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List of being in the same movie as tom! boyfriend would include

okay so 

  • knowing of each other since you’d both be around the same age and have been in films of a similar level of popularity
  • him texting you one day like “hey its tom holland, got your number from a friend, do you wanna meet up for a coffee?”
  • so obviously you’d go and everything would just click between you
  • him asking you out again
  • going on a few more dates before he finally asks you to be his girlfriend
  • auditioning for the same movie because “that’ll be fun won’t it”
  • finding out that you’ve both been cast because of your chemistry and being so excited about it

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I'm also not excited for Season 2 anymore and it has nothing to do with the spoilers. The fandom is so creative and I've read so many good fanfics that at this point, I'm afraid the actual show just won't compare. I mean, I rematch episodes and don't even pay attention to them that much: I'd feather be reading a fanfic or surfing through fan art.

Totally feel you on that one. Some of these fic writers should just work on the show tbh, Like sometimes I’m rewatching an ep and I’m like “Man, season 2 is gonna be good but is it gonna be Back To Us good?”

I think a lot of us have just rewatched the show soooo many times too that it’s lost its magical touch. We just gotta wait. Cuz I also know that when I see Adrien saying any new dialogue my weak ass is gonna start crying and I’m gonna want to message the Emmys

ya’ll remember these fresh squids?


well then let me introduce you!


Liquor: one with black cherry earings!
Bea: the one with bio-luminescent freckles!
Zacharie: the tall one in the gas mask!
Sapphire: the one in the green coat! [used to be named emerald]

Roxxy: the one half asleep in the leather jacket!
Sprink: the small one with curls!
Befferny: the tall one with headphones!
Dalton: the one in the maroon hoodie!

I made this because SPLATOON 2 COMES OUT TOMORROW AND IM SO EXCITED IM GOING TO SCREAM!!! I pre-ordered it because IM SO 


see you all on the splattlefield!!!

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So I was reminded of Marie Kondo since there's apparently a newly released manga edition of her book The Art of Tidying Up or whatever. I've heard you talk about her and is there any reason you'd specifically recommend her books over other ones about organization?

Okay, that is very exciting and I can’t wait to see drawings of Marie Kondo’s anthropomorphized objects. 

Which is probably is a short summary of what I love most about Marie Kondo.  She’s not about organization (she actually tells people that buying organization supplies is a waste of time, which is 90% of the reason that organization experts hate her), she’s about having less stuff.  

 I love that she reaches people where they are at in terms of the instincts that make people hoard: the belief that your stuff has feelings. She tells you yes, that dress that doesn’t fit you that you’ve kept in your closet for 5 years does have feelings! And what it feels is sadness that it’s stuck in your closet making you feel bad about yourself instead of fulfilling its true destiny of helping someone somewhere look great.  It challenges the instinct that makes you feel that getting rid of something is rejection and tells you more that it’s liberating your items from a grim purgatory of disuse. I always feel like Marie Kondo’s description of throwing something away is exactly like the Amber Spyglass scene where the trapped souls dissolve blissfully into nothingness after walking out of the underworld.

What I personally connect to a lot is her tendency to ask you to ask yourself:  “Am I keeping this item because I genuinely enjoy it or because I want to become/be seen as the kind of person who enjoys this?”.  She inspired me to toss my college copy of Ulysses by pointing out that we tend to keep books that we’re never going to read again just because we want to brag about having read them.  In her second book, Spark Joy, she talks very enthusiastically of the weird-ass shit that she’s helped people display all over their houses, like one client who collected pinball machines, and under Marie Kondo’s guidance, put them all over her bedroom and living room where she could enjoy them all the time.  

I know the critique of her is that her primary audience is young, childless women who live in small spaces…and that’s valid.  But we are a large and growing demographic and we deserve to be catered to by wacky lifestyle gurus!  We also benefit from her advice to be who we really are and not who we think we ought to be! I love the story about the woman who broke up with her boyfriend right after attending a Marie Kondo workshop because she realized that he didn’t spark any joy…and not just because I’m a misandrist hater but because I think a lot of people stay in bad relationship for the same bad reasons that we keep exercise equipment that we are never going to use.

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Hi honey! Good luck with your blog, could you maybe do some romantic HC for Ace, Marco and Law? Thank you, I hope you have a lot of fun on your blog!!!! :)

Hiii, thank you so much !
I got so excited I had to take a 5min walk to calm down and not write just [generic keyboard smash] but yaaay thank you again ~
Let’s begin ~


  • When he’s not running everywhere, Ace has an arm around your shoulders, walking proudly
  • Why so proud ? “O_o don’t you see ? I’ve got the bestest person ever” is his answer
  • He know he’s not really great at planning fabulous dates
  • (they never end up as planned for mysterious reasons)
  • Instead he’ll just spend the day by your side, trying to make you smile and laugh
  • You need to meet Luffy and Sabo, they need to know how great you are (say you have meat and that you keep an eye on the boy and they adopt you instantly) and Dadan ! And Garp ! And the whole world ! (and space as we’re at it)
  • Kinda anxious around you sometimes
  • He don’t want so be TOO close to you, he want to give you space, but he also don’t want to give you TOO much space, like “do what you want, but keep loving me okay ? yeah ? cool.”
  • “we’re the hottest couple”
  • The crew agree. Precious couple must not be harmed.


  • He see everything
  • When you think he’s not around, he is, in fact, around.
  • Always keeping an eye on you, in case you need help (it’s also really nice to look at what we love don’t you think ?)
  • Sometimes he’s worried you’ll get attacked if you’re too close, so he just walk next to you
  • But he also don’t care so he just end up taking your hand
  • Surprisingly, the crew is calm when the two of you are on a date (he have some authority)
  • Marco don’t really know what to do on a date, so you’ll maybe walk a little, dance, talk
  • I kind of see him like a “peek-a-boo” guy. Like he’ll appear behind you and kiss the back of your head and fly away
  • He know you can fight, but he can’t stop himself frow protecting you
  • Listen, he lost Ace and his “father”, he’s not going to leave your side anytime soon
  • Even if his face don’t scream “I LOVE YOU yoi”, his way of acting will


  • There’s only 20 members in his crew. 22 with the two of you. Which mean you relationship won’t be a secret for so long (because Bepo)
  • After being sure he can trust you he’ll tell you about Corazon
  • It doesn’t look like it, but he’s really thankfull to have someone like you around
  • He will eventually try to make a joke ? Like “you stole my heart” and you can see an empty space on his chest
  • But it’s sort of awkward and coming out of nowhere (and really cute) so he’ll try to escape
  • You’ll have to catch him and hug him
  • (he’ll take it as an “do more of these puns” + ego boost)
  • Bepo asks things a lot (and Shashi and Penguin are always around to listen)
  • “is he a good kisser ?” “did you do the thing ?” “did he said he loved you ?”
  • The two of you end up creating weird story like “one time we kissed and a dragon came out of his mouth and ate a whole village” “I can’t tell Y/n I love her because if I do so you’ll all die because she’s cursed”
  • Bepo goes from “i believe you” to “stop lying !” to “i believe you” again and again

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I LOVE YOUR SPACE COWBOYS AU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!! I live for reunion moments in stories like yours, so I've been slavering for that since I started reading it. Ever since you posted PC I've spent all the downtime in my life imagining all the different ways the reunion could go AND IT'S ONLY GOTTEN WORSE SINCE YOU POSTED THAT LITTLE PREVIEW. I am So Excited. Like, please don't see this as pressure or anything, I just wanted to tell you that I live and die for your AU and can't wait to know more.

Goodness, thank you so much! :D *hugs* I also love reunion moments, and it’s been so damn exciting and awesome to write out this one, since it feels like eons since this team has been together. 

That being said, this part is still kicking my butt on a nearly daily basis — each time I think I’m past the hard part, I land right in the middle of another difficulty. Right now, I’m writing a war council, and there’s so many people talking, and like, I don’t even have a set plan for this war, what am I even doing?! So I’m just typing until my fingers, not my brain, come up with the solution ;D

But you all are so kind to me, and I feel compelled (not pressured, and I thank you for that!) to share at least a little of my progress; so here, have another tidbit!

“Why didn’t you stop them?” Shiro all but shouted, and he finally broke his posture, fists clenched at his sides, his eyes flashing. “You could’ve kept them here, safe, and instead … What did you let them do?”

Hope that helps tide you over for now :) *yet more hugs*

I have a job interview tomorrow! Super excited and super nervous, because it is for an EMT position with one of the local companies(but despite being ‘local’ its still going to be a 2 hour series of bus rides. Go figure.)

So if you’ve got the extra mojo, I’d appreciate any extra good karma.

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Have you ever considered making Scrib the Witch a webcomic, or a cartoon or something? I think it'd do well!

*bites and tries not to get over emotionally happy that someone said something so nice about their original work is a giddy feely happy excited nervous mess*

um um, w-wellllll! I already have Vivere which is an ongoing comic with my original skrib (not the witch one) and skrib the witch has well, his chapters with detailed illustrations (chapter6 in works now) along with rps with my bestie, so making another webcomic for skrib the witch would be hard since im also at uni and got a job also XD 

And a cartoon??? Heck t-that’s impossible boo ;0; 

but gosh wow thank you so much for saying such things!!!

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Are you excited for descendants 2? Or have you already watched it. I have to wait till tomorrow to Watch it 😣 I still have to watch the first one but thats next after this 20 minuet show. Im so excited.

We are all hella excited!!! It may be a total guilty please and it makes my character development brain crazy, but I love the next gen concept!! I’d love to do a show similar to ask Ticci Toby/Monsters of the Web but with descendants. Like a slightly darker take on the serious….
I may have…headcanons…lots..of headcanons

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Head canon that Mina's elementary school had foot races for gym; and she'd always finish the race with no shoes on. At first it's because she would kick them off part way through because she preferred running without them; but, once her quirk manifested she would just dissolve them as she ran.

this is so funny to me im

  • her elementary school is now known in japan for being the only one that allows its students to run barefoot in foot races.
    • ashido is super pleased about having left a legacy
  • she loves running so much that her excitement starts up her quirk and just destroys the shoes all over again
  • her parents are so tired of constantly buying her new shoes but also? their daughter is happy???? what do they do. they don’t know
cartoons4u  but I mean Guillermo del Toro is a genius at…

It isn’t Abe Sapien. Its GDT’s take on Creature from the Black Lagoon. Doug Jones himself confirmed there is no relation between Abe Sapien and the new creature. They don’t look the same at all even. It’s astounding how ignorant so many people are to details.

Buddy, you really don’t have anything better to be doing with your night than being the no fun allowed guy on excitable shitposts on this blue hellsite?

Obviously it’s not actually Abe; if they were doing another movie in an established franchise we’d have heard rumors about it before the trailer dropped, and there’s been nothing on that front other than the occasional “Perlman really really wants to do Hellboy 3 but no one’s even hinted at committing to anything”

And there’s differences in the design but there’s enough distinct similarities to the last time that GDT did a movie with a tragic reverse little mermaid subplot that I think it’s fair to point out that there’s a “type” that del Toro considers to be what a Fuckable Fishman looks like and a lot of us are making dumb jokes to cover our vague sense of shame that we 100% agree, also please keep encouraging Doug Jones to do that thing with his wrist, thank you

tl;dr you’re attempting to refute filthy monsterfucker lust with logic and it just makes you look silly. I probably shouldn’t even have replied to this but this week it’s temporarily cool to express filthy monsterfucker lust so yolo


I get to do a crystals lesson for the nature camp I work at this summer and I’m so excited!! I’d love any suggestions you might have for what to include in the lesson ^.^

I plan on showing them the most basic crystals that I have in my possession such as calcites (green and honey, while mentioning the other colors), amethyst, heat-treated and genuine citrine, lots of clear quartz in all its forms (tumbled, raw chunk, self healed point, natural wand, even a little crackle quartz marble, and natural milky quartz found in forests or lakes), rose quartz, and a few really cool ones like raw malachite, selenite tower, aragonite star, and labradorite. Plus a handful more!

I hope to review the hardness of each mineral, how it interacts with water, it’s cleavage planes (or fracture), crystalline structure (how it makes its shape), it’s basic chemical composition (to explain what element makes it the mineral that it is, especially what gives it its color, and if it’s silica based like a quartz or calcium based, etc.), and the process it goes through to become that crystal (heat, pressure, etc.). I would also love to start doing research to learn how some of these crystals were used primitively!
I’m completely avoiding the metaphysical and spiritual aspects of it for this program, btw!

i never know how to start these off but hi i’m noah ( he / him ) from the gmt + 1 timezone and i’m excited to bring the biggest pain in the ass known to mankind who often goes by the name of xinyan. i also hate intro’s with a burning passion and is the og exo m enthusiast who sheds real tears when i think about the state that subunit is in now. it dead.

just to warn you i wrote this whole introduction and it starts off cohesive and turns into one big ball of trash so be aware of that. if you’d like to plot with him just give this post a like and i’ll come to you. if you have discord i’ll also be happy to give that out in ims since apparently i can’t ever link it publically without having weird middle aged men adding me. 

triggers: mentions of drugs. 

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What it’d be like to date Ann Takamaki
  • She’ll shower you in affection; mainly cheek kisses and hand holding and hugs.
    • Though, she isn’t a fan of much PDA, but you guys on your own is a completely different story.
  • C U D D L E S
  • Introduces you to Shiho! The three of you go out to get crepes together!
  • Shopping dates; even if you guys don’t get anything, you still have lots of fun trying on clothes, trying free samples, etc.
  • Likes taking you to see her photo shoots!

If S/O was a Phantom Thief:

  • “S/O!! S/O!! Let’s take this one out together!!” is something she says a lot. She jump up and down in excitement and has this gleam in her eyes that you can’t resist. You guys look so badass together.
  • Love to cuddle after a long day in the Metaverse, suggesting you stay at her place or she stay at yours. She will fall asleep while cuddling.
    • Before falling asleep, she loves talking to you about random subjects.
  • If you get injured, she will have the perp will be begging for its life in about two seconds.
    • And she’ll heal you without hesitation. She can’t risk losing a loved one.
  • Ann likes seeing you in your Metaverse outfit because you! look! so! cool!

If S/O wasn’t a Phantom Thief:

  • Doesn’t hide she’s a Phantom Thief from you.
    • It’s not that she lets it slip, but being a Phantom Thief has a major impact on your relationship.
    • So she had asked her friends about it already, and they agreed to let Ann tell S/O.
    • She tells you before confessing to you. She loves you, but she needs to know your thoughts on the matter as well.
  • She rambles on and on about how cruel the Shadows/Palace rulers can be.
  • She will not hesitate to defend you if someone suspects that you’re an accomplice.
  • Sometimes, she does get scared though. Seeing the Phantom Thieves getting backlash from the things they do get to her.
    • This is when she’ll need you the most.
    • She needs reassurance that what she and her friends are doing are right.

Auuughhh, so Charlize Theron was going to have a role in Wonder Woman, but she had to pass because she had a scheduling conflict.  I’M SO DISAPPOINT.  But at least she had a good reason. I honestly felt she would have been so perfect to be one of the Amazons.  Then again, Robin Wright’s presence would have been a little awkward maybe.  Still.  Maybe she can be in one of the sequels. :D :D :D  I just want all the Charlize ass-whoopin’ action I can get.  

Which reminds me, I need to get Atomic Blonde tix.  So excited.

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dude. I'm pretty sure rhodey is confirmed by now. I mean, with his actor being on the press tour with the rest of the crew? wouldn't really make sense if he wasn't in the movie! :D

mod reshi: Indeed, after the nigh unbearable suspense it seems our very own War Machine will be in Infinity Wars. Yay!!! \o/ 
(Though he had to be and anything otherwise would have been the end of the MCU as we know it, let’s all agree about this here…) 

I think I know which post you’re referring to and that was an old one that had been in the queue for a long time (when I actually realized I’d left it in the draft section at first). But yeah I saw the news, I’m excited, and I think this is great that we finally know. So prepare for future posts rejoicing about our dear Rhodey being in Avengers 3 ;)

SPACE ROSE 💫🌹 The Last Jedi

I was so happy when Kelly Marie Tran was cast in Star Wars, and Rose is by far the character I’m most excited to meet!!

things some girls do that are cute

-scrunch up their nose when they smile/laugh

-long hair: put in ponytails. bonus if the ponytail bounces

-curly hair: just cute no matter what ?? 

-short hair: b e d h e a d

-running a hand through their hair absentmindedly when they’re thinking

-also having short hair but it’s kind of grown out past its shape so their hairs just really floppy

-wear clothes that are too big and the sleeves go over their hands

-flannel shirts

- b l u s h i n g

-get really excited about things they like and their whole face lights up when you mention it

-being happy

-love their pets a lot

-squint when doing makeup like it’s the most complicated thing ever because tbh it is

-sing/hum under their breath thinking no one can hear

-love their friends a lot

- ;) 

girls are such a blessing oh my g o d