so excited i'm gonna scream

I'm a lazy shite, I know

Actually I’m not a lazy shite I’m 12 hours away from home in the sacred land of Canada™ and I’m gonna be there until Monday cause I’m seeing ☆☆☆BASTILLE☆☆☆ *Herald Angel sings*

But only expect small headcanons and nothing really big and B like but!!!! I’m trying!!!! I promise I’m not dead!!! XOXOXOXO LOVE Y'ALL!!!

neurodivergent and neuroatypical headcanons are my jam! lets make some!!!!

freddie has anxiety!!! that’s why she hates being on camera, she hates that she doesn’t have control over how she’s being perceived because that’s something she obsesses over a lot.

balth has adhd!!! he got into music because he could never sit still but music is something he can focus on. but he is still always hyperaware of whenever anyone is displeased and feels the need to soothe such situations because they stress him out.

ben is autistic! he has trouble coping with change and often fails to recognize social boundaries. but still he has super rad special interests that he can talk about for days.

unpopular opinion i think but… to me, solo!Liam is mostly 1DHQ-driven.

since they started talking about a break it’s been pushed rather agressively, starting with that Attitude cover, which was massively promoted in the UK tabloids. bc of its crap official-narrative-following content for sure, but it was also a way of singling him out from the band &raising his profile, now that i think of it in retrospect. he’s often featured on his own on their stylist’s insta, the others don’t. him writing a song for another of M!M’s bands. the Hideaway snippet released by Julian featuring mostly him. that itw of his parents on print, like wtf ?! &that itw conveniently mentioning him working on solo stuff… and now a Saintsbury’s (1DHQ’s fave place for Liam) solo stroll on the first day of the break ? &that Juicy J tweet on the same day ? (once again : them on break =/= them free of 1DHQ yet) + the numerous similarities with Zayn’s narrative that have been pointed out by people before.

so if we get something soon (&i kinda feel like we will), pretty sure that something will just put more $$ in Cowell’s pockets.