so epic though

My brother and I watched the 3rd Madoka movie “Rebellion” and like what the actual fuck??? Spoiler alert: how the hell, like what the hell, way to tear out my heart and light it on fire. Homura practically becomes Satan! And how about Homura and Mami actually being equals in power and tactics as magical girls? It can’t just end there. That was so heartbreaking, and the translation we watched was horrible “You is never understand this feel” the fuck? Ugh, I’m so upset.

Lexa vs. Roan

I can’t WAIT to see the fight between Lexa and Roan. It is going to be so freaking epic. Even though he’s the enemy, I really love his character and find his story incredibly fascinating. I can’t wait until we get the backstory of why Lexa and the Ice Queen hate each other so much- even the stuff before Costia’s death. Seeing Lexa and Roan duel is going to be the most badass thing ever, I’m so excited. Just as long as my Heda remains in one piece after its all done! :)

It’s Been a While


A look of manifest disapproval pinched Algrim’s features as he watched the king escort an alarmingly tipsy Ljosalfar Queen off to Norns-knew-where when suddenly he spotted a familiar face among the dignitaries from Alfheim, a face he’d never have expected to see at the court of Svartalfheim (or just anywhere in Svartalfheim, for that matter). For a moment, he felt inclined to put it down as a trick of the mind or a simple case of mistaken identities, but then his gaze fell on the woman’s crippled leg and disbelief gave way to joy. There could be no doubt.

His departure from Asgard had caused a considerable stir, and his decision to serve under the newly (and duly) elected king of Svartalfheim had been met not only with a lack of understanding, but, in some cases, with downright contempt. He had ignored it, for the most part, but the distrust he had found himself exposed to despite his many years of loyal service to the royal family had left an ugly blemish on his once spotless reputation. Still, he had never found cause to regret his decision. No matter the grandeur of Asgard and the hospitality of the All-Father, Svartalfheim was his home, and its people were those he had pledged his sole allegiance to.

Yet only time would tell how long the peace between the realms would last; they might all find themselves back at war before the night was through. For the moment, however, things seemed to be at ease and the guests from Alfheim appeared to enjoy themselves well enough.

When Anja came to stand before him, Algrim took a moment to let his gaze sweep the length of her, taking her in from head to toe before meeting her eyes again. “How could I not recognise you,” he laughed softly, “after all these years I spent trying to teach you some grace and talk some reason into you? - You look lovely, Anja, if I may be so bold as to offer a compliment.” The hug caught him unprepared and he stiffened for a split second before returning the embrace, even going so far as to offer a final, friendly pat to her arm once she’d pulled back.

“I have been doing well enough.” A fond smile played at the corners of his lips. “What are you doing here, though?” Algrim nodded at the group of Light Elves she had come with. “And how have you fared since we said our farewells?”        

He snatched two glasses of wine from a passing serf and handed one to Anja. “Say, have you ever considered returning to Svartalfheim and taking up your father’s legacy - not as a soldier, of course - but in a different métier? I would happily vouch for your trustworthiness and receive you back into my service…” He was sure she would decline. There was no way someone like Anja, who had her heart in the right place, would be willing to trade the idyll of Alfheim for the atrocities that were so commonplace in Svartalfheim, and yet he felt that he had to make at least some feeble attempt to win her over, if only to honour Toir’s memory. He knew she would be much better off spending her days under Queen Featherwine’s benign rule than thrusting herself into a world she had no ties to save for a father she had barely known. Still, he could not say he hadn’t missed her a little throughout the years, and her presence brought back a flood of memories of the life he had left behind.

Anja was glad to see that glimmer of happiness in Algrim’s features and bowed her head with a mere flush to the cheeks to his compliment(and to her obvious younger years of never listening to Algrim). “That is good, I am glad to see you in high spirits within your home,” she tilted her head a fraction to the counsellor’s nod of her company.  

  “I come here simply as company to Kusios, I work for Queen Featherwine for a short time as the Asgardians have taken little kindness to me after your departure. The Healer decided it was the best time to tell everyone of my heritage aswell not too long afterwards and they mistrusted me. I’m waiting for them to air things off, so I simply work for Kusios’s family, who took less then kindly to me for keeping their son at bay in Asgard all those years.” She nodded to the direction where Kusios was standing within a crowd, speaking to a group of Svartalfars. The elf eyed her briefly, before rolling his eyes at seeing whom she was speaking with. “I can’t say I’m too fond of living there. I nearly drowned in a syrup pond.” She shuddered. “I understand why you don’t like Alfheim or it’s residents now, Algrim.” She laughed softly and positioned herself to the side of the column, a little out of way for walking by Svartalfars.

      She hadn’t seen the realm of Svartalfheim save for illustrations and the words of Algrim or her uncle. It was different then she had expected, so was the citizens. But not all were bad, and some things were entertaining in the halls, catching an eye or two at some of the dances being performed nearby.

      When Algrim brought up the idea of staying in Svartalfheim, it surprised her rather greatly that her expression stiffened for a brief second. Her in Svartalfheim? She looked around again to the brazen elves of the dark, wondering if such an idea would be even wise for her. Did Algrim miss her, she wondered, even with her obnoxious service years? Even if he did, she felt heavily uncertain. Would these people even accept her? The Asgardians didn’t do so well of acceptance, and her aunt told her that the Svartalfars were too — rigid and close-minded to accept a halfblood into the community.

    She grew a fraction of a smile once again and appeared to think about it as she took in the glass of wine he handed. “Mayhaps I would entertain the thought of it. My father always desired for me to live in Svartalfheim. I recall as a child of him telling me of how I was going to live here and he’d show me all he could,” of course, according to her aunt – her dad was heavily naive and didn’t think about what could happen to her in Svartalfheim. “I’m sure he would’ve loved to see me in the depths of Svartalfheim as he had wished. But I am not sure.. Afterall, I’m still hoping to return to Asgard. ” Then again, a part of her knew it would be rough there, even with her uncle’s role. So she held Algrim’s words in mind. She did have a long life to live, who’s to say she could not stay in Svartalfheim, at least for a little while? Maybe she would grow to understand the beauty of it while she remained.

         “I will think about it, I suppose. But that does not matter right now.” She took a sip of wine. “It’s been a bore without you around, Algrim and I have missed you much.” She drew her gaze to the empty throne across the room. “Tell me how you’ve been all these years. Anything interesting happened in the service of Malekith?”