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Calling all fans of Lapis Lazuli!

( Please give @amphibizzy a huge round of applause for the epic introductory comic above! Her skills are are seriously top notch! <3)

For starters, a question that was commonly posed through Log Date’s run was: What exactly is a Zine? A Zine is, in this context, a fan-illustrated & organized art book! Think of a fancy picture book, but in this case, entirely devoted to Lapis Lazuli! Of course, as before, to be printed as a soft-cover, physical copy book chock full of incredible artwork!

Yes! Unlike Log Date Zine 2016, this Zine, Ocean Gem Zine 2017 is a Zine entirely devoted to the water wielding Gem, Lapis Lazuli from Steven Universe! So, if that happens to be your jam, here’s what to do next! 

Artist sign ups are officially open! Don’t make pieces yet, of course, since once the panel of meep morpists is selected, I’ll then provide the template & rubric you’ll need to get started! To sign up, please provide the following to the email with:

-The name you’d like to go by!

-Your tumblr url/or other web address that you commonly use, and a means for me to take a look at any past art you’ve created! Steven Universe or otherwise!, of course, you don’t have to draw Lapis exclusively to be considered for the Zine! *Note, please use an email that you frequently check, as that will be my primary way to keep in touch! 8D

Artist sign ups will be open for approximately two weeks! So, from 4/28 to 5/14 12am EST, so until then, send in those submissions! :)

Please note that all art will be kept PG, as per the general spirit of the show! As for shipping, I’d like to keep the Zine ship-free, so everyone can enjoy it, but drawing Lapis with other Gem’s is certainly okay, and of course, encouraged! Additionally, this Zine is intended to be a Lapis appreciation Zine, so while art featuring Malachite/pieces alluding to time spent in the mirror,etc. will be accepted, I’d very much appreciate if such content didn’t overun the Zine, and content intended to portray copious abuse will not be allowed/considered.

Furthermore, the point here is to have fun with it! Draw Lapis as a crossing guard for ducklings, or doing a radical skateboard kick-flip, that sort of thing! The ultimate goal of this Zine is to give Lapis her time in the spotlight, and I’m beyond thrilled to have the opportunity to host yet another Zine for the Steven Universe community! 

So, don’t dawdle! Let’s go make Meep Morps! 

(Jee illustriously illustrated by the incredibly talented @blesstale)

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How would the boys react if you were sexually harassed in the streets while walking with them (nothing major just usual street calling - I know it's shocking when men see it happen to their loved ones but its so common for women...)

BTS Reacting To Their S/O Being Sexually Harrassed

Originally posted by lostinbangtan

All of the boys would most likely jump to your defence, albeit in different ways. Suga, Jungkook and Taehyung would most likely be the most vocal and confrontational about dealing with the person harassing you, Namjoon and Jin would be the most calm but would definitely slip in some bitchy/shady comments about the person while also subtly threatening them, Jimin and Hobi would prefer to get you out of there and away from that person as soon as possible. They’d all make sure you are okay after the incident, giving you a hug and a kiss to make you feel better if you are left a bit shaken up by what happened.

I hope this is an ok response :) I just feel that the boys would react in very similar ways if their S/O is being sexually harassed by anyone. Lord knows I call out anyone that tries to bother anyone in that kind of way, especially if it’s getting completely out of hand. I had to rip into a guy once because he kept calling out insults to a friend of mine for wearing a skirt. A fucking skirt. I’m completely aware that men can be sexually harassed as well and it’s honestly so terrible that some people have to deal with that kind of dickish behaviour constantly. Anyway, I hope you like the post! ^_^ Please request again sometime~


d’avin + fancy
↳requested by shadaras



Favorite Stiles Scenes: Season 6, Episode 10: The Reunion with Lydia

Alright, so here’s the final reunion scene Stiles had in episode 10. I really do try to keep my blog ship-free so everyone can enjoy it but I wanted to do all three reunion scenes and have a complete set. My favorite part is the hug at the end though. I love how each reunion fits with the characters’ relationship with Stiles and they all got to hug him in their own way.

The other reunions: [Scott] [Sheriff Part 1] [Sheriff Part 2]

I love the coloring in this one. Everything is visible and clear. It’s funny I’ll do these gif sets, then go back to watch the episode and forget how completely dark it is! Now I’ll do other scenes from this episode and episode 5 (and I might slide some Theo in as well!)

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How would BTS react if you took their hands to play with it - I'm feeling soft rn lol...

BTS Reacting To You Playing With Their Hands


Originally posted by helloangiemccartney

Suga would probably find it calming, watching as you run your hands over his skin and thread your fingers through his repeatedly. It would even relax him to the point where he falls asleep against you, resting his hand on your shoulder as you continue to play with his hands with one hand while the other goes to run through his hair gently. And even though he doesn’t admit it, those moments have been some of his favourite ones with you so far. 


Originally posted by ciutae

Tae would probably start giggling immediately, clenching your hand tightly every now and then when you stop playing with his fingers for more than a few moments. He would smile non-stop whenever you played with his hands, leaning in to give you a kiss every now and again while you are. The two of you would enjoy those moments together, teasing one another lightly as you fiddle with each others hands.


Originally posted by yoongistae

Hobi would be in his element, enjoying the attention and the soothing feeling of your fingers running over his palms would have him sighing in pure bliss. He is used to being touched affectionately and would absolutely adore having his hands played with, cuddling up against you as you rest your head on his shoulder and clasp your hands in his. The two of you would even fall asleep lke that, the calm and intimacy of the moment lulling you both to slumber.


Originally posted by aestheticpinkjoon

Rapmon wouldn’t be able to stop himself from smiling, no matter how hard he tried not to. He’d find it absolutely adorable that you are so interested in his hands, struggling not to grin like an absolute idiot when you smile cutely as you wiggle his fingers in between yours. He would probably break after you giggle over how big his hands are, leaning in to press kisses all over your face and lips.


Originally posted by bangdulce

Jimin would sulk a little, pouting when you coo over his adorable fingers and hands. He would stop after you start pressing kisses to his palms and stroking his inner arm. He’d probably lean in to give you a deep kiss after watching you stroke your thumb over his knuckles with a soft smile and a tender look in your eyes. He’d most likely start playing with your hands too, wriggling his fingers to link with yours and squeezing your hand gently as he presses his face into your hair. 


Originally posted by coffeewithbts

Jin would be a little self conscious, particularly about his fingers. It would take him a little while to start responding properly as a result but after you start pressing kisses to each of his fingers and his inner palms, he’d start giggling and laughing with a bashful grin on his face. He would slowly become more confident, threading his fingers through yours and running his thumbs over you skin as the two of you exchange jokes, comments about the day etc.


Originally posted by eolljjung

Jungkook would be awkward as hell. He’d fidget a bit when you first take his hands into yours and would turn as red as a tomato when you run your fingers over his skin and wind them together with his. But when you squeeze his hands reassuringly, he starts becoming more confident and even returns some of the gestures, playing with your fingers and running his thumbs over the backs of your hands.

This was so freaking cute to write up, ffs ;^; Now I want to hold hands with them. Please request again dear anon, I hope you enjoyed it! ^_^ 

BTS Reacting To You Being Too Self Conscious Of Your Body To Go Past Third Base


Originally posted by taedamn

Taehyung would be a bit confused and surprised that you are self-conscious about your body, especially with how beautiful he thinks you are. He’d be completely respectful of your boundaries, even though he thinks it’s a bit silly because he loves everything about you anyway. “Jagiya, you are beautiful to me.”


Originally posted by baebsaes

Namjoon would probably compliment you often to try and make you feel more comfortable with showing your body more around him, even coming up and hugging you tightly while you are getting changed to press kisses against areas that bother you. He’d honestly find you absolutely gorgeous and would make sure you know it. “You are literally the most gorgeous human being I’ve ever seen jagiya.”


Originally posted by jungkookfortunekookies

Jungkook would be a bit awkward with that sort of thing, considering that he himself is a bit inexperienced in the romantic department. He would definitely let you know how attractive you are to him, inside and out, and would most likely do it in subtle ways or end up blurting out the things he likes about you in the most cringeworthy way he possibly could. “You, um, have pretty thighs. And I like your face.”


Originally posted by bangtannoonas

Hobi would definitely make sure you knew how beautiful he thinks you are, almost always greeting you with a compliment and a tight hug. He’d be a bit sad that you aren’t confident in your own beauty as a person but would be incredibly supportive and caring towards you. “Now, now jagiya, you are absolutely beautiful and I’m lucky to have you in my life.”


Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

Jimin would definitely understand your struggles with body image, considering the fact that he himself went through something incredibly similar when he was younger. He’d be completely patient with you, making sure to encourage and compliment you whenever you make a comment that is self-depricating in nature. “Well I like you just the way you are.”


Originally posted by bwiseoks

Jin would sit you down, grab your hand and look you in the eyes as he tells you how beautiful you are to him and how lucky he is to have you. He’d list all of the things he admires about you, all of the things he likes about you the most and would then proceed to press soft kisses to your face while telling you how much he cares about you. “Honestly, I don’t know how I managed to get you as my partner.”


Originally posted by jeonbase

Suga would immediately pull you into a tight embrace, burying his face in your hair as he holds you close to him. He’d simply hold you, waiting for you to relax in his grip before telling you how beautiful you are to him as a person and appearance wise. He wouldn’t let you go until you reassure him that you understand what he’s trying to tell you and would press kisses to your face and lips when the two of you cuddle afterwards.

I really hope you like this post guys! ^_^ So sorry I didn’t post it sooner, was catching up on some assignments. 


This is based off the original telephone game post, using Seto Kaiba as our character for the game! Thank you so much to all of the artists for your wonderful work and for your patience!!! This was tons of fun to do :D

Artists, in order:
anocurry, yugirl-with-dragons, zelka94, phuijl, masaya90, onisuup, cricket-farmer, thiefprincess, fimyuan, mykenbomb, kvgua

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I'm sad you finished the Bokuroo week, you draw them so rarely now and I just miss my boys so much

anon please don’t try to guilt trip me into drawing more bokuro that’s kinda very rude I realize no one really reads tags so I’m gonna just say it here again - as I mentioned before, this period is really damn busy for me because for whatever reason all my fandoms and ships have decided to hold their ship weeks all together in the span of 20 days and I’m a sucker for this kind of events which means I wanna participate in everything and end up being unable to put actual effort in everything else for a while

THAT SAID how productive I am with a specific ship depends a lot on how much they’re appearing in the main story (currently in the bokuros’ case it’s a very pretty round zero), how responsive/respectful the fandom is when I do post about them (the bokuro fandom is amazing!!! Everyone around it that still keeps on trying to make it about other ships and turn my art into something it’s not supposed to be, not so much) and how much content for said ship I can consume through the fandom/how easily accessible it is (there’s very little content for bokuro in general and try and look for stuff in the tags it’s all about other ships/ot3s or ot4s/unrequited or past-relationship/tagged-but-only-as-brotp)

I really, really, really love that ship a whole damn lot still, trust me, but when I have so little inspiration coming from anything that could give it to me and at the same time I got other ships making me super creative, I’m naturally bound to produce less for it. I’m not abandoning it, I’m just asking you to be patient when my creativity doesn’t happen to be focused on them for a while

A cleaner version of this post.

Please tag your awesome content as tomeddweek so everyone can enjoy it! It would be really cool if you complete every day, but if you can’t or are just interested in some of them, I think that’s ok too!

fanfics are welcome as well!

(please if you can’t understant my caligraphy or there’s a typo/grammar mistake, tell me! my english is not THAT good and sometimes I don’t know if I’m writing correctly.)

*Remember that in Saturday you have two options: Either you can do some NSFW or you can draw them interacting with Ringo in some way~


A/N: I’m trying to kill three birds with one stone, so to speak. Hope y’all don’t mind. Also, as always, I do my best to keep things gender neutral and open enough so that everyone can enjoy the feels, but if I’ve slipped up and included a specific pronoun, please let me know so I can change it.


Word Count: 1,218

Title: Surprise!

Long distance relationships were hard. That was something everyone had told you and Tyler when you announced that even though he was moving to L.A that you were both still committed to each other. So many people had told you that long distance put a strain on things and that things wouldn’t be the same when you saw each other again, but you both were determined to make things work.

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Klance sing
  • So everyone knows that Lance can sing and everyone enjoys him doing so from time to time. But there is another Paladin that can sing.
  • Lance: Keith, Keith , Keith, Keith.
  • Keith: No Lance I've already told you I won't sing now leave me alone.
  • This argument had been going on for awhile now and the other Paladins were getting sick of it.
  • Shiro: Keith just sing with Lance once, that's all. Then you never have to again.
  • Keith feels betrayed by their leader but does as his told.
  • Keith: Fine, you better pick a good song.
  • Lance grabs his green guitar looking thing.
  • Lance: Don't you worry I've had this planned for a long time.
  • Lance starts playing his guitar.
  • Lance: Do you hear me, I'm talking to you.
  • Lance continues with a smirk whilst Keith face is slightly red.
  • Keith: Boy I hear you in my dreams.
  • Everyone stops what they're doing when they here Keith's angelic voice.
  • Lance and Keith: lucky I'm in love with my best, lucky to have been where I have been.
  • The two continue to sing Lucky together looking deep into each other's eyes.
  • As the song comes to an end both boys are very close to each other almost leaning in.
  • Pidge: Ha gaaaaay
  • The two look away from each other and walk their seperate ways. Though they defiantly sing together more often
He Is It.

Originally posted by negandarylsatisfaction

Pairing: Abraham x Daughter/Son!Reader, Featuring Negan and The Survivors. 

Prompt: Abraham’s child ends up watching their father die. 

Warnings: Gore, angst, Negan being an a-hole, Season 7 spoilers.

Extra: Reader is gender neutral, so everyone can enjoy!

Everyone was shaking.  

Eugene looked like he was going to bust out sobbing. Sasha had a few stray tears running down her face. Rosita looked as if she was going to crack into a million pieces. Rick’s eyes were darting between Negan’s face and Lucille. Glenn was staring straight ahead of him, sweat dripping down his face like it was nothing. Maggie’s face was twisted in fear. Aaron turned his head away when Negan pointed his bat at him. Daryl’s hair was covering his face, but it was easy to tell he was tense. Michonne’s eyes were flickering between the bat and Rick. Carl had his mouth slightly agape, tears brimming his eyes.

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