so excited for may

I finally took the plunge, my first attempt oils! I think it’s fair to say we are officially going steady at this point! i absolutely love them. Had fun converting one of my digital works into a traditional piece too. 7"x 5" on paper.

I can’t wait to be united with my fire boi today

(happy release day!!)

The moment I knew @mormoc was going to be apart of the @pjocoloringbookproject, was the moment I knew that it was going to be the very first picture that I colored. And she didn’t disappoint me! I was utterly blown away with this piece (as I usually am whenever I see any of May’s artwork) and was so excited to color it!

Thank you May, for your beautiful lineart that is just so wonderfully compelling and breathtakingly fun to look at and color! You’re an incredible artist and a lovely friend altogether! Thank you!

NCT U reaction to walking in on you hitting a really high note

Taeyong: *already creating a master plan on how to get you into the next NCT unit*

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Ten: appears next to you in a matter of second, enthusiastically joining the song with a way too seductive face for the said situation

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Taeil: gets so dreamy that he doesn’t even notice when you finish the song…so the excited puppy running to where you are standing may be a little bit late

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Doyoung: ‘’Where did she learn that, WHEN did she learn that and why does she sound better than me?’’ 

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Jaehyun: ‘’Up for a challenge, jagi?’’ you didn’t know challenges end with a kiss but who are you to complain

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Mark: ‘’Autograph, please, if you don’t mind.’’

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Health Update 🤒

So my blood work came back with a red flag on my inflammation levels, which are more than double the normal range. My doc is sending me to hematologist (blood specialist) to run more tests, but right now likely contenders are lupus, cancer, or an autoimmune disease…. Yay?

Meanwhile I’m still drawing and writing and having a grand time in life, with the tiny setback of feeling like an exhausted sack of crap sometimes. But I still have all my limbs and my cat, so I’m okay for now. Here is a picture of Bunny sitting on my butt.