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remember how on december 10th, isak and even were lying in isak’s bed, and even told him that it wasn’t going to work out, the two of them, because he was only going to hurt isak? and you know, that had been even’s mindset for a long time, and that was why he would distance himself from isak, because he was afraid he would ultimately hurt this boy he loved, that he wouldn’t be good for him? but then on april 10th, four months later, they were moving in together, and isak was actually the happiest he’s ever been

and the thing is that there are many little moments they share, during which even is reminded of how good he actual is for isak, like when they wake up in the morning and isak squeezes his waist so they’ll stay in bed just a little longer, and he whispers with a sleepy voice “i just sleep so well when i’m with you”. and when even makes breakfast for them, and isak tells him “can you believe i didn’t eat breakfast at all before you?” and when isak gets a grade back, and it’s a 6, and he has this big and excited smile on his face, and he tells even “thank you for helping me study”. and when they cuddle on their couch while watching a movie, and isak lifts his head from where it rested on even’s shoulder, and he looks up at him and says “i’m so happy we’re here”, and even feels a sense of warmth and comfort spread through him, and he has to believe isak’s words when they’re infused with so much sincerity and appreciation, and he tells him “me too”


lying is the most fun a girl can have without taking her clothes off // panic! at the disco

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Although, listen. What is up with the dress???

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THIS IS DISNEY. THERE ARE COSPLAY DRESSES 1000000 TIMES BETTER THAN THAT. THAT LOOKS LIKE AN ELEGANT SUMMER DRESS, NOT THE DRESS. (I haven’t been this disappointed in something Emma Watson was in since she and Rupert ruined the Romione kiss #forever bitter.)

BUT YES. Sterek. All Disney movies give me Sterek feels but Beauty and the Beast is a special case, always. I mean


And then, just for the feels



just sayin’….

Underage Little Stuggles

Me:*in class at the end of the day hearing the buses being called*

Me:*gets phone call and answers*

Me:*in normal teenaging voice* Hello

Daddy: Hey princess, how was your day

Me:*still in teenaging voice* Fine, I just have stay after for stupid ass play practice

Daddy: *chuckles and uses deep dominant voice* Hey watch your mouth

Me: *trying to normal in front of my friends because daddy knows what that does to me* y-yeah okay sorry

Daddy: Good princess

Me:*internal screams*

Daddy: Since you’ve been so good let’s go to the movies tomorrow, yeah?

Me:*practically biting lip off so i wont squeal and scream* Sure, yeah, sounds like fun

Daddy: huh, you don’t sound so happy, what’s wrong with daddy’s good little girl

Me:*can’t take it anymore and voice get high and excited* nothing daddy, I’m your happy good girl, see, see

Daddy:*laughing* I see, well I better go your friends are probably waiting

Me:*looks up at friends*

Friends: wtf fam

[SFW] Baby Headcannons for Soldier/Genji/Road/Rein

Soldier 76

  • Assumes the role of Dad 76 after the first positive pee test
  • Goes out and buys every book in the parenting section
  • Plus a small collection of dad jokes
  • challengeaccepted.gif
  • You have to remind him not to tell everyone until the second trimester
  • But the socks’n’crocs give it away
  • He spends every spare moment at the hardware store
  • Not because he’s trying to build a crib by hand
  • But because he bought one from IKEA and it’s impossible to put together
  • Missing half the damn pieces
  • Fucking astrological chart for instructions and shit
  • He’s never discouraged though
  • Sometimes you catch him staring at you
  • And he’s like
  • You’re just so beautiful. I love you so much. I just… Need to appreciate you…
  • Wants to name the baby Jack Jr.
  • If it’s a girl you pick but supports Jaqueline or some variant
  • He just loves this baby so much
  • Like, if this little girl wants to wear a tutu to the grocery store, he’s going in one too
  • Peter Pan and Wendy every Halloween
  • Or Ash and Pikachu
  • Costume game on point yo
  • He video tapes the birth
  • Tries to narrate it like David Attenborough but you put a stop to that shit real quick
  • Cuts the cord while taking a selfie with the doctor
  • Cries like the baby he’s holding
  • Falls asleep that first night home with his hand in the crib

Genji Shimada

  • I hope you have room
  • For all the things
  • From every store
  • Because he is going to shower this baby with material things
  • Uncle Hanzo will be spending plenty of time at the house too
  • And he’s buying the finest clothes for the little dumpling
  • Genji rubs your feet every night
  • Becomes super over cautious
  • Kinda polices what you eat and drink and do
  • You have to tell him to back off a bit
  • Extra foot rubs that day
  • He does all the cutsey things with your big belly
  • Draws kitty faces on it
  • Sings to it
  • Takes progress pictures with you
  • He floods social media with all the updates
  • Spends afternoons wondering what kind of personality they will have
  • Secretly worries he’s not ready
  • Or that the kid will be ashamed of a cyborg father
  • Needs reassurance that everything is okay
  • He waits outside the delivery room
  • Tries to stay calm
  • Maybe meditates with Zenyatta
  • Absolutely loses his shit when the baby comes
  • Picks the first name he can think of after seeing your child for the first time
  • Worships the ground you walk on for bringing this beautiful life into the world
  • Stays up all night watching you and the baby sleep
  • Handles all overnight feeding and changing


  • Never wanted to be a father
  • Has a hard time accepting it
  • Uses his work as an escape
  • But then Jamison gets wind of it…
  • And holy shit
  • He shows Roadie the light
  • Hog cooks and cleans for you
  • Gives you money to get pampered like the queen you are
  • Thinks pregnancy is this huge unnatural burden
  • You roll along with it
  • Is super concerned with you and baby’s health
  • Wants desperately for everything to go smoothly
  • Praying for a little girl
  • Couldn’t handle another boy, you already have Junkrat
  • Wants to spend his days doing her hair and playing with makeup
  • But also teach her how to throw a tomahawk because that’s the kinda guy he is
  • Loves to meet up with the other dads for playdates
  • Him and Soldier fight over the grill master title
  • It’s him
  • Soldier burns the burgers every time
  • Is constantly pranked by Jamie and Toddler
  • With a little help from mom of course
  • But he loves it
  • Helps draw fake tattoos with magic marker
  • So she can look just like daddy
  • He’s so proud of her
  • The best days end with the family watching a movie together
  • Falling asleep on the couch
  • Then waking up late for midnight snacks


  • Words cannot express how excited he is to be a father
  • Would go door to door if you let him
  • Asks Lucio how to download the Tweeter and Facespace so he can share the good news
  • Takes charge or designing the baby’s room
  • Paints a mural right from all his favorite fairy tales
  • Builds everything from scratch
  • Has a new book to read every night for the next 3 years
  • He doesn’t quite care about the details
  • But loves the idea of being a father and making memories
  • Goes to every lamaze class with you
  • Breathes harder than all the other women there
  • Champion childbirther here
  • The big day finally comes
  • And he’s got like, 6 suitcases in the car
  • Ready for anything
  • One bag is just for books
  • Spends like an hour deciding what the first story should be
  • Seriously conflicted
  • You pick The Three Little Pigs
  • Coaches you through your labor
  • Wipes the sweat from your brow
  • Gets a little queasy when the baby pops out all slimed up
  • Stays strong for you
  • Hovers protectively over the doctors trying to see what they’re doing
  • Sheds a joyful tear when he holds his son for the first time
Masterpiece - Domestic Linstead Part 2

A/N: So last week after posting the first domestic prompt, my girl Sherri and I were talking and I said something about the responsibility the writers have to make the fandom feel better when all is shit. That never felt more true than today, and to quote my dear friend @justkillingtimewhileiwait: *dramatically swinging cape over shoulders and fastening it*: “WE WILL SAVE YOU!!” (with fluff that is haha).

Brought to you by an amazing @justkillingtimewhileiwait and her biggest fan (me).

Enjoy darlings, and together, we can totally make it four months!

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The Reunion

Where Harry comes back home and Y/N missed him too much for words.

6 months.

That’s how long it had been since you had seen Harry in person. Of course there were the daily calls, texts and face times. But nothing could ever compare to the feeling of seeing him in person. There was something just so magical about his presence, that it made you crave him every second of the day. Whether that be the loving gaze with which he looked at you, or the glint in his eyes that sparkled with love and pure happiness.

At times, you wondered how you had gotten lucky enough to get someone like him. Someone so pure, so mysteriously beautiful. Someone whom you loved with all of your heart, body and soul. And to think that he loved you back all the very same. Harry had never failed to tell you how much he adored you, how every moment spent together was the best of his life. There was never a dull moment between you two. As spontaneous as you both were, there was always one thing or another to talk about. But even when there wasn’t, the silence was very much treasured, with the both of you dwelling in the comfort of the others’ presence.

It was always hard when he left. A lot of the nights were spent awake, wishing you could be in his arms right then. It was hard for him as well, he knew that you had trouble sleeping alone, and he wanted nothing more than to hold you. But the movie was important, and he knew that you would pretty much kill him if he ditched the shooting and came back home for you.

You had always been appreciative of his career, as he had always been of yours. You were a book writer, one of the best of the time. Harry always asked you where your inspiration came from, and once when you replied with “You”, he couldn’t have been more surprised, yet happier than ever. Honestly, he hadn’t expected to be such an important person in your life that you would actually write about him. But it lit him to the core that the love of his life loved him back just as much as he did.

While he was away for his movie, you had been busy with your own book. But successfully, he had completed his movie just as you had gotten done with your book. The book was about a long distance relationship, which was pretty much inspired from your own, and you couldn’t wait for Harry to read it. He had been working hard for his movie, as well. Considering that it was his first, he tried to put his everything in it. As busy as the both of you were, you never failed to think of the other throughout the day. The usual phone calls may have been reduced on the days that were busier than others, but you still managed to make it work.

Today was the day that he was coming back home and you couldn’t have been happier. He didn’t have to do anything for a couple of months now, and you were the same. The two of you made sure to clear your schedules beforehand, so you could fully enjoy each other’s presence.

The trailer for ‘Dunkirk’ was to be released that day as well. Harry was more than excited for you to see it, as he had raved to you about it many times before. You yourself couldn’t wait, so when you woke up that day with your phone blowing with notifications of people freaking out, your first instinct was to click on the link straight away. The short video absolutely blew you away. The movie seemed so fascinating, and you felt immensely proud that your very own love was in it. You couldn’t help but notice just how good he looked. Needless to say, you were bursting with pride. Just as you were going to call him, your phone dinged with a text message:

Getting on my flight back home, love. Can’t wait to see you!

Of course, you had forgotten about the time zone. However, you felt your heartbeat fasten as you read the text. He was coming back home, back to you. You will be seeing him for the first time in months. The trailer definitely hadn’t helped your patience. After wishing him a safe flight, you decided to clean up the house. That got done soon, and you still had around two hours until his plane would land. Therefore, you settled for watching the trailer again. After watching it endlessly (you just couldn’t get enough), you finally decided to get ready to head out to the airport.

You wanted to look good for him, especially now that you were seeing him after such a long time. You settled with blue jeans and a tank top, with a cardigan above. Setting your hair in its usual waves and applying a little makeup, you were good to go. Taking your phone and keys, you headed out to your car. As you arrived at the airport, you were thankful to see no paparazzi around. You went inside, and soon the announcement came that the plane would land in a couple of minutes.

As the time for Harry to come out neared, you felt your heart racing. You didn’t know why you were so nervous. You had been together for a long time, and had been through this many times before. However, there was always this lingering fear of whether you two could fall back into your usual routine again.

That fear was whisked away as soon as you saw him coming out of the luggage department. He looked as good as ever, with a duffle bag in his hands. You were quick to run towards him, calling out his name. That was enough to grab his attention, and he dropped the bag to the floor as soon as he saw you. Spreading out his arms for you to jump in, he couldn’t have been happier. He had waited so long for this moment that he almost wondered how he had been able to go so long without you. His hold on you was tight, as he cherished your presence.

“I’m guessing you missed me, huh love?” he teasingly said with a smirk. That smirk was soon lost though, as he felt your body trembling, he pulled away to look at the tears streaming down your face, with your eyes shut tight. “Hey now, don’t cry sweetheart. I’m here now, ain’t I? Goin’ nowhere, I promise. Jus’ me an’ you now.” 

You nuzzled your face in his neck, still overwhelmed by the fact that he was actually back. Harry felt his own eyes watering, he had missed you just as much. And to see you crying, that was a sight he couldn’t bear watching. He wanted to see you happy, and he wanted to be the one to make you happy. “Baby, please don’t cry. Wanna see you smile. ‘S been so long, hasn’t it.”  You pulled back to look him in the eyes, as he wiped away your tears. 

“I’m sorry, I just missed you so much, can’t believe you’re actually here. It feels like a dream.” You replied, with a tearful smile. “Wouldn’t do this in a dream now, would I?” he said as he smashed his lips with yours. The kiss was slow and passionate, yet filled with impatience and excitement. Every kiss, it felt like the both of you fell in love once again. And all you prayed was that this feeling between the two of you would never die.

As you two pulled away, there were huge smiles etched upon your faces. You leaned closer to him and whispered, “I saw the trailer, Haz. I’m so proud of you, I can’t explain it in words.” He smiled back as he replied, “Thankyou baby, couldn’t have done it without you.” “I love you”, you said, as you held on to him tightly. The two of you had now resorted to a quieter area of the airport so you could have your reunion in private. “I love you too, pet. Missed yeh so much while I was’ away.”

Soon enough, you two headed for home, your hands were intertwined as you drove home. You could feel his gaze burning into your skin, and you turned to the side to face him. “You’re staring.” You stated the obvious. “I am.” He replied with a smirk. “May I ask why?” you questioned, with a smile on your face. “How about no?” he said, at which you let out a laugh. These playful conversations were one of the most cherished things in your relationship, and you missed them a lot while he was away.

“I swear you only get more beautiful every time I see you.” He complimented. Heat rose to your cheeks at the comment. It was strange how even after all the years of being together, he still had the same effect on you as he had on your first date. “Have you completed your book?” he asked, genuinely interested. “I have, yeah. Just need to get the editing done, but that can wait.” You replied. “I can’t wait to read it. I’m sure it’s amazing.” He replied, ever so appreciative of your work. In reply, you raised his hand to kiss it, as you continued driving to your shared home.

That night, you two lay in bed cuddled into each other, just sharing stories and experiences that you had during the time you were apart. He told you about his movie, while you told him about the ideas that you had for new books. You two snuggled deeper into each other with every word. Secret words and promises were shared in the dark, in the solace of your own home. You both cherished your time together, enjoying the blissful time that you had. You were both so caught up in each other, that time became irrelevant. All you two wanted was to just hold each other tight enough that you would become one. And in that moment, you wished for nothing else than to have the beautiful boy next to you, yours forever.

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for the ut, uf, us and sf bros, how do you catch their attention if you're crushing on them?


-Laughing at his jokes is a sure way to make him notice you. He value humor a lot, so someone who can either fire some puns back at him or looses it if he keeps going for long enough is already attractive to him. Don’t force it though, he can read people fairly well and he knows when you think it’s funny or not.

-He knows you’re crushing on him, no matter how well you’re hiding it he’s got you figured out. This doesn’t mean that he has any idea how to handle it though. If he likes you back, he’s going to be a little flustered around you. But still acts fairly normal. Just to let things progress naturally. He doesn’t really have the energy to go into full romans mode.

-Being lazy is probably going to work best for you? He doesn’t like doing a lot of physical activities, he likes to ‘’conserve his energy’’. So just hanging out at Grillby’s, or watching a show you both likes together is enough. He’s actually kind of introverted, so learning that he can spend time with you without ti exhausting him is really going to make him interested in you.


-While he likes showing off how great he is in front of others, he also likes other people showing off to him. If you’re good at something, no matter how ridiculous you may think it is, he wants to see it. He wants to see your passions.

-He’s all about doing activities together. So take him on lots of friendship dates, and then stop adding the friendship part when you ask him out ;)

-Examples of above include training, cooking, going to the movies, charity, and literally anything else that you can do together. He is so excited to do these things with you.

-He falls for you when he sees how you act when you’re happy and you don’t think he’s looking. Or when he sees that you’re passionate about something.


-I don’t really know what you can do here to be honest, except be persistent. He’s going to push you away whenever you try to be friendly. And he gets aggressive when you get flirty because he’s such a tsundere.

-One thing is if you’re in on his humor. Which is pretty dark and offensive, like really horrible and you shouldn’t be laughing at this dark and offensive. It’s almost so bad that he judges you for laughing when he said the joke. But that’s because he knows that they’re horrible and he didn’t expect less from him. But you? Jeez, kid.

-And if you’ve gotten to the friendship point, letting him flirt with you might work. He’s going to, most definitely. And if he sees you getting all flustered and blushing from his jokes and flirtations, it’s going to really catch his interest. Best thing is if you suddenly flirt back and catch him off guard. That’s when he teleports out because nope can’t deal with that and his cheeks are not red at all nope.


-I think letting him talk about himself is one way to get him to really notice you. You have to find the line between boasting his ego, but still not putting up with his bullshit treatment of others. Let him talk about how he’s the captain of the royal guard, and how he is really great. But don’t let him order you around however he wants. Defiance against him isn’t common, it’s going to shock him.

-He hates feeling vulnerable, and if you can somehow lurk out his emotions without leaving him feeling too open, then you’re halfway to becoming his crush.

-He likes showing off his skills. And since cooking is a passion of his, letting him cook for you on small friendship dates is a nice way to get to know each other. Bonus if you’re good at cooking too, then you can each cook different things and compare them.


-Okay so, it doesn’t matter how obvious your crush is because he is so oblivious to it. Unless you literally sit him down and tell him that you have a crush on him, he isn’t going to notice it. But chances are that if you’re around him enough to get a crush on him, he’s been around you enough to get a crush on you.

-And unless you’re super oblivious too, you can use that to your advantage. Let him woo you.

-Playing secret admirer is also something that will get him going. He’ll be looking everywhere for the person who sent him flowers or cute little notes. He loves the challenge of finding them and he’s blushing up a storm every time he finds a new note. Especially if you leave clues as to who it is, that way he can solve it.


-Just flirt with him. He does it with everyone else, so someone who does it with him is a nice change. Also be cool, but not over the top cool. More like chill? Stressful things make him anxious and he has to spend a lot of energy acting calm all the time.

-Next step is making him feel comfortable enough that he doesn’t have to act calm. This is going to make him trust you more, especially if you can help him calm down. Optional next step is to let him calm you down if you’re anxious. It’s a two way street.

-Despite his constant flirting with people (and you, after a while) he still wants to take it slow. So don’t try and rush him into things. He likes going from friends to better friends to the point where people are yelling at you two to just get together already. Go along with it and just ease into things.


-Oh boy. So this guy is going to get a crush on you pretty fast if you show him that you’re interested. And after that it’s going to be him aggressively wooing you.

Things that work to get him further interested are:

-Boasting his ego and letting him show off his skills.

-Being genuinely concerned for him (It’s going to really throw him off guard but somehow he likes it).

-Both being easily flustered and not being easily flustered. He likes flirting and saying suggestive things. So if you’re easily flustered he’s going to keep going until your face is on fire and then some more. But if you’re not easily flustered, it just makes the moment where you break more fun. And trust me, he will get you to that point. No matter how much you try and keep your cool.

-Also LET HIM RANT TO YOU. He’s not the best with emotions, but if there’s one thing he knows it’s irritation and frustration. And he’s a lot easier to deal with after he’s vented all of that anger off on someone. In turn, he’ll let you vent about everything that’s bothering you. It might not sound like it, but it’s developing into a healthy habit for the both of you. He’s a surprisingly good listener, even though he sucks at comforting people.


-If you’re a decent person, that’s sure to catch his attention. He really likes the contrast between you and the monsters from underground. Some humans are just so soft and sweet compared to what he’s used to. And he likes watching you interact with others, doing normal stuff.

-Surprise him by being caring towards him. Casual stuff like friendly worrying. Did you eat today, sleep enough things like that. Don’t go overboard with it though.

-If he doesn’t like you, it’s almost impossible to get closer to him. He’s not going to hurt your feelings intentionally, unless you are a literal jerk. But he’s good at avoiding people.

-If he does like you, he tries to spend a lot of time with you. Quietly in the background making sure everything is okay. These are the times when you should talk to him more. He falls in love with people when they’re not looking, busy being themselves.

You’re Dylan’s new love interest on Teen Wolf

Author: obriendylan-imagines

Requested: Yes

Word count: 1,084

A/N: Hey! Thank you so much for your request! I really liked your idea so I started writing right away but I was so carried away that it got so long before I could get to the last part of your request. If you want a part 2 please message me! :)

Today was the last day of filming your new movie and because you had been so busy with it for the last three months you had had barely any time to see Dylan, your boyfriend. So you had decided that as soon as your last scene was a wrap you would visit him on the Teen Wolf set.

As soon as you arrived to the set, you immediately saw Dylan so you ran to him.

“Hey Dyl” you said opening your arms.

“Hey beautiful” he said hugging you.

“How is the filming going?”

“Now that you arrived much better.” he smiled and gave you a little kiss.

You were kissing him back when you heard someone screaming your name.

“(Y/N!)” you looked back and saw it was Tyler.

“Hi Tyler!” you said hugging him “How are you doing?”

“I’m great!” he answered “I haven’t seen you in ages”

“I know. I’ve been really busy lately. I haven’t even seen Dylan that much!” you exclaimed pointing at Dylan.

“That’s very true!” agreed Dylan hugging you from the back “But since you’re here now, we have to make up for lost time.”

You giggled “Yes, yes we do”

“Ok guys. Enough with being cute.” said Tyler smiling “ We are all outside Shelley’s trailer having a break. Want to come?”

“Sure!” you said smiling. “I want to see everyone again”

“Yeah. Let’s go!” said Dylan while putting his arm around you and leading the way.

There were a lot of people outside Shelley’s trailer. All the cast, Holland, Shelley, Cody, Dylan Sprayberry, Melissa, etc… and also the director Jeff Davis. You knew all of them really well and you always ended up having a great time together.

“Look who they are!” announced Shelley as you were approaching “The two love birds”

“And me…” added Tyler smiling.

“Yeah… and Tyler” said Shelley making everyone laugh.

“Hey guys” you greeted while starting to hug Shelley.

You proceeded to hug everyone and chit chat a bit with each one of them.

“Ok guys that’s enough hugging and talking” said Dylan pretending that he was annoyed. “Now, can you give me my girlfriend back?”

Everyone laughed and Dylan decided to seat on the only empty chair. When you finished greeting everyone you were looking around to see if there were any more chairs.

“There’s no more chairs in here (Y/N).” said Tyler “If you want to I can go and get one for you”

“That would be….” you started saying but Dylan interrupted you.

“There’s no need Tyler.. She can just sit on my lap” Dylan said with a smirk on his face making everyone laugh.

“Ok then” shrugged Tyler.

You got kind of embarrassed because you were being the center of attention all over again and you didn’t really know what to do.
“Come here babe. I was serious” Dylan said opening his arms.

You went to him and sat on his lap while he gave you a kiss on the cheek.

“So (Y/N), I’ve heard you’ve just finished filming a new movie. What’s it’s name?” asked Cody.

“It’s called Thirteen Reasons Why…” you answered

“Oh I know that book! I read it a while back and I thought it was so amazing that, sooner or later, they would adapt it to a movie.” said Melissa.

“Wasn’t it a bestseller?” asked Shelley. “It must have been hard to get the main role. Congratulations (Y/N)!”

“Thanks! But yeah, there were a lot of amazing actresses there” you answered.

“I knew from the start she would get the role. She’s the best actress in the whole world!” said Dylan all excited.

“You’re not a bad actor yourself mr. O’Brien” you told him laughing and kissing him again.

“We all know you are a good couple no need to show us that guys” Tyler said laughing and making everyone laugh.

“A love like this has to be shown to the whole world” said Dylan all dramatic like he was reciting a Shakespeare poem.

“That sounds kind of cheesy” said Holland.

“Yeah… a bit” you agreed.

“Babe!” exclaimed Dylan pretending he was shocked. “Not even you are on my side?”

“I’m always on your side” you answered “You know that”

“Yeah. I know” said Dylan giving you a long kiss.

“Get a room guys!” yelled Dylan Sprayberry making everyone laugh again.

You got a bit embarrassed again so you tried to chance the subject. “What about you guys? How is the final season going?”

“Pretty great actually” said Tyler.

“Yeah. We are having a ton of actors from the first seasons coming back! It’s been so much fun!” exclaimed Shelley.

“Really? That’s so cool!” you said really excited, because you were the number 1 fan of the show.

“I mean… A few hours ago we got a call and we have a bit of a problem” said Jeff Davis, the director “ I didin’t even had time to tell you guys but the new actress that was supposed to be Stiles love interest just can’t make it due to a problem with her schedule”

“That sucks” said Cody.

“Yeah. What are we going to do?” asked Tyler

“I don’t know. We can’t extend the filming days any longer because Dylan has a very tight schedule because he has to go film The Death Cure. So since it will be impossible to get an actress by tomorrow, I guess we have to change the storyline, which is going to be super complicated”

“Damn!” said Dylan kind of sad “I was really excited with Stiles storyline this season!”

“Maybe (Y/N) could do it!” interjected Shelley.

Everyone looked at her surprised, especially you.

“Don’t look at me like that!” she said “I mean, (Y/N) is an amazing actress who just finished working on a movie so her schedule is free. And let’s be honest who would be better to be Stiles girlfriend? She and Dylan are one of the cutest couples I know, you really can’t say they have no chemistry!

Now everyone was nodding and smiling because everyone though that would be a good idea.

“That would be so awesome!” said Dylan so excited he almost jumped out of his seat. “We could work together babe! We would spend so much more time together”

“I think that is a great idea!” said Jeff looking at you “It would be a honor for us to have you in our show. “What do you think (Y/N)?”

“I would love to do it!”

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what it (might) be like to date Tom Holland

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  • he is incredible strict on tea, “no, no, no. that’s too much milk!!” “it’s not strong enough, leave it in for three minutes!!” 
  • laying in bed together, facing each other as his hand cards through your hair trying out different nicknames : “how about…..cupcake? dandelion? pancakes? cutie pie, sugar bunch, honey bunch of oats”….it goes on for hours unless you get distracted or fall asleep
  • “if we ever get a house together can we let harrison have a room?”
  • he’s used to getting up early for work outs so he wakes you for class or work or just to say good morning after he’s freshly showered and his hair is still damp and all curly
  • sometimes he gets a little insecure about his height so you place kisses along his neck, assuring him
  • when he gets excited he talks really fast and his accent gets thicker and he looks at you all wide eyed and smiley
  • “i’ve met him” he says whenever you’re watching a movie and an actor he’s crossed paths comes on screen
  • “ah, darlin’” he coos whenever you’re sad or upset or even just because he wants to say it
  • he talks to you in that cute lil voice he uses sometimes during interviews (i’m talking about the voice he uses when saying ‘im really good at the diet’)
  • mimicking your accent in stories about you or just to annoy you
  • loads and loads of pictures of you two occupy his camera roll, his favorite is one of the two of you laying in bed, being goofy
  • stealing those cute lil plaid pajama pants he has because they’re cosy
  • begging him to dance but them roasting him once he does because he’s actually a drunk dad at a wedding with a fedora. 

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Hey hon! OMG I loved the first date scenario so much! Especially Yoosung one, so I was wondering if you could do a sequel to it, a fic where MC tries to seduce him, but he's so clueless (speaking of clueless, I thought it would be something like Cher in that scene with Christian on the movie Clueless lololol), love you writing <3

I was reading the request and thinking of Clueless when you mentioned the movie too! But yeah… this is not even close to end like the movie…lololol

So here it is! I’m thinking of doing a part 2 with all the smutty smut, *wink*

Take it all (NSFW)

“Make yourself at home!” you state cheerfully as you two come in to your apartment.

“Oh… it feels so cozy here. Did you miss the place when you were at Rika’s apartment?”

“Hum… a little. I missed my bed since I’m very used to it, and it’s soooo… comfortable, you know?” you subtly try to change the course of this conversation, you hope that’s the only Rika’s mentioning you’ll hear for the rest of the night.

“Yes,  trying to get used to a new mattress can be very troublesome.”

“I hope you don’t go into much trouble tonight, then…”

“What do you mean?” Ugh… is he really not getting it?

You observe him as he curiously look around at your place, you wish you had hid the Furby you usually keep in the chair next to the couch, it’s a little embarassing letting him see you keep toys around the house like this… you wish he could see other things tonight when it concerns you…

Sometimes you wonder if he acts that oblivious to make you say straight away what you want… if he’s into some kind of mind games to make you beg for him! Yes… behind this cute face, maybe there’s a very wicked wolf…

“Wow! I used to have a Furby too, or… maybe I still have it… anyway, I still have nightmares about him up until these days…” Nevermind…

No, he’s not that manipulative guy, he’s just… a really sweet and inexperienced young man… which makes him extremely desirable to you.

When he kissed you at the RFA party, you thought he’d be like that everytime, but ever since then, it feels like both of you are stagnated, with you always trying to take further steps.

“Earth to MC?” he waves his hand in front of your spaced out face, smiling curiously. “Are you okay?”

“What? Yeah… I’m just… Pick the movie or series and I’ll get something for us to drink. Do you want some water? Juice? Beer?

“No, I’m okay, thank you. And I prefer we pick something together, so we’ll both have fun!” well, you know something that would be really fun for both of you tonight…

“Ok, then…” you two sit in the couch and look at your laptop screen. He’s so close you can feel his hair tickling your cheek, and his perfume is so alluring…

“What about this one, MC? I heard is pretty good…” No! You want a really bad movie for you to steal his attention easily…

“Sounds fine.” WHAT? Why did you agree to it? Oh, his excited face! Yes, it’s almost impossible saying ‘no’ to that smile and that joyful voice of his. You can be putty so easily to that man’s hand! If he only knew that…

The movie starts, you dim the light in the living room. He doesn’t seem to mind… okay, that’s a good sign, right?

Time to move, MC! This is the closest you managed to get to him ever since you got to your place… and you move closer to him, your thigh is practically glued to his.

“MC? Is everything okay?”

“What? Oh… I…am just a little cold, I guess…” oh honhohonhon.

“Here, take my jacket.” You would prefer his body to warm you up… but you accept his jacket, giving him a soft smile.

It has his smell, god, you want so much to be surrounded by his scent… and he’s so close, yet so out of reach… you can’t hold back a sigh.


“Oh, it’s nothing , Yoosung. Don’t… don’t worry…” you rest your head on his shoulder, he tenses up a little, but then relaxes and rests his own head on yours. Well, this is something, at least…

Time passes and the movie ends, there’s no other excuse to keep him here. Maybe it’s time to accept defeat and try again next time… maybe you could ask Seven to enlighten him a little, no… Seven doesn’t know to be subtle… Zen? Nah, he would let Yoosung uncomfortable. Jumin or Jaehee? Hahahahaha. It has to be you, after all, but… not today, you suppose…

“Hey… MC?”

“Yes, Yoosung?”

“I… I really enjoyed tonight. I… I don’t want this night to ever end…”

“You know it doesn’t have to, right?”

“What do you mean?”

“Please, try to guess, Yoosung, please…” you can’t control the whining in your voice, it’s been so thrilling having him this close all night, didn’t he feel the same way you do?

“There’s nothing much to guess, MC, I… I’m not that innocent, you know?” Oh no… did you offend him?

“No, no, no… I know you’re not, Yoosung, It’s just… I’ve been trying to get close to you, but I’m so worried about making you uncomfortable or flustered. I… I want you to feel good about being with me, really good, Yoosung…” you’re whispering next to his mouth.

“I… I don’t know if I’m able to take this much from you, MC, I… am not even sure if I deserve this much…”

He’s really flustered, indeed, but he won’t allow himself to let you see it fully.

“Of course you deserve it, Yoosung! You deserve it all, so please take it all… take everything you want to make you feel good, I want to make you feel so good…”

Oh… wait! You’ve been thinking about satisfying him all this time? Because he thought you were expecting him to be this very manly guy who makes you go insane with just a simple touch, but… you want to please him? Now he gets how much you’ve been struggling… he knows this despair of wanting to please someone so bad…

“Let’s feel good together, MC…” he kisses you, it reminds you a little of the kiss at the RFA party… no, there’s something different about this one,  it’s a little sloppier and more desperate, like he’s thirsty for your lips.

Next thing you know, you’re on his lap and your shirt is already gone, one of his hands travel your back while the other one rest on your hip, keeping you in place. You break the kiss, moving your lips gently to his neck while he tries to unclasp your bra, feeling very frustrated when he fails. You chuckle: “It opens in the front…”

You guide his hands to your breasts, and he finally gets rid of your bra, he feels his face reddening when he notices you’re shivering to his teasing at your boobs, he had no idea he could make you react like that, and when you move a little to the side to grind at his leg and touch his bulge timidly growing hard, he’s gone! His skilful gamer fingers play with one of your nipples and tighten the grip on your hip bones, he feels his mouth vibrating when you moan, which boost his confidence even more as he carries you to your bedroom.

And you… would be very intrigued at this new side of him if you weren’t so enthralled by him. You know this night is not ending soon, anyway…

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-Honda Center was really bad at letting everyone in on time we got in literally at 8
-But it’s chill we made it to our seats in time
-Okay so they started w Not Today and I literally died on the spot
-Jimin was so extra he was like a walking sin
-Jungkook was adorable and his English was so good
-Hobi’s smile literally shined its way to my heart
-Yoongi. Yoongi. Yoongi. Every time I looked at him I wanted to cry because I was like ???? He is literally the most beautiful and amazing man on the planet and I was feet away from him W O W
-Their solo stages were all perfect. Like literally I can’t even describe them in words
-Namjoon’s hit me so hard I started crying Reflection is so good
-The special effects were on POINT
-So they played Baepsae second and let me tell you I was NOT ready for those hip thrusts especially Yoongi’s I literally stopped breathing
-Anyways back to the solo stages
-Jungkook’s was so good his dance was AMAZING LIKE BOY CAN MOVE HIS BODY WOW he seriously did so so so good I cant
-Jimin’s was straight gorgeous like he has 0 flaws 10/10 would die for Park Jimin
-Yoongi’s made me cry also because the emotion was basically tangible. Boy is so passionate.
-Literally Yoongi is perfect someone help
-Jin basically made me cry too good job with those high notes I fell over inside
-21st Century Girl was also so fun you could tell they were just having a blast and like they all killed me at the same time it was magical
-ALSO THEY RANDOMLY performed Dope like I was not expecting that and it was SO GOOD THE BEAT WAS INCREDIBLE
-Lost was hecka emotional my vocal line is so good
-So at one point they did this giant mashup of a ton of their older songs like N.O. started playing and I was like hOLD UP
-Like War of Hormone too I think and tons of their other songs and Kookie started rapping and I was like THROWBACK TO THE FIRST TIME I DIED
-Like Mama was L I T and then at the end he just kind of said really quickly “THANKS MOM” and it was HILARIOUS
-Boy Meets Evil was so intense I pooped
-Literally as soon as it started I was just like “oh no”
-If u didn’t know Cypher was the song I was most pumped about bc Yoongi’s rap k i l l s me
-All 3 of them were wearing these like crazy sugar daddy robes RIP
-So Namjoon comes out just blasting right
-And I fell over inside again but this time I actually died
-Like they were so freakin lit I’m dead
-Hobi slayed everyone within the first 2 seconds of his part
-Okay yes anyways
-Cypher ended my life the end
-jk moving on before I have another heart attack
-So after Cypher I’m WINDED
-oh no
-I’ve seen the fancams
-Like the dance break toward the end just
-J I M I N
-Also side note like most of the time when the whole group was performing I couldn’t take my eyes off of Namjoon he just has such a strong stage presence and he’s SO TALL I LOVE HIM
-okay where were we
-oh yes fire
-after fire they talked for a little bit and it was cute and my voice disappeared bc I screamed too hard during Cypher
-So I know I’m skipping around everywhere sorry it’s all I giant mushy jumble in my brain
-But they did Run at one point and it was so exciting bc they had giant gold streamers just shoot everywhere and I felt like I was in a movie it was so perfect
-Did I already talk about 21st century girl? I think so BUT
-It was so lit okay so lit
-So after that they talked to us again for a while and their English was so good you could tell they were trying and I LOVED IT
-They looked AMAZING during it like wow the most attractive men in the world I swear
-So then Namjoon was like “bYE” and they all ran off stage and we were like ??????
-And so we did the rainbow ocean thing and I wanted to cry again
-So united and wow
-so after like 5 minutes of all of us just yelling
-They came out and did Outro:Wings and it was so good bc they were on the close stage and I swear Namjoon is so attractive help I’m swerving
-Oops ok here we go
-So after Wings they talked and again they were so good??? AND AND
-Namjoon was like “I’d like to take this time to thank my mom for emphasizing learning English because now I can talk to you guys”
-And I cried again bc Joonie luvs his mom how sweet I’m dead
-Yoongi was like “never forget me” and I was like BOI I COULDNT IF I TRIED
-Jungkook seriously sounded so fluent I was so proud
-Jimin was adorable
-Hopie was wild
-Tae was also wild
-Jin is so so so funny and cute
-Rapmon looks amazing in baseball hats
-So then after they talked rapmon was like “Kay last song”
-And again we were all like ??????
-But then 2!3! Started and I was like
-Here come the tears
-Like they were all just standing in a line on the close stage and they were so emotional I was so emotional everyone was emotional
-Jin hit those high notes like a god
-Jimin hit those high notes like a god
-Tae and Jungkook ended my life too
-Rap line was so passionate I could see Yoongi’s neck veins
-So after 2!3! Namjoon’s like “Kay last song” AGAIN
-and I was just like STOP LYING
-And then Spring Day started playing and I just lost it
-It was so emotional
-They were so beautiful
-Oh yeah and at one point You Never Walk Alone was playing while this video played about how all the recent concepts are intertwined and IT ACTUALLY MADE SENSE
-It was talking about how it was seven boys with one heart and one boy with seven hearts and they all reflected each other and were only happy and able to smile when they’re together IM SOBBING
-That probably made no sense to u guys I’m sorry
-After Spring Day ended they all came out on the stage and ran around and smiled and danced and were super cute and
-I just couldn’t believe I was actually there
-With them
-I’m so grateful
-so so grateful
-They stayed and ran around the stage for a good ten minutes and then it was all over
-My friend and I were just in shock we sat there dying for like fifteen minutes after it ended
-Just like freaking out right
-and we were waiting at a corner
-I can’t even describe how beautiful he was even through a car window like he was FLAWLESS his eyes were so big and beautiful WO W
-I doubt anyone actually read this far so I doubt anyone will know that that happened to me BUT JDNDKDJDFMDFJEKDMSLNDKSAMKXNSLDFJEKXKDNKDJC
-Overall it was probably the greatest night of my life and totally worth driving across the country for. 11/10 would do again in a heartbeat.
-If you guys have any questions or want to freak out w me please message me!!!!!

Shawn Mendes One Shot: The Ellen Show. Pt.2

A/N: AYO again! I got so many of you asking for part two so obviously, I did it. I’ve had SOO much fun writing this. This one again is lengthy but I hope it’s worth it? I’ve actually been thinking I might continue more with this as now we’ve finally gotten to the better stuff? I don’t know I might actually make this into a fic? Let me know what you think? Maybe I’ll just do a part 3 to finish it up 100%, or just leave it at this or reboot it to fic? IDK, y’all let me know. Anyways I hope you enjoy regardless!!! :)

The Ellen Show Master List

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You looked up to your manager and nodded your head like bull riders did in the pins before coming out. Your manager pulled open the black SUV door and you heard the screams that you heard from inside the car. They cheering of what seem predominately girls didn’t escalate a lot as your feet touched the pavement, however, you did notice it increase ever so slightly.

You stepped away from the SUV and began walking towards the alley between the crowds. When you looked into the crowd you didn’t register anything at first. You were mostly concerned with trying to get correctly in place. Your manager escorting you into the correct place on the carpet before you walked out to the cameras.  

“Okay, give me a second, wait here.” My manager said holding up his hand.

Both myself and his assistant stopped where he informed us. Both her I chatted a little to make it not seem awkward that we were standing in the middle of carpet with people running around us.

Suddenly I heard my name being called. I looked up as some fans yelled from the side behind the barricade. I made eye contact with one who was calling to me and waved brightly smiling to her.  They called some more.

Looking to my managers assistant I grinned. “You’re supposed to stay here.” She spoke cautiously.

I patted her shoulder and smiled. “Well, you stay right here. I’ll go say Hello.”

She shrugged her shoulders indifferently. Turning away from her I began to tip toe over to the crows on the side. Hands started reaching out and screams began to ring in my ears. I found the first girl I had waved to and went up to her.

“Oh, my god. Oh, my god. “ She said over and over.

“Hiiii!” I smiled. “How are you guys?”

I felt a few hands touch me gently.

“Oh, my god. Can, can I get a picture?” The original girl said stuttering. I beamed, nothing made me happier than when people seemed to genuinely be excited or happy to meet me. “Oh of course!”

She pulled up her phone and held it out to take the picture. “Here let me take it.” I asked reaching for it to get a better angle as she was pushed to the edge of the barricade. I held out the phone taking the picture and a couple more for good measure. She thanked me repeatedly. I moved along a little to the side and spoke to a few more people, taking pictures, signing stuff and talking to them.

“I’m so excited to see the movie in August.” Someone said as I was singing a ticket. My head shot up, I made eye contact with a young teen boy.

“Are you really? Oh my god that makes me so happy to hear!”

He smiled back and asked for a picture. As I clicked for the picture I heard my manager calling my name. I looked down from the camera I was holding up and saw him waving for me to rejoin them. I turned around and said I needed to leave to the people who were still reaching. They all gave me disappointed responses.

“It was so nice to meet all of you. Have a wonderful night.” I smiled once again waving to them, before turning around.  I quickly jogged in my heals over to my manager. He looked at me and to the crowd I had just been with.

“Man, you’re a natural for this. I couldn’t have trained you any better myself.”

I turned my head, not understanding his comment. But before I could question him, he was pushing me forward. A woman in black clothing and a headset came up to us.

“You’ll have to wait for a second. Wait right here.”

We stood waiting as the person in front of me turned and the photographers began to yell her name. It was Vanessa Hudgens, which made you instantaneously feel nervous. Like aways waiting made you nervous, but following Vanessa was more pressure.

Over the yelling of photographers, you heard two screams from the side calling you. You looked to see two young girls yelling your name, arms outstretched papers and sharpies in hand. Without thinking you took off to them, you manager was yelling at you, but you didn’t care.

“Hiii.” You said to the two girls reaching for their pens. You pulled off the cap and quickly signed the two notebooks.

“Oh my god you’re so pretty.” The blonde one said. I thanked them before waving goodbye. Turing, I returned to my manager who was angry.

The woman in black was waiting, they rushed me out onto the main carpet. I walked out gracefully and unrushed, the lady pointed for me to stand. Turning the yelling of my name began. The flashes made me go blind instantly. I had done this only a handful of times before so I tried to remind myself to not get lost.

Smile, relax and pose. My manager’s voice said in my head.

I did just that. I heard the photographers yelling my name at different octaves trying for my attention, I tried to follow them, so they could get the shot. In-between yelling my name they yelled out compliments. This happened for a good thirty seconds before the escort on the carpet touched my arm. Blinded by the flashes I tried to follow her.

“Right here.” She said again, and I believed I had gotten the right spot. This happened twice more before I had reached the end of the carpet. When I reached the end my manager had already gotten to the end somehow and was waiting for me.

“You fucking killed that!” He said grabbing my shoulder and shaking them in excitement. “God damn. Keep it up you’re going to be giving us a raise soon.”

I smiled genuinely happy at both my manager and his assistance’s excitement. Although all this celebrity type stuff wasn’t my favourite I wanted to please them. I wanted to work hard so I could never say I failed because I was too pretentious to put in the work.

My manager escorted us to the next line of press, which was interviews. This was a portion I was always had mixed feelings about. I had only done a few of these but they were sometimes a hit or miss. Sometimes interviewers genuinely didn’t know who I was, which was embarrassing and awkward. My manager quickly readjusted my tops white trap, as it had moved on my shoulder. I looked down and smoothed out my white skirt. I felt a little more exposed in my outfit, I had argued with my manager that it might not be the most appropriate outfit considering the audience of the award show. But he insisted I wear the two piece, white lace bustier top and knee-length skirt. Reasoning that we were wanting to keep my audience older, more serious and mature. He wanted to move me away from the CW audience I had made my appearance with, which was the exact reason for being invited to the Teen Choice Awards show. Wearing this outfit would imply just that, he stated.

“Alright. Let’s go.” A man said from behind us.

I turned and followed him. He pressed me towards a crew. I left my team and began speaking with them. My manager went along behind me looking for other crews and networks for me to speak with. This was a crucial moment.

The interviews went by with good success. I had spoken to Buzzfeed, E! Network, The Young Hollywood and a few other mentionable. They all asked standard questions a few off ones but mostly asked about the upcoming moving and my interview with Ellen. E! Network had been the only one to bring up Shawn. Keeping nonchalant I brushed it off and said that the fans thinking we were cute together was flattering. But followed by reminding them I had never met him before.

After the interviews, we walked inside. My manager escorted us backstage which was buzzing with crew members and celebrities. I caught a few glimpses of actors who gave me butterflies thinking about them being so close to me.

The show was about to start and my manager wanted me to get to our seats. I was seated next to Melissa Benoist, who had been my co-star on Supergirl for the five episodes I had appeared on for their last season. We greeted on another and I was very aware of a camera man taking our picture as we did. We chatted for while and moved on to chatting with numerous people around us. Soon an ambience came over the room, cameras pulled into closer to staged and people began taking places. There was a final announcement that show would be on its way shortly.

A minute or two later the room hushed over and the host for the award show took place on the stage. The music and lights began and soon the show was on its way. I enjoyed my time as this was my first award show of this scale, everything going on around me was new and unexpected.  Although Melissa and I had never spent much time talking to one another offset, we made good appearances for the show and cameras anytime they might be on us.

It was around a quarter into the show when they were transitioning into the next musical performance. I watch someone tall set up onstage within the shadows. He took his place at a piano and I knew exactly who it was.

The host came over the sound system. “Shawn Mendes!”

The lights on the stage dimmed and the fog began to come over the floor, rain drops fell on the monitors as he began to play. Slowly, the spotlight lit him up, and I caught my breath. Seeing him for the first time was nothing like I expected.

He face was shadowed by the spotlight but I saw his brows furrowed in concentration as he played. Coming up to the microphone he began to sing, which really took my breath away. No amount of listening to his album and seeing pictures of him through display screen could simulate what it was like to see him in the physical.

His voice filled my ears and he was all I saw. I was mesmerised.  He continued singing with his hit ‘Stitches’. I knew his set perfectly for the song and saw the guitar and mic waiting for him further upstage. I sang along quietly, watching him sing with so much passion. Suddenly he smiled before standing up from the piano. The crowd went wide and I cheered with them. In the darkness, with the stage display showing a clip of heavy rain pouring I watch him pick up his guitar and come to the mic no more than fifteen feet away from me. Cameras swarmed in front of us pointing forwards him.

With the hit of his guitar the lights lit him up and he began singing the pre-course. I watched as he looked out to the crowd singing to them and only them. When he got into the course and the building was lit up and booming from his hand work. I was bouncing to the music singing every line and word. A camera man came in getting footage of me. I pretended he wasn’t there and played along for the show. But I truly didn’t need to act, as I was enjoying Shawn’s performance.

He hit his guitar with one last stroke and smiled out to the crowd. The audience was loud, he beamed up to them mouthing a thank you before blowing a kiss up to the stands. He looked down lower. Again I was mesmerised. Suddenly he turned his head down into the crowd in front of him. He didn’t look right to me first but scanned quickly and suddenly we made eye contact. It was only for a moment and I’m sure he had no idea who I was before the lights fell dark and he was nothing more than a shadow. Crew members rushed him off stage and into the blackness.

The rest of the next two hours I only wondered if he saw me. I questioned again if he even knew me, had he seen Ellen’s interview?

The rest of the show was long and tiresome. Keeping up appearances would have been better if I had been presenting or nominated for something to give me a bit of excitement but that was not the case. I only hoped it would be in the future.

With time the show was over and my manager guided me backstage again, stopping along the way to get photo opportunities. My manager was over the moon with how much exposure I was gaining from the night. Once back in behind the stage people were everywhere there was people and crew running around. Photographers and publicist. This particular situation was new to me but my manager seemed to know what to do. He was grabbing at any opportunity for me to get, pushing for A-list celebrities. He worked his magic and managed to snag me a moment with Selena Gomez and Tayor Swift. The cameras went off like fireworks as I chatted with them, we turned for a photo and then as fast as they came were both taken away. My manager was ecstatic and to be honest I was little too shell-shocked to understand the scope of what had just happened.

We moved on to other in the room and after a while, a woman came and talked to me. Looking around the room I then caught a glimpse of Shawn. He was tall in the crowd making it easier to find him. I watched him as the woman I didn’t know was talking to me. Attempting to pay attention to her I would glance down but I kept looking back to Shawn. He was smiling to whomever he was speaking with his smile bright and I couldn’t help but feel happy when watching him as he smiled to someone else. I couldn’t imagine how it felt to be on the receiving of his smile. Turing back to the person in front of me I tried to answer their questions but only managed to the word “yeah” out. They gave me an odd look but continued on anyways. They had my attention for only a few seconds more before I looked up towards Shawn again. I was fixated, there was no other word for it. He was all I saw, I just tried to not gawk at him as he spoke to the person at his attention, looking absolutely captivating. His eyes were so warm and bright, I loved looking at them.

Suddenly I looked away, realising that the reason his eyes were so pleasing is because they were looking right at me. I felt the heat in my cheeks, something that hardly happened. Not daring to look again I engrossed myself into the person in front of me, who I still didn’t know.

After a bit, this person left me and my manager pushed me onto the crowd. I then felt a touch right above my wrist and someone with a pleasant voice called my name. The touch disappeared and I looked to the location it came from.

I saw Shawn smiling at me just before a person walked by between us. My heart felt like it fell out of my chest.When the blockage passed he was still there looking at me and smiling. Turning I smiled back, it felt big and hurt my cheeks. “Hi.” I said over the crowd too loud.

“Hi!” He said, extending his hand and opening up his arm. I took his hand and shook it. He leant into me with his open arm and we exchanged a reserved hug for a first greeting. The lights from the ceiling flickers a few times. “So nice to meet you.” Shawn smoothly spoke into the back of my head.

Inhaling I caught his scent. “Ah. Yes. Nice to meet you as well.” I stuttered too distracted by just his scent.

We disconnected and there was an awkward moment. He smiled just for a moment his face gentle.

“Your performance was amazing. I loved it so much.” I burst out, and I began to ramble. “I mean I’ve seen you do it live online so many times but seeing it in person was honestly a long time dream of mine. I was blown away!” As I spoke a smiled came across his face as he listened to me. “I’m honestly such a huge fan.” I finished.

He leant forward and smiled shyly. “Oh thank you that’s so sweet.” He said touching my forearm, which lit up to his touch. “I actually saw you in the audience after.”

I raised my eyebrows, staggered. “You did? Wow. I didn’t even think you knew who I was?” I laughed nervously.

Shawn gave me a beatific smile, touching my arm again. “Of course I know who you are.” He chuckled and it was a warming sound. “I’m still waiting for my marriage proposal.” He then gave me a wink.

My cheeks went hot again, and I loathed the feeling. “Oh, god.” I said placing my hand on my face. “You saw the show.”

Perplexed, he looked at me. “Of course I saw! I love her show.”

“Oh god.” I reached out and touched him for just a moment, this skin was so warm and soft.  The lighting in the room flashed again. It was if our touch was creating shortages in the electrical for the building. “I’m so sorry.” I threw my head back removing my hand. “That’s a little embarrassing.”

“Don’t say that. I found it really flattering.”

I shyly looked away. “Well, I’m glad you did, and didn’t find it creepy.”

He chuckled again and I think I fell in love with the sound. “No. Not creepy at all.”

The room flashed again and I noticed that a man with a camera was standing taking pictures. I looked directly around us and a little ring of privacy was created just around us. The photographer, asked for the picture of both of us.

I looked up to Shawn and he smiled to me and opened his arm for the picture. I turned into his arm, his hand pressed to my middle back and couldn’t help noticed how much I enjoyed the touch. I leant slightly in for the picture, the photographer got a few of us smiling and a few without. My manager and a guy who I assumed was Shawn’s came in the place of the photographer and they took a picture as well. I noticed a few random people behind them did the same. I whispered thought my smile to Shawn.

“Would you mind if I actually got a picture on my phone too?”

Our managers moved away and Shawn removed himself away from me.

Timidly smiling up at Shawn I continued. “Like I said. I’m actually a huge fan so this is a big of a big deal for me.”

He shook his head just slightly as if to say to not be so ridiculous. “Of course. As long as I get one as well. I’m a fan of you as well.”

I giggled reaching into my small red clutch. “Oh don’t falsely flatter me.”

Shawn pulled out his from his back jean pocket. “I’m not.” He said looking serious. “I started off in school musicals, to say I wasn’t excited for a remake of ‘Singin’ in the Rain’ would be disrespectful.”

I looked down at my phone trying to hide how flattered I was at him knowing what I was working in.  

“You’re alright with Snapchat?” I asked politely my finger hovering over the app. Shawn pulled up his phone to show me the opened app on his. We chuckled at one another before he shuffled closer to me for the picture. I leant into him and he pulled it up both of us showing up on the screen. He looked perfect. I smiled at the sight of him and me together in a picture. He tapped the button for the picture, we relaxed our pose and he touched at his phone.

“A silly one?” He asked, his voice deep and raspy so close to my ear.

I agreed as he set up his phone after a few moments for another picture. We returned for a pose again, and both we posed. We both make a shocked face lips were parted and eyes wide. I giggled at the coincidence before reposing for the picture. Shawn took the picture and then we move onto taking one on my phone. We only got to do one, before Shawn’s name was being called by someone. Shawn looked up and indicated he needed to move on.

“It was so nice to meet you.” He said reaching to hug me with one arm. I reached back returning it.

“Likewise.” I beamed, my cheeks hurting again.

His hand was still on my forearm. “Hey, listen we should hang out sometime. If you want?”

I raised my eyebrows stupefied at the offer. “Yeah, that would be great.”

He held my arm tighter and smiled. “Great! Listen I’ll get my guy to contact your guy if that works for you?”

I nodded unable to speak.

“Again, I’m so glad to have met you. Have a great night.” He smiled brightly to me once last time before himself and his touch disappeared into the crowd.  

The crowd around me swallowed me up again. My manager came into view and his cold hands were only my shoulder.

“Oh, my god. That was great. You did such a great job. You really sold that!”

His words confused me. “What?” I asked my voice distance and preoccupied. My brain was filled with images of what had just happened. I held up my phone the picture of Shawn and myself still waiting on it. I published it to my Snapchat story after saving it.  My managers cool hands then pushed me around the room for the rest of the night because I was gone. Whatever logic or attention I had, left with Shawn. Part of me was terrified of how I was feeling but the other part was elated. Nothing could live up to this.

It wasn’t until the lights and sounds were gone in the black SUV driving us to an after party that I really came to my reality.

“I met Shawn,” I whispered as I looked out the window as the L.A lights went by. “I cannot believe this.”

“You did amazing at the show.” My manager said grabbing my attention. “You got so much exposure. You interacted with fans naturally. So many good pictures.” He turned to his assistant. “Make sure we are pushing those.”

I turned to my manager saying his name and telling him to  “Shut up.” He stopped.

I began to shake my head in disbelief. “All of this is really happening isn’t it?”

He grinned at me. “It really is.” His hand touched my knee. “It’s only going to get bigger, trust me.”

I looked away from him and back to the window. “I couldn’t think of anything better.”

I felt an icy hand on my hot shoulder. It was warm in the club for the after party. I turned around my manager was leaning into my ear.

“Shawn’s manager got into contact with me.” Instantly I was fully attentive to him. “Saying you and Shawn wanted to get together sometime?”

I looked up in the dark room and nodded eagerly.

‘Well, he’s only in town until tomorrow afternoon. And with the promo for the movie you’re going to be swamped for the next two months. The only time that works for the both of you in the next three months is tomorrow morning?”

“Okay?” I answered. “So?”

“Well, are you good with that.” My manager yelled into my ear.

“Yeah!” I yelled back.

“Alright well, it will be early. I’ll get back to Andrew. We should get you out of here then. Don’t want to be up to late and miss tomorrow.”

I nodded in agreement, excited to leave the party. My manager really had wanted me to attend the party but I wasn’t into it and was just going along for the benefits it could give me. All this was for the better, right?

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