so excited about what's happening with his character. i can't wait to see how things change

SERVAMP Chapter 56 Spoilers!

I just got back from overseas, so I could only post this now, haha. :’D Read the chapter around 3 days ago and loved the slight development on The Mother, Touma, and Tsurugi - so without further ado, read on~

P.S. This is a rather long summary with some ramblings, so please take note. :’D

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My Review of The Originals 3x22 - The Bloody Crown

So this is it, this is the last review for season 3 of The Originals that I will be doing. The season is finished and my god was it a memorable one, it was filled with drama, death (R.I.P Cami, Davina, Finn), emotional scenes, family, unexpected twists and moments plus so much more. The writers really did a great job this season. I’ve had so much fun writing these reviews and I can’t wait until I can do them again for season 4. This finale was everything that I hoped for but at the same time it was nothing like I expected it to be. :)

- Favourite Scenes

1. Klaus On Trial
Of course Klaus wouldn’t let any of his sire vampires/Marcel make him feel bad for all the things he has done. He stood his ground and that’s what I love about him. To be honest I actually thought that Rebekah had gone mad, but it all turned out that it was all part of the plan. And it’s quite funny that Marcel believes that he was the one that killed The Originals, but in reality the Mikealson’s fell on their own terms. Even though Klaus was literally staring death in the face, he didn’t let that prospect change anything. He made the ultimate sacrifice for his family and that right there is character development done well. Klaus Mikealson will do whatever it takes to protect the ones he loves, and that is exactly what he did in this episode. He saved his family despite the fact that he’ll be in awful pain for god knows how long. For the first time in his life, Klaus Mikealson wasn’t thinking about himself and that is truly a beautiful thing. He saved his family without a second thought, without hesitation and he did it all due to his love for his siblings. I’m so proud of Klaus!.

2. Rebekah’s Return
We all love Rebekah, she is the fierce, strong, sassy Original that has a way with words. And no matter what she would want to be with her family, even if it was dangerous. I loved that she stood by Klaus, no matter what happens between them two they’re family. And Rebekah will always love her brother and siblings. I hope for next season Claire/Rebekah are back for more episodes, because I am beyond excited to see where they take this storyline next. And for that to happen we need Rebekah to be apart of it.

3. Poetic Ending
A prophecy was told that the Mikealson’s would all fall, and that’s what happened…they fell. And that is the most poetic ending they could of came up with. I am glad the writers didn’t go down the happy route and have The Originals survive and eliminate the threats that were after them. I thought it really suited what the season was about. You never mess with family, and I loved how even when death was on their door, The Originals managed to escape and end the game on their terms. I’m excited for what next season will have in store for them, and how Hayley will save each of them. The Originals did fall, but my god they are going to rise and come back more reunited and stronger than ever….Marcel be ready.

4. Vincent
Poor Vincent, he wanted to believe in Marcel that he wouldn’t turn out like Klaus and all the other power hungry people…but that’s exactly what happened. And now I’m super glad Vincent is stepping up and creating a safe haven for those people, who are sick to death of all the horror, death and bloodshed that has fallen on top of New Orleans. His storyline seems very interesting going into season 4, and I just hope they don’t turn him into a bad guy because that will defeat the purpose of what his doing.

5. No Death!!
I think every single one of us thought that another major character would die, and I’m so happy the writers choose not to kill anyone. I am glad that Kol is still breathing, and we will most likely see him again in season 4. I am glad that The Originals aren’t dead, per say. I am glad that this season finale was still amazing and there didn’t need to be a death to make it so. I applaud the writers, and this is a finale that I will be watching again because that’s how a finale should be like!

- Least Favourite Scene
None whatsoever! This finale was gripping, satisfying, amazing, emotional and unexpected everything that you want a season finale to be. I am still shocked that their ended with all The Originals daggered and the writers certainly have so much to play with for next season, fingers crossed they do it all justice and make season 4 just as bad ass as season 3.

- Stand out character performance
The entire Original family. Klaus for looking his sired vampires in the eye and being unapologetic for all he has done. Rebekah for coming back and standing by her brother and family without a second thought. Elijah for mending his relationship with Klaus and wanting nothing but Hayley to be happy. Kol or kicking death in the face again and being his usual self. Freya for saving everyone from death. And Hayley and Hope for being the ones to do whatever it will take to save the Originals and reunite them all together.

- My rating of the episode (it will be a rating out of 10)
I will rate this episode 10/10 because my god I loved everything about it.

- Favourite quote/line
KLAUS: But I do know this my littlest wolf, I will do right by you.
ELIJAH: We protect this family at any cost.
REBEKAH: Now I’ve only got a short while before I go mad, so your explanation better be quick and it better be good.
Once Upon a Time: Sean Maguire Can't Wait to Reunite With Colin O'Donoghue
Once Upon a Time may be a show based on fairy tales, but it has certainly had its fair share of unhappy endings from time to time. Last season, fans
By Kelsie Gibson

Once Upon a Time may be a show based on fairy tales, but it has certainly had its fair share of unhappy endings from time to time. Last season, fans practically lost it when Robin Hood was killed off, and rightfully so. Not only was he a fan favorite, but the character’s ending seemed unjust. After much rallying by fans (or Hoodies, as they like to call themselves) on social media, though, it seems like there is finally light at the end of the tunnel. Everyone’s favorite bandit is set to return in season six, and we are already highly emotional. We had the opportunity to sit down with the actor behind the beloved character, Sean Maguire, and he gave us a little insight about what’s in store.

PS: What has the fan support meant to you?
Sean Maguire: It’s crazy! I don’t think there would be any Robin Hood coming back if it wasn’t for them. It’s their response to the character’s death that has prompted this return, because I certainly didn’t imagine — I thought it was done and we were finished. So, I was quite surprised to get the call and I was told that it was as a result of people being very, very kind and very supportive and making their feelings heard.

PS: After Robin Hood died, you didn’t sound very hopeful about reprising your character. Would you say that the fan support changed your mind?  
SM: Yes, absolutely. I was a little disappointed when it happened because it felt out of nowhere, kind of abrupt. There were a lot of things that we thought we were going to see with his character that we didn’t. So, like the fans, I was disappointed and thought, “Well, that’s that,” but that was before this strong response from people on social media and really just making their feelings heard. The guys [Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis] have responded to that because they are very smart and listen to their audience. I guess they maybe didn’t think it would have been that big of a deal when Robin died.

PS: Which cast members are you most looking forward to reuniting with on set?  
SM: Oh, I mean, all of them. There’s not one that I don’t love. That’s one of the other really strong motivations to go back. I certainly wouldn’t be rushing back to a show when I felt like I was already finished on it if it wasn’t for a cast that I loved beyond words. But Colin is like family to me and Lana and I have such a great relationship, and Bex [Rebecca Mader]. I feel remiss if I don’t mention all of them now. It’s that kind of a cast. So, I’m really excited to get back up and have some fun with them.

PS: How would you want Robin Hood’s story to end when he returns?
SM: Well, given that it’s a show about fairy tales, I guess what everyone wants from a fairy tale is a happy ending. That might mean different things to different people, but for fans of Robin and Regina, a better sense of closure might be something they’re grateful of.  

PS: Other than Outlaw Queen, who is your favorite couple on the show?
SM: You know, it’s one of those things if I say that — I’ve learned from the show and its very passionate fans — if I say, “I love Captain Swan,” they’ll be like, “Oh, well, why don’t you like Rumbelle? Or what about the dwarves?” So, I’ll just leave the shipping to the fans, and I’ll just do what’s on the page.

anonymous asked:

I just can't believe this crap! I mean WTF Damon is counting the days 'till bonnie will die?! But what if she lives more than 60 yrs ...what will Damon do? Kill her because that was it? Gawd I just can't process. They killed Kai, which caused an intense and explozive impact and hate from fans and now these "writers" are turning Bonnie into Damon's toy because she "owns him" from not killing her. Cry me a river. Total BULLSHIT! I just hope that Kat quits that crap of Tvd. What's your opinion?

Hi! I could talk about this for awhile, but I will try to keep it brief. Just think how all of this fuckery and drama could have been avoided if Plec would have stayed the hell out of the way and allowed bonkai to play out and continue in Season 7? Plec’s decision to purposefully destroy any chance of bonkai caused a ripple effect throughout the episodes with the plotholes, logic fails, and then all the drama and lying, backtracking that has happened since after the season ended, all could have been avoided.

(I could talk about all of Kai’s potential storylines and the way his character was treated horribly by Plec at the end too but since this anon Q is more about Bonnie I thought I would focus on her for this post) Also, I would like to point out to some people that Plec saying that she thought Bonnie should die in Season 5 but kept her around because Kat had ideas of what to do with Bonnie’s character says more about Plec than it does about Kat(Plec is unimaginative and treats her actors/characters like shit). It’s no surprise that Kat LOVED the idea of bonkai and pushed for it..

Bonkai was an answer to a lot of what people wanted for Bonnie’s character , someone finally risking their life to save hers, someone putting her first, someone choosing her first, Bonnie focusing more on her magic, a chance to delve more into Bonnie’s family history, Bonnie’s grams and her connection to the Parkers/Gemini coven(remember Bonnie’s grams knew Jo and she helped the gemini coven put Kai away in the prison world and she also sent Bonnie to the prison world instead of permanent death, why was this never talked about again?), Bonnie exploring more of her darker side and her sexual side. Bonnie having inner conflict for a change, feeling conflicted. Bonnie being with someone of equal power, so she doesn’t have to go around saving his life every 5 seconds like she did with Jeremy. There was just so many things that could have been finally set right in terms of how her character has been out of the focus and used for so long, there was so much potential, but what did JP choose to do? She chose to do the one thing that would make sure her character would stay limited. Not only that but she did something that would insure Bonnie’s character/Kat would get constant hate, tie Bonnie to Elena and give her character a countdown until she can die and get out of the way so Damon could reunite with Elena again. Plec already said she didn’t value Bonnie and it shows when she made it seem like it was such a “choice” , between Damon waking up a sleeping Elena or allowing Bonnie to die. Um, those choices are not equal, the fact that it had to even be considered a hard choice to make..or even a choice at all, just shows how little they value Bonnie as a person. Put anyone else in Elena and Bonnie’s position and you would realize how ridiculous it sounds. “Hmm I could let person A die or wait awhile until person B wakes up in some years where I get to see them again anyway” again, not something that should be considered a choice unless you think person A’s life doesn’t have much value. 

The amazing thing is bonkai was not even forced, there was subtlety and this undeniable chemistry that Bonnie and Kai always had from the beginning which makes it all the more insane that Plec would ruin something like that on purpose but again, you have to factor in that she does value Bonnie as a character, in fact, she hates Bonnie. And she felt extremely threatened by all the bonkai potential. Odd, you would think a TV producer would capitalize on that but no, Plec isn’t a producer, that’s an insult to actual producers. But she needs Bonnie now, to be Damon’s person he goes to when he wants to whine or push around and blame her for living. Oh yes, let’s erase the fact that Damon was the one who came up with the revenge plan on Kai to begin with, let’s ignore the fact that Damon “saved” Bonnie(not really since Kai was never going to kill Bonnie) what’s the point of making Damon resent Bonnie next season? Plec is a fucking disaster. She is doing everything to shit on Bonnie, even if it takes dragging down or killing off other characters to do it. Then she complains about all the fandom wars/hate when SHE’S the one perpetuating it, she creates the environment on purpose. She tries to play dumb, she tries to play the victim. She is naming the first episode of Season 7 ‘22,000 days’ or something like that, literally counting down the days of when Bonnie will finally die(something she’s been excited about I’m sure) Plec knew what she was doing. I’m starting to wonder if she even cares that TVD will get cancelled? She needs to step down. 

oops I said I’d try to keep it