so excited about the beautiful new stills

if there’s one thing i love more than badboy beka and fuckboy beka, it’s softboy beka.

consider him:

  • at home in the winter wearing comfy sweats and oversized, chunky knit sweaters and slouchy beanies, drinking tea and tending his plants.
  • keeping multiple sets of reading glasses scattered around his apartment because he sometimes forgets where he last put them and doesn’t like to go digging every time he wants to read.
  • volunteering at an animal shelter whenever he gets the chance, and his favorite thing to do is take the big dogs out back and just cuddle em, because everyone knows that big dogs are the most gentle babies and he can relate.
  • sending his mother flowers for his birthday, because she really did all the work, he just showed up at the end.
  • keeping a box in his room of little things he finds that remind him of yuri, and every time they see each other, he wraps them up in a brown paper package to give as a hello gift (yuri starts doing it, too, and the first time it happened, otabek got a lil misty).
  • preferring to decorate his apartment with ferns and succulents and crystals and heavy velvet curtains, partly for aesthetic™, but also because he read a lot of stories about magic when he was a child and he’s fascinated with the idea of nature being mystical, so he wants his environment to feel that way.
  • going hiking, and always taking a sapling to plant in empty spots of the forest he loves and appreciates so much.
  • keeping a leather bound journal buried in the drawer of his nightstand that he jots down pieces of dreams he remembers or lyrics to songs he’d like to write or bits of his life he’d like to always remember. when he fills up a journal, he seals it with a string and some wax and dates it so he can go back to it in a year and relive those memories.
  • never having been much of a holiday guy, but when yuri came into his life, he kinda got dragged into it because that boy LOVES a holiday, so one year he spent three hours researching different ones on google just so he’d be ready when necessary.
  • whenever he goes home for a visit, it’s a tradition that he sits on the back porch chatting with his parents while his little sisters braid the long parts of his hair with flowers. they always take a group picture when they’re done; he has a corkboard at his place dedicated to just these photos. whenever yuri starts to visit with him, his sisters lose their minds and insist on doing his hair, too. those pictures go at the top of the board.
  • every time he plays a gig and friends of his go to see it, at the end of the night, he makes sure to round them up and get them safely into a taxi before he packs up his equipment and leaves himself. yuri noticed that he does it after a few times, so he took over the duty whenever he goes to watch, that way otabek can focus on winding down after his set. otabek always gets a little smile on his face whenever his phone lights up with a text that says all good, everyone’s safely on their way home with a picture of yuri giving a thumbs up in front of a cab stuffed with six drunk dudes.
  • his favorite time of year is the fall, because he loves watching the living alchemy of trees changing colors, and smelling the crispness of the season rushing in, and he knows his birthday is coming and he still gets really excited about it, because it’s nice to get attention for something so mundane sometimes. every year, whatever yuri sends comes stuffed full of confetti in new and creative ways. he still finds pieces of it under his furniture for the next three months no matter how careful he is.

basically, i love otabek ‘look like a badass, walk with love’ altin, and so should you.

Kalopsia (M)

» the belief that things appear more beautiful than they are.

Summary: Jungkook’s a photographer who has a knack for finding the beauty in the simple things.
Word Count: 10,623
Genre: Photographer!Jungkook + angst/smut/fluff 
Warnings: Mentions of death 
A/N: Based on this song. This is incredibly long, and I’m sorry.

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we fall in love in mysterious ways

“F.R.I.D.A.Y? I’m still not sure about the guns. Maybe we could use another metal to make them even better. I mean they should be really light, so Groot can hold them.” Tony says when he looks at his blueprints. Something looks still wrong.

“I would suggest the vibranium that’s left, Sir.” F.R.I.D.A.Y answers and Tony looks up at that. He can feel the slight pain in his chest. Vibranium. The Shield. Steve

“Yeah well maybe you are right. Not like Rogers would still want something from me, right?” Tony jokes. Or he tries. It comes out bitter and sad at the same time.

Sometimes he still misses Steve. No Rogers now. Yeah he misses him and the other brats. But they aren’t here anymore, so he should stop with that.

Rogers, Barnes, Barton, Romanoff, Maximoff, Wilson. They are all gone and Tony is sure they never want to see him again. Also that other guy…. the one with the ants.

Bruce wasn’t there when everything had fallen apart. And he still is gone and Tony misses him. God he misses him and Thor. But they didn’t tried to reach him. At all. Maybe they are with Rogers?


Tony looks up at that. He isn’t alone. Not by far. Rhodey is still here, even if he has days where he can’t look Tony in the eye. Because he is embarrassed that he still needs help to walk.

But Tony knows Rhodey loves him, so thats alright.


And right. The Guardians of the Galaxy are here. Tony is still not sure, why exactly. But they are with him for a few weeks now and Tony is glad for the change.

“Yes?” He asks and looks at Peter, who stands in his doorway. What is he even doing here? F.R.I.D.A.Y greets Peter and the guardian smiles at the ceiling.

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EXCLUSIVE: Lana Parrilla Spills on Evil Queen's 'Challenging' Song & Connecting With 'Once Upon a Time' Fans!

From Evil Queen to dancing queen!

This Sunday’s highly anticipated musical episode of Once Upon a Time features a truly sensational solo from the famed Snow White villain, so we called up the on-screen queen herself Lana Parrilla to get the behind-the-scenes secrets on how she prepared for her “Ziggy Stardust moment” and the challenges that came with it.

“I wish that we would’ve done more than one musical episode – that’s how great it was!” Parrilla dished to ET over the phone while she was vacationing with her mother, Dolores Dee Azzara, in Spain last month.

“At first, I was nervous because I thought, ‘Oh god, I’d better figure out how to really sing.!’ I mean, the whole world is going to be watching, so I’m not going to pretend I’m a great singer,” she explained. “I’m just going to do the best that I can. I kind of channeled my nerves into excitement, so I got really excited about it and I thought, 'I’m just going to go with this and have a blast!’”

“And being that I’m the Evil Queen, you can almost, like, hide behind her a little bit. I’m like, 'Well, if she doesn’t do a good job, it’s on her, not me!’” she added with a laugh. The brunette beauty dished that it was an “interesting challenge” to sing her song, “Love Doesn’t Stand a Chance,” because Parrilla typically gives the Evil Queen a deeper voice than her own. “The song in itself was quite challenging because it had different tempos. It was fast and then it was slow and I had to sing in a lower register, which is not where I normally would sing, so it was challenging in that regard,” she said.

“But overall, it was awesome!” she gushed. “I loved every moment of it! I had a blast and I danced a lot as the queen. There’s a whole dance number that I end up doing, which was so much fun, so I really, really enjoyed that.” Parrilla revealed that the Evil Queen’s costumes are usually very confining and she has a limited range of movement, so Once Upon a Time’s head costume designer, Eduardo Castro, altered her gown for the musical so she could fully embrace the choreography.

“I kind of move my arms and throw them down. I get down on the ground and I slam down on the ground and it’s very sort of a violent song, which was fun,” she said. “I think it had a little bit of Tim Curry in Rocky Horror Picture-show-meets-David Bowie, which I’m a huge fan of, so I was really excited to have my own Ziggy Stardust moment.”

The actress said that going through all the different stages of preparing for the musical brought the Once actors even closer together. “It was a different experience than what we’re used to doing every day in the last six years on Once, and it was something new and exciting and everyone in the cast is so talented,” she said. “Everyone was so supportive of one another and everyone was smiling around the set and people were humming the tunes. I’m still humming Rebecca’s song!”

When asked what she thought about the fact that the musical episode would also be featuring Emma and Killian’s wedding, Parrilla was quick to sing its praises. “I thought it was awesome! I think everyone has been really excited for that. It’s just really beautiful to see a really happy moment because there’s typically not a lot of happiness going on in the show, even though everyone is searching for their happy ending,” she said with a chuckle.

“There’s also a musical number that takes place at the wedding, and for everyone to be a part of that, it’s really fun and everyone looked beautiful,” she continued. “Just to get kind of dressed up to go to a wedding was really fun, so I thought it was great. I thought it was super appropriate and a great opportunity to tie the two in: the wedding and the musical.”

With the fate of the series still up in the air, Parrilla is “open to seeing what happens” if ABC were to greenlight a season seven, but no matter, what she’s thankful fans have become so connected to the character of Regina over the past six years.

“I think it’s phenomenal that so many people have been inspired and their lives have changed because of Once Upon a Time, and to see how Regina has touched so many lives because of her journey and her own story and her own inner struggles, it’s remarkable. I did not expect Regina to have this impact in so many people,” she said. “I’m elated because I feel like I have a huge part in it and that’s something that I’ve always wanted to do in my career, which is to be a part of something that has changed lives and inspired people to be better and I’ve been able to do that with Regina.”

While Parrilla loves that her journey as Regina has promoted a message of “self love” and “acceptance” to all the Once Upon a Time audience, she confessed that it makes her “really sad” when she sees fans spreading negativity towards one another on social media.

“Sometimes I see a lot of negativity on social media and I don’t really understand it. I don’t support it, and I don’t necessarily engage in it, because if you start paying attention and engaging, it just gets worse,” she said. “And so I filter out – not that I physically filter it out, but I mentally filter out – and I just decide that I don’t need to read the negativity and I want other people to do the same thing,” she continued.

“I think a lot of our youth kind of focuses too much on the negative things that are being said and you have a choice. You can just look the other way and focus on the positives and only engage in the positive messages and let that be the reality and not engage in the negativity and the bullying,” she added. “But I really despise it. I don’t like seeing and I don’t think there’s any room for it. There’s enough evilness in the world and darkness in the world, let’s not be a part of it.”



Am I the first one to fanart these?

Anyway, I’m so excited about Olaf’s Frozen Adventure I can’t even!!!!1 ♥♥♥

Very quickly Kristanna in those beautiful new outfits 😍 Hope I did them justice? Still can’t color digitally, if anyone ever wished to color this, please feel free :)


I don’t have a shred of maternal instinct in me...

…but sometimes I have kid feels.

I had a patient today, an adorable seven year old girl who was really brave as I treated an injury of hers.  As I patched her up, she asked what was hanging around my neck, so I explained to her that it was my stethoscope and I use it to listen to peoples heartbeats and breathing to tell if they’re sick.  She was fascinated, but she was having a tough time with her treatment, so I promised her that if she was a brave girl and let me finish, I’d let her borrow it for a few minutes when I was done so she could hear her mum’s heartbeat.  She was excited and while she was still a bit squirmy and scared, she got through the rest of the treatment like a champ and so I handed over my tubes for a few minutes as I cleaned up and as I looked back at her listening to mum’s heart, I realized that the look of wonderment on a child’s face, the glimmer of excitement in their eyes, the headiness of new experience…. these things are precious, and beautiful, and it warmed my heart so damn much I can’t stop smiling thinking about it.

You go, girl.  

You learn, explore, ask questions, seek answers, create, be inspired, inspire: never stop.  Never let go of that wonderment.

Thank you for showing me the beauty of enthusiasm again.  It’s something I so desperately need in this sick, sad world some days.

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Let us fill the Gruvia tag with some positivity! What are your top 5 Gruvia moments? :)

Good idea! ^^

1) Chapter 416 boob hug. No matter what’s come after, the excitement and the enjoyment, even years afterward, are still such fond memories for me. It was just such a surprise when it happened, even though we had been waiting months for Gray and Juvia to reunite. I knew we would get something good, but I never really thought it would truly be that. I had begun writing a fic at the time that had Gray and Juvia in that exact same kind of hug for the same kind of reason, so my wishes literally came true with that moment. Juvia was truly going to walk away from Gray forever, but he STOPPED her. He HUGGED her. He sought her for comfort. And in that moment, as Juvia held him to her, that ice mage, who had been cold for so long, felt warm. My HEART. ;_; Plus, it’s always nice to see Gruvia physical contact hee. And it was just a nice cap to a really great arc, as well. And IMO they have been practically canon since this moment. If the series had ended there it would have been implied canon.

2) 499 Gray and Juvia sacrifice themselves for each other. I wanted Juvia to “die” since the end of the GMG arc. I thought it was important for their storyline, so I thought it needed to happen. BUT, I never imagined Gray would sacrifice himself at the same time. It’s an incredibly powerful thing in Japanese literature for lovers to suicide together. And Gray and Juvia did it out of a deep love for each other. As Gray corrected himself, “I didn’t want to hurt a friend, NO, I didn’t want to ever hurt YOU.” Juvia said Gray’s words made her happy for a reason. Gray right then and there told her she was so much more than just a friend to him. Also, this is the only scene that has every made me cry while reading FT. Juvia’s parting words in Gray’s mind did that to me. Those pages were beautiful. Plus, I love all the parallels between Juvia and Ur here. And I STILL think Gray totally kissed her when she was dying in his arms. So, I hope that is confirmed one day. *-*

3) Gruvia Unison Raid. The rest of these were really hard to choose between and put in any kind of order. So I’m going simply by how surprised and excited I was when I read them. And the Unison Raid was super exciting and fun at the time. Especially in fandom since I was still pretty new to the FT fandom then and could just enjoy all the art and colorings, and happiness about it. It was the unison raid of LOVE after all. ^-^ And they had those beautiful color pages, and the looks and smiles they gave each other, and the hand holding, and the team work, and it was just such a happy and enjoyable development! And Chelia (and perhaps Lyon lol) was added on the growing list of in-story Gruvia shippers lmao!

4) I’m here with you. I got spoiled on this one, so it wasn’t a surprise to me when I read it, but it was still such an amazing moment. I love that Gray took Juvia’s hand to comfort her. I love that they were riding so close together, and Juvia had her arms around Gray. I loved that Juvia remained serious and solemn even after Gray consoled her and said those important words. And I loved the foreshadowing of what was to come. It guaranteed that both Gray and Juvia would somehow be involved with this mysterious Silver character, and much angst would follow. ^-^

5) Ok, I’m going to cheat now, because I can’t choose lmao. 453, Gray thinking about Juvia during the Silver fight, the sensory link, and Gray saving Juvia from Ultear are all such important moments to me for different reasons. 

453 obviously had Gray being a lot more honest and straightforward with Juvia than ever before. He was all cute and flirty when offering her the candy bar. He admitted that he was grateful to have her, always by his side. And he broached the subject of Juvia’s feelings all on his own, by promising to give her an answer. That in itself, was simply a reinforcement of what I personally already thought was obvious from 416. That Gray’s feelings for Juvia were mutual, otherwise there would have been no point of giving her a new answer. It was just such a big deal, and it gave us something to look forward to for their development in the current arc, while also casting a giant angst shadow over their heads. So, it was exciting.

Gray thinking about Juvia during his Silver fight was AMAZING. I had read the spoilers at the time, and it has said Gray had pictured all of his friends, and Ur, and Juvia, etc.. And I thought, oh well at least he thought of her. BUT, I had no idea until we got the chapter, that she had taken up such a blatantly large part of Gray’s thoughts! And it was a whole new panel, too, unlike all the others which were repeats. And she looked so beautiful and was calling his name so lovingly. And it was just wonderful to have it confirmed how Gray REALLy thinks of Juvia. Not some annoying, inconvenience, but a beautiful girl who’s affections and presence he treasures. ;_;

The Sensory link during the Meredy fight needs to be mentioned, because it was when I a) became a huge Juvia fan because she was so badass, and b) when I realized that Gruvia would one day be canon. And that thought excited me immensely, because I had never considered the possibility before. Juvia’s feelings always came off as just a running gag to me at the time. And yet here the author was, reinforcing Juvia’s feelings by reminding us that yes, she truly LOVES Gray. And that Juvia as a character, would not be tortured like this, if her feelings wouldn’t one day be reciprocated by Gray. And the idea of their relationship being developed to that point thrilled me. So it was a combination of things that just made this fight so great!

And finally Gray saving Juvia from Ultear. Again, it reinforced my new love for this ship. When Ultear was about to slice Juvia’s head off, while saying that doing so would be taking away Gray’s future, and then Gray swooped in and saved her in such an epic way? LOVE. Because it was Gray’s side to match Juvia’s earlier fight. And Gray looked so pissed, and he was holding Juvia so tenderly, it was a lovely panel. *-* Even Juvia’s little subconscious smile when Gray said he wants to live with his comrades was again that parallel to Juvia’s earlier fight with Meredy. ^-^

*honorable mention* Juvia’s reveal and recollections of her and Gray living together during the Avatar arc. That was so huge. They LIVED together. 6 MONTHS. To the point that Juvia caught Gray’s stripping habit. Domestic Gruvia! Training, eating and working together! They had a home and a life together! Just wow. ;_;

Armin as a father

I know you prefer my fantastic beasts posts, but I’m excited about the new series of attack on titan, so just for today have some dad Armin



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He’s still terrible at hide and seek

He’d do anything that he could to let them reach their dreams

He is the master of bed time stories

He’d tell them all about his parents and grandpa, their bravery and determination to see the beauty of the world

He’ll let them braid his hair, and give him countless flower crowns

He’d always encourage them to be adventurous and look beyond their own front door.

He’d tell them stories of his time in the survey corps as a soldier

He’d try his utmost to be at every game, dance recital or clarinet concert

Taking them to the beach, building sandcastles and running away from the waves


Have a great day and be safe



AU spinoff of #TFW adopts a monster ‘verse, set in an animal adoption center.

Warnings: some indistinct shadows of smutty thoughts

Words: 2,700

Shoutout to @fantastically-fictional for sparking this idea, and happy belated birthday to @thebest-medicine!

“Thank you. This room will be open again after feeding time is over.”

Castiel ushers the last visitors out into the hallway as he follows. The door, honey-colored wood with a large pane of wired glass embedded in its upper half, clicks shut behind him, followed by the light hiss of the sealant system. The pheromones that would shortly pump into the room are fairly harmless to people, but it always sends the critters inside into a bit of a tizzy, and rowdy animals don’t get adopted. Cas had been hired here less than two weeks ago, but that much is already obvious.

The three-year-old girl with the purple coat is fussing at the closed door. Her tiny fingers curl at the frame of the glass, trying in vain to pull herself up to see the “woopers” some more, until her father deftly redirects her toward the kitty room down the hall.

Cas has never understood why people liked loopers, anyway. Cats are soft and cute, and the shelter cycles through them at a good pace. Dogs are enthusiastically loving, although loud, and their playfulness is always a hit with families. Sure, loopers can be great service animals, and most kids weirdly like them, but what’s the appeal in a pet that is neither fluffy nor adorable? Invisible animals have to lose the novelty sooner or later; not to even mention the tentacles. (Cas squirms his shoulders uncomfortably.) Plus, feeding them is bizarre. The artificial pheromones have gotten a lot better at fulfilling the looper’s nutritional needs over the last decade or so, but still. Feeding a pet via gas chamber is never going to seem normal to Cas.

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Maybe midoriya helping s/o with confidence issues? ;7; im having a tough time haha..

Thanks so much for being my first request! I hope this is up to your standards :) You didn’t specify whether you wanted headcanons or a scenario, so I’m gonna just give you headcanons, ‘kay?

  • Midoriya isn’t exactly a ladies man, so he’s still kind of mystified that you’d allow him to date you
  • He doesn’t understand why you’d be unconfident; he thinks you’re perfect, from your cute laugh and your beautiful hair to your personality. He’s totally smitten.
  • If you confide in him that you aren’t all that confident about yourself, he’d be confused but he’d take it upon himself to never let you feel that way. You aced a test? He’s so proud of you, and won’t shut up about how smart you are. Perfected a new move with your quirk? He’s almost as excited as you are.
  • But the best is the quiet moments when you haven’t done anything noteworthy or impressive. When you two are just cuddled up on the couch, he likes to squeeze you tightly and whisper, “You’re perfect.” in your ear. He won’t let you go until you accept what he says either, he’ll just keep squeezing (mindful of his strength) until you agree with him
Grey Skies and Brown Eyes

THIS IS,,, THE BEST IMAGINE I HAVE EVER WRITTEN, SO I’M REALLY EXCITED!!! @badassladysif @nerdylizabeth @whoaheather @niaxlicea @alienpeep @quicksxlvers @koalawinter @icepeters-book-trash

requests are open!

Even when it was raining, New York City was still beautiful. Cafes were packed with soaked, but happy New Yorkers, people ducked into subways, and the sound of machinery echoed throughout the city. You smiled and took out your colorful umbrella. You were meeting Credence today.

You strolled through 5th Avenue and enjoyed the bright lights and the glamour, then you spotted his dark, soft hair. He was wet and shivering, handing out Second Salem flyers, giving anyone who passed by a pamphlet about exterminating witches and wizards like you.

You didn’t mind. You knew he was only handing out those flyers for the sake of being able to go with you and explore the wonders of New York City. Once a week, you two would meet up and just hop on a subway to nowhere.

Eagerly, you ran towards him and tackled him into a warm hug, indifferent about the fact that your clothes got wet. “Credence!”

Credence’s expression instantly turned from dark and gloomy to bright and happy. He smiled at you and tucked the remaining flyers into his breast pocket, excited to go on another adventure with you.

At first, Credence was nervous to go more than five miles from the Second Salem building, but over time, he started enjoying your random, spontaneous trips with him.

“Come on, we have places to go to!” You took his soft hand and ran down the street, dodging confused tourists and baffled New Yorkers. You didn’t care that your umbrella disappeared and that you were even more soaked; Credence’s joyful laughter echoed in your ears, and that was all you needed.

Eventually, you two had ducked under a stray cafe umbrella and he was still laughing and smiling widely at you. You grinned as well, because his smile always brightened your day. Even though he always insisted you were the special one, you thought differently. Credence gave you hope and brought happiness into your life. Before, you were alone. Now you weren’t.

You two stood there for a while, watching the hustle and the bustle of New York City. Credence had never done much exploring in his life before, but you changed that. His dark brown eyes shined from the bright lights, making him look more amazing. He smiled and looked at you. “T-Thank you, Y/N. for all of this.”

“You don’t have to thank me, Credence. Let’s go, the magic’s not over yet!” You took his hand once again, but this time, you didn’t run, you two strolled through a busy street, smiling and giggling from time to time. From what, you didn’t exactly know. But you focused on the feeling of Credence’s hand on yours, and you gripped his hand tighter.

He smiled when he realized where you two were. Times Square, where you two met. He was handing out flyers and you were hurrying to MACUSA, and you just happened to bump into him, making all his flyers fly away. You said sorry over and over again, and he instantly forgave you. He had never received kindness in his life before, and he was surprised that you took the time to grab all the pieces of paper and blow the dirt away from them.

The memory brought a smile to his lips and you grinned as well, the memory still fresh on your mind.

Standing in the middle of Times Square with Credence was nothing less than magical. You’re looking at him and he looks so beautiful. His dark brown eyes mesmerized you, they reminded you of sweet, sugary chocolate you ate when you were a child and his lips looked soft and plump. You mentally screamed. You two had never went past holding hands and hugging, because you knew Credence was sensitive.

But here you two were, raindrops falling on your eyelids and soaking his dark hair. You leaned in, slowly, and he leaned in too, until your lips finally met and it felt like multiple explosions went off inside your heart.

It had only lasted for a few seconds, but for you, it felt like an eternity. And you kissed him again, because you realized something. You loved him and you always would, because Credence Barebone was finally yours.

And he was more than happy to be with you forever.

I’m gonna be a ballbuster here.

But from my understanding after reading the accounts of other people that were there at this con, ‘transcends romance’ means that it doesn’t have to be romantic to still be beautiful. I believe that this was Bob very nicely saying that Bellarke is still platonic and remaining platonic for the future.

So please guys, please don’t get too excited. It’s pretty much the same as what Bob always says. There’s nothing new about this. I’m disappointed but not surprised.

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Could you elaborate on your comment about Theo's Albus being completely different character? Albus is my favourite character and I loved Sam's Albus so I'm a bit anxious about Theo's interpretation. I know that every actor brings something new to the character and that's brilliant, but making him completely different? That's not so good, imo. Btw, I sent you a question two weeks ago. Did you get it?

Hi anon! I meant that in a really positive way. On reflection, I actually think that that article did both Theo and Jamie G a disservice in saying they were just like Jamie P and Sam. I know that might sound like an odd thing to say, but I think it takes guts as an actor to take beloved portrayals and turn them around and make them your own. 

I’ve just been talking to @thatwasdramatic about this, because she saw the play a couple of times last week, so knows more than I do about what Theo is doing right now, but there are several things we both agree on with his portrayal, which means they’ve been consistent since the first show. 

He is a softer Albus than Sam was. Sam was very spiky, angry almost for angers sake at times, vindictive. He was a fighter. Confident, scrappy, ready for anything. Whereas Theo is soft, a little awkward, and full of pain. His anger is a reluctant anger. He wants to love his dad, and he wants his dad to love him, and he doesn’t want to be angry, but he can’t help it. His anger is driven by Albus’s pain. He’s a massive dork, even more than Sam was, and his love for Scorpius has gone to a depth we haven’t seen before. His Albus certainly isn’t anywhere near as confident as Sam’s was, and it feels like he’s still trying to find himself in the world a little bit. 

But honestly anon, Albus is still Albus. He’s changed a bit in terms of tone and feel, but you never for a second worry that Albus as a character has been lost. This is the beauty of theatre, and it’s why I’m so excited about the new cast. I got as much as I could out of the old cast, there was nothing more to learn, so I’m so overjoyed to have a cast who are telling their own story and not being bound by the original interpretations. It brings new things from the script, and I’m learning so many new things about the characters and the story, and in the end, that’s what I’m there for. Not for any one actor, but for the world, and to explore it further. 

Jin - Forever

Pairing - Seokjin x Reader 

Genre - Romance 

Warning - none

Originally posted by bwiseoks

Jin felt very uncomfortable sitting in that rather small booth in the old cafe but it was the only one that provided some sort of privacy.

He checked his watch for what felt the hundredth time in the last five minutes. He sighed with his eyes shut as his leg continued to bob up and down.

Just then, the sound of the bell resonated through the cafe signalling another customer. Jin didn’t  turn his head around this time. He didn’t want his hopes to crash like the last five times he’d turned to see of it was you.

Jin’s head snapped up when he heard a muffled ‘hi’. His smile widened to an extent that his cheeks hurt, his stomach was a house for the butterflies while his heart felt as if it would leap right out of his chest.

You sat on the other side of table as you unwound the scarf to uncover your long neck and your chubby cheeks. Your nose and cheeks were red because of the cold and your hair was dusted with sprinkles of snowflakes. You looked so beautiful, anyone could agree with Jin on that.

Despite the fact that your lips were practically frozen, you still spoke animatedly about the new project that your boss had assigned to you and you wanted to tell Jin all about it.

But Jin wasn’t listening.

His heart melted at the way your little eyes widened when you had something exciting to tell him or the way your hands flew everywhere when you were rambling or the way you always brushed your hair away hastily as if even if the littlest distraction would cost your time with Jin.

Which was true. Even though you guys had been dating for a while now you barely got see him since he’d just debuted so you made it a point to fill him in on everything he had missed.

You waved your hands in front of Jin’s face as you giggled. You could tell he wasn’t listening to you when you realised you didn’t even get a hum your way when you spoke.

“What’s wrong?” you asked when you were positive that you had his full attention.

Jin simply shook his head and gestured for you to continue. And there you went again, switching from one story to another.

Jin smiled like a child satisfied with his toy. He felt giddy and tingly all over and all he wanted to do was squish your tiny body in a tight, warm hug.

He knew then, that he was very in love.  

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Friends?? - Chapter 4

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I hope you all enjoy this update. I’m sorry it is a smaller chapter.

(Chapters are linked in the chapter list as always, simply click the chapter you wish to read to be directed to it)

Featuring: Jungkook x Reader X Jimin X Taehyung.

Warnings: Cussing

Word Count: 1861

Chapter List:

Chapter One.             Chapter Two.             Chapter 3.          Chapter 4.    Chapter 5 (in process)

You all got back to the car, and sat in the seats you were in before your stop. Tae was still happily munching his flapjack, Jimin sipping his coffee with a stern look, and Jungkook was… sat looking at you.

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Age 16 | 1996

You put the finishing touches on your hair and smoothed out your dress as you looked at yourself in the mirror. A boy you had a crush on for the entirety of your time at your new school (only 6 months, but still…) had asked you to the school dance. You were giddy with excitement just thinking about walking into the dance with this guy.

Dean walked by your room and stopped dead in his tracks. “Wow, Y/N… you erm… clean up very nicely” the words stumbled off his lips nervously.

You smiled sweetly as you met him in the doorway of your bedroom. “You think so? I’m pretty nervous…”

Dean reached out and grabbed both of your hands. “There is nothing to worry about, Y/N, you look… you look beautiful”

You blushed and looked down at your feet. “Thanks, Dean” you told him as you gave him a peck on the cheek.

You left too quickly to notice the longing in Dean’s eyes when you walked away.

You sat on the doorsteps of your house, nearly an hour after your date was supposed to show up. Sitting with your head in your hands, you let out a big sigh,

He wasn’t coming.

Your curls were deflating, your makeup was wearing off, and the ends of your dress were dirty from the steps. Your heart was breaking with every passing minute.

All of a sudden, the porch lights flickered on and you heard the door creak open.

“Y/N, come on inside, it’s getting dark and chilly…” you heard Dean’s gruff voice tell you.

When you didn’t answer, Dean decided to sit next to you. “Well, at least take this” he said as he draped his leather jacket over your shoulders. You looked up at him with your tear stained cheeks and tried to smile – he wrapped one of his arms around your shoulder as you rested your head on his.

“I’m sorry that tonight didn’t end up the way you wanted it to… I want to beat the crap out of that guy just thinking about what he has put you through” he said, making you chuckle.

“I should have known better than to think that he’d actually want to go with me…” you said after a long silence.

Dean rested his head on top of yours as you looked out at the dark, empty street in front of the two of you.

“Hey, he’s the one who’s missing out on an amazing girl like you, Princess. He didn’t deserve you anyway”

A Lifetime of Dean:

Infants | Children | Early Adolescents | Teenagers | Early Adults | Adults | Middle Age | Elderly

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Music Video

// In which Justin goes on the set of Y/N’s music video and gets more than he expected //

Can u make one where y/n is a famous singer and she’s friends w jb and she films a video and hes there watching her and he gets hard

I have a request for an imagine where y/n wants to be in charge in bed for once and makes justin really frustrated and has beg to cum

*Contains Mature Content*


“So I’m here on the set of the music video for my new song, Pour It Up. I’m really excited to show y'all the video for a concept I’ve been thinking about for a while,” Y/N introduced her song for the behind the scenes video that was currently being filmed by her camera man. Even tired and stressed out while wearing sweatpants, Y/N managed to still look beautiful.

“So we have a lot of hard working people here to make my vision come true. This is my lovely director, Mr. Vincent Hancock who is so very talented. We also have a few exotic dancers who blow my mind, Candace, Secret, and Nicole. I bet y'all have never seen bitches twerk on water. Well, my bitches twerk on water,” she made a conceited face before stepping towards me.

“We also have a few extras here. Hey, what was your name again?” Y/N threw her arm over my shoulder and batted her eyes waiting for my answer.

“Hi, I’m Justin Bieber and I’m a big fan of yours. I actually make music too,” I beamed at my friend, introducing myself as if I didn’t have a Grammy sitting on the shelf above my fire place at home.

“Hm, never head of you. But, I hope that music career works out for you, buddy,” Y/N patted my shoulder twice with a smirk on her face before continuing on with her little tour of the set. The camera guy followed her every move as she explained what she hoped to achieve out of the video she worked so hard to conceptualized. I couldn’t help but smile as I watched her prance around the set while the crew finished filling up the platforms the dancers will be filming on. Although I knew about most of what was going on, Y/N insisted upon keeping her actions and outfits a secret from me. It made me anticipate the start of filming even more than I normally would have.

Y/N and have been friends for a while and over the years I have seen her go from an innocent children star role model to a more mature version of herself. She was going through the same phase that I went through of switching over from bubble gum pop to a racier type of music.

This was the filming of her third single from her fourth album. The previous music videos in this album left a noticeable pattern in her evolvement. The first song was called touch, the video consisted of a lot of dancing and cinematography of her in clad in semi revealing clothing. It was a bit more sexual than what her fans were used to but, everyone still loved it. The next song was a leap up from the next. Dangerous Woman broadcasted Y/N amazing vocals and allowed her to be a lot sexier as she lounged around in lingerie for the video. A few people commented about her ‘growing up too soon’ but, she still got her good responses and more recordable media attention. This new song and video on the other hand, was at whole other level.

Pour It Up officially broke Y/N’s reign from a child star to the newest sex icon on the hip hop scene. Instead of singing about parties and boys and being in love, those topics were replaced with strip clubs, drinking, and money. Y/N was no longer happy making music for pre teens when she was twenty one herself and was past that level of maturity. Y/N needed to make music that she liked and that she could relate to so, she had to take a stand. This song and the rest of her album made a complete 180 from the music she released last year and she was proud of it.

Throughout me and Y/N’s friendship, I never thought her as anything except a good friend. But now that she was going out and was venturing to take on the persona of who she is and who she wanted to be, my sight couldn’t help but open up. I used to think of her as just cute, definitely not anyone I would think who would be capable of anything vulgar. Now as I’ve seen her progress, I began to realize how utterly sexy she was. She filled out into a nice shape, her face became slimmer from the loss of baby fat, and she seemed much happier which, is the sexiest attribute of all.

I could tell Y/N was comfortable in her own skin and confident in herself and skills as she created and directed her own music video to the song that she wrote. I felt proud seeing her grow from someone so insecure in her abilities, to someone who is courageously herself and doesn’t take no for an answer. She had to argue with her label to even let her release the song let alone, produce the provocative music video she was about to direct.

Pretty soon, the dancers were called up to film their parts of the video. While eating cheese cubes from the staff table. I watched as the dancers sexily climbed up and did tricks on the poles. I was quite impressed watching them at the fact that they had enough stamina for all the things they were able to do suspended in the air and in water all while on beat with Y/N’s song.

“They’re good aren’t they?” Y/n asked a few minutes later with a big smile on her face at the success of finding such good pole dancers.

“Yes but, what are you doing over here Misses Director? Aren’t you suppose to be organizing the shots?” I raised an eyebrow at her.

“I got enough shots of the girls but, they’re going to keep filming while I get dressed, just in case we need more footage later,” she explained before stealing a baby carrot off my plate. Y/N’s makeup was done already so all she really had to do now, was take down her hair and change from her sweat pants into one of her outfits. I hummed in acknowledgement of her plan and before I realized it, her small but strong frame pulled me into a hug that I quickly returned.

“Thanks for coming to watch me. It means a lot, drew,” I smiled at her little nickname for me.

“Glad to be here,” I responded back before giving her a dorky high five that turned into a hang hug. Y/N’s beautiful laugh ranged out before she walked away to her dressing room with her big smile on her face. After she left, I talked with one of Y/N’s friends on set as we all awaited for Y/N to make her appearance in her first outfit.

Once I heard a large amount of loud hoots and howls ten minutes later, I turned towards the dressing room and my jaw dropped to the ground. In a fishnet body suit, a matching underwear set, Chanel belts, and thigh high black leather boots, Y/N looked like any man’s wet dream. I couldn’t stop staring at her as she got on the set of the room filled with dollar bills. I was mesmerized as I watched her sexily dance against the wall and throw the fake money around in her black and gold themed outfit.

“Work, Y/N!” the directer called. In response, she bit her lip as she got on her knees and threw the money that littered the floor. The sight of her on her knees had me envisioning all the things she was apple of doing in that position. I shook my head and turned to get more food before my imagination got the best of me. The next shot filmed was slightly more bearable as is was just her rolling around in a bed in a less sexy of an outfit. I made it through that scene with no problem but, it was the third one that threw me off my game again.

“Are you liking the video so far?” Y/N came up to me after changing into a white leotard with a matching hat and pair of heels. I tried my hardest to nod my head and keep my eyes locked on her face but, my eyes disobeyed my mind and roamed her body. Her brown skin was oiled to the heavens and her thick legs looked luxuriously long in the heels she wore. What really almost stopped my heart was the sight of her brown nipples pressing against the netting in the top of the one piece.

“I think your going to like this scene,” Y/N spoke softly while slightly poking up her chest higher.

“And why do you say that?” I met her eyes again. She battered her eyes again with a tempting smile on her face. These days, whenever Y/N and I hung out, it consisted mostly of flirty and suggestive conversations. Unfortunately, nothing has come out of our borderline raunchy conversations, yet. I wasn’t embarrassed for blatantly appreciating how good she looked. We both knew we wanted each other, the only thing we were waiting on was for one of to initiate it.

“Because…” she trailed off and pushed back some of the blonde hair that fell in my face before continuing on, “because I learned how to pole dance for this.” She winked before turning away and walking up to one of the producers. I watched as the string of tassels hit against her tight oiled up ass. I don’t know what game Y/N was playing at, but if me finally getting a taste of her is the prize, I was going to win.

I walked up to the stage where she would be stripping on. Everyone gathered behind the camera and watched as she walked around the pole. It was alluring watching her jump up and wrap her legs around the pole then grounded herself down to the water lined floor. As hard as I tried to calm myself down, I couldn’t help but get turned on as I watched Y/N hold onto the pole and bounce her ass.

“Do you know about what Y/N suggested to the director earlier?” Y/N’s friend from earlier asked me as we watched Y/N dance again the pole.

“No, what?” I asked even though, all my attention was on admiring how flexible Y/N was.

“I heard her say something about wanting you to sit on a chair and let her dance on you,” I choked at the guys words. “Boy you would’ve been so in there but, the director said that you’d be too much of a distraction. I’m low-key pressed because y'all would be so hot together,” the friend shrugged before turning back to the set.

“Yeah we would be,” I replied while taking a drink of my water. A moment after I spoke, Y/N’s eyes found mine. She send an alluring smile my direction before grasping the pole then bending over to shake her ass. As soon as she finishes this video, I’m going to fuck the shit out of her. I can’t believe it took all this time just for me to see how sultry she was.

After filming the song four times, while dancing on the pole, it took twenty minutes for her to wrap up her final scene on the throne. I watched half of it before slipping away with a hard on to wait for her in dressing room. I wasn’t going to stand in a room full of people thirsting after her when, I knew I was the one that was going to get her anyway. There was no doubt in my mind that I was going to get a taste of her. I fantasied about all that was going to come until the door opened.

“I thought you left,” she smirked once she noticed me lying across the couch. She looked me up and down in a conceited manner but, her eyes lingered on my bulging jeans.

“I’m not going anywhere until, I get what’s mine,” I stood up and cornered against the door. I looked her in the eyes before taking in her new appearance. She wore nothing but a jeweled bra and tiny pair of nonexistent shorts that served to show off her red panties. Just as I was about to kiss her, she turned her head away.

“And who said I was yours?” She bit at her plump red lip while placing her small caramel hand on my waist.

“You did because you’ve never convince me otherwise,” I replied, cockily.

“Wow, Bieber. You sure to talk a big talk. Your dick better be as big as you ego is,” her hand dragged down from my waist to my belt buckle.

“Well, let me prove it to you,” I whispered in her ear and rocked my bulge up into her hand. Y/N let out a genuine laugh before leaning up kissing me. After one tender kiss, Y/N tried to pull away but everything about her was so intoxicating that, I couldn’t let her get away that easy. I grabbed her hips and pulled them against mine as I deepened the kiss. My mind shut off as I focused wholly on the softness of Y/N’s lips and the way that her body rocked against mine as I tasted her mouth. My hands dragged up and down the sides of her body, not able to focus on just touching one thing.

When I bit her bottom lip with a tug, she let out a low mewl before jumping up and wrapping her legs around her my waist like she did the pole earlier. At that motion, I didn’t have the will power to stop from pressing her up against the wall with my hands groping at her exposed ass. Our lips didn’t cease to smack together in a heated embrace until I carried her to the couch and tossed her on it. I slowly took off my shirt for her as she awaited for me to join her on the couch.

Once I stripped myself from my shirt, I crawled up on the couch from the part of her legs to her lips. Her hand roughly grasped at the back of my neck and pulled my kiss swollen lips against hers again. I kissed at her mouth before trailing down the side of her neck and sucking and nipping at the exposed skin.

“I’ve waited so long for this day to come,” Y/N moaned out as I sucked on the skin that met the top of the bra. If I had known she wanted me, we wouldn’t have had to wait at all. I moaned against Y/N’s soft breast before licking my way down her torso and to the top of her ‘shorts’. I met her brown eyes when I unbuckled them with my teeth. She whined and arched back at the erotic sight while I pulled the tiny piece of fabric off of her.

At the official reveal her bright red panties, I moaned out at the sight of the growing wet spot that spread over her heat. She looked so good that I had to lean down and lick her over the panties. She let out a tiny puff of air when I tugged on them a little with my teeth before popping them back into place. All the playfulness she exerted at first, disappeared once the panties were gone and I was properly eating her out. She was so wet against my mouth and her pussy is the best I have ever tasted. I couldn’t control my lust as messily feasted on her. I only listened to the different pitches of her moans and noted how hard she tensed up in order to figure out how to perfectly work her open.

“So good,” she whimpered out while rocking against my face. I moaned against her aggressive actions and start thrusting my tongue inside of her. She quickly intertwined her fingers in my hair to get me to try to go even deeper into her throbbing walls. I kept up a rhythm of thrusting my tongue into her then, pulling out to lick over her clit all while she moaned loudly against her. It wasn’t until I had my tongue plunged as deep as I could go inside her with my thumb swiping quickly over her clit that she came in my mouth. Her legs tenses up around my head as she when through her high while I was still nibbling on her swollen clit. She let out one big spasm before removing her legs from around me and leaning me back on the couch.

I murmured her name when she pulled off my pants and mouthing at my hard dick that was still confined in my boxers. “Suck me off baby,” I told her.

“Don’t get it twisted, Drew. You don’t have any control over me. I’m going to do whatever I want and you’re going to lie there and take it,” Her eyes burned into mine as she pulled my cock out. I groaned at the fact that she was being so assertive. I would have never guess that innocent little Y/N would be the one girl to ever have the nerve to exert power over me. But. here I was laid out under her straddles legs, as she tugged at my cock that was getting harder with every pull.

“Feel good baby?” She asked with one hand fondling my hung balls and the other thumbing at my cock head. I frantically nodded my head yes as she squeezed her hand around me a bit harder. My eyes were closed with bliss but, flew open when I felt her tongue mop up the precum that started rolling down my dickhead. Y/N smiled shyly before taking me completely down her throat in one go.

“Fuck, Y/N” I uncontrollably thrusted up, trying to get deeper into her tight warm mouth. She moaned something on my dick before shoving my hips back down to the couch. My fists clenched as I watched Y/N take me down her throat. She bobbed on my dick a few more times before pulling off with a pop of her lips. I let out a frustrated groan as she slowly licked at my precum releasing slit.

“Y/N, please,” I begged once she leaned up again.

“Please what, Justin?” she asked while pulling at my erection a few times.

“Please do something,” I panted out before throwing my head back on the edge of the couch and wiping at my red face. I heard Y/N laugh above me and then suddenly, a new texture encased my dick.

I gasped and threw my hands from my face to watch Y/N ride me. I couldn’t comprehend all that I was feeling but, I knew that this moment was more life changing than the first time I even felt my dick in a pussy. I grunted and watched Y/N slowly raise up on my cock then, quickly sit back down on it before rocking in little figure eights.

“You feel so good around me,” I complimented as she took my dick like a pro. She hummed in acknowledgment before fucking down unto me faster. Eventually, she leaned down to kiss at my neck and she ground my dick in her pussy.
“Y/N,” My dick was throbbing for her, begging that she would finish me off.

“You can’t cum yet baby boy. I’ve waited too long for this to just let you cum whenever you want,” she slowed down her hips and took me in deeper than I’ve ever been. I thrusted my hips up trying to make her ride me faster.

“I’m fucking you Justin, not the other way around,” she pushed my hips down for the second time tonight. She reached up and held my wrists together in a surprisingly strong hold as she bounced on me quickly. With my jaw clenched, the only thing I could do was moan out of my lip bitten mouth while she took me.

“Let me cum,” I begged. I have never asked to cum before but, just the thought of having a girl dominating me to the point that I had to beg, made my dick throb even harder. Y/N shook her head no but, continued to ride me fast. I didn’t know how much longer I could hold off my orgasm.

“Please, y/n?” I begged again.

“I want you to wait,” she said harshly. I watched as she leaned up, the jewels covering her chest glinted in the light as she reached down and rubbed at her pink clit. It took everything I had in me to hold back as Y/N rocked on me with an exquisite rhythm.

“Justin! I’m gonna- cum with me, baby,” she said quickly between her sharp intakes of breathe. I felt like I was suffocating as her pussy clenched around my dick like it was her lifeline. I broke free of her restraint and held her hips as I thrusted up three times before spilling my contents into her convulsing core.

“That was- that was wow,” my voice racked as I tried to describe my feelings a minute later. Y/N looked at me from the other end of the couch with a hazy grin on her face.

“I mean, I guess it was alright,” Y/n shrugged before looking at me and causing us to both laugh.

“You and I both know that that was the best fuck of our lives,” I propped myself up by throwing my hands to the back of my head.

“I wouldn’t say all that, now. Think of all the possibilities that can happen the next time we fuck,” she suggested.

“There’s dong to be a next time?” I questioned.

“How about Thursday night at my place? You can bring the hand cuffs,” She told me before getting up and putting her sweats back on.


Referenced videos: Touch, Dangerous Woman, Pour It Up, and the behind the scenes.


I think this is my best yet. taking requests - drea✨

I do a 14 hour shift then a sleep in night shift and I miss my Thor trailer?!

I am right now still at work after being awake for mostly 24 hours. Unable to have Internet or phone usage until now (quiet time) I see my beloved Thor has a new trailer! Thanks shieldagent1 xxx

What a trailer!! Ooh just what I needed! I am most excited about my God using thunder and all glowy eyed!! MAJOR SWOONAGES! Im looking forward to hulk and banner… Mark is so awesome and wow!!! I just…… Wow!

MY BABY IS SO WONDERFUL AND POWERFUL!! Thor is everything!!! He is so gorgeous and epic and I just cannot stop my giddiness!!

Loki had better behave himself! He better not betray my baby.

I will eventually go home and sleep and then it’s posting and reblogging all of it!