so everything is fresh in my mind

Mental health Day

I’ve been so super stressed about so much lately that it’s really getting to me (pretty much had a panic attack last week) so I decided to take a bit of a mental health day from work… couldn’t take the whole day off cos we’re really busy but I’ve taken a half day!

So I’ve done some cooking, did my nails, watched some tv and now I’m going to get out in the fresh (stormy) air and go for a a walk.

Starting to realize how important it is to take some time to focus on calming your mind and trying not to let the stress build up so much that it takes control of me.


To be honest, I just wanted to say this - I don’t know if anyone will read this and it may seem something overly personal. But I just wanted to say that I’m proud of VIXX. Even if they won just one award, they managed to pull everything off flawlessly. This 3-part trilogy conception idea is so interesting and so fresh to me, I’ve honestly never been able to look away from what they do. 

As a Starlight, I just want them to know and I wish they knew that I am proud of them, I am happy with the constant effort that they have put in throughout 2k16. In my heart, development and experimentation is key. Of course - doing what they want to do… is the most important thing ever. 

After reading Ravi’s fancafe post, my heart shattered and it made me tear up a bit. I feel his words so much and I wish there was a way to actually tell him that he’s done so much for us, as well as the rest. VIXX has done so much for us. Regardless of whether I speak korean or not, their music connects to all of the Starlights out there - including me.
The Closer’s promotion is ending soon and as the days go by, I rewatched a lot of their live performances and loved every single bit of it. They had to dance in the rain, they had to travel to every venue to perform and at the same time, they’re doing fan signs. They must be so tired and I do hope that they get rest after this.

So, thank you so much. Thank you, VIXX. For everything, really. I love you guys.

i’m so numb right now that i can’t bring myself to do anything.. i feel anxiety, depression and boredom all clamped into one. i don’t want to do anything because everything seems so worthless. nothing is…imperative. i wish i could go outside. it feels so fresh and beautiful and warm and i wanna spend time with nature by myself so badly..but i have countless things on my mind. i’m so preoccupied most of the time that i can’t remember the last time i genuinely enjoyed anything.

  • brain: ok, take it slow, buddy. write the fanfic, proofread it, wait a few days so you can see it with a fresh mind, make want this to be good, right?
  • me: ya
  • brain: ok good. so you have the first draft done, now look it over and make edi--wait what are you doing why are you hitting ‘publish’ did you ignore everything i just told you
  • me: ur not my mom lol fuk off

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I'm so sorry. I know, words can't do anything about what's happened, but I'm honestly so sorry for everything I've done to you and Morgan, even Gar. I don't know how else to apologise for the shit I've done. It's understandable if you can't forgive me

Hey its fine.. Its just I really don’t wanna think about what has happened… Its still fresh in my mind and its killing me..

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phineas and ferb

  • favorite male character(s): Perrybear is the ultimate fav <3 After him, Phineas, Ferb, Doofenshmirtz, and Lawrence ~<3
  • favorite female character(s): Vanessa Doofenshmirtz
  • least favorite character(s): Still kinda waiting for the day when the Fireside Girls grow on me XD Holly’s the only one I don’t mind so much
  • best looking character(s): Vanessa no contest. She’s freakin gorgeous.
  • funniest character(s): Doofenshmirtz. He’s got the best lines, man.
  • favorite season(s): Season One and Season Two are my absolute favs. Even though there are so many great episodes to come, Seasons One and Two just have such a special kind of nostalgia and really amazing episodes, back when everything was all fresh and new. I also love how the boys were the only ones building, and as I think I’ve mentioned before Season One Isabella is my eternal fav. Really amazing character relationships, the lovely old animation, and super sweet moments throughout. Of course, we don’t have as close a Doof and Perry relationship yet, we gotta turn to Seasons 3 and 4 for that loveliness ~<3
  • favorite ship(s): FERBNESSA the Ultimate OTP of Purity and Love, and I absolutely adore Linda and Lawrence ^^

Thanks for the ask!!! ^^

The Firebird - Chapter 4


I can’t thank enough @dandelion-sunset and @titaniasfics for their precious help in this story - they go over my mistakes, bad grammar moments, and well, me basically being French and writing in English - so much thanks ladies for bearing with me !

to @akai-echo who made the awesome banner and aesthetics - you are so talented, my dear, so much, I’m humbled by everything you do for me.

To @bandathebillie and @xerxia31 - without you, this story wouldn’t be there.

And to the one for who I started the story …. Hope you’ll read it someday.

Here on AO3 // FFN

“Capitol Square. Mind the gap”. The toneless voice coming out of the speakers did nothing to ease Katniss’ mood. She was used to walking to the Opera every morning, taking in the fresh air while going through the park just outside her building, not to travel underground in a car full of people. And full wasn’t the word she would use. Overcrowded was more likely to suit the situation she was in. And she couldn’t just breathe through her nose, fearing the excess of perfume, sweat, and whatever else was mixed in would make her faint. How could people stand to travel this way, every day? It was beyond her.

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My Yoonseok fics masterlist

Titel: I Need You
Status: Chaptered (Ongoing), M-rated.
A story about unbelievable strong bonds between seven boys as they struggle to overcome the everyday life of Seoul’s ghetto. (Inspired by BTS’ music video ‘I Need U’)

Titel: Oral Obsession
One Shot (Completed), M-rated.
Hoseok is sure that Yoongi has an oral obsession.
(Tongue piercing kink)

Titel: Teacher’s Pet
Status: One Shot (Completed) M-rated.
Jung Hoseok is a flirt, a troublemaker and head over heels for his music teacher. Hoseok would always wink at him in class, flirt shamelessly or cause trouble at school so he was forced to have detentions with strict, merciless, grumpy, wonderful and overly hot Mr. Min.

Titel: My Ray of Sunshine
Status: One Shot (Completed)
“The rain isn’t something bad” Hoseok insisted. “When you think about it, it’s the rain that makes everything grow and stay fresh.”
Feeling left behind, a mind full of regret and sorrow and a heart heavy with a broken promise not to cry, Yoongi had never thought he would be dealing with the loss of the love of his life at the age of twenty-two.

Titel: Walk In My Shoes
Chaptered (Ongoing) M-rated.
Hoseok was so close to sneering at him. God, Suga pissed him off. So full of himself and thinking that writing lyrics was more important than dancing. And how come Hoseok was the only one banned to call him anything but his stage name?
Yoongi could feel the irritation right under his skin everytime Hoseok was in the room. He felt like slapping that stupid grin of his face, teaching him a thing or two about respect. He tsk'ed and he turned away. Hoseok was hardly worth his time.

American Candy was written as an escape from the mind. It is not to be confused for the pretend idea that everything is perfect, but to be digested as a distraction from the chaos of life and a simple reminder to breathe. For me, American Candy is fresh air. I posed a simple question to myself prior to this whole experience… Can one will themselves closer to contentment? Writing from a less miserable standpoint has thrown me into a more carefree state of mind, so the conclusion I’ve drawn to that question is an emphatic, “Uh huh!” Don’t be fooled into thinking my life has blossomed into only daffodil thoughts and bubblegum dreams because I am convinced I’ll forever carry an existential monkey on my back, but in knowing this, I chose to expose a new frame of reference much more lighthearted than most before.
—  John O'Callaghan

Nanatsu no Taizai Chapter 172 Reaction

Hello! This is a new series where I post chapter react to the newest chapter!

What is a chapter react? Well that’s when I read a chapter and draw the first punchline I can think of from the chapter and put my two cents into it.

A little about me: I just recently caught up with NNT so everything is fresh in my mind. My favorite couple in the series is Ban//laine (followed closely by Gilthunder and Margaret). My favorite characters are Ban and Elaine. And my favorite underrated character that I will scream insistently about is Gustaf.

Notes about the chapter:

  • I can’t believe Meliodas killed two commandments. Now we’ll never know what commandment Dolor is *sob*.
  • I kind of wanted to draw Ban be like “Shit with everyone killing two commandment at a time, there won’t be enough for all the sins”.
  • In case anyone forgot, Elizabeth practically ran away from home before telling anyone. Then she got teleported all the way to Camelot.
  • Another question, WHERE IS MERLIN? And how is Meliodas supposed toe know where everyone went?

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Hi! I really love your blog and the fact that you reply everyone's questions with so much detail and thought :-) you motivate me to study! How do you organize your time for a day and get everything done? How is your time plan for a day like? I've not been able to manage studies and sleep well :-( Have a great day!!!!!! :-)

aw, thank you so much! this is a really lovely message.

I usually start organising my time for the next day the night before. When I finish studying on that day, I’ll write a post it note to-do list of everything that I want to achieve in the next day. I prefer to do this the night before, as then my studies are fresh in my mind. 

The key to getting everything done for me is not overestimating how much I can really get done. I know I procrastinate and sleep in, so I factor that in. I don’t place time constraints on my daily schedule, as it just throws me off if I don’t achieve them or I feel like I have to rush. For me, it’s about creating the right environment for me to study in and reducing distractions - this is how I get everything done! my daily schedule looks like this {although it changes day to day!}

  • 9:30am - wake up, eat, get ready etc
  • 11am - set up my study space for the day, decide which task I want to do first
  • {at this point I continue to work, and I take breaks when I naturally feel like I need them}
  • 1:30pm - eat lunch, watch YouTube videos or Netflix
  • 2:30pm - continue studying or working on my essays!
  • 4pm - this is usually the time that my parents get home so I always tend to break then for a while
  • 6pm - eat my dinner
  • 7pm - get back to my studies!
  • 10pm - I don’t like to study past 10pm. I come to a natural stop if I can around this time, and then I write my to-do list for the next day.

Hello! It’s Pat here checking in from a hotel room in Eugene, Oregon. It feels like this is the first time I have been able to come up for air in awhile, so much has happened in the past few weeks. We stayed up for 24 hours and released our 5th album and started the American Candy tour. I feel like I have not been able to give you guys a proper thank you for all of the support for American Candy because my mind has been in so many places at once. So this is it… We have been a band for 8 years and have released 5 albums now and it feels like it just started last week, this is because of you. The energy you bring and the support you show makes everything feel fresh and excited and fun and that is really what matters at the end of the day. Thank you for telling your friends about the album for dragging people along to the tour. I am very proud of the music we made and to see you guys listening to it is an amazing thing. Being back out on the road and seeing you guys everyday makes everything worth it, you guys have been going nuts and singing along to all the new songs already. So much fun. I am lucky. I love you. 8123 is stronger than ever. This is going to be an amazing year.

See you at the shows!


I really just needed some fresh air today to clear my mind and put things into perspective. I’ve felt so out of it these past few days and I feel isolated from everything and everyone.

Instead of dwelling on those negative emotions I decided to get away for a couple hours and take a taxi to the bike trail near my house (my dad was at work). The weather was beautiful and so relaxing. I even ran for a lil bit which felt really really nice! I’m still here and now I’m sitting on a bench overlooking this gorgeous lake and I can hear fireworks starting to go off in the distance and I’m just so happy it’s incredible.

I’m so thankful to be alive and well and healthy. I’m so thankful for this moment and to be able to enjoy it in solitude with no one but the birds and trees to accompany me.

This is a tiny reminder for all of you to just stop EVERYTHING you’re doing once in a while and to just get away from it all. Breathe deeply and realize that everything is temporary. Embrace the changes and challenges that life throws at you and never forget that sometimes its okay to throw your worries out the window and just exist in the moment.

mnet: wow bangtan dances so well!!! so synchronised and well choreoed and hella fine fresh fierce
mnet: lets not nominate them for best male dance!!!
bts: *drops 2016 seasons greetings + comeback trailer*
bts: mnet u watch out we be slayin our perf did u see our light show??? yes we’re slayin that x10

also remember jimin had NEVERMIND engraved on his chest when he was shirtless at mamas 2014????
wow theyve been planning since last year

Just yesterday, we celebrated our 30th month and yes I’m still in the process of letting it sink in. 2 years and 6 months isn’t a joke, it is a roller coaster ride or whatever they call it. Everything is still so fresh in my mind, the first date at Mcdo when we were still junior highschool. I can still remember, I was very shy that time because he was my long-time happy crush since freshman year. 

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