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an taehyung apple a day keeps the doctors away ✨

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Chantilly Lace: The ocean is a dangerous place… according to my mother.

Merlot: Is that where it happened?

Chantilly Lace: I’d gotten too close to the water’s edge and a nasty undertow pulled me in. Daddy swam out after me, but as we came to shore, the unthinkable happened. He was dragged under and we aren’t even sure how, but he hit his head. Everyone was so focused on me, they hadn’t noticed. By then it was too late.


Chantilly Lace: Now my mother is terrified of everything. She’s afraid she’ll lose me too. So here we stay, in our protective bubble. *half-hearted laugh* I told you it was depressing.

It’s times like this when I remember exactly how important mental health days are. It’s okay to skip a class here and there if you’re too overwhelmed to even function normally. Forcing yourself to go just makes matters worse


I can feel you holding me, yet you’re not here.

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There's no one who loves me. I feel so frustrated and sad just looking at everything. I may not stay here for long because it doesn't seem right to me. This place is suffocating me and sadly I have no one to hold hands with. I'm really sad. Trust me, I am.

. Your hands aren’t empty because nobody holds them . Your good days or bad days don’t diminish into nothingness even if there’s nobody at the end of the day to talk about your day with . Your story is only complete with you in it , I mean I learnt the hard I am complete with or without anyone .
I know , I know it gets very lonely and sad but I also know in these moments when life leaves you lonely and people make you sad it means now it’s a good time to explore yourself and the world . You know what ? It took me some 22 years to finally fall in love with myself after spending 2-3 years chasing people then being remorseful for the next two years that they don’t love me the way I want them to or they don’t fill these spaces in my life that I needed them to , to finally realising it’s only me who can do it .
Go explore new places , they lead to new experiences and new conversations .
Have you cooked a wholesome meal for yourself ? Have you written a note and let the river take it with itself ? Have you screamed at the sky ? Have you let the ocean waves calm your mind ? Have you seen the northern lights ? Have you surfed in Australia ? Have you camped in New Zealand ? Have you experienced the crowd and culture in India ? Have you hiked the mountains? Have you been to a rainforest? Have you taken a low budget trip to discover how some of the best experiences cost nothing? You haven’t even fallen in love with this universe and yourself yet ? And you are ready to leave the world because someone hasn’t seen the spark in you when you haven’t discovered it yourself yet .

Stay till these hands get steady , stay till this heart gets a little less heavy , stay , stay , stay . I know the stars never line up to form the perfect shapes and the moon’s a bit crooked and this world is ugly but stay for you make it beautiful.
You are needed , you are wanted , you are loved . If you want I will write you a poem everyday to remind you till you finally learn it .

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Shiro taking like 12 year old keith to Disney world and " forcing" him to take pictures with the characters but really shiro knew which were his favs and that he was too concerned with looking cool to ask to take a picture with them

wait this gave me a whole list of headcanons so here we go. sorry i’m making this disneyland but i’ve never been to disney world so i don’t know the layout! 

  • Keith has never been to an amusement part that large before so he’s obviously very excited.
    • Because of this Shiro has to basically keep Keith on a leash the entire time. He looks away for one second and all of a sudden Keith is no where to be seen.
      • Shiro accidentally loses Keith because he got distracted by someone idk let’s say Princess Jasmine was walking around and Shiro being a teenager at the time obviously had to stare because wow what a pretty actress.
      • Keith is, justifiably, ignored at his brother.
        • “The one time I don’t intend to run off is the one time you don’t notice I’m not with you.”
        • “Shut up”
        • “I’m telling Dad”
        • “You won’t if you wanna stay here.”
  • Ok so everything Disney is always super expensive right? Can we just take a moment to imagine Shiro buying Mickey Mouse ears for the both of them? Externally Keith doesn’t want them on and grumbles because he thinks he and Shiro look dumb but internally he’s really excited because those things cost like $20 minimum each and they’re really fuzzy and cute too.
    • Keith, despite the protests at first, keeps them on the whole day (save for when they go on actual rides.)
    • Shiro actually low key regretted spending $40 on two pairs of mouse ears but seeing how happy he knew Keith was on the inside made it all worth it.
    • People thought it was adorable how they matched.
  • Keith’s never been on a roller coaster before and honestly Keith was a pretty short kid before hitting his growth spurt so I can definitely imagine Shiro teasing him about not being able to get on the more aggressive rides because he’s not tall enough.
    • “I’m not that short!” 
    • “Sorry I couldn’t hear you all the way down there.”
    • Going along with this, Shiro loves thrill rides so while Disneyland isn’t the best place to go for a ride where you’ll be turned upside down and inside out, he can still appreciate it.
  • The first roller coaster Shiro took Keith on was the Matterhorn. Let’s assume this is before they got the new seats (thank god for them though) and they still had to share two people per car. I’m just laughing because Shiro is so tall his legs were probably sticking out and he had a hard time fitting in and Keith was just sliding around the cart.
    • Low key Shiro hoped Keith got a little scared by the yeti noises but Keith is “smart enough to know that real yeti’s wouldn’t be able to survive in California’s climate.”
    • This actually got Keith on a whole long convo about cryptids at which point Shiro actually had to cover his mouth while they walked to the next ride.
    • While Keith enjoyed the ride he honestly through he was gonna fly out of his seat.
  • Shiro convinced Keith that on the Indian Jones ride the person at the wheel was able to control where the car was going and they asked for front seats when they got on the ride. Shiro got in the “driver” seat with Keith right next to him.
    • You can imagine how that went.
    • “STOP IT”
    • When they got off the ride Keith hit Shiro in the arm for being an ass and playing him like that but now he just laughs at that memory.
  • Accidentally implied that some of the skeletons in the Pirate’s of the Caribbean ride were real. Keith spent the entire time traumatizing the poor little kids behind them during the ride asking which ones were real.
  • On one ride Keith was chewing gum and it fell out during the ride and got stuck to the seat and when Shiro stood up after the ride was finished there was just a glob of gum on his pants. Keith never said a word.
    • Shiro walked around with stained pants for a good half hour before he overheard someone make a comment about him.
    • “Payback, brother.”
  • During the jungle cruise Shiro almost fell out of the boat because Keith was carrying a spider he found in line and was like “HEY SHIRO LOOK”
    • Shiro isn’t afraid of spiders but imagine having a bug shoved in your face when your not expecting it at all…poor guy.
  • When they were getting pictures with the characters Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella gave Keith a kiss on each cheek and he was so embarrassed because not only were there a lot of people around but Shiro got it all on camera.
  • At the end of the day you can bet Shiro let Keith climb on top of him piggy back style so they could watch the fireworks together.
  • Shiro had to carry Keith back to the car because he was so exhausted and all his energy was completely wiped out after the fireworks.

the day before their high school graduation, lucas and maya are laying in the bed of lucas’ pick-up truck. they’ve driven miles out of the city to find a hilltop where they can see everything in the sky. farkle and smackle had already left for early admissions to princeton, riley was closing at topanga’s that night, and zay was busy packing for his last summer in texas. maya was supposed to be finishing her portfolio so she could send it to the royal academy of arts for finalization. lucas was supposed to be at one of his last baseball practices so he could polish up his stats before he played in ball on a scholarship in college.

everyone was doing exactly as wanted, but everything felt broken. so, when lucas called maya and asked her to skip town for the night with him, she couldn’t resist. they had unfinished business, anyway. as they lay under the dark night sky, lucas was looking at maya more than he was the sky. “if i could paint like you could, i’d paint a picture of us in this exact moment. i’d freeze everything and stay here until i could perfect it. so i would never forget it.”

maya lifted her head to look at him, but she didn’t drop her head back down. she kept her eyes on the boy. “do you know my favorite thing about you? the absolute best thing about you?” she didn’t wait for him to respond, but she sat up completely. she shifted her weight, shuffling with one leg under her so she was sitting on her own calf. “you’ve never been able to hurt me. we’re sitting here and it’s our last night together for a really long time. i mean, we’ll have the summer, but we’ll never have anything like high school again. but, even though you know i’m leaving you in a few months, you’re still sitting here telling me how good i am at things. i can never replace you. no one in europe is going to put up with me like you do, or keep me as close as you do.”

lucas pulled his long legs close to his chest, wrapping his legs around his knees. “if i could go back in time, i would’ve stopped you from saying who my choice was when you were all covered in paint. because you didn’t know. i finally knew, but i still didn’t get a choice. i’ve wanted to be with you since freshmen year, maya. you’re leaving, but my feelings for you aren’t going with you. we have approximately 84 days until you leave, but my feelings are gonna stay right here in new york.”

maya suddenly felt like she couldn’t breathe. she everything came crashing down at once and it all hurt. “can you take me home? we have to be up early to rehearse for graduation anyway.”

lucas scrunched his face up, a bad taste in his mouth. “maya, wh–” but she cut him off before he could get another thought out by jumping out of the bed of the truck and getting into the passenger seat. they sat in silence the whole way home.


graduation went on as planned, then the whole group hung out all summer long. maya made sure she was never alone with lucas and lucas picked up on it quickly. 

lucas was moving into his dorm before maya left for europe, but when the group was helping him move into his room, she was nowhere to be found. after he was moved in and everyone had gone home, lucas decided to lay down for a while. he was stalking all of maya’s social media, but he knew she wouldn’t post anything. she was never on her phone. she always said it wasn’t as good as the real connection you could make. just as he’d locked his phone screen, he heard a knock at his door. when he opened it, maya appeared with her hair in space buns and with a canvas behind her back.

she stepped in before he could stop her–not that he would have. he was just surprised to see her at all. “hi, i’m maya. you’re really cute. we should’ve hung out more. you make me happy.” she paused, swallowing hard. “i didn’t pay enough attention to you. it’s me, not you.” she grasped his hand, rubbing her thumb over his palm. “we can still be friends.” stepping forward, she stood on her tip toes, leaning towards his face. “not really.” maya kissed lucas gently on the lips, dropping his hand to grasp at the back of his neck. once she backed down, she finally stopped talking so fast and let him get a word out.

“i thought you weren’t coming, to be honest.” he muttered, licking his lips. he looked behind the girl for a moment, seeing the empty side of his room where zay hadn’t moved in yet. 

“i was up all night. i got inspired to create something. i fell asleep around eight in the morning and i overslept since my phone was on silent. but i think i can make up for it.” maya scrunched her face up a little, her nose crinkling for a moment. she flipped the painting she had in her hands around, handing it off to lucas. what he saw was a painting of the night sky with lucas’s truck down on the bottom right corner. in the bed of the truck, lucas and maya were laying next to each other and maya was pointing towards the sky above exactly as she was doing before everything went to shit the night he said how he felt. in the constellations, there was an outline of maya grasping at lucas’s shirt like she’d done years before. each time, lucas had hoped maya would just break the tension and kiss him, but she never did. “i remember that night you said you would paint a picture of that exact moment if you could, then i realized that i could. i want you to keep that photo and remember me with it. i have an exact duplicate of it and i’m going to keep it in my dorm room. whenever you see that painting, you can think of me. and whenever you see the moon, know i’m five hours ahead thinking about the next time i get to see my muse again.” 

lucas’s face broke into a smile and he wrapped his arms around her tiny waist. “i’m going to miss you constantly, cluckerbucket. you’re always going to be the one i chose. even if you didn’t let me choose you until now. we can make this work. i’m all in.”

maya nodded her head as he put her back down. her face felt hot, but she didn’t want to run away anymore. “i’m all in, lucas. i’ll still be all in when i’m 3,000 miles from you.”

This is just a thought I had but, Blanche and Spark would be the best parents and they would raise the best kids. Spark is so optimistic and nurturing and Blanche is so intelligent and mature. They’d be so loving. Wisdom and Intuition hand in hand. Their kids would be bomb. Smart, altruistic, resilient, determined, and caring. I WANT.

What happens here, stays here {Kim Namjoon}

Note: I don’t really feel all that comfortable writing full on smut, so I did the best I could as an equivalent. There are some really talented writers on Tumblr that could possibly fulfill your request better than me. So even though it isn’t exactly what you requested, I hope you enjoy nonetheless~

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/images used. 

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You pressed your head against the window of the car. You were sat on the passenger side, a comfortable silence surrounding you and your boyfriend Namjoon, who was driving.

You weren’t quite so sure where you were headed, only that he told you he wanted to take you somewhere where you could both get rid of any stress,

Everything was so overwhelming. It had been bad before, with Namjoon working and living the life of an idol, and you had your job and career to focus on too, but when it came out that the pair of you were dating, that intensive stress was increased beyond belief. It was hard to stay strong.

“Where are we going, Namjoon?” You questioned, smiling at him as he changed the gear,

“You’ll see. We’re not far now.” He informed you, not looking but a small smile covering his lips.

You leant back on the window, and watched the dusk sky fly by the window until he finally reached his destination.

He got out the car, and you did the same. Your eyes scanning over a field full of flowers and a small stream that cut the slightly mountainous field up in two. It was beautiful, really.

“This is really nice, Namjoon.” You commented, walking onto the grassy blades.

“I used to come here with the rest of BTS in our trainee days when things got too much.” He explained, joining you, placing his hand in yours, like a puzzle piece falling into place.

“No one lives around here, so we’d be free to talk about whatever the hell we wanted, or nothing at all. Sometimes, we’d scream and shout, other times we’d just lie in the grass and not say a word. It was nice, but what happens here stays here.” He continued.

“What do you mean everything that happens here stays here?”

“Well, sometimes, we’d talk about some really secret shit, I’m not allowed to say who, but I saw one of the members cry here once. So we made a pact that everything that happens here stays, you know, the press will never find it, or the fans.”

You nodded, smiling. “It’s nice.”

“Now you can share it.” He found a nice spot next to the stream and sat down, you did the same.

You spent a few moments just looking at the beauty of the place, until you felt a gaze on you. You turned and smiled when you caught Namjoon watching you. You held your gaze, and he did the same, until you found yourself unconsciously moving in.

Your lips met in the middle. The kiss was soft and captivating, like a spell on your lips.

Then his hands moved to your waist, exploring every inch until he met the hem of your shirt, and his fingers crept underneath, he made a satisfied sound when your lips moaned against his own.

You weren’t sure who moved first, but you both found yourselves lying back against the green blades, your hair engulfing Namjoon’s hair as his body gently placed over yours, his hands wandering over stomach as his lips attacked yours with passionate kisses, small moans vibrating against your lips every now and then.

He then pulled away, his lips trailing against the line of your jaw, not missing any spaces as he reached your collar bone.

“We’re not… we might get seen.” You breathed out breathlessly, cheeks flushing with a mixture of embarrassment and intensity from the heat of the moment.

“Do you want this?” He looked up, also breathless. Something about his asking for consent was much hotter than it really should be.

You nodded, “Yeah, but we have to be careful.”

“Babe, careful is my middle name.” He winked, “Besides, I want to show you how much I love you. Not just behind closed doors, I don’t want to hide us, I don’t want to care what the public think.”

His voice seemed to growl in a possessive kind of way, finally consented and dosed up on love.

What happens here, stays here. 


we’re not so different, are we?