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HAVE YOU GUYS SEEN THIS?? This friday on How It Really Happened on HLN, there’s NEW special on jeff, with interviews with Errol Lindsey’s sister, and extended interview clips from lionel’s appearance on larry david. 

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more clips here and here 

So what you’re telling me is that the lieutenants are okay 👀👀👀👀 

But Like

why doesn’t Adam (AKA the Beast) turn into a human sooner.


She learned to love him way before he was about to die.

Major plot fail, Disney.

I want Adam running into the library in human form one random day.

And Belle’s like “WHO THE HELL ARE YOU?”

And Adam’s just so excited that she loves him that he just stands there, breathing heavily (because he’s run through the entire castle to find her) and says softly, “You love me.”

And Belle says, “Um, I’m sorry. I’ve never met you. How did you find this castle? Who are you?”

And Adam just comes up to her, practically gliding across the room because of all the height and weight he’s lost. “It’s me, Belle,” he says, gently hugging her.

She fights it only enough to look him in the eyes (because he’s still strong despite him not having a hulking figure anymore), and that’s when she can have an actual “It IS you” moment that makes sense. 

“Will You Be Mine?” Digital Oil Painting

I thought a painting of Actual Disney Prince Tom Hiddleston with a rose would be a perfect complement to premiere day for the live-action Beauty and the Beast. I’d accept that rose in a heartbeat! ^_^

If you enjoy my art, please consider subscribing to my Patreon! I am saving to buy a wheelchair lift.

Fem Godric Makeup Test

Rowena: So, we need to build our school somewhere 


Salazar: GODRIC YES 

Helga: Godric we are supposed to be blending in 

Godric: *removes her robe* 

Salazar: *also dressed in muggle clothing* And I’m dressed as a homicidal maniac, they look just like everyone else. 

((OOC:  This was mainly just me playing around with genderbent Godric’s makeup and mannerisms… the outfit was just whatever i could find in my Uni room, and i could’t find a whole lot…

yes that is a bed sheet over my shoulder. yes I’m expecting you all just to go with this.

Based on: and
Critical Role: episode 91

An incomplete list of things that happened tonight:

  • Keyleth had a frank discussion with her dad about not being prepared and how she feels a little angry about that sometimes
  • Keyleth’s dad hugged her and I cried
  • This picture:
  • Keyleth declaring, NOT asking permission, that she will stay with Vox Machina for a while longer
  • “We kidnap the President of Hell and assume is visage” Grog no
  • Matt smirked a LOT this episode and every time I said “I Don’t Like That Look On Your Face Matthew”
  • After my mind was excited by the prospect of Tiefling Vax if they tried reincarnation, now we have CANON TIEFLING VAX and I cannot WAIT for the fanart I’m gonna SWOON
  • Both VEX AND PERCY expressed great interest in seeing Keyleth shift into a succubus
  • “ermagerd”
  • “I am Lady Keyleth’s … friend”
  • After the break, Matt was illuminated by orange light
  • Devil’s Night DDDDD:
  • “Percival, strut”
  • Percy sternly demanding directions was um, sure a thing *sweats*
  • Vex sneering and being all snobby and nasty was um, sure a thing *sweats*
  • “This is like Hellraiser”
  • Keyleth finger-gunned with flaming hands at a devil man
  • Keyleth and Tary unknowingly ate souls
  • “We gotta get arrested” “Or become police officers”
  • “We could send him a tree”
  • “Here, he’s a wee bab in a chocolate egg”
  • “All this time Vax has been staring at Tary imagining him with HALF A BEARD”
  • Percy snorted a soul intentionally 
  • “I would prefer you indebted to me … tempt me … it behooves you to make this contract” This entire conversation holy hell it was so hot I might have fainted
  • “Greg”
  • “Does it show” PERCY OMG
  • Keyleth with her hood down, flaming hands on, striking a badass pose
  • Keyleth said that Vax “belong[ed] to her” and somewhere Vax got a boner
  • “I feel inspired to go to bed” SAME
One Hell of a Lucky Guy

Steroline (sort of?) AU future fic - prompt what if Caroline meet one of Stefan’s doppelgangers in the future. Chapters: 1 | 2

Chapter 3

Caroline arranged the two den chairs in front of the fireplace while setting the empty scotch glasses on the table preparing everything for the annual tradition tonight when she felt her phone vibrate in her pocket. Reaching for it saw the screen highlighted with one simple text “Salvatore Bonding Night begins in 5 have glasses ready” from Damon. She smiles to herself thinking how she’s already ahead of him when she hears the front door swing open, she takes her seat and reaches for her empty glass holding it in anticipation for Damon to fill it before he even sits down.

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