so excited for this series tho

wohoo~ finally painted our boyo Fenrys. quite enjoyed painting him actually. He is last character from the Tog fan arts.  im not gonna pain single characters from this series anymore, but you will see them time to time tho… hope you guys will like it, so many of you were excited to see the finished illustration,

character by @sjmaas

Who’s Ready for a Throwback

If you were a kid growing up during the 2000′s TV era, you might remember Kim Possible.

By far one of my personal favorites as a Disney kid. When I got older I totally forgot this show existed until a friend of mine set Kim’s communicator ringer as their ringtone.

I decided to re-watch the show for background noise and it’s just as good as I remembered it to be, but I noticed something awesome when I got to S2E11.

Episode Spoilers Below!

S2E11 is called The Fearless Ferret, and it starts out with Ron and Kim volunteering to be morale boosters at the hospital where Kim’s mother works. 

Ron volunteers to go liven up a senior citizen named Timothy North, who apparently lives in a giant mansion away from the rest of the city.

And he doesn’t like to be disturbed, as it’s stated he’s sent three volunteers home crying before. He’s also incredibly rude to Ron, telling him to “spread his sunshine on someone who cares”. 

Ron managed to get inside, and discovers a secret of Timothy North’s,

Look familiar yet?

Surprise! Timothy North used to be a masked hero named the Fearless Ferret.

He then proceeds to take Ron under his wing and teaches him how to be the Fearless Ferret.

Rich old dude who used to fight crime in an animal costume at night? Where have I heard that one before…? 

Even though I was a little late to the game, I ended up watching one of the most popular Batman shows, Batman: The Animated Series, when I was older and it quickly got me addicted to superheroes.

That show is incredible, but what was so great about it (other than creating Harley Quinn as a character) was the sequel it got, Batman Beyond.

For anyone who doesn’t know, the premise of Batman Beyond was that Bruce Wayne was an old, old man (I’m talking he really should be lying down in a bed now old), but Batman still lived on.

The guy Bruce Wayne mentors is Terry McGinnis,

What does any of this have to do with Kim Possible? 

Ron Stoppable and Terry McGinnis share the same voice actor, Will Friedle,

And the old man in S2E11, Timothy North,

Is voiced by none other than Adam West, who also happens to be the OG Batman from the 60′s Batman show.

And while I was freaking out about voice actors and how awesome the world is, it got better.

Back to the episode of Kim Possible, while Ron is being mentored by the great Fearless Ferret (much like Terry was mentored by The Batman), Kim finds out that the Fearless Ferret? Not a superhero. 

Turns out it used to be an old TV show, and that Timothy North has been living in a delusion this entire time, actually believing he was the Fearless Ferret in his past.

In Batman: The Animated Series Season 1, there’s an episode called

In this series, The Gray Ghost was every modern day kid’s Superman to young Bruce Wayne; his hero. 

The Gray Ghost had no super powers, just his wits. He was a detective who solved cases on a television show. (In this series, it’s also the movie he watches with his parents just before they’re killed) 

In this episode, the actor who played the Gray Ghost, Simon Trent, is down on his luck (and cash) and ends up with a bitter resentment towards the character he played in his old age, sort of the opposite of Timothy North.

Coincidentally, Simon Trent is ALSO voiced by Adam West!

He ends up helping Batman solve the mystery of The Mad Bomber, a play on one of the villains of the Gray Ghost. 

Timothy North from Kim Possible also had a nemesis come out to play, the White Stripe (an actor who played a skunk villain who also happened to be as delusional as Timothy North).

In the end of BOTH the KP and B:TAS episodes, Adam West’s character ends up at a convention for the characters their characters played.

So! Not only was Will Friedle’s characters both mentored as the 2.0 versions of OG Batmen, there are a TON of easter eggs in the background of the Kim Possible episode. 

Like the Giant Penny in the Ferret Hole that matches the one in the Batcave, the glass protected suits, the sidekick wearing barely anything on their costumes (I’m lookin at your scaly panties, Robin), White Stripe making insufferably incredulous innumerable alliterations, the list goes on.

I haven’t seen the 60′s Batman Show, but a friend of mine said there are more references to it that I missed.

If you haven’t seen either of the animated Batman series, I’d recommend it! (But start with B:TAS, it has a lot of background setting for BB)

(A little bonus is that John DiMaggio, voice of Jake the Dog on Adventure Time and Bender from Futurama is also the voice of the main villain in Kim Possible, Dr. Drakken. He also does a bunch of minor/background character roles for Kim Possible, and so did Tom Kenny and Tara Strong!)

i know some ppl feel like whitestorm’s name is like, too chaotic i guess for him?? bc if ur using a name system, most ppl would put -storm as being a really feisty and probably sharp-tongued cat who was like “a storm”, but tbh.,,,,,,, hes whitestorm. hes fuckin whitestorm. he has one of the coolest names in the whole series and its so iconic, i just CANT change his name to whitecloud or whitepelt or anything else, hes. whitestorm.

Hey fam👋🏼 I’m planning an au right now in class (the same class most of my ideas come from eheheh) and it won’t be out for a while being that’s its gonna be a longggg drabble. But I’m unsure about the characters hmmm. Idk if I should make the boys as characters that correlate more with their personalities or mix it up a bit…just know, it’s coming! (Idk when but most likely within the next three months;;;I know it’s a while but I got other fics) to write too hehehe I’m so busy omg)

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I just wanna say, while season 5 did have some glaring flaws, it’s been a fun ride and I’ve enjoyed this season overall, and I’m glad to have seen it happen. If it weren’t for this new season I probably would never have rewatched this series over again, so for that I’m very grateful. I’m both nervous and excited to see this incredible show end

Basketball Player!Jeno (High School)

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  • A/N: this is my last part of the basketball!au. I specifically waited for Jeno to be last. I’m kinda sad this series is over, but I might start a different sports series. reminder that requests are open!
  • Grade: Freshman
  • Position: 2nd String Small Forward (comes off bench for Jaehyun)
  • Skills: shooting, defense
  • jeno is the youngest player on the team
  • bc of that, he was vvv scared to join the team
  • he was excited tho bc he knew that he’d be able to learn a lot from the upperclassman
  • jeno has been playing basketball for so long that he’s vv confident in his skills
  • which allowed him to be on the varsity team as a freshman
  • bc he is the youngest, everyone has such a soft spot for him
  • like they all want to give him advice and help him
  • everyone loves him
  • like seungjun will share his snacks with him and ten begs him to practice something with him before or after practice
  • sometimes they argue about who he likes best
  • and he just likes to mess with them by changing his answer every time a new argument starts
  • but he honestly really likes jaehyun bc they play the same position
  • and he looks up to jaehyun so much
  • always partners up with jaehyun during practice
  • they just match up really well together, always pushing each other to work harder
  • jeno loves playing defense
  • he loves offense too, but he’s confident in his defense
  • he is a great shooter, but sometimes his nerves get the best of him and the ball will bounce off the rim
  • but he always makes up for it by blocking shots or stealing the ball
  • jeno is always working to get better
  • he will usually spend up to 30 minutes practicing alone after practice
  • just working on his shooting or ball-handling
  • and yoongi always notices how hard he works and compliments him
  • which originally scared jeno bc the captain can be vvv intimidating
  • jeno’s old teammates from middle school are on the jv team and they always make sure to cheer loudly from the bleachers as they watch
  • sometimes they’ll also start arguments about who is jeno’s best friend
  • everyone wants to be jeno’s favorite
  • he’s just so lovable 
  • but jeno’s real favorite is you
  • you’ve known jeno since 2nd grade
  • you’ve lived next to jeno since then
  • jeno was bouncing a ball on the sidewalk by himself
  • you walked out of your house and asked to play with him
  • and eventually you two became best friends
  • you’d play until it got dark outside almost every night
  • jeno had even taught you how to play basketball (the basics) so that you two could play together
  • and he’d led you win about every other game bc he didn’t want you to hate playing basketball with him
  • you caught on to what he was doing, but didn’t tell him
  • bc he cared enough to let you win
  • you were really close during school too
  • always partnering up with each other for school projects
  • during middle school, you had gone to many of jeno’s basketball games bc you knew how much it meant to him
  • he played better when he saw you there
  • you’d always cheer loudly for him, proud of your best friend
  • jeno was such an impressive player, always working hard to learn new skills to make himself better
  • he never gave up
  • once you got to high school, jeno told you how much he was worried about making varsity
  • “I just really want to make it to varsity”
  • “jeno you will”
  • “but-”
  • “but nothing. you’re like the best player. you’ll make it”
  • after one of the first practices, jeno ran right to your door, waiting for you to answer
  • when you opened the door, you were met with a sweaty jeno, still wearing his practice clothes
  • “I made varsity!”
  • he hugged you tightly
  • “I knew you would!”
  • “you’ll come to my first game right?!?!”
  • “of course!”
  • and jeno gave you a copy of his game schedule a few days later
  • you had looked it over and marked the games you planned to go to
  • which was all the home games a couple of the closer away games
  • on the day of jeno’s first varsity game, he sat in class so nervous
  • his leg was bouncing constantly
  • he wasn’t even eating at lunch
  • he just ran through the main plays in his head, making sure to remember each part of the plays
  • during your biology class together you just tell him that he’ll do great and to not be so nervous
  • you promised to be at the game and to cheer loudly for him
  • which seemed to calm him down for the rest of the class
  • but the next class brought back all the nerves
  • after changing into his uniform, he sat on one of the benches in the locker room, playing with his fingers
  • jaehyun sensed jeno’s nerves quickly
  • jaehyun sat down next to him and told him about his first varsity game last year
  • which just helped jeno calm down as he knew he wasn’t the only one who felt nervous about his first game
  • jaehyun also promised that jeno would play well because he was very talented
  • “just focus on what you know”
  • jeno had finally calmed down by the time the coach came into the locker room to do the pregame talk
  • during warmups, jeno followed the rest of the team as he wasn’t used to their warmup routine
  • when he was just standing around, he looked all around the gym, trying to find your face
  • but he couldn’t find you in the crowd
  • which disappointed him
  • but he focused back on the warmup and the game
  • as the game started with the tipoff, jeno got comfortable on the bench, watching the game move quickly
  • he glanced at one of the entrances of the gym and noticed you walking in and sitting down
  • he immediately smiled and felt comfortable
  • towards the end of the first quarter the coach called his name to sub in for jaehyun
  • his heart raced as he got onto the court and was part of the action of the game
  • he followed the set plays as perfectly as he could and worked hard on defense
  • he had managed to score a couple of points and one blocked shot by the time he was taken out of the game
  • you had cheered loudly for him and he heard you
  • he snuck some glances at you during the game, he loved seeing you smile as you were happy and proud of him
  • by the end of the game, jeno had 6 points, 1 steal, and 2 blocked shots and the team had won
  • jeno was so proud of himself, excited to see were the rest of the season would go
  • the rest of his teammates told him he did great as they walked into the locker room for the post-game talk and to change out of their uniforms
  • jeno changed quickly, not wanting to make you wait too long
  • once he came out of the locker room and saw you sitting by yourself on the bleachers, he smiled and walked up to you
  • he hugged you tightly, making you push him away
  • “you’re all sweaty” you whined making you both laugh
  • “thanks for coming”
  • “I would never miss your first varsity game. great job by the way, no wonder you’re on varsity”
  • jeno blushed and thanked you
  • “let’s go celebrate!”
  • so jeno and you went to a nearby diner and ordered some food
  • you were just happy to be able to spend time with him as the basketball season could get in the way of your hangout time
  • about halfway through the meal, seungjun and youjin walked into the diner
  • “jeno!” seungjun yelled, running up to him and giving him a quick hug
  • “oh.. is this your girlfriend? Hi, I’m jeno’s favorite teammate seungjun”
  • jeno choked on his water as he heard seungun’s question
  • he started coughing and turning red
  • your heart raced as you heard the word girlfriend
  • you’ve liked jeno for a while now, just keeping it to yourself as you didn’t want to ruin your relationship with jeno by sharing your true feelings
  • “seungjun? jeno never said anything about you” you mumble, trying not to laugh at his reaction
  • jeno had told you about the competition to be his favorite and you just wanted to play along
  • seungjun pouted before youjin pulled him off jeno and apologized, taking a table across the diner
  • “I’m sorry about him”
  • “don’t be” you smiled, returning to your meal
  • jeno was surprisingly quiet the rest of dinner
  • you’d started to worry if you did something wrong or if he didn’t feel well
  • while you two walked home, the silence started to bother you
  • “jeno are you okay?”
  • he nodded
  • “don’t lie to me. you’ve been so quiet-”
  • you were cut off by jeno kissing you quickly
  • your eyes widened and jeno quickly apologized, walking faster
  • “jeno.. I like you” you said standing still
  • jeno stopped and turned around
  • “I’ve liked you for so long. I didn’t know you felt the same”
  • “I like you too”
  • you walk up to him and give him a tight hug, a smile on both of your faces
  • you ended up walking back home with your hands interlocked
  • over the next couple of days, you two were closer than before and your classmates noticed
  • gossiping got word around quickly that you two were finally dating and you two didn’t deny it
  • quickly jeno’s teammates found out about it and bothered him about it all practice
  • they all begged for him to introduce you
  • but he kept you away from them as long as he could, not wanting them to influence your relationship
  • but they caught on when they saw you two talking after a game
  • so jaehyun and ten came up and introduced themselves, trying to embarrass jeno
  • but they didn’t really succeed as you’d known jeno way longer than they had
  • after a week, you had gotten pretty close with most of his teammates
  • jeno enjoyed this basketball season more than any other one
  • he had great teammates, done really well in games and practice, and finally had started dating you
  • you were surprised with how flirty jeno could be even after already starting to date
  • he’d randomly tell you cheesy pickup lines
  • he was also pretty touchy, always holding your hand during school and after games
  • jeno had even set more time to spend with you, sometimes ignoring his homework to go on a date
  • when you find out, you force him to finish his work before you hangout
  • so you start going on lots of study dates which actually motivates him more than anything before
  • basketball player jeno is just a vvv flirty and loved guy who loves you so much and plays better with you watching


I didn’t wanted to watch it at the first time. I’ve been a fan of Teen Titans (animated series) and i didn’t wanted to see how they ‘ruin’ one of my favorite series. But one if my friends forced me to watch it with him (he was so excited about it).

The first chapter wasn’t that good for me. I was totally exceptical and prepared to be dissapointed (as usual on DC franchise, not counting Wonder Woman). But i secretly loved Raven, even tho i probably never going to hear the mythical Azarath Metrion Zinthos till the end of the season (i want it so bad). I secretly fell in love with Robin (too cute for this world). And i was ready to be upset about Starfire actress, until i watched her actually being Starfire and she won me.

Then the second chapter i TOTALLY LOVED DOVE (WHY IT HAD TO HAPPEN THAT TO HER(whoever who watch the second an third chapter will understand me)), and i totally hated Hawk (the character, the actor is good actually). And at that point i didn’t care, that was a good fuckin’ live action. Then i unexplainable loved the Nuclear Family, cuz they are so like, idk, weird and psycho. And OMG Beast Boy, so deliciously perfect.

Im losing my point.

TITANS is actually a really good live action tv show series whatever. I thought it was gonna be so lame and disappointing, but it wasn’t, and actually i was pleasantly surprised.

Yeah, theres only been three chapters, but c'mon. Give it some chances.

I think this show has a future. Its brilliant, its dark, its bloody awesome (it has a lot of blood to).

It wasn’t what i was expecting in a good adaptation. But it wasn’t that bad either.

I’ll wait anxiously for the next one. And i cant wait to hear that words.

Azarath Metrion Zinthos

the defenders would be so much more fun to watch if netflix wasn’t so blatantly anti-asian

before I go off, I wanna say I am aware that the marvel netflix universe (and netflix in general) has serious varying issues of anti-blackness and racism across the board but this post will primarily focus on the clear anti-asian racism in the defenders (which in itself is in no way a new observation, but something I wanna talk about)

so, danny blands role as iron fist has been called out for its yellow-face before, but I was bordering on disgust when the scene where luke calls out danny’s privilege happened. while calling out privilege is all well and good on its own, it is completely undermined by the fact that danny is still a white man appropriating asian culture, wearing it like an outfit that supposedly looks better on him than an actual asian person. the privilege call out doesn’t actually address any of this but addresses danny’s lack of empathy as a rich white boy. despite of which, he continues to operate with no real consequences for his ignorance.

then, there’s the hand and their members. 2 of which are of asian ethnicities and the fifth who is a white woman and yes you guessed it. Out of the 5 people leading a syndicate based on Asian history and lore, the WHITE WOMAN is the leader

and before you say “but Elektra killed her!” and yes elodie yung is Cambodian, the fact remains that the overwhelming majority of Asian people who appear on this show (with the exception of colleen) are framed as the antagonists even within the ranks of the hand organisation

which brings me to Elektra… now, I love Elektra dearly and have done since that objectively terrible Jennifer Garner film and was excited when Elodie was cast. But series 2 of daredevil left me quite wary of the way Elektra was being written. s2 of daredevil saw Matt torn between Elektra and Karen and in this scenario Karen whom is white was always portrayed as the delicate innocent girlfriend, while Elektra whom is Cambodian was framed as Matt’s sexy ninja ex who was here to lead him astray. the scenario was so stereotyped, derivative and racist i was stunned to see people Praising s2 in the same way as s1.

the defenders saw elektra’s violent death reversed and even tho that’s nice in its own way, there is something quite insidious about a white woman grooming a woc to be her warrior ninja slave that goes beyond the narrative of the show. especially when much of elektra’s plot barriers in the defenders revolve around Alexandria continuously stripping Elektra of her identity. even when Elektra begins to remember who she is, she is still written as a bad guy.

netflix really gives the “evil asian” trope a workout in this series. the idea that danny bland’s white ass destiny is to protect Asian culture from Asians is utterly ludicrous. the idea that a group of Asian people would allow a white woman to control them and violate their culture is just plain wrong. also, I really wish the netflix marvel universe would stop centering their antagonist’s plots on a white person controlling the mind of a poc, and then flex the ol white saviour trope to get poc out of trouble. lukes stint as killgraves golem was too far in jj, but clearly no one at netflix read the criticisms and learned from their mistakes.

diversity isn’t just about racebending white characters, it isn’t just about casting poc as antagonists and calling it a day. true diversity isn’t performative and it sure as hell isn’t just about giving your white protags a non white love interest or friend to motivate them. it is about authenticity both in the construction of the narrative, behind the scenes and in front of the camera and its past time for netflix to do fkn better than this white feminism bullshit.

I finished this pic of Skelita Calaveras yesterday, but decided to post it today cuz… Día de Muertos ^_^

Also I freakin love Skelita, ever since they introduced her to the Monster High series and in a MH movie, i instantly fell in love with her, and back when I was 12-13 I was so excited to see Mexican representation and in such a pretty way (tho tbh, it was a bit exaggerated in the movie, but the message/info they wanted to show about our culture was nice I guess)

Añkahñsah i LOVE this tradition, even though it is not as celebrated here in Nuevo León as in other states in the south part of México :(, I wish I could go to Ciudad de México or to San Luis with my mother’s family to see all the gorgeous stuff they do ;0;

I am an awkward human being and I have no idea how to start off but I’ll give it a shot. So my name’s Amber, I’m 16 (I’ll be 17 this December), I’m homeschooled, and I live in a small town in southern America and there are tons of cows and old people. It’s veeeery exciting. 🙄😂 Anyways, here are some little things about me:

⭐ I’m literally the biggest art hoe.
⭐ Fall/winter are my favorite seasons (I love the holidays!!)
⭐ I’m really into self care. Lighting candles and taking bubblebaths are my fave.
⭐ I’m really into mental health, and I have an anxiety disorder (that’s why I’m homeschooled, lol)
⭐ I just started watching Steven Universe and omg. The colors and the music and the characters are so cool.
⭐ I like Coldplay, Ella Fitzgerald, random lo-fi hip-hop songs, Zedd, cage the elephant, Dodie Clark, Conan Grey, in love with a ghost, and the soundtrack to Amelie.
⭐ My fave movies: the secret life of Walter Mitty, Hugo, Interstellar, The little prince, song of the sea, Amelie, Coraline, patema inverted, ponyo, and the force awakens.
⭐ I’ll send you memes when you’re sad
⭐ I’m all for video calling once I’m comfortable with you, I’m a bit shy tho haha
⭐ I’m Christian, but It’s totally chill if you’re not (you do you, boo)
⭐ I support LGBTQ+ 🌈
⭐ I’m a feminist ♀
(Jasmine is the best tbh)
⭐ Some shows I like are Dr.Who, that 70s show, Avatar the last Airbender/Legend of Korra, sword art online, Steven Universe, Riverdale (Jughead is adorable honestly), stranger things (I’M SO EXCITED FOR SEASON TWOOO), and a series of unfortunate events.

***Just a little note: if you’re just into sexual things (nudes, sexting, and all that jazz) Then please don’t contact me. I’m only looking for some chill friends lol

Sooo yeah my dudes don’t be afraid to contact me cause I need friends lol

Instagram: SupItsAmbieee
Tumblr: SupItsAmbieee

I can’t wait to meet you ✨

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Eugene’s old love interest is going to show up, and I’m honestly excited! I loved their chemistry on Chuck and I’m interested to see how it plays out in their voices. I wonder what her story will be (fellow thief? Princess? Evil ex?) the possibilities are endless! And Cassandra is probably going to give him so much sh*t about it ;) I wonder how Rapunzel will react (tho a team up between them once they settle their differences (if any) would be awesome)

I hope Stalyan’s not catty. I don’t want a catty woman belittling Rapunzel. I want Rapunzel to be open and friendly and quietly insecure. I want Eugene to take her by the hands and tell her how much he loves her and how little she needs to worry, and for her to just trust him, because that’s how they roll as the best couple ever.


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you know, what's sad when you're playing a prequel is that you already know how things will spiral, especially when the backstory of the original game is depressing

yeah, like, kingdom hearts has done this a lot and every time is its own kind of pain. first we got chain of memory, easily missed cuz it was on the gba at first, explained how Sora ends up from kh1 to where he is in kh2… and also tells us about Namine and the replica program, with Repliku. Repliku never comes up in two… cuz he dies in CoM in a super tragic way, and Namine erases everyone’s memory of the events there.

And then the same thing happens with Days. We know most of the Organization, and Roxas sticks around into kh2, but it explains what they were doing during CoM and while Sora slept for about a year. And then it introduces Xion, who never gets mentioned in 2… cuz she not only dies but gets all memory of her erased and, as a replica like Repliku, doesn’t even leave anything behind.

And THEN we have Birth By Sleep, which we’re told is a prequel, but it takes place only about ten years before kh1. And it introduces two new Keyblade Masters and a whole new trio… who all end up half-dead/lost/possessed by the end and have vanished for a whole decade.

And the biggest kicker yet has been Unchained/X which takes place way way before everything and explains how the first Keyblade War happened, introducing us to a bunch of Foretellers and you get to make your own key-kid… and they all die! All of them! They become the keyblade graveyard you see in bbs!!

like, the escalation of “Doomed From The Start” is so intense in this series!! and yet i’m so excited for kh3 even tho they’ve told us there’s time travel trouble goin on!!! ahhh!!!

speaking of acting tho…………
its about a black witch girl that moves into a new town and she hasn’t gotten her powers yet and i might be playing the best friend who shows her around
im so scared because i don’t want to fuck this up
the guy whos casting has worked on The Walking Dead so im extra nervous because i am not up to par BUT
im stoked
i head out friday to LA and 
this whole experience is so surreal because i never ever thought id become an actor or even try to pursue it

It’s 01:32 in the morning and I’m so fucking excited. I can’t even begin to tell you my excitement right now. I’ve been waiting for this for the long and I’m shaking with excitement. I LOVE SPIDER MAN SO MUCH!!!! I won’t ever have a PS4 cause I can’t afford it. SO, I have to live vicariously through Sean when he plays games. I scream when he screams, I talk back to him during videos, I answer questions when he asked, I laugh with him. I interact with him even tho I know he can’t hear me cause It’s fun! I’m so pumped for this, I don’t think you understand my excitement for this series he is about to release. I’m like over the moon with happiness and excitement. I’ve loved Spider-Man since I was child so this is just so exciting to me.

Sorry for like needing out in you guys but I had to tell you how excited I am. 😆😍😜😂