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Bon Voyage Season 1

Season 2 is almost here so here is season 1 for anyone who wants it!

full credit to @hellosarang

Ep 0: Google Drive

Ep 1: Google Drive (includes live commentary)

Ep 2: Google Drive

Ep 3: Google Drive

Ep 4: Google Drive

Ep 5: Google Drive

Ep 6: Google Drive

Ep 7: Google Drive

Ep 8: Google Drive

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🌿Lammas Activities🌿

Lammas (also called Lughnasadh) is a sabbat from the Wheel of the Year that is celebrated on August 1st to mark the beginning of the harvest season

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🌿 Bake! Cooking and sharing food is a great activity for any sabbat, and cooking bread, desserts, meat, and enjoying fruits and vegetables is a great way to celebrate Lammas!
🌿 Enjoy nature! Fall is coming next, so enjoy the fresh air while you can. Invite friends and family on a nature walk or picnic or you can go yourself and embrace the beauty that nature has to offer! Visit a lake, a park, go on a trail, or whatever you want to connect with nature!
🌿 Take care your plants! This is the beginning of the harvest season. Take extra care of your plants and maybe even give them a treat: new soil, a new pot, fresh water, or fertilizer. If it’s time to harvest some fruits or veggies, do so! 
🌿 Decorate your altar and/or home! Colors, plants, grains, wreaths, animal prints, and candles are some great ways to decorate your home and/or altar for Lammas!
🌿 Do some crafts! Making crafts is a great way to have fun on Lammas, especially if you’re celebrating with kids! Making corn dolls and corn wheels are a few of the many fun ways to celebrate! Plus, when spring rolls around, you can bury the corn doll or corn wheel in a new garden to help your plants grow.
🌿 Prosperity magic! Lammas is the ideal time to perform prosperity magic, so if you have any prosperity spells hidden in your grimoire or book of shadows, take those out and work some magic!
🌿 Work on your book of shadows or grimoire! A relaxing way to end the day would be to write a few pages in your book, whether you write in spells, information, or a journal entry.
🌿 Finish some projects! If you have some projects nearing an end, Lammas would be a great time to finish those or to make more progress if you can! Not every goal needs to be achieved, but dedicating your time and effort to finishing a few would be a great Lammas activity.
🌿 Make a bonfire! Invite friends and family to a bonfire! While you sit around the fire, share some of your bad or unnecessary habits and how you plan to change or get rid of those habits so you can have renewed strength. If you’re a secret witch, you can just light a candle in your room and privately journal your reflection!


♡(人⸝⸝⸝ᵒ̴̶̷̥́ ◡ ᵒ̴̶̷̣̥̀⸝⸝⸝)♡ heartthrob song minho ♡(⸝⸝⸝ᵒ̴̶̷̥́ ◡ ᵒ̴̶̷̣̥̀⸝⸝⸝人)

Aries: Make your own choices. You will never be happy as long as you let everyone else control what you do.
Taurus:  Being a hypocrite never did suit you. Always thought you were better then that. See it from their perspective. 
Gemini: Stop looking to the darkness trying to find the light. If you keep focusing on everything you never had, you’ll lose everything you’ve managed to gain.
Cancer:  You survived. Congratulations. You’ve made it this far and there are miles to go. But for now rest and celebrate. You survived.
Leo: Hold your head high. There’s no shame in what you’ve done. You did what you had to do to keep yourself safe. Don’t ever fucking apologize.
Virgo: Maybe try finding some substance in your life besides this. Your past can’t hold all the answers and you cant keep using people like this. It’s not good.
Libra: It’s okay to dream and reminisce of the past. Just don’t let it destroy the kind of future you could have. Don’t let it come back and destroy you.
Scorpio: Take a breathe kid. You’re going no where fast so might as well sit back and learn to wait. Enjoy it while you can.
Sagittarius: Is it all just an act, or are you really doing this well? Are you really managing everything so perfectly? Did the thoughts really go away?
Capricorn:  What’s left to be scared of? You’ve already lost everything. There is nothing left to risk. Go big or go home. Stop being terrified and jump.
Aquarius:Enjoy the music while it plays. Let things run their course and work out how they may. Summers never last forever.
Pisces: Running will only get you so far. I hope you eventually learn that you can always come back home.
—  This weeks horoscope
Miitopia asks / questions

Send in one of the words / phrases to my ask and i’ll answer

Adventure Start: What class did you pick at the start of the game, and why?

Sealed: What other two classes did you pick when you were forced to change?

Companionship: Who was the first mii you chose to join you on your quest?

Bond: Favorite friendship trait / feature?

Personality: Favorite player mii character personality?

NPCs: Favorite NPC?

Tug In: Favorite food item?

Jobs: Favorite class / job?

Fashionable: Favorite armor ( any class )?

Attack: Favorite weapon ( any class )?

Skill / Magic: Favorite skill or spell?

Book it: Least favorite enemy?

Combat: Favorite enemy?

Boss 1: Favorite mini-boss?

Boss 2: Favorite boss?

Boss 3: Least favorite boss?

Victory: Your characters warcry?

Defeat: Any enemy or boss which got the better of you?

Sweet Tunes: Favorite music track?

Scenery: Favorite area?

Quiz Time: Which quiz was the easiest to you?

Chest Collector: Do you open all chests you come across?

Safety Spot: Least favorite condition / status effect?

Push the button

A/N: My idea for this fic changed a few times because I came up with a series idea….so enjoy the fluff while you can. The relationship between the reader & Jensen has a lot of inspiration from the one I share with my brother-in-law. I basically took something that happened with me & my brother-in-law & adjusted it to fit this story. Enjoy.

Jensen x Sister!Reader

You were scrolling through Facebook while laying on the bed at your brother’s house when JJ came strolling into your room. Looking up from the conversation you were having with your friend on chat you shot JJ a confused look. She looked upset, an emotion you rarely saw on the happy three year old’s face. Placing the laptop on the bed you got up and walked over to her.

“What’s wrong little bird?” You asked her while crouching down to her level.

“Daddy’s leavin’ again tomorrow.” She replied with a pout.

Giving her a sad smile you embraced your niece, “I know,” You told her, “Sucks a lot, doesn’t it?” JJ simply nodded her head as she wrapped her arms around your neck. “Where is your dad anyways?” You questioned her.

“Wif mama, Arrow, and Zeppy.” She responded, letting out a sigh. With JJ’s words you couldn’t help but squeeze her a little tighter. Jensen and Danneel had been worried about JJ feeling left out with the birth of the twins. Their fear had led to them asking you to move in with them. You could help Danneel with the kids, spend time with your family, and it gave you more time to work on the screenplay you had been writing.

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Could you imagine Saeran doting on Saeyoung?

Oh I can DEFINITELY imagine Saeran doting on Saeyoung but in secret y’know.

If Saeyoung accidentally fell asleep at his computer, Saeran would throw a blanket over him.
“If he gets a cold, I’ll have to take care of him,” Saeran would tell himself but really… he just wouldn’t want his brother getting a cold.

If Saeyoung was complaining about something, Saeran would go out of his way (if he could) to fix the situation BUT SUBTLY. Extremely subtly. The last thing our boy Saeran wants is for Saeyoung to be cheesy and tease him about “his love for his brother”.

Saeran is, in my opinion, possibly one of the warmest people yet he doesn’t like to show it outright. Whether it be to look cool or just extremely shy (or both), one thing is for certain. Now that he and his brother are back on good terms, there’s no way Saeran wouldn’t want to spoil him.
Just a bit.

There are times where he wants to hit him too

Touch Me, Touch You | 02 (M)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

BTS; Yoongi/Suga (Ft. Hoseok/J-Hope)

Genre: Smut | PWP

Word count: 4.9k

Description: Yoongi gets a surprise when he thought he had the apartment all to himself.

Anonymous requested: Voyeurism with Yoongi was supposed to be a drabble but turned into this mess…

Warnings: Graphic smut, dom/sub themes, dirty talk, exhibitionism, voyeurism, Yoongi being sexy as hell

A/N: Idk what my thing is with just porn lately, but heres the second half as promised :) 

Happy late Birthday to the love of my life, Yoongi ^^

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Fine Amnesty

Check, Please! 14 Days of Love, Day 1: FOOIINNE  (Read on AO3)


“Oh my, Jack, you should have seen it,” Bitty said. “I swear they were counting down to the very second.” He held his phone against his ear with his shoulder and took the pie crust from the fridge where it had been chilling. “As soon as it hit midnight, Chowder and Caitlin were all over each other, kissing like nobody’s business. I haven’t seen such a display since, goodness, last Winter Screw. Only with less alcohol involved.”

Bitty laughed. “Yes, Lardo had the score cards all ready to go. Perfect 10s from everyone but Holster, but I think that was because,” Bitty stopped, looked around, then whispered, “Ransom and March were cuddling and being cute on the couch right next to him.

“Hmm, what else? Oh! Nursey and Dex were holding hands all day. Dex’s face was all pink and he was glaring something fierce, but that boy would not let go of Nursey’s hand for love nor money. Nursey was just as pleased as punch. He forgot all about being ‘chill’ for almost a whole hour.”

Holster walked into the kitchen carrying a cellophane-wrapped basket. “Special delivery,” he sang. “From your sugar daddy, Bitty.”

“You hush, Holster. Sweetheart, you didn’t have to send me anything. You know I’m coming up this weekend.” Bitty unwrapped the basket and began to take out the contents. “Apples… is this a fruit basket? Butter, flour… Jack Zimmerman, did you send me a pie baking basket?”

Holster groaned. “Here we go.”

Bitty looked Holster dead in the eye and said into his phone, “Jack honey, you are the sweetest, most thoughtful, loveliest boyfriend I could hope for. I wish you were here with me right now so I could give you a big ol’ kiss. Thank you so much.”

Holster shook his head and turned to leave.

Bitty raised his voice. “And I wish your butt was here, too, so I could give it a big ol’ squeeze.”

“Enjoy this while you can,” Holster said from the hallway. “The Valentine’s Day fine amnesty ends in a few hours, and tomorrow it’s double fines for all PDA and pet names so we can snap up all that sweet discount chocolate. Tell Jack to send his wallet; we both know you won’t be able to knock it off with the pet names and I need to stock up on Reese’s peanut butter hearts.”

“Oh, ha ha. We aren’t that bad,” Bitty called after him. “And you hush too, Mr. Zimmermann.” He sighed. “I really do wish you were here. I sure am looking forward to seeing you this weekend.

“Well, you know if it was up to me, we’d talk for hours, but if you have to go… Anyway, I was in the middle of baking a pie before I got all distracted, so I’ll let you go. See you soon, honey. Love you, good bye.”

Bitty hung up his phone and got back to work on his pie. He was just pulling it out of the oven when there a knock on the front door. Someone answered it and there was a round of enthusiastic greetings – obviously somebody they knew. He didn’t think anything more of it until someone stepped through the kitchen door.

“Hey, Bits.”

Bitty spun around. “Jack? What on earth?”

Jack walked over to him and took him in his arms. “It’s Valentine’s Day. I wanted to see you.”

Bitty pulled him down into a deep kiss. “I’m so happy to see you sweetheart, but you didn’t have to come all this way. I mean, with your schedule… And you sent me that adorable basket…”

“I didn’t want to miss fine amnesty,” Jack said and Bitty had to kiss him again.

“Just Be a Pebble” was the first episode of OK KO that Mira Ong Chua and I storyboarded together! In fact, it was the first full episode that was produced of OK KO at all- we boarded it way back in 2015! Here’s a little animatic clip. 

It’s crazy seeing these old drawings…. the show grew SO MUCH during season 1. I can’t wait until you all can see where it goes!!!!

PS I will never storyboard debris this lovingly ever again so enjoy it while you can!!!!!!! Also an ULTRA-RARE LIMITED EDITION 5-FINGERED KO!!!!!

ya’ll remember these fresh squids?


well then let me introduce you!


Liquor: one with black cherry earings!
Bea: the one with bio-luminescent freckles!
Zacharie: the tall one in the gas mask!
Sapphire: the one in the green coat! [used to be named emerald]

Roxxy: the one half asleep in the leather jacket!
Sprink: the small one with curls!
Befferny: the tall one with headphones!
Dalton: the one in the maroon hoodie!

I made this because SPLATOON 2 COMES OUT TOMORROW AND IM SO EXCITED IM GOING TO SCREAM!!! I pre-ordered it because IM SO 


see you all on the splattlefield!!!


As Dylan has explained, he and Jackson have a sexual relationship. Yes, those are hickeys. Big deal. The digitour is over so Dylan flew to LA to be with his bro. Their summer is winding down. Dylan will be roaming the campus on Morningside Heights in about a week. An exciting new chapter will open where he’ll meet lifelong friends who are complete strangers to him right now. A little bit of anxiety perhaps, so enjoy this time with your bro while you can. Memories from these few days will serve you well in New York.

@your-heroes-imagined here you go! thank you so much for your support (and for requesting iida, it made this a lot easier than i expected it would be, haha)!! this ended up being much longer than i thought it would (sorry!), so i’ll put it under a cut. i hope you’re having a great day! take care!

iida’s firsts (confession, date, kiss) headcanons:

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A Bit of Madness (pt. 1)

Life is for the living…

So enjoy it while you can, but the brightest candles tend to burn up quickly.

Life is ours to choose…

So be sure to consider carefully, but there is not always a right path to follow.

Life needs a bit of madness…

So feel free to let your crazy show, but remember madness has a way of consuming us,

until there’s nothing left but ash and bones.


It’s around three in the afternoon when the building’s alarms go off. It’s a code “Alien,” and all the Egos rush to the lobby in a stampede to find Amy standing in the door with a wide smile and an armful of gifts. “Hi, boys!”

There’s a rush of hugs and jokes and laughter. Wilford tugs a strand of Amy’s hair with a grin. “Where’ve you been, Ms. Peebstache?”

Amy laughs and says something smart back, but Wilford is left feeling odd. Something about her eyes just isn’t quite right. Peevils? he thinks for a moment, but no, no star tattoo. This is their Amy alright, but what could be wrong?

“Just let me know if the gloves are too small, Sil. I’ll get you new ones, but I might have to special order them.” She gleams at him.

Silver accepts his gift gratefully and guffaws at the new gloves like it’s the best present he’s ever been given. Wilford watches Amy approach the Host who is, as usual, near the back of the pack. “Hey, Hosty.” She hugs him tight, and when Host touches her, he can’t help but sense the roiling emotions inside of her. Amy seems to realize this when she pulls back and hands him the little brown box tied up with a golden ribbon. “Don’t worry about me,” she whispers.

Wilford strides over, never one for subtlety, and turns Amy around to look at him. “Amy, what’s wrong? Why are you back all of a sudden?”

Amy blinks as tears appear in her eyes, and Wilford takes a step back, worried that he’s upset her. But she just smiles again and looks around at the gathered crowd. “Well, I suppose you all deserve to know…”

Amy screams and stumbles back, and everyone turns to see what she’s looking at.

Anti has just glitched into the room. He buzzes when she screams at him and grins. “Whoops.”

Oliver shakes his head. “Anti, manners!

The glitch raises his hands with a giggle. “Alright, alright.” He offers a hand towards Amy with a raised eyebrow. “Hello there, Ms. Nelson. How do you do?”

Amy snatches Wilford’s gun from his hip and points it at Anti who glitches in surprise. “What are you doing here?”

“No, no, no!” Ollie shouts, taking Amy’s arm and pointing the gun towards the ground. “Anti’s my friend now.

“Really, Amy, he’s changed,” Google offers, eyes flashing blue quickly.

Amy glares at Anti still and then glances at Ollie’s sincere smile. “Alright, I’m willing to go along with this for now.” She hands Wilford his gun back, and the reporter wiggles his mustache.

“I knew I liked you,” he places the gun back in its place and shrugs. “So what were you going to tell us?”

Amy blinks and takes a deep breath. “Oh, that.” She curls her hair behind her ear and glances around at them all again. “So, I um… well, to put it simply,” she squeezes her eyes shut and forces herself to say it quickly, like ripping off a band-aid, “I broke up with Mark.”