so eungi

[Broduce 911] EP.1 Welcoming the Intern

(y/n) = your name & we’ll make your last name Park ;)
AGE: same as pd101′s 99 liner (but they’ll be older in this series)
OCCUPATION: Interning at Nayana Hospital as a doctor (but is also forced into taking the role of the nurse at times)
just moved in to a place called ‘Apartment 101′

YOU: /stares at the building in front and inhales deeply. I can do this! /slaps your cheeks twice and scrunches your face at the impact. …or maybe not /sigh.

you stare at the ‘nayana hospital’ sign for more than a moment and the campaign next to it filled with famous and experienced doctors and surgeons before heading inside. 

the place was just as you expected it to be. busy, spacious and purely white with no exceptions. it was sparkling clean and almost resembled a real fancy shopping mall. 

heading towards the administration, you decided to ask for some directions before getting lost. you approached one of the male admins.

YOU: Hello, my name is Park (y/n) and I’m one of the new intern here-

???: Excuse me for a second /holds a hand over the phone. Yes, hello new intern I was on the phone /he gives you a slight look. But you must be looking for the staff office correct? Just take the elevator to level 3. /goes back to the phone. Ah yes, we do have a slot available for Doctor Kang on the fifteenth-

you gasp slightly at the fact that he was taking a call and bowed politely before excusing yourself.

YOU: *I interrupted him… /takes a peek at his name tag. Oh so he’s Hong Eunki… gotta apologise next time*

presses button on elevator and waits. another elevator opens and you’re about to get on it when someone suddenly shouts at you.

???: MOVE! MOVE! /a doctor and two nurses came rushing in with an emergency patient. PLEASE GET OUT OF THE WAY.

YOU: /stunned for a second and stays still in shock.

the same person who shouted at you- who you assumed was a doctor by his white coat, pushes you aside and you landed onto the ground. 

???: /one of the two nurses. doctor hwang! the blood pressure’s dropping!!

MINHYUN: Put more pressure on the wound and call Jaehwan to make sure he’s ready! Kenta! Do you have the details on hand?

KENTA: Haknyeon gave it to me just now! 

MINHYUN: Good. /looks over his shoulder and sees you on the ground. bows his head apologetically and mouths ‘sorry’. Any news from Jaehwan, Taedong?

TAEDONG: /first nurse who spoke. Yes! We just got an ok!

they speed up and disappeared into the distant white corridors. you gulped and wondered why all the staff here are so good-looking. dusting yourself, you got up and was about the press the up button once more when the elevator in front of you dinged and opened up.

???: /on the phone. Ah yes, i sent over the radiographs to Sewoon already. What? We’re having a dinner for the newbies? I had- ok fine Daehwi. Maybe I was just going home but- /realises your existence. nods and goes on his own way. -but i had a good excuse ok!

you blink at the said person and pressed the button to level 3. upon stepping out into level 3, you take a good look around and headed towards the sign that said ‘staff office’.

???: Are you lost, miss? 

a doe-eyed gentleman came to assist you. 

YOU: A-ah yeah. I’m the new intern here I’m Park (y/n). /you bowed 90 degrees.

YOUNGMIN: Hey, I’m a general practitioner here. My name’s Im Youngmin /he showed you a bright smile.

you thought that it was so bright that it blinded you and hence you had to squint to see his face. 

YOU: Oh! I’m one too! /you smiled in return.

YOUNGMIN: /he chuckled in a low voice. I’m guessing you’re here to get to the staff office? 

you nodded at his question.

YOUNGMIN: /takes your hand gently. I’ll take you there!

you followed behind youngmin like a lost puppy, admiring his handsome features before being snapped back into reality when you realise you’re inside a foreign room. 

YOUNGMIN: Guys! It’s the new intern we were talking about! /still holding onto you.

???: What? Is she your girlfriend Paca? /snorts and eyes your hands.

you quickly pull your hand back and youngmin looks back at you with big eyes.

YOUNGMIN: O-oh, sorry about that /rubs his nape.

YOU: I-it’s ok /laughs awkwardly.

you scan around the room to find two other doctors and a few nurses having a break. 

DONGHYUN: I’m Kim Donghyun, one of the pharmacist here and those two eating cheetos right there are your resident psychologist Lee Daehwi and psychiatrist Bae Jinyoung. And the kid who’s currently stealing their food is Yoo Seonho. An intern just like you! But he’s part of the mental health department… what department are you in?

YOU: Well I’m supposed to be interning to be a GP-

DONGHYUN: Oh so you’re under Youngmin’s care aye? Explains why the both of you are so close /winks. 

YOU: No! No! I don’t know who I’m assigned to yet… and uhm, I got a message saying that they actually needed a nurse to help around- so I’m interning as a GP and also taking on nursing duties… sometimes /you whispered the last part.

???: /door opens suddenly. Is Hyeongseob in here? 

YOUNGMIN: He left half an hour ago because there was an emergency patient coming in /pauses to think for a second. I’m pretty sure they’re in surgery 3 with Jaehwan and Minhyun. What do you need him for Woojin?

P.WOOJIN: /stares at you.

DONGHYUN: Ok, don’t get too excited Woojinnie. She’s paca’s girl.

you wondered if he understood your clarifications earlier but allowed the misunderstandings to continue and sighed into your palm, red-faced. 

YOUNGMIN: Stop it Donghyun, you’re making her uncomfortable.

DONGHYUN: So protective /whistles.

P.WOOJIN: /eyes still on you. I needed him for this one patient who’s going to wake up from surgery soon… but I guess I’ll go fetch Sungwoon-hyung instead /closes the door and leaves. 

DONGHYUN: Two hundred bucks Woojin has his eyes on her /leans back on his chair. 

DAEHWI: I call a hundred!

B.JINYOUNG: …you’re all so embarrassing /looks away to laugh silently.

you wondered if they knew you were still in the room and uncomfortably grasped onto the straps of your bag. 

YOUNGMIN: /side eyes you and places a hand on your shoulder. We’ll be taking our leave now… I think I’m gonna ask Jonghyun about her exact position. Bye guys /directs you to the door and pulls it open from behind you.

the door closes as the two of you walked out of the room.

DONGHYUN: Aaaaaaand five hundred dollars that Paca likes her too.

DAEHWI: I’m betting six hundred for this one. Did you see his hands on her shoulder? Woojin’s got nothing on him /laughs and smacks jinyoung’s arm while doing so.

B.JINYOUNG: …four hundred.

SEONHO: I thought that you said it was childish /stuffs cheetos into his mouth.

B.JINYOUNG: /flustered. N-no! I said it was embarrassing!