so excited im gonna puke

R I V A L R I E S 

Huang Zitao is the pretty son of a lord, Jongin is perhaps a little in love, Sehun a lot, and Zitao holds the chains of their hearts.

The Four Great Houses had once ruled, prospered in their trades, their greatest desires laid out on a platter for them to divulge in. Yet peace was ripped from them, falling apart seam by seam until threadbare, bringing down one of the greatest dynasties their world had seen. Centuries on, grudges still hold strong, cities falling to violence and disease, damning themselves to early graves. Rebellions brew, teetering on the edge of disaster and bad blood between a young King and a should-be King comes to a tipping point, leaving a trail for streets to run red and a chance for those to prove their worth.

For me and Tiara’s new historical/kingdom AU! Get excited guyssss.