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robert sugden arrives home to emmerdale in a whirlwind of magic and arrogance, determined to become head of the sugden family. aaron doesn’t exactly expect robert to make him feel the way he does from the moment he arrives, curious, and excited - and magicial

after years of letting his magic go dormant and unused, aaron is swept up in the wonderful world of robert the great and powerful.

otherwise known as the magic au i won’t stop talking about. 

“What’s everyone so fussed about today?” Aaron asked as he strolled into the pub. The atmosphere in the village had been odd all day long, the air practically crackling with anticipation.

Anticipation for what, he didn’t know. It had felt like just another day in Emmerdale when he’d woken up, but judging by the look on his mother’s face, that was clearly wrong assumption to have made.

“It’s that Sugden lot.” Chas slammed a pint down in front of him, looking flustered. “Diane and Victoria have taken off, leaving me completely in the lurch. I’ve been rushed off my feet all afternoon!”

“Why?” Aaron settled himself at the bar, curious. The Sugden’s were the most powerful magical family in the village, and when something was up with them, they’d definitely cause havoc.

He still laughed about the time Victoria had found out Adam had slept with Vanessa, and she’d turned every single piece of clothing Adam owned into dust. It was funnier for him, he supposed - but it only went to prove how mad things could get around these parts when a Sugden started to hold a grudge.

“Robert’s back, apparently.” Chas sighed, leaning over so she could speak quietly, clearly not wanting to be hear. “You know how Andy’s been acting as head of the family, since their father died? Well, it should have been Robert, but he left, and now he’s back and determined to ruin everyone’s life.”

Aaron raised an eyebrow, his pint halfway to his mouth. “Bit dramatic, mum.”

He didn’t know much about the mysterious Sugden brother. He’d left the village long before Aaron had arrived, and Victoria didn’t talk about him much, only mentioning him and the apparently exciting life he led every now and then.

“He’s dangerous, Aaron.” Chas warned. “Stay away from him.”

“I’ve not met him yet, calm down!”

Before their conversation could continue, Aaron felt something in the air change, as though the atmosphere had just been charged with electricity. Looking up, he noticed an unfamiliar blonde man walk through from the back room, closely followed by Victoria and Andy.

Robert, he assumed.

He couldn’t help but notice how stupidly gorgeous Robert was, all blonde hair and freckles, wearing a tight fitting suit that only served to accentuate every good looking thing about his body.

It was more than that, though.

Robert carried himself in a way that made you think he was powerful. Andy didn’t exactly give off the impression of being the head of a magical family, but Robert, standing in the middle of a country pub, looked completely powerful, and in control, like he was the one in charge.

Aww, thank you so much! And anytime. ~Mod Medli

Sidon: Pregnant S/O

-Sidon doesn’t make it a whole public deal unless someone comes out to him and s/o and talks to him about it, then he goes on and on about how excited he is.

-Always makes sure s/o has enough to help them if they’re not feeling too well

-Sidon asks a lot of questions about the baby and how they’re doing too.

-When he first got the news, he was so. excited.

“Wait, dearest, you’re- you’re… wow! Wow!! I cannot even begin to express my joy, Name!”

-Whenever s/o is in pain, Sidon gets worried, but will give space if needed.

-Super proud… he beams every time he sees s/o

-Definitely can’t hold in tears when the child is born either.

-Like… this kid… is his??? And they’re finally here??? HOly CRAP!

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wait, that peter and judah thing you wrote, is that for ibuzoos upcoming bible novel? because it is absolutely stunning! how do you know so much about the characters already? i am so jealous.

It is, and she’s let me read some snippets, mostly character study outtakes, because I am relentless so I know a few teeny tiny things.

I am SO excited for Absolution I cannot even say it properly.

I cannot believe I may actually be able to make a difference to the nursing curriculum and incorporate eating disorders into the program. There’s been a response from the dean and associate dean. This is actually happening! They are asking me what my “ideal” way of doing this would be! This is so exciting! I cannot even explain how exciting this is!


My Jackie, Me & This Lady THROAM Sweatshirt came in the mail this morning and I literally cried huge Ryden tears.
Thank you so much @sarufish for creating possibly the best Christmas present ever!! You rock, fam!!!

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"Just wait until Jimin smells Yugyeom and Jaebum on Jungkook. When it happens, everything’s going to come crashing down and Jimin’s fantasy world he’s been living in will come crashing down, too~" oh? my god??? i am so excited i cannot wait??? even tho i know all the introspection and story setting are needed i can't wait for the drama to start 😭😭😭 for the nitty gritty or at least the beginning of the nitty gritty of their relationship to start 😭🍒

YES you know the drama’s going to get insane! Jimin’s too protective for his own good over someone he has no right to be protective of. And this is the time where Jungkook gets a taste of rebellion and begins to shape his own ideas about the A/B/O hierarchy. The drama will begin shortly~!

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I read one of your posts to request about Naruto and his baby for the first time or taking care of her/him! Hehe He is such a precious sunshine ball //ugly sobs// So is it possible if i request them now? :D

OK SIT DOWN BOYS AND GIRL BC THIS IS MY BABY’S BABY AND Y’ALL ARE GONNA WANNA BE SEATED FOR THIS CUTENESS. Also, I fully believe Naruto would have a daughter as his first child, Sorry Boruto. 

Originally posted by shiroiraiha

  • Naruto would literally give the entire world to his daughter; when it comes to her, the word ‘no’ does not exist whatsoever. She’s his little princess and he will do whatever he has to in order to make sure that she is safe and happy. In his eyes, this little baby girl is the most perfect thing that he has ever seen, and she always needs to be provided for. She becomes the reason that he wakes up everyday; she’s just absolutely everything to him.
  • He was so excited for a baby- absolutely ecstatic. Even if she wasn’t planned, I cannot see him being unhappy or angry. ‘Course he might be a bit nervous, but other than that’s he’s pretty pumped to have a mini him.
  • Definitely tried to use shadow clones to take care of his daughter, but it freaked his little one out, because she had no idea what was going on, because there was five of them all around her, and it was just too much for her to process at such a young age. So needless to say, he doesn’t use it anymore. Doesn’t matter really though, Naruto would rather be the sole one taking care of her. 
  • Omg, he absolutely died when he saw her first smile and her first laugh. He just melted, because she’s just so gosh darn cute, and she’s his, and lordy he was just a mess. Baby giggles could literally end Naruto Uzumaki.
  • After being resurrected, he again died when her first word was “Dada.” Naruto’s poor little heart goes into overload because of all these cute little things that his baby does. Someone please save him. 
  • Naruto is all for getting her messy with different sensory things. Like he doesn’t care if she gets paint all over her, or anything like that; it’s so easy for him to just bring her in the tub with him that it doesn’t matter if she’s covered head to toe in yellow paint and noodles. He wants her to experience fun things like that, and because of that, she’s a very sensory advanced child; always on of the first ones to try something new. Fearless little munchkin.
  • His daughter is such an attachment baby; it’s actually awful how attached she is to those around her, but Naruto absolutely loves it, honestly. He just likes knowing that even though she’s a baby; she cares about those around her, and it just makes him a proud daddy. Plus, he’s honestly not that surprised that she’s an attachment baby, because he gets pretty attached, so it just wasn’t a big shocker to him. 
    • But man, she’s especially bad with Naruto; such a daddy’s girl. For a good portion of her infancy, Naruto literally could not put her down, because she’d cry out until he picked her up again. He does not believe in letting them cry it out. Nope, not at all. Not Naruto Uzumaki. Over the months, he just became really, really, REALLY good at doing everything with one hand, because he had to hold her in the other. 
    • It definitely became better as she got closer to a year and became more mobile, though. She crawls through the house and follows Naruto wherever he goes, and if he’s sitting or lying down, you better believe that she’s going to crawl into his lap or cuddle next to him. She’s gets better the older she gets, but still she’s most definitely an attachment baby. Don’t dare try to take her away from Naruto, she will legitimately have a panic attack; she has some separation anxiety and just gets scared that she won’t get to be with her dad again. ‘Course Naruto would never allow that, but still, baby fears are very real.  
  • Bless his little heart, but he cannot stand seeing his little girl cry; rips him right in two. It’s one of the worst sounds in the entire world to him, and it’s not even that it annoys him, he just hates knowing that there’s something that’s causing his little girl to cry. 
  • Cosleeper, no doubt about that. 
  • You best believe her first real food was ramen; Naruto took her to Ichiraku’s and got her her first bowl, and it was so cute, because Teuchi got her a teeny tiny bowl and made sure that everything was bite size and not too hot and made it just like Naruto likes it, and bless his heart. 
  • Usually will ask Iruka to baby sit, because he trusts Iruka the most with his little one, because it was Iruka who took care of him, so he believes in Iruka more than anyone else.
    • He believes in Kakashi too, but he doesn’t want his baby around a dude who might forget to feed her bc he’s too busy reading icha icha. Getchu shit together Kakashi.
  • Naruto’s baby girl has such a strange relationship with Sasuke and it’s difficult to describe. Even Naruto kinda has a strange thing with Sasuke and his daughter, because his daughter is absolutely everything, and even though Sasuke is his best friend, he does not have a clean slate. Part of him wants Sasuke to be a part of her life, but he also doesn’t want his daughter to be around such a tainted person, and this caused Naruto to choose someone else as his daughter’s godfather; Sasuke just wasn’t the type of person he wanted his daughter to be cared for by if something ever happened to him. It’s just a bit weird for a while after she was born, because Sasuke isn’t baby-oriented at all, and Naruto’s completely absorbed in his daughter, and so they aren’t synced in that aspect. Of course, if Sasuke has to do something for her, he will, because she’s Naruto’s kid and he cares about her, because of that. It does get better as she gets older, but Sasuke’s still definitely that really distant uncle who will send her cards on her birthday with some little trinket from wherever he is and will show up if someone needs to be roughed up because they hurt her.
    • Surprisingly though, Baby Uzumaki doesn’t have any major issues with Sasuke holding her, which honestly surprised a lot of people, because she was such an attachment baby, and Sasuke’s not always there. She’ll spaz out if Lee tries to hold her, but she’s completely okay with Sasuke holding her. This probably happened, because she can tell that her dad and Sasuke are close, and so if her dad cares this much about him then he’s okay in her book. Though Sasuke’s not the best cuddler, so that’s a bummer for her. 
  • Naruto makes sure that she knows that he loves her more than anything else in the world, and that she’s worth so much. He knows what it’s like that feel like no one loves you and to feel like you don’t matter in the world, and he refuses for his little one go through that. He says he loves her multiple throughout the day and kisses the top of her head or check at least ten times a day. He just loves his daughter and wants her to know that. 
  • Ok so, hear me out on this one- so as a joke Naruto bought a Kakashi plushie, because let’s just pretend that Konoha makes plushies of their Hokages. Anyway, Naruto bought this as a joke and gave it his little girl, because he thought that Kakashi would get a kick outta it when he saw it, but by some work of irony, that Kakashi plushie became one of her attachment items and she carried it around like none other. It’s literally her only lovie and don’t dare take a lovie away from an attachment baby; you’re just asking for a fit by doing that. So now, Naruto’s little girl just constantly carries around a plushie Kakashi and when she was old enough to talk, she’d call it “Kashi-sensei,” and she lowkey has a crush on Kakashi, but only lowkey, and Naruto just refuses to believe that his 1 year old has a crush on anyone and Kakashi’s just like “you did this to yourself, Naruto…”

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You really don't have to draw me anything, I'm so happy that I get to see your lovely art every day anyway, but if you do feel inspired, I adore your fluffy Wincest art! Perhaps Sam doing some research and Dean hanging over his shoulder? Or a Wincest kiss, involving books in some way? I don't know, I got so excited that I cannot even think straight at the moment :D <3

here you go, sweetheart! Dean-went-with-Sam-to-California AU. Dean makes sure his little brother doesn’t starve himself while being too busy nerding away with his nose in a book.

Season 12 Wishlist

Okay so now that the season finale has aired and we have all had at least a little bit of time to think it through, I decided to start this positivity post for Season 12 because I don’t know about you guys but I am SO EXCITED about Season 12 I cannot even begin to describe how excited I am. So I’m writing a wishlist instead which anyone is free to add onto:

1. Castiel gets his emotional arc resolved - This is a big one. As a Cas girl I was left unsatisfied with Castiel’s arc this season, HOWEVER, we KNOW from previous Dabb episodes that he loves to explore Castiel’s emotional story and I have no doubt that this will continue into season 12. Our angel still has a story ahead of him (hopefully ending in the love of a certain green eyed hunter.)

2. SUPERBRITISH - I am not going to stop going on about this. This is my land, My green and (fairly) pleasant land. The British are coming to Supernatural and I cannot stop being excited about it. Can I please have ALL the TFW in London head canons please? From traffic jams and silly accents to discovering the glory that is a bacon roll from Gregs on a Sunday morning whilst suffering a horrendous hangover.

3. Awesome female characters continuing to kick ass - I adored the use of female characters in the finale. They all lived, no one female was a sexy lamp (sadly that role was given to Castiel) and no one got forced into unnecessary make out sessions. The women are smart, sarcastic badass queens who will RULE this show come October, and I for one, cannot wait. 

4. Men of Letters vs Grand Coven - Yes this is a big one and I am hoping is the main story arc going forward into season 12. I want to see more of the Grand Coven of witches and their European battle with the Men of Letters. I am expecting more awesome women kicking ass thanks to this potential storyline.

5. Mother Mary and family time - Mary’s reveal was pretty amazing especially since I think we were all expecting it to just be her ghost or a vision or something, but nope, Mummy Winchester is back on the scene and I can’t even begin to imagine what they are planning to do with this. All I am hoping for is that Mary’s influence will help Dean to accept certain parts of him that he loves to keep repressed (effeminophobia and his bisexuality being the big ones). Mary coming back will hopefully start to truly break down and destroy John Winchester’s toxic influence over his sons. I also really really want her to meet Cas and say the words “Thank you for watching over my son.” YES.

6. Sam gets some distance from Dean, some other friends, maybe a girl, and definitely a dog - I think it is safe to say that Sam isn’t dead. Probably just shot in the arm or leg or something. I want him to be taken to England by Lady T and face the Men of Letters. I hope that they will warm to Sam (and his wonderful moose charms) and that Sam will get to bond with his British companions away from Dean (because Dean always steals the side characters away and bonds with them more than Sam ever does - except for Eileen). Maybe there could even be love in the future for Sam - either by bringing back Eileen or developing a decent and believable relationship between Sam and Lady T (I don’t want her forced into the love interest role, I think she is far too good for that already, but if she becomes a regular throughout the season like Rowena is then potentially a relationship could blossom slowly between them. It could work. I have been hoping for love for Sam for some time now and I can see the potential in this).

7. Lady T is a well developed, fully rounded, likeable character and not a sexy lamp or boring love interest - I already love her. I want to know more about her, her motivations, her back story, how she became a woman of letters, I want her to be a worthy adversary to the Winchesters before becoming a trustworthy ally. I want her to continue to take none of their shit, to put them in their place and therefore earn their respect. I also really want to see her face of with Rowena. That would be awesome. England vs Scotland right there! Potentially I would accept her becoming a love interest to Sam only if it was done right. If it was done in the subtext throughout the season and is only a very very tiny part of the storyline. It would have to be major slow burn. No forced kisses like in CACW (did you guys see that? what the fuck was that?). Only then, would I accept any sort of romantic sub-plot between characters.

8. More screen time for Dean and Cas = DESTIEL - Well obviously. It wouldn’t be a proper supernatural wishlist if it didn’t have Destiel written in big letters somewhere now would it? After all the build up in Season 11 in the subtext I am still convinced that this is going somewhere. The season finale has NOT destroyed my positivity at all. In fact it has only added to it. (come ask me about it if you want more info). At the end of the day, Dean and Cas are going to have to save Sam. This means spending time together trying to FIND Sam in a completely unknown city (hence my excitement over them renting a car and getting stuck on the M25 before ending up lost in somewhere like Surrey… Oh the fanfiction potential! I can practically taste it! I have faith in Dabb to bring us more destiel moments. he has always been good to us.

9. Following on from the above… HUNTER CAS - Dabb brought us the wonderful episode Hunteri Heroci which had Cas try out his hunting skills (and save the day I might add). We know Dabb loves Cas. I have every reason to believe that Cas will get more time as a Hunter. I want him in MOTW episodes. He will be soooo good in MOTW episodes please please PLEASE let this happen! (especially if the MOTW episodes are set in BRITAIN because the boys are still out there dealing with the MOL and the Grand Coven…. I see them dealing with ghosts that are 1000 years old and haunting freaking castles… it will be glorious.)

10. More funny episodes - So this scene: 

(Gif by @cassammydean)

Makes me want more witches doing ridiculous things to the boys. Give me ACTUAL MOOSE SAM WINCHESTER PLEASE! Give me the kind of silly witch stories we have been reading about in fanfics for far too long… come on show, its season 12! What have you got to loose?

11. Beach Episode - This is purely for @elizabethrobertajones. Maybe once they are done in Britain, they’ll head off to the med for a true European beach experience… They’ll be fine as long as they have Cas with them. He speaks all the languages. He can order the cocktails and ice creams. ;-)

Feel free to add onto the wishlist! I would love to know what everyone else is hoping for in the new season!!


Discard immediately after actual chapter consumption.

  • This is 4 panels… of a 35-page chapter. Just let that marinate.
  • Honestly, of all the possible outcomes and expectations I had for the follow up to the rimming scene, this was NOT it. I was expecting more denial from Yashiro, avoidance by Doumeki, Yakuza politicking, maybe some internal strife from both aforementioned parties. Not this. Not them sitting in Doumeki’s apartment, with Doumeki dressed for bed. Like. This is kind of overwhelming me.
  • And they are definitely in Doumeki’s apartment. 1) sparse tatami room that definitely doesn’t exist in Yashiro’s apartment; 2) Doumeki is in casual sleepwear that is sized for his frame, not bursting at the seams like it would be if borrowed from Yashiro. Also, I know Yashiro loves his suits, but he’s not gonna sit around in his own apartment in a musty outfit that has been worn through a car chase, 2 big confrontations, a beat down with a sword, and a combo hit of blowjob and rimming. He’s got standards.
  • I have several questions about Doumeki’s forearms. And by questions, I mean explicit sexual fantasies.
    • For example: what does his bench, and what does he look like dripping from sweat and exertion post-coital I mean what? Huh? Who said that
  • I mentioned Yashiro’s grip on the spoon being….intentionally casual. I mean COME ON, that grip says, “This is definitely precarious and will drop in 2 seconds but I’m not gonna let go so what are you gonna do, punk? Huh? Hold my hand? Airplane this spoon right into your face, goddamn right you’ll hold my hand.” But like, in Yashiro’s way. (per poliyoyo, his grip is likely because he’s holding the spoon with the non-dominant hand, which makes way more sense. However, I enjoy Yashiro calling Doumeki a punk so this stays.) 
  • But really, how gentle are they with each other? Their developing intimacy hit a wall after Yashiro got shot (you know, events then being what they were), but seeing them back in this domestic setting, comfortably inhabiting the space together - it honestly chokes me up.
  • Very interesting how Doumeki grips the spoon with his injured left hand when he’s a righty. Verrrryyyy interesting.
  • Their faces are so close.
  • Their faces. Are so close. They ain’t lookin’ away from each other now, are they?
  • I know these will all be answered in time and I just have to sit on my hands and wait, but:
    • how did they end up here?
    • WHY did Doumeki get casual? I can’t imagine feeling comfortable changing when his Boss is still wearing his work attire, so.
    • What are they eating?
    • What is Yashiro even thinking right now? What is his conclusion to all this? Obviously positive but I’m so excited for the insight.

Y’all I cannot even handle myself right now. Saezuru is my lifeline.