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I know ‘Magnus waiting for Alec to touch him’ is very popular but can you imagine ‘Magnus touching Alec without realizing it’? Magnus, whos so use to being able to show his affection through touch, whos already so attached to Alec that he doesn’t realize hes touching him until its already done. 

They’re sitting on the couch after their first date, both dozing off to the sound of some stupid TV show, neither of them ready to admit it and depart. And Magnus’s head falls against Alecs shoulder, barely realizing it until he feels Alec stop moving, stop breathing even. Of course he jumps to apologize, trying to tell Alec that hes sorry and that doesn’t want to push him or make him feel uncomfortable and even though it wasnt anything sexual he doesnt want Alec to feel rushed.

They’re at the institute alone for the first time all day, finally having a quiet moment to themselves, and Magnus just kisses him on the cheek because Alec looks so tired and so worn out and Magnus just wants to take him home but he cant. He doesnt even realize thats probably the first time anyones kissed Alec on the cheek until he sees Alec freeze.

It happens so much in the weeks after the wedding. Magnus impulsively kissing Alec’s nose when he looks cute. Magnus cuddling into Alec’s side, playing with his fingers, reaching out to brush Alecs hair back, each time seeing Alecs shocked face and jumping to apologize but Alec just blushing and mumbles that its okay because hes been waiting for Magnus to touch him all day. 

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rhett and link are listed as guests on the tonight show this thursday. source in the tonight show website.

wweriuwejuiwehruiwehrhu!!!! NO WAY!! Non that just made my morning thanks :D LOL I knew Fallon loved them! Makes me more excited for the announcement if they are going on The Tonight Show so soon after :) I guess they’ll be promoting whatever they are announcing and/or the book. My money is on both. This’ll be great though!

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Here to Stay || Justin & Brian

Justin had been lucky in the year and half since he had moved to New York City. He had found a couple of galleries that had asked him to do shows and had sold enough paintings to afford a beautiful brownstone in Brooklyn. The best part was the attic was a perfect studio for him. He was sitting in the window seat sketching a picture of himself intwined with his long distance boyfriend. He was excited because tonight he was flying in to visit him and he couldn’t wait. He hated being so far away from him but they both had their careers in the cities they each lived in. His heart sped up when the doorbell rang. Looking out the window he saw Brian with his luggage on his doorstep. He raced downstairs, threw open the door, and threw himself into Brian’s arms. “I missed you so much!”, he whispered in his ear. 


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I'M POSTING THIS HERE BECAUSE YOU SEEM TO ENCOURAGE IT Imagine Yuuri nervously trying to ask Victor to skate with him in a competition, but Victor thinks he's trying to ask him out and agrees without hearing him out. Both are excited, hijinks ensue


im yelling can u just imagine the awkwardness. Yuuri’s all like “um, so about what I asked you, when are we practicing?” and internally Victor’s like do people usually practice dating like OF COURSE THEY DON’T YOU BUFFOON but he’s like well im not from this country so who knows, and he says, “Let’s practice tonight?” Yuuri’s like “!!!….okay!!” and Victor says “meet me in my room, okay?” Yuuri’s like “uhhhhh….. okay…?????” but who practices skating in their room Yuuri…. you’re a dummy too

Yuuri shows up and knocks really shyly despite being so excited and just says “um, Victor” before Victor throws open the door and pulls him in and shuts it behind him. and he’s got his hands all over Yuuri thinking well, they might as well get their bodies used to each other if they’ll be dating for real, and he manages to enjoy himself and the shape of Yuuri’s butt for like 2/3 seconds before Yuuri is like W-W-WHAT ARE YOU DOING and Victor is like “practicing…” and Yuuri says “PRACTICING WHAT” and Victor says, “dating. that’s what you said isnt it”

aaaaaand then Yuuri has a heart attack JK he probably curls up on the floor and doesn’t move for like a good 15 minutes

Birthday Surprise

“Are you flying back home right away?” Karlie questioned, as I sat on the couch backstage. My birthday was tomorrow and I had a show tonight in Australia.

“Yeah, I think so. If I want to spend my birthday with you guys then yes.” I sighed.

“What’s wrong with you? You’re usually more excited about your birthday, Tay.” Karlie asked.

“Adam can’t be with me tomorrow, he has a show.” I frowned, remembering the conversation we had earlier today. He told me he had a show the night of my birthday and that he couldn’t be with me. It took everything in me not to cry but I knew that we both had responsibilities and that our jobs are very demanding. It didn’t make me feel any better though. I just had to remind myself that I could spend my day with my best friends and that would be enough although I would love it if Adam was there.

“I’m sorry, Tay.” Karlie told me, sympathetically. “But hey, you have us, huh?” She said, trying to cheer me up.

“Yeah, I’m glad.” I smiled a little. “Karlie, I have to go, it’s almost show time.” I stated as I heard the voice on the other side of the door saying I had fifteen minutes.

“Okay. Good luck. Love you!” She said before I hung up the phone. I stepped foot into the chaos of the hallway, dancers walking, production, people working everything to perfection so my show would go incredible like I had planned. And it did, it went amazing and I did loft and I met amazing fans who happened to mention my boyfriend, making me think back to the fact that he wouldn’t be with me as the girl made a comment about how amazing we are together and I thanked her, not being able to keep myself from smiling at the though of his green eyes. It made think about how in less than three months we would have our one year anniversary, the longest relationship I had ever had, the one I actually thought would last, the only one in which I thought about an actual future. A real thing, not a just the future in a year but the future in five or ten years, the rest of my life even. It scared me how much I loved him, how much it upset me that I couldn’t be with him on my special day. But even through my fears, I really thought he was it for me.

I entered my private jet, a small sigh escaping my lips as I sat down on a seat. I closed my eyes leaning back against the seat. My birthday was in a few hours, well at least in Australia. But by the time I got to the states it would be my birthday there as well. Though my party would be tomorrow night, I would still spend my birthday night alone.

I fell asleep and woke up to the sound of the pilot warning me that we would be landing soon.

Fighting through the crowds of paparazzi, I sighed in relief at the silence inside the car. The door separating me from the chaos going on, on the other side. They screamed questions. About my next album, my friends, Adam. Rumors circulating, though my head and I felt sick of it because I didn’t have the best day and they made it worse.

The driver dropped me off at my new LA house I had bought a few months ago. It was bigger and I was tired of my old house for some reason and I wanted a change. Also I had a pool now, in LA and even though Adam had a pool at his and I spent so much time there, I liked having my own pool. It was weird that I wanted a bigger house even though I was the only one living in it but my mind was set on the future.

I though it was strange that the door was unlocked when I entered the keys. Instantly I thought the worst. Someone broke in but as I walked inside my home, my mind calmed down as I saw my cats , lying on the rug. It was a peaceful sight, a normal one. I walked into the large living room as I foot stepped on something, I turned on the light and looked down to find rose petals on the floor then my eyes travelled to the top of the stairs and I found the smile I longed for.

“Oh my god! What are you doing here? I thought you had a show in Europe tomorrow!” I yelled, taking off and running up the stairs and into his arms, the smile on my face getting bigger, as his arms were tightly wrapped around me.

“I wanted to surprise, baby.” He told me, kissing the top of my head as I buried my face in his chest . I could feel tears starting to form in my eyes. After having a bad day, it seemed like the happiness he brought me was overwhelming. I had spent the day knowing he wouldn’t be with me and now here he was, holding me in his arms. I couldn’t help but feel emotional. I pulled away to look at him, my hand finding its way to his face as his wiped away any remaining tears. He looked at his watch and a huge smile spread across his face. “Happy birthday, my love.” He murmured before pressing his lips against mine. After not having been with him for more than three day, I loved that I could have his kisses and his embraces whenever I wanted. It had never been clearer to me that I loved this man with everything in me. I knew I loved him before but every time he did something like this, it occurred to me that I had never loved anyone as I loved him.

“I love you so much.” I whispered against his lips, smiling. His lips stretched into a big grin and he picked me up as I wrapped my legs around his waist.

“I love you so much more than you’ll ever know.” He kissed me again and I swore that in that moment I would never let him slip away.



This is me and my friend Ruby and we’re going to be at your show in Sydney today !!!! WE ARE SO EXCITED WE HAVE BEEN UP ALL NIGHT.

My name is Imogen and you may know me as one of your little dancers along with Lauren @wefoundwondreland WHO IS ALSO GOING TO BE AT YOUR SHOW TONIGHT AND I GET TO MEET HER FOR THE FIRST TIME. You have helped both of us follow our dreams with dance and I’m so happy to be able to see her tonight. I have so many other friends I’m going to see and I can’t WAIT to see you again. We’re sitting in section A4-1 Row U seats 13 & 14.


Shoutout to the writers for a really great A plot tonight. Representing social conflict (like through the gaming club debate) is most effective when you show both sides of an issue. While Hunter was definitely way, way out of line, showing the plot through his POV makes it possible to understand his frustration (though not necessarily to condone his response). While Degrassi has always done a great job of bringing up topical issues, they usually do so in a one-sided, moralistic way. By giving us Goldi/Maya’s perspectives last week and Hunter’s this week, the writers are forcing viewers to think critically about the conflict rather than passively observing the message. And that’s so important.

tl;dr: The Next Class writers have really stepped up their game and are providing a nuanced, complex look at social issues. 

Ginnifer Goodwin and Jason Bateman, aka Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde, are going to be guests on Jimmy Kimmel this week! Ginnifer is tonight at 11:35 pm And Jason will be on the show this Thursday This is great! But if only they were both invited today, instead of separate dates. Oh well, so excited! Wilde Hopps shippers unite! 😆 @thebronyphilospher @theboywhoflydragons @agentexeider @megan-peabody @chocotwy @wandering-ghostgirl @ktrk5 @flowers-and-crossbows @justlookatthosesausages

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