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“I have seen her. Walking across the courtyard from her first class this morning, her expression thoughtful, her book bag casually thrown over her shoulder. I had seen photographs, of course; I knew she wore clunky glasses and her hair in a youthful dreadlock style, that her clothes would be dynamic and colorful. I knew she would be 1.63 meters tall, that she would weigh 50kg, that she was coming away from a neurobiology class; I knew what to expect…But I was not prepared for her insouciant manner, the way she squinted and smiled up at the gathering rainclouds, aware of the gray weather in a way that the other students missed, immersed in their phones or conversations. I did not think she would kick at a pile of leaves. She walks loosely, comfortable in her skin, her face as open and expressive as Ms Hendrix’s is closed.” - from the diary of Dr. Delphine Cormier.

SPACE ROSE 💫🌹 The Last Jedi

I was so happy when Kelly Marie Tran was cast in Star Wars, and Rose is by far the character I’m most excited to meet!!


🖤 Sweet, Sweet Madness 🖤 pages 01 to 08

In the “Welcome to the Madness” manga, Yuri references the fact that he bought his WttM outfit while he and Otabek were shopping in Barcelona together. this is a short, fluffy, comic about that time.

HEY!!! (O     w O) i figured since page 9 will finally be coming out tomorrow I’d post the first 8 pages all together for once!!! it’s been so long since i was able to work on it!!! OMGGGG~!!! i’m so scared of the inevitable style change!!! but i’m going to do my best!!!! (>   w <) hehe! Clip Studio is still pretty mysterious to me, but it’s letting me try some fun new things! and the new tablet means my lines will be… a bit different! but i hope that wont stop anyone from enjoying the last few pages! Thank you so much to everyone for the patience while i waited to get, and then adapted to, my new drawing tablet!!! you are all the best!!! MUCH LOVE!!! *HUGS* <3 <3 <3

Reactions to the Assassin's Robe (JP)
Noctis, Prompto, Ignis, Gladio
Reactions to the Assassin's Robe (JP)


Noctis: Oh damn, I’m really looking like an assassin!

Prompto: We’re totally like assassins now!

Ignis: This outfit is… quite revealing.

Gladiolus: Not bad, huh?

Ignis: I feel embarrassed, though. *pushes glasses*