shitty to be the last one to learn about Jack and Bitty.

Like everyone just got so excited and forgot to tell him when they found out. And then they just assumed somebody must have told him by now so nobody says anything.

Then it comes up in casual conversation and Shitty flips out and everyone is just “we thought you knew???”


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Are you telling me Alolan Exeggutor is so tall its head is cut off the top of the evolution screen