so even though some may seem repeated they are not

Would you look at that. An actual, semi finished piece of art for once! It’s a miracle.

But no, anyhow, wow, I’m actually averaging at around… a fic a day, what is up with that; this is madness!

Prompt for this one was: “So for a slight redorbship how about… Maxie giving May a holiday gift?” from Anonymous.

I’ve seen art of May hatching a Shiny Numel to impress Maxie but wait, wait, hold up I tell you…. have you considered it going the other way around? The undertones in this one are more obvious - I have a plan, I swear. I’m getting there; I’m going somewhere with these, I promise.

Still no beta, please forgive me *crawls into a hole*

Posted into Ao3 just in case.

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