so excited for this one :d

The Polyhero Rogue set kickstarter is now live! I missed the last one so I’m excited to be getting in on the new set. The kickstarter exclusive is a d3 grappling hook, which is so cool!

I’m particularly excited about the d20 lock! It’s got a spinner inside to tell you your number, really clever.


REQUEST: 9 + 29 with yoongi

EXCERPTS: “we were a mistake?” & “i didn’t know how much i needed you.”

PAIRING: min yoongi x reader

GENRE: broken relationship au, angst





Originally posted by sugaa

Whenever you first entered a relationship with Yoongi, everything seemed perfect. You both loved one another endlessly and would die for the other person. Yet something had changed, whether that be his career, yours, or just both of you not mixing. The one fact you knew that was completely true was that if your relationship was going to continue, both of you had to sacrifice something for the other. If Yoongi had sacrificed as much of you maybe you’d still be hopelessly in love, however now a lot had changed and you no longer felt the spark that once inhabited your stomach.

“Here’s your stuff,” Yoongi mumbled quietly, handing you the last of your belongings. You had offered to move out, being that you knew he needed the apartment due to how close it was located to the dorm and boys. Yoongi let out a small sigh, not knowing how to tell you that he didn’t want you to leave. “Y/N?”

“Yes?” You turned around to face your ex, his expression letting you know everything he couldn’t verbally say. It was something you loved about Yoongi, yet it was the very thing that tore you two apart. You waited patiently for a bit before Yoongi began explaining everything he hadn’t before.

“Please don’t go,” Yoongi breathed softly. You almost scoffed at his words, feeling as if it was the best choice for the two of you to split. You constantly butted heads while living with one another, and you honestly regretted ever agreeing to move in with him; it only led to more problems. If you had waited a bit longer maybe you would still be in the apartment, his arms wrapped around your waist lovingly as you began to prepare breakfast for the two of you. “I didn’t know how much I needed you.”

“Yoongi don’t start this,” you muttered. Yoongi looked at you with pleading eyes, almost begging you to forget everything you had said and return to his arms. You let out a small sigh while glancing over at your best friend who waited at the end of the hallway by the elevator. She didn’t seem too happy, having heard all of your arguments and never liking Yoongi, thinking that he is unworthy of you. “I have to go, and I’m sorry but this is for the best of us. We wouldn’t have worked out, and it was a mistake for even try—“

“We were a mistake?” Yoongi squinted his silky eyes at you, your heart skipping a beat as he misinterpreted your statement. He shook his head while chuckling lightly, in disbelief that you would ever say such a thing. His response only made you even more angry and positive that moving out was the right choice.

“Goodbye Yoongi, if you ever thought that I treated our relationship as if it didn’t matter, than there’s no point in trying to fix it. Have a nice life.”

crystalmir  asked:

Dear Mr. Badge, Since you're so excited by your phone controlled thermostat; did you know they also make lights that can be controlled by your phone? They have both switches and plugs so I guess you could control anything you can plug in. I have one of the plugs and it's really great.

I am about to embark on a journey of discovery with these because none of the lights in my home are currently conveniently situated, and I wish to be able to turn the lamp in the bedroom on before I enter and stub my toe on everything. :D The existence of these just occurred to me, and I am excited to discover what I can do with them! 

But buying some will have to wait until I get paid at the end of the month, which gives me time to research them anyway :D 

A tiny bit of preview of my new Jonsa video! This is an AU where Jon lives in the North as Rhaegar’s bastard, the Stark kids’ cousin, so he has a little different dynamic with Sansa. And when Ned goes off to King’s Landing, he takes him, too. After Ned dies, he and Sansa are stuck in the court, and for both of them, the other is the only one they have left. I started this AU months ago, but I edit it so slowly, bc it’s hard to find a Jon scenes that’s fitting for King’s Landing’s climate :D but this video is coming soon, and I’m so excited!!

(Btw, do you have any Jonsa King’s Landing AU recommendations? I’m dying to read something similar story.)

Scary Movie

#17: “I can’t sleep, can I stay here?”

#10: “I won’t let you.”

Hello! I hope you have a great day :D I’d like to request a fluffy one involving numbers 17 and 10 with Suho from EXO please :) thank you so much in advance!

Thank you for this request @icarano! I hope you like it!! Please let me know if you do, and if not, I’ll do a re-write!

Genre: Fluff

Pairing: Suho x You

By Admin B

Originally posted by irpsychotic

This date had been a long time coming. And despite the fact you were seeing a scary movie, you were pretty excited.

Suho lived one floor above you, but you two had always run into each other around the building - checking your mail, at the gym, taking out your trash. Until finally, one day, Suho had said “Are you following me?” with a very attractive smirk.

You’d giggled and fessed up, telling him you were absolutely following him. You introduced yourselves, talked for a while, and ended up exchanging numbers.

This all happened three months ago.

You weren’t complaining, of course, because you knew you could have asked him out long ago… You were just too shy. Apparently he was, too, so it took you a quarter of a year to finally go on a first date.

Suho had asked you if you wanted to see a movie, and you’d accepted almost immediately, before you even knew which movie you were seeing. When he suggested one of the scary movies which had just come out… Well, you didn’t want to retract your acceptance. So you figured you’d just close your eyes through most of it. And take advantage of the opportunity to hide your face in his shoulder.

So, here you were. Sitting in the theater with popcorn and peanut M&M’s, nervous for the movie to start. You looked over at Suho, your brow furrowed slightly. “I’m probably going to get really scared,” you warned him.

I won’t let you,” he assured you, his expression overflowing with confidence.

But then only five minutes into the movie, you were already grimacing, barely glancing at the screen. And when you snuck a look at Suho to see why he wasn’t comforting you… He was doing the exact same thing.

…If he didn’t like scary movies, then just why were you here?

As you walked out of the theater, your heart still racing, you let out a relieved sigh. “How’d you like it?” you asked, wondering if he would tell the truth or try to look manly.

“It was good,” he replied with a nervous sort of smile.

“Mhm,” you nodded, holding back a laugh. You thought it was cute how he was trying to seem fearless for you.

Suho, ever the gentleman, walked you to your door and wished you a good night. You were tempted to kiss him, but poor guy was already shaken up as it was. You didn’t want to make it worse.

Once your door was closed behind you, you went to go get ready for bed, and about fifteen minutes later, you were snuggled under your covers reading your latest smutty romance novel.

As you turned the page, however, you heard footsteps above you. This was fairly normal, but… the footsteps kept going back and forth. Back and forth. Pausing. Back and forth.

Suho was pacing. Why?

After a few more minutes, you were about to pick up your phone and send him a message asking if he was alright. But then the footsteps ceased. Maybe he’d finally gone to bed.

You tried not to worry too much, but then you heard a knock on your door.

You stepped into your slippers, shuffling to your door and opening it slightly.

“Suho?” you asked curiously. “What’s up?”

“…I can’t sleep, can I stay here?”

As you opened your door wider to let him in, you couldn’t help yourself.  “Y’know… I hate scary movies, too. How about we just go to a museum next time?”

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It's my birthday today and I went to Build-a-Bear for a Beast bear. It'd be adorable if Biker!Bucky went there with Steve, Sam, and your son and daughter. The kids pick out the perfect bear for you, then one each for themselves and Bucky is so sweet and excited to do everything with them. They make uncles Steve and Sam do ones too. When you husband and children gift you the bear, you press onto it and hear their voices say 'We love you'. (1/2)

It makes you so emotional to have such a sweet and caring family that only look overly tough. It’s even cuter because they managed to find a leather jacket for the bear to match the one Bucky had given you when you first started dating. “I have the best family in the world,” you say as you eat cake and ice cream all four of you cuddled together. (2/2)

this is so cute I love it and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! -Gen

Daddy Wednesday™

why will byers fell in love with mike wheeler

It was his black waves poking in every direction, curling out, and Will’s desire to run his hands through them.  Mike’s light freckles scattered out like stars in a midnight sky.  His hot chocolate eyes with long eyelashes blanketed over them. MIke’s big pink lips, all too easy to kiss. Mike Wheeler was all too beautiful.

And then there was the way Mike laughed, light, and looking away so you can’t see his smile and gleam.

And how he folded up the cuffs of his sleeve to doodle on his arms when he was bored, and how by the end of class his whole arm was covered in pen ink.

How Mike loved the snow, let it fall on him, stuck his tongue out to catch the falling ice.

Mike’s tendency to dive in the story during Dungeon’s and Dragons, excitement and emphasis. Will’d be darned if Mike didn’t end up a bestselling author one day.

How Mike kept every single sticker he’s ever gotten in the corner on one of his bedroom wall, for no good reason.

How no matter the weather, he always let Will borrow his jacket. It could be negative twenty degrees, and Mike only in a tee, but he would give it to Will, no doubt. Because Will never wanted anything to do with the one who liked it cold.

And a million other reasons, Mike’s drabbling, loyalty, imagination. Oh, it was all too easy to fall in love with Mike Wheeler.

anonymous asked:

This is weird but years ago I sent u an ask bcas I used to get bullied at school for being nice to everyone and being constantly really friendly (sounds so weird explaining it as an adult lmao). But anyway u were super nice to me and since then I've been diagnosed with autism and I've never ever been apologetic for being kind and excited about everything ever since. You dont have to post this (reading it is making me cringe a bit haha) but just thought I'd let u know ^_^ have a great day!!

OMG…. PLEASE THIS MADE ME SO EMOTIONAL…. first of all it means so much to me that you’d even remember me answering one of your messages like? my heart??? that’s actually so amazing of you? ;__; second of all i can’t BELIEVE anyone would mistreat you i’m so fucking sorry that you had to go through that that’s so literally infuriating… BUT i can’t tell how how happy it makes me that you found the strength to pull through that situation and come out smiling!!! like i can tell from this message alone that you are so sweet, so positive, and so wonderful and i’m glad they could not take that away from you!!!

honestly thank you so much for sending this because hearing that you are so happy and freely being yourself literally put me in SUCH a good mood like this was so amazing to hear you don’t even know. i’m so, SO proud of you for handling things the way that you have- please NEVER be sorry for being yourself, you are absolutely incredible and that type of kindness and excitement is so rare nowadays, those traits are so precious and i hope you never lose them ♥ please continue to be happy and succeed!!! thank you again for letting me know i’m sorry i absolutely had to tell you amazing this was to hear thank you so much again :’)

hisclockworkservants  asked:

Do you think that one day, the future documented in "Welcome to History" would be true? Or what do you think of said future? (I may or may not have written that under the guidance of Mekhane)

I know at least some of us (Five) would be ecstatic if that were so. It’s definitely an exciting prospect in a lot of ways, and generally we’d probably consider this a positive thing. 

It would definitely be… different. Overall, better. Complicated. 

One thing it would definitely be, though: It would certainly be a real 


*is immediately booted from the Council and shot*


Ỳ̴̭͉́̂̀̽̀͘͠͠ǫ̷̩̱̳̬̙͙̀̈̄͐̀̏̆̐̓̔͆̚͜ͅu̴̧̢͒̉͘'̴̺͚̐̿̂̿̈́̏͒͗̈́͘r̶̡̡̢̢̬͎̻̤̱̪̹͔̰͊̏̚͜ȅ̸̡̛͎̘̤̄̇̂͐̅̏̒͂̆ ̸̗͈͊͋̑̀͠j̸̡̛͎̲̗̥̗̓̓̓̿̅͜͝͠ǘ̸̫̭̟̠̮̪̱̼͇̘͐̒̔̒̏̕s̶̛̛͍̳̎̓̆̐͋͒̈́̃̍̒͋͜͝͠t̷̢͎̝̠͔̠̦͚͎̘̍͛ ̷̜͊w̷̨͛̈́͐͝͝á̷̢͉̞̳͕͉̦̯͔͓̫̠̯͊͊̂̎̚ẗ̶̛̹̺̹͔̲́̆̿͌́̍͐͊c̴̨̢͔̘͈̟̞̖͖̈́̋̓̐̃̃̆̀̓̈͂̀͝͝h̸̛̪̙̫̹̝̝̳̘̱̪͂̒͜͝i̵̡̡̝̘͓̳͕̠̘̘͈͉̥̳͑n̸̩͕͕͐͊̃͒̈́̀͂͐̆̽̓͘ģ̸̧̧̲̝͙̺̠̱̝̬̙͈̎̂̉̏̓̈́̋̓̄̊̀̓̔͘͘ͅ

SPACE ROSE 💫🌹 The Last Jedi

I was so happy when Kelly Marie Tran was cast in Star Wars, and Rose is by far the character I’m most excited to meet!!


I bought Ian Sinclair a Juzo Sakakura figure a few months back, and I’ve been waiting to meet him at Tekko to give it to him. I asked him if he could say something in Juzo’s voice for me, but he wasn’t sure we had time (he promised to do it outside the autograph room later if I wanted to though), so I just had him sign my poster with the words instead. But then I gave him the figure and he FLIPPED OUT - he was so excited! He was like “You know what, give me your phone!” and recorded this! 

D&D Gothic

- your dm asks you to make a Constitution saving throw in the middle of a sentence. You roll an 11. She finishes her sentence and does not speak of the saving throw again. You taste blood.

- you put your die down on the table for a second. When you return, it isn’t there. No one has even heard of a four sided die.

- it’s midnight and you’re so involved in the campaign you don’t even notice the tiny bones mixed into the bowl of Doritos. You barely notice the blood in your friends’ mouths.

- you’ve been in this dungeon before. You’ve been here before. Every floor is the same but the dm keeps saying “oh I’m so excited for this next floor!”

- your campaign notes keep changing. You know this wasn’t the plot you wrote…it can’t be. No one was supposed to die here. No one was supposed to die in this arc. Your next door neighbor dies of a heart attack the day after the session. You thought no one had moved into that house yet.

Reporter: Hi, I’d like to get a quote from Lup as well. Lup, what made you want to, hmm… are you really comfortable with leaving this world behind for such a long stretch of time?

Lup: Well, I uh, I did this one already. I did this world and kind of… crushed it? So I guess I’m excited for opportunities to expand the ol’ brand as it wer. So yeah, I’m pretty psyched to get off this stink planet and see what else is out there.

[Walks back and high fives Magnus, then runs back to the mic]

Lup: ALSO! Greg Grimaldis! You owe me 15 dollars and I aim to collect! You better believe, Greg Grimaldis!

Davenport: Please don’t drop the-

[Lup drops the mic]

Justin: Haha, LUP!